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The herald. [volume] (New Orleans, La.) 1905-1953, November 16, 1922, Magazine, Image 9

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Wizard Unveils Model of His First Plant
i r
Mu. Thomas Alva Edison in front of the model of the first Edison factory, just after the great i_
aueliled it, at the historical exhibition in the New York electrical show at Grand Central palace.
Asked Slice of Africa for New 'Republic
S.takes at G~eev. ows the Negro delegation which attended the aussembly of the League of
ah a Grrmr gnma G olo~ m Anita e set adlde f the founding of a nw native African repubhe.
.Wi` UlWm M in3. " le htg ItRS
- a -aa eb a
!M anness 0Il t sows to be is 1% a twela
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' {r' -.` ay., 'ýý ' "1'' r M\. ý '
Sx years ago Josephine Kryl, the
Ilghtee and a well-known viollist.
premiss her ather. Bohuamir Kry,
world famous muuldan, that she
would retrain from matrimony antil
her thirtieth birthday. The other day
Papa Kryl wa raalng, the reason be
lag that be was In reeelpt of a meeo
sea from Josephine ,lnformnlg him
that he could k,p hi' 100000 and
sirned 'Mrs Paul Taylor White.'
Paul is a wel-mown Boston composes
-'r a c INo ,rAn
.a 1 Iats s ma e a . me u in
jeemise; ha wenr hs
iwarýy at a r, sa les sri.
M bgin leuOr,
ear be two thet
"They lived In British East Africa."
commented Daddy. "and they were
known as the Hippopotamus family."
"Oh, g'oodie," said Nancy, "we
haven't heard a story about a hippo
for ever so long."
"That's right, Daddy, we haven't,"
said Nick.
"Well, you see, I thought it was
about time for one."
"Tell us lots about them." said
"Yes, lots," said Nick.
"During the day," Daddy said. "they
would wander off into the fields and
grasses and swamp i:ind. Their home
was in a big lake, and there was quite
a colony of them living there.
"Toward the time when Mir. Sun was
going to bed these great animals would
come to the shore of the lake and
would begin their grazing in the fields.
Sometimes they would make friends
with the cattle.
"But they always liked to graze at
this time of the day, for they loved the
moonlight, and the fields, and rivers,
and trees at night.
"They liked to splash in the water
more at other times.
'"They would not hurt anyone. No,
though Mr. Hippo Is such a huge ani
mal, he will hurt no. one unless they
have at some time tried to kill him.
"Then he feels the circumstances
are quite different.
"He is gentle for all his enormous
size, and though often he will open his
mouth wide, he will not bite.
"Sometimes people have watched a
keeper in a zoo putting his hands in
the mouth of a hlppo and have won
dered how he could do It.
"But the good old hippo would not
have harmed him, not for a moment.
"It anyone had tried to keep these
hippopotami from going into the lake
they would have objected, and then
they might have used their great
strength, but the hblppo is a fair ani
mal, and Is not a bully.
"He doesn't take advantage of his
ala, nor et hise strength.
"Be doesn't care to be killed sad
have the soap in his body used, as can
be done. No, he says be would rather
have people get their soap from others
than from him! He doesn't dell it ea
a counter, but if anyone gets soap
from him he has to be killed Arst
and the soap taken freo his great
"These creatures were fae looking,"
Daddy coatinued, "with enormous
"In tim Watr,"
mouths and bshort legs and whiskers
all over their bheads.
"Their whiskers are all over, as I've
said, but they're not very thlek ain say
"The hippopotaml each have a tall
apice, which looks like a rudder.
"And they have enormous feet.
They do not see why people want to
have small feet. Big teet are as easy
to walk upon, and they stamp about
the countryside makling huge tracks
wherever they go.
"Some people may not thlnak the
hippo is a beautiful almal. They
my think he Is ugly.
"They may not like him In the el
eun or the zoot,. and they may not care
to beer about him as he is when he is
"But I rather think that the hippe
and hib family are well iked.
"The' are beiuattlfu to me, too, as I
aid before.
"For there is a certain grandeur ia
their great size. and tbelr big bodies
and their splendid powere of splash
"It's a wraderaful sight to see the
hippo splashing I hn is tahk and to em
ay splashing In a lake weald be as
thrilitng a sight as there could b.
"But best of alk , old hippO is never
a buelly. He will always play Mlr.
~d the hippo wean't hurt a iperson,
a .ils idea i. that It' et any tha
to brt nsaeer
"oh, said Naeny, "I iee the old
~o enad bin amf r mase he everm,"
"I alw·ar ad lik tb wmr
eat," said Wi.
Clsmetamelai Ivwisae.
TIm spater at two keL agt 5
specterrl ae and sewe had a hard
quelma t sai nte ether day. The
b mr te ht a Ge en bt
s m 'ta Uh*lea t."
#Ms, when - aowbe
otheast ~ ~ YI seesna tae a
Beginning Friendship Statue in Brazil
gu3, im
• "
£ a C
$ -;" • - ...
.T .  .": :. ..
United States and Brazilian marines acting as a guard of honr at the laying of tile cornerstone of the Porto
gtese-Brazilllan "friendship statue" in Rio de Janeiro. At the right President Don Jose de Ahtueida of Portugal
is seen performing his part in the ceremony.
Where American Reds Are Living in Russia
..... , . •.,
....... ,...: ,.
I y: i `..'; 2":. ; .- ,
a c.. e
,, ý ... " ^ .:.:.. : ::':. . ......
Thi pbotograpb, taken onl last moath by th W. IC. Ztregfd espettes abows sime of the Uivin quarter a
th Aeicnraiase oisdatKerroe Rna.Noeth ea itlegrd.Infos o ac oa.
say Bell a Wyoman, riding his h
verits St-thrower '"BpIptle" to a
white bster. ,ay Is notesd a the
winner of the Cheqane rodeo, and Is
entered In the great western rodeo
to be held In Madison Square garden,
New York, early In Novrmber. He
will take "pieptle" alam&
Every autumn,a a some mlkoew
mannr, a call is t far sad wlde
ver the comtry to the aumerabls
opw tres. The call is answered,
and the tribes gather at WmIderland
pmrt, B ume~ r for th* safsal c
ae.e and eaýInp Thew i
teneq seem"r sanesers are new
a Baltimere, rmucating sturies ·d
taMs at travel n id ventlre This
pg wenmM, mor tihe a hmdred
pears ., hans surem the amml
can oe -ay yen ever was
if mIt ! l , 1ii ( f
a. S tsee tai n l
o' Wagr __a
Yq sen am ac de
Forest in Oregon to Have Moose
Five baby moose, captured i tohe wilds of th Kenal peaDnaslto Ala ,
are to be used as the nauleus of a moose herd In the Deschates atlum
forest In Central Orelon. The moose have Just arrived I Portland, sad thbl
e was photographed after boe had landed.
Chicago Hotel Has Rooms for Dogs
At the fýalmmable Drape hotel. Chicago, i you happen to be a plate
cratle eale you erely step up to the clerk, yelp politely a4 set aselgmed
s ema eo the sventeen moses fer dogs oa the eleventh oor. It is evm peo
slmo ems ar a dos d rdmei Net to secure a room with bath.
- kg- us
-rrrr~ - -S - Wr
OGurt dmmsg is does t beet enm
by the coae at melt aml ltmects ton
the PFlphprbe
Mamgmmn the sanme peen ewe i
maus . Is sat t ms s a vwe
F 1 e stm oa npom a na

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