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VOL. 1. Devoted to the Interests of Abbeville and Surrounding Community. NO. ^.
Phone 248. Abbeville,, \Y.rmilio g I'irish, I,,., l:ltunlr'y, April 2. I13. $1 a Ycr
.* . * e * * b ******** * ****
S RO -I inNL.I, CARDl)." =
li :,,' T. ( ,r1vy,
A tl. 1 11 .\it Law.: .
ivh " I )h,, 1 . ,, r 1:atik of Ahlix Lille.
1F. J. S lisna,
`:. ate I ihlic.
\V. I;. \Vhite,
Norit oif Conrt Iluse.
k. J. alTlabuvc,
.Attrrlr"y at Law.
Notary in office.
J. (). Iro ussanl,
Atte) n(t at Law.
N tair a.n ,tri .tr'actoir in ,fice.
Kitcht'll & lailey,
Near t.lt IIMouse.
'alttcr II. (. rdVl,
A\itrn,%'a at Law.
- ! Notary * in office.
Grc'c'n & (r;cinc,
A.\,i mnV. at Law.
Notary in office.
John Ni1.Licr,
District Atvorn(v and Attorney at Law.
Notary in office.
Brave Girl Captured C.vlct.
A girl postal clerk n-amrd Meier of
Lichtenr.. in liBden. Germany. i the
heroine of an ezcling chtase after a
convict who escape.d while being ta
ken to prison. When the toma escaped
from his guards, the girl, who is tweal
ty-two years old, seized a stout stlet
belouging to one cf the guards, mount,
ed her bicycle, and followed the ma.
After a chase of half a mile the man
sank to the ground ozha:'sted and sns
render d to the .irl, who handed his
over to the warders.
Our ffice is located just north
of the Veranda Hotel. I4ook for the
red :sign "I'PRXRESS."
Summer Buggies
and Runabouts
Harness and Lap Dusters
J. A. Summers
Roach R
Fly O
Price $1.23.
Geo. A. Comfort
COFF EE M I LL ; r descriptivecirclar. Pone 93.
Refrige rs
at Cost
w To makýrei for our new refrigerators
we are our last year's stock of
these y at cost.
Remember these in f rsr c odition and
we will not hold this offs than until we get o
new goods in, so icome a re ad get the beneft of
. the special pies.
Phone 18 Sate St.
W. C. Entertainment.
One of the motst interesting,l
pleasant '.il iargcst gathering,, of
the ca l , Wa\'s the mtti: \\.l
nefday IItOt of the ~iMaIn.ia, ( ;ro\(
Wroodhou' circhl. The gr-:tl guar
dian, Mr-..\. Smrith, :nc'omianictd
by Mrs. .\1biitt, 1 (th1 of .\I:ier.,
were pre' it at thll. Ill''tinli . rl;.
grand ,ll;nt dian a(lrcir.'.sclt te 'ro\'
in a mosnlt instrtuctivte nlrt interest
ing ntatl'nr . She comtdplintented
the rfcv: " :tidl me llt r,. on the
splendid (work whlicll the\y are ac
A largi chd',- Ia. introýluced
into the orler. After thle s.u''sioll
was over t li g rcc(lption was. lidh1.
Champage tullch, ice c tt:Ill amll
cake wa" .'crv ill alltllnd:tlce.
Delightful mus1ic wa's amon11g the
features whlich were enjoy(dc hv all
all presntit, and thii. l!ca'.ant Vc\e
ing will lIng he rtemenhered 1)y all
those whoy(' were pr'e.ctt.
Aid Society Entertained.
Mrs. . . llPutnam ll' tertaineCd
the Prcshytcrian I,:tdi(s,' Aid Soc
iety Tu(-da:ty aftcrit:on. A two
course lhtttcn.onl .;1, -ervred. I)c
lightful uliusic a;t. renlldcrcdi Iy
Mrs. Willie 'utinant,. Mrs. .Ma1ic
Sokoloski and Mi~- Lizzie Nettles.
