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Mrs. Wilkes' Fondest Hopes
Realized-Health, Hap
piness and Baby.
plattshurg, Miss.- " Lydia E. Pink*
hem's Vr .tableo Compound has proved
very beLneitcial tornre, for now I am wdll
and hay'e a sweet, healthy baby, and
our hirne is happy.
"1I was an invalid from nervous pros.
tratn, intdgestion and female trouble.
"I think I suffered every pain a n*
man c,,ull I,,'fore I began taking Lydia
I:. Pink hana's VeIgetable, ('ompound. and
I think it saved this baby's life, as I
lost my first one.
" M' heal:th has been very good eve
since, and I praiso your medicine to all
my friends." - Mrs. VERNA W ILIz%
R. 1'. D. No. 1, l'attsburg, Miss.
The darkest days of husi)andl and wife
are, when they come to look forward s.
a chillhss and lonely old ag'.
Many a wife has found herself ine-r
pable lof motherih.al owing to some
derangement of the femininei systemsI
oft.en curable by the proper rcmedies.
In many homes once chililess there
are now children biecause, of the fact
that Lydia E. I'inkharn's Vegetable
Compound makes women normal.
If you want special advice write ts
Lydia E. l'Inkham Medicine Co. (coad
dential) lynn, Ma.s. Your letter will
be opened, read and answered by a
woman and held in strict confldesee.
You Need
II you keep your liver active. your bea
regular and your digestion good
Regulate the BowelsA
Stimulate the Liver
Improve Digestion aend
Purify the Blood
Why Scratch?i
"Hunt'sCure"is guar I
anteed to stop andt
permanentlycure that
terrible itching. It is
compounded for tha
purpose and your money
will be promptly refunded
if Hunt's Cure fails tocWs
Itch, Eczema, Tetter, Ring
Worm or any other Skis
Disease. 50c at your druggist's, or by ma
direct if he hasn't it. Manufactured only l
A. ICAIDS ME CIMEIC CO., Shen.. l° s
ON .THOUPSO 'L t kMOa CkOeTrurf . es
JON L.TfINMPON luIuNa (O..Trt NJL7, 6
1rUnant .anadhindren.
Kind You Have
ALCOHOL-3 PER CENT Always Bought
Avgeabl Pnparaie .rAl,
simitatinthroondRsula Bears the
singhseeet sba androwelso Rt
Promos Digestionheerfl
nessandRest Contains neill r
Opium.Morphine nor Minera l U
pe. arrd*JsZnufrm
E-,..b.. -
M.-. * In
C Aperfect Remedy forCons
a on . Sour Stomach.Diar 1 U 8
1 WormsConvulsons.Feverish
'Q ness and Loss OF Su.LE
rat.,,.oi oS , . u For Over
Thirty Years
Ect Copy of Wrapper.
emeC0*uL **...se. t** 0***
W. L. D LAS,
4.J AND *
SeES osar or a tOa tn the
shosL__-_ in t
.Ask your dealer to
4.0eo sa.... Ju s.ut
Gist sHId wear as oftm
-the eoly diffle 8 0 o ST.00
leawter., y* 8ssoes toI all
Tes at Brockto . l.. t! arge.t
how aretll W tee for y rwelf
Swou wld thee and me dc
to At better. Wek arewarrated
lbnger . ae ay ar ca a. me as
USTUT W.I. LmoDs ln w
Nr O. 11twftatied .: ,l.t
"I don: * ,r'blnh.r what I ate, but
I had an au ful dweam."
"What \-Is it. (old chap?"
"I due'aued my ilYvah twnt naway
without lacinig amy sho es."
