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Asember ()f The Police
Jury from The Fourth
e Other Matters Then ('anne
Before Parish Fathers
On Tuesday
II EKeaton. who for the past Ext
ight years has represented this
ward on the Police Jury, tendered
his rsignation at the regular meet
ig beld Tuesday. Mr. Keaton did
. tcare to discuss his reason for M
ning but when pressed for a
statement said:
"For almost 8 years I have re
psented the citizens of this ward Bul
authe police jury. It is a known Sat
fact that any man who serves on the ing
jury makes a sacrifice to his per- Cit
Ssoalaffairs. For these eight I an
tried to please every citizen of the me
ward, made a big sacrafice to my ne
personal affairs and I do not feel for
that the vote I received in the cal
priaary, m the race for sheriff last rite
week, was the proper endorsement as
that I was entitled to by the citizens ev
of logalusa. I received votes of
aome of the best people in the city, the
*fwhich I am truly grateful, but in
Mview of the total vote I do not se
ti why I should continue to make
ucrafces that are not appreciated. un
You may also state that I will never for
-: in be a candidate for any office th
SO n Washington Parish." en
At the meeting Tuesday the police
jury decided that the cost of bui'd
Sia the bridge at Isabel would be in
the neighborhood of $4500 and they
decided that traffic would not war- de
rant the expenditure and it wa, hE
decided to operate a ferry. so
The question of finance was dis- a
cassed and it was finally decided to m
borrow only enough money to ec
; operate the affairs of the Parish for tc
three months at a time. In this w
manner the interest would be less gi
and if less money was required an
additional amount would be saved. L
SSeveral monthly reports were a
Smade, minor repairs on culverts
were ordered and the batch of claims
were presented.
Secretary Banister was unable to
attend the meeting as he is reported t
to be seriously ill in New Orleans. a
Improvements that will cost t
$1i000 and at the s:ime tiTe give
Bogalusa a imotion pic(ture house t
that will be a credit to the city I
il(he started today, ll, xea'"er
Ipermitting. Opera chairs will be
installed, the interior will be finish
: d with beaver board, additional
deetric fans will be installed, the
building will be painted and it is
safe to oedict that it will he one of
the most modern little theatres in
the state.
Paying Death Claim
J. B. Purvis, Jr., during the past
fewdays has settled two death
claims for the N,,w York Life, which
b represents. One was for $1000
to rs. W. E. Belleisle for the death
:4f her husband. Mrs. Belleisle did
:,otknow that the policy of her
Uiband was in force but the term
,"tension secured the full face of
ie Policy for her. The other
Was for Mrs. Geo. R. King. The
Policy called for $4000 and the
Sdividends amounted to $814.15,
"taking a total of $4.814.15.
j~ -t
t Extensive improvements have just been completed at the plant and pule was made last week, Work will
s start in the container board department in a few days and will be one of the busiest scenes in the state.
d! There is a great demand for their product, Two hundred or more i:.en will be given employment at this
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. McNeil, of
Buffalo, N. Y., arrived in Bogalusa val
Saturday afternoon and are spend- th,
ing their honeymoon in the Magic
City as the guest of Mayor Sullivan Bo
[ and family. The bride was for- pe1
merly. Miss Florence Sullivan, =
neice of Mayor Sullivan. She has ev`
I formerly visited this city and te- pa
e came one of Bogalusa's most favo- co
t rite visitors. On previous occasions. m
t as well as this visit, many society
s events were held in her honor.
f The groom, Mr. McNeil, is one of wi
, the most successful lumber dealers gi'
in Buffalo and is well known to la
t several Bogalusa citizens. se
e They will remain in Bogalusa to
1. until Saturday when they will leave
,r for home, going via New York over p
:e the Palatial steamer of the South- p1
ern Pacific. gi
Webster Returs to City
Chas. Webster, the local estate
r- dealer, who for the past two months A
i" has been at St. Louis, where he wasS
superintending the work of raising aS
s- a barge with a cargo that ran into;q
to many thousand dodlars, has return-ýd
to ed to the Magic City. He expected,
or to have the barge lifted in two ri
is weeks but the raise in the river "
ss greatly interfered with work. Mr. b
In Webster reports the gauge at St.
d. Louis, when he left Monday, shows
a thirty foot raise.
re i
rts - i
ns Fight Dissapointing
to The much heralded scrap be
ed tween Fred Fulton and Porky Flynn
at New Orleans last Friday night
was a dissapointment as Fulton did
not show the speed that had been
touted. Flynn went the entire 20
E rounds but the decision was given to
Fulton. Fulton promised to stop
Flynn in less than 15 rounds. As
s t a result of the fight there is little
ive chance of Fultoni being matched for
ise the heavyweight light with Cham
itv pion Willard.
be; Brookhaven Folkh Thirsty
nal The Clerks of the Courts through
the out Mississippi have been asked to
tis furnish the legislature the number
i of packages of liquor known to
inhave been shipped into each county
during the past year and Clerk
Smith at Brookhaven reported that
the rm3idents of that city received a
total of 6,610 packages and the
total shiiments into the county
ath was 8516.
