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SaM wa E~2 »(W . i I
th~UsIs peim p persu 4
CAN DpsUgbsM.it I
2~t1 s L·0 ii pew 0 s«ar
be Isuat 3,wus etba
JNý sat Gad I
J. 3chigomg of Humu4 mrl.
.aesw basi te md that the
olrtreyt at the .reek to f,
whihM ewso Is .vetlle so ta
Lye god, Io s gr that the e
aswoop m w veld ase rome a
mters In a mt. emly -
balteelua august would bee *w
=a;ns to swamp th e Iat
at trr · In heaves. O s
cuhle maetimetse would be
-as b is ispopulate the whole
Grubt w h sm pMts left
Betou peieonig was erat I
haews m '0810Ws polasslag
and was detected after fatuites
rmslti from Gating gausse. "
meats amd flab. Bpoeetlj i
pelsomlug bas boean sera oe
as aftetr heeat.ng of d Io
veetablefoode. ItIscanuudby g
the germ bacllp benLaus amI
uailt the texin of dltpththrda u
or lockjaw, It Is deadly peisob
w whoa LtreOdsIe Inao the
body by way of the mouth.
pedoludu this guess is net cow,
so , d s-o ul -c st I
be rpews It ltls olly read"
detecte by ta patni odo of
the teed a t 00 pdso-w toe
inbsebdM aseusat be baln- e
M4LwhfieeywhoathePbU -
Is'atumily esmemed, eaters Ga d
n amflkbulm may Vatute the in. r
" the Pounme Thueae Nb Lewd
Mee Memo. as the " Threin
of the LM ese
TMthe .ei of naa >" cafld the
s the m in bmuss of the old
m id asp 'r .ImI r s , a
IEUPs 49 the`N yeq7othe aiqa
- at the fk IS parIfy h
-ýusI mlý - .boe aes
t ! marr Id. the rims.
1M It lsagumd1 s A.Di. a
piu . , *h. wa "Si (bl
Gaes. AN w the erab mvee0
ahrhr e r~wh e b flt
S imi t (Oin d, woo at wa
-ir (Grumau vat~ rat
do bae he setihe, asap
/Fli*ýI that Ia isieeliau
E4wr ,O tie 91 at the
Is e s .N~wbg that
beam C el. th e w hdiblsi~
*e cvbed, sad s (bltames dq
d the ein. year (!asks and isea
mdihu mom of his mside,. m
Ns 'U u tiss ad the story.
* r~lkS Isy r that sw the
d.. a.* .··.~.·.:
.~· ~1AUDAmD~
, 4vr?~c
(W* .·yW OEr four $500 amd Ovwr)
- s. Svtm aril Sav Yeu Mummay. Quality Fdoods
SO * . .
" 7L+ r i S IPIE~~~PPP~~~P or p eL t..·. . .. $01
OC I nions, 6ou. .29*too
~frsi.EgsM perdze.. .44
, .
6fr...~. .. .0-.f0o. .
4. 5
~p~r.Ouau~ b s . . *4i60.0.*AC..
brrq~~~~~~~~~~0 0J' 'aR····~····~'J t·::T·6
* .35
if a4~ f~t;r r.. .·** *0* r p .············· .
Lz~amm rpr ''
NLi~ At · ···` . ······
9a-. U'- -
: the I e n
ekes Pythen Was Rosed.
At the Laodes se gard en, a .lw
bps ag a umber of mnnm moved
gdlat as the cold between the e
tremeo sa a smeke'r cag, carrying
What looked lke a large hoseipe.
A second look showed that this was
so hosepipe bt a hage pythao, 2S
fet let doing its best to escape
m, the ds of the men. It it had
escaped, It would have Instantly coalled
itselt round one of them and crushed
him to death. They kept tight hold
at It and ll Its wrigglilgs were In
Tall ret, it was carried, the bearers
abMinlg alon& anxious to be rid of
their perilous burden. Its head was
muted in a cloth, and kept muaed
until all the rest of it had been pushed
Into the cage. Then the head went
In. the doors were made fast, sad the
job eo moving was over.
New Old Is a Cow?
Diagrams of the cow's teeth have
beena published frequently, but a good
many people go wrora about it, aneve
theleas, by iguring that the heifer gets
a new pair of permanent teeth every
year, when, -as a matter of fact, sbe
gets a new pat every nine months.
counting from the time she is a year
and a half old. Of eourse, If the ant
mal has berm it s easy. Count the
nomber of rings, or wrinkles, ad add
twoa-arm te.
