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ptional I<l(" . Ascens~ions. I)aylight And Night
Fire Worl'ss'l·e (Geor eous, AndfI Sores Of
Anmusemllnts W\ill Give Iogalusa Greatest
('elebration Ever
alusa will have a Fourth of b
Celebration this year that will of
,credit to a city of 35:,000 popu- G.
and there will be enough of
ments in one day for a two i
program. This year there
be two attractions going on at
same time, so that the crowds.
ltake their choice. instead of a
an attraction which they may z
lthoroughly enjoy.
ihere will be so many attruac
that it would be impossible U
ibow them at separate times, g
give the entire prougraml in one t(
. There are so mainy big at- C
ns that it woull be hard to 1
any certain one a feature. P
will be two baloon, ascensions a
in the morning and the other a
it afternoon. The aeronant will y
to an altitude of not less than
feetand will perform a hair
act of descenrding in one
ute for some distance when
will then make a drop with I
r parachute. This is the
time that such an act hay been i
in this section of the state.
re will also be di, li'ht fire
this veal, .,nilithiti th at
the largest it i:s ha1y had
fore and wii. ,to , Aray l
not compate ,,.~ .it
orks, it will eii , aitti(
tinkling of what it ca " e
thev remain o0 , 11 i .i ,"ii
t night. '
TWO FIN i'. F . ...
There willbe tw :,be :t t:i;
The crowds ,. ill , -' lar:i
the attractikon-., I,0 m ty, thar
band could not lbe it to S;)
the music, andl a o ot tof twn
will be secured. Th"ii, bh: ,(s
furnish music frontl arly in the
ing until after the fireworks
Ilere will be a whip cracking
ott~t which will afford the farm
bopnd stock raisers an oppurtuni
of visiting the ciiv, and showing
ir ability in this line, and rect ive
Uee cash prize fur their skill.
. will be a log chopping contest,
some healthy pi,es will be onl
and men w:Io lt,, earneid
trputation arty:t+:2 the. South':,
choppers of logs. Many are
ed to enter this con test which
-e one of the nlost interesting
tday. There will also be a
Spole, and many other old
and popular acts.
I CClave E. Gill, who is chair
of the Baby Contest, has a most
plan this year for her de
t. Besides having a con
efiea babies, her committee
arrangements to have
oa hand, so that mothers
-ave their babies with this
ittee. Milk and other food
beSupDlied free of charge, and
will be made to the health
,hairman Heckmn:i , ,of thr athl
events has a rn-.t lunusulal
- and sal s it i li ecihse
iever attem.tedil totre iln
of this size in ; co.iutrv.
orts that each i.un, r will
a large list of t')iittetanfts.
of the most interestine and
acts of the day, will be sham
battles and other work by members "e
of Company G. L. N. G. Capt. f
Guerre expects that every member Di
of the company will participate in the
the event. se'
The parade this year will be great.
Preparedness will be carried out,
and it is expected that every citi- ra
zen who will not be in some other
part of the parade, will march in
this section. Mayor Sullivan will
lead this division of the parade, and
flags will be supplied when the
parade is formed. Visitors to Bo
galusa on that day are also urged
to join in this section of the parade. cli
Company G, two bands, floats, auto- ni
mobiles and secret orders will also th
play a plrominent part in the parade, in
and Chairman Starns expects a par- W
ade that will be the standard for bE
years to co(Ie. e
There will be plenty of dancing
for everyone, free dancing in the
park and a dance at the Pine Tree
Inn and the Colonial Hotel will be
given in the eveninig, and the pub
ihc1 i is iivited to attend both dances.
AX eurioi will be run from i
Cohn'iltu i , ti , 3tgalusa, and rate .
uf $1 fI or the rounil trip will be n
mnidle. The T'lvlrtw.n ine' will put o
1i-1:-l Hoitel l n''c num and the Ct t , e 1
Ia-It: the crowt:s. ad I!would redOuce
the price of i i eals. The ra.te at the
SPine Tree ll'ir will he 50tr for rlltals
iland the Cololnial \il make a 35I
IThe decorations this year will
h ie the best the city has ever seen,
and il Chairmdsan G ordon reports that
he does not believe there is a sin
gle business firm in the city who
will not decorate on this occasion.
tj The baseball team of Brookhaven
the team the Bogalusa fans have
d wanted to see for several seasons.
