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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, May 10, 1913, Image 7

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To Cool a Bum P1
and Take
the Fire Out
Balsam of Myrrh
For Cut, Bumrns,
,rns..., Sprains,
strains. Stiff Necir,
Old Opaenounds,
and al l4rs.
Made Since 1841 A.
P"was as o d a" $00N
Pulse Mp 50.e m , *
Al Dealers ac s. .
Church on Historic Site. c
St. Alban's church. London, which 1
occupies the site in. iBrook street of il
the thieves' kitchen described in "Oli- ,
ver Twist," is to celebrate its flftieth
year of existence on June 22. From ,
the date of its foundation it has had d
the faithful "Father" Stanton watch
ing over its destinies. (
Chinese Hair Bands.
Chinese women are not only ahead .
tif American and English women in the
matter of suffrage, but there are many t
who say they have a more attractive,
manner of arranging their hair than ,
have Europeans or Americans. At any
rate, the Chinese hair band is being
exts nsively worn. The colorings of,
th.se bands are very effective. Ilondes
generally choose a band with a back
ground decorated with flowers and but- I
tcrflies in natural colors. while the
brunette favors a pale colored ground
appropriately designed.
To Women
Broken Down?
SI Whether It's fr- bumies ~ese
household drudsery or overfrequent
ebild-bear, you need a Retorative
To-nie and tresgth4Ivios Nervie
sad Regulator.
Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription
I bnemammadsm as such. havin bW
empouuded to met in burmoia sit
omusm parulrly deloet uud Nurm
Yau Dr ist WIL Squrp Ye
em the liverad bowels. SAMPLE FIRE Try It
Ns 3~6, Stradfd, Seemstlt
Texas Directry
Contractors'u ppliles,Builderf
Hardware, Etc. Prices and in
formation furnished on request
uie d s. lme t, 8l Is,1em sdeM
asl U1 foot latest leeoese pump mysmem oustug,
sew and lighbtly used, at a maviag Ia priee,es
easy mtbly payments. Let uship you new,
without may eah payment. then easy metmhJy
paymenee. THE ShE0M L CO. ie)., Im.T
Lombsma-s k.., Houo, Te m
a~wa ' ales rcesn, write ur
and spplioes
pSmUSUS 115 USUSToUrrior
McEvfy Wimlss Wdl "
Aute " Tresu aS
Wine alot cst ll of
- - -- bpZ
An Underwood Man Named for Place.
a UE. Davies of Wisconsin to Be
Commissioner of Corporations. bill
Texas postmasters Named. Sur
- I lea'ded by the selec- s
ahin of Joseph. KI'a' ',* of Wisconsin ir.
a- cofmmisioner of corporations and the
Judge Walter . '" War"ick of the effi. i"n
, lY and economy Iboard, assistant Jai
(.t,tnroller of the treasury, l're.sident dec
\\tllon sent a large latch of noinina- the
tiuns to the senate Thursday. fin;
osirmander Victor Blue is nomi- dul
inated chief of the bureau of naviga- fec
tion, with the rank of rear admiral,
and Captain Robert S. Griffin is named tm
engineer in chief of the navy and chief Wi
of the bureau of steam engineering wa
Judge Will R. Kiit of Oregon, who bat
formerly was named as a member of unr
the board of general appraisers, has ha]
been switched to become general coun- tot
sel of the reclamati(n service. at(
Other nominations included: Com
missioner of cororiations. Joseph & din
liavies of Wiscon-sin; assistant con- in
troller of the treasury, Walter W. aw
Warwick of Ohio; collector of customs pia
for district of Jacksonville, Fla., John
W. Martin; surve or of customs for tii
port of Louisville. Ky.., arner S. Kin- oi
kaid; United Sta:'c' mnarshal, district pr,
of New Mexico, Andrew II. lHudspeth; en
receiver of public mnoneys at Leadville, rei
Colo., Mrs. Annie G. Rogers of Colo- ia'
Charles R. Kurtz is made surveyor of
customs at Philadelphia, and Louis W. un
IMurphy of Iowa is made director of te
internal revenue in the third district re
of Iowa.
The following Texas and Oklahoma,
i postmasters were included in Thurs
day's nominations: a
Texas-Frank W. Kirkland. Mount h
Calm; T. A. Fuller, New Boston;
James W. Davis. Aivord; L. E. Has- fri
kett, Childress. Mina IDaugherty. tit
C'hillicothe; T. E. Vanlandicgham, to
Lone Oak.