Wearing on the Nervm
"A meafaring man"
"He's In the dry navy."
"I thought be differed free my ca
eeptiao of a jolly tar."
"It's depressing work. eo have
as idea what coarse Jibes and laN.
lat back-talk a parson Ia his poaltlom
has to take frem r e rmers."-Dh
amlaghams AgsBesld.
Why Deg -Loll Out Tenaie.
The dog stick. Its tongue out whea
it pants and this yp an aunceosous
edort to increase the evaporating oar
fce of the body. Heat reqp3rod to
evaporate perspirtilon caused by a
ertlon cools the bey.
Pat as a LlUault.
Pat and lorah were sittlng n the
M-oaer theue, the porarmne bega,
whm tbe ot eeberved the word "As
btees" a the ea crtain sad ti.
qhnsed whst meIt
Whistl said Pat, "and do't be
deplayln per lmerasee Da't ye
Iew that A'a~ is the Latin weed
fe i IWet r? in3sr?" . aU en g
A mhiiMter fitem a eomtry dtinlet
had Jbt moved int the motion pb
tre colony, eand a rmd was asklug
how he Ibed his new pastrate
"Very well" replid the peaster. I I
m doing vay weo here"
tlrety of marriages, I espect
! ft yes," saM the parsae, I have
My rguler eastmers-Arý estra
tb Weekly.
Wlllmore Kendall, Jr., thirteen years
eld, who was admitted to the freh.
me c las of Northwestern univerity,
Evansten, 1L
The New Rochelle handicap, at a
mile and a sixteenth for threeyear.
lds, with $5,000 added, Is the out.
standing feature of the eight stakes
announced for the autumn meetina at
Yenkers in October.
Good Time, a full brother to Hour.
less, by Negofol-Hourglass, and Iw
ported to this country by the owners
of toe Lexington stable when a year.
Itng, will be trained for the jumps by
J. Carroll. Good Time Is a three-yesa
old and has never started.
Brisk Demand fet Cepper.
A hardware company cousumes
about 8,000,000 pounds ot copper an
nually. , There are pins, bolts, hinges,
screws, plates, diss, asls, tubings,
wires and castings of all knds. In a
hardware store the cholee ranges all
the way frol a brass pia to a 100
pound copper pot-from a brass hair
pnl to a amover. Eves the cuspidor
and the brass rail o the e-mealoon ar
FrPeen Egg All Right.
Freen ess are good ers So -.
eudes 8. K. Rebleson of Cbtcago af
ter nading that mecroscopli examina
tio, freeslnr test. iarhatle shaking
test, and eteet of air and llght tests
were met as well by the solidIfed as
by the freeb egg. He declares that
One mayonnahe drsaleg which held
well to a warm reom er 0 days had
been made from the refrigerated
Unless umanity ChanPes
"Do you think that the trombles be
tween capital and labor will ever be
permagdftly adjustedr
'1 don't knew," replied Senator So.
ghum. "I'm afraid there will always
be people who want work without pay
tla foe it and other people who wll
weant pay wittl t woang for it."
T60 Codmed
Man's Mascot
(Q 1122. W.tern Newpapsr Uioa.)
"I can't make out why Big George
wants rabbit every day for dinner,"
said the warden.
"Oh, well, I guess we'll have to
humor him," answered the peniten
tlary governor. "He's only got three
more weeks now."
Big George was the cheerfulest ae
gro prisoner that ever lay in the con
demned cell. Big George was to be
electrocuted in three weeks' time for
the murder of his wife, Lily.
He had drowned her in the creek,
near his caln, giving out the story
that she bhad left him for another man.
He had mutilated her body, so that
the remains were only recognizable by
the ring on the finger. Witnesses had
sworn positively that It was Lily's ring.
For the defense it was alleged that
the body was that of one Martha
Washington, an aged colored chore
lady, Rho had disappeared one night
on he' way home across the bridge,
while under the Influence of moo,
shine. But that had not weighed with
the Jlry.
Big George kept up his courage and
reiterated that be would not go to the
"IUly'll tarn up-yes, sah," he kept
repetting. That woman's always ae
de Job. Say, boss caln't you give me
nothing but rabbits' backs? (aln't you
give a rabbits' legs for a change of
"Humor him," said the governor.
"We don't ofte get a pris like
Be certainly was, a cheerful ecm,
and every one was sorry that the chair
loomed so deadly close to him, ahere
had not bee a an ecation in the
prison for three or fear years. Tboee
were three condea ed cells but nwae
of them had bee occupied within that
period of tim, until Georg e am The
ether two were used for storing fuel
and potatoes.
