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r J
l! I
ree Gala Bargain DaysY In Bogalusa April 1, 2, 3
.1-.. .. . _.... ....". .. a. inim n no n 11 9T n il 1111 InTr PI CT IM PillT CT
`ill Offer Values 'a 'l !
Should Attrac(t Shrewd(l
Shoppers For Miles On
April 1, 2 And :3.
T eman or woman of Washing
parish and surrounding territory
.des not visit Bagalusa on
1, 2 and 3 does not care what
, and correct in wearing ap
or care to save money, for on he
days the merchants of Boga- N
ge going to hold gala trade rt
Not only will new suits, 01
,shoes etc, that are correct si
shown but there will be radical F
~As made on all the choicest tl
to eat and the merchants are ti
to see that the out of town ji
are entertained and that a
visit will be enjoyable as well I
±pofitable. Each merchant is i
to try and out-do his neigh- I
god each section of the city is
Sto try and eclipse the others,
a friendly rivalry and the
will derive the benefit.
at the time it does, just
Easter when every man,
and child will want new
and it being the official
to throw away the winter ap
. and don the spring, it should
to every man and woman
t-eft around Bogalusa.
merchant is going to offer
special inducement. These
ments are going to be adver
in the Enterprise go that you
watch for the rare values and
a complete list of the bargains
want to get before you visit the
rr Then the quanity is not go
Sto be limited and the merchant
who says "we have just sold out
pletely" is going to get a life
Mbership in the "in bad" club.
All the details of this event are
arranged by E. L. Middleton,
oi Pleasant Hill, HI. Greenberg, of
Olambia street and IL. R. Roberts
iNorh Bogalusa.
Now for a big treat and a fine be
inme for the children of Bagalusa. Ei
;:Th Enterprise belives that Bagalusa se
has more fine little men and women M
ASD any town of its size in the IM
teIntry and just to show the public M
~ t a really fine lot of pretty M
tlthy children there are in Boga- w
the Enterprise is going to give w
n a matinee at the Magic City
r on Saturday March 20th. a
it is not going to cost the c
ihldren or their parents one penny ti
ikr all the expenses are going to be
d by the Enterprise and it is our q
siMe that every white child in a
oIalusa attend this matinee. Its t
lo$ng to be a matinee that they I
s1il enjoy because special pictures I
"e being secured. The big feature f
.1il be "Sleeping Beauty," a three
teal picture thet all the children
1heve read about, and perhaps most 1
:Of their papas and mamas too. Its
°o of those pictures they will en
to the end, and then take pleas
in telling their parents about it
they get home. Then a
y, one of the funniest that
be secured, will be shown which
Will keep them laughing all the
And just a word to the fathersl
mothers of Bogalusa. You cani
Syour children to the Magic
k theater on Saturday March 20th
the assurance that they will
I int
iBoiler Head O(n Sunday hit
Excursion Blew ()Out--- wi
One Injured. Th
By the blowing out of a boiler alp
head of the engine drawing train ar
No. 178 of the Great Northern Rail- ev
road, three miles beyond Seabrooke, ki
1on Lake Pontchartrain, J. M. Lang- ru
ston, fireman, was badly burnel. to
He was sent into New Orleans on cc
the Northeastern train, and sent to ti
the Charity Hospital, where his in- w
juries were treated and he was given I
anti-toxin to guard against tetanus. i
His face was badly injured, but heI
3 was able to leave the hospital early
- Tuesday morning for his home in
s Columbia.
,, The train left the Terminal Station
e at 6 p. m. and was proceeding north
when the accident happened. It
it was in charge of Conductor Van
3, guard and Engineer Chandler was
N at the throttle. It was necessary to
l hold the train until an engine was I
. sent from Bogalusa to take the place
d of the disabled engine. 1
n A number of Bogalusa people
were on the train but were not
er aware of an accident until train
se men came through the cars asking
r- for a physician. The train reached
)u Bogalusa about midnight.
