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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, March 01, 1913, Image 2

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eral car as it 0
re of
mourning on the building, $50,000; ler,
for Madero and ing and site, $50,000; elm
site, $5,000; Memphis, site, e
Denton, increase in cost of cons
rings $1,250. tion to $75,,100.
written by George Accordingly, thl senate I wi
ount Vernon on Feb- carry more than $375,000 for Texas
and referring to the buildings and sites over what is car- nc
'representatives to the ried in the house bill. sewe o1
tes congress, was sold and ti
y for $1,250 to an Over 1,026 Acres in Lettuce. three y
Harlingen, Tex.-The late killing
freezes on the Pacific slope and fail
HamlK. amtol- tre of special crops in Florida has Tosk
. K. Hamil- left the lower valley of the Rio Grarde Texas
from his flying as the almost sole purveyor of early closed
h Thursday lettuce and other green crops. The..g the
ne. He es- demand for lettuc especiaily, far ex- we
ton jumped ceeds the s . y, and cash offers are nei
men bei - ade here on the track of of
hamper for the salad. As iley
o grown lettuce runs about 3 iads to rel
D. the hamper, an acre's PP uct would
be worth $1,000. Ther are 1,026 acres
planted to lettuce ..as year in the val
Sley and the y ad is good. ne
d ne
ecMiso C ital Punishment Remains. fw
oo oenix, te Ariz.-The proposed law r
abolishing capital punishment in Ari
on Tomb. zona was killed in the legislature d(
-Wreaths were Wednesday, the senate postponing ac
b of Washington tion on it indefinitely.
the George Washington Ty obb s Lucky.
Assoiation and the George Ty Cobb Is Lucky.
Masonic Memorial Asso- Detroit, Mich.-Ty Cobb has won
a. over the Dtroit club in his fight for at
a $15,000 salary.
,000 Montengrins, 4,000 Servians Die. r
Washington-Bix thousand Montene- Snow Failing in Los Angeles.
grins and 4,000 Servianfl perished at Los Angeles, Cal.-Snow fell in Los
Beutari in the last battle between the Angeles Wednesda for the first time
alied troops and the Ottoman forces, in many years.
acording to an official dispatch to
Constantinople by the Turkish ambas- Interurban Rtiiroad Building Active.
Fort Worth, Tex.--Twenty-four miles
ador Bunday. of steel rails were laid during Jan
Five Miners Perish in Fire. uary by tne various interurban lines '
Eldorado, Ill.-Five miners were under construction in Texas.
burned to death by an explosion in Wants Good Rods
the Seagraves mine. near Eldorado, Kyle
'thursday. Three others were hurt. Kyle, Tex.-A move has been launch
ed for a $100,000 road bond issue and
Anahuac Rice Farmers Are Busy. the chances are very much in favor
Anahuac, Tex.-Farmors are busy of it.
preparing the soil for the 1913 rice
crop. Some have put on a night force Robstown Grows Rapidly.
to facilitate matters. There will be Robstown, Tex.-Fifty residences
something like 7,000 acres planted in and three brick store buildings have
rice dn this vicinity. gone up during th past 60 days.
For a $50,000 Sanitarium. Poet's Body to Be cremated.
Palestine, Tex.-A petition signed San Francisco, Cal.-The body of
by a number of well known business Joaquin Miller, the poet, who died
mna and citizens will he presented to Tuesday, will be cremated and borne
the city commislsiouners asking that to the funeral monument which the
they call an election for the purpose poet built with his own hands several
of vott( ads to beild a sanitarium eares ago, and there the ashes will
Do "tO cost orV ttered to the winds.
Postoffine fesay ae for Good
By City, Tex.-Jdge -A very vote
m- has L received a tel eekr
Betor Cnuiberso whitsk and
bws: he semmste w
* pastsoe be
ry, the
jo. 1 on the t
been washed
r. That monument
ugh diligent search was
i but the present boundary
ion, appointed two years ago
e Stephens act, located it by
ad distance from monument
e nearest one ,o the point of
the Rio Grande.
proval of this report by Presi
ft settles a controversy of
rs' standing between Texas
Mexico, and does it accord
he contention, surveys, maps
nts recognized and issued by
authorities, and is therefore
tisfactory to Texas and Tex
use it fully protects the in
f the State and its people.
lecond Northern Expedition.
