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vi llm la iOAUA sip - AN . TU SA. ...BE 6,11 . itBE II|• H l
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Stumpls. aw Fline ('attle
And Stock And \ onder
ful 'I'ran formnuti on That
llis Taken Place.
Had officials and directors of the
Great Southern Lumber Co., sub
mitted to a vote on which trip they
enjoyed the most during their weeks
stay in Bogalusa, the Enterprise is h
of the opinion that the honors
would have fallen to the Bogue
Chitto Stock farm. Few, if any, of d
the directors have visited this place B
since it was transformed from ao
2600 acre cut over land to one of r
the most modern and the most talk- tl
edof farm in the state. D. T. Cushing,
to whom most credit is due for the
remark2ble progress of the farm and i
the fine stock and equipment on it,
had charge of the party. It requir- e
ed 11 automobiles to carry the
parties to the Bogue Chitto farm.
On the arrival at the farm the cars i
first stopped in the fields where raw C
cut over land was being placed in
cultivation. Here an engine and a
force of men were removing stumps
and logs at the rate of an acre and
a quarter a day It was an inter
esting sight and the crowd remained
for half an hour watching large
stumps being removed by the roots.
Mr. Cushing stated the cost of this
method was a fraction less than
$20.00 per day.
Next the bungalow, which is built
of Yellow Pine, was visited and the
directors were shown a modern far
mer's home with all conveniences.
The fine Herford cattle then attract
ed the attention of the party and
finer cattle was never seen in the
South. Next the Duroc Jersey Hog
department was visited where a
large number of the finest hogs
known were found. Everything for
the health of the hogs was tound on
this section of the farm. Conven
iences were not overlooked, for pat
ented posts had been erected where
by they could scratch themselves to
their hearts content.
Next the grainery and outhouses
were visited and no building was
overlooked and reasons given as to
why it was there and why it wasi
built exactly as it was. Every build
ing had its convenience not foundi
in ordinary farm buildings.
The Registered Herford Bulls, the
Registered Jack and the Percheron
Stallion were viewed by the parties
which pronounced them equal to
any ever seen and there were sev
eral experienced stockmen in the
party. Growing crops of various
kinds, specimens of crops that had
been raised and the concrete silos
attracted much attention.
There was not a single member
in the party that did not thoroughly
enjoy the trip and realize that
what was being done at the Bogue
Chitto farm was the greatest pos
siblething to induce farmers to
come here and locate. And the ex
pression on the faces of the directors
of the Great Southern admitted that
the progress has exceeded their ex
The officers and directors present
Walter P Cooke, Jerry Crarv. Ganson
Depew, Frank H Goodyear, Chas. W
Coodyear, Orlo J Hamlin, Horace H
Redfield. FL Peck Fred A Lehr, W
H Sullivan, and Major Lane S Hart.
Among the guests were, Mesdames
W H Sullivan, and Ganson Depew,
Messrs. C S Moss. EH Rowan L 0
Piersal, JD Browning. J T Rabb, J
B Redhead. B M Miller, M L Weusch
er, Geo. B Wright, Geo. B Wright Jr.,I
G A Townsend, J K Johnson, CR
Howard, D T Cushing, WE Farris,
M J McMahon. WS Hanley, W G I
Dorsey. NI K Pearce. A Mi Cesario.
G. J. Manson and M. D. Crary. Mr.
Cushing wishes to extend to Messrs.
W G Dorsev. MI K Pearce, George
Wright .Jr., and A, M. Cesario,l
his heartfelt thanks, for the use of i
Stheir cars in making the trio.
Will Bie Sent To Iogalusa
People Saturday Or
Bogalusa people are going to
have more Christmas money this
year than ever before and on Satur
day or Monday, the Washington
Bank and Trust Company will mail
out checks to exceed $2000.00 as a
result of the Christmas Club which
they started last Janurary. This
$2000 added to what Bogalusa peo
ple have laied aside to spend dur
in 1 the holidays will make business
exceptionally good.
