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Devoted to the Interests of Abbeville and Surrounding Community.
_"T _ ----- - --'Z2- i ,--s-,. . . . .....
Abl\'ille, \'ermiilion 'Parish, La., Saturd:ay, March 8. 1913.
. . .. .. ..L. ..r-ll- fTr
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. I chi
Trv in otlic..
ev it Law. 1
Iar I in oticc.
*otar\ Public.
Court House.' am
are in olfice.
o- by
ver regret i
ss with us. a
Trust Co.
read so 1
e maga
our store
larm clocks
. They'r
tfrom the
l clock
imlow for a
wish you'dt
, Mgr.
her Special Horse Feed i
11 as all Animal and
oultry Feed at
F. Grimmer.
T ng, Cleaning, and
Pianos, G aphephones, Records, Magazines and
all the Daily Papers.
State Phone 254'
Tho who would like to know the
will tell how to get it A. P.
Meeting of the City Council Was
Interesting----Important Measures
The. city council met 1I regular t\.
c-.ion Monday night with the
iavyor and all the members 1,res ent.
the meeting being held ait the office cep1
of the mayor, on State street. I
The minuttes of the previou" anii
meeting were read anll approved. uil
No report was received from the old
chief of police. 1,. Dutel, Ni-!ht of 1
Police Cuird., the city treasurer. i:il
or manager or to~kckee;per of the 1hot
water and light plant. la;t
Constable T. EIlmer presented tor
the council with this report, \;:1i0ch nhcA
showed that a total of $27.50 had fir,
been collected it: fines.
An ordianrce was then adopted cil
accepting the sidelwalks. which are cal
being put down by J. B. Silver& wl
Soit. or(
After the pa.sing of the Side- tio
walk ordinance, hills were aproved co:
and ordered ,paid. .,
.It was moved, seconded and un- co
antimnously carried that the town of pa
Abbeville shall file all hills approved na
for the account of the street and hr
bridge and issue warrants on the co
regular form to be countersigned W,
by the mayor of the town in pay- sa
nlent thereof, as in the case of all s
other warrants, and that all claims
against the said street and bridge
hereafter shall be approved and
pt paid only on warrants issued as
above directed.
The report of the city attorncey.
R. J. LaBauve, was received, at
showing that he had complied 01l
with ins.tructioi -, ad that he had L
0, purchased a strip of land 26 feet in lb
width, the full length from Louisi- 1t
ana street to East street, for the I:
Ssum of $225, and a balance of $25
* from the appropriation was returned s
and was ordered turned over to the (
I treasurer. The council approved l
. the attorney's action and ordered
the report filed with the record.
Acting upon a communication .
from the sidewalk contractors, J.
B. Silver & Son, regarding the
payments of sidewalk assessments, I
the council ordered that the ccn
munication be handed to the city
attorney, and that he take the nec
essary atnd proper steps in the
premises, and to enforce the pay
t nent of delinquent property own
ers, as may appear from the record
by the secretary. The motion being
duly seconded and unanimously
Bids were opened and read for
Sthe painting and scraping of the
{ water tower and oil tank, being
tw.' oiC fr-o;: (',alori , L aiaouv' for tie1 '1i
$5) aitlt the othelr from Fraa t,,it1
Tay.lor for :-125. The bi, of Frankl
Tal lob, urhi::. the low.'t was ac- t,
O ne 1)v
ce]pted. the
It wa\s nlo\d, sec),(ondldtl and 1 their l
aniino.slv carried, that all Iparties th.. I
huilding w"rehouse or renmoelinig M";r it
old luiidin'.igs within the Ere limits l king
of the city he notified :o cease :,aid  nothi
itlpro enients and the -aid ware- that ti
hou-tIes erected i: \-iolltionl of the are fin
law h, remiev\ed Iandl thle citv :at- St
torncv was atlthori7ld to take the than it
ilceC. aryv teps to enforce the There
tire orodi anlct. year, :
If \was als.: ordered ht the coun- not tri
cil that the chief of police again 'ear ,
call to the atteution of the lparties _v ar.