I Francisco, Cal. - Completion
of the arrangements for the pur
of the Karluk, a 30-ton steam
er, Thursday disclosed plans of
!lman Stefans, discoverer of the
e Eskimo, of a second expedition
P'ar North. He will sail from
~ancisco May 1. The definite:
t of the expedition will be the
plored portion of the Arctic sec
north of Banksland. Nearly a
a of scientists will accompany him
tie vessel will be equipped for a
e years' voyage.
Crearsery Men Elect Officers. a bomb
Yoakum, Tex.-The meeting of tlf~ tes r
-xas Creamery Men' so' Tin a I
-sed Vedtes tn was chosen spit
the nr- eeting place. Officers out
were elected as follows: George Con
nely of Houston, preside .'Rovt^e '
of Runt; Professor J. Ic
Idgeway of College Station, sec- sch
retary and treasurer, to '
I a
New Cabinet Ministers. hat
City of Mexlco.-The following cabi- re.
net portfolios were awarded and the cot
new ministers took the oaths of. of- dit
fice Friday in the yellow room of the au'
national palace:
Foreign relations. Francisco Leon
de la Barra.
War, General Manuel Mondragon. lil
Communications, David de la Fuente. ap
Work on Port Arthur Conduit. fo
Port Arthur, Tex.--Contractors who ca
are to build the nine-mile, 30-inch con- vw
duit, to bring water from the artesian of
wells, near Port Neches, have started at
real construction work, and began a
week ago making the conduit. The
te Gates ditcher has been cutting the
trench for some weeks and has six sl
miles cut.
ee Four Texas Companies to Border. at
Austin, Tex.-The wires flashed S
es Texas' threat of swift punishment to a
any Mexican commander who harmed o
a citizen of the Lone Star State. e
Governor Colquitt Monday night or
.h- dered four companies of militia to
ad Brownsville with all possible haste.
ror t
Matt Wells Wins on Points. ID
London.-Matt Wells, lightweight. c
defeated Hughie Mehegan, Australian t
es champion, Monday night in a 20-round t
ve fight at the National Sporting Club. i
Wells won on points.
Nevada Divorce Law Amend.
of Carson, Nev.-- overnor die Fri
led day signet the Btrnes am dment to
re the divorce law. lt b es effective ,
the January 1. 1914. er that date an 1
ral applicant for div4rce must have lived
ill i Nevada a year instead of six
Improvements at Rogers.
rote Rogers, Tex.:- Improvement still
eek continues. A nu ber of residenhes are
ear- under construe on and a great many
a~4 home owners putting down ce
m1at walks.
b City sxas New Census.
bY City T .According to a cen
en tly under the direc
the mess easgue, the popu
Bay ity is now 5,000. There
tely 900 families in the
scholastic estimate is
or Eosf Shipped.
-0. C. Bimmons ship
toNe Nw aver
I t M~t
;, 1[t 'ol 111*- 1 .
.';o . n elt at
d been ill only a few . ..,tn .if .
. d the syill tItu s of her uIlder the
sembled appendictºtiN cree and <
o Na La was a slautht-ar of duties, tlh
Slang, a Manchu. She ni trried havie \ beetn
.mperor Kwangsu in 1.'. p-he was I0o per it
48 years old and the niiec a of the late The M11:
empress dowager, Tsu 11il. instructitcl
Tsu Hsi, who always had .. impered foreilin r,
I Kwangsu with lavish attention luade no rItdolcti
the most important event in I:is life nized, rtes
the choosing of his bride. .'.. a pre- closed po
1 liminary she picked out about two M.W.