Oklahoma-\- P. Madden, Chey- to
enne; T. H. Hubbard, Cordell; Samuel In
R. Straton, Cuslling; W. . . Parker, i
d Davis. re
What has attracted particular atten
Stion is the president's announcement th
e.that he will appoint E. K. Campbell I
n of Birmingham. who was the Under- h(
Y wood congressional campaign man- b
I ager, to be a judge of the court of
f claims, to succeed Judge Charles B. o1
9 Howry, who is to become chief justice A
t of this court. Mr. Campbell's son el
t- married a daughter of Mr. Underwood. tt
e The two men have been as close in
d friendspip as in politics. The compli- w
ment to Underwood becomes the more
apparent In the light of the fact that a
Underwood did not ask for the ap- a
pointment. The president sounded the as
Alabama senators as to their pleasure, ni
and finding the nomination would be 1'
welcome. decided to make it. W
This action by the president is re
garded not only as an appreciation of
Underwood. but as an evidence of as
desire, whenever a satisfactory ap
pointmeat at the same time can be
I made, to recognize all the elements
of the democratic party which sup
M ported candidates other than Wilson C
at the Baltimore nominating conven
tion. The Clark element already has
been recognized by the appointment
E of former Governor A. M. Dockery as
third assistant postmaster general. S
The line is drawn only on democrats C
Swho are reactionary all down the line. i
*or who were abusive of Mr. Wilson in e
the prIimary campaign.
Sthemer Concordia Collides With e
SBridgs at Clayton, La., and Sinks. t
Paeiengers Swim Ashore.
Natehes, Miss.-Flood waters from I
the erevasse at Gibsons Landing Fri
day contributed to the death list when t
oi the steamer Concordia struck the iron
rlltad bridge at Clayton; La., and c
- ink. drowning two white men and .
I eorea negroes. A negro boy also was I
l telly injured. The steamer was c.
iL ln rescue work in Tensas and
CemOmerdia parishes.
The two white men who were
(. iMVed were:
A. D. Geobagen, 70, planter, Jones
. L. Prlmm, 35, chief clerk of i
st*temer, Natches, Miss.
The boat left Natches Wednesday,.
14eryag a large cargo for the relief
IclainPts on the Atchalfalaya, Black,
ittle and Tensas rivers where flood
V Nigees are located. She was return
Mg to Natches with 120 person
: h eard, including officers, crew and
f fld refugees. Seventy-two of the
Smb)er were negroes.
Wll Abdicate Montenegrin Throne.
irnLkfurt-on-Main, Germany.-King
I -eholas will abdicate the throne of
*Mtenegro in the near future, ac
s d hing to news received In Germany
MgkUay from ConstanUtinople.
nys TrNcy Aubert Surrdeod.
S gle Pass. Tex.l-The chief aide at
.ras Negras to Venustlano Car
-as , rebel governor of Coahulla,
M'ted Saturday that General Trucy
*aert, commander of the federal
_ieees in Northern Mexico, has sur
-Cleveland, Tex.-The citizens of
Marking have recently voted bonds to
h|ll i a new brick school house. The
landss amount to $8,000 and as soon as
y mare sold the new building will be
S ehoot TrusteeS at League City.
- eLeague City, Te.-At an election
" Saturday for scbool trustes for
.- independent school' district the
imilowing were elected for Iwo years:
bas G. Dibrell, W. D. Bullock and
. T. J. Carter. These were suggest
M by the Progressive Club.
- -: Wa hingonsThe United States has
e lportinS merchandise at the
of almost $7,0000, a day so far
ear, as show. by figures a
cod by the deprtien t of eoar
Two Years Time Recommended to Al
low Diplomatic Efforts to Be Made.
Bryan Returns to Washington.
