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---  -- i U i BEiii 6
3A lrillianit ivcnt
e rd Large Crowd Wit
nessed (eremony"
t Followed And l'esti
1itiee Continued Until
Te first Hebrew wedding in the
of Bogalusa was solomized
Sunday afternoon at 2:30 when
,U. Warnick and Miss Sadie
- were united in holy wedlock.
ceremony was preforried at the'
of the brides sister, Mrs. M.
on Columbia street, Rabbi
tein of New Orleans officiating.
is said to have been the
ýgst crowd attending a wedding
0ogalusa was present and a large
her were unable to gain admit
to the room where the cere
y was preformed.
With Mrs. Lionel Gremillion play
a beautiful wedding march the
aing party, accompanied by
, and Mrs. M. Marx and Mr. and
Berenson, took a position
the canopy where the im
ve ceremony were preformed.
'allowing the ceremony and con
dtios, the guest were ushered
the M. Marx store which had
turned into a banquet hall,
a wedding feast was served.
dinner was another feature of
wedding that will be long re
. The tables were loaded
delicacies of the season and
to please anyone were serv
During the dinner the Jewish
were observed and it was
wy making scene that will be
Following the dinner a large
of the out of town guests C
taken over the city in motor
while others rerurned to the t
home where dancing was
Sthe evening a reception and F
e was held at the Marx home,
l'ci was attended by a large
nier of Bogalusa citizens. i
The bride is one of the best -
~lown ladies in Washington Parish.
haing resided here a number of
ters. Sheis a sister of Mrs. M.
in, Mrs. H. Greenberg and Na
a Levin. By her affable disposi
Ati and pleasing personality she
\5won the friendship of whom t]
rolme in contact with her. The E
oonm came to Bogalusa several
months ago from New York city.
aI is a successful business lrian
ada cousin to Meyer and Aleck s
esonn the well known Columnbia fi
Street and Baton R,uie m1errc!ants. e
mrinlg his stay i!n B, '. he ha> ti
bade a large nu!ther iu ri>te: .
Thecouple I:ft ITu.: 1 (,r a
hileymoon w;hiiih \iil take the ei
toseveral southprnl itic, inn.!udi(ii tl
I visit with their c(,'uHil. \r. ar d e:
Mrs. Berenson of Bt~,n ,),e. p,
Tev will return to Bt)alut a ld be tr
'home to friends after March i.
SThe bride received many beauti
Il and useful gifts including a Ii
_dsome seven piece bedroom a
.ite, chests of silver, many pieces
0 1t glass and other articles and I
required one room to display
The out of town guests were:
Leon Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. Meyer
german, Misses Ione and Julia
:aenan, Dave Singerman. Mr. d
dMrs Harry B Chaplan. Mrs. S. I P
.plan, Mlisses Molly and Rachel st
%plin, Mr. and Mrs. S. Grodskv A
ison, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sud
SA.w T. Katz. Morris Usoeth. Mrs. ir
Greenwood, . Mrs. S. Cohen, H.I C
ricf Mrs S. Katz, Miss Hilda am
SMiss Mlolly Kancher, Mrs. S.
%ins, Misses Rachiel and Sarah of
 J.el, Charles Schwartz. Joseph dI
erl, Miss F Abrams. of New Or-d
hIs Mrs. N Wahlder of Alexandria, "
3dMrs. E. Berenson arid daudh: es
of laton Rouge. t
;Mouton and Claiborne Running Close Race; Bailey Wins For Secretary of
State, Steele For Auditor, Hunisicker For State Treasurer,
Coco For Attorney General, Grace Re-elected
and Harry Wilson Wins In Walk
Assessor Magee Is Eliminated For the Second Race By Byrd and Morris---Thigpen Has Large
Majority Over All---Bennet Defeats Richardson and Run-Off For
Sheriff To Be Between Bateman and Simmons.
e A message from New Orleans to
the Enterprise Wednesday afternoon
at 3 o'clock stated that Pleasant
would sweep the state by a majority
of not less than 35,000 and that this
hour Barret had carried only one
Parish, that of St. John. Pleasant
carried New Orleans by 25,000
In the race for Lieut. Gov., the
race is very close, both Mouton and
Claiborne running neck and neck.
In New Orleans Mouton received
12,000 votes and Claiborne 10,000.
In other parts of the state the race
was almost as close and it is be
lieved that it will require an official
count to decide this race.
James J. Bailey has been elected
to the office of Secretary of the
State by a safe plurality, while 0.
B. Steele has won over Capdeville
for the office of State Auditor.
Hunsicker has won over Robert
Collins for State Treasurer and Coco
has easily defeated Millsaps for
Attorney General.
Fred J. Grace will be returned to
the Register of Land office while the
election of Harry D. Wilson is like
wise certain.
