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and our modren plant has just been
place in perfect condition and we
are prepared to supply you in any
quantity of the best quality of ice
evre produced.
In case the service rendered by our
drivers is not up to your standard we
Sill appreciate the fact if you will
call our attention to it.
Ozone Ice Co.
"The Home of Honest Weight"
Telephone 59
Constable Sale
In the City Court of Bogalusa,
Louisiana, C. Ellis Ott. .Judge. Great
Southern Lumber Co., vs. James
"atrick. No. 121
Please take notice that by virtue
of a writ of fieri facias, issued out
of the above court in this cause,
that on
April 8, 1916,
beginning at the hour of eleven
o'clock a. m., in front of the City
Hall, Bogalusa, Louisiana, I will of
fer for sale and proceed to sell at
public outcry to the last and highest
bidder, the following described
property, to-wit"
One Bay Horse
Said sale to be made with benefit
of appraisement and for cash to
satisfy said writ and all costs of
this suit.
This the 20th day of March, 191Ei.
3-t Constablc.
Mrs. M. E. Caldwell has returned
to her homne in I akeville Ark., atter
an extended ',isit with her daudIh
ter, Mrs. J. It. McLeoud of A'ueniue
that handles nothing but (GROCEt IRIE'S' It mens
better and fresher go ;d and at the same cost.
You get service here, too!
N. :ioýulusa-lTW( ST()RES---W Side
6l Phones 173
I -
What 0 ill Do!
You will agree that every responsible man should
become independent-
Then, if we give you the use of $4.00 of our money for every
dollar paid by you, it must be a good proposition.
This is not a money making proposition, nor that of a land
company, but an offer on the part of a responsible lum
ber firm whose sole interest is to have their
lands put under cultivation.
Write for full detailed information
Great Southern Lumber Co,
L T Bogalusa and com- IURN tion, including AS ASS I Represent are over Me when YOsura wn t
OLDEST are the best city of INSURALif CE Of every dent. GILBERT ASSe Hudred llion Dollars. Offince  t
panies are the best . Life, Fire and Accident. -- - , ,ne Hundred Illion Dollars. - Office 99 Residence 363.
Miss Lessie Rowan was a New
Orleans visitor last week.
Harrell Acosta spent a few days
in New Orleans last week.
Harry Marchiz was in New Or
leans Thursday and Friday.
Miss Addie Shav of Angie, was
in Bogalusa Thursday.
H. M. McCormick spent Thursday
in the Crescent City.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Headley were
in Siidell a few days last week.
George 'Wright was in New Or
leanls last week.
J. A. Cannadai transacted business
in Varnadlo Friday.
Rileyv [Ki visited rchl:iles in
o.umbllni last week.
Miss Georgia Montgomery visited
relatives in Nicholson last week.
Mrs. A. M. Bankston and children
spent Friday in Angie with her
Mrs. Sam Stofle of New Orleans
is the guest of her sister, Mrs, J. L.
S. W. Davis of the Bogalusa,
Stores Co.. spent a few days in
C(ulumbia last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Byrd have re
turned from a visit with friends in
A, A. Overstreet, the well known
merchant, transacted business in i
Columbia Friday,
Mrs. J. Warren, of New Orleans,
has been the guest of her mother
Mrs. Stockstill.
Lonnie Gooley of Slidell, is visit
ing friends and transacting business
in Bogalusa.
Miss Addie Shay and Mrs. F. P. I
Barron, of Angie, were in Bogalusa I
Wednesday. :1
Mrs. Audrey Magee and daughter
Doris, of Angie, were guest of Mrs.
Edgar Gibson last week.
Mrs: E. P. McCann and Miss Es
telle Jordan have gone to Glenmore
La., where they will reside. t
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Burt of Orvis- I
hurg motored to Bogalusa Friday I
and visited A. J. Poole,
Mrs. A. Gingry of New Orleans
who has been visiting her daughter
Mrs. A. Lear, has returned home.
