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Section 10 of Act 120 of 1916 pro
TE H EA LD .ut why are we still paying the tare?
Devoted to the Upbaildia of the West Side of the River. "A very-ive and creditable weekly newspaper."-MANUFACTURERS RECORD.
joner of Finance Who Holds Key to
Sitation, Now Willing to Have a Local Com
pany Organize, Purchase, and Hold the
Ferries Until Such Time as The City
is Prepared to Take Them Over.
local terry committee which w
I Ien fighting the contiuation of at
Seatract system which would
tied up this side of the t
far the next 15 years. has every pi
des to feel gratified that the city, tr
is not yet able to take over gl
eries., is now willing to shape ir
so that it c(an own and oper- al
gge Important public utilities p
1o soon as it is ready to do so. m
loaths ago when it was real- "
that owing to the big slump in b
sty's revenue's following the
of new fiscal legislation sa
by the new state consti- a
it would be perhaps impos- tl
for the city to go into the ferry fl
for the time being, the ferry Ii
itself in several newspaper g
suggested that Municipal d
usdhip might wait while the road a
its attainment was held open. c"
ugst 9th, for instance, the fol- p
language was used in an ft
in the New Orleans Item, viz: it
-at the Council. therefore, get the a'
et ferry situation under Its con- e'
sad then legally and properly fi
these privileges until the city it
_ee its way clar to give Algiers tl
progressive non-monopolistic, a
, faster and all-around ferry co
to which it is reasonably and
n atitled."W
a Again, when commenting on ti
aglgestlon of Mr. Maloney in his h
to the ferry committee, of If
5th-that this ferry matter g
be carried by the forthcoming p
-the committee slid, in an h
is the Item of September 27th, c
. Commission Council should s
Ip the proposed sale, arranginging
a temporary, legal extension of a
}.ust terry system involved, o
ald that this budgeting phase tl
ag epma s n p for discussion ti
aIlMe solution." g
ltbe as October 15th, in an V
is. the Times-Picaynne, Peter a
tMim, of the ferry committee. p
MayStil * I
Night School
SClass In Booking
the local night school class
at Evening School No. t
a bees in session nearly a 7
It is not yet too late to en- t
he not familiar with the
f_ study a brief explanation
sla rder. The course is de
tI give thoroigh training in
eatal principles of double
uesk-keeplng as practiced in
b adesa enterprises. The
a eallined requires two years
ashee work ordinarily, but
atied study an energetic '
IS complete the work in one r
Osrcises in journalising and I
•a tst taken up and later i
up on regular business c
os wortke out by the stu
later part of the course
Ue. to the preparation of
and financial statements.
serlously Interested In ac
SfuAdsamental knowledge of
are invited to enroll at
agylng in person to Prin- 1
. Mile Pearce at Evening
nmber lFive on Monday,
or Friday evening at
ela is conducted as a part
paMeo school system and the
D Cosmmeeted with it is the a
:. teat book and working
and 'side-show' acts in I
prOgram of band con
Srefahesmeats are included 4
tiouy bauar and dance to I
* Iodl Temple 145 Dram
Kaights of Khorassan in
avenue November 4
-=i ltm Ied of the temple will
I ur- u before the opening
m at 8 p. -. The affair
0u with the coopmertion of
Lodag sand Pythlan *
Mrs. Jao N. McNeely,
of oar town but now I
care off first sad
at theM St. Tamummy
- r. rmerty Miss Y a
"wes fl prf e F h 1
writing in the interest of that body.
said. viz:
"Personally. I have confidence that
the Commission Council will heed all
practical suggestions made in this
matter in good faith, and will, it
given the necessary time and means.
institute public ownership and oper
ation of the ferries; and I would de
precate any further worrying of its
member by any further "petitions" or
"requests" for immediate acts on this
big problem."