Those presclt w\\'re: mesd:alne.
'tarion ,t' dhink. I;. ;,t. Stchlins.,
Frank Stt9,';i'i , i0,-1 WVhite., Ran
del, Trat.:: R. J. l', 'oln ki. W.
H. rc : C. . . ! . ` 1'. 1.
LaBa:e. I'. N t.. :,.i';.(lo:rd.
W. B. (L,,d\, Timin.::ºs, John
Nugier., Sr., Perry LeBlanc, .lc
Henry, Sr., Misses Anna Lou
White and Nornla Tucker.
Hopeful Ilank thinks he has
so-ved the high cost of living prob
kmI. He says "After a fellow
licks two parcel post stamps in the
morning he doesn't hanker for
uch to eat the rest of the day."
*--Toledo Blade.
Report From Water
and Light Plant
Crporati, o f', .\1,h .,11., 1,.1.
; ntl.tlel, I , t l- 1 , t . t , A , i ,iur
1tion tI; it ',,nfro +it n ' , If a-', N )ar
,I , iu thle oprt.tti tn of th1t W .\\'. r
I.ihti:tr 'c.t' r ; atI to infirm ,,our
i1. ,'s that it i. ; tiv, lu nee.-* ,-: II
vol i ih tlo '"tinmu; , unint.rruhte'llA-.
thi.e ,p,'r.!l;J n ',f tl "e f-t.ternIi, , I mal ,
si.tl :Li, 'ju:te lirou~i.io'1 for it titI, ,l.
Mlaty timi; I have lbeen bl,,efore our
sewelv for thi saune purrpoe, but neie yr
hI ve I ,i t , irt. i. ful II el.'" c! t:inll yvour
:attent ,ion '11 intt.r test.
;Ir. \\'erintl in his audit ,i.eovereel.
atd so in fiee m ei y,'o!r -le iv l I1 i i, , iort,
that the t-l.lt was stluwitlg a ,!-( 6i1e4l
Is., whnch was partially aceountable
for by the fact that tl'oll-, s r:dti n
s.-i n't fully pay lfor thie service- rnndrerd
This loss 1annot Lc mae tip by uhar
int a higher rate ti private consi;tllter.
Alt lv thltv comph lainhl t .t thl r.te are
too high, notw~ithstamninii that our rat s
are in Jine with New : ;k. t(hi:.,o., St.
Loi'I' New ( ith :i  d ot her Iar t"
,,ties, (ilk iar kilowtatt for electric
Adi tlhre is small cha:lce of ec-urint
an incre.ase of business througlh new
sul..'sritlers. either residelntl or Ibusini"ss.
Look i.:, , :t ha,:: anu you sill discveir
that t.,,'is c P. ever bu-inesl house or
rsidht e cnll that afTrl it h; our t'rv
ice, either water or liihts and iln most
A: far aS btlsiness Prosects, there are
nonel, at 1717.;, o:le t1) residence pro
; nets. Al! if they were all sccure'2,
withi our m (onthlv mitniuiitn charge ol
,'.5 i, wo',oul oenly amount to $'5.(Kt more
nte nthlyl. Which amount is as nothing
when compare toillt toe our tneeds.
AS you all know the plant is now near
ing Mvenl t.ears of age, aln age whet
ideterioration rapidly ma'ifests itself.
All nuchaait-cl enginteers bi:uae the life
of ai pl:nt of this kin(' at ten vci rs and
maIke provision for a complete renewal
within that time.
Ccn ielerale machinery repairs are
Icomtilng it ccessary, i fact at the pre
sent limtle we have 45.t)0 meter repairs
itld S45~.(i engine repairs at depot.
M'tny of otur poles. crovssartls, pins. etc.
.:ry t1lv rotted antd nu.d replat irg. In
fact, some are positively dangerous
to life and property.
7-ich is also tlhe condition of our
wires. Mauny of them are positively bare
of insulation and sornyare rapidtly losing
their insulation. This condition is both
dangerous stin expensive. E~pensiie
because moch of the current that costs
so much to generate is lost by dissipating
into the sorrounding air.