Swill play here on the afternoon I
e of the Fourth. It is expected to be 1
l the most exciting game of the sea
son. A special excursion will be
a run from Brookhaven to Bogalusa
d and carry several hundred people.
The speaking program this year
r- will also be unusual. Besides May
ot r Sullivan Hon. L. E. Thomas. Hon.
e- Delos R. Johnson and Judge Carter
"' have consented to come to Bogalusa
!e and make addresses on that day.
is The fire works at night will be
Id the most elaborate ever attempted
id in this section. Many fine set
l- pieces, at a cost of several hundred
dollars, have been purchased, and
in order that they Inay be display
ied properly, the committee will
al have a man to come here from
Chicagtu to oversee the shooting of
e these. The picture of Bogalusa, the
Sfirst day the city was incorporated
ll. will be shown at Goodyear Park,
ill following which the fire works will
id Miss Inez Blanchard spent Satur
m day in New Orleans with friends.
Bogalusa is joing to show the
world that "The City Unusual" is
strong for Preparedness, and it is
expected that at least one thousand
people will march in this section of
the parade on July the Fourth.
The Preparedness parade will be
lead by Mayor Sullivan and all
nearby cities will be asked to have
a delegation in this parade. Sher
Iff Bateman and other Parish and
District officials have stated that
they will march in the parade and
several organizations will go in a
body. The Great Southern Em
ployes, The Louisiana Fibre Board
Co., the N. O. G. N. shopmen and
railroad crews will march in a body.
The Great Southern Lumber Co.. vE
closed a contract last Thursday at
night for the installation of one of br
the most modern sprinkling systems m
in the country at a cost of $26.000.
Work in installing the system will
begin in a few days and praticallv bl
every part of their mammouth of
plant will be covered by the system. pl
The object of the system is to pre- ti
I .. _-- . -.... .. .......... ... . . ... . . .. . ... .. . . . . .
If you like your ni' beer )you had
better be gettin' yours. because after''
.Jahuary the first there will be no1
near he(,r establishments in the ciity o
of BF,;.aluý,s, or W ', a Ii!in ton Parish. t"
A \VW;lhiiwt')n Pariih mlan ihas t!He
diStictiA n of itFrodu( ins; the bI A
w w,'!ih 'irnlh.tl the- deathi kaeii to
'near iher. il i- Seunator Delos R. l
S,1on0s1,'n, of Irahintolil. The bill f
has hi- en paisedi by bath the Seniatec:
and the IItose. ard awaits the sig- ;
Snture of Gov. Pleasant, According
to the ,measure. it will become ef
fective on January 1, 191,7. About
ten near beer places will then go e
out of business in this citY.
New York, June 16.-Ballots for
the vote to be taken by the four
unions of railway employes on the
question of authorizing their offi- I
cials to call a strike were to be 1
sent out from the headquartes of
union officials on Saturday morning.
n The question as formulated today
e reads:
s. "Are you prepared to withdraw 1
n from the service of .your railroad in
e the absence of a settlement agree
i- able to the committee and. your
e representatives ?"
a Immediately on the termination
yesterday of the conference of the
railway managers and the union
men, resulting from their failure to
ir agree, the union officials began to
'' draw up a statement of the situa
n" tion which will be sent to the rail
r way emploves together with the
'a ballots.
Y If the men favor a strike the
union representatives would seek
another conference with the railway
e managers before resorting to a strike.
e Salary Of Assessor
- The house ways and means comr
lll mittee have agreed upon the
Sadminstration Bill substitute and if
of the bill becomes a law the assessor
le of Washington Parish will reteive a
d salary of $2250 per year and his
k, expenses will be limited to over
ill $750 per year. Reports are that
the bill will pass.
r- J. A. Cannada transacted busi
ness in Tylertown.Saturday.
