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VOL. 1. Devoted to the Interests of Abbeville and Surrounding Community. NO. 12.
Phone 248.. Abeillc. 1'eriuilion Parish, La., Saturdav, - Ma 17, 1913. $1 a
Piqone 248. 91b'vle \''clnl.r.h ~. audy ~ v1,J)3 ,- Yo..,:
'~.'vin. lP'arlor on Concordl St.
. :t ...... ............2 c
Si l air t ..... ......... .1
John Nugier,
District Attornvy and Attorney at Iaw.
Notary in office.
Alinos T. Gordy,
S Attorney at Law.
'hote 34 (ffice over tlank of Ahbeville.
F. J. Samson,
Attorney at Law.
Notary Public.
W. B. White,
North of Court House.
R. J. Labauve,
Attorney at Law.
Notary in office.
J. O. Broussard,
Attorney at Law.
Notary and Abstractor in office.
Kitchell & Bailey,
Attorneys at Law.
Near Court Ilouse.
Walter B. Gordy,
Attorney at Law.
Notary in office.
Greene & Greene,
Attorneys at Law.
Notary in office.
Will make your sign,
I'aiut your house-, carriage or auto.
Iheorate your home with wall paper,
calsiano or sanitas and, guarantee
Ask Anybody
who conducts the
Meat Market
Opposite Stauffer-Godchaux Store
Always has fresh Beef, Pork,
Veal, Mutton and Sausage.
Open from 4 a. m. to 8 p. m.
Free Delivery. Phone 69.
Big Ben
Makes it his bualness to get
people up early in the world. He
makes it his business to get them
up on time.
He does itoyally., steailyamd
There'a a true ring to his
uorning greeting that makesearly
risers sit up and take notie.
Lookat himwhen you walk
Vemiliom Jewery Co.
J. A. LeBlanc, Mgr.
For Styl, For Ies
;F Mc"all's Mapaze.
i b m m I s*
skar~ yar~g psht ** ra,,.
Mason Snowden Coming
Here to Speak June 7.
As is well know. 't" JntmIe 7th
iMr. 11ason nowdc . tatc agcnt
of the federal departn::ct of agri
cu!ture, will be herer :ind give a
talk on the benefits at'l advatazges
of different kind, of farming,
diversified, scientifi"' and other
wisc, and it is our hore that all
who can possibly attend to be pre
sent, and learn of the ways by
which those surrounding us are
prospering, and then we can do
the same.
The parish must raise $600 and
if possble $800, which will l)e
duplicated by a like amount by
the federal goverment, which will
go to provide means by which this
parish may have an agricultural
expert, who will be us and devote
his entire time and attention to the
welfare of our farmers, showing
them just how to use their land to
the best advantage; organize dif
ferent associations throughout the
parish, which will be of mutual as
well as individual benefit; instruct
and encourage the boys and girls
all over the parish, how to raise
vegetables, and how to can them;
teach boys how to raise good breeds
of stock, poultry and the like.
This will be the best thing that
Vermilion has ever had in the way
of progressive farming, and which
will terminate in the better and
more comfortable living on the
farms; will encourage the boys
and girls to stay on tl:e farm, in
stead of going to the towns; take
the farmer out of debt and afford
him a chance to live a more pleas
ant and properous life.
We are eager to see this worthy
motvement carried through, and
the goverment will meet us half
way; our benefits will be great,
collectively and individually---all i
for one and one for all.
Be sunre that you are there and
hear what is to be said, do your
share toward the movement.
New Suits Filed.
3966--- Elias Broussard vs.
Gerard Frederick, et al., note; M.
T. Gardy, attorney.
3967--Delmas Meaux vs. Police
Jury pf Vermilion Parish, et al.,
injunction; Kitchell & Bailey, at
Marriage Licenses.
George ees and Laura Moore,
both of Gueydan.
Theodore Guidry, of Gueydan,
and Oa Smanier, of Morse.
WBN RHanks and Olympe
IreRs, both of Gueydan.
Chuephbe Duhon and Elizabeth
-S~ty, hboth of Abbgville.