Sacramento, Cal.- The anti-alien
bill was passed by the assembly early
Sunday nornring. T
to I
Sacramento. I'al.--lºfeated finally writ
ir.in his diplomatic effort to dissuade "as
the ('alifornia legislature from enact- I
ing an alien land law affecting the Ic
Japanese, Secretary of State BIryan eno
declared Saturday that he looked to suc
the people of the state to express a wer
final judgment through the referen- A
dum before the act shall go into ef- dut,
fect. liev
Mr. Bryan's statement was made
Immediately before his departure for wh,
Washington. The assembly, which eve
was even then in the midst of its de- out
bate on the land bill, passed late Sat- tho
urday night by the senate, paused for mo
half an hour to hear him and then I
took up its work of following the sen- r os
ate's lead. da3
That the bill would pass was pre- we;
dicted by both sides. It will then be
in the hands of Governor Johnson, I
awaiting the signature that shall wa
make it a law. me
Apparently the only contingency me
that can arise to prevent the carrying ble
Sout of the bill's provisions within ap- Cal
proximately ninety (lays is the threat
ened referendum petition, which would
require 2t.o0ot signatures before the l
law could be temporarily nullified. S'
pend(ing an election. The matter
could not be submlnittedl to the ipeople
until the fall of 1914. a delay of nine
teen months, in case the Iroposed
t referendum petition gains enough Lo
signers. bit
Secretary Bryan concluded his mis- we
sion with a message of farewell. To toi
an open joint session of the two wi
houses, attended by the governor, he de;
gave renewed assurances of the gu
friendly interest and co-operative at- jul
titude of the national administration foi
toward the peculiar problems of Cali- sc
fornia, transmitting the president s of
latest criticism of the alien land act pr
passed by the state senate and re- de
hearsing again those objections al- me
ready made public. as
In reply Senator Gates, speaking for me
t the state. said: eli
II I "This legislature appreciates the tr,
honor that has been dlone to this state m
by the visit of the secretary of state. th
'fWe realize that his coming to co- dl
operate with us marks an era in C(
American politics. It brings the fed- gf
eral government into close touch with sa
3 the individual states. ut
"On the part of the legislature I st
I- wish to express our profound appre
e ciation and gratitude for the interest
t taken by the national government in
a problem confronting this state and
e assure the president that, even if we at
e, may differ with him, we do it with the a
profoundest respect for his opinions e,
and those of the secretary of state. It
IAnd, if we feel impelled to depart
from that advice, we do it with re- .
a spect." ci
in Orchardists of South Texas Gather at f
n. Houston, Texas, and Organize b
as an Association.
at tl
Houston, Tex.-The fig growers of
l. South Texas gathered in Houston re- ti
to cently and formed a permanent or- a
e. ganization, called the Texas Fig Grow
in ers' Association. The purpose of this
organization is to aid the members of
the association to grow better figs,
secure better prices, aid in the culture
n of the trees, securing good markets
and high prices for their products, and t
th educate the members to the best way f
to grow, raise and cultivate the figs.
The officers elected were: W. A.
Stockwell of Alvin, president; Dr. H.
m M. Harrison of La Porte, vice presi
i- dent, and Dr. Elva A. Wright of Hous
en ton, secretary and treasurer. I
on The board of directors will consist
ad of the three officers and the following: c
ad J. A. Sparger of La Porte, C. W. Min- I
as son of Algos, Ralph Young of Fran. I
a- citas and W. J. French of Rock Island. I
ad The discussion during the meeting
brought out the fact that not more i
ir than 75 per cent of those raising figs i
in this section of thd country know I
en all there is to be known of this mat
ter, and tha less than 90 per cent of
of them were unable to can, preserve,
sterilize or put up fitgs for the market 1
, to be shipped for any distance.
lef One of the greatest troubles after
ck, having raised a good crop was to find
od a market for it. according to many of
m- the successful raisers of figs. It was
on the consensus of opinion that the most
id important thing to do was to get capl
he tal interested In South Texas, where a
large fig canning plant would be erect*
ing Rain Imnsures Bumper Crop.
of Loekhart, Tex. - Beneficial rains
c. Monday will insure a bumper crop.
my Both cotton and corn are doing fairly
Sells First Car f Potatoes.
at Wharton, Tex.-The first car of
ar- Irish potatoes was shipped from Whar
il, ton Saturday. They were raised by
acy Mrs. L. M. Nation, sold through W.
ral A. Saunders, manager of the Caney
Uz- Valley Potato Growers' Association,
and brought $2 per bushel.
of Three New Japanese Dreednaughts.
to Toklo.-Contracts have been placed
rhe for the construction in Japanese yards
as of three dreadnaughts. They will be
be sister ships to the Fuso, the displace
ment of which is 30.000 tons.