Morrioon. Tenn.--"For one year I
suffered freom a very se'vc attacl of
acne or pimled4., atn ompanied by
eczema. It first showetd itself by the
forlmation of small retd. rather hard
,pimples whic'h ,ore not only distigulr
Jng, but we1re Jpaintful. They also ap
peared on my necik and c('hest. Their
itching :a- often so intleis-' as to
cause in!<slniar. atnl tlhe verr often
,caused Ipin anid huroiint. I tried sEv
enal so-called 'sure cure' remedies.
but they dtlI little or no good. Sev
:ral month:- ago I heard of ('utie'ura
Soap and Ointment and wrote for a
"I found them so soothing that I at
once pur, hased a twenty-five cent
cake of t'utieira Soap, and a fifty
cent bor of ('tutiura Ointment. After
using them for about a month, all of
,the itching arid the pIimplel, had t'n
tirely disappeared " ISigned) John
Finger, Iec. :to, 1911.
Cutieur;: Soap andil Ointment sold
throughout the world. iSamplleh of each
free, with ::' . Skin Tinok. Address
post-card "Cuticura, Dept. I, Boston."
Boundless Love.
Robert. " \i n clars cli. sFnIm,
tucked in Ih, l ctalhed to( his Ian(th,,r In
the next re'ut . "I all't tell thoa mutsh,
/I lCr e 1 mloth lt r h" e ailiiiiI edlic .
"Yes. dlear. go to sleep now," ad
rmonished Ill lmotlhr. Thiere uas si
lence for thirty secolnds. Then:
"Mother. God couldn't tell how I
glove you."
"All right. [lob. A appreciate that
But let's talk about it tomorrow." SI
lence. Robelrt's thoughts turned to
father's automobile troubles, and of
ithe expert called to disentangle mat
"Mother." he remarked suddenly,
"even an expert couldn't tell!"
His Reason.
"Why does that museum freak com
plain that he is a dead one?"
"Because he is a living skeleton."
Dr. Pierke's l'easant Pellets reculate ano
llvoraLe strnahl, Inver andtl bowels. sugar
mated, tiny grauules, easy to take. Dei uot
iper. Adv.
When you analyze the ideal husband
em will find that he hasn't the nerve
to be anything else.
The End Came Without Suffering,
and Lack of Nerve Force and In
ability of Body to Take Nour
ishment Cause of Death.
!or, , .I. I'r r.,nt Mrm:n, t.h N\ .t
Y 011% fili lan.' r. .l:." .1 o10 m i.11 ,t t1."1
Tniinl t.: att. . s t' . Nor ti , II ,I::
Lt hlu*alth hu t h.". dti. I nlrll I~ui l
a, lt rut ;i .. k "", o n a . it . \\'.ilr:.
ty d .. ];l t . Il i" h l I,,,o iI 111 :. r."Ii: i II.
It I
The l ii.;l h of Mlr .NIr;iii \.iwas niot
d h inl in IIo! tilu t l l - 11 e rl l I ,unrý
h alt.te it or t ac l' . le ,l to t;" . t'i . r
, that MI r. 'rl"rLl:: o;t . .. I rHe ti
* .or ". . Jr. h o : N 1 e1 itl k.
.lint ;:il fit't ih . tin . l.i.i, l
e. ( tI ' . l i .t t, 1 , 'i . T i.0 . r e fa l i.
rti " luit a I i i i ' 1 il un't. i t. ' I'1 1. as nh
i. from p| -ro lnninl their lunctiotn.
For five da,. Mr. Molrgan r-,ceived
I artificial nourishment, but was ut
able I to assi ilate the lfoo . .s a re
t sult he very rapidily lost strength.
. For manly hours prior to his deathll
o he was in a conditionl of semti-coma.
f which prevented him from recognizing
athose about him. His end was with
out suffering.
, Mr. Alorlcan's (aul hter. Mrs. Her
bert L. Satterlee, who has been in
constant t ttendance, was at the death
bed. 1ile held the hand of her father
and tried to obtain sonme sign of recot
nition. She thought that when the
supiremue tuOli-tlt (ante he faintly
presseud her hand. Mr. Satterlee and
the physicians almost carried the
. weepuing woman out of the rooi,
i where frietds tried to comfort her.
