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astab e May 17, 1M5.
Iatessd at the Pastofles at New gtease as Seeed-Class Mal Matter.
Whka Paid in Advance
I Tear ............................................................................0
8 sMths .................................. ....................................... LW
S loath ...............................................................................
a . C. .y .... ..................... .............................. ..... ......
DL C. . RAT.......................................ditor and roprietor
Aidauss all com nalcations to DR. C. V. KRAT, Noe. 500 Verret 8reet, New Or
bas , L. Phesa Algiers N.
Obeerbes f Ilag to get THe SERALD regulalsy, will please notify the businsea
mae Re. 3 Veset Stree
Plase ed eemmanlcatinas for publication as early as possible, and not later than
All emamaleationt s, aneb as letters from the people and news notes *t balls, lawn
rte, dances and pesmeol meatleo, wll be inserted in THE HERALD free et charge.
es cammn atits will be reeelved sales signed by the sender. We do not publish
r namoe is eonmeetio with the communication unless you so state, but we must
span havlag your name as a guarantee ef good faith.
THB HERALD may be found at the t*oewing pleces:
THE HERALD (Algies Office), 00 Verret Street.
WALLACE NEWS STAND, Corner Canal and Roral Streets
IVOL. XXX NOVEMBER 16, "1922 No. 28
While the calamity howlers are enjoying themselves in other parts of i
the country, the South is making strides in seven-league boots, laying the
surface foundation for future development-good roads.
North Carolina has voted $75,000,000, Alabama $5,000,000.
South Carolina is trying to get through an expenditure of $50,000,000
for road work.
Florida tackled the job by counties. Hillsboro county voted $3,000,000.
Duval county voted $3,000,000, and now enterprising business men are
asking $5,000,000 to build roads and link up the county system.
Tennessee is voting on a $75,000,000 bond issue, and has spent $883,000 t
In the last few months. I
Georgia has increased its funds $780,000. Kentucky has contracts I
estimated at $900,000, Louisiana $932,000, and Mississippi $844,000. 1
Good roads spell prosperity in capital letters. The trivial amount of C
extra taxation involved is not worthy of consideration spread out as it c
always is over so many years. I
It would be well itf the town and village officials in every community b
were to get an inspiration from what sections are doing, and begin work
ot local road improvement. a
Certainly wisdom calls for local authorities to ask a half dozen of t
the most intelligent and interested citizens to act as d Planning Com- I
mission whose duty it shall be to study the local situation and to lay plans 2
and make recommendations' for road development. Once the people see 9
what improved streets will do for them and learn how they can be financed a
with slight burden they will get behind the movement. Every toot ot im- a
proved street is an insurance policy guaranteelng the increased value of '
farms, real estate and business.
There, little girl, don't cry,
They have lengthened your skirt, I know,
And the dimpled knees and the calves ope sees
Are things that you mustn't show.
But longer styles will soon pas by,
There, little girl, don't cry.
Cleanings From Algiers News And Happings During O
The Second Week In November 1904, When
This Paper Was A Husky Infant hi
Elsn that Herald rides, new ease as well as the faithtfl old-tmers.
will be lite sted a gIlmpse of Algiers events as recorded n this newspaper
eaetly aste years ago, whes The Herd was them only ten years emI. Ba
at that early age was britling with sh news chose b e b se editor
d publisher that Is serving o today. We trust our selections will prove U
interestIng to .
The Algiers 80cial Club gave a
soiree at Pythian Hall. The ladies
In charge were Meedames T. Ramsey,
Diw. Seymour, John Schroder, Br.,
John Porsler, Misses Odel Staleup,
Mamle Schroder and Alice Porter.
Miss Julia Watson resigned her
position with the Union Ferry Com
pany. Miss Bessie Nichols succeed
ed Miss Watson, and Miss Irma Blan
heard was appointed a collector at
the Canal street ferry house.
Fire partly destroyed the double
cottage tn Delaronde, near Seguin
street, owned by Peter Mied.
The Southern Pacile Company set
fered $1,009 loss when sparks from
an engine fell on a Sat car contain
gi lfty bales of cotton, causing it
to hbur.
An election bet was paid and it
ceased mach enjoyment to the many
who witnessed it. The loser, Mr.
ASm Oswald, a Home Ruler, had to
play horse and pall a phaetoa over
the prncipal streets of Algiers. The
drvei was Philp Oeraci, a Regular.
The phaeton was decorated with
lap and torchlights. A brass beand
was ih attendance. After the parade
a supper was served i Hints Hall.
