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SSBH S BUfSU!?—.— 11 —J—L!____
[Sunday Is
of the Past
Sunday is a thing o!
Bogalusa citizens may
I next Sunday, if they so
violating the request
aistrator. However,
(10 owns his car is not
on a long pleasure
more gasoline than ia
f, because there is
and, unless there Is
by afl auto owners,
sary to get gasoline by
Here Are
:ing Overtime
of Bogalusa belonged
got time and a half for
would make enough
the present month to
vacation next summer,
are working from 18 to 20
and for the past seyeral
in Bogalusa have
calls p^r day. Were it
that the physicians of
working far longlr hohrs
• any other doctors In the
would be facing
line. As It is the eight
Bogalusa are going to
ate effort to give every
f attention it deserves with
for assistance from other
is doubtful if it could be
was asked. The entire
alusa hospital is work
! night to give the best pos
and the doctors work
until it is necessary for
a few hours sleep.
l" Information
confined to your home
of the influenza here
it in a day or
this, and the chances
will not contract the
After you have recov
aur first attack of
that you are now well, j
will likely be a second
you do not get into bed
care of yourself you
contract pneumonia. The
Is said to be the one
on the pneumonia. And
more good advice, corn
high medidal authority: If
have the flu, don't worry
• is late in arriving, because
Is no serious battle, as the
i can be cured without any
providing the patient re
bed and keeps warm an4
of himself. The Influenza
those good, old-fashioned
I grip, wherein serious corn
liable to set in. More
the patient taking care
' than the medicine taken.
V Magee, bride of eight
I wife of a former popular
of the N. O. G. N. Auditor's
at her home in Orange,
week of pneumonia follow*
ck of the influenza. Mr.
a brother to Ollie Magee of
on Bank and Trust Com
te well known in Bogalusa,
hundreds of friends extend
most heartfelt sympathy.
N. Dobbs, Grand Matron of
r of Easter Star of the State
and who left Bogalusa
weeks ago for a visit te
in the State, arrived
Friday, owing to the fact
be impossible for her to
al visits during the influ
She expected to be away
until the middle of
Doing Nicely,
ice Again Soon
alii van, who was forced to
Saturday with an attack of
was reported as getting
nicely Wednesday, and it
that he will be at his of
teend of the week.
Two Popular Y<
Two of the popular young ladies em
ployed at the Bogalusa stores were
married last week, each marrying a
ÿoung man of this city who are in the
navy. The young ladies are MrS.
Henry Breland and Mrs. Elijah Cov
ington. Mrs. Breland was formerly
Miss Anna Lee Rome, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Theodore Rome of Avenue D.
They were married in New Orleans
last Wednesday, and Mr. Breland is
stationed at a naval station In that
city. Mrs. Covington was nee Miss
Lillian Allman, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. Allman of Avenue E. They
were married In Covington last Friday.
Mr. Covington Is loeated at Cambridge,
Mass. and returned to his post of duty
yesterday. The happy couples are re
ceiving the congratulations of their
Tnany friends. '
. lord Leggett, located at Newport
News, spent a few' days' furlough here
with his uncle, E. P. Leggett of Ave
nue D, last week.
»ay Meet
Called Off Here
The orders issued last Wednesday
by Mayor Sullivan and Dr. J. H
Slaughter, upon the advice of Dr
Dcwling of the State Board of Health,
closing the school®, all places of
amusement and public gatherings were
strictly followed out In Bogalusa. An
a result the big-Liberty Day meeting,
which was to have been held In Good
year Park, was postponed, as well as
the dance to be given by the Elks.
Several social events were cancelled
in the city, also.
Last week
The Enterprise an
control the
j in Covington on last Saturday, and
plans for a permanent organization
fires- in the ptney woods district..
The committee which was appoint
ai that time held another meeting
The name of the association will be
the "Florida Parishes Woods Fire
Control Association." Its destinies
are to .be presided over by twenty
four directors, and the following men
have been suggested to fill this place:
W. H. Sullivan, Bogalusa; W. E. Ban
ister, Mt. Herman, La.; J. H. Foley,
Kentwood, La.; Will Hof^ui, Uneedus,
La.; A. J. Planche, Covington, La.;
A. D. Crawford, Pearl River. La. ; Ben
Kenchin, Indeependenee, La.; Jesse
Ellis, Denham Springs, La.; J. P.
Brashers, Denham Springs, La.; E. F.
Fuhrman, Goodee. La.; T. R. Themes,
Hammond, La. ; J. D. Stewart. Kent
wood, La.; W. T. Miles, Slidell* La.i
Henry Keller, Hammond, La. ; J. S.
Portevant, Mandevillee, - La. ; H. R.
Loranger, Hammond, La.; C. S. E.