Commissioner Murphy's recent mes
sage to the ferry committee, that he
would recommend the substitution of
the "indeterminate permit" for the
fifteen year lease, being therefore itl
line with the committee's recent sug
gestions above quoted, there is no
doubt hut that this plan will be
adopted just as soon as the details
can be gotten into shape. Under this -
plan, the entire net earnings of the
ferries, less a specified interest to the
Investors, would go into new boats
and lower fares, after the present
equipment shall have been placed in
first c(lass condition, the city reserv
ing the right, however, to take over
the equipment and the business, at
any time during this transition pro- D
cess. IC
,It is therefore pretty certain that or
we have seen the last of the old
time "franchises" through which the l A
huge sums contributed by the help- i
less people and which should have a
gone into a reserve fund for the im- it
provement and extension of the serv
ice, went into the pockets of the
The city can indeed well afford told
stand the cost of advertising Mr.
Maloney's two tentative ordinances. A
as well as the other losses pointed tl
out by the committee as resulting from
the operation of the present "system." r(
if it carries oct the present pro-.
gramme which it is needless to add
will mean a new era for Algiers, v
and a signal achievement for the S
present municipal administration.
Personal Property
Tax Collections :
Start November 10
Collecting of personal property tl
taxes will begin Tuesday, Nov. 10. p
This date is nearly two months later
than it was in 1921. Penalties will d
be added to taxes not collected by
Dec. 10. tI
There are many good gifts that one
can choose at Christmas, but for lin- a
gering satisfaction, long-drawn-out, f
what is there, after all, that can be a
named in the same breath with The
Youth's Companion? The fan is only t
begun with the first Christmas num
ber. Thereafter through the 52 weeks
of the long, long year it is constantly
supplying fresh sources of amuse,
ment and informatior. Now it is the
beginning of a new serial, then it is
a cqntribution of vital interest to the
youth interested in sport or science,
next it is a brand-new story by C. A. I
8tephens or A. S. Pier, or a tale of I
wild adventure in the old Indian days 1
by men who have actually lived among I
and pow-wowed with the redskins.
But why say more? No other Christ
mas gift is welcomed with so much
pleasure. Try it and see.
i The 52 issues of 1923 will be crowd
ed with serial stories, short stories,
'editorials, poetry, facts and fan. Sub
Iscribe now and receive:
1. The Youth's Companion-52 is
saues in 192I. t
2. All the remaining issues of 1922.
3. The Companion Home Calendar I
for 1923. All for $2.50.
S4. Or include McCall's Magazine. I
Sthe monthly authority on fashions.
' Both publications, only $3.00. ,
a Commonwealth Ave. and 8t. Paul St.
Boston, Mass.
SThe Ushers Society of Our Lady
of Good Counsel will give their Afirst
moonlight ride on the steamer Capitol
on the evenaing of Wednesday, Oct.
15, 192l. This will be a grand prise
night sad a very lsrle crowd is ex- I
The arrangement committee Is:
Leo Slrs, chairman; George W. &
IWeber, ex-etllo; Charles Kurts, l
rJoseph W. Hogan, Eard Cook, W. 'I
J. Heman, W. LI David, John J. ha-<
ell, ra. David, w. Wicks, P. Verner a
b'har. Mse wl ha esniasbed hI tlhe 1
"-r, Tooesies rns~- @ 3 LI. 1 I
Guess What They Are Talking About.
'YEN, M~OM 53
IrMINE ON LAST Ir;. YE -Wcl ;x' 1
jj WEK -GEE 4 -w :UiE WI LEZi
70 DONT HE ' EY ý.. ARE SvMTHrl' (
) TºrTH A', a
I_ __AW-W. 3
2 D SCRATCHIs4 O c, I,'
.d .- ýw ` lý+ ýý." SUCH
_ 'fEAR. T,1EN s'r
TO FIND A ý ";
When Traffic Recorder John M.
Duffy filed a special report with the v
Commission Council on Tuesday, rec- n
ommending the appointment of John.
A. Barrett. Jr.. as his chief clerk. to
succeed Wallace Crawford, there was
a stir among the old O. D. A. com
missioners, who knew nothing about
It proved a clash between the
Algiers Acker New Regular organiza
tion and Judge Duffy, who had de-
clined to attend the caucus and be
bound for the appointment of Louis
Acker as the traffic clerk, brother of
the Algiers leader. Judge Duffy did t
not want Acker and preferred Bar
rett in this confidential iosition.