J. B. Lindsley, president of the
Washington Bank and Trust Co.
stated that he was more than pleas
ed with the success of the first
Christmas Club and that it surpass
ed his expectations. "The Christ
mas Club will give everyone who
carries out the plan plenty of Christ
mas money that comes at a good
time and it also teaches people the
habit of saving and they actually
see their money working for them.
"So successful has our First Christ
mas Club been that we propose to
start another shortly after the first
of the year and we expect that it
will even surpass the record made
by the 1915."
Santa Claus was swamped with
letters from the good little boys and
girls of Bogalosa which were sent
in care of the Enterprise. In fact
there were so many leters that he
was unable to read all of them and
as a result he announces that it
will be impossible to publish them
, this week, but that they will appear
in next weeks issue of the Enter
0 prise. He desires to request that
all these children who have written
- to him through the Enterprise, to
d be sure and be at the Y. M. C. A.,
on Christmas eve.
n B. H. S. Lterary Society
o! Friday Dec. 10 at 3 o'clock the
. IBogalusa High School assembled in
e the auditorium, which was very
is beautiful decorated with evergreen's
d and cut flowers. The purpose of
s the meeting was to render the
regular monthly program which
r consisted of the following numbers;
y Song High School.
3t Debate:- Resolved that:- "The U.
e S. Did not make a mistake in the
. Loan of One Half Million Dollars to
o France."
. Aftf:- Robert Collins Neg Verna
rs Ratcliff,
st Frank Sullivan, Ethel Overstreet
K- Folk Lore Story Dorothy Mullings
Piano Duet Margery Beall
it Mattie Lea Watson
High School paper Jeanette Pierce
SViolin Solo Willie Heslin, ace.,
H by Irene Heslin.
SEach number was duly enjoyed by
t. everyone present and especially the
es closing address given by Prof. J. F.
w. Peters,.was an interesting feature.
SEntertain For Guest
R Mrs. A. S. Anderson entertained
. a large crowd of young folks at her
0, home Thursday night in honor of
r. her guest Miss Ethel Anderson, of
s. Covington. Dancing was the prin
ie cipal pastime, music being furnish
of ed by a string band. Dainty re
i treshments were served.
Above is shown the officers and directors of the Great Southern Lumber Company and their guests
which was taken last week while on an inspection trip.
From left to right; Top Row. Ganson Depew, Major L S Hart. Bottom Row W H Sullivan, M
D Crary, M L Wuescher, Horace Redfield, Orlo Hamlin, F A Lehr, James Whalen, Chas I .lames, F L Peck,
Mrs Ganson Depew. Wa't r P Cooke, Jerry Crary, Frank H Goodyear, W S Hanley, J H Cassidy, G J Manson
and D T Chushing
Ruffian G. Pleasant, candidate
for Governor will come to Bogalusa
week after next for a two days
soeaking campaign when all Darts
of the Parish will be visited. Other
prominent speakers will accompany
Mr. Pleasant. Following is the
Rio School House, 9:45 a. m..
Monday, Dec. 27th, 1915.
Isabel School House, 11:00 a. m.,
Monday, Dec. 27th, 1915.
Enon School House, 12:00 noon,
Monday, Dec. 27th, 1915.
Mt. Herman School House, 2:30
p. m., Monday, Dec. 27th, 1915.
h Sunny Hill School House, 4:00 p.
d m., Monday, Dec. 27th, 1915.
Franklinton Courthouse, 7:30 p.
t m., Monday. Dec. 27th, 1915.
Hackley School House, 10:00 a,
d m., Tuesday, Dec. 28th, 1915.
Pine School House, 12:00 noon,
Tuesday, Dec. 28th 1915.
Angie School House, 2.30 p. m.,
Tuesday, Dec. 28th, 1915.
Varnado School House, 4.00 p. m.
Tuesday, Dec. 28th, 1915.
to Bogalusa Y M C. A., 8.00 p. m.,
STuesday, Dec. 28th, 1915.
in The Magic City Theatre start
Y their holiday attractions this evening
s and judging from the several fine
I shows that will appear at this popular
ie playhouse during the next week
-h all records will be broken from a
s: standpoint of high class shows..
)l. Tonight the great picture "A
U. Message From Mars," will be pre
ie sented under the auspices of the
to Woodmen of the World, It is said
to be one of the greatest pictures of
aa its kind ever produced.
