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tic B06AU/5A eWTö^fttSe
[E 4. __
Number 31.
b n ent to City Charter
liges Work and Respon
jility on Them
rk of conducting the city
ganging all of the details
fiplting the election officers
•Tjjgpon Moyar Sullivan and
™ of the commission eoun
. result of the charter of
: of Bogalusa being amended
jut session of the legislature,
jjake the work of the Demo
ü^cutive Committee part of
ijestl duty. Following is the
Elf in full
end and re-enact Sections
; of Act 14 of the General
of the State of Louisiana
■year 1914, entitled, "An Act
*— 4 te the City of Bogalusa,
Fourth Ward of the Parish
%»n; to provide for the
it and administration of
thereof by a commission
the first members of which
■pointed by the Governor;
for the election and re
members of said council;
ite the territory of said
tool district; to limit the
*f the Police Jury of Washing
L ; to levy parish taxes and
dn; to prohibit the sale
ïing liquors, wine or beer
limits of said City; to
the establishment of the
of Bogalusa, defining its
and the right of appeal
provide for the election
" *rd 4, of the Parish of j
- , and the abolition of the j
&e peace and constables \
to provide /or thei
* ^ 3 sa * d ^ !
cf said Judge, Constable
J to authorize said City 4°jt
aoaey for its support until j
til* year 1915 are collected;
the village of
,k said parish ;• and to re
la re and parts of laws in
this Act.
1, Be it enacted by, the
Assembly of the State of
that Section 47 of Act 14,
be amended and re-enacted
» Council of the City
47. At the general elec-!
■ T officers the electors of
aï Bogalusa shall vote for
4 four Commission Coun- ,
who shall constitute*
iuion Council thaï! per
functions and duties
1 Democratic Exe- 1
fttee for the Primary i
I elections held during
8 , providing booths, bal
candidates, etc, in ac . !
existing law, d„d mak- j
provision, there- *
.« that the Commission
*1* year 1918 and the
Committee, !
* dec ted my call the mu
et a date other than
ye« si on a 1 or other pri-!
A ~1 .1 __ , „ . .
9? „,u > ... „ *. j
T®**'"*« the date fixed be
tb- tu*. ,
4 }t • y " mor ® * an j
* prior to date of Gen

-win»». .1 . ... !
election thu, called,
li t, . 1 . . . , , '
1 ^^* *• elected two members ;
j .
Preciaet and three mem- L
toe who k ii i
fieMorr».' * ccrn po»e t * !
•J bHIÎ E f Xec "' tve for
oofahua for the next ;
■ «ho.k.ii u . .
\ °o »hall be governed by
^ *
primary election
{•tote and as herein pro
****** be elected by a
** of the votes cast at
»jwetion; and shall hold
of four years, sub
Jtovigions of act. In ad
, , c °®Piled statements
y * aw to be made by
fT "* 14 Election, the
election at each poll
Ç' 7 * City of Bogalusa
. '"arth compiled state
****** show the
® cast for each can
jJ 0r ' and the number of
* each candidate for
l « a ®an at large,
atatement shall be
*>y the Com
Pk&e Four)
Ratification of Prohibition
Amendment to Come Up
Next Week
The call for the special session
of the legislature to convene at
Baton Rouge on Monday, was issued
by Governor Pleasant Wednesday,
and the ratification of the prohibition
amendment, which was defeated in
the Senate by a tie vote at the re
cent session, is the principal reason
for calling the session. Other bills
of importance will come before the
session, which is expected to occupy
all of next week. The "drys" are
confident that the legislature will
ratify the Federal amendment, while
the wets are just as confident that
it will be defeated.
Reports are to the effect that the
amendment will not pass the house
by a large majority as it did before,
but the "drys" are certain that the
majority is <so large in the house
that there will be no danger of the
bill meeting defeat there. The tie
vote in the Senate is supposed to
have broken by the election of a
"dry" senator from Winn parish.
--:o :
Try This Sunday
Special This Week
The ice cream deparment cf the
Ice Company, which is giving Boga
lusa the finest ice cream ever made
Carpenter, announces this week that
on next Sunday they are going to
a S p ee j a i_ The special is going
to be one of most delicious com
j binations of ice cream that you ever
j tas t; ed( an( j the quality is going to
\ tke instead of the price.
