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---" T IlB HesA LD. Community.
bse W w*O th uphellem . tho uee wmo ae the River. "A very ve sW wreshalIe weekly aewsper." -MANrVArWmJanI RIc)RD.
the lisitors this week were thou
C. D.B ck, Supervisor of the one
pstrUfsnt, and Mrs. N. C. CU
. hsl Manager of the Lunch thing
t. They inspected the Thi
- d found everything in readi. *es
r bet lunch which will be far a
i the near future. Cross
Schlosser, inspector, and Xmai
Schwartz, attendance officer, Statl
 ehool this week.
usdaY Dr. de Reynor and garte
will be here to vaccinate after
and also to inspect the arms derfu
already vaccinated and candl
a received no certificate. with
gay the children will be the sugar
el the Item and will visit one they
Vatted Fruit Company's ships. hims
gol will hold its Christmas garte
on Friday, December 22 morn
%de. All parents are Invited take
d d we feel assured that large
will come, for the parents have musi
takes an interest In the school ment
glowing is the Christmas welc
which will be rendered by T,
tomorrow: Inver
Grade, "New Year's Eve,' child
Atel. dry
cgmas Secrets," Fifth Grade. earti
Lo to Know," Althea Moffet. Some
t oia Clans," Lloyd Collette stays
!B Christmas." Priscilla Lutz. ting
4dhtmas Letter," Fourth Grade beca
t Song," Fourth Grade. In a
Angels." Third Grade. In
jyli tion," Antionette Es. were
Tree," Leah Salings.
by for All," Lawson Forrest.
Smes Bells," Mineola Aschee. shoe
.. hled," Second Grade. shoe
iib r Have A Dog." Mervin scho
gmn," William Shores. To t
Bells," Lemuel San- tdrye
Helen Comeau. give'
Anna May Smith
W ,stms," L. J. Hebert. Tb
Music," First B and A. strel
urle Stocknlgi," Peter Co Elgh
Bulls," Class, Sixth Grade. had
Santa Claus. even
ars A-William Zeringue class
bade B-Elizabeth Costel- Pres
Amelia Serpas, lone it c
m Rogers. who
hftu A-Thelma Suther- play
lirt, George Tierney, an I
" *dark
lb llete hew Pres
a1 Illr aeb. Jo7hn Tagser pho
SIMJert, Minma BoDdreamx' w
A-Ethel Maroage. Le- Dab
5-Mike evola, Lydia w ed
A-Albert Gillespie, the
eyd Garllot, Llea,
SJeto Ptlragls,S
Aagust Cantin, Mary er]
Crane. Jakson Mola the
Oweas, Jemha H o
Geandmaser, Henrietta l
Milan, Lloyd Collette,
Odette Bresux, Cecile otU
Whm Hurtle Lawren His
Maxim Hebert, Le Wat- seati
L mere. Edward Pujol. to
Ma A-Rms DeM os. bo
S -Thelma Saborn, de
*~ade B-Flremse Eddy. A
swhards, Rhea Simoes, nd
a.sa ., ]Elen Sutherland, the
keulem, Victer Pries, Nimel
A--Siaey Bieber. An- her
Edward Tierey. this
Wlisam Whelas. lg
3-Adam Le-as, T
Detha Mae Colms. sers
eSla 3-l e Cos, Margue her
Ullheth Cesteils Ame- fmIe
Orads A-Thelma Suther.
*adS A-Gmrden Camuas waa
,William Hymes. Ale
Cadl Par, rEthe Nas- ad
Oati. the
B-Nera Hiagle Henry ope
oCmpbell, Lery
A-Charleela Weber,
shateem. Joha Them,
Aareon Edgenombe.
3-Resrietta Samith, 2
Herietta Gruad
limamemi, Jebsem Me
A-Muriel Galli a l
Ryss Marguerite Roea- O
De Destr, Ymernr *
Iah keen', A iil
b-Vieter Pries, t
DSl Gba, 1aggae
da m asesusee are
shuhn y ag ag
A3m ··I~
trimmings of holly and greens and
. thought of Xmas trees. For the little
0 ones in the secret corners-Santa
Claus' agents-are making wonderful
h things for these trees.