Mr. Joseph Fisher, age 53 years,
died at his home, 1623 Opelousas ave
ue. after asn mum of aboat two
years. He was employed as engineer
ea the Southern PadiS road for
about twet-l years. He was ser
vived by his wl, who was Miss
Mary rights, and by two daughters,
Mes. Marry Casidry and Miss earbara
Ivy lat Ledge, Benevelet Knights
at Aivesa, iastafled ofleers at their
fintaer meetlag in Reacekys Ball.
SISAT wSt 3&uin *1~3 DIUU P.Y e.. pv.n. Gife a he
te _aa l ... ]=.".......... -ne....g e a ,, .tasal
b. ]L I . . et-f re , o * be ttl
searbum toto aujo _io Or o ab hrur y.
- a wuMsgu &ry otL an ll elsa vpa w h it a.
b r uTmlae-t ai lueso "m, the au
wtroageb thi s Yas m uliuet be grumy t
b Irr F. 0. a. No w . e oa
~·P) dhl mrDrOW1Iuoht~uingryu
OIQI Mbmms CI)11I1·itv~- Ii"r U
a ra cmwwc - ' IPi-ir
au*··. ·~~ ~ ·;r i·2
Mr. Jacob LfnE rsigned his posi
tion with the NeW Orleans Ire de
partment to accept a better one with
the Southern Pacific company.
The Epworth League met at the
home of Mrs. George W. Pollock in
Vallette street.
Misses M. and HI Langwlth, L. Mc
Neely, M. Wright, J. Barrett and B.
Vezsen attended a Grecian dance at
the home of Dr. Gabert.
Mrs. J. C. Mathewes returned fro-m
the oonvention of Women's Clubs.
Mr. Kenneth Anderson gave a din
noer to the Sixth Precinct Club. The
dinner was prepared by Mr. James
Conrad. Among those present were
George W. Foster, W. J. McCarthy,
J. Dyer, J. H. O'Doanell, S. Lorlo,
. Pajol, G. W. Bostick, Charles ar
rin.toa, L. NeaWt. and W. P. Heap.
Little Walter Nalsmith, while phlay
lig with matches, caused them to
gnitte and thus set Are to his clothes
and severely burn his arm. His sis
ter Adrieane, seeing her brother's
plight, tried to exttinguiseh the lames
and in so doing recelved severe burns
-a the hands.
Harold Toole, age 4 years, of 515
Olivier street, had his left arm
broken at the wrist when the gate
closed, catching his arm between tt
and the tfece.
On the Sixth A roll of honor at
McDoogh No. 4 were Keat Christy,
Frank Reagan, Joseph ahn, Albert
Gerrets, James Swan and Udwin Pet
tistove. Sixth B: Roland Forrest,
George Platt, James Brodtman, Ray
mond Rouaselot, Robert Platt. Forth
A: Herbert Quinn, Roy Schroder,
James McCluskey, Raymond Jen
nings, Joseph Rooey.
The Succession of David A. Mills
amounts to $8,220.52.
Mrs. Grace Busoni, widow of
David A. Mills as natural tutrix of
Mills minors.
Mrs. Allen M. Bellew Merrick to
Paul E. Chasez, $300, two lots, Alix,
Powder, Eliza and Bouny-Guste.
John White to Interstate Trust &
Banking Co., lot, Elmira, DeArmas,
Diana and Belleville-O'Connor.
Widow Salvadore Calderaro to An
gelo J. Longo, $7600, Bermuda, Se
guin, Eliza and Alix; lot, Sixth, Sev
entl, Laurel and Constance-Mari
Friday-All of are famly and also
ft myself was invited to a party witch
1e was give for the honor of a girl trend
to a neibor of ma's cussen's sistern
law. The girl witch the party was
give in honor of is going a way Sun
day nite to Study Hospitality in order
so she can be a trane nurse in sick
. ness and cronick disability and etc.
Saturday-Ant Emmy says) it is
wicked to take chances. Any 1 witch
0 takes a chance is gamboling she says.
Pa sed he was a natcheral borned
: gamboler it that is a Case and all
ways has ben. Why the 1st wt
It of his marryed Existents he tuk a
It chance on 1 of his wifes ples. I gess
he wood of tuk a greater chance it
y he wood of refuse to partook of same.
k Sunday-The preecher anst his
audience last Sunday to send in
f there idea as to witch was the most
.. Intresting and best feeture of the
~ Sunday morning service, sum fokes
e sed the quire singing,. sum sed the
g sermon and one % wit person rote
I and sed the most intresting feeture
t was the Benediction.
Gibbun's "Declino and Fall of the Re.
man Empire" Long Acknowledged
as Masterpiece.
