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Assuring Real Heolaya
A very Interesting and important M
elsm of the British courts is thit
a wife may take a holiday alone, if
she desires, and that her husband can. I
nt stop her.
It was born of a case following twe. r
ty-one years of reasonably calm mar
rlage. The wife decided on a vaca
tion of a week without the company of
hubby. He forbade It. She made an
unexpected and astonishing appeal to
the court and she won her case.
And because the husband made any
objection whatsoever she now suee him a
for a permanent separation and a ms
csres It-just for that like that. oa
Ineests That Sing.
Japanese do not care for eats and
mlite is a singing insect, which Is
kept Ina cage that hangs from the to
eaves of the house. a
Although the little creature does N
not perform on all occasions, the sound
of rain will at any time start him N
chirping. So, to mamuse strangers in c
a Jap home, one of the family will go
on to the root and pour down a bucket
of water to produce the dripping sound
of rain. 0
As soon as the singing insect bears do
what he Imagines to be the real thingl :
he begins to warble. of
Mark Tvaln's "Stralnd ReIlatioan.' 
A very gentlespoken woman called th
m Mark Twain one day in his latter th
years, and promised she would stay u
but a moment and say no more than a th
few words if only she might sit face
to face with the great mans When a
she rose to go she said in a voice at t
deepest reverence: "May I kiss your a
hand?" When she went out she said: 8r,
"How God must love you r" "I hope "o
so," he said softly; but after she had po'
gome he could not help saying, In a an'
quaint, half-pathetic voice: "I guess ch
Ab hasn't heard of our strained rela- 1
tisIL="-From Mark Twain: A BES- C
eaphy. ant
Unlted 8tates of Americ. State at br
Leasitas, Parish of Orleans, City of Newa
Orleans, Be it knew, that Oe this thirty
Srst day of the month of October .1 the
ar oe ar Lord, am theasnd, ne
hmdrd and tweat -tweo sad of the In
depedence of the United States of Amerti
ea, the one hundred forty-fourth, beforeof
e. John C. O'Connor, a iotary pbUe,n
eu r eemmatsened a ad oalied ad io
and for this city and parish of Orleas. the
thea residing, and in the pIthece * the
the witanesse harsoter named and a
derlgd. Pesonally came and appeareLd,
J. H. Wi L, . Vaeant and A. . la, a en(
eai aeaint in ther respective ca
paitis as the duly authortied president. ad
seety and trea rer, s pn ance to and
a rsoletis adopted at a meeting of the
stoders of the Export Paper ro- and
duets Company of New Orleuans, Inc.,aas
eoporaa organsen d under the laws of
this state, by act before Wiliam McLel- the
la Maysses, on the tweaty-arst of De
eberd A. D., alaetee hundred and alsnine- Al
twa, as will mre fully appear by refer- Por
eas to a eartied espy of the minutes of lea
said meeting hereanto anned for refer- citel
me. sort
Who declare that at a meeting of the to
stsekldr of said corporation, held
Punt to a ea eof the beard of diree. Al
S likewise parasat to the usani- pos
ms* asmat of anll the steckkhlders, at tabil
the efim of the eampany, INto the City f to b
_ew Orlesa e the seventh day of Oc- to b
ioher A. D., aeteea hundred d twe- hype
shell "hereafter read and be a
SATICLn TV-The capital stack this utei
_th" o s ihall ad _e u pe can eonat t
b erany o t , shares of sar o ek
e dollars each. All t stock da
Sea for shall het paale inash p
at the time thestidaestas there tef are Ts m
esd or the same may bee issued at net
ele t sha pa mr p aea tl u whic sites
t ea the books of al
Sthe suM esepeestism by surrender of the hd
aegee teomlf to e presiding F'ee.
tli) wIIr~l~ reItten r ii e i
.s l ek
a belc ea arbase
who rnd deRes th the manner pro-f pnk
la.$ - sreanssir d , me ofa thersai andta dta
eider within w.Iq time ° a
jt* and
, ~ thaniLu ~:
th o
at 4i Thus dome ant Signedl I my ediet, ins
IS that the City of New Orleans, aforesaid, e
the day, month and year first above writ- a
ten, la the presence at Mesers. M. C. I
ad a  Scharf and Chan. A. Iscbher, cempetat
witnesses, residing In this perish, who d
hereunto sign their names with the sld
Stwoe. parties and me, notary, after due reading c
oef the whole.
a Witneases: M. C. Scharf, Chas. A.
Placher. t
deo aR A. J. FALLO. Treasurer,
L. E. VACANT. Secretary,
SJ. H. WELL, President. a
Notary Public. c'
Me I, the undersigned Recorder of Mort- tl
as hbi gages, in and for the Parish of Orlesans.
