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I -
_,.,..., L B W 0 69i tpih lia i i ·I .  lh N "A. 1.el off""I .i. ýr -ývaO.'IaVooaN le n ooso.
From Algers News And Happing Daring
Purth Week I November 110, When
This Paper Was A Husky Infant
in p dIm As ...... ms v ..lw d Im abI 5WsW
- a _ U )t I with m__ wn ams b*y ia Mar *Miti o
Sys !1 years, was eheld
wh le at work at the
a .oul over d boar sl
a he toaeral took place
resedeeS, 60 Ope
es, aatoerta -a
M reaor oMax Hea
o, sema LDs ek the
o Mi the door.
a va~tw u Mr. at.
mss, was hep~ues at Mt.
hurc, Mrs. . P.
e. aT M el'a
. arl s oa at
Lhs OdUot year was
Dsiphim wtoste.
4Uhiamipte a ,,a.
er * Alsm Noval
wa- amemeos !s
ss r m.
.s. anr-it
-ai it owr
• " li
ithan I
as* ra rr
I owned by John Kleinkemper and oc
Seupiled by Rd Johmron, negro. Fire
I also damaged the ingle cottage 216
s Webster street, owned by Mrs. L
SGallagher and occupied by John Samp
n as a residence and butcher shop,
a The Hammer Club celebrated Thanks
Sgiving Dy at their Wigwam. A samp.
Stuous trkey dinner, prepared by
Mr. and Mrs. Praak B. Moore, was
arved. Mr. Geo. C. Palmer made the
I welcome address. Thobe present were:
Horn. H. N. Umbech, L A. Ward, Geo.
. C. Palmer, Martin Pfelder, Frank B
Moore, A. Baln, Fred Young, Hy.
Vogt . L ehl. Lee erase, Geo. Mas
pheres, J. Owens, T. J. Stinson and
Chas. Brodtmas.
SThe Rlverside Soial Club surprised
Mr. Edward Brown at his residece,
the es-les being the twenty-irst an
I alivereary his lirth.
SMe Mary Crowley etertained
at a dance and candy-pulling on
Thanlkavlns eveains.
SMr. John Peralt was burned about
the heas and thee whle trying to e
ttnall the fire which broke out at
I his hde in Peeman Ave. An oil lamp
esepid causda the re. The rel
denee was owned by Mrs. Get. Loo*
r hes.
Thaakmgliag was celebrated at
Delvllso Behestl, the fiewingl pupils
taknla 'part in the program: Nelle
I Croe, JUliet Bain, Sadle Ve.
lna Pete, Irma Leo Preseb and ra.
the Gahe.
The eemittes I charoe et the dis
tdhbelp ot the Thanklgving oes
p4P o McDeasgh N. 4 hoom were:
R iebsn Bsa., John Oles,1 Jam.
dynedr, as. Kokemore, Wallace
Nebirt, Reb. Andersos. Matt aoret
Saieeoums ame umrn Kimer
,. , aftabuk
Misses d ansylam Haal
ia an Daisy Kramase ad Mrs.
SeA. a s, asted with the
s aant sla oie.s and enajr
bes istrumental ml easl musenicl
SelllssI I6 eb hIs were
t seat s .hlses eam where a
deenasd tws was sopm e
fy ntheo snme
'l~_ er, a .ss t
c t Riwas deas to pa* the young
at the - .eh to have them
Sm stly b.w kish wouml1
in l ereseer a sndaerest ls theo
|1s , .n t-n1 -e no tcl,
Sdn } ia us. Mhelal
- . g.r .e.. -
no th power sbthS was esre
Oe o a wwdr Vee1s pueies and
-seemea ber ths power eeld
M bSt salu - se materiel
enr e S elUIY hew tb*1
>rw>Ms a emu mst Ul the 1*:45
drosk SU Y assesss yervase and l
bi Mk It th ee The]
g t -ass a Ut u I
semHawm 'i- fm i 1
Wag es u Isr. : lI
ui tc fa wirnr u ufire
-s Ia
~yl ~n, Y*1
j Ijt
"The Kick-Off"
-- -
I -
AYCOCK- Wedaesday at 3
o'clock a. a., Hoary Aycock, em of
our best hoew railroad mea died
at his home In Lisa Street after an
ianees of several mouths.