Friday night the big musical
et comedy, with a pretty chorus that
gs can sing and comedians that will
more than surpass your expecta
tions, "Henpecked Henry" will ap
ce pear. This is the first time that a
c., big road show has visited Bogalusa.
The company is the same that
)y played at the Crescent Theater in
be New Orleans last week and more
F. than gave satisfaction. Reserved
e. seats can be secured at the Magic
City box office any hour during the
day. Indications are that the com
pany will play to S. R. 0. For the
ed remainder of this week and the first
er of next week, extra fine pictures
of will be presented. For complete
of program see page 2 of this issue.
h- Hunter Mills left Monday to
'e spend Christmas with his parents
at Medina, Tenn.
Did Not Ilave An Idle Min
ute During Their Stay
In The Magic City
The annual meeting of the direct
ors of the Great , Southern Lumber
Co., which was held last week will
go down as the most enjoyable
gathering of the directors since the
organization of the company. The
, entlemen remained in Bogalusa for
a week and during the entire visit
D they did not have an idle minute.
Side trips to the various enterprises
. were made, nothing was left undone
for their pleasure and comfort and
. there was something new and inter
esting for them to see. Visits were
made to the Shore Line, the Bogue
Chitto Stock Farni, the Columbia
, camp, the Bogue Chitto lines and all
parts of Bogalusa were visited.
The officials expressed themselves
as being greatly pleased with the
. appearance of the Magic City and
they also commented on its growth.
., Gen. Mgr.. Sullivan proved to be
as caDable an entertainer as he is in
running the Worlds Greatest Lum
ber Mill.
Masons Elect Officers
At a meeting of Centere Lodge
rt No. 244 F & A M the following offi
1 cers were elected. W M Jno C Lee,
e Senior Warden. DeWitt Richardson,
r IJunior Warden, A N Dobbs. Treas.,
kD W Richardson, Secy., L C Denny
a Senior Deacon, L D Burke, Junior
Deacon, B B Schwartz. Master of
A Ceremonies. A F Ramser. Tyler, A
' A Sumrall, Chaplin, F L Scott.
id Coming Home for Holidays
Miss Elizabeth Sullivan daughter
of Mayor and Mrs W H Sullivan,
who is attending school at Philadel
phia and Miss Sarah Ellen and J
a- Snellings Pearce, who are attending
~ school in Georgia, will arrive home
a in a few days to spend the Holidays
a. with homefolks.
in Public lastllatioe
ic Centre Lodge No 244, F & AM
ee will have a public installation of
g. the newly elected officers Monday
ie December 27th at 8 o'clock P M to
st which the public is cordially invit
eS ed. Refreshments will be served
te and a pleasant time assured all.
MB Richardson, candidate for
to Representative, has been spending
ts the week in.Fifth Ward in the in
terest of his candidacy.
The Bogalusa schools will close si
on next Wednesday evening for the
holidays and the pupils will be
given a 10 days vacation. Next
Wednesday will close the first term
which has been one of the most
successful in the history of the city.
Some of the teachers will spend
the holidays at home, while the T
remainder will remain in Bogalusa. h
Prof. Peters goes to attend the state
meeting of principals which will be
r held in New Orleans and he is on
t the program for two addresses
- ti
I want to congratulate you on and
i thank you very heartily for the fine
1 condition of the City, in front of
I. your property, while our visitors
s were here. n
e Everybody was impressed with c
1 the good order and cleanliness of the n
i. City, and this reflects credit not i
e only on the citizens, but also on the a
a officials of the city. I
I want you to know that our a
visitors have in mind the erection l
of a plant sometime during the year C
1916 to use some of the waste from I
the mill. A little later, as the plans C
e develop, I will keep you advised; s
- but from my standpoint the outlook
for the city of Bogalusa for 1916
and for future years is becoming
more encouraging.