In this parish, with three pre
cincts to hear from, Col. Pleasant
has a majority of 389. The three
to report are Isabel, Varnado and
Filiah. It is believed that they
will increase the maiority of Col.
Pleasant to over 425.
The complete and official figures
in the sheriffs race are as follows:
There is scarcely a week passes
that something is not done at the
Bogue Chitto Stock Farm to main
tain their reputation as the finest
and most progressive farm in the i
state. On Monday 41 more head of
fine Angora goats were received bye
express from New 'dexicu. True to
their policy of buy:inH.1 only the best
Mtock, these ::.,t are considered'
eual to, on in, t,i co,:ntrv. When
they art shelred te:t April it is
expec'ed that they wilJ yield 4
1pounds to to the head. They are at
tractive animals and appear to
krnow that they have no superiors,.
Improvements continue at the farm
among which is the planting of
1000 orange trees.
A Correction
All games in the Y. M. C. A., In- I
dustrial Basket Ball League will be
played every Tuesday evening in
stead of Friday as was announced.
Also that Geo. R. Wright will be
managter for the La. Fibre Board
Co. instead of Paul LeBlane as was
K. I. Bean has been elected as
official referee of the Y. M. C. A. In
dustrial Basket Ball League and he t
was seen in action last Friday i
evening when the big league opened I
the same.
Bateman 340
Brown 193
Keaton 241
Roberts 104
Sheridan 246
Simmons 649
Strattman 248
This vote will result in a second
primary being run between Sheriff
Simmons and J. E. Bateman, both
of Franklinton.
The complete Parish vote for
Representative showed that T. E.
Bennet of Franklinton, was an easy
winner over M. B. Richardson of
Bogalusa. The official vote is as
T. E. Bennett 1103
M. B. Richardson 766
With two precincts missing M.
A. Thigpen, the present Clerk of
Court, has been re-elected in the
first primary. The official vote,
with two precincts missing, show
the vote to be as follows:
Robert Babington 252
D. N. Magee 233
M. A. Thigpen 1027
C. C. Welch 262
With all precincts heard from
Assessor G. W. Magee has been
eliminated from the second primary
which will be run between J. M
Byrd and S. E. Morris. The official
vote is:
J. M. Byrd 5861
G. W. Magee 543
S. E. Morris 666
C. L. Varnado 155
Entertains Bridge Club
Mrs. A. E. Aycock delightfully
entertained the Bridge Club Tues
day afternoon at her home on Cum
berland St.
Those present were Mesdames
M. B. Bergeron, W. D. Schaffer, E. 1
R. Berton, J. C. Griffith, 0. J. Rich- I
ard, J. D. Borg. E. A. Bennings and..
C.E. Percy. Guests of the club
were Miss Alva Wright of Houina.
and Mesdames Leslie Roberts, J H.
Slaughter and Clyde S: 'Muss.
Mrs. O. J. Richard won firnt prime,
Mrs. C. F. Percy second and Mrs. J.
I!. Slaughter the guest prize.
Delicious refreshments were serv
ed by the hostess at the conclusion
of the games.
Attended Pleasant neetiang
A. N. Dobbs and M. K. Pearce,(
two of Washington Parish's most
enthusiastic Pleasant suoporters,
attended the big meeting which I
was held in New Orleans Saturday I
night, when it was estimated that
there were 10,000 in the parade.
They acted as vice presidents at
the meeting which was held the
Meetings On Tuesday
The regular monthly session of
the Commission Council will be I
held next Tuesday afternoon. The i
Police Jury will also meet in regu- i
lar session on the same day. I
With one precincts missing Dr.
J. L. Brock of Franklinton has a
slight lead over Dr. J E. Pierce of
Bogalusa. The official vote is
Aiford 262
J. L. Brock 819
J. E. Pierce 638
While official reports are lacking
reports are that Delos R. Johnson
candidate for State Senate run
ahead of the Parish and state ticket
in almost every box in the parish,
Scattering reports from all parts of
the district show that he has been
elected by a large majority.
Following is the complete and
semi official vote of the two pre
cincts in the city of Bogalusa, for
both Parish and State offices:
T. E. Bennett 180
M. B. Richardson 422
J. E. Bateman 67
L. A. Brown 11
R. E. Keaton 158
J. 0. Roberts 7
E. D. Sheridan 23
T. J. Simmons 219
0. C. Strattman 136
Robert Babington 136
D. N. Magee 73
M. A. Thigpen 350
C. C. Welch 37
I J. M. Byrd 285
G. W. Magee 104
S. E. Morris 199
C. L. Varnado 75
Sept. Agnew Coming
Miss Lessie Rowan, the Probation
officer, has received a message from
Supt., Agnew of New Orleans stating
that he will visit Bogalusa about
the middle of next month. At this
time it is hoped that a Society for
the Prevention of Curelty to Child
ren will be organized. Every moth
er and woman in Bogalusa is not
only invited but requested to take'
an active part in this great work.