\who have failed to comill,.y with the will h
ordinance regulating the installa- they
tion of sa5nitary closet,, etc., andi 5lucce'
coInectionl with the sewerage
svstem, and in the event of furthlr
continued failure of any party or r
parties to comply with the ordi- rLnkt:
,nance. to arrest such offenders and " Fchr
bring theta before the mayor's Inc nnn
e;court, to be punished in accordance' I .f.l.I
:with the ordiance covering the oer,
same. The motion being duly Oth"'
1second and carried unanimously. other r
l utt fry
Gueydan Notes. (o
fMr. and Mrs. Con. Shuckrow, Nxa1io
who have been running the Ver
milion Hotel for a number of years,
Sare making preparations to leave c,,,i>>
il our little city sotletime this month, sin,l
tLhey go to Missouri, where they ,'"u,
Shave ,ought a nice little country Indivi
ihome. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. More- Ti,~,
land will take charge of the hotel. certifi
e ing ,
5 The Rebeccas gave an oyster Aniohi
sd supper onl Saturday night at the I. i
le O. O. F. hall. They took in thel
d neat l:ttle sum of $25. rris)
I. I
Mrs. Carrie Pipes moved to 5nru
Crowley last week, and will make i"''t1
0 her future home at that place.
be The Gueydan Athletic Cluhb isI sir
preparing to build a wall around i or K
n- the'ball park.
itvy Mrs. S. D. Rowe, the up to date P
ec- milliner, has moved in her new L-"
the building, near the butcher shop on ,;
y- Main street. on i
J. R. Fletcher, the mail carrier, tfl
rd says that the roads to Florence are I.
ng in good condition. " r
isly oth.
Y The farmers of Florence are get- otnl
for ting along nicely with their marsh '
ing Men Who Succeed. Nat
S The men whom I have seen succeed
beet n litte have always been cheer
ful and hopetal men, who went about
their business with a smile on their ca
faces, and took the changes and '"
chances of this life like men, facing Id
rough and smooth alike as It came.-- -i
Charles Kingsley. i
S Ce,
Started on Opera House.
Summa Caldwell, contractor, is n1
now busily engaged in the erection
of an up to date building on the lot ,o
owned by J. G. LeBlanc, the affable o
cashier of the First National Bank,
.. which will attest to the steady pro
gress of our town. We are inform
ed the building will be used for
opera house and will be another I
monument of the skill of our con- t
genial contractor, Summa Caldwell. p
Alas, Ye.!
S"Oh. Mr. Titewadd, do yeo know,
I pIased by a candy store yesterday.
ad actually didn't gO in." "How aun
Itke yoe-I thought you said once yoes
Invartiably turned int' "Why, don't
you remember? You were with
Confederate Veterans Meet.
The Confederate Veterans met
here last Saturday evening pursuant I.
to a call from General Schaffer.
The purpose of the meeting was to
plan to assist General Schaffer to
revise the rolls of the Confederate
SVeterans, the local veterans to look
after those of this parish It seems
as though there are some names of
persons on the rolls who are
dead, some who have been dropped,
eand other things that they will in
They will meet again on the 15th
Farmers Busy Planting. CHunt
'Tl' 1:I:et)' lp of the. c,:a::try are We
.till hu-y planting, having had two of the
week.- of ideal weather in whichi arc
tiule thy1 have ,eel: trying to catch Geese
up with the time t:at i:has ,' except
ist,. due to the rainy weather. Apri
( )ne 1\ one they are finisliinig with 'Papaix
their plauting and in a short time That
th1l.v may feel at ease (c:ce more. plerslon
,)r it certa ily wa" really ulootl oiler f
lo,.kiig weather to thlCe who had for .ahl
notliug plianted. N\ow it seems first dk
that the pro:pects for goixl crops til tlh,
are fine. The seed cane was in the t a,,oll
best of condition, in fact better for hip
than it has been for serveral year:,. Tha
There i: quite a varied crop this .trean:
year, as many farmer, who have is prol
not tried to raise tottoll for several c. crvat
,year,, are ,putting in a crop this permlil
e-tar. We sincerely hope that they tuiffal
, \\will have a successful crop, for of the
:they are certanlyv des:erving of miles
,1 tces... Setl
--- any s!