When it reached the council it de
veloped that neither Commissioners
Stanley W. Ray, Richard M. Murphy
nor Wilbert Black had been consulted.
Mr. Ray stated to reporters prior
to the convening of the council that
he did not know of the Barrett rec
He objected to the appointment
when it came up, saying he did not
think Mr. Barrett was* fitted for the,
position. Mr. Murphy and Mr. Black
apparently supported Ray, making it .
3 to 2.
Mayor McShane, despite the fact
that he knew he was in a minority t
position, was determined to make his
position plain.
"I cannot see why politics should
decide a matter of this kind," he said.
"This clerk is the confidential man
to the court. I think it only fair
that the judge should have some say
in naming his chief clerk, instead of
having someont forced upon him 1ith
whom he might not be congenial."
The force of His Honor's argument
appeared to sink home, despite the
fact that the three O. D. A. commis
sioners saw the necessity of standing
by the Acker machine.
Nothing was done. It was agreed
to refer the whole matter to Com
missioner Ray, as public safety com
missioner, with instructions to re
Little Helen Sease entertained her
little friends at a party at the home
of her parents in Olivier Street, In
honor of the ninth anniversary of her
Games were played and a most en
joyable time was spent by the little
ones. In the peanut hunt, Gertrude
Delcazal won first prize for girls
and Du Val Dickey first for the boys.
In the pumpkin contest, Catheriny
Guillot and Rudolph Treadaway were
successful and Du Val Dickey and
Florls Hotard received the consola
tions. Refreshments were served.
Those present were Catherine Gull
lot, Gertrude Delcasal, Helen Shorey,
Juanita and Billy Spitzfaden, June
Kepper, Juanita Tansey, Carmelite
Adams, Laura Kenny, Charline and
Claire Martin, Floris Hotard, Marion
Favret, Clarisse Vezien, Althea Tread
away, Lolita Treadaway, Ursula Jean
sonne, Raymond Buras, Edward Jean
sonne, Du Val and Junior Dickey,
Herbert Burs, George Ruis, Ralph,
Herbert, Ashton and Clarence Tread
A masquerade dance will be given
by the ladles of Mt. Olivet Episcopal
Church on Friday, November 17 at
Pythian Hall Tbhe hours for chil
dren will be from 6 to 8:20 p. m.,
and for adults from S to 11 p. a.
SThe price of admitssion will be thirty
.cenats for adults two children beinug
a.dmttod ea oe tlcket. Music will
mbe erdsbed by Browiee's Jam
hi .
Four important measures will be
voted on at the eletcion to be held a
next Tuesday. Nov. 7-the Public st
Belt Railroad bonds, the Dock Board t'
plan for 99-year lease for ranal sites. hi
the Orleans Levee Board measure
for a sea wall tor New Orleans. and a
the two-million-dollar auditorium. s
Of the four measures above. th.' o
first three deserve your consideration c
and vote, while the latter should re- la
ceive a very decisive NO. as this Ii
auditorium will mean extra taxation, f
it will become a liability on the city.
and as the two million dollars are
needed so much more in other direc
tions, such as sidewalks, street re- I
pairs, etc.. it would not he just to 1
yourself and other tax payers to vote
YES on this measure.
The most important amendment
will be that of a sea wall for New I
Orleans, which will be constructed by
the Levee Board. This great im
provement will not carry a tax and
it will give New Orleans a beautiful
parkway, a lake shore driveway, a
nkew residential section and a better
protection at our lake front from
storms. Vote FOR the measure.
which will appear on the ballot as
"For the proposed amendment of r
Section 7. Article XVI. of the Consti- d
tution of the State of Louisiana."
Elizabeth Lee, daughter of Onezime
John Vinet and Bessie Ellsworth, of
720 Elmira avenue. Sponsors: Lee
Donner and Isabel Henricks.
Eunice Rita, daughter of Alexander
Pelaf and Henrietta Lucas, of Nairn.
La. Sponsors: Mark Lucas and Eliz
abeth Barbour.
Doluis Erls Henry, son of Doluis
Henry Adams and Eugenie Mine.