State of Louisiana, do hereby certify that tt
d the above and foregoing act of amendment p
L of the Export Paper Products Co., of New dt
Orleans, Inc., was this day duly recorded t
in my office, In Book 1279., folio 20. i
New Orleans, November 2nd. 1922. i
(8igned) ROBT. SCOTT. d
ts and Deputy Recorder. q'
Ich Is I, the undersigned notary public, do '
hereby certify the above and foregoing Pa
i to be a true and correct copy of the origi- a
nal act on file In my office in the City of H
New Orleans.
doe (Seal) JNO. C. O'CONNOR.
soand Notary Public.Ie
t him Nov. 9-Dec. K4. n
sound Unlted States of America, State of Lou- F
islana. Parish of Orleans. City of New J
Orleans. Be It known, that on this 19th 1
bear day of the month of October, in the year
i oour Lord one thQusand nine hundred
thing and twenty-two, and of the Independence ins
of the United States of America, the one alt
hundred and forty-seventh, before me.
William J. Guate, $ notary public, duly at
commissioned and qualified, In ad for
called the Parish of Orleans, State of Louisiana. nu
latt therein residing, and in the presence of Otr
the witnesses whose names are hereunto the
y subscribed, personally came and appeared tal
ban a the several persons whose names are here- Inc
fah unto subscribed, all of full age, who am
severally declared to me, notary, that
Whin availing themselves of the laws of this A
sce a tate relative to the organisation of corpo- st
rations, they have covenanted and ag d
ear and by these presents do covenant and
maid: agree and bind themselves as well as all
such other persons who may hereafter be- r"
ho come associated with them to form a cor- ma
Shad poration for the objects and purpoes and o
under the articles and stipulations fol
lowing. which they hereby adopt as their A
SUM charter, to-wit: liqi
rela- ARTICLE I-The name of this corpo- be
ration shall be New Orieans Industrial the
Bs. Cagal and Harbor Development Co., Inc.. or
and under its corporate name it shall
have power and authority to have and sal
enjoy corporate existence for a period of aw
ninety-nine years from date hereof, un- dil
less sooner dissolved by liquldation or the
iggg otherwise. It shall have power to con
or tract, to sue and be sued: to make and cas
fD use a corporate seai and to alter and ski
h the same at pleasure; to purrchase. a
S receive, lease, hold or otherwise acquire b
fNew and convey as well as mortgage and by- A
hiry pothecate under its corporate same, prop- list
the ert, real. personal and mixed, corporeal tra
m ad Incorporeal; to borrow money and to qr
S make and Issue bonds sad other evidence ni.
L tori- of indebtedness, and if desired. to secure e
before the s e by mortgage sad otherwise; to volt
buHy and hld stock in other companies any
a incident to the objects and purposes or do
-ss the expansion of the business interest of A
I the corporation; to name, elect and ap- har
point such managers agents, directors nun
ared and officers, as the interest and conven- th
al, ience of said corporation may require, tha
SNand to make and establish as well as alter sre
etand amend at plesure such by-laws. rules whi
and regulations tfor ts proper government man
as may be deemed necessary and p oper. TI
and generally to do any and all thinags the
incident to or necessary ad proper for the
s the interest of the business et te cr- first
Spo paties. Bias
aine- ARTICLE II-The domicile of this cor- Pete
rter- poration shall be in the City of New Or- ge
Sof leans in the State of Louisiana, and all and
rfr- citations and other legal process shall be whol
served upon the president of the corpora- W
tion, and in the event of his abseace upon Scha
held the secretary. (O
U. ARTICLE III-The obects and pur- Pr
adl- poses tor which this corporation is es- Hayi
Sat tabliahed and the nature of the business H. I
to be carried on by it are hereby declared 2 s
Oe. to be to bay, sell and otherwle acquire, Ve
n- hypthecate, encumber, lease and alinte sh
a property of all kinds real, perseal d hard
Saled, either a owner, trustee., prl l
the t or boker, relai, develop, -ea risp
Sbe advertise, drain, Irrigate and peo r
handle, use or develop real estate and in- 17
terests of all kinds therein; to cestruet,
this utilise, own mad operate drainage and A
Snavigation canals, (hamnels, or similar (S4
OBP- aetructons, and In conneetio therewith
*no to own, operate and maintain pmps Nov.
S tk dredging machin., boats, barges and -
h vessels and flo l equipment of all CIA
S- kinds; to lay oat, develop aad handle vil
t lage sites, town sites and masnaeturin n
- sites and to a general coatratlag bud
r mess; to bay, sell or oterwise aequre or
s aieonate, encumber or hypetheeats stecks,O
b heads, rights, certlcates, eblgaties.
, cheses in tiles. and seeurities of all
ID" hinds, orporate or otherwise to xrchange
ad eatire apital stock or may theU -
r of for property which it is a td to a
acquire; to exchange its etire assets md
I badnes or tny part there twt prperty.
slnddeks or other blttlona d other cm
pros- pmis IArma or i n ab; to carry on
or at onvenit for the ecem- e
lsme o gy et the foregoing ptr- whe
time ARTICLE IV--The eapltal stck t thlis del
tLsa crporation is bheeby lied at the sam of coast
mid ea hundred thsand (P,10p ) dollars Laels
the and shall he divided Into ad epresetad relati
b me thoaned shares of the per value ie,
t * wadred (SIS.) dollars each, ad
?* The said stdeck sharll be paid for in labor ote
dame or moneya or property etually w- mel
for edeed as priMed by aw, ad in ameh to
S manner and at emch times and tn smuk ps
nt hintallmes as may be preserlbed by the Mius
o ard ditlr uct ors a i a r4
oeeern and dshall he autheelmd to ecm
mene besnlaes when Ify the dan (A aba
m00 dellmrs deck hb been suberlcbed Mr.