" Batk of Ab e."e. Bul
. hl,.'ii: I, 'ermilion" pril
r ,eort frni,h.d to lt St•t .xaminttr of 11 f l
lanks , the :olve k at the tlo:e of business fih
d on ctrunar 25th. 1913. Th
RoRc.OU perRsoC
I)cmtnnd loan ..... .. .. . ............5 7 `.99 r76
Lo ns'. 'u.crtred b1 nm rtnar ............... 57.752.54
Other lo :., and dicount ...... ... 35.. Tro
e overdraft.. i~, urea and tultncort dt ... u299)
. Other stocks. bands. stouritit's tc. .. 4.i1'0.t Perc'
iankin- hoiu*., furniture and fixtures.. 22.N,.,01 the b
St)htr real ettate owned ......... ........ 5 7
lInt from :nks rd am k cr...... ..... 77.127.7.. A 11
Ct' cks and other cash it'. un.. 299';3. and
Go Coin . . .... ....... . ... 1.43,tia
Silt r. nickel and coper coin.. .. 9.553.11,
V, Natitnal bank note and all iu- t'.
"I gu'et"rnl .nt . ................ 10.942 .,N
$53.,19;.64 Upj
II.\ IILITIES. city a
Capital tock itakt in .......... ...... 1S... k). ) ( know
1. Surplus .. ...................... . . I.00.t. $) Org
I ndividcl prolits less exein.se nat and a
Y taxe. paid ....................... 32.947 and
rv Individual d.epsits subject to chec-k..... 193.47.99 T'h
Time certificates of deposit.............. ,.955.0t be t
Ictmanltd .crtificates of delao t.it... ...... 7.437.25 but
el. Certified checks.............. ... .......... ........ I t70.
Bins l:yahl ................................... 9 . ) th e
:er Atllnollts dtne to persous not inclaiudd Otl
i. ill f rer oing ........... .............. .47 va
e 536.197.14 MOOS
e Sta:te of .onisinun. Owls
Parish of Verr.ilion. that
1. ,.. 0. Rrot:slrrd. oresid:lt. and .. O. A. that
to Broussaird. cshis r. of the ualae-named Imuk do ccrtd
ke s olcn.ty s'~Oar that the abt'e statement is true RU
to the hest of tay knowledcd and belief. engr
1.. 0. RkoI'S4RD that
1S Subscribed and sworn to before me this 3rd day attet
I of M larch. 1913. (EO W. ..MMRS. locl
In (Se.l) Notary Public. m
-----.-.--~--L- ~~' -- -- 711
Late Peoples Bank & Trust Co. how
iew Ioatetd at Aheville. lan. Parish of Venraiiton. bow
Report furn'shed to the State Exxminer of thae)
on Banks by the ahore Ubmk at the close of Ibusiness tim
I on Febrtnry 25th. 1913. give
REsoURCES. that
er, enm d lonns ......................................s 1.449.30
are ns securd y mortgae .................. 3.39299 A
t ther loans and discounts.............. 73.42446 late
overdrafts. secured and unsecured........ 23.46 end
other stocks. bonds. scurities etc....... 3.847.47 on
get- anking house. furniture and fixtures. 11.496.80
arsh nDue from lbanks and munkers ............... 10.158.44
Checks and other cnsh itemsn .... . 96.94 ent
t okt Coin............................................ 372.50 int
Silver. nickel and copper coin............... 26 .2 62
National umnk notes and all isues of 5
tUnited States government........... 3.125.0
their Capital stock paid in ........... ..... 50.000.00 mh
t'ndivided profits, less expenses and 0111
taxes paid .... ............ ... 2.673.04
Individunal deposits subject to check..... 40.298.21
Time ce tifte of deposit........ 8.7.b0. 00
Itemand certificates of deposit .......... 711.40
Certified checks. ... 17 ..3e
Bill' payable .... . . .7..00
$110. .98 s
State of aLouisiana. h
I,S Prish of V'ermilion. S1
tin 1 I E. . S.tebbins. president. and i. J. C. Brou
snrd. cashier, of the nhoe-natmed Imank. do tit
lot Ilemnt" swear that the abhoe statement is true (o
table to the beat of my knowledre and belief. di
E. 31. STZRItN1s.
ank, J. C. BIOUssARD.
subacrlbed and sworn to before me this first
pro- ay Mach. 1913. JOHN NUGIE'.R. 811
orm- (Seal) Notary Pttbli. T
o When a sufflicient number of stock is
other kept to consume the farm products to
cot- the best advantage, it will nearly always
well. pay to Krow some crops that can be used
as needed as soiling crops.
eray, i"
b' Feray'r _
eet. oyor orders for....
met Speial Forl
tier to
seems who codcts the
o re Meat Market
>pped1 Opposite Staufer-Godcham Store
Always has fresh Beef, Pork,
s el5th Veal, Mutton and Sausage.,
Open from 4 a. m. to 8 p. m.