Ceorge Wright of L. F. B, C. left
Friday for Chicago, where he wii,
spenid a week.
Mrs. G. Beverly and daughter
M, rtle, aid sonm Ralph left Thursday
fur (L.el ('oloradou where they will
rl:inui a for some tiilie.
Mis- Alie Keeler, who has charge
of thie ll'mie D)emollstration Work
(,f the Starte was a Bogalusa visitor
W '4dhsday.
Dr. H.C. Cole, cf tile Boglmls:!
Ilospidal was called to Monroe. La,
to the lbed side of his flather who is
reported as being seriously ill.
Will Martin, who has been eml
plyed iin the C. S. L. Cos. ollce for
somitrtimne has accepted a better
position in New Orleans.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. I[. mnigerren. of
'tit, to u 1.2-pumit l ',ill ' who arrived
.. r.l :,- a , .,ltlher ad!d bably
B . -. . \l't Lr ' l. I I t , .i . i I.
terestest ill tlie lopeniig sale which1
will <tart t Uncle Samr's Depart
illt .store tm llirrow, Friday, wheni
evervthlinm new, and( cjrrect in dry
goods, waists, skirts, shoes, etc.. will
be offeried at a low price. Unless
you have visited this store during
the past few days you cannot ap
preciate the sh,,wiinm and the v'alues
that await you, Every department
in this big store oflers specials dur
(ing this sale aind it will well repay
vyou to read the advertisement in
Sthis issue and then visit the store,
When Twenty-Nine Were
Killed and Forty Injured
in Ohio.
Cleveland, Ohio. March 29.-The
stork was blamed in part today by
New York Central Railroad officials
for the wreek at Amherst. near here,
in which twenty-nine passengers
were killed and forty injured.
The second section of train 86, a
fast limited, crashed into the first
section just beyond the block signal
tower west of Amherst, and the
Twentieth Century Limited, the
Lake Shore's crack train, running
on a parallel track plunged into the
wreckage which had been strewn
over its path.
According to a hasty investiga
tion by General Superintendant A.
Singles, the first train was stopped
through a blunder on the part of
the tower signal man, whose wife
gave birth to a baby on Sunday,
and who had been practically with
out sleen since then. Just ,how he
blundered has not been made clear,
but it is believed that he set the
block signal from white to red forc
ing the first train to come to a
The crash occurred at 3;30 a. m.
and the night was foggy, so that'
the engineer of the second train
apparently did not see the block
signal set against him, but whizzed'
past the tower and crashed into
the first train. Engineer Herman
Hess, of the second train, came
through the wreck alive. He said
he did not see the warning red sig
nals but stated that after the wreck
he walked back to the tower and
found it set red.
WITH THE N. .O, N. R, R,
M. J. McMahon becomes traffic
manager of the New Orleans Great
Nortcrn Rrailroad April 1, and cir
cu!tirs announcing the appointment
wiil be sent out by W. E. Farrris.
i.e-preýiident and general manager
from the general offices in New
'ITc nfew puitionii is a promotion
for Mr. M.MhdionI, \who is one of tile
best k :now trflic olli'ials in the
suouth. and is a recogniiion of the
work donie ill building and develop
ii the litne in Louisiana and Mis
siss:ippi, and the improvements
made iln passenger and freight ser
vice under the progressive adminis
tration of Mr. Farris.
Mr. McMahon has been in New
()rleans with the Great Northern
miore thani five years, and before
the reorganiization he was in charge
of all the freilght and passenger busi
ness. amid in ao!dition looked after
the gejitral operation as well
Timrves 'icavilne
Nistrial In Murder Case
\re ( it\, .:., March 31-A
no.trini r.:uitnd her, this week in
t!1 ca-,se If Mit n BaItes. the Kent- ,
;,,,, 11. 0 .1m1 tried for the
,n urer ,' Johh l)rohan. The jury
. 1 , :i',,l y di,.i:ied for actquital
1a ) -t' il I" r" h -dOlll.:l.