Maj. Wood. Supt. of the paper mill
and who has. seen active service in
the U. S. army,will have charge of
the Paper Mill Division, W. S. Han
lev. Supt. of the N. 0. G. N. and
J. H. Thompson Jr. will have charge
of the N. 0. G. N. Messrs. Yeager
and Woodcock will have charge of
the Great Southern division and
Frank Powell of the Colonial Creo
soting plant.
The ladies are going to take an
active part in the parade, and
while they will not be asked to
march the entire line of parade,
they will join at some convenient
place and march to the park.
vent damage by fire as it is an ha
automatic system and when fire ry
breaks out in any portion of the th
mill that the sprinker will liN
pour a flood of water upon the
blaze. The Great Southern is one
of the few if not the only lumber
plant in the United States that has Di
this system.
Ponchatoula. La., June 14.-Pon-lIb
rchatoula was crowded with visitors
last Satuday evening, the occasion
of a get-toether affair. Among
thi.se. present were: Mayor L. A.
Abbtt; ])r. John W. Tenny, Dr. E.
J. !ietlin, A. 'I. lEdvard! Dr John tl
Ii. Elis. Har\ve Ellis, William Al-ti
fredl, Hay;dein Wren, Ex-Gov. J. Y.
Sai ders, 'Vice Sprinri, W. H. Mlc
Clendon, Matt Allen, Otis Edwards, t
Mayor Cowe'n and the town council.
A banquet was served.
Former Gov. J. Y. Sanders deliver
ed a most able addres of Louisiana's t
future, and Thomas Jefferson's.
Democracy. Dr. Swords made a.
strong argument for white Democ
Harvey Ellis, of Covington, and t
Jake Siles were here as special
guests. Ex-Gov. Sanders is con
sidered the next congressman with
r the Ellis family. and every promi
nent man is behind him, and the
" members at Baton Rouge will bat
Sheavy for him.
To Build Walthall Capitol
Tylertown. Miss.. June 14 -The
board of supervisors of Walthall
1county today adopted plans and
specifications for the new court
r house and jail for Walthall county
and sold the county twenty-year, 5
a per oent bonds for $50,000 to pro
e vide funds for the erection of the
n buildings. Plans and specifications
0 prepared and submitted by Architect
0 X. A. Kramer, of Magnolia. Miss..
were adopted. Representatives of
several leading bond houses were
e present bidding on the bonds as well
as the Tylertown Bank who was the
e highest bidder, paying a premium
k of $1000 on the entire issue.
e. Locates In Bogalusa
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Coughlin for
merly of Bogalusa but recently of
SAmite have returned to make their
e future home in the Magic City. Mr.
if Coughlin has been with the Florida
tParishes newspaper in Amite for
a sometime, and will take charge of
iis the Daily States' papers here now,
er Mrs. Coughlin expects to open a
at photograph gallery shortly.
Mrs. W. I. Tisadle left Saturday
4. for Ferridav, La.. to visit her hus
Rates Which Would Possibly (Go Into Effect If Central
Energy System Is Built Given Out in A
Letter From Cumberland Telephone Co., To
Mayor Sullivan
In a letter to Mayor Sullivan the
Cumberland Telephone Co. gives
some details to the building of a
modern telephone system in Boga
lusa. For months it has been
known that the Dresent system
would not be able to handle the (i
increased business, and the fact
that Bogalusa has, without the
shadow of a doubt, become a pet
manent and onie of the leading
cities of the state, the Cumberland
Telephone Co. realizes that it will ut(
be only a question of a shbrt time Wi
when they would be compelled to de;
put in a Central Energy system to Th
handle the business in a satisfacto- clE
ry manner. Following is a copy of
the letter received by Mayor Sul- M,
livan. sa
New Orleans, La., 6-6-16
Mr. W. H. Sullivan, Mayor,
Bogalusa, La. Bt
Dear Mr. Sullival: at
This is to acknowledge Je
receipt of your esteemed favor of Pi
May 25th, relative to the inistalla
tion of a common battery system
in Bogalusa, La.
For your information, would say hi
that your request has been forward- ec
ed to the General Manager and will
be given every possible considera- th
tion.. a
In connection with the cost to
this colmpany. I regret that we can
not furnish you with the figures at j
this time, for the reason that the
Engineering Department is now on
the work and it will be some little
time before they are p)repared to n
make a report.