Seome r PO 69
Pswt. Free Delivery. Phone .
Hunting and Fishing Dates. Mlji
We give here s(;ome of the date-.
of the closed season in which the
followiu., game cannot he killed:
March 1 ---Dove-, u'uail, Raila. Snaill
(Geese anaid 1)ucks of all kinde.
except Teal.
April 1 --Teal. Sllipe. Snadlpi'er. Let us
P':!,al ate alnd Chcrook. h ,cfi,
That it shall he tunlawful for :1:
pe)rsoni firm or corporaltiol to .ell. direct
oiffer for ale or have in a:-e c-imn to urs
for sakle. a'v game fr Is after thel ct,. :a
tirst day of March of any ~ ;eat on
til the opening dates, of the faal C,':,;h
seasoll or keep in cold storage either a trade.
for himself or others.
That seining in fr ,.h wauler
streams, lakes anid drainape -ntails th c
is tprohibited- except that the co;i- our cit
l sCervatioil conunli1ission! lilaV grant The
permits to .eiile for f-.h such as
ltulfalo and Catfish in waters west
of the Mississippi river within 7', feet ci
f miles of salt water. posed
Setting of nets of any kind in it
any stream is also proilibited.
Buffalo fish from Feb. 15 to river.
April 15. and any species of Cat- I only
, fish fromnt May 15 to July 15.
That it shall be unlawful for any ing a
s person to sell, exchange or have in of wa'
Spossession for sale any Greten agre
Trout, Sacalait or any species of of ,ar
to Perch and Sunfish, taken within o
'" the boundaries of this state. fit to
": ' Any persons violating tho game hardl
and fish law will be prosecuted. the g
New Fraternal Order. of th
4 Upon Feb. 24th there was born in thisi and
city a social and fraternal order to be bile t
'I known asthe "Crawfish Club," regularly
"° organized with a full quota of officers boon
,c and a treasury. ho
9' The main purpose of this order is to
"oi be the exploitation of the backward, itnps
but oh, so sweet, or, as scientists know t
.on them, Crayfish.
Other orders there are that exploit repa
".47 various animals and birds, such as the
7.64 Moose. Elks, Otters. Beavers. Eagles, whal
Owls. Buffaloes, Lamlbs. etc.. Things
that are in many case confined to only
do certain regions. O 1
ins But the members will endeavor to
engrave upon the tablets of time a niame tI flw
that heretofore has seemingly escaped and
day attention, possibyh being considered too
S. lowly. They have seen and felt the that
blc. many good points of this humble creature.
They have seen how they stick together,
0. how they endeavor to back out of trouble, w1h
ion- how they cautiously feel their way, how for
of they fight for their rights, but when the
'e time comes for the sacrifice, how they curl
give up their small lives without a word
4,9o that others might live.
192.99 All of which many humans could emnu
4.46 late and which this organizatiom will
3.46 endavor to do, thereby endeavoring to
consecrate the name of ."Crawfish."
The crawfish is found spread over the
9694 entire universe and such is the ultimate
372.o intent of this ordyr. Mighty oaks from
small acorns grow.
is.co To keep this band together and in
" harmony and good spirits it is the
intention of this order through different
.oo.0o members to have weekly outings through
out the season to gather in their name
.3.04 msakes and have them attend banquets
.a . I given in their honor and for their mutual
711. benefit and at which banquets there will
17.33 be flows of reason and feast of soul.
s o And in order that it will not be con
strued as a selfish order it is intended to 4
have the lady members of families of the
members present at these feasts from
o, time to time, because we all knor that
i true God made man first, than madle woman
directly after him. And by the way; she
has been after him ever since.
i art The officers of the order are: Claule
R. Broussard, High Right Claw; Avery
Pnlie. Theall, High Left Claw; A. G. Nauck,
Trailer; and R. J. LaBanve, Feeler.
ck a So lets take one to the health and
ts to success of the Order of Crawfish. Long
w may they live rnd happy may they be.
Inamolal Explasattlo.