Sponsors: Mary Mine and .Jeremiah
William Philip. son of William P.
Hlndelang and Verna Hausknecht, of
607 Slidell avenue. Sponsors: Mr. and
Mrs. C. L. Hindelang.
Jose* Stephen. son of Joseph E.
Keller and Emma Heltz, of 827 Atlan
ti& avenue. Sponsors: Hilaire Keller
and Mrs. M. J. Chauvln.
The Orleans Parish Teachers' Asso
clation, formed to promote matters
pertaining to the mental, moral and
physical welfare of the youth of this
parish, went into permanent organi
zation Thursday at a meeting in tht
Boys' High School. Miss Grace
Averill was elected one of the exec
utive board.
The lawn party given by Mrs. J.
M. Nolan assisted by a committee of
prominent ladies on October 17, for
the benefit of the new parochial
school was a financial success, the
sum of one hundred at twenty dol
lars and We cents being realised.
The committee desire to extend
thanks to all who aslated in malsk
the aftt a macems.
Five alleged lottery vendors were o
arreste and about 5Si) lottery plays it
seized. accoring to the police. The H
two raids are aid to have been the tl
largest in several weeks.
August Trindade. 52 years old. was ti
arreste at his home. 20o Lamarque o
street with Jules Legendre. 21) years
, 216 North Alexander street. and 11
charged with violating the lottery
laws. The pole say eight lottery o
lists and about ::41 lottery plays were s
found in a kitchen stove.
A ew oors away the police arrest
ed Eugene Mills. 40 years old. 2821
Annunciation seet; Eddie Hays. 209 -
Laarque street. and Rachel Wil
lians. 29 Lamarque street. In this
house, the police say, they confiscat
ed lottery lists and plays. The para.
phernalia was sent J to the Criminal I
District Court as evidence.
The Exclusive Club met at the
home of Mis Marguerite Sarbeck. t
Thursday night. The following offi
er were elected to serve three
months: Max Berges. president; Leo
Hinub vice-president: Marion Ryan.
treasurer Marguerite Sarbeck. sec- t
retary. Dancing was indulged in and
dainty refreshments were served.
Those present were: Misses Martha a
Pont Rita Lanaux. Virgie Caflero. r
Alma Fellers Gertrude Foret, Emily n
Choate Hazel Saleeby. Ollie Le 1
Blanc. Emily Sylve. Ura Dubret.
Margie Blaeman. Annette Di Bar- c
ola Bernice and Marguerite Sarbeck. t
Messrs. Marion Ryan. Clement Balk. c
Sam King Clarence Dillman. Johnnie -
Dillman, Karl Saleeby. James John
son. M.x Berges August Kauffman.,
Leo Hinyu Mitchell Hurst. Henry
Kern, Bennie and John Sarbeck. Mrs.
T. Paton and daughter Catherine. Mr.
and Ms. B. Sarbeck.
The next meeting will be he!d at
the home of Miss Rita Lanaux on
An enjoyable evening was spent
by the many friends of Caroline
Richter her home in Pacific ave
nue when she entertained at a mas
querade Halloween party.
Those present were: Ellen Harsen,
Merith Burmaster. Mary McQullling.
Ella May Henry. Lillian Burgau.
Marjorie Ose Isaphene Smith, Leo
nora Breecher Alice Hibben. Edna
Pre Helen Erris, Mildred Daigle,
Ella May Henry. Lillian Burgan,
Abbie Abbott Vita Beninate. Miriam
Duplan. Catherine Guarisco. Catherine
Seaward, Louisa Richter. Dorothy
Dacon Flors Wright. Josephine Dub
ret Clarisse West. Masters John
Suvln Nugle Richard, E. and J. Mc
Mahon Anthon Lamana. Joseph
Burgis Preston Gaffney. Ollie Suther
land Merlin Stacey, Lester Dacon,
Heran Guarisco. Emile Temple.
Morris Richter. Mr. and Mrs. Richter.