^ of this cream ,-- » which is
! guaranteed to be a quart, will be de
livered to your home for 50c, and if
you are disappointed in the quality
0 f this delicious cream, you are going
4°jt 0 be mighty hard to please. Phone
j 59 an( j p] ace your order now, so that
you w jjj no t be disappointed.
Richard-__ ;0;
| ""' U . public " ,° rdCr *»" j
i Crowder amending the selective j
draft rules so as to keep more men
in readiness for call. The statement
follows ... ...
Hereafter, no registrant, either of
1917 or 191g reK;slration> shall i"
, , , , ...... ' !
i]be relased to enlist m the navy or______
To Make More Men
Ready for Draft Call
Adjutant General McCrory has
Corps or be placed on tne
emergency fleet classification list,
who has finally* been classified in
Class 1, and has been found physic-!
i ,. , , .... . 1
'*° r «"f " 1 T ^ "'TT;
i" has n ?' b * en ^ally ckssified |
! " I? 0£e rec " icatl ™ »*? <> r k ,
j f Cla f \ 15 ? t,!1 p * n(h ?* be " !
* f ° re the ° ca ° r dlstrîct board or
, _ ., , .
on appeal to the president, or who, !
having been finally classified in Class j '
1, ha3 not had his physical examin
ation completed. This prohibition up-,
plies even though there is a surplus,^
° f 1 " Cn 0Ve f abOVe T tbe i
{number necessary to fill the July
j num Der necessary
, . . ..
^and August calls.
j "Nothing in this telegram or pre
. , .. , , , .
■ vious instructions shall be construed
! to authorize local boards to with
. . . .. ..
i.draw emergency fleet classification
; r . , , , ,
{from or induct into service mvolun
L -, . . . .
i tarily any registrant who was on the
! emergency fleet classification li=t on
or prior to July 23, 1918, except in
; , .7 *• , c
accordance with section 154.
Geo. M. Swain, of the Bogalusa
Stores Co., is planning to leave for
for a few days' business trip in the j
North, where he wall purchase stock.
He expects to be gone about two
- ;0; --
The regular monthly session of the
The city schools of Bogalusa will
open Monday, September 2, and all
details are being arranged by Prof.
Ratliff, who expects to have every
thing running smoothly and well or
ganized before the end of the first
Police Jury will be held at Franklin-
ton tomorrow, Friday.
r *
1 1
The above is an enlarged photograph of John S. Hamner,
the first Bogalusa boy to fail a victim of the Hun,
who was killed in action in France between June
2 and 10th. Jno. Hamner was employed at the
N. 0. £..N. shops in thiscity^hd was à nephew of
Frank Taffee. He was a member of the Knights
of Columbus of Bogalusa and known to a large
number of citizens. Just a few days prior to the
announcement of his death, a small photograph
of himself and two companions was received and
the above is an enlarged photograph taken from
the group.
Jmay keep account of th
„ A/}mjT , J(3
i" Se ' L
or______ ,
Sign Card When
You Get Sugar
Citizens of Bogalusa are going to
be asked to use no more sugar than
|the amount allotted to each person
of the State—two pounds per person
per month, and in order that you
sugar you
City Food Administrator T. J.
is going to make it easy for
you> This week he i s placing orders
with everv store in Bogalusa that sell
sugar to require a record of each and
[every sale of sugar, giving number
of persons in your family and the
01 persona in >«ui «nui; «nu «><>
amount of sugàr purchased and the
date of the purchase. These tickets
will be collected and filed alphabetic- f
ally each week so that at the end of
!it will t n tf.ll if i
the month it will be easy to tell if
V;avç used œore gagar than each
person has been allotted.
Eogalusa is recognized as the most
atriotic city cf the State, and it it
believed tha t any family will via
late the orders. Furthermore, it is
had not registered anew
not thought that there any sugar
hoarders in the city. Violators of
the sugar ration order will be dealt
with as the cases arise, the circum-
stances having great deal to do
with the sentence. Mr. Magee be-
lieves that there will net be a per-
son irf Bogalusa who will violate the
-:o :-
„ , " TT~. .. ,, J
The Enterprise stated recently that,
no onee wou e e îgi e 0 < \o e n.
the sentaonal election this fall who
since Jan
uary 1, 1918.