Id Accident At Laundry.
ne What may have been a bad ac
0- cident and which proved a costly
nt one as it was, o,uared at the B) ga
ut lusa Steam Laundry last week, when
ife the fireman started a fire in the
Ib. boiler which did not contain any
ire water. Several flues were burned
n, out which resulted in a suspension
of of work for two days. By working
rts night shifts they were able to com
plete all their work however.
be taken the very best care of. The
Enterprise has been tendered the
services of Mrs. W. H. Sullivan,
Mrs. J. Y. Sanders, Mrs. C. J. Wade,
Mrs. J. C. Haney, Mrs. R. Blanchard, ol
Mrs.J. F. Peters, Mrs. M. K. Pearce, e
M. J. A. Spekenhier, Mrs. C. C. Cole H
who will see that the children are a
well looked after when they arrive. ii
To get tickets to this big matinee
all that is required is to clip the
coupon elsewhere, bring or send it to
the Enterprise office and a ticket
will be given you without any
questions or cost. And if you have
a little brother or sister you want
to take just inform the man pt the
Enterprise how many you have and I
Ihe will supply you with enoughI
for all. And if you sh ould know
any little lady or gentleman whose
father does not take the Enterprise
bring him or her to the Enterprise
office with you and we will also
give them a ticket. Children over 12
years of age will not be admitted
a so the big boys will have to stay
,t away until a later time as this
h matinee is for the little ladies and 1
e gentlemen of Bogalusa. Clip the
coupon and bring it to the Enter
prise office any time after Friday
ic at 12 o,clock.
hj Coupon will be found on page
ill eight of this issue.
It may sound toogood to be true animt
and coming on April first some peo- verdi'
pile may think that it is an April the r
Fool joke when told they must goat
keep their hogs, goats and dogs off be co
!the streets or be subjected to a ordin
fine. On April first the ordinances, Th
which were recently passed, will go eithe
into effect and the person who lets for it
his goats, hogs and dogs run lose will
will be compelled to pay a fine. poun
The ordinances were passed follow- few
ing a mass meeting, when it was fune'
almost unamanious that these laws iless
are needed and the officials desire pens
every owner of a hog and goat to safe,
know that if they are permitted to will
- run lose they may as well decide a to
to pay a fine and several dollars be b
costs. The officials desire to give is t.
the public notice and trust that it abst
- will not be necessary to take the escE
Signs Statement That He Sa
S Was Not Held Up After
t Reporting Robbery
to The secret of some of the "hold i
aups" that have been occuring in arr
ce Bogalusa are being exposed and wi
this time one party was caught red ch,
le handed but not until he was given an
ot a sweat by the police department. un
in- On last Saturday morning the tes
ng police were informed, that a man a
red had been held up at the bridge in at
North Bogalusa and robbed of $36 ga
about seven o'clock in the evening I Ki
with lights burning on the bridge Ss
- and traffic heavy. The robbery by
tly was so daring that citizens decided bs
ga- that it would be best to secure pa
en blood hounds and bring an end to at
he such hold ups. City officials de- in
ny I cided it would be best to make an la
ned investigation and after an investi- pl
ion gation they found that the party it
n who claimed he was held up drew re
m- less than half of the amount on tl
pay day that he claimed to have Id
been robbed of. He was brought li
Sbefore the police and given a good o
sweat and signed a statment that
n he was not robbed. His troubles
• have not ended as yet.
The Boy With Weapon.
van, "Red" Netterville, a fifteen year
de, old boy, was before Judge Ott charg
ar, ed with carrying concealed weapons.
Cce, He was found guilty and find $100
aoleand costs; sentence was suspended
iv in payment ofcosts and the boy
tinee turned over to his father.
it to Congressman Home.
haay Congressman Morgan, of this dis
at trict, has been called to the bed
tthe side of his mother, who is at the
and point of death at her home in
nodh Mandeville.
The finiance committee of the
Police Jury of Washington Parish
met at Franklinton Wednesday
morning with Magee Ott and J. B.
Lindsley, representing the Washin
ton Bank and Trust Co., when ar
rangments were made to finiance
the Parish for the -present year.