John P'ierpont Miorgauts last resting
place probably will be in the mauso
leum in Cedar Hill cemetery, Hart
ford, Conn., which he bad erected
some 'sears ago in memory of his
father and mother. When the body
of Mr. Morgan reaches New York from
Rome it is expected the funeral serv
ices will be held in the Cathedral of
St. John the Divine, toward the con
struction of which Mr. Morgan was a
large contributor.
When the news of Mr. Morgan's
death in Rome reached New York
Monday expressions of regret at his
passing were heard on every hand.
In the financial district the Stock
Exchange and the Consolidated Ex
change passed resolutions of respect
to his memory and flags everywhere
were dropped to half-staff.
The immediate effect on the ma
chinery of Wall street of Mr. Mor
gan's death was comparatively slight.
On the Stock Exchange the news from
Rome had largely spent its force with
in fifteen minutes after the opening
of the market. Mr. Morgan's illness
had prepared the financial district for t
the end, and every precaution had
been taken to guard against a ser- t
ous break is- prices.
To Overhaul Warships.
Washington.-Four of the battle
ships of the Atlantic fleet, the Utah,
Michigan, Nebraska and Ohio, steam
ed to their home yards Monday for n
their annual overhauling.
Gets Clerkship in Senate. E
Hillsboro, Tex.-Captain William A.
Fields, a Hillsboro newspaper man,
has gone to Washington, where he
has been tendered a clerkship in tile
United States denate. !
Fifty Sets of Twins in One Month. h
Austin, Tex.-There were fifty seots
of twins born ai the State during Feb
ruary, according to Dr. R. P. Babcock, it
state register of vital statistics.
Forty-Two Cars of Cattle.
Brownsville, Tex.-What is said toy
be the largest single shipment of cat
tle ever made from the Brownsville
country arrived at Fort Worth Satur
day. The coysignment consisted of
forty-two carloads.
Water Works Plant for Rosebud.
Rosebud, Tex.-The citizens of ,w
Rosebud are aitating the in.talt toio d,
of a lmoderti water works to, thur li st
town. More than $4i,0,0 has been 4
Get Equal Rates. U,
IWashington.-Orders, of the Inter- W
state Commerce t'ommissi~o giving
indiana millers antd grait dealers
equal rates and milling-in-transit priv
ileges with competitors in Ohio and -
Kentucky became effective .Monday.
The Largest Bat Cave in World.
El Paso. Tex.-Scientists declare
that a mountain near El Paso. rex~,
contains the largest bat abode' in the
world. It is said that over six billion
bats make the hilly cave their home
Mother of Young Baby Stumbles
And Falls. Serious Com
plications Set In.
d Tufic:d. Va In ad viccs from this
placc. 1Mrs .I L,. Johnson slys "\hen
mny abhy , as aboliut a nlclth old. I
9, Etunibled and fell over a cuspidoru and
conrtractIed such pains in rny iback. I
couldi It stoop over %ithout falllig to
the floor.
I got torrlhl:y wra'k, and was very
unrea.sy about myself.
Mly casel wa:s certlainly a seriousl one.
I "as c.s cc lilei te thaIt atImo:t pe ple
tilhtlight 1 'tas g 4iIc to liha ' coinsutlip
tion,ii a d I thought soi ii.i .if.
d Finally imy husl,.rind advised hme to
try 4 'rdlni, thei iIIl tun ,ic. I tried
:- it.a d nd ii cc,nid ntit that it saved my
'IThe pains in my side a;ld back have
dia-;cei.carte., and all of liy" friclilds
hIt r.' say tihat I ai lie cllllill hbetter than
I lhaive done for a luog tine'.
I rec'onnit ic d c'l lardui to all of nmy
lad1 fri, nds,l as I l.lie.ve it % il hb Ip
thl'i, Jilut as it did ime, if they will
only give, it a trial.