The rot ma y herafte by ap
propriao ate dt i to teekheoers lase
I h od r ether cisme 1 dfok to be
Ilm e ef and deemed upne mh conl- cow.
ARTICLU V-The capsii stckt 1 thei well a
cwporation mjs be nacreaseu to the prepe,
mm ot ve m-oelearsre e*dars Pors
by a two-thtrd ve all the i at a peit
rpecl ameet aled for tht pro gte a
or at gular anual meting do tete
crportion, sa t any much may to ma
bmea m a e h e o pert in a oe r m er d
clease se o ateck. laws
Ceeeds d teet n e eal n
R the erpo r tat e ad mUab - a a
cerpren *a b vesenr In er serv
d bo ad ~ saea
lBe, in may provide thae sarh oleors may oet
ii. en be members at the beard at directors;
e writ- and they shall Sx the salaries at the *f
M. C. Seers ageat sad employees. At any
spetest meeting of the beer of directors any
t, who direetor absent from the meeting may be
e said represented by another director who may
eading east the votes of the absent director ac
cordlag to the written Instructions, either
is. A. general or special, of said absent direc
tore. The board of directors shall
have authority to make and establish,
rer, as well as alter, sad amead, all by
tary, laws, rules and regulations necessary
and proper for the support and manage
mOR. ment of the business and affairs of this
Public corporation and not inconsistent with
Mort- this charter; and they shall have power
rlesas, to authorize the borrowing of money and
y that the issuance of notes and the execution of
dment pledges and mortgages, and generally to
f New do all things neeednary or convenient for
crded the proper carrying on of the business of
S the corporation. ntil the general meet
2. ing of the stockholders for election of the
TT directors. to be held in 1923. or until duly
order qualified successors are elected and quail
Ic do fled. the board of directors shall be comn
going posed of the following: Frank I. Hayne.
orig. address. New Orleans. La.; R. H. Down
ity of man, address. New Orleans. La.; John
H. Bernhard. address. New Orleans. La.;
OR Paul F. Jahneke. address. New Orleans,
'ublic. La.: Hugh E. Vincent, address. New Or
leans. La.. provided that the board above
- named and any succeeding board may
rDUS- choose aditlonal directors within the to- I
tal numerical limit of the beard whenever
S such total limit shall have been filled by
S the directors. Of the foregoing directors
lou- John H. Bernhard shall be president:
New Frank B. Hayne, vice-president; Paul F
19th Jahneke, treasurer and Hugh E. Vincent.
year secretary.
adeed ARTICLE VIII-This charter or eact of
deuce incorporation may be changed, modified. t
one altered or amended by and with the con
me. sent of two-thirds of all the stock present
duly at any meeting, general or special, held
I for for that purpose; and such amendments
Jaa, may be material or immaterial subject
e of only to limitations as may be by law
tunto provided; and this corporat on shall have
eared the power to increase or decrease its capi
here- tal stock as hereinbefore set out, and any
hr increase in capital stock in excess bf the
amount named -herein as the amount to
this whch It may be iacreased may be made
by a three-fourths vote of all outstanding
and ARTICLE IX-Notice of any and all
is all meetings referred to in this charter or ao
r be- required by law, shall be give in the t
or manner provided for giving notice in ease s
a of elections, unless the sanib shall have
fo-been waived.
their ARTICLE X-In case of dissolution. I
liquidation or termination of this charter a
by limitation or otherwise, the affairs of a
trial the corporation shall be liquidated by one d
Inc or more liquidators elected by the stock- a
shall holders, who may provide the number of cl
and said liquidators, and vest them with I
4 of such power and authority as may be by o
un- law be permitted, fix the terms and con- a
or ditlons upon which they shall serve, and o1
con- their eompensmtlon, and provide that in p
and case of death or disability of any one of ci
and said liquidators, the remaining lquidators a
se may fill the vacan-y or continue to act on p
ir behalf of the corporation.
hy ARTICLE XI-No stockholder shall be
rp- liable or responsible for any cosats, con- ti
sisal tracts, debts or faults of the corporation. pr
d to ir of any of its officers, nor shall any t
pence ie informality in organization have the m
cre effect of rendering this charter null and
- void, or of exposing any stockholders to of
iies ay liability beyond the unpaid bala t
or d on the stock held by him. e
t of ARTICLE XII-The subscribers hereto gi
ap- have written opposite their names the a
,erm number of shares subscribed by each of co
mire, that this charter may serve as the sub
hlter scriptios lst of the corporation; all of he
r Thus doin an S ld
na th ione and passed at my office in
the t City of New Orleans, houisianu, on dr
S he and in the month and year hereina
er- irt above written, is the presence of J.at
Blanc Monroe sand Ralph J. Schwarz com- thi
car- patent witnesses, who have hereunto the
A sgned eir names with the said appearers w
eand me. notary, after reading of the hol
)ra- Witnesses: J. Blanc Monroe, Ralph J. the
pen Schwar.o
ur- Frank B. Hayne, 105 shares, Frank B. di.
es- Hayse. ,2 shares, New irleans, La. R.