The chair had had to be overhauled
-altogether It was nasty basiness, ad
every one would be thankful when it
was over. They had tried their hard.
sat to get a reprieve tsr George, but
th governor had turne down the ace
peal decisively. So George had to ga
"'That woman'l turn upa, sh,"
George insisted.
"Say, ain't yen get s rabbitat bla
ter a changer
Two weeks beteare th day et for
the executionl Georges sister a an.
aeseed. Gerge pee- his oyeIe
had no sister-st least, e aed never
pet e. nowever, the propect t a
lad visitoter was naturally a weuese
nb m Uily, M lar as a fasnewi
pealed by the wara.
"RenIe Lily, I seessed yesrd ter
up," said Gem. "se y eome baek
to mer
"What ye' talking about, Ugager?
demfaded ly. "I'm year sister,
Puasy. TV killed ily Lh the icel.
'o brain mustbe sols, aigger."
"Per Gwd's sake, lly, don't band
m that," pleaded George. "Ain't ye
suiNg to tal the govrer yes'e my
witcl sea theli let me opt?"
The warden, who was latelig toi
the convermstalo, agred eermefly.
"I duaes George," said Lty. o
asht sy It, but they wouldn't be
sep it, 'cos every em knews ree ye
s ,ter, Paa y-seer
Geore collapsed na his bed. "er
deLawd's sake have a heart, woman,"
be pleaded.
ar." be sited the wrden ne
day, "ow mer times mult I ni ye u
ar rabbits' Inast Sure to Mike they
eai't p beri, are theary"
"taumor hi." ad the petetlry
geeramer#. S Georg had abb ta le
Ily cam agai "ay,. omen, I m
lthiki evr what ya sited me" ase
said. "I.t 'on w eas t I lesrdeta r bes,
ye' see, rd have to take up with yso
dian. Tou'e a weerthem ant et aMg.
an, ye ' ae snt a oead earvidr, es
•l enrt *@4* Liyf, ye ·m let m
eIt 'n we for yn as au es a I tv"
"How bet that ya era Iher da&
eare wlhet I lit yen r henma
pu weuldM't ha It for me?
'.'M git tt for yoe, Lily." pleaded
baorg dapmwmtdy. "Ana ye' knw I
i s lover r!, home."
Hsn ey tem  a f that eemin e
the warde-ber ant quit Ikies me
awarlttu inhe ede eas.
m, dy mt Geet uo e was em
memd late t. gearuar msora. Theme
aCeea Lly, his Itnwyr d a ee
mimtave eo (e peme espetmet.
lame. Iergebim
"George. utre a h*e mm' said
S. versar, "An yuve et ai
ha h as ueewet esa pe pf r e
a S.ie bt mg. @eeu he eI. "
home wCona t wer de ho es in
turge hmad. '1 ink yen Iiym
se e aVq sens" he squ. a
*er ewa ger th.
,i w ies *e
r -l ·
,s ,
Grand Duke Cyril recently startled
Paris by proclaiming his right to the
throne of Russia. The day the death
of the saer and his entire family be.
omes an accepted historical fact, than
Duke Cyril becomes the rightful heir
to the throne, should the time ever
eeme for rstablhment of the royal
family. The duke is well known I
French seciety.
"It med to be whispered arouand that
Mr. Wadlells's fortune was tainted."
"A competent lawyer attended to
'Ater he'd u Mr. Wadlslg's af
tue through a doses loophole to the
law there wausn't a spot on It."
"PFies boees sk -s bh do dae
"e ortear give a peund parP
Can Seep Ie
ur blueas orl
Is Abeam amser
I3 aUwor kMed
Or aseer'a semesar.
Raela Neat Gm.
Two euptul soew, 2 tsawpee l
belakg powder, % t*easpos mia,
rable. 3 cupful walsot me , 1
wea-beaten eg 2 tnabimoqsomu mob.
ed butter w abor lesg
ft S.ar bakelg powde, snit and
spar -gethr. Add rahu ad snul
cut pieees Add milk and beate
e and mlzv wel. Stir Lt batter.
Pour ito s- rnsd pm pa nd bake
s moderate ores 3 to aS miame
lis mak s about 12 gums
Wages of Telephoe Employas
More Than They Were Before ,
The les .atI w . is ulmposdtm em. is
opead.eg e.use.s of the Tihghme cooesayr.