Bonds Approved.
ion Austin, Tex.-The following bond is
for sues were approved Monday by the at
the torney general's department: Culber
rs: son county special road, $50,000, forty
and twenties. 5 per cent Atascosa county
est- road district No. 2, $20,000, forty
twentles, 5 per cent.
hasI Kingatille, Te-x.-Rio Grande valley
the cabbage and other vegetables in canr
tar I lead lots under ice se passing through
a- Kingaville at the rate of eighty cars
Sper day. The movement will last abut
tIan weeks kImsr.
But Now Rides Horseback, Walks bus:
Two Miles Without Tiring, chin
and Has Red, Rosy on
Cheeks. aver
Tullahb na. Tenn.-"I am ever ready the
to praise ('ardui. the woman's tonic," beca
writes M1 a. Mary Carroll, of this place, ther
"as it has done wonders for me. lowt
I suffered so from womanly trouble, we
I could not stand on my feet long mat
enough at a time to do anything, and If It
I could not even sit down. I was in
such misery. The pains in my head busl
were terrible. tori
After taking only two bottles of Car- fact
dui. the woman's tonic, I felt much re- T
lieved. Bos
I have now taken five bottles, and
feel like my old self again. I can go
where I please. ride horse-back, and o
even walk as much as two miles, with.
out feeling- tired, and I don't have exi
those terrible pains in my head any gui
more. leas
I look young again, and have red. cat.
rosy cheeks, like I had in my girlhood thel
days. mai
Before taking Cardul, my standing mo:
weight was only 110 pounds. 1.5(
Now I weigh 137 pounds. Ads
I want you to use this letter in any
way you see fit, as it may be the he
means of helping other suffering wo- Ar
men." cou
Do you suffer from womanly tron- Ian
ble? Wouldn't you like to feel as Mlra. you
Carroll does? It's worth trying for. he
Take Cardui. the woman's tonic. lea:
N. B.--w',, I~. Chattanona Medicine Co..
Ladies' Advisory Dept.. Chattanooga. Tenn.. for
S .... llur.r. .r.. . on yourcasea nd f-page book.
"Home Treatment for Women." sent in plain
wrapper. Adv.
Exquisite Agony. I
"It was, to say the least of it." a has
London letter remarks. "just a little any
bit awkward that the electric light a
went out the other evening at the SP
town house of a presumably wealthy 25
widow who had hbeen doing a good t
deal of political entertaining. Thd th
guests, to the number of a dozen, had of
just finished their soup when the un- off,
fortunaate incident occurred. The col
scramble to find a sufficient number act
of candles so that the dinner might I
proceed was attended with a great Ch
deal of difficulty and no little amuse
ment. The butler, who is describes
as being a bit new to his job, was im
mediately told to telephone to the ma
electric compan'y, report the catas- be
trophe and demand attention to the d'
matter. It was a trying moment for su
the guests when he returned to the ou
dining room and announced in real so
Cockney accent: 'Please, my lady. the tm
gentleman what's on the telephone
i says they sent several warning letters WI
unless the account was paid active 7'
I steps would have to be taken.'" ir
Frecland, M d.-"Baby's eczema
Sstarted in little spots and would burst t
e and run all over his face and wher
ever the water would touch his face,  
It would make another sore. Pimples
t would break out and make his face
sore and inflamed, and he was very  
cross and fretful. It was awful. He
suffered tortures from it, and we had
to tie mittens on his hands to keep
him from scratching. A friend of mine
told me of the Cuticura Soap and Oint- .
ment and I went to a drug store and
bought them.
"When we would bathe his face with  
the Cuticura Soap and apply the Cuti
f cura Ointment, he would be much bet.
ter. He would wake up In the nights
r- and cry with his face and we would
put on some of the Cuticura Ointment I
s and then he would rest all night. They
Shave cured him completely of the
5, eczema." (Signed) Mrs. HarryWrlight,
e Msar. 21, 1912.
s Cuticura Soap and Ointment mold I
d throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
Spostcard "Cuticutlra, Dept. I Botei." I
• Adv.
G- od Was Too Busy. I
a- Little Jimmy was out walking with
his nurse when he passed a house
Ut where the meh were carrying out a
;: casket. He asked his nurse what was
n- in the box, and she told him that Mr. *
n- Brown's body was in it. That night -
d. when Jimmy went to bed he did not
g say his prayers, and his mother asked
e him why. He answered, "The Lord will
p be too busy unpacking Mr. Brown, and
w he won't be able to listen to me."
of PIMnPls. 3n11 AND DAlIDlUlYW
Disappear by using Tetterhae. a sure,
8, safe and spedy cure for Ecaema. Tet
t ter. Infant's ore Head. Chilblains and
Itching Plles Endorsed by physicians;
praised by thousands who have used It.