Compllet ine line of single
i ann double
wadl4oIs. Eerv wagon
guaranteed to make
good or I will.
AS, Anderson
Pleasant Anf
Parker Sup
porters A
that when it comes the most helth.,
refreshing and invigorating drian
has no opposition. You get the gedt
when you buy it in the bottles. O sale
at the leading stores in Bogalusa.
Bogalusa Coca-Cola
Call it by it's Bottling Company
full name Phone 67 Bogaluaa La
[ illlI ,,,
All kinds of painting, kalsorniue
paper handing or wood finishing
work by experts at reasonable prices
J. S. Kramer
P. 0. Box 633 Phone 304
I ' I
Don't lot that
cough hang on. Stop
it before it goes too far.
Heed the warning. Get
for coughs and colds, bronchitis,
croup.whooping cough, ung and throat
troubles. At your druggists, in 25e
bottles. Accept uo substitute.
. NIew Orleans, La.
Williams Drug Store
 Undertakers and Embalmers
. Calls accepted anywhere
PH JEd 324 226 Austin S
Sweet Potato Seeds :t
Famous Porto
...Rico Yams...
For Prices, Write or Phone .
::" Phone 125 .
t ',
Its Spring Time at
the Busy Store
and you will enjoy visiting here
and seeing the many new things for
Spring and summer wear. A most
cordial invitation is extended you to make a critical
inspection without any obligation whatsoever to make
a purchase.
Austin Street - - Bogalusa, La.
New Orleans Great Northern Itp,g
Terminal Station. Canal StreetI;
New, Orleans.
Daily, Except Sunday.
7:05 a m Jackson, Columbia, Tylertown, B0.
lusa. Folsom. Covington and intermediate
points 1'41%
4:20 p m Folsom, Columbia, Tylertown, BO
lusa and intermediate points 8:491
7:35 a inm Jackson, Columbia, Tylertown, Bos.
lusa and intermediate points
6:00 p m Colunsbia, Tylertown, Boglale s
som, Covington and intermediate poiats lkga
Sunday Excursion
7:35 a m Folsom, Covington, Abita Ssela&
Mandeville. Lacombe, Forest Glen ao
intermediate noints goa
North Bound
.,:f(m No. 2, taily except Sundala.
New Orleans to Jackson
7:00 p m No. 4, Daily except Sunday Oq:RIPIlg
New Orleans to Columbia
10:35 am No. 12, Sunday only 11ýi
New Orleans to Jackson
8:50 p ni No. 8, Sunday only H6 i
New Orleans to Columbia
40 6: a m No. 14, Daily except Sunday
Tylertown to Bogalusa
3:40 p m No 1;, Daily except Sunday
Tylertown to togalus .
7:55 a in No. 18, Sunday only
fylertown to Bogalusa
5:40 pin No. 20, Sunday only
Tvlerto.wn to Bogalusa
2:33 p m N. 1, Daily except Sunday 3:31pi
lackson to New Orleans
0Sl) a m No. 3. Daily except Sunday htlAlr
Columbia to New Orleans
1:5(1 pm No. 11, Sunday only 53
Ja,'k~or to New Orleans
7:01 a m 7,,. 7, Sunday only 7 $:,
Colu:imNia to New Orleans
No. Il. Daily except Sunday 9:15as..
B·lialusa to Tylertown
No. 15, Daily except Sunday 6'1ii
Bu4alusa to Tylertown,
No. 17, Sunday only, 0'la
Boualosa to Tylertown '
No. 1!9, Sunday only 830p
Bo anusa to Tylertown
For further iniformation write tie
agent, or 31. J. MlcMahon, GeneralPP
senger Agent; G. B. Auburtln, AhL
ant General Passenger Agent, 8>1
9 , \Whitney-('entral Bldg., New 01!
leans, La. Long Distance Piloa
M lain :A S.

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