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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, March 01, 1913, Image 1

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VOL. 1. ' -= ---V- I -i...
-O=I)o Devoted to the lite
Phone 248. . !c,
ne4. .. .... . _
.N A!,
j. 0. Bry.~"- rd
1 ".t., . " and ,\t .t
Kitchell B ailey.
' t : rimc)1
(,or,\ & Grdy,
(rccuel , & (;rcc1,
1(1711 N igic,
)irttt' .1,tornll') 4t.n AttorT -y
S Notary tl
F. I. Samso(1
S . ,,,,I.) t Aw
X. B. Wh"te
lawy T
SrtkPt Court
We -;
'.ill never regret
business with us.
ating Prompt
& Trust Co.
n "
e read so
e maga
our store
alarm clocks
. They're
t from the
I clock
* dow for
wish you'd
ement A
to announce to one and all thht we 0
t installed a new and up to datei.
untain,, which is now in full swing.
am anywhere in town. Phone 35.
AILEY, The Druggist.
np r ium
-)rlum -n s
ie tecords, Magazin
tbe : y Papers.
Phone 2
-wo i d like
City Counci! Pr( :eedings. Pi
The City Cou i
r·gular 5VC1oll.
..gular ses:. n. , ce , if tlhe
imoyor. Adolph r l.l thn ati- .
;ourned to lleet (. 1 eni tt
at 7:30 p.m . ' v
The council me : (
I : . luessiay cveni
i iln conltinuelld
The mlinutes of . - o. , th
S" I 22 opt..... 9 and 22 adopt f :j y
T'!:e relprt of th,.- 
D)ultel, was recvie' , . e' h
finets for the monthl, ' t p
,to $r5. ' "
No report was r ce -
police, Elmer or '
No report was iS" r ,' t
wanaver or bookk fro
, works plant. lig
Valier Landry,' p
after submtitting hi . r rc a. l. t
and: resignation .*. " his relx))t
Applications tor t. d
r,.ecived from S , epr w"er
f. " T| a '1'rahan .i -t'ux,
the council electit3 1 lca:. ,
e. pound keeper.ux "
The Iberia :Ird 'lo
.ranted xwrmission i, iot. a wav
track, crohsing cert: .: Ct i the cit
after guaranteeiu: : . il tie tity
crossing and drainae l:, .ain prper
n motion of J. C econl
Aby F. . Melebeck, us d. seconded
ed of Adolph Bri.es. mllu tee conllls
and WV. S. Haves . , Nauct
ascertain the amount re eppoiinted t .
ted, si:I" * e., for el: r ,tet'ial requ' "
j. R. Kitchell's t . drainu ".
nmination., also equirted tt
arragetlments to -- _ -n
I t . . .  : , ;; il '
-:  ..:::; , ffr '.:., for the
. , e,. i e motion was un
" ...ously adopted by the council.
O(n motion of W. S. Hayes, seconded
by F. L4. Melebeek, the secretary was
authorized and instructed to advertise fo:
bids for the painting of the water tower
and oil tank. Unanimously adoped.
It was resolved by the mayor and boar,
of aldermen, that the certain street lyin..
south of the property belonging to Mr'
M. Eisele, Miss Adrienne Richards. "
W. H. Waggoner and Margnuerett
Richards, be and the same is heret:
named, and shall be known as '
'venue. The said street having recent ,
been opened, and running fromn *. *
ana street to Fast Street. Un,
adoped. a
On motion, second and carriedl, that
the galvanized buildings moved to the
frontage of that certain lot acquired by
Jos. Russo from L. H. Summers; that d(
the same are hereb lyeclared a nuisance,
and in strict violation of the fire ordi- i
nance; that said Jos. Russo be, and is O
hereby commanded to remove said
buildings instantly.
On motion, sezoaded and carried,
Night Policeman Guidry was allowed to
the sum of $10 per month for the feeding
of a horse to be used in the prosecution ta
of his duties. Carried.
There being no further business the
council adjourned.