Dangerous because they will either
come into direct contract with sonime one
through breakage, or with some tree,
building or telephone wire that will
come into contact with some person,
causmg either aterrible shock or perhaps
Again they may whip together in some
wind and permit a heavy charge of
electricity to enter some building and
either cause the burning out of lamp and
fuses or cause fire.
All of which creates discontent with
our customer, through interrupted ser
vice or bad lighting, either dim lights or
jumging lights alternatly dim and bright.
But aside from the expensive upkeep
of the poles, lines, machinery, water
mains, etc., the cost of actual operation
is far in excess of our monthly revenues.
Our average monthly expenses are
as follows; Fuel $417.00,Salaries $260.00,
Lubricants $10.00, Packings, etc., $6.00,
Office supplies, phone, etc., $6.00, water
mains including fRushing $5.75,a total of
5704.75 monthly. Our average monthly
receipts are $650.00.
Our average monthly receipts are
Therefore the loss in operation alone
is manifest. Where then is the money
for repairs and maintenance to come
Our cost of producing current is 8 1-8
centa per kilowatt. Our cost of pumping
t'.itt r is Ii 3I t ivilrlrt tlipnsaiul v).il
Sliur lhar'e ;nmler the Z2.' 50 mionthil
,:unip. ait [ i is I1' (nI .it- l t I ,tl. . Itt, :llth.ul
t  |h isr-. ti, :t u su. h tli'o e r thtall tit it
I"ti1. I VIii lt ,. .nti r los . (iur watttr
i. I. t tlte :.iS nt rati . r
I 'l .'tilU lv l ht. Uh ; t i , il,, ordi witlh t.er
1 t;s oN Istvic, mn , hly alsl a rcs 'ie only
inet i.f. h,,ittp it,t a Il , to, thet sp sh tn iul
this, lIrticula r in2)tan e of _ 75 Po
$ '5.t l I N)it rlv. r i. . t ll
It is ea:l' to set- that if we recived
that mitoilnt alrl tl at it tht lilt ''t" #, R t r
ri'\ nui it ti at itl neveorr Ikl n t - forIt- l
thii . i'.tl l itor 1"' hrhind, tnor o lrrtp l l the
Intu ipr.dty pay ifor inlr.ltce, pie intt o
of w r . ta ,n i t.ltk, etc. l.11 of as h'ich
pai rtip ll' willl noi illtrt V tie " tta, 35lf4i o
per v',at. Just ,t bit over what o ie
J;Itiir:it '-+t'lVii- t'i" ii ti.nrl al, arrt' f
1I-onlth':. " lt tiie i. lorth.
rt e ho t' e p tivaoe lo nsm:rtlls c ll
bie lltlen fi. t l,. te r e ho tlt. s rst't .n tuh!
be ut:i to intsd to
The tiTu rtne hetwree, now rectived
I.- l.I pt r n'ir atil t.91Ij .ficul tie nutl
receive otpll permit a littier rate to
privat' en tto:cntrs acld ta tty eretillol
systlt ti\'i :iretl :o s .ii that in .the. Ri1ht
ll ." it is elet' ..V fosIr ol get tlll t me t
c'to o s i::n tinb . t tcr'.lU , I n tu; rt.
ait iat tle eld of ilV rscourses. I v
iifurel oil coni treatilrsct tomorrow, the
il5th, :n the price of oil is advanctd.
42 l;:Ilolns delitredl andl a-ln askoel Iat
the eril of cay m tlntctt o pay 1.35 f.o.b.
Jlenninhs.Th"e frvight thn a barreolof il isa
21 ctlts. That woutl platei this oil here
int $1..56 tr barrel, which at our pres.t'
more tper tiipi ht or tL47.ott more l t"
Mionth. Wtith our present reventtes it
soill tbe imossible to continue operatiot.
Itesides I aml having difficulties with
the oil ilople, due to my inability to
live u to it y contr act to ay for all oil
bought tere previoius lrlth by the loth
lof e e succeedinog month.