The pupils are sending across the
1. seas parcels for the little c<hildren
ie far away and near at hom,.. Red
Cross Juniors are preparing to bring
d Xmas joy to Hospital 84 at the Naval
r, Station.
It is rumored that in the kinder
id garten on the morning and in the
to afternoon of Dec. 22 that two won
is derful Xmas trees will bloom with
id candles, and golden mats will sparkle
with silver and gold, with toys and*
ie sugar plums. If the parents come
1e they will be able to see Santa Claus
S. himself in the morning. The kinder
is garten children will celebrate in the
T morning and the First Grade will
sd take charge In the afternoon. The
it large children enjoy themselves with
re music and plays in the west base
ol ment. To any or all of these exer
cises the parents and patrons are
LO welcome.
)y Two rainy days have tested the
inventiveness and resources of the
children. "How may I get the school 'wee
dry when the heavens deluge the -
e. earth?" It is a problem to solve.
Some could not solve it at all. They
e stayed at home. Some came, get- WiU
ting very wet. They were sent home
le because no child is allowed to stay
in school wet. Some were brought
in trucks and automobiles. They
were dry and got a day at school. WEWs
Some had umbrellas, rain coats and '*g
rubbers. They were also dry and
got a day at school. Some wore old
shoes and cloaks, bringing a change
in which they used when reaching the
school. They got a day at school. Aq
To the happy youngsters who solved past
,Itheir problems of getting to school aufts
dry on a rainy day, extras were
given was c
given. o'clocd
th Churc
McDONOGH No. 4 The
Those who did not attend the min- and
A. strel performance given by the friend
SEighth Grade B last Thursday even- At
ing missed a real treat. The boys strain
le had been looking forward to this by M
event and the results were very en- bridal
couraging. John Vinet was some petite
classy high brown vamp in "her" tailor
flesh-colored Georgette. but little matcl
el- Preston Delcasel wasn't slow when roses
ne it came to holding her hand. Now Mia
who would ever think of Alvin Reed groom
s' playing craps? But he did, for we was 1
y' an saw. him. Clyde Hargis. that tall sage
dark "nlggra ." who stood next to Th'
Presto, was an expert at the tele Ge- o
phone. He kept the wires hot for Dul
a while. Riehard Le Blane sang a Cann
little ditty entitled "We Feed thei AIt
Baby Garlic So We Can Find Him tted 1
, in the Dark." It sounded to us as imme
Sit t was "Mobile Town." Bennie home
Weiner and Harry Bodeager amused ville
the audience with their negro taly. Th,
and Beanae performed a jig to the know
tune of "Turkey in the Straw." While were
Faler Armitage was descrlbing some some
very important facts, someone rolled te
the "bones" and very soon Paler him to
d. self forgot what he had been talk
ta l about. I JUNI
The central figure on the stage
was a classy dude. Joseph Koenlig. Ju
so His regalia and his make-up pre caber
rat. sented quite a handsome gentleman lag
10. to the audience. Mr. Emmet Ms 2 p.
honey, assisted by Miss Averil. be d
m, deserve a great amount of credit for ents
the work performed. be p
dy A number of parents were present
, and Mrs. William Short, president of pr
a the Cooperative Club. gave a abort
lid talk to those assembled, stresing T
the tact that the parent owes it to man,
a. her boy to be as active member of from
ey, this club. The receipts of the even stree
an. msg were $5, end
SThere is a great amount o social Doc
a service sad civic pride belag die Tb
played by &e various elases. bald
The nurse and the doctor visited ws
ro the school and examined the throatsu
of the ehiMdren. As a result a num
ae. ber of childrMe were dismissed until
- further nstce. Meauday mories
word was seat that these children
ne could return to schuL. lo
Om Thursday nilght a lotto paty besr
s, wa u iver at sthoe e ofa Mrs. Inls -
s. Acker. The eyal was a flnasselal I
Sa- and socal scees. The reeipts of DC.