"If you ask a man what sort of pie he de
w!ll take," says the Ohio State Journal, isl
"and he hesitates a moment he is pretty p,
sure to blurt out apple." That may be St
true, but if he ,would stop long eno h M
to count a hundred he won declare aor e
cherry."-Toledo Blade
Parcel Post Information
For the information of th
rLaders ;e publish a fclx of tl
trules g.overnilng the pTlrcel po
.:,tcin, xwhich are a, follohw':
The act of congress aut:,,rizi
the establisihment of a parcel I
:ivsteml lrovides:; that fourth cl
na:il matter !-hall embrace .,!1 ot
a:;tter, including farm alld fact
products, not now embraced by
in either the firt., second, or thi
las, not exceeding I11 i
. ghllt nor greater in size that
Se., in length and girth comb
not ' 'orml c.: ; d likely to it
the "s  f a:; poNtol clll
,- d1: ta; ,c Il'.m . eluipmlel
S ,er : t. . .'tter. ,nd tnot
h, . ter e thin al
Sreas":l t ., tranlportai (,C
Stiol at. 1 :li. . t
The 1:t -, tairs tl 'le e O(stage
Son all utter e( the r th class,
tmust te)repaid dstti: ive par
cr cel Po:sltalP:-. ot'. - rs canll
Inot r~cve for mantling I, .. that
ed do notear such .st. u-,s ti
.- Parl post stamps ,re 'lot "lid II
t. aynlent of ige on B
,ti : .1. mtd
" . .. . . º: ..: ed
tt c<
tle ,e, matter ' t
affixed - i!! he treated ast
...r postage. '
s mst be prepared for F
in such mannter that the ut
t can be easily examined. ~
Jl.,a cel must not be accepted for
:111, unless it bears name and
E I ts, of the sender, preceded by
1 ' "From."
4' ittters will rt .·, : eive
S iu: parcels it, piop: y in
'. P. Ia.ked for safe shipment. f
. .1L oacel on which the i
;.r..t is ly prepaid may be in
1 .,gains' ios; in an amount
. its tual v i;Ie, but
:.-.l to e ( ° . i e payVient of
Ia bi. of iJn .- a p:r i*l post
taps, sr.'h , , ' - ,affixed.
A parcel p ; .:(e for
determining post ;
;6btained by remitst e5 . ,5 `. by
money order to th.'hicf coirk, Post ' he
Office Departmel; Wa'hington,
D.C. Ti
Be careful to secify tt.e city or p
town where the tap is to be used. tha
Further infoglation .nay be ob- Boi
tained at an pt office. ton
New Atios Arrive. 1r
A. A. DuL:.. olthe I .anilion Garage, j L01
dealer-in V "-:llin a, 14 Lafayette par- I sev
ishes for tie ,tud't gier cars, last fall
Friday d"l ;.-rer tth of the new
Studebak', .ar, o'. to O. Bourque.
Model 35, 'ect ic li ted and electric Cizr
self start, -. alt; .n,- h of the Model Tb
25 to Pro' . M. .Yh, of this city, and hol
Dr. L. S a,.. r.  plan. bai
A cro' .t . ,d fteen were enter
tained, ;. hotel, in Lafayette.
in hone -' , . 1 of the new cars. thl
All we, .rt : re except Mr. C. H. wa
Willimu ,; ,- . veling representative th<
of Stt! r, -t- .pration of America,
of the" . ,:4 :i~ ranch, who has this Y
territory in bag¢.
Mr. tWSaszu n came here for the
special prr~ew: d renewingold acquaint
ances and melting the' Studebaker
owners in getaBl. He states that the
polide.s rill bethe same as in the past i
only on lroler business basis. The serv- h
ice depestmieti is one which any Stude
caker ownc- Icay well feel proud of, as P.
this - " of the main issues of the fol
1' s , tes that they are behind in
.. ,f of cars, but are making
"' . ;ortstocatch up with beck
"'| says that he was glad to get sh
S behille again and is always da
o come again, to
uretarant to
is the place to gie of
Syourorders for.... an of
Suplm m
who conducts the
Meat Market
Opposite Staufer-Godchaux Store a
Always has fresh Beef, Pork,
Veal,.Muttosi and Sausage.
Ope tu 4 . 4 m. to 8 m.
IExe Delvery.,. PhoQ 69
P.ssib.E Ending of
P o. h' mieth ods of enaii.
th I .n ,cars' strike of the
It II-.cr~ ti..al Association oft
BIr .,e a Id Stretural Iron C
1 .orker. . 1ainst "open shop"
co:1t ct .. .re disussed at'
the assoa3ation's an:nual con
vention Tuesday. Presidcunt
r Frank 1M. Rv:u: reported the
e union formiung plans to treat
owitl the contractors.
ci First Berries Shipped.
y Chicago's tables will boast
the first offerings of the Lou-1
isiana berry crop of 1913, the
t. first crate of the fruit having
been shipped through the
Amite Farmers Association
t Monday, from the farm of
of Peter Biondo, one of the mem
ist bers of the Amite Farmers'
d. Association, which was the
or medium through which the
berries. were marketed. A
., d crop is promised from
'he resent outlooL.
To Avo' iwlsana Bom+,
A dispatch " .
that the Council of i . i by
Bondholds ýisdiig O :i'S- '
tors.put to est
new issue Ii y3.-j -,
Louisiana 4s, as the State.