MesH. Dowumas. "$7 shares, R. H. Downman
re 2 _ shares New Orleans, La.; Hugh .. me
--, Vincent, 23 sharea, Hugh B. Vinceat. 1.
Pate harea New Orleans. LA.; John H. Bev -
'ad hard. 250 shares. Now Orleans, La,; Paul
P. Jabacke, per Walter F. Ja!ke New pu
Orleans. La., 36 shares; Paul Jr. Jahncke, pal
per Waltoer F. Jahacke New
ine 17 shares. enL
es5 Reeorded M. 0. H. 1270. fol.o 8R2
end A true copy:
ar (Seal) WILLIAM J. WSTU, ligT
Nov. Id.-Doc. 21. Notary Public. •th
ad ag
allCE TE OF JUAN A U O " at
nc PFA&y, INC. Idee
aflt"d States of America, State of tho
r Luisiana, Parish 0of aat, City Of ewfi
:td Or 1maBe lt known thateathis sxthf
,a, ofte mouth of Noveme o In t ths oh
all year of our doe thLe d.nm ien t
enre an wet-to a nd e(ef the n A
tot" h eshundred and feet
to reme, John Marshall -
Sin land byi
ahv theesa, he. ecied alnb
and eerstt e¶
Jectm ard eer.
Srantares, anrs il 1ma
sy net to the action and call of the board of
actors; directors, in conformity with the existing
the of- provisions of law relating thereto.
any The parties hereto hereby subscribe for
4 any the number of shares of capital stock of
nay be the said corporation set opposite their re
* may spective signatures on the subscription
or ac- list attached hereto and made part here
either of,
dlnre'- ARTICLE V-All the corporate powers
shall of this company shall be vested in and the
abish, msnagelment and c'ontrol of its affairs
Il by- shall be exercised by a board of directors,
esary consisting of not less than three and not I
anage more than five stockholders, a majority of
If this whom shall constitute a quorum, for the I
with transaction of all business. The direc
Power tors shall be elected annually by the I
y and stockholders on the third Tuesday of
ion of January in each year. Each stockholder
illy to shall be entitled. In person or by proxy.
Ot for to a vote for every share owned by him.,
ess of and all elections shall be held under such
meet- rules and regulations as may be de
of the termined by the board of directors after i
1 duly fifteen (15) days' notice by mail of such I
qual- election shall have been sent to each
Cco01- stockholder at his last known address.
ayne All voting shall be by ballot. The di
Down- rectors thus elected shall continue In of
John flee for one year. or until their successors
La.; shall have been duly elected and qualified.
cleans, Any vacancy occurring on said board
w Or- shall be filled by the remaining directors
above for the unexpired term; the said board
may shall likewise elect the additional mem
e to- hers in case they should determine to in- t
'never ""ease the nunmber of said board; and all c
d by officers and employees shall hold office at
ectors the pleasure of the board.
l F The board of directors shall elect an- I
scent nually from thedr number a president, and
may elect one or more vice-prealdents:
they shall also elect a secretary and a
et of treasurer, which two latter offices may be a
illed. filled by one person, and which person or a
Con- persons need not be a stockholder of this °
eOcnt corporation.
ns The first board of directors shall consist
ibject of three (3) stockholders and shall be b
law cothposed of Juan Argote, whose post of- is
have flee address is No. 7529 St. Charles Ave- tl
nue, New Orleans, La.; Pascual R. Ban- aI
c any cbhe. whose post office address is No. 734 fi
f the Arlbella Street. New Orleans, La.. and ce
ft to Egidio 'loire. whose post office address at
made it No. 1205 North Broad Street, New Or- tc
dng les, I.. with the said Juan Argote, as :1
prcesdent: I'ascual R. Sanchez, as vice- 1o
president, and Egidlo Torr.e, as secretary as
I all and treasurer. The above named board t
,r or of directors sha'l hold office until the sh
the third Tuesday of January, 124, or until pm
case successors are elected and qualified.
have The board of djrectors is farther au
thorised to frame and adopt such by- b.