the evag were donted to the Co -
atopertive Clab*. Ura
The school is tll of the Christas ormat
bme spirit. The rooms are sl prtt lea
Sdecoratod and each pp i buslly TI
*  to asmakll of sgen hih
tice whtch speaks of tat Nat hol Can
Sday. A vry etereatlg peamgra i
. belag preperd. a
M The kldsergarte chldres were Mos
ivery happy tlhis week beth with the ari,
Christmas spirit and the lovely gflas Jo
gives by several gradss. Miss Ott's Pred
. clas mresd them with two pie- Pt
. tern bee se tehr readiS. Miss T
ar Ders elass alaso t a vey bean pret
,The 3 i thilde have nearly TI
Scomplete their gss ter the parnlg
and teachers. and wil sees start on san
es, tps rr the first Gade.
-The liest A ad Grades' Dres am
n aSere premse a st eedly sere(eg
pa, ln& They are mearly cmpletod ad a
irilthe E2hldre are aentI I estee. g
ien Chldrl n at the jeeud Grmd ' **g
Omie alu a peret tie -e thd re y
Ic wee are: Tans s r ehS inew
sey. 5. W. * M.es 'MUsi l. y
ea. redries, .Insher be the
.ss s w.eemMa 11L test
SThSM qi M e B a $
You've made yer mind up Jemmy, so them's th' left to
say, that I reckon would impress ye to do some other way... .
You never was a stubborn child, or one that don't behavse-but TroA te
Sea'e mighty sat, noticed, on the itle thi you crae.. . l A D ft is writne that the m
snd that the miners shall o to
THE ye everywresI wouldn't wnat to tie e to work agan, and that they shall
PARTING Yer mothe's pron strings for life, they say, is continue these backward and for.
w ed by the h in ring ward movements until they shall
.... When I think b them bin the fOfly of it all and
store, where the boss in't never satisfied, bt- ler wanti~ beginning must have so ens and
more-where there's slim respecks for purity, and everything's for that the sooner man shall avoid the
spells disaster and trouble the betg
There's often hidden torments in the prosperks that allure%, er for mankind, the miners in.
and a million tons of riff-raff in the tys social sewers.... eluded.
And the hell of human passion, in the high as well as lowe-I may And It is written that the ca .
be wrong about it, but,Ihate-to-see-yo--gol l talists shall persue pretty much the
be wrong abou reollctit, but,-I-hat en he the i same course of blind approach to
Ye mother'l recollect y, when sh s the eve the industrial problem; that they
prayers. Some people think a mother is the only one shall not seek a solution, but de
that cares. . . But we'll watch pend on temporary expedients until
the papers closer than we used ta, that od wthei not allow the
to do, ye know--and we'll won- crushing of humanity. but has des.
der-wonder-wonder, Child- ftined that man shall. improve.
-hate-to--see-ye--go ! themselves ncluded
Tlrhe ab~ve are two features that run in The lerald each wek. If you will read them each
week you will get a bit of insight to real humanity.
Weddings of New
Orleans Folks
at I
A quiet but pretty wedding of the den
past week was that of Miss Irma war
Elizabeth Tufts, daughter of Mrs. L.
Tufts, to Mr. Thomas Dupuis, which Rt1%
was celebrated Monday evening at 5
o'clock at Mount Olivet Episcopal
Church, Rev. N. Rightor officiating. T
The church was prettily decorated teal
and was filled with relatives and as
friends of the young couple. fou,
At the appointed hour, to the onl
s strains of the wedding march played sull
5 by Mrs. George L. Cunningham, the on
bridal party entered. The bride, a Gr
e petite blonde, looked charming in a Bai
tailored suit with hat and gloves to for
0 match. She wore a corsage of white to
n roses. tea
V Miss Ines Dupuis, a sister of the me
Sgtroom, was bridesmaid. Her dress
e was blue velvet and she wore a cor- I
II sage of pink roses.
0 The groom w.a Atteaded by Mr.
I George Hoffma.