Yiou clImay n ,:o 'I letter in any way
)you wish. I I i.- so gralteful, for if it
had not booe for :arilci. the vwcec anc's
tonic. I Ie Iti \e I ,ii :,, by this time
have\ b ,cnt in my grave."
Try I arduii fir our troii!iles. It will
hcl-l you a it did Mrcs ..hlli.nSie .
N. R.- Writ", t." Chattanooga Medicine Co.,
Lailes' Adtvi'ory ient' . t.ceni.pl,i. . 'TcnnI . for
S. *' ..ii... ..t. .,i . i. i. t I laetsl k,
II "r l ti, llt icr , %t ' lloncil hcil int i plaio
wrap. cr. Adv.
Anti-Tuberculosis Campaign Fruitful
of Results for the Good of
All Mankird.
S'on' cce' pairisons ,ico\\iig IcIe- pro
it gcr' s of the. ot 1-t111tIt r'('c clcsis c':1icI
l i-n in h ltlst i cl:t ,iar.r liIInd tihe
I re ict 1l'. ci of thl s ll Ii itic et ali t re.i
' c li tei.- tv ti Ni ic-h ,l Asscclti uiil fir
cl 's i i , tc ic-cc It' pa rt of its i t orreri c
ti tiio iscll d i Imci tnS thie Iiltct }lars
,ha- ,c-. a if i hcld lit. hcra i 'te io n f
i Iover state cand lecal anti tiuberceu
iclosi.s shtlic? ics lecatced in alimost every
sta iancd territory of thIe Union. Over
s :'.(Ic hc'pital and sanatoria have ceen
,.stabiichied \\ith more than : 1I.eci0
bclds for cctesu tives. Aibouut 41c0
idil'spensaries, with more than 1,0el40
clilysicians in attendiane and at least
S15Ii open air schools for tuberculous
and anaemic children, have also been
provided. Laws dealing with tubercu
losis have been passed in 4C states.
Sand ordinances on this subject have
been adopted in over 200 cities and
towns. An active field campaign of
education against tuberculosis has
Sbeen carried on in 40 states and ter
r ritories by means of lectures. exhibits,
the press, and the distribution of over
S100,000,000 pamphlets on the disease.
"How is your wife getting along at
her card club?"
"PFine. So far nobody's put up a
better lunch than she did."
Race Prejudice.
This is an actual conversation
which was overheard in Oregon in
the presidential campaign. It was ri
ported to President Wilson himself.
then a mere governor and candidate.
He enjoyed it, but refused to allow
it to be published at that time.
Mlke -Who are ye goin' to vote for
this fall?
Pat-Wilson Woodrow.
Mike--Faith. an' vice versa ye
mean, don't ye?
Pat-The divil it is! D'ye think I'm
goin' to vote for wan o' thlm dom
Eye-talians ?
Old Love-and the New Rug.
Here's the overheard conversation
that made the day seem more spring
like: "Those people next door to us
have been married a long time. -
haven't they?" "Perhaps they have.
lut their honeymoon in't over vet"'
"How do you figure that out?" W.
It was awfully sloppy last night. But
when he came home she made him
step inside and kiss her before she
told him to go back on he porch and
wipe his feet." "Well. honey, wouldn't
you---" "No, I wouldn't! We've got o
/ new rug!"
City Built on Secure Foundation.
Naples is built chiefly of a soft vol-.n
canic rock called tufa. which Is easy a
to work and yet shows remarkable
resistance to compression under the
weight of buildings. Nails can be
driven into it without difficulty but it
stands the strain of use in high walls
as well as much harder materials.
To stOP TH 0 newCas TaN
x,.,o mo tle tht rlr with the wfll ntft ll
t~:!. DR. ppnBBan.JnSlI_ C tatI3 HALc L '
. d_ Ien ae dr. rtl umuom wttahs tm
No, Cordelia, it isn't necessary to
use egg coal in making an omelet re
III g.IN I Opd I,
bsaUss"gs If ft"- býM v8rs Ur -D"" roA "USE ane.. PE"SoS nOO.VWU
Goodfor Small Towns.