It is utterlev impossible to get all my
collections in by t(ht time, and nearly
every month I eil compelled to carry a
hutred or mtore dollars over into the
next month. tusereby making oe short
ingt $418.1 due for Marsh.
M tany mothis I am unable to pay for
the oil in full because I am cothe lled to
lx:y for supplies, repairs, meters, etc.
funetiets it is acessary for hme to
advanue money from my private re
sources to enable us to continue opera
So ihere you ha:, a pain statement of
facts, vn are at the turning of the ways
and it is up to yourselves.
I have to sig r another contract for oil
andi the ompany wants something
wlefinate and sa:isfactory. They have
bee very coetshidrate toward me, other
ois wewe would not have operated as
loneu ie have.
It may be ecessary for yourselves to
horrow money and place in a fund just
for this plant, (For it's money we must
have) otherwise you may be compelled
to take the steps Crowley is contemplat
ing. Of selling or turning loose her
Something has to be done and done
quick, more so in view of the fact the
peoplure are demanding and expecting a
fan service for this summer.
To operate this service would prove
even a greater loss and the municipality
should provide to make good that loss.
This condition is not due to lack
of business during the period of my
incumbency. For your auditor's reportd
shows that I oave iccreased the revenues
if this plant t e in 53 months
from the time that I assumed charge
Notwithst anding that I had serious
competition with gasoline lighting, which
was installed just prior to my assump
lights and improved the system.
required nerve, close attention to detail
and careful management to continue the
practically, that has been losing money
for its own use. The contention being
Remember your plant is antlquted,
City Council
Met Monday
T h :,u , l , c f t ht , t o ,, . t .\ hl , . ' ,l
~un t thi.- , .t, in th ,,;;,i " h.,,t.r
wtit the ma.tv'r ..r .". l' ..i i' .' It iliow.
11. I 'l'l "l: ' . 11 , l'.' 't. IU.,-%t J C.P L 'ir |1T.| 1 '
.11 1C II .I ll. ,4I . rl, ri. , l::l t
'ol t IIt , . .c , nihe I'rou.s'.,tI, F. 1..
Mkh :l.,ck, W. b. Bates, .udl .. I'
N e3 lst , tw o al-i, T , stolllh } , n ti , l of
Ai, i le le, 1. a.
(enttt ,le ti. lI'e:Ise to tk, I w tice,
that by virtue of the 1 . in vi:, v".e ,l. I
dio hltreb,. ,alll : '., iSj4 l m. e1ltilng of the
cit c(,oun14 t, t ,,14 t .it tih o.i ,. e of tle.
m44ayor, at fit". ,,', l. 'k I'. M . ihr1. l.iy for
the puirpose,, t.Ltkig u1 rnid et',nsihlering
t.ht t,, ,ll win , 1,ro,,p, itions, to tit:
i :.t. 14To ass ptoler re. olu titol i.tl lho
riitng th,' city attornt y t0t Uki up t|0 .
mnatter of hiingin ;, ttars agai'.t tlhe
atuiuu-, prolsrtN ~m nterr '. c lro i l o.
tiv .is.inlg o41 tle l i" lt alk , or sItretts4
wvithin: the 4orporate limit'. of the totun:
of .lhtw il,' ::ail tifo trlt t.,*tth i
tI' city attor-ne t 'o ?rin " 1ropr a ti',
against lHarrv ::,uir,,s a 11 lrs. T'. E.
.nl. To plass a resttlution donatiig to
the pa ish of Vet lIzli,,:1 th- -um , oft lhr . e
hundredeihtiy ei -ht anti no lot i 1,llars
for the purpose of ex.propri titg a:ndl
paying for a certain roait on tilt west
side of the Vermeilion River.
3rd. iTo appoint a co4nurittee to Ink
into the Imatter of s pur4 sitg tf enlile
and gelnerator for the Water & l,ighit
4th. To cotinider all i :itters that may
com1e1 tip at a ren.:ul..r tn"etin.