SDuring the sialgning Mr. George L. De
SCunningham rendered "Ave Marla." pr
e I After the ceremony a reception lim. Th
n ited to the bridal party, relatives sad any
* immediate friends was held at the
e home of the bride's mother in Belle
d vile street. 1
r. The young couple are both well ho
ke nown and popular in our town. They pm
e were the recipients of maay hand- an
lo some and costly presents. They left Tb
d thsame evening for Drown's Wells wi
s- to apend their honeymoon. of
- eI
I. Junior Order of the Rose of Mac- M,
- cabees No. 5 will have a social meet- Ja
, lng on Saturday evening, Dec. !S, at an
- 2S p. m., at Pythian Hall. There will pr
I. be games for children and refresh- All
Seats will be served. Let an Juniors VE
be present and have a good time. Ht
it Go
rt - Be
M The body of an unidentified white Hi
to man, about 1 years old. was taken an
of from the river at the foot of Vallette
Sstreet, Tuesday afternioonm, by Ed
ond Fremout sad Edward Sanders,.
al Dock Board polleema .
a The man was sandy haired, sllghtly at
bald and wore a gray mustache. He ati
d was clad in a Mue suit. The body so
ti was taken to the morgue. re
a. th
m In compliance with instructions
isued by Mayor McShane, the mem
t bers of the New Orleans fre depart- w
Is meet will receive their checks Dec.
t n lasted of the regular pay day,
o Dec. D i. oe
Ursula Jeuseoane. Mildred Richard- el
so, Frsan Calderaune ahd Anna a
Lalse Hindelang for the Xmas dec- l
s ratlous which they brought for their ti
ly elassem.r . O
11 The fellowing puplls made the si
h highest scores in health habits: Orace
II' Campbell, Myrtle Lngoae, Florence pi
to Higgs, Ode GremaSle Howard oi
Smith, Octave Lacoste, Yvonne De t
uIe Met, Catherine Seward, Philip Sun ts
he serl, Claire Willis, Ethely Albrecht, p
its Joseph Sunser, Ursula Jeansonne, hi
t's Frederick Baus, Beesle Goo aer and
1. Florence Wills. d
ls pheaFnrlh A Grade made very F
i m' pretty imas ears and premted
tlm to the Firt A orade.
r Tkh wlera i t he F rth A el- g
ais u m wars: Catherin NIas
on sand atherine Wagenhansa. a
Thbe he of tie Fifth B Orad
sm e d l nterted ti their work I
= * tae mabig. They mre w ptd
Svery bard to complete them all be
ae. Soe huliapi. Many splenedi
Sones hmve aredy hemn completed. t
i e The this am makin very puty
7 The pupls the dmm resMlvi
* t hihest avneawe la arithmete -
tat as: Oulave WahI. und bna-IC
as was made 4 5eaMi ,SYmh. no i
Srwek. · mas. I
MESSNER-On Tuesday. Dec. 12, A
at 10:50 o'clock p. m.. Dave Messner,
husband of Emma Larzer, died at
the age of fifty-eight years. Deceased I
was a native of New York, but had
resided here for the past forty-five
years. The funeral took place Thurs- An
day at 3 o'clock from his late resi- vesst
dence, 600 Powder street. Interment was
was in Hook & Ladder cemetery. steal
ing l
The Riverside Eleven, a 115-pound Mr.
team, defeated Troop 60 recently by Mi
a score of 7-4. The game was hard Race
fought and close throughout. The Dap1
only score of the game was the re
sult of a forward pass with Barnes Ti
on the receiving end behind the line. as
Grundmeyer made the extra point. rives
Barnes' playing featured the game U. I
for the Riversides. They would like M
to arrange games with any 115-pound the
team in the city. Call E. Grund- Md.,
meyer, Algiers 349 for games. his.
rThe ms of J. Boses.r co., i25 ;j
Delaroade street, are sending aot par
pretty thermometers to their patrons. j,
The thermometer is of neat design Star
and is an ornament to any room. apes
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Gordon were and
hosts at a most enjoyable birthday tun
party at their home, 621 Slidell ave- .
nue, in honor of their sister Ruth.
