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Section 10 of Act 120 of 1916 pro
hibits Ferry Companies from charging
school children tare during school hours.
-;s 6  TOtin E HtilE .D. But why are we still paying the aroet
Dwvsid to Ut Rpblg w the Sui SMe Rt the R Mae. "Ay Iewo a creditable weekLy neswper ."-MANUCACIRIWR RECORD.
r - ...=p* **T """"""?" " "" "!""! """"":"mir**
SOf car tallill
S Mrs. Babbi
Sary Delphine Roussel Babin.
' , 328 Alix street, was
SCsgl and Murat streets at
j oaday night when struck 1
--ltle driven by Joseph a
31 years old. 1202 South
g u et.
oa the car charged the
E a heavy fall of rain and
rSrat which prevented the 1
r o iang the approach of 1
4ad caused the machine to t
L ad of stopping when the
were apilied. Police an
tbt no arrests would be
4 complete investigation.
.a e was the property of 4
O ls Canal board. In it, in
i. Mr. Carrier, were Edward
msrctenudent of the New
--ll board, and R. C. Pren
1313 Baronne street, J. C. 1
10 South Derbigny street, I
Tymla. ta2t Second street.
being employed by the I
t the occupants of the
e was bringing the
Sthe city after the day's
AS they approached the inter
Car l and Murat streets, he
p asw a woman step Into I
tt ear.
Sdeclares that Mr. Car
sthe brakes instantly. but
Sieddd and struck the wom
a chise came to a halt im
fter striking her, he says.
was ot dragged.
- h- was taken to Charity
- o ear which struck her.
gTI alive when placed in
"d dled before she reached
I b s were required to
oe victim. The only identi
as her was found inside
sig she wore. It was the I
"M. D. R.. Feb. 14, 1882."
the neighborhood of the
Slarned that a woman <
Sesription of the vie.
the resMease of Mrs. A. 1
l Saouth Murat street, I
-of the tragedy. Call
they learned that
'S Tit her hoese to
. ter, Mrs. Charles
sad Canal stree.
Greason we"t to
aserges, where they
at *arty fhosa1
MIr. abmi sIoerd a
.a fraetred wrist, and
"& hm maa Ame
nived by another soe,
aof Fort Lyon. CoL
lm. Her mother,
eat foar alm*
em d MIs EisRa Om
Iel osLaes, also srvive.
a~Ms, wh dk d
sat e time captain of
4Wr Istory dM
t-ove m ore
a !e!r last fe
m~ f the CM
uhst irea
to mbk
.i tine Isheets
Lst hve satined
at tmL FalItead
Lst the white
late a witches'
msaek sad eao
1s traetoaset Mach
*tcre e smeted
$ek catr
as the mombers
ttkerea m to a
. Ames the
-eleetrb l
ek huas truam:
mease -esether with
NothMig tol
L eamn comtrved
aadmother heI
man iesa des
e Ild rew etsa h
etleteadY, sek
- eee me
Jie et sentes
.* _m..- a i
seemsr s toeme
Orders Southern Pacific
To Provide Viaduct
At Newtn Street
An order directing the Southern
Pacific Company to provide "a safe
and suitable traffic viaduct over and
across its tracks In Algiers" has
been signed by the Louisiana Public
Service Commission and is now in
force. it was announced Saturday
morning by Francis Williams, mem
ber of the commission. Mr. Williams
himself prepared the recommenda
tion for the order and it was adopted
by his fellow commissioners.
Plans and specifications for the
viaduct or crossing are to be filed
with the commission within thirty
days, and the work is to be com
pleted within ninety days from the
time of the approval of the plans.
This is the case of the Newton
street viaduct in Algiers, which has
been the subject of considerable con
tention for some time.
In the decision handed own by
the commission, through Mr. Wil
liams, the history and facts sur
rounding the closing of the ten
streets crossing the Southern Pacific
yards were thoroughly gone into.
The decision charged that "when it
closed every street between the river
and the woods that crossed its prop
erties the M. L. & T. Railroad &
Steamship Company creaed a condi
tion of total separation between
upper and lower Alders that made
the Newton street viaduct neces
The decision also charged that
gases from the locomotives of the
Southern Pacific alone was responsi
Me for corroding the steel frame
work of the bridge, which resulted
in its being closed. It set forth that
the bridge was built originally in
1907 so that the railroad might ben
efit, and aside from paying $10,000
for the privilege of closing all streets
it paid nothing toward constructing
the $99,00 bridge.