This means that during this year
there will be no "dead paper" of the
Parish floating around as heretofore
and all work will be paid for in cold
animals to the pound but it is the IlIt
verdict of the Bogalusa people that II U
the running at large of hogs and
goat are a nuisance and they will C D U
be compelled to strictly inforce the
Then don't let your dog run lose
either unless you take out a license
for if he does not wear a tag he
will be picked up, taken to the
pounl where he will be held for a
few days and then there comes a
funeral and poor "Fiddo," regard
i less of his breed, must pay the List
penalhy in the first degree. The Jury
safest way to see that your dog Court
will not be molested is to secure begin
a tag for him, The only way to No. 2
s be safe about your hogs and goats ass
is to build a place where there is No 2
t absolutely no chance for them to daj
escape. No 24
COn arrested last Friday night charged o
Sance number 59 has been held2712
etSays -Council Exceeded Ott. The
Authority In passing da
Such Ordinance. 246a
nd A number of negroes who were 251(
in arrested last Friday night charged of
d with gambling were acquittedofthe 277m
adcharge And at the same time Ordin- bi
ne Sance number 59 has been held 277:
it. unconstitutional by Judge Ott. The 31
he testimony introduced showed that th251e
an passinumber of neroes had gathered
in at one of the homes for a friendly 260
36 game of "draw" when Constable ff
ng I King placed them under arrest. 278
Ige ISanders and Sanders were employed 22
3ry by the defendants. It was argued 22b
to ( authority of the council, given them 19L
de- in the charter, as there were no state
an laws to prohibit friendly games in
sti- private homes. Judge Ott decided 25
Lrty in favor of the defendants and it is
rew reported that the city will appeal 27'
on the case to the Supreme court. The
ive decision does not effect public gamb- 25,
.ght ling or open gambling in any respect,
ood only in private homes.
.hat --1
blesi Doing Good Business.
Morris Hyman, who recently
Sopened The Leader, on Columbia
street reports a splendid business
year and has become a Bogalusa booster n
iarg- for good. His opening sale which
ions. was a big success will close Satur- i
$100 day. n
boy Boy Robs Negro.
Virginia Dickson, colored, report
ed to the police that while she was
passing down the road from the
office of the G. S. L Co., toward)
isdis- Columbia street Friday a white
bed- boy grabbed $18 dollars from her.
t the An investigation showed that the
ne in boy had robbed the woman but his
idenity is not known.
cash. No work will be contracted
for unless sufficient money is on
hand with which to meet the bill. I
This is the first time in 5 years that
the Parish has been able to provide
for payment of all bills in advance.
No arrangments have been made,
however to take care of outstanding
warrants, but tentative plans were
discussed for increasing the revenue
of the Parish by voting a bond is
sue or by increasing the assess
iWhich Opens At Frank- i
linton On Thursday,
March 22. Mr
List of assignments for March Mi
Jury term of the 26th. Jud'l Dist.
Court of La., for Washington Parish, M
beginning March 22, 1915. M
No. 2146 State vs Seggie Stephney,
assigned for 1st day Mch 22.
5 No 2749 State vs E. Britt for 1st
day March 22.
No 2738 State vs Eugene Magee for
1st day of March 22.
No 2743 State vs A Craft for 1st
day March 22.
2661 State vs Earl Jenkins and Jim
Davis for 2nd day of March 23rd.' c
2712 State vs Albert Young for 2nd
d day of March 23rd.
2792 State vs Henry Crocket for 2nd r
day of March 23rd
2469 State vs Jesse Hays for 2nd j
day of March 23rd
re 2516 State vs Lillie Lee for 2nd day
;d of March 23rd
Ze 2772 State vs Jesse and Will 'Ra
n- born 2nd day of March 23rd
Id 2771 State vs Tom Woodward for
he 3rd day of March 24th.
at 2511 State vs Albert Garner for 3rd
ed day of March 24th
ly 2609 Louis Kraus vs B, G. O'Brien
)le for 3rd March 24th
2781 State vs J. Bridges for 3rd day
ed March 24kh
ied 2281 Auditor Public Accts vs J. I.
the Waller et al for 3rd day of March
the 24th
1956 Parish School Board vs J. 1,
ite Waller et al for 3rd day March
inm 24th
led 2520 H. H. Kennedy vs First State
is Bank for 4th day March 25th
eal 12740 State vs Siolomon Thomas for
rhe 4th day of March 25th
nb- i2561 J. Leon Pounds vs Sam Sheri
ýect, dan for 4th day March 25th.