"Well sir," cried Mr. Rlchpop,
"what does this mean? My daughter
sitting on yaour lap, srtr?" "Why, ye.
Mr. Rlchbpop," said Wagle. "You
see. air, I have ust ggted a cn
aiodatiom mour laterests. and I have
psay antil the merger is completed ao
cording to established trma."--HW'
per's Weekly.
yVisit Parih Schools.
J. O. Broussard, president of the
school board, and Prof. A. M,
Smith, superintendent of educa
tion, muade a tour of the schools of
CK the puish Thursday of this week.
We undietand this is the first visit
to the s iols since Mr. Broussard's
Seoti hs president of the Ver
! a i"lion Parish School Board, and
rpe anticipate a' continued steady
Po rk, devlopment in tl wmork of educa
a tia in our perish uander the able
si M se e air,. e secured in the
SC 69. iStm.h I u.r.d
Make Your n r'avor of Tax
or EieA i• ;ay---Monday, 1
Sn lla i ' .ct c tor :11 t\ tor tl' i.
litll t l- l T r act t , t h , ,hn d . :1 l to ,: .
lhet I, llnt ,, u n- t N ! ,
olir c'it\.
lThe iOisiana Triactiin Ii : P -~\~\ i
S t(i aullni . if a riht (:f a\" of fift v
feet c- ll Ie tecutired aloim,", the ,t, 1i
,,osed roulti, will open d(rains alon I <
side its track connecting with the
) river, draining this ,cotion: and nit
only so. but will assi.'t in cstablish
ing a model road on the salme right t:
n of way, directly into Lafayette and l
agrees to pay half of the upl-keepl
of samec. Will this be of any bene- \
fit to our farmers \ who can now 0
e hardly get their cotton and cane to
the gins and refineries on account
of the poor roads? We think so; 1i
is and not them only, but to automo
Shlile owners this would he a great C
rs I boon; additionally to the farmer, t
who is being delayed with some
l. important work on account of the. 3
time now required to secure needed1
e oIq l
nit repairs fcr his tools, harvesters, or
es, whatever the emergency; just to
nv waive to an approaching car, get
on board and speed away on the
,me wing of a bird, secure his needs
p and return home in so short a time,
the that expenses that now amount to
ire. many dollars to him in delay of men
ble, whom he cannot afford to let go,
the for when gone they are hard to se
hey cure again, especially in our busy
Sharvest season, are reduced to prac
For Pure and .Fresh Drugs and
Fine Perfumes don't forget.....
Godard's Drug Store
Phone 33. State St.
Prescriptions carefully filled day or night.
See...... Phone 268.
F. W. Summers
Sub Agent of Standard Oil Company of Jouisiana
For your Polarine.
Gasoline for your automobile.
I · - - 4
Do you realize that your
business is judged by the
quality of printing you use?
Then let us do your printing
for you. We make a spe
cialty of neat, clean printing.
We have nothing except the newest and
latest material. Try us with your nexit
Abbeville Progress
Sate Street. Phone 248.
" al':k at 1,me, re
h,.;: ar, " o wor .k Itor-' 1'1
vi n u , ),l will ( V
tm, . . ll, t, hin
1t,1 of t.eis el. c tic. ;in. lv l.
l;'1, ,' x". 11. t1', I".t' * |.',', d i. ` 1 '
our vi tinity.
I,  l, w 'l' r ...' ll'- : I\',T( CIL" , l.l
" h Iow AL out the Music?
rt Well. wetll! Is it rea lly orrin to
hal pen thatlt, we wre to see Alhcill.
go t uhrou t tgh the supoller without it
dat or wil somelbody please start the
r,cthing goilg. If it is once started
e an given the roer eMucoursic?
ment there isare to doubt Abbeut what
o" we could all enjoy it h and out itd
t of it. Ofcourse we will harte tohe
or sound the first note it seems, So
here goes; We must have that
to concert band this summer, and it
.et is high time to be making that
the move. What do you say? Are you
ready? Then brace up and speak
ne j --- -- -
to Lafayette Advertiser:
beville Progress is the iof *.
ien new paper started at A
go, with J. W. O'Bryan as propri~tr.
It is well printed full of local news
and interesting reading matter, and
usy quite a credit to its publisher. We
ac- I wish Mr. O'Bryan much success.

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