A few big shoe mlanufacturl Is are
figh:itng us Incause we have always, re
fused to give them better terms than
we give to the small manufacturer.
The little fellows stand with us be
cause we treat all manufacturcrrs
alike, no matter how many machineis
they use. llhnce, competition in the
shoo business and prosperous factor
les In Fmall towns!
Write us and we will tell you all
about It.
The United Shoe Machinery ('Co., Ios
ton, MaIs.-Adv.
i erso allty is jlust (t1k Id"e - t ro tliri 'd
e*Xpier'i'eli l e' of flia. w r11'ld. -'ltl th,"* , !
(making that e pe" r;l Ie'n1"e' Ir'te'r uale
toll re, 'Int lirzedil . t o ,it r \I ord.s. t Ie
11ig :i bigger. broad( r", b lttr till or
lto an. t I :t , ry 0 lite: ,I n.ll Ii hw:i'',
m1ent. evenr ioral victor;cl . Ver h,
III' solid ,ork. will Iea ,'e Iersoalit.
r her, preroutder. more l- d liteu, it
tart. to ulti\ate itI. the. ilan dealt
eulti i tel it. I t it alh ne' dlH de, %w;-.
ill the- |ilnt # aI o1nh . hal ti lttual t Ialthw
Slightily Misunderstood.
in the houns next to \e11 is a tllisheed
coirnet isi t I; ' Is h I \;:s ilst
screw iig tilp my couri.trg; to Ihntih hI tt
i'.se'lf' h'l, didul .t thl .uton Punt.
.\ boy i'teit tlin e s:rily goud fir
nuthitlg Ie u'lsl t Il Iart ints rel use
to, Ia-i\ hint lt' If itll g.,e, t
Mamma Says FREE TO ALL U"FN ..S.
Its Safe for
Children o , .W.r.. ,",1"`'I
OPIATE' SI. ' ' X '. . .
"'I ' :!J
" Bull "
their sonsand will be smoked by
tobaccos com'ined/ No other tobacco has ever been ab
"Bull" Durham is the same today it 53 ao-just pure,
Durhamnest tobacco, with the natural, rich tobacco f nce. Packed in the se plain,
wtantial s si s. "Bu" Durham smokers don't pay for painted tins or
gpreat-grandfa-whic thersy andt smoke. They are ired of that home, honest
son s ack, because they know dfathers quality is nd is t tae, where l
theroll cigarette-and illenjoy the heapest, yet the most bytiyin luxury in the world.
No matter where youns and gre, you can always at-grandsons "Bull" Durham-and it fs.
It is sold by morin pipe and cigarettehut ththan ayll other hinglh-ge article of
to take its o erce And i le is s'll incresn
'1"BuD." Durha: m is the same I todayr . it ws 53 yars ago-jurt Ipur, good.
muslin sack, becauae they know the quality is Ill sa thec, where it ti 1i
No matter wher you are, you can always get "Bull" Durhamn-and ge it 1resh.
IIo"ercel And+its sale isstllinacreiyas l
"A very good retort!" said Senator
Lodge in an argument in this city
over the immigration bill. "A very
good retort indeed! It reminds me of
"Weeks and his wife were quarrel
ing. Weeks, with a hard. scornful
laugh, 'you acted like a fish out of
"Weeks sighed.
"'But a very cleverly landed fish,'
he said, with a musing voice."
Mean Insinuation.
"I have no way of killing time."
"Why, I've heard you sing."
Mt. Winstlws *5*ab aSyrup for c'lsdate
tsehUa. a tashe gu reduces lofaamma
'.ala rS 1Sms wtml.,ohgo, a bousr
But it Isn't .vsy high yer who
reaches the top.
Bright Brass.