i hundred can":'tt "- ,nd set the ment- the Natioi
bers of the board of rites to work in- suumied a I
quiring Into the horoscope of each. tlrnted to
Wy hen these "officers who had gone p
t to heaven" had selected about a dozen
likely candidates from the lot, Tsui
Htai had them come and live at the ernon
Spalace until by her observation of minutes
their characters at first hand she min tes 'J
s could pick out the most fitting one. i
i- The final choice fell upon Ye Ho Na verdict of
s La. The marriage ceremony was per- Buand other
y formed with great pomp. the jurer
e With the deaths of the husband and Ilan g
E. the dowager empress, Tsu Hsi, with- Glancing
I. in two days of each other in 1908, Ye on whiet
Ho Na La became dowager empress. Judge Na
With the accession of the baby em- and part
peror, Pu Yi a son of Prince Chun. i t i
n and the commencement of the reform verdict w
r- movement which resulted finally in "We, t
n I China becoming a republic, Ye Ho Na not guilt
f La never had the sway that fell to h Immed
ºe the lot of her predecessors. ands wi
n Ye Ho Na La abdicated February 12 glanced
mt of last year with the emperor, Pu Yi. "'It was
te and other members of the Manchu ant, whd
edynasty. wrea
Mrs. Pankhurst is Arrested.
m London.-Mrs. Emmeline Pan urst
a was arrested Monday in cr nectionr
with the destruction o e country tivel
residence of Davi loyd-George bT quar
a bomb exploil^ last week. . 1er ar- inco
. rees ed from her declaration at Wil
Ston!a public meeting that she had con- poin
chosen spired with her followers to carry defil
ifficers out the outrage. Se
;e Con- of
_ ra eland's New School Building. o
ssor J. Grapeland, Tex.--Grapeland's newi Q"
n, sec- school building has been turned over p,
to the school board by the contractors leso
and school is now being held in the S,
handsome structure. The building Dan
ig cabi- represents an outlay of $12,000 and is T
,nd the complete in every detail save that ad- are
of. of- ditional seating is required for the ly 1
of the auditorium. Igos
Leon Pleasanton May Have Oil Mill.
Pleasanton, Tex.-Pleasanton is very
agon. likely to have an oil mill before the T
Fuente. approaching cotton crop is harvested. live
Certain parties have purchased land pet
dult. for this purpose, and if preliminaries set
ars who can be arranged satisfactorily it Is its
ich con- very likely that an oil mill will be in $7:
artesian operation the coming season at Pleas- ma
started i anton. mi
began a' ho
it. The Castro Purchasing Munitions.
ing the New York.-Evidence tending to
has six show that agents operating for Gen
eral Cipriano Castro a few days ago La
made heavy purchases of arms and At
lorder. ammunition was obtained by United let
flashed States secret service men Thursday, th
iment to and it is known that the department ba
harmed of justice in Washington has extend- gc
r State. ed its inquiry to several gulf ports. th
tight or
ilitia to Castro Goes to Cuba.
haste. New York.--General Cipriano Cas
tro, ex-president of..-  -Ziele-., left ly
nts. i New York sud4dfily Sunday for Cuba m
htweight. on the Ward liner Saratoga. He said ni
ustralian there was nothing secret about his at
20-round Itrip; that it was merely for pleasure, w
ng Club. anl."nat he would return to New York d
some time in March. a
tn Allies Will Demand Indemnity.
'die Fri- Sofia.-The ministry of finance
dment to states that the payment of an in- p
effective demnity by Turkey is an essential .
Sdate an condition to the conclusion of peace. a
iave lived It is added, however, that the allies
I of six will not insist upon immediate pay
S Belt Railroad to Be Extended.
tent still Fowlerton, Tex.-It is reported that
len:es are the Artesian Belt railroad will be ex
reat many tended from Christine to Crowther, a 1
down ce distance cf seventeen miles, . as cost
of $110,000.
enasue. Bus Forty-Two Interurban Cars.
Sto a cen- Dallas, Tex.-The second largest or
the diree- der 4ver placed for interurban rolling
the popu- stocj was made Thursday when the
000. There Sout ern Traction Company bought
lies in the forty-two modern interurban cars foa
etimate is use om the Dallas-Waco line
- Many Homeseekers to Texas.
hipped. - tm, TeL-The second largest
mas shiPD movement of the year
Fla -i ind Houston riday. More than
aver- fit cars containing at least 1.000
-_ e to sreeking new v aui ar
Consul on American Side Refuses to
Sign Consular Invoices, So Revolu
tionists Name a New Consul.