"I feel like I owe to my fllowman
ad this much: For seven years I had ecze
of ma on my ankle. I have tried many
doctors and numerous remedies which
m only temporarily relieved. I decided to
t gIave your Treterie a trial. I did so
and after ltht weks am entirely free
p' prom the terrible ecsma."
a T. S. Cidd,.na. Tt-npa. PVi.
'lrnme. 5e per box. Your drugiste or
SJ. T£. Shuptrne, ISavannah. Ga. Adv.
When the Doctor Called.
Oraee was six years old and very ill.
ns The family doctor took her hand to
P. feel her pulse. In a moment Grace
r said in a whisper. "It's no use to feel
my wils-, doctor, the pain is all up
in my heed."
by '1 per bottle; Salve SOc per Jar
Ask your druggist and save shipping
ey charges. Or we will ship by express
m cr Parcel Poet f. o. b. Housto-n.-VITAL
RI'MDIES CO.. Houston. Tex.--Adv.
Keep 'Em Open.
ed "Would you advise me to close m7
b eyes when I sng?"
"How coul you dodge if yaour eye
arW eloW d " e me
a-sm asfitses  e gme, mreduse. mm
er- The Kind.
. "ot what phlane are hi seropeasI"
aty "1 think they at' en ·aropbaeV
Ua A W H
U , U U
NI w ~inb·W: m· Ten. p__ s
Helping the Little Fellow.
The United Shot' Machin'lry Com
pany is the only real obstacle to the
formation of a shoe trust. We help
the small mnanufacturer to start in
business and keep going. lie co'uld
not afford to buy and care for his ma
chines, but he can afford to lease themA
an the terms we give him based on A
the number of shoes he makes-an
average of less than 2 2-3 cents a pair
-and let us keep them up to date.
That is a fair arrangement. Some of of
the big fellows don't like our system. ,.r
because they think we ought to give si
them special rates. But the little fel- g.
lows stand with us because they know col
we treat all manufacturers alike no Pl
matter how many machines they use. it.
If It were not for our methods of doing dr
business there would be no small fac
tories anywhere and no prosperous m,
factories in small towns. pa
The United Shoe Machinery Co., th
Iloston, Mass.-Ady. a
. ai
Autocratic Englishman. fo
One of the reason why English is d(
expected to become a world wide lan- n
guage is that English people refuse to at
learn another. For instance, at Mus
cat. at the entrance to the P'ersi::n gulf. Rs
there lived for many years an English- et
titan. supposed to be the only, or al- fe
most the only. British resident on the M
1.51,0 miles of Arabian coast line from ri
Aden to Koweit. It would seem that
he could hardly have escaped knowing bhi
Arabic. Yet he confessed that he sI
could not speak a dozen words of that t;
language. "Hut how do you carry on of
your trade?" some one asked. "Oh." f(
he replied, "the beggars have got to -
learn English."
and Bowels Regular
Don't take Calomel, Salts. Oils or
harsh cathartics when you can go to
any real drug store ill town and gE.t
a box of :ure. safe, blissful HOT
oS cents. They never fail.
One to-night means satisfaction in
the morning. They are the product
of the greatest mtidieal i inds at the
world's great Sanitarium and are now
offered to you as a perfect remedy for
constipation, torpid liver, sick head
ache. coated tongue and dizziness.
Free Sample from liet Springs
Chemical Co.. Hot Springs. Ark.
As to Modesty.
Monesty didn't make dress. Dress
made. modesty. Only it should hie
borne, in mind that once modesty has
dev'loled the conveintiols cannot be
sutidenly and radically violated with
out social dt gradation. Modesty isn't
sonmething that doesn't matter. It does
Wlll. REl.I.'IE NEIRlVOt'M DEressON
The (ild Standard generr l tirngtibenitg tunic.
(Kt)VK'i TAITI.USI5 chbill ToN (. armnses the
liver I. action. drie- ..t MaLariatl and buildi uip bthe
vI?,'ni. A sure Appetier and aid Wo di5tig-a.