The Holy Angels Society enjoyed
a delightful Halloween party last
Monday at the Holy Name of Mary
School. Therewere plenty of apples.
music and games. Over a hundred
children were present and each child
received a prize. Father Gunnan was
the fun prmer and he was assisted
by Sters Antoine and St. Patrick.
The altar boys are proud of their 1
football team. They have defeated a
picked team of stars and tied the 1
Troop 32. The St.
ready to challenge
toa prise drill. They
e Holy Name of Mary
Sister Antoine has in
d method of teaching
breaking boys of
'Personal Mention NI
And General News
L.. F. \Villis was elected sergeant th
at-arns of the A.ssociated White Em.n
plo.ye'es of the S-we'\ra ge' and Water lIni:
ioard. I 'r
4Rev. K W. D)odson of Monroe. wal pla
a riecent guest of ('apt. anld Mrs. W,. inl
it. i'ettigrove. . I$ !i
1Miss Iierthla Ryan has returne,,lq
from a visit to lDallas.O.
M1isses Florencce Ilirgis. Zella Blutck eCo
ins. andt Elizabeth i Wakeoan and to
Messrs. ('has. liiHurgis and Mc('ullchc Wu
lBaker we're' membleers of a plit party
that attilended'l lthe pI.erformlance at the So
Tulane Friday night. sul
Mrs. (George Ilildlebraind expects to uP
leave' Friday for Illoustoln to visit here
daughters. 'hl
The Once A Month Euchre Club met he,
at the home' of .Miss ('lairia Rhic-hardls. th li
The' successful playe-rs were' Mrs. I
i(Gioe. Talbeot. playing for lMrs. S. Holv
lan) i Mrs. F. Yiratic-h. Mrs. E. J. the
Mlothe. and Mrs. J. E. Collins. Mrs. ithe
C. (;rr-ctts received the' consolation. pa
The next meelting will lbe at tihe $1,
home of Mlrs. S. Boylan. na
The many friends of i)r. J. E. P'ol- to
lot k will Ibe pileaseIid to learn that he So
is holmet from Touro Infirmary.
The baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. Van Ilees was baptized Sunday
at lt. O(livet Episcopal Church. The
little one recelived thei nancme Rulebyl
Bess. I'a
Mrs. T. J. W\illiams of Memniphis, lea
Te-nn.. is spending awhile here. nr ii
Mr. Jas. B. ;nlGambling of Shreve- loi
Sport. La.. is the guest of Mr. and i,
SMrs. E. HI. ('ayard. thei
In lhie waltzing contest at Nic-holls slt
sc-hool. Miss ()rrie' Summniers was oene
ere of the winners of thli third lprize'. and wl
ays in thlie fox-trot ciontest Miss Elinor
The Rooney was one of the winne'rs of wi
the the sec-ondl plrize. *
The ('hi Sigma Alpha ('lub met a! ot
was the home of Mrs. Hugh Humphrey of
que on Halloween. ur
*ars Mr. Elmer McCluskey has left for cu
and Rotteidam to he gone some time.
tery Mrs. A. Tetffy and daughter Alice. re
tery of Jacksonville. ill., are spending 1
eret some' tins here. tlte guests of her at
Lister. Mrs. Luther, and her cousins,
est. Mr. and Mrs. I'. A. McCloskey.
$21 Mrs. Thomas Gragon and daughter of
2109 Alberta have returned to their home
Wil- In Kansas City after a pleasant stay si
this here.
eat- Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Renecky have
ag lthe sympathy of their many friends
dinal in the loss of their baby boy.
Mrs. Frank Austand returned to
her home i~i Memphis, Tenn.. after a
Ispending some time here, the guest m
Iof Mr. and Mrs. P. A. McCloskey. be
Mrs. D. F. Bolton and son Ralph.
the who have been visiting here, left for
eck, their home in Memphis. tl
of i- Mrs. Paul Borne of Memphis. Tenn., he
tree is the guest of her sister, Mrs. L. A. th
Leo Hymel, of 238 Bermuda street.
yan, Mrs. A. Graf entertained the Ma- N
sec trons Club. The successful players Al
and were Mrs. R. J. Williams, Mrs. Wat- L
kins (playing for Mrs. A. E. Hotard), w
rtha and Mrs. O. Aycock. Mrs. J. Gerretts vi
iero. received the consolation The next p
mily meeting will be held at the home of F
Le Mrs. F. Gaebel.