Iton. laws, rules and regulations as the affairs le
arfer and business of the company may require
rs of and it may deem necessary for the con- of
rone ducting and management thereof, provid- s
ock- ed the same does not conflict with this th
rr of charter and the laws of the state of de
with Louisiana and those of the United States mu
e by of America; to name and appoint masn
con- agers. fix their camleansation and terms
and of employmint. as well as name and ap- pa
t in point agents and employees as in Its die- th
e of cretion may seem it and proper, as well to
stors as to fix the salaries and terms of em- ti
t on ployment of the officers, employees, s
clerks and assistants. r
I be The board of directors may, at any e
con- time, issue any unsubscribed stock, upon the
tion. payment therefor, in accordance with law, 1V
any to such person or persons as the board lot
the may deem proper. tic
and No transfer of stock shall be binding m
a to en this corporation unless made upon its by
books by the surrender of the outstanding ad
certificate properly, endorsed by the re
reto gistered owner. or by bhi duly constituted tb
the agent, or legal representative, and n ac- d
a of cordanre with such rules and regulations D
so as the board of directors may prescribe. h
ub- APRTICLE VI-Notice of al l meetings fo
held for the election of directors, or for nam
any other purpose, shall be given writ- vol
oag by the secretary, and may be served
In personally or deposited In the mail ad- Th
on dressed fifteen (15) days before such to
Smeeting is held, and directed to each to
stockholder at his last known address, as bo
- the same shall appear on the books of r
Into the car oratlon, unless said notice is can
rer waived in writing by all of the stock- dir
the holders appearing upon the books At all net
meetings of stockholders a majority of ,
J. the votes cast hall be sufficint to elect fie
or decide all questions voted upon, ex-e
cept for the alteraton, amendment or the mal
B. daisolution of the ebrporation.
SARTICLE VII-This chartr may be sec
emodified changed or altered, or said r- mat
If pation may be dissolved with the assent the
of stockholders owning two-thirds of the its
entire capital stock at a gnera meet- l
Sla the stockholders coveaned for that bur
e, purpoe, after fifteen days' written no- n
tie shall have been i och stock- ties
holder. mailed to his last known ad- srI
dresm, and
ARTICLE VIII--In the event of the abl
lie. aton the stoekholdners shall elect two thel
I or dislutin of the crpeo
al qidatoa from amon their number, at K
I ater tenk dayst' written notice sent to each mom
I . stockholder by mall to his last known ad. pon
Sdretre said liquidatoes shall have the a-. Jui
o thorit to wid up the bde ae af the
t fairs of this corporation., In case of death r
ti of either of maid liquidators, the survivor of
the shall appoint a stockholder as successor voet
ins to him dire
I1- ARTICLE IX--No stockholder of this ýý
- corporation shall ever be held liable or ia
it, forondble fr the contracts or faults
s- tlreof in ay ftrther m thn th. e a- d-am
ll- pal ance due thes company on the cha
/ as_ ' s_ a  .sabacrihed for or owned
_- h,._ ,or shl ay _informality in or- lag
in- gan-nto hae th o -set · e n
ly this charter null or of l rrb ering
ily ~ · a paaufl, inL my S at m,
New Orleans, Pais of Or
t i rt 0 tofLoutisiaa, en the day U.
a- t in tha preen wau PUL ites W,
sald Miss Amelia ain, edaaeten wit Chat
appearors n u ntar y Chat
i-, a" reding of ewonLthe sa d ap- H, I
ipeasrs I-re/) nting to . to he a s tame
:e to this sat o inoporatio
icti tisrw what purpeta o e
to otrigna rrtpu l i eua
stec.kfeaMi cwpaia . LL
to iarI - a e ;ioTer
Arabolla Stree
d 13 o Ie rud itrs thi d rd
ges,ia frtsOrle
u, ing at of incorora te of Jani
Smy e in esk e
trd of served upon the preeldent of said corpora
fsting tion, or in camse of his absence upon the
vice-president or in the absence of both of
be for these officers upon the secretary of the
cek of corporation.
ir a ARTICLE III-The objects and pur
U poses for which this corporation are or
e ganlze4 and the nature of the business
to be carried on by it are hereby declared
owers to be to I:uy, sell or otherwise acqiure
id the and alienate. real estate and lands in the
fairs State of Louisiana. or elsewhere, to lease
ctors, and release said real estate and lands, to
d not mortgage and hypothecate the same, to
Ity of sub-dide same into building lots and to
r the build upon and otherwise improve same
direc- and to do a general real estate and land
the business, to exchange its entire capital
y of stock, or any part thereof for property
solder which it is authorized to acquire, or to
roxy. excaange its assets and business in whole
him, or in part for money or stocks or bonds.
such or obligations of other companies, and to
de do any and all such acts and things as
after may or shall be necessary and proper to
such I carry out said objects and purposes.
ress. ARTICLE IV-The capital stock of said
Sdi corporation is hereby fixed at thirty I
n of- thousand dollars, divided into or repre 1
asors rennted hv 3W0 shares of the par value of
Ited. $100.00 each. The whole of said stock.
board or any part thereof, may be issued or I
stors delivered to any person, firm or corpora
Board tion for the acquirement of the rights,
mem- privileges, franchises, property, servi- I
o in- tudes, or any part thereof, owned and a
d all controlled by such person or corporation,
re at ,lso in payment, settlement and adjust- I
ment of the costs, fees, charges, expenses
and commissions Incurred for services I
an rendered in the formation and organiza
and tion of this corporation, and in the sac
ents: quiring and bringing about the pucnase
d of the property, rirhts and franchises t
y be aforesaid, also for cash or in installments I
n or of such amounts :'s the board of direc- a
this tor may determine also for merchandise a
It(teived or for services actually rendered 11
nsist to this cos spany. The board of die ctorA c
I be hereinafter created is especially author- p
t of- Ized to dispose of the stock or any part p
Ave thereof for any and all of the purposes a
Ban above stated, as in its judgment may seenm i h
7 34 fair and proper. Before any eto- kholder c
and can sell the whole or any part of his c
tress stock same must be offered for ten days d
Or- to the other stockholders at its book h
as value as shown oy the books of the coma- p
rice- pany. In case soue of the shareholders p
tary are unwilling to purchase at this pri" p
eard te remaining stockhold,.- .r holde't
the Phul 1-ave the right to purchase their pro- a.
satl post a, . .