Louisiana is responsible for 1
several million dollars of de- the
faulted obligations, caused n
some comment in financial at
circeles Tuesday morning. att
The Council of Foreign Bond- tot
holders is composed of English
bankers and investors, and
they are making every effort N
through their attorney, Ed- wt
ward L. Andrews, to avoid
the possible listing of new hi
Louisiana bonds on the New Te
York stock market. lb
O'Dwyer Trial Begun.
The taking of testimony
began in Shreveport, Tuesday
in the case of Joe O'Dwyer, in
charged with the killing of T. o,
P. Whitehead last summer, tt
following the completion of a P1
jury in the Caddo District tý
Court late Monday evening. lb
The prosecution endeavors t
show that O'Dwyer abuse 4
daughter of Whitehead prior
to the killing and that White- '
head was shot down as he left p
his home to ascertain the truth b
of the report. Self defense is a
claimed by O'Dwyer's at
torieys. c
hile endeavoring to cross the tracks
of the Texas and Pacific, three-fourths
of a mile above Port Allen Sunday after
noon Will Higginbotham, white, 40
years of age, a convict guard, was run
down by train No. 61. He died later
from his injuries.
A good roads district was created sad
an election for the assessment of a four
mill tax for fifteen years has been oder
ed by the police jury at Baton Rocuge.
SRepresentative J. E. 1McLshaml o
C1apwell parish, shot and fatsay wouaed
a man naumed White at Riversto about 9
o'clock Wednesday morning at Monroe.
White was shot four times, twice, it is
alleged, after he hah fSa to the
ground, The shooting oe -d at the
Riveston depot juat bfre the'arrival
of the northbomnd Iron MeIwting Pas
sener train.
ac1~-- romlu lurcd apc~am4 Ii
1 ceit,'".
,, Louisiani.'
increas;c of 1; ,.
"t ulation and of 13.1 r
a- acreage of improved fa
.t The total value of far
;e which includes that of
at ings, implements and
Iand live stock, is $301,2
dicating an increase o
cent since 1900.
Lst During the decade t
value of land per acre i
U- $8.25, or almost doubt
lie The gain in pop
ng greater during the 1
he than during any other.
on The average size of Lo
of farm is 86.6 acres.
In 1910, 64.8 per cent of
n- in farms was operated
rs' owners, 9.4 per cent by
lhe and 25.7 per cent by tena
:he! The proportion of land s
A operated by owners d sed
DM[ among the white farmers ween
1900 and 1910, while thEt among
colored farmers increased.
.4 Of the total number of farms
52,98? owu.d it w)ole or in part
by t"l .re rin 1910, 42,011
Sgage. ---  , , r .. m
L. L.L u 1in LAC-; a.
LAwrende L. Luehm, local editor of ! 
the Jennings Times-Record and cor
respondent of the American-Press, died
unexpectedly Sunday night, Feb. 16,
at 11:50 at Jennings, La., following an
attack of acute Bright's disease, with
other complications.
Mr. Luehm was a native of Iberia
perish, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Luehm, now residing eight miles from
New Iberia, and was 27 years old. He
wrs engaged in the newspaper business.
Besides his parents, four sisters survive
him-Mrs. Edgar Burrows, of Newton
Texas; Mrs. Mary Foreman, Misses
Kate and Roeamond Iauehm all of New
Iberia. The body was sent to New
Iberia for interment.
Opera House To Go Up.
r Another thing which will be of
interest to the people is the new
opera house which is to go up on
the vacant lot between the Mc
I Pherson jewelry storeeand theVictor
t t ter. The building will be owned
umma Caldwell and J. G.
, Caldwell Bros, having the
the building.
t The iti 'ng Will be 36x90 feet,
with a 24 fob eiling, and is fire
t proof eitia d, and is being
1 buil for ng pictures
s and. Ie .
The ho l be leased and oc
cuipied by A. La idr v. wo is
new counect* t, Vý'º i
u theater.
r. Work on the buil
start in a few days, and it if
i ed that it will be completed
ninety days.
ad A fnal meeting the House Money
Trust Committee submission of proof
. was called for T y. The committee
was prepared to proceedings in its
desire to get its to the Hose thb i
" certain New York
snted by the t
A supplemental
financial institutions
* T charts .wills
Cbthycmmte i t
Il +mas te"oe
nr Life.
We sell, rent, lease or buy your Real Estate, coll
Bond your business or empl
For further information see
J. T. Brooks, Manager.
A 'TEIElUos sUss woLL hlIsss TaI
r See J. A. Summers
For a Gasoline Engine for
your boat.
He sells Fairbanks-Morse
----- ............ . .......... . -
Schumacher Special Horse Feed
as well as all Animal and
Poultry Feed at
C. r.
Phone 268

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