In summing up the case, the de
cislos declares that "equity and writ
ten law both place the burden of
building the viaduct upon the de
fondant in this case."
Mr. and Mrs. G. Ponti, of Bermuda
Street entertalned the Gleaners at
their home oa last Thursday night.
tIs meetlis Mr. and Mrs.
t" w hmeb to come
e, ts -teat where she
wair 4-etve i - eys~ , supper ton
honor of their eighteenth weddint
The dining room was very beauti
fully decorated, and the table was
artistically arranged.
Darlnu the sapper Miss Martha
Pontt, and Master Guy Pnti, render
ed several selections on the plano
and saxophone. The supper was very
much enjoyed by da the members.
. hos who .*4L a very -pleasant
evening were Misses iisbeth Gull.
lot, Zina Karr, Zsther Marens, Mnes.
Halloween Cleutat, Pettigrove, Ber.
grar, san Hsaife, Mr. se- Mrs.
Charles Hoethamp, Mr. and Mrs. Tom
atntlsle, Mr. DeaMm, Mr. and Mrs.
0. Paont and children
On the departmn of each guest
they wished Mr. and Mrs. Pontl
eighteen more years of continued
hap She,.
President Frak t. Hymel and Se
retary C. J. Donner are among the
delegatese selected to rwresent the
hrlesans -Lve Bosrd at tLhe Novem
her Ith Conference eoled by Ov-
ernor Parker, and to be held in the
Senap Chabmber at aston oage, to
the purpose o rmuattng .and agree
tas upon one man e lesidatis for
flodentrol on thl MlisasuuIgg River,
which It Is proposed to be presented
in the ones o the United State,
throusk the Nstional RILvers and
3ma ms CieOues at theisr eighteenth
Anual coarenton to be held Ia
h 0. 0., on December 0th
and 7t at whlesh aconvent M.,
Hymel and Mr. Doniaer will also be
deesates to reneant the Orteans
3berse eose. -
aetr ,,es. o tss sen * o
wion nigr at a elaborato dea st
the hemo dMs. L. V. rammo
these 9Am he h* tdlrnee Eg whais
the 'seuitthe In charge have
lft udees to asere a g o
' sowud an t i ntr t by tDum
Sind U mean ! 4 * i ebr. •o
tI-I !I -
·i - --T.r
Another Year.
\ \\\Jf
I -T
-- THE Nomwi
DIKET-On Tuesday at 12:06
o'clock a. m. Mrs. Katherine Diket died
at the age of forty-eight years. De
ceased was a native of Algiers. The
ffuneral took place Wednesday at 2
o'clock p. in., from her late residence
800 Pacific Avenue. Interment was
in McDonogh Cemetery .
FAY-On Friday at 0:30 a. min., Mrs. I
Herbert M. Fay, nee Mabel Rand,
died at her home in Teche Street. 1
Deceased was born In Creston, DL. I
forty-three years ago, and had resided
here for the past three years. She
was the wife of Dr. H. M. Fay, the
well known dentist of Teche Street,
and was a devout Methodist, taking
a prominent part in all work con
nected with the local chWrch.
The remains war shipped to Li-a
'derwoo. L.,awseedw s.agmsfor ain
termeat. Dr. Pay sand his saster so
companied the remains.
CASEY - On Thursday at 10:45
o'clock p. m., Emmet L. Casey died
after an illness of several months.
Deceased was thirty-three years of
age and was married to Miss Vallery
Fath, who with several children sur
vive him. The funeral took place
Saturday morning at 10 o'clock from
his late residence, 441 Bonny street.
Interment was In St. Bartholomew
HENNSSEY - On Saturday at
1:20 o'clock p. m., 'Bridget Catherine
Hennessey. daughter of the late
Catherine Kirby and W. R. Hennes
sey, died at the age of fty-six years.
Deceased was a native of Algiers and
had resided here all her life. The
funeral took place Sunday afternoon
at 3 o'clock from her late residence,
521 Pacific avenue. Interment was
in St. Patrick Cemetery No. 1.