The home was beautifully decorated Cll
with Christmas colors. The guest spe
of honor received many beautiful Mr
Among those present were: Mr. Hai
and Mrs. K. R. Gordon, Sr., Mr. and doi
Mrs. K. R. Gordon, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. N
James Gordon, Mrs. L. Frldolin, Mr. tar
and Mrs. J. T. Gordon, Misses Ruth the:
Fridolin, Carmelite Glepert, Jenora N
Albert, Mildred Holt, Eleanor Sutton, da
Vera Munts, Hazel Ziler; Irene Ho(
Hazel. Mary, Maydie, Ethel and Ruth
Gordon; Messrs. Arlie R. Straus,
Nolan Williamson. Earl Roberts, John
Bolden, George Barreona. Guy Navarre. i,
Henry Walders, Herbert Gordon, Jr.,
and Alin Gordon.
Coming to the Tulane Theater on MC
Sunday next as the Christmas week
attracton is "Tangerine," the out
standing nttsical play of recent sea
sons, and which has to its credit a U.
record of more than a solid year at Na
the New York Casino. Guy Bolton be
adapted a play by Philip Barthoi lea
mae and Lawrence Langer to pro. as
vide the book. Howard Johnsonm t
wrote the lyrics and Carlo Sanders rem
wrote the wonderfully tuneful music. nil
George Marion staged tie work and
' Cari Cariton gave to every detail
of the massive production his per
bomal supervisioa. Probably the nov-1
l- elty of the theme and its treatment i
s gave to the story of "Tangerine" Its 131
- impetus and marked it as distine-le
r tively novel and well worth while. b.
One of the Seuth Sea islands serves
e as locale for important scenes of 24'
e "Tangerlne," and full advantage ap the
e pears to have been taken of the Gs
1 opportunities for striking and beta
e titul acen surroundlans. Mr. Carl
r ton has evidently selected his com- he
t, pany with uncommon felicity and it fel
s, Iniludes Sam Critcherson, Lillian a
1 Toung. George Phelps, Loretta Sheri
dan, George Elsing, Johnny Fields. Re
y Flrenee Folds, Kall Nellse., Samie M
d Keph Billy Nuas, Rebekah Weaver, Ta
Jack Bras and the famos RitR Cf
quaette. The musde o "Taugeria" as
a eemlpende eghteae numbers, ad wi
of these at least a desea are account
5 ed gmanue seceesm that have a!
k ready found their way to the player
- and pabomaraph, Incudi
SSweet lady," "lw Is a Bustnes," ,
d "It's Great to be Married," "IsteA
to Mea," and the ttnkllg "Atts Baby." c
- H. 1N. G. G . THEATRE
* Friday, Dec 22-"The Cab Sepert
Sle," Riehard Talmadg;e: "A Rral
a' Cnlderela," 3ducatiemal comedy.
-as, Dee. 36--1T e Man wkth
a' Two MeIhee," MTary Asn; "Te¶mky
I rTakes a cane",. dusatlmi em
•L a. l ws.
_8 It. u!,. I
Personal Mention
And General News it
Among the placements aboard the way
vessels of the U. S. Shipping Board days
was N. A. Buhler, ex-oiler on the anyw
steamship American Press, who was year.
assigned third assistant on same. out 1
Mrs. A. Kass and baby returned to hourb
their home in New York after spend
ing some time here with her parents, fire
Mr. and Mrs. Selig Davis. have
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Nelson of quest
Raceland were here to attend the that
Dupuis-Tufts nuptials. that
The license of Thomas Buchhols :can r
as chief engineer on condensing in ci
river steamers was renewed by the hparl
e U. S. inspectors. genie
e Midshipman Evan W. Mahoney, of is as
I the Naval Academy at Annapolis. happ
I- Md., is spending the holidays with doesi
his. family. happ
Misses Helen 8kelly, May Rooney way
and Marguerite Eaper will arrive for
this evening from Franklin, La., mo
ere they are attending scheol, sad l
7 aWs spend the holidays with their
parents. for
James Kepper, who is attending St. hood
Stanislaus College, Bay ot. Louis, is fello
spending the holidays with his par- it t
eats, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Kepper. Is e
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Hymel and Mr. can
and Mrs. Charles Donner have re
turned home from New York. TI
Mr. William J. O'Neil of Oakland,
d Calif., who is en route to New York,
it spent the week-end with his aunt,
l Mrs. John W. Giepert. CI
Mrs. Prank Bachot, nee Medora for
r. Hantel, of 633 Atlantic avenue, is bll
d doing nicely.
s Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Bell have re- son
r. turned from Baldwin. Miss., where by i
b they visited Mr. Bell's father. rival
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Eckert pad little and
a daughter Verlin left Saturday for Schc
Houston, Texas, to spend the holi
days with Mr. Eckert. orite
no Judge T. F. Goo has returned after Trou
nine months spent in the North and seas
,But. a
(Cantlnued em ap ) ) rs
of 1
Commander John W. Cumming, imp
SIT. S. Navy, detailed at the Algiers thel
at Naval Station since March 5, 191., has p
n been detached from duty at New Or- Tro
1leans sad goes back to service afloat T.
- as navigator on the battleship Wyo
- [ming, flagship of the Atlantic squad- t
re ron. He left New Orleans Sunday
Ic. night. 0
at On Wednesday evening, December
Its 13th, Master John Guth entertained H
"Ihis friends at a lette party at the
s I home of his ant, Mrs. Gea Hahn, B.
of 247 Pacific ave., the occasion being
1P the tenth anniversary of his birth.
he Games were played and each child j
present received a presmt. Balls,
*. horns, ularbles, whistles, and harmon- C.
it les were distributed. Everyone had
aa a good time.
These present were Joe. Lennox,
ds. Rene LeBlane, Leonard Chico, Fred
le Marie, Malcolm Carren, Harold Otis,
er, Tansley Erris, Nougle Richard, Daniel
ea Curren, Smile Kempletr Ge4 eald- T
he" nate, Albert Otis, A. B. Clark. Bar- l
A wick LeLBhne and John Outh. __
at all
The euchre, lotto and five hundred
given at the home of Mrs. LouIiog
Acker lst Thurday was a great sue- g
cess. The prisms awarded were the the
met beautiful ones that have ever p
been Vov pt any t the ehbrew.
ThOOP 01 h
ty The aS So so f sT r o r wirsh Ta
their msay friends auG admirers a Iii
Maiery ChIs'si sa a Happy New ,19
i nsolaea 333, leuibe. vi
Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Fink. sern
of 212 Homer street. a girl. vice
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Ernst cony
(nee Leonie Aubert). of 1022 Verret Chri
street, a girl. choi
Mrs. L. Le Blanc, of 445 Pacific Chri
avenue, a boy. time
Mrs. Robert Younger (nee Corinne Chr
Vallette), a girl. T
Mrs. R. Parker, of 445 Atlantic spec
avenue, a girl. tion
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ren- pari
ecky, formerly of Algiers. but now Offe
of Houston, Texas, a boy. pasl
is r
Once Again a Merry Christmas and Rev
a Happy New Year takf
(By L. J. Schroder) pars
a i
It is an old wish, but one which tlde,
bears repeating once a twelfthmonth.,
It doesn't mean merely may you be -
merry and happy just the one first
day of the year. It rather means of
may you find happiness all along the Pled
way for three hundred and sixty-five ilan
days ahead. What makes happiness were
anyway? Think back over the past to !