Witness ally handl, octially, at Ahie
ville,la. on this .'lst. day of April,1913.
Adolph lira-seux.
Mayor of Abt}-ville.
Service of the foregoing call is hereby
accepted and citation thereof waived,this
.list day of April, 1913.
(Sigr ed)
F. L. Melebeck.
J. C. Broussard.
W. S. Hayes.
RIt. I'. Nelson.
Board of Aldermen, Albeville, La.
On motion Dr. RIt. P. Nelson, seconded
by W. S. lhayes that the sum of three
hundred eighty-eight and No 100( Doi
lars he and is hereby appropriated to the
c:rish of V'erailion for the purpose of
expropriating andm paying for certain
lamis for wiling of the road on the west
side of the Vermilion River from the
Railroad Crossing, near the Vermilion
Sugar Plant to the north corner of the
W. II. White property. All voted Yea.
Adopted unanimously.
tOn motion W. S. Haves, seconded by
J. C. Broussard, resolved that the city
attorney is hereby instructed, authorized
and empowered to take proper steps to
bring action against the various property
owners encroaching or trespassing on
the sidewalks or streets within the
corporate limits of the town of Abbeville,
and particularly to bring action against
Harry Squires and Mrs. T. E. Ellis.
That the City Clerk be and he is here
by instructed to mail a copy of this re
solution to Harry Squires, Mrs. T. E.
Ellis and the city attorney. All voting
yea. unanimously adopted.
On motion F. L. Melebeck, seconded
by W. S. Hayes that a committee of
three be appointed by the mayor to look
nto the matter of purchasing an engine
and Generator for the Water & Light
Plant, and make written report back to
this council of their findings and recom
nendations. Unanimously adopted, alli
voting yea.
Committee named by Mayor Brasseux:
l. Abedie, A. G. Nauck, Dr. R. P. Nel
son. on motion duly put and carried the
council then adjourned to meet at 7:30
p. m. Tuesday evening, April 22nd,
Adolph Breanseux,
J. T. flrooks,
For the canning of figs, peaches
and pickles: White Crown Jar
Seals, clean and sanitary, fits any
Mason jar, at Immerglhcks.
The Afternoon Card Club met
Saturday evening with Mrs. Richard
Dalton as hostess. The first prize
was won by Mrs. Willie Putnam;
second by Mrs. Leo Simon, and
the guest prize was won by Mrs.
Felix J. Samson.
Those present were: xesdames
John Ewell, H. A. Eldredge, Perry
LeBlanc, Willie Putnam, Clay
Summers, maxie Sokoloski, E. L.
Terrier, Marion Young, Leo Simon,
Raoul Chauvier, Samson Chauvin,
Richard Dalton, Misses xaude
Eldredge, Lizzie Nettles; guests:
xesdames Robert Putnam, L. J.
Broussard, Dave Silverman, Felix
Samson, Harold Eldredge, Misses
Basie Flemming, Louise Estorge,
and xiss Capron.
We will accept chickens and
qp or corn in paymeat for yoqr
New Orluanis Let.tr.
1 it i',llr t 't 1 It i Ith t1
l it ii 1 to t., Ull i t I . , i, ,
.' l t'- i : 't' llt l i-Ut \'l i .i:t
ullc¶t: .;: ittrl i t l ) lil t. t M trlt. t
( iM r. i V'.. t . It t Ih t l it l ri T' .
I t t. tit1 , ir-t e tlitc i r, er ro :l.
\i i"h, I'Tlilt irrh I;n att nlli 1 al tllt
coi'eit:'l ith l itm\(lti l,c, shell t pile
The S.;'il1nolk" Ma.nllf.:t.'t m inii,
(lo. ha, r tMetin r .t cnti\ e ,:itit
for til heies; r o f fin. t f. a lctrion;
th fical, witat te he frldt of ctioll
fi tl ': s e ttilln iow ll. 1crtei
rTheidt.R h e aritt  Cre- trct rvky
d \Vost. I'. l.-mo<er:t r f, tirof, urscr.