Mr. Aycook was bera In Terreboas
. La., forty-eight years ago, but had
resided here for the pat tweaty-t
years. s Is sur ied by his wife
. who was MIs Cora Hmel and by
three daughters Miss HaUes, laye,
and Deais Ayeoek besMides other rel
l stives
I The fseral took pe Thursdary
' at t3: o'leck foee the funeral per
o lr olf d J. Moth, 81l Segua street,
I. due to tLhe aIl s d deesesed's daugh
ter, Mas Fare who is 3 with
typheld ever. Inte ment was In St.
I M~arlry Y,
Sr.,n tyears Md, dd t 5p. ., We
r esday. at the reImes at his sea,
r Dr. J. 2 Poieaek, dm Ovier Street.
- Peral servlces were held at
4 Dr. Pollock's resMeace at 4 p. a.,
I Thursday, and burial was it Me
. Demoghflle Cemetery.
1 He Is survived by his widow, three
ghters. Mrs. D. . D. K , Mrs. A.
L~ mith amnd Miss Agnes *relya Pol
loek, and two seas, Themas Poleock,
SJr., and Dr. J. I. ronoek.
SSOUILTHORP-On Thursday at
10:3 edoelk a. a., Sohn SBclthorp,
hasbad et OGeorgia Thompasn, died
e at the age of thirty-ala years. H
t was a ati e at Leaden, 2aIsad, but
I had resided hern for may year.. The
Sfuneral tooe pees Friday at 3 o'clock
Stfrom his late rmlease, Pasoltl
SAveus. Intermeat was to Metaidle
C meters
* The Librty Homestead Ass s
I wr rs, i I tn us i t  at
r is, tey are In their new homs at
'las Orvlar Sreet. wich has Just
I bees fied up sad stands as a rival
Stoday to arw esse is thw city et
i New Orleans. Mr L s aaer, the
Ssecretary, of fthe aseoetma, Is
t p et his new "laa, and he is
the the ful oepesatle of his
ae beardt b making the Liberty
one at hhe ' esbRi ekad asseeiw
i s ilre renses. The Liberty
I w,  -eea a has-
oeas toy setse a semsldg a
tls hbas n r membera es the Al.
rdeM se the river, w wll be
,L-seaIsI t eo w that their assesel
dts beas be pa re afen.
,as a .D.Rebola, Pesiem0:
Jheb 5. &arUatrs. YiaS-Wre ee
Le laer! Seamefrs; D Claberms
Popa er et 30
gt - m githe
wak '
4~. .
Bora to Mr. and Mrs. mmett E.
Brows (me Themes Platt) of 217
Verret Street-- grl, Muriel Mae.
Bora to Mr. sau Mrs. Chas Gurs
(see WInem Hotard) at the olme of
Mrs. 3. rotard. 41 DIsaa Street-s
K C. !Tld Day at Goo,. Am use
met Pat Sumady. was a grQwt so
ese. More then oAo thousmad ema
thsasto baseball sad too ras
turmed out fsr the occason a e
-.ea tw good games. The event
was staged auder the auspsies of
Santa Marila Council. Kaights of
Columbus of Algiers.
The baseball game betwees the
Algiers sad oretal anies resulted
In a 2 to 1 victory for the former.
The football game edied In a draw,
Aeither eleve being able to seors,
although both sides fought hard and
each tried their utmost to set an edge
on their oppomeats.
The islacdg of sat poison Is ear
district begai Tuesday at mae and
with on weather It wE be eelumh
Friday might.
Mr. HeBns emphasised the p.ot
that distributle at this time should
pron of meet Immediate emtitvssssj
an to the ltaeatlms mid ad warm
days wha the movemets of the sat
are sueh that he -mes eat of s
esst fir fed whm the  ,
s imveable sad thea MYwueas
agais for the cot w ell. the poes
wlch he eats espiesly after a pered
a hlberat hom haviag th, regtest ft
Hest whea the sat agata b bsem
=ht *U be "Blmeets" agati, after
fim tie athe ety's pnise
irsw wE o heads s atesom ofr the
t mW y se amest meatbn, se
Odsaao asne we apear
sa bes ualem torth art
o a smr memths. ,
Corporal Peusy L5. Imh, a Umanei
"uinme stattern at Algiein,
who stathd 1-e bath ear a sk
r.s.emeda sems wil as do.
mulems at wgalsh
aesbs whem hoe msew ed Alve.
sesh abhat tw Van womes he
wy ` emeti w os ma- Wari.