year. What are the hours that stand eti
out from the others in memory as witi
being particularly happy, the kind of
hours that left a warm, rosy glow
like the warmth and glow of a camp hi
fire. Everyone of you will, no doubt,
have a different response to that
question, but I venture to belhve
that nearly all of you would agree T
that some of the happiest hours you exce
can remember are the ones you spent ages
in camp, living close to nature's Hot
heart, fin the fine, vigorous, con. c-at
genial comradeship of scouting. This Son
is as it should be. If a scout isn't wat
happy when he is camping out it sen
doesn't seem likely that he would be ing
happy anywhere, now does it? Any- gon
way one of my best New Year wishes
for you all is that 1923 may bring ing
more and richer and happier hoard wh
in the open than any year yea have r
yet known. There is nothing like it we
for investment in health and fun,
and progress in scoutcraft and man
hood, and the most heart warming
fellowship, so get all you can out of
it this happy New Year, and what hot
is even more important, put all you
can into it. ma
Christmas Eve is the day set aside S8
for the game. All the Algiers foot- she
ball sports are excited over the bat. Bo
tie and they all realise that it is a Thi
fitting game to end the football sea- In
soa in Algiers. The Interest aroused poi
by the meeting of these two teams eal
rivals that of the Tulane vs. L. S. U. hel
and Jesuits vs. Warren Easton High wh
School games. ro
Troop 60 goes on the field as fav h
orite, due to the fact that they beat
Troop 32 in the early part of the
I season by the score of 13 to O. Troop pl
$0 has only been defeated twice this Ms
oseaso. Her success is due to the
earnest work of their coach, Charles
But Troop 2 Is not to be over- M
looked. In spite of a bad start, they
have rallied and played a good brand
of footbal lately. Because of their
.l improvement Troop 0 has accepted 01
[their challengse.
Probable Itne-p:
- Troop 60 Troop 22S Il
' T. Gll..........-------------C. Blakeman L
Left End m
R. Stenhouse.---------...J. Brown M
y Left Guard
0O Breed........-----------....E. Voestlin Al
Left Guard 1e
C. O'Doanell----------....B. Gounard a
K. Hogan--------------.................. J. Calvin a'
- Right Gurd
IH. Veuien....-------------C. Clasen
* Righi Guard
, . Le, Boeuf...............R. Drumm
Right BEnd o
I. Olroyd (captaina)-.........M. Reed lx
Right Half to
J Rupp--------------.................C. Gerrets
SLeft Half ki
-C. Terrebonne------............R. Keenan l
Quarter al
A. Covell-.........L. Acker (captain) Sa
Pull Back
STroop 2's dance given last Friday
r night at Pythian Hall was a grand t
success. The members wish to thank i
all their friends for making it so.
Football Game
One of the bISg featuos of Christ- a
- ma Eve will be a hotly coasested h
[football game between Troops S2 and r
c-60. wiok will take plaee at 2:3 in
e the afternoon of that day, Iqt op- A
r posite the S. P. shaeps.
Tbhe reglars ud players ao Troop
22 are planning to meet at the troep's ,
headquarters, where a panade wll be d
formed that will proessed to the lame. I4
* The troop's drum esrps wll bead thel1
aline of march., uad a11 members and
w ftrleds of iTrep will tllow les|
niid with bedgue hbase and bgs.
Christmas Day Service
At Mount Olivet
The Rev. Nicholas Rightor an
nounced to his congregation last
Sunday that he would hold two ser
vices at Mount Olivet Church on
Christmas day. The first service
will be a celebration of the Christ
mas Eucharist (without music or
k sermon) at 6 a. m. The second ser
vice will be held at 9 a. m.. and will
st consist of Morning Prayer with the
et Christmas Te )ceum by the spleadid
choir. From the Te i)eum the ser
vice will proceed to the second
Christmas Eucharist. during which
time the Rector will preach the
6e Christmas day sermon.
The Offering will be devoted to
ic special parish needs, under the direc.
tion of the Vestry. Members of the
n- parish will find special Christmas
w Offering envelopes in their regular
package of Duplex envelopes, and it
is requested that these be used.