The "Decline and Fall of the Roman
Empire" was written by Edward Gib
Sboon (1737-1794); t is universally as
knowledged to be one of the greatest
masterpieces of historical compoeition.
The first volume was published In 177t,
and had an Immediate saccess. The
second and third volumes appeared In
1781. and the anal publication of the
entire work in six volumes took place
In 1788. The author's uncompromislng
hostility to (brlstianlty, however, gave
great obase to mary readers, sad
was oecasion of several attacks )
gltvish divines. Allison, the historian,
declared the "Decline and Fall" to be
the greatet historeal work in exist
ence. Olbbon's proft from the sale of
his work was £6,000 ($80000 normal
exehange), that of his publisher, £88,.
40 ($806,000).
The author lays: "It was at Rome
an the fifteenth day oft October, 1764,
as I sat musing amidst the ruins of
the capitol, while the barefooted friars
were singing espers In the temple I
et Jupiter, that the Idea of writing the
decline and al of the city started to
my minad."
That Pesky Meequits
Imagination often works as an aty
oa mosquitoes in eausng slespiareness
In sameu. When the weary leepe
has tamed about the bed and eaeust
d4 b sit slapping at the wilged tr-.
mentor lepalls the sheet over hisbl head
and tries ag for slumber. The post
may have fed, but ia a moment the
busng sound Is heard Iaga
Halt unceuscous in sleep the vie t
tim holds his breath waitinl for the
meosqlto to alight. The b mssing seem
for ., but slowly gets nearer d ta
nearer. Neow fully awake he rees hid
am from the entanling sheet and
prepares to strike. St the bussing
seem at a distanc He es awake` O
every s e tem, determined to make
an end of his e when it sets sear
enough. d
Still the bussing es g The i a
tm sits p In bed the better to leeate a
its seeree. Thea all et a sudn t
eof a bell re Mthat he had be
itýbaun to the hum of a street ear.
Se turns over and walt for the real
mesquite' rturn .
|Heatel Remarkable Bird.
stnng, and weird uas the adult
haatdam eay bei they Jenag bg p
that amslly amasma. aer bat t aml
and tondgsr are armed with barp, ra
sreeted laws, better developed ata a
mere luparter, tey are entIrely a
ntaa. la eben directo a .
the Treii R b state la Bdrit- Ia
" uiss, has roms mer tan an e
e detist tm rmvel the semre t th
She n.L- He h fed tLhat ts
rea able mgee m ts ts wime a
cLaws a Itsaet ahsqtthe reugh oa
ae s naw h htiaseh ude a w w]
to help In dl about amms ae he
UBedt e anage ahgzy y ao
naked ldlng t i Undr war a
. i ,
a In* b h l a Gmi naio nms oEnm i , sw ndlsla.
oC ' YYWl ruau' oa MSa un In mahi mstl.
hrwlS9 ~fl
Rosario Talluto to Biagi o Caruso,
$4000, lot, Seguin, Eliza, Alix and
Real Estate Transfers.
Mrs. Leah Daniels et al. to Eureka
Homestead Society, lot, Peters, Oc
tavia, Freret and Robertson, $5800
Purchaser to Beauregard E. Ailing
ham, same property, $5,800 terms
Acceptance of Contracts
Jackson Homestead Association,
owners, from John Mineo, contractor,
property, Opelousas, Slidell, Nunez
and Teche--Legier.
Mrs. Louis A. Nelson, Suburban
Building and Loan Association, own
ers, from Theo. J. Lahasens, contrac
tor, property, Chestnut, Evelina, Eli
za and vallette-Loomis.
Monday-Ant Emmy sad she never
new munkeys cud tawk altho they
iso look intellengenter than lots of other
tch fokes. But at the pitcher show
'ad tonite where she and ma went she
era sed it showed on the screen where a
ras munkey sed to a cat You shall pay
un- for this insult. She sed Will wanders
der never seise. But she doubt if the
ck- cat understood.
c. Tuesday-Ma had a letter from her
is bro. out West and he had sent his
Lch dawter to a finishing skool & it had
ys. finished both she and her pa a
ide specially the ladder. He ast to borry
sll a 100 $s.
rk Wednesday-Pa went to a luncb
a en with a frend today and when he
,as cum home I ast him what was the
I- difrence between a lunchen and a
se. lunch and he replyed and sed Just
is about a $ and a quarter.
in Thursday-Ole man Hix is so
at stingy that when he get well last
he week frum being sick he woodent
es get out of bed till his medicine was
he all tuk, so he cud get his moneys
)te wirth.
ire Yours truly,
Hostelry on Long Island Sound a
Place of Entertainment for
Hundreds of Years.