ARTICLE V-All powers of this or- d
an- poration shall be vested in and exercised
by- by a board of not more than five and not r
!air less than three directors, each of whom
sure shall hold in his own name on the books 01
eon- of the company at least one unpledged
vid- share of stock. The board shall elect from It
this their number a president, a vice-presi
of dent-. a secretary and a treasurer, and P
ates such other officers as they may think C
pan- proper or convenient for the carrylng on
r'ms of the company's business, sad shall have D'
ap- power to unite two or more offices, and r
di- the same to confer upon one perone or o
well t ao dispense with any office in its discre- i
em- tion, and to fix the salaries of all officers. m
ees ageats and employees. The board of di- s
rectors shall be elected annually on the ct
any second Moaday of October of each year. It
pon the first election to be held in the year ru
law, 1922. AU such elections shall be by hal- w
ard lot at the office of the corporation. No- ft
tice of annual meetings, as well as special it
ng meetings of stockholders, shalL be given o
its by written notice mailed fifteen days' In th
ng advance of the date of such meeting to a
each stockholder appearing as such on it
ted the books of the company at hit last th
ac- designated address, or t the General co
ons Delivery, New Orleans, Louisiana, if he St
,be. has not designated an address. Each to
shareholder shall be entitled to one vote St
ss for each share of stock standing in his ah
for name on the books of the company. said of
itvote to be cast person or by proy, ander
a majority of the votes cast shall elect. be
ad The board of directors rhail have power e0
Ich to fill all vacancies which may occur, or Po
inch any manner arise or be created, by the tie
Sboard of directors, even though no quorum al
of remain at the time suec vacancy or va- un
5 cancies are to be filled. Failure to elect thi
ek- directors on the day above specified shall o
all not dissolve the corporation, but the di- As
of retors then in ffice shall remain in of th
t flee until their successors are elected. Tie th
x- board of directors shall have power to
the make and establish, as well as alter and
amend all by-laws, rules and regulations col
be necessary and proper for the support and
at- management of the affair sad business of lo
tnt the corporation and not incoasistent with leg
be Its charter. The board shall have power.
et- without referring to the stockholders to of
at borrow money, execute mortgages, issue or.
to- notes, nkdge, bonds or other obliga- o
k- tions, in such amounte and on such terms of
d- as In their judgment may be advantageous. J
and generally to' do all things reason- pon
he ably necesary for the proper carrying for
o of the blaes of the corporation, and to
o thy arspeca y authorised to deliver clai
at fall paid han of stock and bonds. or sell
me other obligatione, to the company i pary- and
ch met of property acquired by aid or- ace
d_ poration at suph fair valuation a in their kin
a- judgment may be proper. A majority of she
it. the t deo ters shall atate a quorum lshe
for the transaction of business. The board n
Sof directors shall have the power by a oth
or vote of noet less than two-thirds of all of
directors to sell all or any part of the ve
isproperty movable and immovable be- in
longng to the corporation or to receive
In ecnhange therefor mosey or stocks or
moeds or other obligations of another In- pep
*dvidual, firm or corporsaon or nyt
holder without wreor to h h tare-l
east the vone db _M_ abseat direetor, ac
e at to jenera or specilwritten In
Until the amnaal meeatig of 313 the tras
t. boar4 t directors shall conlet e J'ohn a
.Charles Ave., Now Orleans, La.; Aliee D. "
Syoes, * poet -Rse address *-s Ut. 0Do
, Charles Ave., Now Orleas, LE.: Theodre eal
SH. Lyeas, poet *feeo address, U Loels- ald
SIss Ave., New Orleans La.; and I L. do ,
j.Lyons Jr.,o ofice addres, d Plstt
St. e , a. Of the foernglM
) onlu U W. PhBipe shall be pI ardent t. I
sj The0ooo H. Lyons, v -prMedet, and effd
L L. Lyons. Jr., sentary-treasrer. et
AtTICLU VI-This aet of ineorporation A
may be cheaned, modiefed or amended, or
L this ereoraties may be 4isolved In the the
- nner rrovided b law. Ibya vete e wo- five
rthlr f tae eu utatading eapital epi
stok present or represented at a gee- maS
eral meeting of the eteekoltders son- of
Svemd for seh ppoe, after previo - dolls
Sties h been in the maer abve
SP* th a Ms aask absM bsmut al Iaotl
* _ided thee ¶,e the annuae l o me te
ot' h rer n may be i eea orAof
be dmeis eme by mltto, ore for ol
pes mest a ting eteeer eeu
vend fr the pe of Uudai and
remain is of sadl mph
shall s hve, bnf se
v oream4 mievees
~~u~lr rr ind'a
di.·rl· rl W
tlY ba
'n the METAL WORKS, tIC.
f the United States of America, State of
Louisiana, Parish of Orleans, (Ity
pr- of New Orleans. Be it known,
e or- That on this the 19th day of the
sines month of October, in the year of our
lared Lord, one thousand, nine hundred and
qture twenty-two, and of the Independence of
a the the United States of America, the one
lease hundred and forty-seventh, before me.