We are now informed that the
statement was in error, and that those
who have registered since January
1 , 1917, will be eligible to vote.
Some effort should be made to call
the public's attention, in a conspic-
uous way, to the registration and
poll tax requirements for the present
election, and every citizen and voter
should check up his poll tax receipts.
- :o: __
A large number of Bogalusa boys
who have been at Camp Beauregard
will entrain sometime within the next
few days.
Three Gold and One
Silver Star in Flag!,
The fourth ward of Washington
parish has a service fiag which con
tains three golden siars anfi one
silver one, which means that this
ward has lost three young men in
the present war, while another was
wounded. On the flag is 67 stars and
it was presented Saturday at a big
patriotic meeting at wnlcn Rev. A.
^man Townsley cf this city made
the presentation speech, while Mrs.
E. ?L Bannister made the acceptance
address. It was one of the greatest
meetings of its kind ever held in the
Parish. Following the meeting, tne
f mothers, wives, sisters and sweet
hearts cf soldiers organized a society
i to do all in their power for the sol
diers. The meeting was held at Mt.
Hermon and Rev. Townsley was
greatly impressed with the patriotism
of the community.
-:o :—>--=
Break Unconfirmed
No official advices regarding the
reported break in relations between
Turkey and Germany have reached
Washington, hut the government
would not be surprised if Turkey
has been driven to an open rupture,
as there is a well-founded background
J for the report.
It has been known for some
m 0 Ilt jj S that a deep and growing feel
ling of dissatisfaction has existed in
Turkey over the treatment by the!
Germans. Reports that a Turkish
mission recently has been trying in
Switzerland to cultivate friendship
with some of the Allied governments
have been received here. It would' be
natural, officiai said, for the Turkish
government to endeavor to find
some new friends among the powers
before breaking with it3 old associate.
-:o :--
Mayor Sullivan has returned from i
a few days' visit with his son, Frank,*
at Camp Beauregard. Mayor Sulii-'in
van reports all the Bogalusa boys
in the best of spirits and anxious to
get to France, and into service.
Overton, Hall and Gay All
Have Admirers in Boga
lusa and Parish..
Judging from the present indica
tions the vote in Bogalusa in the
race for United States Senator is
going to be pretty well divided. Gov.
Hall, who on all occasions has shown
an interest in the* city has many
friends and admirers here and while
he has not visited the city since an
nouncing his candidacy many have
announced that they will support him.
Mr. Overton, who made an address
here last Wednesday night, was
greeted by a good crowd and made
a most favorable impression upon the
audience. Many have expressed i
them themselves as being inclined to ■
support Mr. Overton. ,
Edward Gay w r as in Bogalusa last j j
Saturday with the Swine Breeders, !
and while he was not mixing politics 1
with his visit here, he made a num
her of friends. Mr. Gay as well as
Mr. Hall, are expected to give Boga
lusa some attention before the pri
mary day arrives.
As the situation now stands in
Bogalusa the 800 votes of this city
will be about evely divided, if the
election was held today.
-:o :---;
Sale of Coal May
Be Prohibited Here
State Fuel Administrators have
been advised by the United States
Fuel Administration that they have
authority to prohibit, expept under
special order, the sale of coal to
domestic consumers in Realities
where a plentiful supply of wood
is available. They also were advised
that if wood dealers advance prices
because of the increased demand,
they may be dealt with under the
Lever act.
Five Children in
Buggy Go in Ditch
Five children in a buggy owned by
w hich, connected with the screams
A. Inman Townsley had a nar
row escape from serious injury Sun-j
day, when the harness on the horse ' f
which they were driving broke and
threw the buggy against the horse
of the children, frightened it. The
accident occurred on the hill cn ave
D, and when the horse reached the
Bogalusa Hospital corner the buggy
with the five children was thrown
into the deep ditch. Three of the
children sustained bruises, which
were not of a serious nature. They
received prompt medical attention
and none, are worse off for their ex-
-:o :--
Virginia Train Held
Up by Lone Bandit
SO.—One of the express cars on the
westbound Cheasapeake and Ohio
passenger train passing through here
early this morning w r as robbed by
an unidentified white man after ex
press messenger Marshall, of Wash
ington, had been bound and gagged.