Lart,:o. T,'x.-Nt:withlstandin thf'
city of Nuelvo i.ire.o, i in ithe hands MUCH CC
of the I''.toltut 'r;;i flr't's tinder the
ltad(t'r!hill of Andl, ;al'za Ca-n, I'', Hens Sing
tretolitot hat beti r .'lled bqtweh House V
the' Nult\ Larndo aulhoriti-is altl the Ir
oi'"\\ ) et'v* mrlllll1tlt 111 t!h ' 1 i% (y .uf "-;1(o
and thus the port iof N 'Vii lilrtid is Tn our w
cl,.-' d as pa rlI ot trtly. snowy day
shortl' after the ( urell' ' of -%1Pe'o as if thny
l.ar'd, l, o , t u yi: for'. i t.itd weather.
at "htii'll of 4t' {or (cent i i tlt's v. ith larg.
il ;ll i tll' ,' l . i1:.ll iV i 4 ''-n t' I- t exposure.
tiltd , l;k, adlll Vallt;lu : 111. i tdIll'- clei an, i Ivtt
1 . 1,lit ihl ' >ti hli" bl h k b ll t a. t'o I With grit
to ' i t ' r fo .sal ,f tihe sexi l banktd l!,!
. l on the Amtllrt''ie';In t.id It) plut his w.i,,..S r",
" ' ' i i collt lilt l lh ' d I rout ii . s (: ' 11 ,r14 i
l i T '' t , ' 'ti\t il }'. fr~i diat :(.!
1,Ine l froni I r
i v ft.i t-'it
'u c ' 'tn ci llm thel fllir l e ts o : ',i eral tiu , T
tr ler the 4 i p;r ie r''Iili t i' lg. Tlit.png
creiie aItl c l im l"Iv r'.c' IIo We hlave,
II hav ''i blt 'ii too iAi t.-I t l'"l V li lty of
t e 'h' l '·" ic;n" cI tIll rceivitl i HANDY F
instructio: ns fro me a the e -: +"r,'tinen of
-Ie fi uctio l in duties ' ili h ri-,i.t. Each P
njiz'd.- rs.ll"ii inl lie tIt till of a
S cltrstd port i"t \ S e4ot I .''i'
Mo M. W. Bretntna cust:2 a t of When tra
. Sutiltl ; h lil ir lttitud' alt : i L ri' for each
tllin~t e'id I t. he 'l . x nl n s'i''t' \ o10 1 '|t ' 1 4
uit his l uli'h tt liS 're ttl ry i Leri I' I' i d. t l oll
ni tf iprior to the capiture of ti ti ill to corr
mrilt. Tuesy i I for umorrAinD for
e in thle J. li. Sneed case to Ir f
verdict of "not guilty." Foreal Tol
a Bunker handed thr e written vf hit n
rand other papers to Jude Na rs
Id the tjurymen filed the box. sl indig.
SGlancing hastily at tile alip of Palet'r
hon which the verdict was writte iA
Judge Nabors warned the tspectators
and piarties to the clas'e trat thO re
must be no demonstrat Jl. Then the ;
m verdict was read. It .as:
in "We. the ury, nd the defendant the pe
.s not guilty." board
Immeliately thB re was a clappin of posit
v er it o M si' ls a ' ' rliin
hands within thte ail. Juge Naors numb
12 glanced in that 'tirection,. frownini
i, "It rwasme, judgl e " said the  f cnd
u ant, whh he ' his feet his face B
itI' e wnas it, Mr. Sneed? I Uttle
u ill fiNa u$50s,' said the court. P
a prst Ms Be New Cabinet
nection e ashin en.-It was stated pos- Th
ountr m tively Tuetay in high congressional cery
rge ba quarters, csey identiiied with the or for
Je ar- lancom:ng actinistration of president ful
tion at w ilso, that he following cabinet ap- won'
d con- pointments hd been determined upon the i
carry definitely: and
Secretary olState, William J. Bryan sele
of Niebrska. t comi
Iding. tecre ary ofthe treasury, William Whe
' neOw Q. McA(oo of "ew York. to tl
ed over Postmjster gneral, Albert S. Bur- as
ractors leson of exas. som
in the Secrety of the navy, Josephus fan
building Daniels o North Carolina. s ato i
Sand is The fo goi ngames and osition egg
that ad- are said have been advanced entire live
fo r the l beyond he state of conjecture or cle
Sgossip, and became finalities in the ,m
forthcoming cabinet list eac
Mill. I yot
n is very $800 dlnlmum Salarye er
fore the Washingto That a man can not b
rvested. live on $720 year and "keep up ap an
ed land pearances" id bthe declaration of the I
minaries senate Tuesd vhen it overturned pr
ily it is its postoffice c mittee, voted out all st,
ill be in $720 salaries postal clerks and
minimum oltate, Wpovision by thel
house. dm
ding to Mras. Scotteasury NWilliam Wh
for Gen- London.-Dr. ce, a brother of
ays ago Q.Lady Robert F. ew t, widow of the
rms and Antarctic eplorer received a wire
y United less from his sistr Tuesday saying
nhursday, that she had just heard of her hus- t
partment band's death and that she was in
a extend' good health. LadyS cott is on board
ports. the steamship Aoratni. ic
a. Two Negroam fynhthi.es 1 .