Relative to the rates, I would say p
that in exchanges where we have
converted the system fro . the d
Magneto type, such as is now in
Bogalusa, to common battery the B
5 following rates have applied, and it s'
is my belief that they would apply f
ain Bogalusa. A
When the system at Alexandria d
was converted into common battery
the following rates applied: c
Within the exchange or corporate
limits when such limits exceed the u
exchange radius, the rate for resi- n
- dence telephones to be $2 per month
each, and for business direct line
$3.50 per month each until there
are 1000 telephones connected to
and receiving service from the Al
exandria exchange.
From and after the time there are
1e 1000 telephones in service the di
r rect line residence rate to be $2 per
d month each, and for business di
t- rect line $4 per month eacfi, until
tv there are 1,500 telephones connect
5 ed to and receiving service from
0 the exchange.
he From and after the time there I
sare 1,500 telephones in service
Ct direct residence to be $2 per month I
s. each and for business direct 'line
of 4.50 per month.
re From and after the time there
eil are 2000 telephones in service, di
he rect residence rate to be 2.00 per
m month each, and for business direct
line telephones 5.00 per month each.
The above being the rates and
conditions heretofore approved by
the Railroad Commission of Louisi
or- aina under similar circumstances at
of other points desiring this change of
eir service in the state.
fr. Yours truly,
da J. C. Rourke.
or Suburban Dist. Mgr.
of .
, Mrs. T. Andrews entertained a
a number of guests at her home on
Michigan Ave., T'uesday evening.
Music was supplied by Frank Tilton
piano and Newel Tilton, drum.
lay Delicious refreshments were served,
us- and all spent a very pleasant even
Only One Vote Cast
Against President At
St. Louis, June 15-At six min
utes before midnight Woodrow
Wilson was renominated for Presi
dent by the Democratic convention.
The nomination was made by ac
Two minutes later Thomas Riley
Marshall was renominated in the
same manner for Vice-President.
The nomination of Wilson was
not unanimous-quite. Robert E.
Burke. of Illinois, voted "no," when
at 11:64 Senator Hughes, of New
Jersey, moved to nominate the
President by acclamation.
When Burke, who came to St.
Louis for the express purpose of
voting against Wilson, had shouted
his "no," Chairman James thunder
"I declare Woodrow Wilson to be
the nominee of this convention by
a vote of 1,092 to one."
Wilson and Marshall will be sent
into the campaign on a platform
which declares:
For Americanism and against " '
hyphenated Americansism.
For the enfranchisement of wo
men....bv the States.
For ,continuance of 'the present
policy in .Mexico.
For a continuance of the Presi
dent's; foreign oolicy.
For all the declarations of the
e Baltimore platform, save the anti
t second term plank, and the plank
favoring the exemption of tolls for
American ships passing through the
a Panama canal. They are deftly
dodged in the preamble cf the de
d claration.
A demonstration lasting 45 min
e utes followed the placing of Wilson's'A
name before the convention by
h Judge Westcott, of New -Jersey.
The same jurist made tle nominat
e ing speech at Baltimore.
I- Lost-But Happy
e Dr. Rose, professor of Chemistry
- of the Texas University while motor
ing with other parties to North
- Carolina got lost from the other cars
il and landed in BoQalusa Saturday
t night. When he arrived at the Pine
STree Inn he decided it was such a
revelation that he would remain
re here for several days. "To find sudh
ea hotel in a city the size of Boga
thlusa is very unusual" the doctor
e said, "and the meals and service are
such that I am sory that I did not
re make my plans t6o stay here instead
li- of going to North Carolina. How
er ever I am going to remain here
Ct until Monday and see 'The City
h. Unusual."
s Cutting Down Hills
of Two of the big hills betCeen
North Bogalusa and Columbia street
have been cut down, which has
caused much favorable comment
by the tax pavers of the city.
Work on graveling the streets is
Sprogressing nicely, and before long,
on the gravel roads will circuit the
ng. most of the city.
ed, Mrs. Suddith of McComb, is visit
en- ing her son, Rufus Suddith of Mklb
gan Ave.

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