All branch libraries will share in
the bak display and story-telllag
of "Children's Books Week."
To-day the program for the story
telling at the local library will be
:30: to 10:30, Misses M. Reynolds,
and 3. Kelley; 10:30 to 11:30, Misses
M. McNeely and A. Verous, 11:20 to
12:2. Misses H. Graham and E.
Trully; 1 to 2, Misses K. Haggerty
and A. Leone; 2 to 3, Teacher from
Holy Crss School; 3 to 4, Misses
May Barrett and V. Gray and 4 to 5,
Misses . Kay sand Irene GOlliot.
The body of an uideMntifed white
man abort M years of age was found
Soating In the river below Algiers.
Police at iret believed it was the
bedy of the man who leaped from
a Coast street ferry Sunday night,
,but the clothes on the body were d4i
ferest from these worn by the man
l who jlnmpd trem the terry.
The body In the morgue has a
small gray mustache sand was dressed
In blie trousers with white stripes.,
black coat, white shirt with yellow
stripes, and a black tie. .
The body was found by Paul V.
ISeas of McLeallave, who was
ksha, aid was Drought to New
Orianes by Cemeur Jehn Fely,
First Prnodut'. and Suprnumerary
Patrolman Alphm Ase rma, Eighlth
liY to the vsitlag degates t
wIes at the lge esheel was at
anems by ae V.. V. hut, .pems
dept of aiea' le Pa urre
. . ...
Personal Mention
And General News
Mrs. A. J. Amuedo spent Sunday In
Abita Springs, the guest of Mrs. Geo.
Mr. Edgar Cayard, has been visit
ing in Slidell and in Pearl River in the
Interest of Epworth League work.
Miss Gladys Heard of Bunkle. is
visiting her aunt, -Mrs. C. C. Wler.
Miss Myra Kelly spent the week
end, the guest of Mrs. J. T. Morrison.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Labit were re
cent visitors to Houma.
Mrs. Walter Harvey left Saturday
for a visit in Hot Spring. Ark.
Mr. H. . Robeam let Tuesday for
Tampieo to be gonme me time.
A very enjoyable motor trip was
enjoyed last Saturday. The tour in.
cluded Raceland, Thibodeaux, Napo
leonville, Houma and Donaldsonville
and of course all the little towns in
between the important stops. The
party was composed of Misses Orrie
Summers, Luella Dunn, Edith Ma
guire, Thelma Cayard, Estelle Bark
meyer. Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Melancon,
Mr. and Mrs. Barkmeyer, Mr. Erol
Barkmeyer and Mrs. Summers.
Arrangements have been completed
for the big masquerade dance to be
given by the Ladies' Guild of Mount
Olivet Episcopal Church tomorrow
(Friday) evening at Pythian Hall.
Brownlee's Jass Band will furnish
the music for the occasion. The
children will have their hears from
6 to 8:30 p. m. The price of admis
slon will be thirty cents for adults;
two children will be admitted on one
ticket. Refreshments will be served.
A lawn party will be given Saturn
day, Nov. 18, at the residence of Mrs.
L. Sierra, corner Belleville street and
Opelousas avenue, for the benefit of
the new parochial school fund. There
will be fancy dancing by Miss Cas
sidy's pupils and also several sets
of vaudeville. Doors will be open at
Miss Grace Haley is visiting her
aunt in Hammonad. La.
The many friends of Miss Gladys
Butcher are glad to see her oet
again after having been confined to
her home due to an stack of deague
The Sealor Epworth League of Mc
Domoghville Methodist Church will
give a play at Pythian Hall on Thurs
day, November 23rd, at 8 p. m. Ad
mission 10 cents and 15 cents. Re
freshments will be sold.
The Matrons Club met Tuesday at
the home of Mrs. F. Goebel. The
suceassful players were, Mrs. T. U.
Buchhols, Mrs. . Goebel, and Mrs.
f. V. Kraft. Mrs. J. A. Garland re
ceived the cosolation. The next
meetinl will be at the home of Mrs.
Mrs. Hy. Clark returned last week
from Colorado.
(Cotlined si e a L.)
Daddy (bud Mauls Heriest), at 414
Baon Mro . sneMrs. Jon
"Aw! What's The Use?"