'r adults and children. 60 cents.
Waiting for -4is Turn.
Farber--Your hair Is turning gray.
Victim-I'm rot surprised Look a,
the length of time I've been here.
- It Out"
- How can you expect l
: to possess good health
if you are careless with
myour Stomach, Liver m
and Bowels, These
r organs are the "con
l trolling power" and
mumst be guarded
Sagainst weakness. To
m this end you really r
- should try a bottle of I
Stmeash BlIters.
VaýctaDy Are Alms Here
'ihrougb electric
Summer Tourist lighted sleepers to
Tickets on sale "d.LOinad n
June I to Sept. 30, daily. Only one
change of cars to
Limit October 3x. Michigan.Canadian
Liberal stop-overs and New England
VIrll prtleuebherteuýli ftr
uLpbed by any .Rent. Correapoudeuee soli(ited
D. J. PRCIL. Ge.. P. sad Ticket Al. HONSTION.TL.
r." agoa se=LK.ý " U Wnt for h'vsb .. a 3,.c mMi e #".66, '.
Ragtime Made Easy.
One day my mother cut her fBaer
and she put a rag on it. Then she
went to church to practice on the pipe
organ and a little boy who was here
said, "O. Mrs. H- can play ragtime
one dlse mailer after using Allen's Foot
Rase. the Antiseptic powder to be shaken In
to the ohbes It makes tight or new show5
feel easy. Gives rest and comfort. Refuas
subetltateL For IFREE trial pakaOe, a·d
dress Allena . Olunted. Le Roy. N. Y. AdV.
Paradoxical Drawback.
"Do you intend to make a tour of
the big desert?"
"No; I haven't got enough 'sand'"
Ti ts i res s prelpta espsl
OW livilmrla el a a Vewe. ive
r sis deess wil break aay ease, sad if
itabas the as a Ism ese fever will an v
ms. Us. Adv.
Natarp~l a beaoty doctor likes to
demand a handsome fee.
Over-1Night Relief
for Constipation
A Small Dose on Retiring'
and You Are Well and
Happy by Morning
It is only na.tural that the simpllel.'st
of pl llt ts shoullld ' te the most g,-ni
eral, .rd tl .e we . hlave a wh1le . nattieon
sufftr:ng fromu em'ti.atl iont atl incdi
g,+tlcan, for th.ey are c.- e('ly allie d t1n
('erlIltIhonl iL (e',tn tipa:lletnll i r, nlille )'e
ple dol not ciw-einl Ite klln1,ei they have'
it. The ) ail. complain of hieadaclhe,
dro inltec$s or bililsnellr '. all it11e.IIt
sciou. oef thIe 'ica;sel ( the trouble'.
You s.houhld havee a full and free
mnlvetent'lit at l.east once a day. If you
pas;., a day youi are c(nstip;atedl. and
the' result will bhe that you aill catch
a cold easily oer have' a mllore' se'lcritou
ailment Tlo cure' the' ctnistipleation and
fore+tall still graver trouble take a
dose of Dr. ('aldwell's Syrup Pe'pasin at
night before, r#etiring and by morn
ing relief will comee. aithout disturb
ance from sileiep or any inconvenlei lince
Legions of lpeople use. it re'gularly l
such enmerge'ncies. some of thetm fornr
erly chronic invalids who have sllf
fered from constipation all their lives.
Mr. A. It. Danner. 32,; Riley St . Ilar
risburg. l'a.. says: "Dr ('aldwe'lle'
Syrup Pepsin gave me almost instarnt
relief from stomach and boee 'l tro(n
ble. I now eat anything I want. arnd
sleep well." Many others will itell you
that they have tried most things reec
omme'nded for this purlcltse. but have'
found Syrup Pepsin the only one al
ways reliabele. A hottle can he' lobtain
ed at any drueg store for lifty cents or
oreno dollar. thc latter size being bought
S, Corn Planting - la- . . .. '
may take ml rne of tihem-c-tuj |.ttut g a ny |* l.t . t f r , "
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I ollur true safeguarCl d-l t cutr* a. I .ll t.m alreve*w re +t an.. d i in
bottle-P )., * () n I. ierIv de vreI ] r.*r - t m.i Ire t a -)nI, t "ie
tmC aller h ,ze. Ii. t p tt ff l% t et it I? rnI lr t rw.. ,,t IN|..u . r* a.f r t
Spoo. Medical Co.. Chemaists and BaIcteriolagists. (obeu. Ind.. .5.,S.