Baington, Franklinton, La,; D. E.
Sheeridan, Franpinton, La.; Richard
Keent, Kentwood* La.; H. B. Prucen,
Covington, La., and J. K. Johnson,
Bogalusa, La. ' ^,
A great meeting and possibly a
barbecue is being planned to - be held
in Covington on Saturday, Nov. 16th,
when the constiution and by-laws will
be adopted and permanent plans for
the actual work of the association
will be arranged. Gov. Pleasant and
M. L. Alexander, the head of the
Conservation Department of the
State, and Harry D. Wilson, Commis
of Agriculture, and other
prominent speakers will be invited. It
is hoped that everybody in the Flor
ida Parishes who appreciate the im
portance of this great movement will
be present on this occasion.
It iq the purpose of the organiza
tion to carry this Anti-woods Fire
Propaganda^ to every home in the
all the Police Juries and all the Parish
Boards of School Directors, the Par
ish School
tion, the School
of Teachers and
cils of Defense, the
cils of Defense will
making this movement
cess which it deserves.
Mrs. Katherine Lorchiem l
day for a two weeks'
daughter, Mrs. Beebee Y
Antonio, Tex.
SSBH S BUfSU!?—.— 11 —J—L!____
slackers in It
to re
If there are
Bogalusa they are not g
main such much longer, be
lusa, like every patriotic
in the United States, Is
that those who remain at home,
our sons, brothers and friends are on
the firing line in France, help do
everything to win the war. The non
essential occupations are not going to
have an able-bodied man working at
them, and men who have been putting
in two, three and four days a week a
going to work six days a week There
are * going to be no more Saturda
morning and afternoon trips to ]
Orleans and back to work on the
Monday afternoon or Tuesday
Ing. If there is any male in
between the ages of 18 to 45 who
not been producing to fullest e:
Good afternoon! Have you had y,
attack of the flu yet? Those who
have gone through an attcak during
the past week say % it is nothing to jo!
about, because every joint in your
aches; sometimes you have a shootihg
sensation up your spine, and then again
you have a bursting headach,
feels terribly bad; then the
ute you are apt to have some
chills and then fever. Scores of
lusa folks have suffered in this
ner during the past w$t or ten
and all are getting along nicely,
until Monday night not ; * *
had occurred, but a few
monia had developed. Those
Slight attacks were able
their work in less than a
disease is
and it is expected, with
co-operation of the citizens,
only be a short time until the
will be off the places of
cold drinks stands and '
cities several deaths
and business has beer.
worse than in Bogalusa.
Of course, there are a number c
cases here, and the subject is <
second tl the wining of the war;
Men and Women Are
Wanted for Nurses
Dr. J. H. Slaughter, City Health
Officer, is making an appeal to the
citizens of Bogalusa and vicinity for
volunteers, men and ladies, to act as
imrsps. A natient with influenza
nurses. A patient with influenza
should receive proper care and atten
tion, this being considered more im
portant than the giving of medicine,
and there are said to be several cases
in Bogalusa where the patient is not
getting the attention, and it is be
lieved- that there «re -scores of people
in Bogalusa who could com
the qualifications to nurse
tients. Those desiring .info:
regarding the work should com
cate with the Bogalusa Hospital
Picayune Boy Is
' T- _ '
Houston E. Stockstill, of Picayune,
Miss., and known to many citizens of
Bogalusa, and thought to have rela
tives here, has been located in a Ger
man prison camp. He ia located at
Rastatt by the Red Cross. Relatives
have been notified. He was previous
ly reported as missing in action, .
Shortage of Phone
Operators Just Now
If your telephone service is a little
worse than usual during the next few
days do not complain, because several
of the young ladies who work at the
local exchange wrere attacked with
fluenza, and Wednesday m
e only two operators,
has bçen trying to
operators, but a number of
____ 1 er ones are also sick. New
leans system is greatlly handicapped
to the fact that a large number
their operators are influenza vic
effect on November 1st
be rigidly 1 enforced, and
:al men are
to ' ~Ü
card must be
foreman or
ig under will
police or a
card of the
In this man
îr any man to
duty these times
having cards must carry
at all times. Unless your card
s that yod are Working six days
or have been unable to do sp
of sickness you are subject
landing, there were several
incidents during the past
Where several persons
and someone began
would see the crowd
up. Of course, that was
to health orders, because no
inviting an attack of the in
the Enterprise office tlie flu hit
but the party who
r roll checks, so the force
er of the staff went to
a week ago last
t back last night.