The safe was emptied of all its valu
When the train reached Staunton
the express messenger was untied
and told of the robbery. He said the
bandit entered the car soon after
the train left Charlottesville and held
him up at the point of a pistol.
After tieing him up securely, he
said, the robber took his keys and
opened the safe and made away with '
everything of value.
The train make only one stop be
tween here and Staunten and the
robber probably left it at Basic, 13
miles from Staunton,
No estimate of the value of the
bandit's haul was made in first re-
ports of the hold-up reaching here.
-- ;0; _ -
After one of the longest draughts
many years this section has been
visited by several showers during the
past week, which came in time
save the crops.
Many I. C. Cars Would Be
Sent Here As Well As
From Three Other Lines
Bogalusa has an opportunity of
having one of the largest railroad
repair shops in this section of the
South, if sufficient labor can be se
cured to turn out the work. When R.
K. Smith, new director of the four
railroads in*this section was here a
few days ago, he announced to the
Enterprise that he was willing to
make Bogalusa the main freight car
repair shop of all the lines which he
was directing and this week he ha3
announced that hundreds of Illinois
Central cars can be sent to Bogalusa
i if there is sufficient labor and equip
■ ment to make the repairs in good
, time. W. S. Hanley, superintendent.
j j s making arrangements to get the
! additional help and Mayor Sullivan
1 has sent word that he and the citizens
of Bogalusa are ready to co-operatc
in any way to secure a big railroad
repair shop for Bogalusa. At pres
ent there about 300 employed in the
local shops and judging from the
amount of business Mr. Smith can
send to Bogalusa the force could be
doubled or possibly three ships of 8
hours could be worked.
Bogalusa being an ideal place for
railroad men to live should result im
the labor beeing sêcured. Bogalusa
has sown her appreciation of the rail
road men and every citizen is anxious
to have more locate here.
Swine Breeders
Enjoy Meeting
— *
One of the most enjoyable meet
ings held in the history of the Louisi
ana Swine Breeders' Association was
held here last Saturday. About 50
members of the association attended
the meeting. On the arrival of the
train here the visitors were met by
citizens with autos who carried them
to the Great Southern plant where
they witnessed the sawing of huge
timbers for ships. Various other de
partments of the mill was visited and
they were then taken over the South
side of the city, making a stop at
the Y. W. C. A., after which they
went through the modern plant of
the Bogalusa Paper Company, where
the visitors saw paper being, made
f rom yellow pine waste. The execut
ive session and luncheon was served
at the Pine Tree Inn, where acting
Mayor Johnson made an address of
welcome. President Gerrir.g, of New
Orleans, Secretary Jordan, of the L.
S. U., Fritz Salmen, Edward Gay,
and other prominent members made
interesting talks. The visitors were
loud in their praise of the reception
accorded them, and hope at' another
time in the near future that another
meeting will -be held here. JL K.
Johnson, of the cut-over land depart
ment of the Great Southern Lumber
Cômpany, arranged all of the de
tails for the visitors and the success
of the meeting is due in no small
measure to his w'ork.
A thief entered the home of E. G.
Gibson, 209 Superior Ave., one o?
the well-flnown N. O. G. N. railroad
men, Tuesday afternoon and secured
$25.00. Mr. Gibson was out on a
run and between 12 and 1 o'clock
Mrs. Gibson went to do some shop-
ping. When she returned she found
the back screen door had been cut
and that $25.00 had been taken from
her purse. The matter is in the
hands of the police.
Rev. W. W. Holmes, of New Or
leans, will conduct open air services
in Goodyear park Sunday evening,
' î° Y b ' cb *" bs public is invited to at
Chas. McNealy, age 54 ^rears and
for several years a resident of Boga-
lusa. died at his home on Pleasant
Hill Monday of Bright's disease and
the funeral services were conducted
Tuesday morning by Rev. Townsley.
Bur'al was in the McGehee cemetery.
The deceased is survived by a widow
and four children. He was emploved.
at the Great Southern Lumber C©.,
but has been in poor health for sev-
eral weeks.

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