Ts wem wan sue meo iea
ten e1 hao bbS II em
}sag r e a- g : e ha
.-lbliY1r a 13si Lbwr a
V ii - U
Persoeal Mentiea
And Genieral News
s-oM lM 00- - --1 M
Mrs. A. I. Hotard entertained the
Matrons Club. The successful players
were Mrs. O. Aycock, Mrs. 0. Oerrets
and 'Mrs. B. Nelson. Mrs. J. A. Gar
land received the ceusolation. The
next meeting will be at the home of
Mrs. C. V. Kraft.
Miss Lucille kWeler from Baltime,
Maryland, Is down eor the KXmas oUl
days and spent a few days with Misses
Lillian sad Ver Heldman at their
resideace, 121 Lavergo e Street. A
theatre party sad supper dance was
gives lr her honor at the Oriestal.
Mrs. aNle W trt omrastu et
drem have returnedr after pemI
awhile with Capt. Geldert la MWe
and Pessacol, Ia.
Mrs. Bruce Barrett lefit for Moble,
Ala., to Isos her husbead who has
accepted a positle there.
Mr. Joe Lawrence haspetured trom
a trip to Germa.
Capt. Maurice W. OGidert sailed on
the 8. 8. Clavarac for Leudom.
8ts. Joha Chapter No. 35 Order
Eastern Star held their mmosal
service Moaday eveal.
The many riends of little Ethel
Juno will regre to learn of her
Mrs. John OGy Wilson was the
g oet of Mrs. . . Teat last week.
The Seguals Soll sad Carmival
Club will give a dance at the Ave.
aue Academy on Saturday. Dec. I.
oev. C. C. W1er has returmed from
Shreveort, where he attended the
asamal coiaereme of Methodist mis
Mr. an Mrs. T. 01ib anmnce
the esgasemset of their daughter
almisl to Mr. Thomas a. Ieselm at
IS. Japes , La., the weddla to take
dlae, Dec. 11.
Mr. and Mrs. Arms Powell of Mobile
have returned to their home after
sp--eding their hemymeea here, the
guests of Mr. sl Mrs. C. L. Stumspt
Ill Deisremde street.
(Osfimstue em 90 L)
The Io. S ey L. Va8 wil be
the special speeer at the service
St. Joebs' lseopal Chureh, Third
and Ansunelateon strets, on Thae.
giving at 8 p. a. 'lTO Rev. Mr. Van
torerry was priest t St. Jeoh's
Churob and new is I charge of the
werk at the lie Church of the An
Aa- aia saad amp streets.
Mrs. aI. Test was hostess slday
at a very yreMy lunmeeea at the
Orlal ater Mrs Teat r og her
were o the amatisse perfpmase
at the OrpsUN em
.The am hem table was prettUy
dieseatl withi a elaster o R adist
Amens Mrs. Yet's guests wr Dr
and osr. alhasT Pewagm of
Mr?.A Mrs. Ja W all W&
* Mr. Lazu Block, of the Department i
of Attendance came to visit us and I
also to Introduce our new Attendance 1
Officer, Mr. Paul Schwartz, who was
welcomed by the principal and fac
ulty and shown through the school.
Mlssu Nan Griffith, Supervisor of i
Physical Instruction spent the day
with us last Wednesday. She visited
all the departments and found ex* I
cellent work going on everywhere. I
About two hundred pupils from our
school visited the library during "Book
Week." They were accompanied by
the teacher of their respective grades.
They were all very much interested
and returned to school pledging them
selves as going to be greater readers
than ever before.
Last Friday afternoon our penny
party took place; it was very liber
ally patronlsed by both pupils and I
The last period on Wednesday aft
ernoon was given over to a "Thanks
giving Program" in each room. Many
appropriate selections were recited,
compositions read and songs sung.
Our school is beginnalng to take on I
a holiday appearance. It will be but
a very short time now, when "Santa
Claus" will make us his annual visit.