.towerinl vers. F.t . (cl u story.
ani l 1';;lik (i,,,ic.ha.ux, Jr., lk it
"l'hu'ºrs al" for .'t l't'v lit'.
mark, ailc -il one of through Nh\
)ritth on tlir linf tourhe lake
M r. and ' lr lI!,lli."r wt re royally
h:n mtir at l by 1r. ,:rid .lirs. Jt,;.
\e sortar.e a ',ler t:ur ldto thet
Rothert Yacht Clt r a:,s itl roang
machinrft sloo her hMaiach and wtt
;.i.1. to leave for her Potnte Sindav.
It i stated that make i on te roanaka
to rapid recovery.
back nu oker, butoard has thedon't
e ntire rivtr frot at Canal street
covereawaitsd ih oe lti of theet pil
driver for handling steel piling for
levee protection work. These aIp
lort iances ar ingey.niously construct
Robert in atteriesr, of five to a sectile,
to fa buscilitate the rapidity of action
inh cae of ebae ball team fcy.
The Queen and Crescent sky
scraper at Campand Natchez tsreet,
a most modhern fue, proof, steel
franme,dow-n to date construction is
towerindes above the tbotlve story
ark, and will be onyse of the shcollegow
plaeofmodernee New Orleans.
With the openindg of the lake
esorts choll eyes are turned to the
mind outhern Yacht Cluh's new racing
machine,the sloopfairer Massachetten to
designed to make the "Sewanaka"
a back num corser, but "we don't
know." .
The entire population anxiously
awaits the opening of the Spanish
liveort in May.
Robert Stauffer, of Abbeville,
was a business visitor to the city
last week.
The Pelican bato devote ball team of
the Southern League, is making
rapid strides toward the bottom of
the column.
Abbeville boys as Soule's college
have a yearning for Young's
Editor Holland, of the Greens
burg Echo, is greatlncy disturbed into
trmind over timhe fact that tight lac
ingeat pains to selecutting short theins
that are tast. elener editor.
S"Wearing or let s should be done
ihoe without being squeezed weto
dress willing to devote a couplne or
three hours a day, grats, as a
corset substitute rathes, Underwer than tod
Fue girs dying in that manner.
that are tasteful and modish.
how little it actually costs to
Outate to ates sad yemag ame.
A ConLented Trio.
i I It, lit . I f
Billy, the Tailor
P h i4. 3t.t ti St t
tn joy ir miaik..
Peerless Bakery.
DI). IIl I4:I)Fl lICK
w'ho coulcts tih
Meat M1arket
Opposite Statiffcr-( ;Klclhutt: Store
Always has frEsh Ik'f, Pork,
Vcal, Mu tton and Sausalge.
OlK'n from 4 a. in. to 8 p. in.
Free )celivery. Phone 69.
is the place to .rive R r'
your orders for....
Special Fr oany
SSuppers rc'unIrS.
=Big Ben
Should be in every
farmcr's home.
See him in our window next
time you come to town. Hear
him greet you "Good Morning."
lie is well worth meeting indeed.
Big Ben is a truth telling
and reliable alarm clock.
Vermilion Jewelry Co.
J. A. LeBlanc, Mgr.
I am prepared to do all
kinds of work in the tin line.
Guttering, Cisterns, Roofing.
Tin and Galvanized Shingles.
Up to date Sanitary Plumbing.
A. C. Escudier.
Next to 1Ewell's Big Barn.
Phone 237. State St.
A BANK ACCOUNT insures an edu
cation for your children, a business
started for them, a be'ter chance than
you had, and their respect and love
because you have not neglected them.
Makes you a better citizen, for a country
is rich only as its people save.
Start today. Open a bunk account
with the
Peoples Bank & Trust Co~
Deposits from $1 up accepted.
J. K. Lambe
Will make your sign,
Paint yoar house, carriage or auto.
Dcorate your home with wall paper,
calsim or ssnitas and, guarantee
Ask Anybody

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