iano Cas- Marshall, Tex.- negroes were
B la, left lynched and a third as wounded by
for Cuba mobs in Harrison nty Tuesday
Hesaid night. The dead are: Robert Perry
about his and a negro named der ion. The
pleasure, wounded negro is nam Getrge Red
New York den. The scene of lyn hing is
about ten miles from p sta Fields.
mnity. $10,000,000 in 25 inu
finance Washington.-The senlte -sesdal
of an in- passed the '80,00i0,000 an tlension e
essential bill In the record time of 1nutes
of peace. and with less than 15 mi'i es ebate. Ir
the allies It is the largest amoutat qf a an
miiate pay- nual pension measure in e htory
of the government. It
tended. Illinois Miners Vott F ds.
oorted that Peoria, llo.-Ill-inois stae l a~.
will be ex- ers Tuesday voted In favor givg
rowther, a the striking miners of West 'irgina
, as coat $900,000 if necessary to aid them
their struggle.
an C ars. Withhold Lumber Orders for e
largest or- Orange, Ter - Mexican coyi
'bn rolling who have had large orders with
when the lumber manufacturers for a
ay bought have instructed them to withhold fur
Sccars foe ther shipments by rail and by water
ee to Mexico, pending a settlemeon of
t the Mexican war troubles.
and largest Colemdan, Te.-D ring thie pd t
ft the year week there have been $wo more
More than oil wells brought in on the Trscd
least 1.000 field sonutherast from Coleman a
aliie U o ar tkenty miles. The oil is of avg
r superior quality
ks Her I
fight Resul
All Ladie
Cackle in Cozy Winter
Hens Sing ands Kept Busy Scratch
House Wher Their Feed.
Ing ft i ,
S t!-.ltry holoe on cold.
In our win:t, Le:ns sing and c:tackle . ''
snowy dat;s « 'r'e enollj i sumnlOm er
as if th. h Louse is 4x..,; tfet,'
weathe "r ,Ie,. S onI the' soutthern I
v. it lrg. t i ,:iilm it consists Of ,,
exposutr . r ,. l, '-f, ders .. ,I :
cdean invitini  sl, lls. tl , d l ',' floor' «
with grit aiul: \ ith leaves anll .t-f:i., It
banked 8t V. Irtn,. on of l:titancock
rit '- l(,i in the N\w England .
Ctuit'- h , . k,'ep till, liens busy "I
h ,2 ( until tt rcet tune dig- a t .
fr- tit li_-t-til rtin, sc.tt rtld sev- ,
ling aflter s: iy in tihe litter. l.aawn -o
eral tin l, i :t otha:l hi. It, lllllkills.
clippings, tin' ai ocs ' a:i-nt:l ti.at of I
:isbtea , etnd r (chlv rtilt h: t ss.ntded t '
heat t. ,,ts oti t l' t l lI . busin .ss
fromn It. i ., ,lisy he u tilt la-i the 1.