000 To Give Dance
did What is planned to be one of the
her finest balls ever given in Bogalusa
erm will be at the Pine Tree Inn on the
of evening of Feb. 11 when the Young
ther Men of Bogalusa will entertain their
The friends. Much expense has been
the gone to, the orchestra having been
4.15. secured from Donaldsonville. Ad
mission will be by invitation only.
Bogalusa people who enjoy good
vaudeville will be uleased to know L
that the Olympic Co., will arrive in
Bogalusa on Monday and wi!l ap- t
pear at the Magic City The.,ter on
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
evenings" of next week. The con- t
pany consists of seven people and -
comes highly recommended to the
management of the local play
house. Farce comedy, singing.
dancing and black face comediaL:s
will be featured. The show will be
given in connection with the reg.:
lar program. There being no re
served seats the public is advised
to be on hand early if you expecta
good seat. The price of admission
will be IS and 35 cents. A com
plete change of program wi;l be
I given each night.
Was Seriously Ill
Chas. E. Petrie. editor of The
s Americar, was in a critical condition
! Sunday night from the effects of an
acute case or indigestion and it re
o;quired several hours work by the
.doctors before he was pronounced
S!.out of danger and the intense pain
orelieved. He is reported as resting
well and slowly recovering and will
r be several days before he can re
suine his duties.
e Col. Wright is known to a large number of Bogalusa citizens and
a has made friends with everyone who has come into contact him. It is
e due in no small measure to the efforts of Mr. Wright that the paper
g mill has started again. He overca.ne obstacles and conditions that at
it times seemed insurmounrab!e.
,n Col. % right is a gentleman that p.sesses a most loveable personality
n and by his congenial m: nners has m ade life-lon;, friends with many in
- 1this state, who would be delightet to have him make his home here in
a hstead of the "Windy Cit, "
y. stead of tL- "W\ialdy Cit. "
- p
Starting next Sunday Re%. Albert v
Biever S. J.. will begin a Mission at a
lie Annunciatioo churc on Ave B S
that will con:inue for one week.
Father Biever is known as one of the
most able and eloquent priests of C
the South and much interest is being
taken in the approaching event.
Services will be held each evening
during the week and sermons that
will appeal to the people of Bogalusa
have been announced. The topic
for thie first sermon will be "Bog
alusa and the Mission."
Frank Rowell Returns
, Frank Rowell. the well known and
- popular manager of the Colonial
e Creosoting Co, who left Bogalusa
several months for a visit with home
folks in Louisville has returned to
idogalusa and is at his post again.
i iriwg ,is visit he be-ame ill which
idelayed his return here several
weeks. His many friends will be
. pleased to know that he has entirely
Occu;ies r.ew Sme
g' P. McCarty. who several months
il ago purchase. the home which was
e- ;occu:)ied by A. D. Lear and family,
i has ,noed into ,he house.
Police May Have Watch Sout
(locks, Census To Be first
Retaken, Reports Are Grea
Read, Other Matters a fa,
Were Disposed Of At Reg- Ti
ular Monthly Meeting clocl
The police force of Bogalusa may and
soon be seen with watch clocks. finat
You may have to wear a few days next
growth of beard on Sunday in case
you do not get shaved each Satur- T
day. lusa
Bogalusa has an opportunity of visii
securing a home of the Louisiana that
Children.s Home Society. cog
The finances of the city are in WaW
good shape. 'is n
The employment of men on the and
police force and other departments as s
t without taking the civil service ex- invi
ýt amination has been brought to a
B sudden halt.
The schools of the city are con- city
gested, but no worse than other anc
cities of this size in the state. Net
The census will be retaken so Bol
that they can be filed and recorded Tot
in the census department at Wash
at ington.
. Bogalusa is to become a Spotless er
i Town.
g, The Board of Control of the water an
works and sewer system has been
announced in case the city takes an'
them over as well as other things mE
were brought before the Commis
sion Council Tuesday afternoon, cel
It was one of the busiest sessions wa
ial the Council has had for some time lug
sa and they were kept busy to dispose,th;
ne of everything that came before the me
to meeting. A Mr. Wolf, representing Ido
in the Louisiana Childrens Home So
ciety, appeared.before the Council
ral to tell of the success of the home
be at Jennings, and that if they could
ysecure a site and building material
in Bogalusa that they would most be
likely erect one here to be known O
as the East Louisiana Division. This w'
home finds neglected children and ar
ths 'later locates a good home for them. so
ias No official action was taken in the cc
ily, matter.