is, to Eugene I). Saunders, a notary public,
e, to duly commissioned and qualified. within
ad to and for the Parish of Orleans. State of
same Louisiana. therein residing, and in the
land presence of the witnesses hereinafter
spital named and undersigned, personally
perty came and appeared the several persons
r to, whose names are hereunto subscribed.
whole who severally declared that, availing
onds. themselves of the benefits and provis
Id to lons of the Constitution of the State,
Saof Louisiana, and of the laws of said
or to State relative to the organization of
corporations, and particularly of the
provisions of Act No. 267 of the General
said Assembly of the State of Louisiana for
hirty the year 1914, and the amendments
epre thereto, they have contracted and
se of agreed and united to form, and do by,
Itock. these presents, contract and agree and
d or hind and obligate themselves to form. I
pora organize and constitute themselves, asn
ghts. well as all such other persons who may
ervi- hereafter join or become associated
and with them or their successors, into a!
itlon. stock corporation and body politic in
just- law. for the objects and purposes and
cases under the conditions, covenants, stipu
vices lation and agreements of the articles
nlza- following, to-wit:
nhare ARTICEE L.-The name and title of
hires this corporation shall be GUEST &
Irec- and under and by said name. unless
idile sooner dissolved in accordance with
ered law and this charter, it shall exist and a
'torA continue, and shall have and enjoy cor- c
her- porate existence and succession for ac
part period of ninety-nine (19) years from I
oses and after the date of this act. It may
eenI have. hold, receive, borrow, loan. ex
Ilder change, acquire by grant, gift or pur- c
his chase, devise or bequest, sell, alienate. r,
days dispose of. convey, lease, pledge, pawn. o
ook I hypothecate, encumber or mortgage t
omn- property of any kind, whether real. f
drs personal or mixed, corporeal or incor- s
'ri"' poreal. movable or immovable. all sub- h
ie' ject to such limitations as may be pre- t,
pro- scribed by law. It may make, issue and t,
endorse bonds or notes and other evi- p
cor- dences of debt. It may accept mort
ied gages, pledges or other forms of secu
not rity for money loaned or other debts.
hem It may contract, sue and be sued, plead
mks or be impleaded by its corporate name
Iged in any court of competent jurisdlction. a
rem It may make, adopt and use a corporate
.si- seal and alter or break the same at!
and pleasure. It may hold stock in other di
link corporations, and its capital stock may
oi be issued for capital stock of other cor
are Doratlons. It may name. appoint and
and employ such managers, directors.
or officers, agents and other employes as
ire- its Interests, business and convenience gl
ers, may require, and may fix their compen- le
di- sation, having due regard to the nature. C
the character and value of their services. A
ear. It may ;make and establish by-laws. M
earules and regulations not Inconsistent di
bal- witn this charter or any existing law. 12
No- fixing or altering the management of 2
rlal its prgperty, the regulation and govern
yen ment of its affairs, and the manner of
in the certification or registration of its
to stock. It may wind up and dissolve -
on Itself, or be wound up and dissolved in A;
last the manner prescribed by law. It may
.ral conduct business in this state, other
he States, the Federal Districts, the Terri
ach tories and possessions of the United Le
ote States, and any foreign country. It th
his shall have the power to invest Its Board tel
aid of directors with all its corporate pew- an
and ers, subject to such restrictions as may of
rct. be named in this charter. And It gen- of
per erally shall have and possess all the 1
or powers, rights, privileges and immuni- 's
the ties which corporations are and may here. a
om after be authorised to have and osses of
ra- under the Constitution and the laws of P
prt this State. and particularly under Act wi
all No. 287 of the Acts of the Generalt a
dl- Assembly of the State of Louisiana for
of the year 1914, and the amendments
,le thereto. a
to a
nd ARTICLE 11.-The domicile of this is
corporation shall be the City of New lee
ad Orleans. Parish of Orleans, State of DM
of Louisiana. and all citations or other He
th legal process shall be served upon the
rPresident of this corporation, or, in case e
to of his absence, upon the VicePresident, lea
or. In the absence of both of thes act
officers. upon the SecretaryoTreasurer of
as of this corporatimloe ch
t ARTICLE III.--The objects and pur- b
.n- poses for which this oeation is
aw formed and the nature of te business
d to be carried on by it are hereby do
er clared to be: To manufacture, buy.
or sell. Import. export, and generally trade
y- and deal in or with. either for Its own
r- account or as agents of others, all
dr kinds of architectural and ornamental
Ssheet metal. fronts. coranices, gutter
la ags, celings, windows, sky-lights, and
rd generally all portions of buildings or
Sother articles made of metal; all kinds
mU of apparatus for heating, cooking or the
he ventilating. and all appurtenancusetdy
- in connection therewith: all ad ay
o kind of roofing materials and supplies
o ther of wood. tile, slate, metal.