It -is t stle a d ha- rd blood I .
tils . n!de , hl tr vt ins to k .P ht r ip - t "
c('tursin i : i la s. Our pterchi s cant (;i, C'. .:': i
ha-n , W1 the rnut. and it we hue "
B ?tors 1 teen the tock inclined to
any dIr2 . e t the ,ty t n th f perch ".,',,
l-'nd IntUh . he perches to tle ceil- f
we Just I, I ; ot1t,, ,et til'h habit of I
ing. Thlt , the r st of the tioc k. BY
hustling ait is use fur drones on our
We have , i urv alpiary.
farm save. irt
Keep Separate Box for
Desirable t Where Trap Nests
Each Pe -e Being Used.
tnsts are used it is some
When tra le to keep t , --: ing; box
times dtesira which reeivt's i the 4"W
for itach pei g;ther.d says the Farm
" " . Nilbl.r each tray or box
I vand 11"p t are used inl some
hhen tnurapr of
to correspon t t
as First A
I1". . handed r
,er two days
en, " --. Second
ors . - trunk out
Handy Egg Tray.They
ant the pen. The holes in the bottom haven't
board keep the eggs in an upright fact, the
- of position on the small end where the says the
hors numbers can be easily read. friend m
inug. c be yesterua;
faceI _ --ell.
I? I little Money and No Satisfaction in h.
P. practice-Best to Sell Direct "i ha
to the Consumer. my i
post- There is no satisfaction, and but food eve
tional very little money in exchanging eggs '"I am
1 the for groceries or grain. By being care- a
iident ful In gathering eggs. so that they saying
et a D- won't become chilled in winter and s0 honeyr
upon the hens won't sit on them overnight for bee
and using a little care in sizing and
Bryan selecting, quite an advance over the
common prices may be obtained. Rasti
'il liam When possible, sell your eggs direct ed.
i to the consumer. If not possible, get "Ah'
r- a market in your nearest city with stealin
some grocer who deals in strictly Wash
ephuo ancy grocerles and provisions. Agree gwine
to furnish him only strictly fresh "Go
itionr eggs, and then, for yoe r own e saee, o
entire live up to your agreement. Carefl Aly
ue or clean all the eggs; don't send nhhik
hnr e small, misshapen or large ones t
each egg with a rubber stamp, u1
your initials or the name oft r "W
farm, and in a short time you illof th
. an not have created a demand for your s "B
up S- and when you have created such de'
of the mand your eggs will bring the higste
rtur rned price, 0onsldersbly more than sur
out all storekeeper would pay.
ks and Several neighbors could send tr
he $800 eggs together, paying a cent or two Di
by the per dozen to one of their number for to I
doing the business, and in this way
,ll w uld gain a little.
ther of Cold-StoraIl *Test.
- of the of cold storage, as made by p
aa wire- o f the experts of the department ,
: saying of agriculture led to the conclusion
her hus- that poultry keeps better when not
was in drawn than it does when drawn. The
on board reason is that the process of drawing
causes bruises which invite the lodg
Sment of germs. lItrds that were dry I
werd. picked kept much better than those L
es were which had been scalded. The experts I
unded by summed up the requirements as c
Tuesday p. upt storage, dry picking and dry
e et p erry ch, rag. These esesntials have all El
onnThe h favorable to the cold-storage
rreeRed- tr, but seem never to be com
-nhihing is pr, reded by the host of agitators
iFields. w'mo every year try to secure ab
--lIcold-storage laws.
uesday t Open Muslin Front Best.
itension ofglass front poultry house causes
u~ s xtemes in temperature, warming up
tes bate.t *he day time and then turning cold t
a f an- -ltli the setting of the sun. This i- ha
e htry i apt to cause disease and make
athe fowls' combs and wattles more nt
. e itive to frosts. The open muslin
d r - o t is by far the best and at the I
al a. e e time the least expensive. Some i
Sigiv rg g I may be used, but not exclusive b
Coeced5 Montgoemery Elctlon.
It s, Tei--COm plete retnrns from
for ori 1 elot of s18 boxes give the pros a
cooty of 56 in the local option eleo
iwwith cal -a held in Montgomery County Sat"L
rmtus tio y. The antis have Mconceded the
thhol fur- ,ct~ion by a ma ll arlin.
Sby bater ______-"- __- __
ilemen e of Russian IdialniSte·r Rdsgl.
\ P petersburg.-The emperor has
t it ted the resignation of M. Mak
the pt elior as minister of the interior. Tne
more ma T '- assigned for M. Makaroiffs re'
rica '- i i
ks Her Le er Made Publ::,
ight Result [in Some Good.
All Ladies Should Read.
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