Wants larger Quarters.
The Columbia Street Fire Depart
ment was represented at the meet
ing by a committee composed of g(
Messrs. Joseph, Marx and Levert to in
ask for an enlargement of the Ire N
house, due to the fact that they are a
purchasing more equipment. An a
expenditure not to exceed $75 was
Wants a l.iccnse.
One man appeared before the
Council. wanting information as to
why he could not get a near beer
license, stating that he has the sign
atures of a majority of the people in h
that vicinity. Commissioner Dorsey t
said that he held the application up i
pendinl the signature of other citi- c
zens but that he wanted to go on t
record as saying that he was oppos- s
ed to ,rantiXn a \icenrse to a near c
Ibeer establishment that was too )
close to a church. He stated that C
Sif the law was on the side of the
applicant and that he was wrong
that he would see that the license I
was issued at once.
Wants Barbers to Rest
A petition was presented by Mr. I
McCbrmick, bearing the signatures
of owners of five barber shops, as
well as the workmen, asking that a
Sunday closing law be passed. He I
stated that some shops were forced
to keep open against their wishes
when other shops operated on the
Sabbath. His petition received the
an aporoval of the Council and official
It is action will be taken soon.
tperI Traffic on Fourth Street
t at Announcemnent was made that an
Saverage of 3000 teams a day pass
ality Fourth street and that the road was
y in in a bad condition. Mayor Sullivan
in- stated that he has asked for author
ity of the officials of the Great
Southern Lumber Co. to build a.
first-class road from Ave. B to Co
lumbia street at the expense of the
Great Southern and that he expects
a favorable reply.
Watch ('locks for Policemen
The question of placing watch
clocks on members of the day and
night police force was discussed
and it was decided to get an esti
mate on the cost of the clocks and
final action will be taken at the
next meeting.
To Retake Census
The census of the City of Boga
lusa will be taken under the super
vision of a government official so
that Bogalusa will .get official re
cognition at the Census Bureau at
Washington. Bogalusa at present
is not shown in the census record
and the retaking of the population.
sas suggested, was considered a good
a Spotless Town
Mayor Sullivan instructed the
. city attorney to prepare an ordin
ance similiar to the one passed in
New Orleans a few days ago, so that c
o Bogalusa would become a Spotless
d Town.
Board of Control
The Board of Control of the wat
er works and sewer system, in case
it was taken over by the city was
announced. The committee con
sists of fourteen well known citizens .
and will be re-lead at the mass
meeting tomorrow night.
Publish Report
s The financial report, showing re
ceipts and expenditures of the city,.
was ordered published in both Boga
ie lusa papers. It was also suggested,
se that the minutes of the regular
ie meetings be published in full, as
ig done in other cities.
Repairs Completed
ial The extensive repairs which have
)st been in progress at the plant of the,
,n Ozone Ice Co.,.were completed thise
ris week. Each January several days
nd are devoted in making all repairs
m. so that the plant will be in perfect
he condition for the summer months.
Goes lnto Bankruptcy
et- Jno. F. Cole Jr,, of this city, has
of gone into bankruptcy. The meet,
to ing of the creditors will be held at
re New Orleans on Feb. 9th. The
are amount of the libalities and assets
An i are not given.
n.- ~A step tnward nation-widt pro
in hibition was taken Wednestay in
sey the Senate. A substitulte committee
up favorably reported the Sheppard
iti- constitutional amendment resolu
on tion. The resolution provides for
osI submission of an amendment to the
ear constitution which, if ratified, would
too- prohibit the manufacture and sale
hat of all liquors in the United States, '
the "Alcohol is the handmaiden of
·ong pneumonia," said the United States
nse Public Health Service in a snecial
report on this malady issued today.
Speaking of the work of alcohol in
Mr. bringing on pneumonia the health
ures service say:
as "It is certain of success, especially
at a if liberally and continually used."
He ( The report states that 10 per cent
rced I of the deaths in the United States
ishes result from pneumonia.
the misses Keats Entertala
icial The Misses Kents, of Ave. B, de
lightfully entertained a large nun
ber of friends on last Thursdai?
:t an I evening. Five hundred was the
pass principal past time and the first prize
Swas was won by Mrs. H. Wolff, arnd the
livan second by Mrs. Percy. A two
thor- course lunch was served and the
Great evening was greatly enjoyed.

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