him down and got
! days later, and
ae day. What's
left a week ago
E. We've never ft
, but imagine it is
linotype e
(tire first time
f, but we drew the line
is flu quickly. Thera is
no more flu at the Enter
becanse the new work
will end the
Thursday aftfp
the seeond tim«
Only on one or two occasions
The Enterprise began public:
four years ago, has it missed the
noon delivery. This is
e in two Weeks and the
third time since The Enterprise start
ed, and for this reason we feel that
the patrons are entitled to some ex
cuse. We have been hit hard by the
"flu" and the "flew." Out of five in
the mechanical department, only two
were on the job last week. Monday
there was only one, the lino
type operator taking thé "flew." We
in "borrowing" Mr. S. M.
of the Weihing Company of
s, to run the machine to
get out this edition. We expect to
have things running in the good, old
fashined way by the early part of next
Wilson's Reply Puts
Bankers in Panic
London, Oct. 16.—President Wil
son's reply to the German peace note
produced "a most unfavorable im
pression" in Berlin, says a Central
News dispatch from Amsterdam to
day. The publication of the reply, it
adds, was followed by a panic in Ber
lin banking circles, and on the stock
The German supreme command, 4 he
advices state, will com® to Berlin at
the end of the present week "to de
liberate on mobilization, concentra
tion of the national strength and the
raising of the millitary age."
We wonder how many of
e who cannot spend money for the
tre, gas on "
A. N. Dobbs transae
iton Rouge this week.
«KlÄf (III
J. R. Savario Dies
At Virginia Camp
Council of De
rity for the f
Bogalusa. Twenty v
for the employees of the
der for employees of the
G. N. and the Louisiana Fibre Board,
The building of homes for the em
ployees of all these concernas was se
cured owing to the fact that they
were engaged in essential war work,
Plans have already been prepared for
several of the houses, and work
start at an early date.
J. R. Savario, for several months
bookkeeper for the City Garage, and
well known to members of the younger
Set, is dead, having been a victim of
the influenza. Several months ago he
enlisted in the navy and was stationed
at Norfolk, Va., where he was attacked
with the disease, ahd where' be died.
were sent to his old home
Milton C. Fridge of
office, and a cousin of
ft Friday to attend the
- «■**
over a year
son. assist
.t Southern
l well-l
sent to; Camp
training. The
death caused much sorrow in
lusa, and especially at the
Southern Lumber Company. He
a young man with a fine
a jolly disposition, and the
he was considère
of! health resuite« 1 in the announce
ment of his death came as a shock to
his hundreds of friends. His mother
and brother were at his bedside when
the end came. The remains were
shipped to his Missouri home, where
torment will be made Friday.
New urieans iviay
Close the Stores
Orleans ^that
the government has sent Dr. G. M.
Corput to that city to assist the State
and dty health authorities in fighting
the disease, A meeting of the retail
merchants of New Orleans was held
Wednesday afternoon to discuss the
advisability of closing the stores until
the epidemic is over. The result of
their action will be announced to-day.
Red Cross Election
Postponed a
with local authorities in
The Red Cross Chapter elections of
the Gulf Division, A. R. C., including
Washington Parish Chapter, Wednes
day were ordered postponed pne
month, until the fourth Wednesday
in November, by Division Manr—
Leigh Carroll.
The postponement, ordered f
Division offices in New Orleans,
because of the influenza epidemic and
to leave the Chapter paths for effec
tive and whole-hearted co-operation
Mrs. Frank Keenan and daughter,
Marie, from Le Camp, La., are the
guests of Mrs. E. T. Bruner of Ave
nae D - * Mr - Keenan has accepted
f with tfcr "
an( { a f ew day# ago opened
died at
*, of Mis
__te to pneu
lowing an attack of inffu
v Baughin was attacked with*
r eral days ago, and a few
ur— contracted
r< c
the end came Wednesday.
' years of age,
the North Side
actively associated With her husband
in the furniture business and was con
sidered an unusually successful busi
ness woman.
Mr. Baughin came here about
three years ago from Washington, and
a few months later locate *d at
ington, and returning here about a
year ago they opened the <
one at Picayune, Miss.
The remains were shipped to
home of her mother at Caldwel
Mr. Baughin'a condition was
that he was ordered by his physician
not to attempt to make the trip. The
sympathy of the entire community ia
extended to Mr. Baughin in his hour
of great bereavement.
If you have a tele;
moved or you are t
ing a phone installed in your
or office, you hat! better think
.-V»: î-'Æf
new orders t
taken over
you $10 to
even if it *
■ ope of
ft The
which was scheduled to
son on Oct. 21, has
owing to the influes
that State.
N «.
wearing a
serve~as~ an
y list issued by the War
edneeday contained t
tis William Morrris, of :
n, La., whose death was
ea3e. No particulars of
learned, and the n
t be located Wednesday
eighth or :
ve been
diet! or
past few mon:
earing of
by Dr.

that 12,966,504
military service Sept.
87,886 in excess of
hy i
: W

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