The general public Is cordially in
vited to these services and all will
receive a hearty greeting at the
hands of Rector and people. The
id Rev. Mr. Rightor and Mrs. Rightor
take this occasion, through the public
press. to wish all members of the
parish and other friends in the city
a Happy and Peaceful Christmas
st of Mount Olivet Church was held
Wednesday night in the parish house.
e Plans for the coming all-day outing
es were discussed. It has been decided
to spend the day, Wednesday, Dec.
id 27, at Pakenham Oaks, near Chal
mette. The boys will leave at 6 a. m.
of with all the necessary paraphernalia
0 for an outdoor camping party. Let's
l hope that the weather man will be
t, kind.
ee To show their appreciation of the
Du excellent work done by director-man
nt ager Wm. J. Sonnemann, of the Dixzle
-'s Homestead the directors of that asso
n. cilation, as individuals, presented Mr.
tie Sonnemann a handsome open face gold
• watch and platinum chain. The pre
it sentation was made at the board meet
be ing last Wednesday with George Mont
y. gomery as spokesman.
e, Mr. Montgomery spoke very feel
ag ingly of the confidence and esteem in
ari which Mr. Bonnemann was held and
re regarded by the membership and the
t wonderul aehievement aeeomplisbed
by him in the ftteen and one-half
an- years' administration. The associa
Lag tion's resources are now over 1,100,
of 600 and its membership is over 3,600.
On behalf of the board, Miss Elc
horn, assistant secretary, presented
to Mr. 8onnemann for Mrs. 8onne
mann a handsome basket of American
Beauty roses.
Miss Emma Collins entertained
ide Sunday, Dec. 10, at a miscellaneous
ot. shower in honor of Miss Olivia
at. Bowers, a bride-elect of the season.
Ia The home was beautifully decorated
e. in pink and white and i tferns and
ed poinsettas. When the bride-elect
ms 1 entered she was met at the door by
U. her little nephew, R. E. Cruise, Jr.,
igh who led her into the center of the
room, where the large wedding bell
av- hung, and the gifts were showered
eat from the bell upon her.
the The game "Romance of Age" was
p played and the winners were Misses
Mhis amle Morrison and May Bowers.
the When the cake was cat Miss 0.
rles Fnlaley received the ring, Miss A.
Pujol the thimble, and Miss Mame
r Morrison the dime.
key Tho5p present were Misses Ger
and trude and Claire Finley, Clare Cae
eir sidy. Hongra Thates, Mabel Comeauz,
ted Oladys Strey, Imelda and Noism
Schroeder, May Brown, N. Worley,
C. Falion, Marian and Daisy Kramme,
UIda Boylan, MIMred McCauley, Hasel
SLauman, Marjorle Blakeman, R. Ken
nair. May Bowers, Pansy Watkins
ow Mande Bernard. T. Moltet, M. Mauts,
E. Rooney. 8. 8tocklesh. C. Biaggial,
tll Alma Pnjol. Mamie Morrison, H. Bar
rett, L Labella. C. M. Giblin, Mary
u and Emma Collins, Irma Wardrop anad
Camille Mitchell; Mines. R. B. Cruise
lvi. and son, A. Biagginl, M. 3. Tacka
berry, M. Bowers and J. 3. Collins.
mm The Pggly-Wiggly store In Ope
louses avenue is going to give the
teed boys and girls in Algiers a big treat
tomorrow and Saturday.
vets Free balloons will be given to the
kiddles and, judsltang from the num
nan ber of kiddles in Algiers who are
always willing, like all kids, to get
sa) something free, Friday and Saturday
will be Balloon Day in Aglers. Let
the kids get their balloon.
Iday On Christmas eve, December 24th,
rad there will be a Xmas dance given at
ank the Avenue Academy. Musicte will be
furnished by Brownle's Famous Or
chetra. The price of admission will
be25e. anta Claus will be there with
rit- a present for all who attend. A large
ted briatmas tree will be one of the deco
and rations.
Theft of Jewelry ,vlued at $75
Sand a suit of clothing valued at $40
Is' wa reported to the mollee Thura
1 be day morning by Alfred 0. Tuts,
me. 453 'South Jgtmson avenue ' The
Sthe burglars entered the house by foree
and ing open a side doer while the
|lewml m were away from the Adase
P' between 7 sad 11 p. s. Wedasday
uas. nI ht

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