cret. Rev. C. C. Weir attended the lun
Bar- cheon given at the Monteleone Hotel
eck. by the Methodist ministers, in honor M
lalk. of Bishop Warren A. Candler.
nnie -
ohn- (Continued on Page 3.) I
nan. S
Mrs. A
Mr. The following clipping was takeni 1
from the postal regulations and should I11
i at be read carefully. After December 1st. A
on no mrail will be delivered you unless
you have a box. /
(11) Mail Door-Slot or Receptable Re-1
qulred a
Mail receptacles save the carriers'
time and hasten deliveries. It is
nttherefore our desire to have a suit
olie able recepta of some character at
mas- every city or village residence, and
if possible, at business houses.
The absbence of a mail receptacle
rsen, not oply tends to Inconvenience the
ling',patron, but unnquestionably results
rgau'l in inferior service through delaying
IJ the carrier on his route.
na On account of the delays caused
cigle, to carriers at dwelling houses where '
riam no door-slot or mall receptacle is
rine provided and the fact that a large
-othy majority of dwellings are thus
Dub- equipped already, it seems timely,.
John within a reasonable period, to require
Mc- alLt who are tb receive mail by street
seph carriers at their dwellings to provide
ther- such accommodations. the expense
icon, of the same being small. Postmasters
nple. are therefore this Instructed. The |
hter. length of notice should not exceed L
four months, although there may be,
exceptional cases where postmasters C
should uie reasonable discretion org
oyed ask for Instructions.
last It is not the department's desire, of
Wary course, that any shall be deprived
ples, of delivery by this requirement, but
dred rather it is earnestly hoped that all,
child will see the reasonableness of it and
was its qdvantage to themselves as well
Isted as to the carriers, But if it finally
t. becomes necessary mail delivery will
their be discontinued where no door-slots
ed a (preferably) or mall receptacles are
the provided.
St. City or Carrier-delivery service
eage should not be extended to any new
hel dwelling not equipped with a suitable I
iary receptacle. I
s in- When a patron changes his resl-Ir
hingldence he will be.required to providejc
of a receptacle at his new address be- j
tore beln. accorded delivery uerIce. (
A new proposal for splitting the,
cost o"f t"l.ºiring the Newtonll street;
viallu, I in .\lgiir was sahinitti-d to
the- city tcotllissiln ol llncil by ('oml
tlisl.ai, r li, Mal l,,y o i the PI ublic
l'ropll rty I , partll lnt. 1 lnter t his
plan the South Ne"ii w Orllans lightl
I$1l0,0i ti, thi lialanl h to be ulivideli
I uTlily betweenl tihe citny olf Nw',
SOrllta is and (1etille, S l. -r. Pacifistc
k (loI' tonipal.. Thi-, total cost,l accorling
h 4would e ht weet n $0,llllll0 1 liand $:5,(li00.
y "Tit I tractli ion mpaniiy ail the
. Soutlihri I'.acihic will, I 'i1 pretty
sur,. c.opt this basis, so it is now
S upl to tilt cit." h te c-oniniissioner
said. It I iimpoiilrtant for people re
siding in thatl locality or engaged in
busii,.ss t . hte hat i miitedtate relief
ie I grant,-ti l. I bel.v,- it is properly
Is. ithe ldutyt ofi Nw Oirleanis to pay a
lpart of Iit o uastl .
' lih. pirolpoisal will bll coniidelret lay
I, lthe counctil. It'n:l "r thte agrteement
Stie Southi N.,".% trl',auis Traction ('Coti
pti. y aftl,.r thrtet. years would pay
SI $1,l0t) ani uaililly towiard tlhe mnainte
lnanl t c f ithet structurei,. thet balance
i to be divided 'qually Iwtw..,e tih
1, Southeli rn l'acliti andti New rleanis.
ly 0-pres.lt ativte,. or thile, Southern
Pacific RailroaUl, thit South New Or
it lianis Light and T'raction Comi opany
and the ('on tissiil (''cuntil hel!d a
long confeirelnce inl the council cham
Iti letr of the City Ilall last .l'week, when
the repair anltd upke-el p of the Newton
Is street.t viaduct was clinsi ered.