Have you ever felt like that as
though no matter what you did, or I
how you did it, somebody would find
fault anyway? Or you've done you
very best and have thought that you
would certainly be appreciated-then
someone else does it so much better.
What is thd use? You spade and
dig and weed your front garden Sat- 1
urday evening, and go to bed tired
and worn out, but with the Joyful
knowledgd that in the morning, all
will be beautiful. When, the next
morning, you go out to contemplate
your work, and find your neighbor's
chickens have ruined the whole place,
can you refrain from crying, "What's
the use!"' Or if you have made a
perfectly beautiful dress for Mary
Anne, a dress delicately trimmed in
green, she will probably have wanted
it blue, and the oyster pattles you
so painstakingly: fixed for Henry's
supper, he will just have eaten for
lunch. In such cases, its hard not
to say, "Aw, What's the Use?"
It's a common alling,--thlis of
ours,-of throwing up our hands, and
sinking down into our rocking chair
in* despair. It's so very common
that even fou probably have it. If
you have,-it something makes you
feel as though nothing were of any
use, there's someone just like you
whom The Herald presents today. In
the middle of the paper, is the strip
of cartoons, entitled, "Aw! What's the
use?" which will make you feel
happier when you've read them. They
appear each week.
Miss Julia Hedges was honored by
the Parents Cooperative Club of Mc
Donogh No. 15 Schoolt 18 Barracks
street, last week, when they pre
sented her with a silver meesh beg.
Miss Hedges, who will be remem*
bered in our town as the daughter
of the late Rev. C. S. Hedges, for
many years rector of Mount Olivet
Chureh, has taught in the same
school for the past forty years. Her
forty-year stay at the school is said
to be a record. Though her forty
years as a teacher entitles her to
retirement on pension, she refused
to say whether she intended resign
lng or not. Miss Hedges now teaches
the eourth Grade. She frst taught
the Seventh.
Acting on the recommendation of
Diboll & Owen, its architects, the,
Dock Board has decided to reject all
bids received for the remodeling of
the Peydras street shed, as part of
the Canal street beautificaton plan.
Bids on the work were submitted
October 26 by four frms.
The project will be readvertised
In thirty days' time, it was decided
by the board. Decision to improve
the foot of Canal street was reached
almost a year ago, but because of
the number of orgapnsations in-olved
plans have been delayed materially.
Mr. Sutherland, sir beal street
eesmissiomer, reeuests that the rueil
dents put out their garbage can be
fore 7 o'clock ih the morning to ia
sure prompt collection of garbage.
The garbag men make thei. calls
early, ad the cooperatien of the
housewives wil fci tate n a
the garbage eolleeted.
Lin Cha~"ISt 1m1 Iraya nave
-m e when as a sme ezpledsd
Everyone is pleased that Misses
Baer and Wilson have recovered
from their recent illness and are
again at school.
The principal and faculty want to
thank Mrs. Demarest for her dons. w
tion of books for the school library. K
This donation will greatly benefit ai
the pupils, as the slogan for this C
term is "Better English," and these
books will give the children the op- H
portunity of reading and becoming as
accustomed to good English. tl
Misses Juanita Bayhi and Leonide bh
Gaines, Red Cross nurses, were at at
the school this week to examine the ti
arms of those children who had re- p
cently been vaccinated.
Mr. James McArthur, superintend- p
ent of gardening in the public ,
schools, was also a visitor this week. g
He inspected the school garden, com- j
plimented the work of the pupils, n
and asked that the school enter the
spring contest, as such excellent
work had been accomplished.
The following pupils were perfect
in the weekly tests in spelling and 14
rapid arithmetic: I
Perfect in Arithmetic
Eighth Grade B - Earl Cooper, a
Nicholas Corona, Jennie Scott, Joseph a
Seventh Grade A-George Tlerney, h
Raymond Grundmeyer, Mary Nep- Ii
veux, Eleanor Steel. F
Seventh Grade B-John Tagert, c
George Demarest, Raymond de Roche, g
Angeline Chagnard. it
Sixth Grade A-Tillford Kulp, Au- If
gust Tierney.
Sixth Grade B-Joseph Alonso,
Nora Hingle, Florence Begue, Arthur
Fifth Grade A - Harold Ernst, 8
George Tlerney, Dixie Edgecombe, e
Raymond Wattigney.