1 p'r'nt tdrin. alll Libor F.av r. in
k , ,ir:.; r hb r a' s . r. (, c p l i r ;m u l o ,t t. r rLn , t
a s 1 .ri:chIt a dl bhiling. ,."th.-r inrl tt,( -
(or <.tt.o:ra. in any kitdl if w\'rat.r.
is t c ( Ian anl st. rtlr in tl. in iaal \\a..
ml t tiv-, tinll-m 1 I'lco t )f In ^:;ItIv \ it
i.-h. tr I. liht b tl itn ait i .t,:" ' . T-.
r :. l ;nInI I . t i" t h l.r Ik lu.t. r art !.i(.
'ºh::t n: ,th. f, th.h t
For Man and Beasts the OlH Peliable
Dr. Porter's Antiseptic -Healing OiL
Relieves Pain, Steps the Bleeding{
and Heals at the same time.
Thousands of Farner. and Stockmen
know it already. atl a triat will convince
you that DR. i'ORTI'S ;\SANTIE.'ITIC
-IHAING OIL is the most wodcerful
Remtedv ever dis;covered for \unlds.
-turns, Old Sores, Carthuncle-s, Granut!.atti
Eyeluls, all Skin or S.-alp Ilsctn se. ande
also for Baredl Wwec Cuts, (.all., Sorts.
Scratches, Shoe Ikoils, Warts, Maunge on
Dogs, etc Continually people are timl;t
new uses for this fatuous old Rezuied v. Sl t
by nearlyall I)ruggists. If 'our tcuggtist
hasn't it, send us 50c. in stamps for mre
dium size,or $1.00 for larlge size, and it wilI
be sent by Parcel Post. Money refunded
if not satisfactory. We mean it. l':Pis
Sl!edicine Co. 2622 Pine St., St. Louis. J1o.
-IlIIBI Iii HIll WOMEEN ilfiallllll|lu l
Now I The Time
th,.;e ,u.a an.! a . r .:l' ;r
- from wealkne , ,r a I." ra.:,,,. r
- of the org r, ., h nt )tl" f., n,."., =
Hm ne t ( ,r ,r ",t,.",r t:1 .r t., rk.
IBeauty r'.nln favd a ... N .v
is the trin t. rsture hi. .th 5
and retain beauty.
Favorite Prescription
Thalt rrrnt, t,,,t.1nt. ', -,rn, F ,- ,.. -
1. a'a t.l...wPtl ." N id.:! t :,.n r tSn.I d.,.
L!llIiUi Your Druggist will Sun;l.iy You Illli"
Crone's Tasteles .hil T nic :chr:E;ncsbetb
in ta.telcss form. 7 I1'c QumneC dr.v- o4t
Mal.,ria and the fron buiid,. p the
Systcm. For Adu;ts anA CiiJ:;,en.
You know what iott nt t .l.,_ t !:en Otts
tiake (;(, 'V 's - '1T " \, i , . l:'.+:1
TONIC re qgniteil fr 30 ve. .% t:;e
stantdarei General i .r'riS l'tn ( i; Tont.
It haI; no equal fir .M.t1,tia : n. I F14 ~ vts.
\\eakt ess, reneral (t.lut:t t a d:u Is. of
alppetite, !F, tmoves !'tln..:,. wtthout
Ihur.ing. Relieves ,n er i,-u. 1't rf *"tt ,tt
low C . irts. ltvigoratit: t tI • - I. c atn I
si:, iv. It alttuss thl:e I cver to t:.A ;n:,t
jnlit,,the lhlo d. A in.t tonic Id .t'U1 e
ap|,t'tit'r. ,t.n antteel .. u 'tn iuu ,tt.
Ve nmean it. 50c.
Thele isOtily (ne" ii ) MO QT 'T NIN l"
That is LAXATIVEI iIt( ,I  t IN.I ,"
Lo<, fr signatuteo I . ! \ . 1 :l-: o'.': ,,:
ecry box. Curti a C.d t: I;,.. I1 . t .
It,' .r I.. ., .t . ,, . - -- i, ,
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Heostos Optisal Co., 603 Main Street
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