' l'The Souhl li a'i 'acific Railroad,
or which showetd thal it hadil kept all
ir parts of its agrenient in connecll tioi
f with the viaiduct, is said to have of
fered to pay one third of tIlhe expentse
o f repairing Ite viaduct andl one-third
ey of the ini lttenanc.e thereafter. It Is
or understood the city and tih traction
fl companiy would supply the other two
thirds. No agreement (ould he
Sreached on thiis proposition, It was
said, and the question went over to
er another (conference.
Ith was reported that the Southern
ter Pacific had agreed to pay three-fifths
me of the expense, but officials of that
ay line said thle tompany had made n,
such agreement. l
to The Westside Gun and Rod Social
ter and Pleasure Club entertained their
st members andteir families at a bar
ph. becue held at 509 Wagner Street,
for the occasion being the killing of
their first deer of the season, the
in., honor falling to Master Fred John,
A. the son of Algiers famous diver.
The following were present: C. W.
Ia- Nichols. F. Vonquet, Albert Milan,
5rs Alfred Milan, Alex Suberville, W. Rice,
at- L. Molaison, P. J. Alonso, W. Salathe,
)- W. Spahr, P. Tranchina, Albert Suber
tts ville, Fred John, Jr., Felix Ruiz, C.
SPennison, E. Sutton, E. Fonquet, J.
Foucha, F. Wattigney. Sr., S. Molal
tn- son, W. Wattigney. Jr.. J. Cernlglia,
tel J. Gulgan, John Murray, E. Whelan,
Misses L. Milan. May Johnson, C.
Suberville, O. Wattigney, H. Suber.
ville, L. Baudean, P. Hymel. E. Sul
livan, T. Alonzo. Mesdames Alex
Suberville, Albert Suberville, Alfred
Milan, F. Wattigney, Jr., J. Gulgan.
Albert Milan, P. J. Alon.o. and F.
cen John. Masters F. Baudean. M. Wat
uld tigny. P. J. Alonzo, A. Alonso, Jon.
1st. Alonso. and Robt. Serpas.
ess The expert, cooking of Mrs. Alex
Suberville. assisted by Mesdames
Re- Alfred Milan and F. John helped
materially to add to the success of
ers' the affair.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Bourg were
cle honorees at a miscellanous shower
the given at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
ults R. A. Allen in Bellevllle street on
ring October 30.
The rooms were beautifully decor.
Ised ated in Halloween colors. The young
ere codrble were presented with their
I many beautiful gifts by graceful
irge Marquelin Pujol dressed In a marlon
hus ette costume. She danced In and
ely, showered Mr. and Mrs. Bourg with
lre parcels from a jack-o-lantern.
reet Charming ,illa Petrie, dressed In
ride a witch costume, told fortunes In the
tersI Those present were: Misses N.
The Donner. H. Cayard, R. Humphrey.
eed L. Chlco. C. Hiornosky, I. Nolan, L.
be Nolan. Maude Bowen, H. Bowen, I.
er Crane. Maude Allen. L. Pltre, Mar
or guellon Pujol, S. Charlevllle and Es
telle Hlbben; Mesdames J. C. Labit.
,of S. G. Hymes, T. Orrell, B. Blakeman,
ed. L. Labhlt, Jr., H. Fledderman, L. V.
but Sierra, B. H. Labit. F. C. Labit, A.
all Langford, R. A. Allen, N. Anderson
and and W. J. Schroeder; Messrs. 0.
nell Hymes, H. Hibben. R. A. Allen, W.
Boudreaux and J. C. Labit. Jr.
tew HOWE--On Sunday morning Prank
ible H. Howe died at his home i Little
Rock, Ark. Deceased was born -ad
eel- reared In our town and was the sea
ride of the late Matt Howe and Elilsabeth
be- Williams. Interment took place Mom
rice. day in Little Roclk.

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