Yours very truly,
W. H. Sullivan.
k Hattaway Child Dead
Willie Hattaway, only child of
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hattaway of I
Meridian, Miss., died here in the 1
hospital Monday Dec. 6th. Little
Willie was taken sick while visiting
Ihis grand-parents in Richardson
town. The remains was taken to
g Oloh, Miss., Wednesday for burial.
ie 4
s UIuIal Weather
Bogalusa is still enjoving unusu
ally warm weather, in fact the
weather is so warm that a large
j number of citizens have contracted
Sa cold.
to Ladies Thaik All
d The Ladies Aid Society of the
Presbyterian Church desire to thank
those who assisted in making their
r Bazaar such a great success.
n- Ernest Ledoux of Bush, spent
Sunday mn Bogalusa,.
• f - * :.
I'ollowini Which A Smok
er Was IIeld At The
Pine Tree Inn
The installation of officers of
Bogalusa Council No. 1819, Knights
of Columbus, Sunday afternoon.
December 12th, by District Deputy
W. J. Schriever. assisted by W. J.
Wall. Warden of New Orleans Coun
cil No. 714, was very interesting
and impressive. The officers in
stalled were: Past Grand Knight.
W, S. Hanlev: Grand Knight, W. A.
DePhillips; Deputy Grand Knight,
Frank Taaffe; Chancellor, 0. H.
Engerran; Recorder, A. E. Aycock;
Financial Secreta'v, 0. J. Richard:
Treasurer, W. S. Gardiner; Lecturer,
P. O. LeBlanc; Advocate, J. E. Guid
rv; Warden, R. J. Molony; Inner
:s Guard, R. J. Foret: Outer Guard,
E. R. Belton; Trustees, E. R. Cassidy
J. 0. LeBlanc, Jr., and F. J. Walsh;
k Chaplin, Rev. John Burger.
n Following the installation, an in
formal luncheon and smoker was
held at the Pine Tree Inn in honor
of the visiting Knights.
I During the course of the evening
S plans for the future were discussed
by members of the local Council,
and, from all accounts, there is con
e siderable in store for the Council.
Ne New K. Of P. Officers.
At a meeting of the Knights of
Pythias held last Thursday evening
' the officers for the ensueing year
were elected.
The installation of officers will be
held one week from tonight. Fol
lowing are the new new officers.
Geo. Schrimpf, C. C.; B. R. Rainey,
V. C.; G. D, Lagard, P.; C. E. Eli*
ton, M. of W.; E. W. Seldner, K. of R.
and S. and M. of F.; W. H. Jennings,
M. of E.; J. J. Rogers, M. of A,;
Frank Bourgois, I. G., R. L Robinson,
0. G.; Frank Bourgeous, Representa
tive; C. E. Petrie, Alternate.
ie After Silver Medal
of -
ors The High School boys held a field
meeting Friday afternoon to select
th candidates to compete for the silver
he medal which will be awarded by the
ot imes Picayune. All students who
be attain 4 ft,, 4 inches in a running
high jump and 220 yards within 27
ur seconds are elgible for the contest,
n Harold Ball, Hobson Williams,. F,
ar Gaynet, Virgil Underwood, R Coilins,
m Bebe Yeager, )allas Springs, D
ns Gilmer and C Tisdale were the
Sd;successful candidates.
16 Eastern Star Elects Officers
The election of the officers of the
Order of Eastern Star was held
Monday evening when the follow
ing officers were elected: W M
Mrs J I Waller, MP Mrs CE Ott,
Associate Matron Mrs Jno C Lee,
of Treas Miss Cordelia Kent, Secty
of Miss Eulah Collins, Conductoress
:he Mrs J M McCabe, Associate Con
tle ductoress Mrs J N Ball.
Rn- oval Arch Officers
i Royal Arch Chapter No. 8l'elect
ed the following officers for the
ensueing year at a meeting held
last Thursday evening. H P, P E
su- Welch, King J A Wadsworth, Scribe
the WM Babington, C H. L 0 Taylor,
rge Treas., C Ellis Ott, Secy., K I Bean.
ted ,
Manyu Divided Checks
A. N. Dobbs of the IBo.alusa
Building and Loan Association has
the been busy the past few days send
ink mg out dividend checks tostock
leir holders of that companv. A divi
dendof 5 percent was paid, the
second one of that size this ,yer
ent The checks will reach the stockL
I holders during the next few days

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