One of the olde-et and most distin
guished hostelries In the United States
is the Canoe Place inn. between Shin
necock and Peconic hay, on Long Is
land sound. The charter of this fine.
old, rambling, red-brick structure was
signed by Queen Anne, but the inn was
doing a thriving business years pre
vious to this. An Interesting figure
is the venerable figurehead of the fri
gate Ohio, which, after an honorable
service, was displacel by the ironclad
and finally broken up ina the waters
which was the cove. One of the most
Smassve of existing figureheads, it was
carved in Greece and presented, with
much ceremony, to this government.
It shows Hercules In impressive pose
and was warranted by the Greek
donors to possess magic gifts. One of
the most valuable sets of registers to
be found in this country is to be exam
Sined in Can) Place Inn. Its famous
autographs begin in 1659 with the
mark of Wyandach, grand sachem of
the Montauks, and Include famous col
onial governors, Manhattan Dutch.
Swedish and English. for two hundred
years. The inn fell Into the hands of
the British authorities during the Rev.
olutionary war and provided for the
eAlcers under Lord Howe and Sir Hen
Sry Clinton-as close an approach to a
c dub as existed In those days in this
part of the world.
England' Flowers by Airplamne
Landon makes se of a great many
lower and the eeountry distrlcts can
lit keep p with the demands so.
that it is necessary to send to Europe
for blooms. Holland supplies a great
many fowers, and heretofore much
time was lost in their delivery, but
maw the Dutch florists are sendIng
their sowers daily to London by air
plane. The sowers are cut at night,
packed early in the morning and sent
by motor ar from the Boskoop flower
growing district to the Waalhaves air
drume, Sear Rotterdam. They arrive
at Croydon, Bgland, at 1"80 p. a.,
sad from there are dispatched by
motor car to the Leade florists. Boa.
koop lowers are thus t en sale sim
ltaneouuly the Loudon and Dutch
shops About 100 kilograms of now.
a Per day re to be transported this
Dryness Makes Land Healthful.
Obtaitnilng fresh water is a serious
gproblem a Carsa a Dutch West I
dian poMea., Water frm the few
rlns is caught t ciaern, but those
who are able Import their drinking
watur alet with their meat from the
South Amerlca mainlalnd, and Ie is t
kberht fm the United Stees The
dr of Its clmate is a b ea r to a
the MImd though, little les .aluable
thea Re matchless barbp. Damp -
-art Calleb a few muie awIar a
the mainlanid, is mae of the uahealth
let places, washed bytf Caribbenn c
•whle Desert Curacae is am of the h
halthet. Neither malarla nor the o
dreaded yeilow Jack." tihe twin
eerges of the trPlcs, has eve bse
abl to set a tghold tht,, says the
Ilatlomal bohvauphie Magine. p
Milwaukee Newspaper Condemns the
Vandalism Which Threatens
Beauty of Highways.
Here and there the natural beauty
a- of Wisconsin is in constant danger,
laments the Milwaukee Journal. In
ion particular trees growing along coun
try highways are frequently cut down
or at least disfigured. Billboards, for
nez example, line the roads and mar the
landscape and only recently a magnifi
cent maple tree that adorned a trunk
wn- highway, which extends westward
rfrom Milwaukee, was cut down In or
der that one of these blatant messages
of crass commercialism might attract
still more attention.
Billboards, however, are only one
of the things that mar the beauty of
the highways. An electric power com
pany Is planning to despoll or destroy
trees along a country roadside east
of Waukesha In order to extend a
power line. There are few of these
tree-lined roads in Wisconsin and their I
ver tate is of deep concern to the public.
ey We cannot pare anyof our beauty
her spots, any of the charm of our land
rw snape.
the It is indeed a hopeful sign to find
Sa that farmers along the road in ques
my tion are resisting the power company's
er purpose to substitute poles for oak,
te maple and hickory trees. It is slgnif
cant that the comp tay, In discussing
a suggestion made by the farmers
aer that it use an Insulated cable or erect
his poles higher than the trees, argues
lad that this course would be too expen
a sin
M- A graceafully arched gateway wahich
s ames an attractive vista beyond
a- should be in every garden. It beckons
a one to take the path that leads to
e, many pleasurable surprises beyond.
Prsense of Advantages Net Obtain
able Elsewhere Is Greateot Asset
for Any Community.