The little children always look for
ward to this visit with a great deal
of pleasure.
The pupils, who are members of the
basket ball team, extend t. thetr
coach, Mr. L Davis, their sincerest
sympathy In the serious illness of his
The following pupils were perfect
in the weekly tests of Spelling and
rapid Arithmetic:
Eighth Orade A-Joseph Costello,
Arthur Hotard.
Eighth Grade B-Joseph Breltling,
Elizabeth Costello.
Seventh Grade A-Essie Clement.
Arthemine Umback, George Tlerney.
Sixth Grade A-William Hynes,
Labrot Simmons, Tilltford Kulp, Ethel
Sixth Grade B-Thelma Arsago,
Lydia Campbell, Adolph Hotard,
SJoseph Boers.
Fifth Grade A-Floyd GuUllot, La
ens senard, Clayton Bandeau, Frank
r Arsago, Aaroa Mdgecombe, Novs
L tf 1 Bleber, John Tleraey, Dxite
Fifth Grade B-Henaretta Smith,
l arletts Tosmger" ' Mm wurti,
I Ewar Paul, Flirts Cores, John
SHammod, Jekseon Mealsse, rdoth.
IMeOue, Lloyd Collette. Althes MNs
fet, Ceeil Dutrese, Odette Breaux,
" Mary Orry, iebe ssere Jeane Pflag,
Sag, John Caruso, Leele Collis, Mary
Fourth Grade A-Thelmsa Aase.
Murel GaOlghouses Alice Hyas,
Rae Boarg Alice D hes , Frank
Hlotard, Verer Lsesee.
r Fourth Grade --Lucille Breaux,
I John BreebteL lvera Smith.
Fourth Grade --Florence Eddy,
I Leolde Serpas. Aes Rgeors. Mlea
r Sutherland, Jeanne LaseMe, Amanda
I Third Grade A-Rodney Dubha.
SThird Grade B-Bertha Mae Collins,
1 Myrtis Asches, Jusanta Shores, Adam
Third Grade B-Henry Brand, Tom
I Bmeadean, Arthur Deaudues, Gertrude
I Flnasa. Looa May Hammond, As
o ase May MKntre, Wilbrt dgscombe,
Louise Pujol Melba Campbell, Calvin
I Artmigtt..
I ighth orade B-Marguerite asers,
Slose Cot, Joseph Brdll -mot
Cooper, liabeth Costeoe.
SSeventh Grade A-Ca Hartha,
I Geor Tierr, Thelma 8 erind.
Seveeath Grade iUls WaWt
.ner. Aaefle Chesanr.
Sibth Grade A-Marie Catti, TUl
- toat Kl, Auaust 'armerny.
Sit orade B--Adolph oetard.
lth Orade A-Molde Oullet, arold
a It, Loden enerd Aao duee.
eeomb. Rayrmeo Wattigsye Marle
Mam· so Georeg Tsere ernman
anesset.Ahrt emasPh.
Merietta GrIndmrers, Plvrls 0.
tr e, John Hammedl. Usdr Cette,
me mese r. Le W .attie Mary
Caruso. Iwar hPau, Jaele Me.a
la e Wt Ke0uhe, Odette
mnumx. Ceeue DRnum, Jeemne Pa.
e. Aegmut Cante, John Cauo, Le,
e o re US.eber,
M de wet ond e n--err a e ae,.
F lurth rade --Amade ebert,
ely Marea, Witer Prl, lan
Phale. hbel MDert, Mk S
lwt, imee IetrM 3as.
Slethesnd, emme L mee
SThid Grande A-Men Cm e
Louie Ple.M dmer mahr aewsn
A4dgen. Wilbut @aembe, Au.
G e May NMetue. ThusY hn.
Whabe emm e...
'sw:e assesseless age a
eases asI mtr ee a
'assesora Yasese
week. On Monday,. Mr. S. Hynes,
the assistant superintendent, visited
all the grammar grades and ex
pressed himself as highly pleased
with the work observed.
The school was assembled in the
basement at 10:30 Thursday to listen
to Mr. S. Lindsay, school bank man
ager, who gave a splendid talk on
"Thrift." Mr. Lindsay is an able
speaker and gained the close atten
tion of the boys by the clever stories
he told to drive home the necessity
of forming the habit of systematic
saving during school life.