-t a uIq dlur spait four nptIsg cs, grn ,
With a-ll ... n osts -hi-r d. fom.sdy, t e
C..r -e -Pw. ok pw p .. e nhm- -iv . ,.
an d heuw tl" aMe n - rd mt lae.
THE sug tion .tlpt the rats for tblpsem
back to their pIter 1! aesuioth t tdry
1as ability to wh t i. other business he
alytil toverythim* ore ma than it dit
Emple~ea in every hne-whether dt be
a or, street car employe-.-moat and do
hmi- wage. the they did before the war.
Sorely it i tai forI telepie employes to
wage. Tb wage bill of the `*m*ao wosker
cha rges cadoe fra, you Jr yor teph a s
To d ..i.. i" oer -.crae.-
~str 4yo e. mre r
for., ..rfar t•a.
if wu w " .. ue
* A1, ,.d.. oke e, ,:.e "
*" .S vi s MIA
utrC cre1yptQm
-~ ·CI~fi~_ .l~LIC~IP ~~O drL~i~IC A
Selntlet Explaine How He Expects
o Determine Age of Ancient
* Central American Cities.
Prehistoric rains in America will
soon be accurately dated. This was
the opinion expressed In an address
on 'The Chronological Yardstick of
Aacient America," by Sylvanus G.
Morley of the Carnegie Institute of
Washington, before the twentieth In
ternatlonal congress of Amerlcanlsts.
Doctor Morley's "yardstick" is the
marvelous Mayan calendar by which
the ages of the ancient cities of Gua
temala and Yucatan will eventually he
determined more accurately than the
ages of the cities of ancient Egypt.
There was a desultory trading in
Mayan pottery carried on with the
peoples in Mexico, Peru and the south
western United States. This pottery
found among these other peoples and
its Mayan date determined by com
parlson with similar pottery In Central
America may lead to an approximately
accurate date being set upon the cliff
dwelllngs of the United States and
ruins in Peru and Mexico, Doctor Mor
ley thinks.
He also told of his researches into
the great walled city of Tulum. in Yu
catan. The walling of a city was ex
Septional In Central America and this
fortiSed town on a bluff overlooking
the Caribbean sea, with a wall on
three land aides, represents the crude
work which followed the breakdown
et the great Mayan eivilization in the
Fifteenth entury after Christ, when
Sthese early city-states fell to fighting
their own rcea-By Science Service.
How Expresslen Originated.
In the old Anglo-Saxon language the
jerd "mad" was used as a synonym
for violent, furious, angry. or veam
mooa In some parts of England, ad
in the United States particularly, it is
still used in this sense. Atter was the
Anglo-Saxoa name for an adder, or
viper. The proverbial saying has
therefore probably no reference to hat
makers but merely means "as ven
ems as an adder."
Bey Victim of Savage Hrse.
C(imbing Into a Seld to retrieve a
cricket ball a boyg Uliving at Burtone.
Treat, England, was terrbly muled
by a horse. As soon as he entered
the field the horse seied him and
book hbl, threw him on the gro
and kicked his head. Some at the
cricketers hurried to the rescue sad
plcked him up unconscious
Calf Has Deuble Earsn
A fe Ayrshire cow, owned by a
Ceanectleut man has gtven birth to a
doableeared calf, one e the greatest
freaks In the aniamal world ever
in the distriet. She is very pettily
I spotted, brown and whits, and due to
Sthis fact has bees sgle the asens of
I "Pansy." In every ether respect Pam
i la norml.
8a1e brareb -og Death.
Scrab ehed on her p by her eis
i monthsold baby boy a Newport, Men
amoethhahre, ma has die d
* from septic pýlselaln. It wasU dte
at the nlauest that her lips became
L wene and her see and breast
re afterwards adaMesd
Prot A.
than elm
did a gt a
the earthyb ddut
ing at the glar
don, he .j t
one or both a
numbe' a
other homy
view more th j
he was a
of New uag
body o the "iý.
view was toe
h e r te o re y M
h "the age
I by bg tey.
Be Is the
of the bIub o
( rn that the w
causd b ad1IIE
face of the t
that the eae t
Present att k
New Orr
Gettag a
wa einphlv
days Thy
the Bast.
ary 28. 1lS:
"To the
betwme tfý
t!"N tku"
brown Hpeir
usiea of D
some Talc of
A. Win
amo whe
wrebs J.
Per uses
used feet
gat ft is
Ma ll l
pine e i
ap , ,,

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