' A single heating plant, as in a great
t university, should burn all the coal
s without waste and supply heat to the
b houses as well as community bualldings,
L writes Charlotte Perkins Oilman In
e The Century. The company store is
k often a cruel imposition In industrial
[ towns; this one should be kept for
0 the purpose of establishing how cheap
lyI goods can be sulppled to the con
samer, with faitr wages to all con
It is probable that a purely agricul
torl neighborhood could not support
a well-applied village without some
loeal Industry to ocupy labor In the
winter and to add to. the Income of
the place. To establish this point
would be valuable.
It we show that such and such ad
Srantages are necessary to thrmal eiti
mesihp in order that children may
gow ap in full development; that
ach a sisead group and such a pro
portion of manufacture is essential to
Smaintain these advantages; thea ouar
women are going to select such towns
to livelI.
Wide Interset in Zoning.
Wide interest In zoning Is perhaps
thd outstanding feature in municipal
development in recent years. It is
now being realised that city building,
in relphet to use of structures, their
height and the area of the lot occ
pled, can no mor e be left a free-forll
acamble, with taindividual Interests a
the ole guide, than fire and police
protection or the question of a water
asupply can be looked after as each
rsildent sees t. Zoning soon will be
a Lmportant a factor In the compe
ttlto of cities a amare now publice
health ceaditions or the maintenance
a law and order, lFrming of sout
able saang Iglatiorn is ef primary
impotance ia meder eity develoe
Followed cote to eath
Near Kamleops, B~. C, the corotes
we troublng the stock of ar young
rancher. He purchased two Russian
woilbounds that soon helped to ex
terminate the eoyot& After killlzp
venral wolvea, a eurious Incident oe
ured which cst the dogs their lives.
While ia purmuit f a coyote the two
hounds chased the anlmal up a high -
rcky bluf and rather than be torn -
to pia the welf leaped over th I
dil severnl hundred feet. and ths
bounda blindly followed ,.n. after the
other to their own destru(llctilon.
Weakness Bring Cruelty.
Waknesj is the parent of panle sd
panice brings cruelty ia its train. So
Iong a the state was weak It was -
erauel; and the hideou treason lawsa t -
Tudor times wer due to fear. The
weak cannot afford to be tolerant any
mre than the pe ear a aerd to be
enerous. il thb the state celi
at aibrd to tolerate two forms a re -
Ika; today toleratts hndreds sad
It .leuhl at treams becams is
The Orator and the Place.
To every orator his own Inspiration,
though there have been some, like
Gladstone, who soared above all lm
itations. The Pitts spoke little out
side parliament; it Is doubtful wheth
er either would have been supreme
outside. It was not merely the sun,
but the sun bursting through the win
dows of the commons house that In
spired the younger Pitt's finest decla
mation. Lord Rosebery spoke best
outside parliament, because he re
quired a great canvas, space, air, his
tory, as opposed to parliamentary tra
dition: Peel spoke best In the hou,*t
because he was essentially a house of
commons nman.-Manchester Guardian.
Invest In them. Consider a tire as an
investment from which you will receive re
turns in the form of long wear and satls
factory service.
An investment in GOODYEAR TIRES
will yield maximum returns. The Good
year Company recently built Its 45,.00.
000th tire. They do not have to experi
ment on the public.
We are building a reputation on our
service and the quality of the products
we sell. It will pay you to consult us on
your auto supply problems.
Stoner's Service Station
At NPle.. and Ellirs Avesoes
Phemoe Algiers s».
Central Business College
Oppoite St. Charles Hstel.
Bookkeeplng. Shorthand. Compto
meter. Civil Service, Spanish, Sales
manship. Day and Night Sessions.
It is impossible to convey in words an adequate ides of ti
surpassing tonal quality of the Mason & Hamlin Piano.
We invite you to play and hear this extraordinary plam..
Wrn.o Co.
Oulliber Coffee Co., Inc.
For the
Christmas E
/ · 0. DORSET
711 Tec
712 TECH1 SMh
A.mounmmSo ims nwe of Hoel 0N . -
N 414 0000NAUx PS.
^ Fm IsaeCase Minded g*****u*hI
MRS. E. L. O
Complete Doll Outfi0 a .
Novelties M
Ihllts of E :v e1 ie r
fi s. ado YAl. rT 14
Liberty Houesta
Authorized capital
Surplus June 30, 1922. . S.tt
Suirjluhs to date .......... . l..('??
Full paid stock. $25.00 Per
I~unning shares, $1.00 up.
Hiave never paid less ta
lend per annum. 0h.
Louis I. Usbos I
New Office
N. J. NOLAN, ,mr
Insurance Depti
Phone Algiers 17J

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