Clyde Hargis of Eighth B Grade
was complimented for his perfect
management of the school bank.
The attendance officer was another
visitor who endeavored to impress
the boys with the need of being both
punctual and sngular in attendance.
During the week another latelll
gence test was given by Miss aunne
to the Seventh and Eighth grades.
Miss B. Links was transferred to
McDonogh No. 3 and Mrs. M. E.
Fortier assigned to fill the vacancy.
Faculty and pupils extended a
hearty welcome to Mrs. Portler, who
had been on leave of abaence since
On Wednesday, November ). the
children are asked to bring Thanks
giving donations for the poor. We
hope they will respond as well this
year as they have in the past.
Those taking part in the Thanks
giving program on Wednesday. Novem
ber 29 are:
"A Child's Thanksgiving,"-- oe
"Thanksgiving,"-Lena Brno.
"Thanksgiving at The FParm,"-
"A Good Time,"-Edwlna Schmid.
"Thanksgiving Day,"-Thelma Har
"Who Made Thanksgiving,"-Sandy
'Thanksgiving." - Edmund Jeanso
no, Bernard Anderson, Rath Marel
ante. Muriel HalL
"Thakesglvng."-B. P. Dlaggit.,
"8omething to be Thankful Por,"-
Predericka Gegnheimer.
"A Thanksgiving Table,"-Oradell
Diket, Mlda Beageol
"Thansgivinr."-Ous rauml Rap
mead Diket. Delia Heltmeler, Rmme
Gahns, Melvin Packard, Harle. Sep
Miss Silomma the -Sabsel -sead
nurse paid our school a viet this
week. She tested the bhliess eyes.
Don't forget the danes this Saturday.
December lad, at The Avenue. We
have a tine bead and hope the pub,
lie will help as to asak It a big
success. The ehildrens tickets are n0e.
and the adults 3c. They can be pa
chased from the school children or
members of the Parents Clb.
Perfect in 8petling for the Week:
!ad B--Catherine Sansri, John Mars.
Takle Hanna. Predericks Gegeshe
mer, Lather Dower.,
and A-Mary Day, Luran Maggle
Thomas Deanecke, dwad l
ehaua . p. Biaggal, s
Harvey, Eugene Posey.
rd B-lorence Wiagere., Ena
Arnold, Vhvien North, Clarence Nerth,
Thomau ears, George u a
Thomas Rper. James Wahl
3rd --Camae Pale, armine Ab
bot Antoinette Ortalsao. Whitery
La Garde.wl, ter Wright, muar
Ridge, Kermit Peurramu.
3rd A-Vera Cook, frods H.slaer,
lone Boyer. Altheas Vlsut,. Lars
Chavin. Walter Tedse., me
4th B-Athelyn Albreht, Jeesphine
Macalasm., Ursula J"s-nnes Semie
Goimer. JIeree HiMso, arae.es
ca ue.e loesee Wnat Piup
senseri. Joseph unsews Joseph au.
noPatrick Keair. iaese Dgues.
Those reeving 1 por oet ia
spelln Tet i Miss C. ,Mahens
room are: Samuel Mexeely, J. J .
Meoa., Matau Coe*, Malelm li.e,
Mild Boara: Jeunle BSb, D.
These reelvian t1 pw eat in
Arithmet Test i Miss C. rahea~.s
rm are: ClWrd Melntesak meI
DhatrOsanda asIet. ClFer MeemdL,
Mornene aeve Straler Der.
aellen is lHyiene Test in M
Grade are: Celibert Alene Ieea Al
forea rLa Ic Ahm Le lses 1
dhie Thelma Harris Alce* Lak
oathere Niehis, Ahy anth, Casio
em Wrl Weermaser.
Pupius r53 m aels makin a ps,.
tet seer. in the weekl Auishmets
Test e'e: lrgis Orateis Nin
These prhet i po i are: Rap.
mendhSremeste, wIsr D efes Poes
sekne isradne keunnsd Rasineld
SmIth,. is Le nse se e a eSr
Helen aen. Minm ea or, lueiso
mi mlary lao, vone lu ,
amitYe Deu T inaheth P sey, 3g
A mal Alse Seubmn, lAg

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