Fifth Grade B-Henrietta Smith.
John Hammond, George Lacinak, .1
Jackson Molalsson, Flavia Corona,
Lloyd Collette, Odette Breaux, Lee h
Wattigney, John Hurtin, Edward
Pujol, Maxime Hebert, Laurence Rob- t
ichaux. August Cantin, John Caruso, h
Mary Caruso, Leslie Collins.
Fourth Grade A-Muriel Galling
Fourth Grade B-Priscilla Lutz,
Thelma Sanborn. Allan Barnes.
Fourth Grade B-Florence Eddy, 1
Mathilda Richards, Leonide Serpas, I
Mamle Sutherland, Ellen Sutherland, I
Loretta Tierney, Laura Fabian, David
Gebs, Jeanne Lassere, Leighton Ber
keron. Amanda Hebert.
Third Grade A - Wilbert Edge
combe, Louise Pujol, Tom Beandean,
Melba Campbell, Anatol Beaudreaux,
S(ontinued en page 5)
r The regular meeting of the Belle
a ville Kindergarten Mothers' Club was
I held Friday, Nov. 10, at 3:15 p. m.
a All arrangements for the Thankagiv
i lng celebration were completed and
a all members and all mothers ifsving
a children in the Kindergarten or who
p are otherwise interested in the wel
s fare of the school are cordially in- I
l vited to be present at this elebra
r tion at 9:30 a. m., on Wednesday,
Nov. 29.
The election of officers for the
year followed. Mrs. A J. Amuedo, I
after fourteen years of service asu
president, expressed her opinion on (
the subject of re-election and askdl
- that mothers having children in the i
kindergarten be elected to office. I
After much discussion Mrs. James
Kepper was uanimouesly elected
Spresident; Mrs. P. Flanders, vice
- president; Mrs. George Peterseo, see
r retary; Mrs. Butcher, treasurer. I
r This being a social meeting, del
cious refreshments were served.
A Halloween party was given at
i the home of Mr. and Mrs. Blakeman.I
The house was prettily decorated in
the Halloween colors. Musie for the
Sdeancing was furnished by Miss Cam
He Hildebrand. UAfter the dames the
jolly crowd visited the caemetreries,
looklng for the proverbal ghoets.
Those present were: MYi i Ollie
Le Blanc, Bunice Hartnoett, ly
I Chonte, Irma Maset, Hazel Shieby,
5 Aldan Johnson, Margle Bhakeman,
SllEdith DaIgle, Messrs. Marion Ryan.,
if Clement Balk, James Johnso, Willie
Johnson, George Gall, Karl Saleeby,
Philip 8aleeby, Lee Holmn, Mr. and
d Mrs. B. Blakeman, Mrs. Orrell Mrs.
J. L. Saleeby, and many others.
A surprise party was given Nov
11 to Master William Short by Thee
Lai. The house was decorated with
Sags and other desiges. Those pres
ent were: Mary Gordon, Pat, Ceeil
and Harriet Mants, Ruth Boud, Dor-t
othy Wilson, Helen Hucklus, Ethel
it Aaderean, Edith Humphrey, Lula
1- May Bessen, wease o e nd eamin
- Gouner, Margaret rymel, Mary Jul
a- lr, Merle Talets, Albert DIket, Ha
. old O'Brie, Henary Brown, Charles
Is Nulns, Walter ler, ge Rich
* ards, Stanle Laugh, iwiLnBoud
g Wendlint, Anthenr and Thee Lali,
Catherine, Buddy, Alvin, Bert and
Wllm Shert.
SOn rMiay, Mrsn. W. h. ebt, Mrs.
i N. C. BMimi Kr. A. beet, Mrs. L.
t Acker, Mr. L. alets, Mr. C. eaI.
* Krq, A. Mmue a Mrs. A. 0dM
4 Assm i$ w ; - in the G'
Miss Knowles Is Injured
By Tulane Belt In
View Of Hundreds
Before hundreds of people going to
work Monday morning Miss Oladys
Knowles, 1 years, 709 Opelousas
avenue, was struck by a Tulane belt
car at Canal and Carondelet streets.