A model stock farm, one of the
finest in the South, is to be started
near Bogalusa and a new enter
prise not only promises to give Boga- tl
lusa much publicity but to show a ti
nice return to the investors. it
The articles of incoporation have 1 n
not been filed but two thousand six c
hundred acres of land has been C
purchased and already a large force li
of men are at work fencing the r
property which is located near Isa- C
bell, about 8 miles from Bogalusa on
the Franklinton branch of the N.
0. G. N. The necessary amount
of capital has already been sub
Nothing but registered Herford
cattle will be raised on this farm
and one of the best stock expelts
in the country will have charge'f
it. D. T. Cushing, Assistent Treasurer
of the Great Southern Lumber Co.,
i is said to have been the originator
n of the idea and also a heavy in
t The opening of such a stock farm
will mean much for Bogalusa and
•. surrounding territory and that the
e, proposition will prove a success goes
g without saying as the men who
e are interested in the project usually
le "do things." 4s soon as it is a
s- proven success others will follow
s- their steps and Bogplusawill soon
become an important cattle center.
Milss Burris, Franklinton
Candidate, In FirstPlace
But Three Others Very
Miss Maude Burris,
Franklinton,...... .293,000
Mrs. C. E. Ott,
Bogalusa, .......... 259,550
Miss Ruby Lancaster,
Miss Sadie Levin,
M Bogalusa,......... .220,400
Miss Lola Ratcliffe,
Bogalusa. ......... 102,850
Mrs. J. A. Underwood
Bogalusa............ 94,650
Miss Alta Magee,
Miss Zoe Pope, 0
t Angie,. ....... 15,050
In publishing the standing of the
I candidates in the Enterprise's' big
Circulation contest in this issue, we
want to call the attention of our
d readers to the fact that this stand
ing includes all the votes that the
d contestants had in reserve. Alli
that they can count on now to in
crease their standing, is YOUR:
HELP, so be sure and give thein
that assistance before It is too late.
Although the race for the auto-
tr mobile, Victor Victrola and scholar
Iships is nearly over, plenty of time
rd still remains for any of the eandi
dates to be'in the lead at the finish.,
en About ten days remain ntil it is
all over, and whoever the winners
ay may be, it is a foregone conclusion
that luck has cut no figure in this
I. race, it may be truthftilly said that
ch whoever becomes the owner of that
automobile has rightfully earned it,
I, and fought every inch of the way.
-ch From now on the contest is en
tirely out ofthe hands of the Enter
ate prise or anyone connected with it,
As stated in last week's issue two
for boxes have been placed, one each
at the First State Bank, and fthe
,. Washington Bank & Trust Co., and
(Continued on Page Five)
Concert At YI. . I.A.
The. band concert to be held at
the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion, Thursday March 18th.,promises
to be one of the best entertain
ments of its kind ever held in our
city. For several months the Y.M.
C. A. Concert Band has been Pleet
ing regularly and rehearsing the
music which will be played on thisn
This band is a credit to the "Magic
City" and deserves the support and
encouragement of every citizen.
Those who attend will be helping a a
deserving organization besides re
ceiving the benefits of an evening's i
f The Latest Arrival.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. M. Lavigne are
, the proud parents of a fine teni
r pound boy, who arrived last Satut
" day evening. Mother and baby are
getting along nicely.
d Shot At Hubby.
s Marry Scott, colored, was arrested
o Tuesday charged with shooting at
Ly her friend husband, Lee Scott, near
a Columbia road, Monday night.
wSeveral are reported to haive wit
an nessed the shoot feast but Mary
r.r says she fired no shots .

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