Complete (ietai!s and deftinate date
will appear latter
Geo. Persell Dead
Geo. Persell. age 72 years and a
resident of Hattiesburg Miss.. died
at the home of his son, G. T. Persell,
on Ave., C Saturday morning. The
deceased came here just before
Christmas to make a visit with his
son. He became ill last Thursday
and the end came peacefully, death
being due to heart trouble. The re
mains were shipped to Hattiesburg
where funeral services were held
Chesterman ,loves Next Week
The jewelry store of Tom Chester
man, which has been located in the
Bogalusa Stores Co., building, will
be removed to Lears Drug Store in
North Bogalusa the early part of 1
next week. Mr. Chesterman will
increase his stock which already has
been a credit to Bogalusa. 4
0. W. Alford 145
J. L. Brock 199
J. E. Pierce 360
Barret 169
Pleasant 381
Burke 47
Claiborne 308
Vergne 18
Fontenot 57
Mouton 102
Bailey 249
Everett 172
Smith 103
Cardeville 196
Steele 268
Collins 293
Hunsicker 204
Coco 253
Millsaos 247
Dunbar 225
Glisson 58
Grace 223
Lea 52
Boney 90
Bruner 91
Wilson 387
Pearl River High
Pearl River is on its usual winter
rampage and Sunday the stream
was bank full at the highest places,
while in lower places it was flowing
over the embankment. The rise
having been announced no loss of
stock is reported. A number of
citizens went to the ferry Sunday
and found the river up to the foot
of the bridge at Peter's lake and in
dication that it would yet reach a
higher stage.
Judge Lancaster Home
Judge Jos. B. Lancaster returned
Saturday night from New Orleans,
where he spent the last three weeks
having undergone a serious opera
tion at the Hotel Dieu. Judge Lan
caster is on the road to recovery,
much to the delight of his many
friends, and it will be but a short
time when he will be at his post of
duty.-St. Tammany Farmer.
Has Many Friends Here
Hon. F. R. Birdsall is spoken of
as Secretary-Treasurer of the Yazoo
Mississippi Levee Board. If Governor
Bilbo wants a strictly business man
on the job. he cannot do better
than appoint Mr. Birdsall. He is
also an ardent supporter of the
newly elected Governor.-Winston
County Journal.
And (ontainer Board Will
Be Made Within The
Next Few Days
And Bogalusa's Million
Dollar Mill Run Full
The Louisiana Fibre Boa d Co.
will begin the operation of their
million dollar plant some time dur
ing the coming week. For the past
few days the pulp department has
been working in perfect condition
and just as soon as enough pulp is
on-hand to start making the con
tainer board the other department
of the mill will also begin operation.
It is estimated that a run of seven
to ten days of the pulp department
will be required before the work
starts in the other department. The
pulp made from yellow pine is said
to be unexcelled and the machinery
is working perfectly.
Gen. Mgr. Wood who left Satur
day for Havana, is expected to
return to Bogalusa the early part of
next week and will remain for a
few days to see the mill making the
container board.
The mill represents an invest
ment of about one million dollars
and will give steady employment
to 200 or more men. The demand
for the product is good and indica
tions point to the fact that the mill
will not only be kept running full
blast but they will' be unable to
keep up with their orders. It is
stated that the first mon&'s output
has already been sold.
Meeting Will Be fHeld At
Pine Tree Inn At An
Early Date
Bogalusa is soon to have a lodge
of Elks and active work will start
within the next few days to organ
ize the lodge. There are already a
score of Elks in Bogalusa, belonging
to lodges through the country, and
the first step towards securing the
lodge will be a meeting of these
Elks. The meeting will will be held
at the Pine Tree Inn and if possible,
District Deputy Herman Michel, of
New Orleans, will attend the meet
ing. Those who are members of the
order are requested to send their
names and the lodge to which they
belonw to Clyde S. Moss at the
Enterprise office at once. The social
and charity features of this organ
ization are to well known to require
any comment and it is believed that
the Bogalusa lodge, when organized,
will be a credit to the organization.
Several plans and important
matters will be discussed at the first
meeting and it is important that all
Elks be present.
Pine Tree lasI Dance
The complimentary dance given by
the Pine Tree Inn Saturday evening
was in keeping with the standard
set by Mr. Eaux since he became
manager aid as a result it was one
of the most enjoyable events in the
history of Bogalusa. Mr. and Mrs.
G. A. Townsend lead the Grand
March, which was pronounced as
one of the best ever witnessed here.
Music was furnished by Faber's
Orchestra. Besides a large number
of Bogalusa people in attendance,
there were several out of town

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