The girl was rushed to Charity
Hospital. On first examination phy
sicians said she had received lacera
tions of the scalp and minor body
bruises, and reported her condition
as not serious. An X-ray examina
tion was made, however, to detect
possible internal injuries.
Miss Knowles, according to the
police, was attempting to cross Canal
street from the upper to the lower
side. She stepped on the car tracks
in the neutral ground, hesitated a
moment, stepped forward, and then
pulled back before the street car.
Motorman Brindell stopped the car
immediately. Conductor Ceallilong
assisted Andrew Feldler, 41U6 Or
leans street, to carry the girl into
Katz & Besthofs drug store, where
she was given first aid treatment
and held until the Charity Hospital
ambulance arrived.
Andrew Feidler, Jr., who was on
his way to work, saw the girl lying
in the street and rushed to her side.
He had been waiting for a Dauphine
car, he said, and didn't see how the
girls was knocked down. When he
turned he saw her bleeding profusely
from her head and ran to give her
He picked her up unconscious and
carried her through the rapidly grow
ing crowd to the Kats & Besthoff
arug store on Canal street, where
emergency treatment was given to
her. She did not regain conscious
ness until the ambulance arrived and
she was placed on the stretcher.
A friend of hers who was with her,
he said, declared the girl had been
on her way to work and she asked
the police to be allowed to acompany
her to the hospital.
Where am I going on Thursday, No
vember 23rd? Every one says, "To
Pythian Hall, to see the play which is
known as "A Southern Cinderella."
Senior Epworth League of Mc
Donoghville Metpodist Church will
present a threeect comedy drae
This is the play everyone has buse
Stalking about for some time.
The following will take part:
Madame Charteris, Miss Ora"e l .
ley: Miss Rose 'Wlnterberry, Mis
Anita Thaggard; Joalbell Randolph.
Miss Anna Leinhardt; Catherine
Hawke, Miss Winnie Tillotson; Care
line Hawke, Miss Gladys A. Butcher;
s Mammy Judy Johnson, Miss Laura
Edwards; Southern Cinderella, Miss
Elisae Lelnhardt.
I You surely cannot miss seeint
r Mammy Judy Johnson, four times a
widow lady, and still the queen bee
- of the Colored Society, about to take
her fifth premeditated plunge into the
sea of matrimony.
Ober leven dollars spent and not
even one cream colored kiss.
Come and see how the Misses
Hawke take possession of all the
money and home of Madame Char
teornse and how, in the last act, Little
I Banld, Southern Cinderqila, at last
finds out that she is the rightful heir
to the Qharterise fortune.
For all this we are only going to
charge you the small sunm of ten
cents for children and twenty4tve
cents for adults. Retreshmeats will
be serred.
O0 Thursday evenins Mr. William
Gay was girven a surpriae by Miss
Martha Ponti and his sister at his
Shome in Bermnuda street. The house
I was decorated for the occaseaon.
SDlraing the evenlng dainty rtefresh
Sments were served and danein in
5 dulsed in. music being furnlahed by
I Mr. Ned Whitmore. Thee present
were: The Mises Alle Breusom
SMartha Poeartl, Loustae and Irma Omath,
F Carroll McNell, Qenevieve Ward. See
!, Gay, Sarah Bauman, Catherine Br
I, ton, Messrs. Harry Pomes, Leles Ca
saubon, William Gay, dward Jo.
Sbenok, John Bacon, James Leryt,
T, Emile Smith, Ned Whitmore, Mr. ad
Md rs. Plaisworth, Mr. and Mrs W.
' Lilly, Mr. and Mrs. O. Puoti, Mr. sad
Mrs. Heithcamb, Mr. and Mrs. Gay.
SQuilte a number of little boys and
Sgirls .were entertanlaed on Thursday,
November 9th, at the home of Mrs.
SA. T. Durgan, 7tO Brooklya Av., the
occasilon belal the third anniversary e
Sthe birth of her little Alvin, Itj,
OGames were played and deleious re
freshments were served. A Jolly time
was spent by all preset.
4 The Knilhts of Columbs field day
, has been postponed from Sanday
duntil some later date, owing to fat
the Holy Name parade takes place
on that day.
i. The Euelsve Club will hold
l meetint at the home of Miss Martha
a Fentd, in Dermma street, en VgMay,
it"" . '13, .,a ebrsseWb

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