Spaper, bestos or. other materal, and
my to lay,. ert, constct repair ay or
all oI the regoig arties or this: tt
Sand generally to carry oa any brsaes
*r which ander the law it may be entitled _
Sto carry on which may seem to the *
'y oryoraatl*a to be ealculated, diretly or i
Sdlrctl to eitect the aforesaid oh b
' jects and purpos or eithe of them, 5
or to fauilitate the corporation in the
me transaetion of any other lawtal husi
I nes thau t might be calcalated, diretly p
It or lnadrectly, to enha e the value eo a
p. o to reader profitable say of the cor- c
L.poratim pr'opety sad rights; sadIs.
o Iorally to held sad eori all sash ia
l. do and aterfm all thiads ad toe me
,!set forth, or ua be needful, neoe-do
Seffectingsu oebjets ande puarpoaes, 1
either of thmI, d
, ABRTICE IY-.--T[e authrIsIdI said
Stal stal e o thi oppoatia th een
five thoaIa-l ItWOW) dolars which r.
l capital _tac may e icr d in the -s
ormafnaer 04 b law to the sm
oz I thosan ($10e5.) dl dsI
dollars, said
ITh pIesatiy authrised capita u
stockof thi corperatiora cosUls.
sIt shall be rar a ssiatted 
eithaer fr w la orek amiounal sareas Itas
I shall bfl na adnsa-se sse Oa Ia
r we Issued all be isue el fore hr
cave, er f.r sash tow.a.u Ti ..e a
times and in sa s mh mi his
I suc ellee u ma be oetaemirehd h J e
Ithe Beard r etors a nw d shadll el se
p Iere a poesyr. No ltras f id dhu
lhIapital 5Src r b bI apeasthis Ste
lle seoek ra eau ae sora nat bees
o rlldtem th s bok th-re the e e
oreois s etpoe s s
In and ar by a ar threae *m
in his own nam at leas ee har tof di
m re o fro ths eporaiem, id i 1
Dwteors hl be ole ean- satll
uI iiy et ithe t i leal a Y I t- e
I he 5 e sa ysar. writ 1s . caRs
eubor iena thre seesls ie e r te
the ssholeashareeasor f sal hell s
om o
__ - it sees sf01;;ks
oto am kl
'A 9
REET endmployge as It
and to mde
to alter and aswahliimt
te of and regulatloanU g
Citty for the conduct snad 1
nown, busines and ffa
I and thority to do cth I
Ih v futl
ice of ally Yec to sa all th
one on of th fobui the
uIh and to carry out tbe
vithin iedr folr whichis
te o anized, includi t
te money r necesa for
ress operty or iof ths
Dafer troh the ma
.nally dly authorid t er
sons execute and I
r yIbed. uother s andar thPr s
oi e ehe prsligationt oft
ailing suc'h term, as in its hi
wiitA RTIhLE VIt.
State power and authoit 1
nsaid liver ful paid ohare tM
r corporation forh oa S
r the property or co
nreal thiscrporationa ansCt
for es that meay occur in
to by stitute a quorum o r
and any busiflre anPd at ote
form, oard any directo
ab an the represente o by
may R b f
lt ARTICrLE Ve -,te
to a nual elect for da
c in under this charter
and qualified succyraw lar 1*
tpu- stalled. the Board of 1r.1.
rtcle corporat ll a ll
t uest. Andrerw ma m-s
e of hm iser O4ti
T & Cecl Guest as p&eyMR
IC. tha Vice-Pth sildi and'
pleia hnemere as SretayhI
and amended and the eyly im
cor- Corporoation omay beo l I
nr a cre sed intl
Ifrom rovided by lawo, m 
pur- corporation shall eve hr
ate. responble or the s)
awn, of this coorateao it
rase than the unpaid bles Y
real, for whiche hea--
acor- any mere inforsnali,1 *
mub- have the effect aof resd
pre- ter ntull or of - ez 
and to any ldablity of ther
evi- provided for.
athe o t er
te* Thus done gn 
re t. at the City oaf Ne
lead daye month and or r be
ame written, in the p la
la r and I. R. Slem. em
rate who hereunto sla i thr
t aid appearera, and s
ther due read then e
and e D
oas the ndeerd e B
he Acm i ad o t an h
pen- lean. State of Le
ure. certifyl that the oaeys
c At oi tIncoporetm
w. ayo Sheet seta e
tent day duly recorded i
17tD. folio m 77 1
of 1br, 1.t
STeeptemer li
ern- 'lou
its oct2t-novgg
e ther k et0 t
rri- United State of
ard teber ta the year l
on- of America the os
the mesveth, dlo a
ja-.m ain. a naotary pue,
. asern and qualrme1
a of Orlean State o
of Preseame ef the
Act witmneees, ler
,at Janie V. ati hrig
for esident and seetebu
a erporati .tle gad
ac wMor the hweeofh
his iasn. sciled -in th
Iew lea. icorpated a
of Dukate Compay, by gt
her Hebert,  otary he
the Septe e ,
e Mofrtgae OfIce fI
iat eans. Bageet
erof this c ty
Srecorded In the
PadW oft Ordeeme
bn faom tr h u al
Fi pl niii t a e e
w- 9
ad 'ýI'* O s
* attahe td
,j oafaeeofthe d eatb
Ir eold mae A e
or wlr dm 
he and tee mae fe
Seaemped mof
t hel date bat
A. tbm Levy.
rlIa rumr (
,& a-Oha
Eles~ Y
atr~, h

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