- "Houston Optical Co,
. " 503 Main Strec.
.. º - HOUSTON - - TEXAS
r9, C(ATALo(GS
NO(W <1 AI)Y. Mlail orders have special
WRITE It (JH ONE. attenti
For the names of three persons intereted in Kodaks--a c('lv
Texas Directory
Why Il,,n'f you uts ('an't P°unt',r. A pr.par.:tiT n
.ir lriuri t hat prn."Y.'1 p.. tur,"-an ..&, .mI
T,, InIt, h at n:tltr In y7lmr t; '.. for II.t j . Iur . 11n
Till( tnlPAI\1, late I1A% U% * .. Mo rTr%, I AI
0 2
we want your work. For laundry
work we don't have to advertise.
Model Laundry
The New
Hotel Bristol
Cau. Ca~ll and Travis Streeis, HNustm, Tera
Modern In All Its Appointments
6o Rooms $1.00oo
75 " " x.50
75 00oo
S39gQ 3,jP 49q
AND $5&2 .'
is WesED*
Wtr/oritt 1o A. rar)L
as o..·r. t.oa~
MI J 5k.US. Ju· r s r to
M~~w *t s.4 w sr etbe~r makessue.d., S5I t. aims
-Ms. e.y ifeses M h prt.. ISke. I. au
LS~ stioe..w ý m
binet--- W. L.D shoes eve .mad.
>~ kbv~s. leek hMey, heM sthr ......rmm
TAIR NO rt "a r == a ";Y ý 1I
wY e ther inks 9e th
W.~ N. [email protected] Uvebem Mm) em1 h b
a Ia
Mr. A. B. Danner.
by famhilis alr, ady fariliar ,1th its
Syrup Pepsln if nii!,l. p11lasant t st.
ing. and nron -riping. Mothr1 gi'(. t
to tiny IPf;antls. and t It iis ,f,. "iv"
in gro n ups. It Is for evoEryoilt i ho
iutffers from ani form of sto !: ch,
llveor or bow,'l trouble, co:.nt1I,~iuin
(dyl-popsia. hilloute'.tl .'. tetr" Its -'"i a lt
will so dilight. you that y, s11: tor
i·vir avoid hl;rslI i'rt.i hir-t , .r:':v -
tliv.s, pill0 ;tand salts.
If no rnmrt|vr of 'our '!liii., ,!g
Pvor usi'd S rip '. p-n i:;i 1 so ,idi
for, huyinlg it int the r,:~ i ir .,; I. 1 n,
druggist. sclln your nitiltl0 .-, .1 1 t ';. l
will do- to lar \V. I: ,'.,, 1, 1: . t:1
\\ashington St Moht l h,. !!o 11. :.: ,I l
fr.* sarlnloI hotth, \\ ill I," n: ,.I , i.
Do you realize the fact that thousands
of women are now using
A Soluble A'iseptic Powder
as a remedy for mucous nlnlbrani', at
fections, such as sore throat, in.! l or
pelvic catarrh, inflammation or ulcers
tion, caused by female ills? Women
who have been cured say "it is worth
its weight in gold." Dissolve in w. ter
and apply locally. For ten years the
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co. has
recommended Paxtlne in their private
correspondence with women.
For all hygienic and toilet uses it has
no equal. Only 50c a large box at Drug
gists or sent postpaid on receipt of
price. The Paxton Toilet Co., Bos ,n.
DAISY FLY KILL.ER :""' arf a"'t-a"'
tatsm en s : a, e
Mtles. Ieat. Alsne or
sumestal. S, 1 * nleot
eb lp. as.ts aIll
. as..re. Made of
meaI. ,am't p3,.,r Up
ever, will n.,ot rYl orI
Injure aamy.lns.
Glasranteed eI!1.r;lvi.
All deaiero ors re:ra
J M se1 s La. semova w3r
a .a o a 4 b e r s . da
l  I Sm OUet. NuO. Gi1 1e . 1.
14 lu ad abort bresth Is a iew d.6 and
gdrse few 13 I54b4.fe. ttl6A %tatumm
lNsonh, AnYW.deas
FOR SALE a7.M. Zili.e m Ln lla
llaebu..C . *C.La meeterU , w
W. N. U., HOUSTON, NO. 19-101.

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