Oli Ielahc, of New Orleans,
and Lrma IeBlanc, of Pacque
PidmeL a.
New Grove Organized.
Mrs. Mary Boulegny, state grand
deputy for the Woodman Circle,
snt fardays in Kaplan, where
e rapunized a new Woodman
€lgllrae at that place. Officers
wa+steted and installed, and the
ind toen for the grove was
"'Plr." The prospects are very
lgt ' the new grove, and no
d1lt w11 soon be one of the most
,roves of the state.
A Cure for the Blues.
What! tloping t just taue the skies
Are lull and dark, and }ra 'y
)Dejected, onl, . fa.ed just b, cause
The rain Ieats down toat?
Wh I. hhss yl, chihlt' It ,IIOsn't help!
To let the. tears drip. too.
Just wipe your eyes and Ion(k around
For some gotxd work to d1o.
There's no,thing helps wh.1tn you ar Iblu.'
Like helping set things rieht,
Kind service fills the darkest lay:
With ls.eetu n: anti with liglht.
Ald 5,lhtn youl're fclinll out of sorts
The very wisest plan
Is to fiuld out what others Nwant
Andl help them all you can.
.So look around .tnl study up
S',,tte helpful thing to lo;
You'll finl that cheering others' lives
Will brighten life for veu.
la(x)k up the real unfortunates.
Atil tase their aches and pairs.
Anid hile vou feel tou're doing gtol
You'll never kntn. it rains!
Rural Carrier Examination.i
At Abbeville. T.:., for Vermilion !
parish, Saturday, June 14, 1913.
The United States Civil Service
Commissionl announces an examin
ation on the date and at the places
named above, as a result of which
it is expected to make certification
to fill a vacancy in the position of
r'-ral carrier at Abbeville, and;
other vacancies as they may occur
on rural routes at post offices in
the above-named parish,unless it is
found to be in the interest of
the services to fill the vacancy
by reinstatement, transfer or pro-;
motion. The usual entrance salary
for rural carriers is from $6(X) to
$1,000 per annum.
Age limit, 18 to 55, on the
examination. The maximum age
limit is waived in cases of persons
honorably discharged from the
United States military or naval
An applicant must have his actual
domicile in the territory supplied
by a post office in the county for
which the examination is an
The examination is open to all
male citizens of the United States
who can comply with the require
Application Form 1341, and full
information concerning the require
ments of the examination, can be
secured from the secretary of the
local examining board or the post
master at any of the places named
above, or from the U. S. Civil
Service Commission, Washington,
D. C.
Eligibles on registers established
prior to March 1, 1912, can be
considered for appointment only
at the office which they were ex
amined. Such eligibles may be
examined within ope year from
the date of their former examin
ations upon filling applications
showing that they meet the require
ments of the new examination,
their old eligibility for their home
offices not being canceled.
Applications should be properly
executed and filed with the Com
mission at Washington. As ex
amaniation papers are shipped
direct from the Commission to the
places of examination, it is neces
sary that applications be received
in ample time to arrange for the
examination desired at the place
indicated by the applicant. The
Commission will therefore arrange
to examine any applicant whose
application is received in time to
permit the shipment of the neces
sary papers.
An eligible register for the posi
tion of rural letter carrier for each
parish will be maintained. A
perso mamst be examined in the
parish in which the post office that
supplies his bomrne is sitnated. As
aresult of such examination he
may become eligible to appoint
mot as rural carrier at any post
o5ee is such parish. A rural
~artcrirf aftae year's srt
slaryr mrc may be truearru d
t s paMt deSk r uusr
in a first or second class post office,
to the position of railway mail
clerk, or other positions in the
classiiced service, subject to such
examinaiion as may Ie required by
the civil service rules.
Cubs 6, School 4.
The Abbeville Cubs, the new
and hustling base ball team, were
successful last Sunday in defeating
the Abbeville High School team.
The score was six to four. Ever
since the previous game, when the
Cubs were so badly beaten, they
have been determined to win a
Sgame from the high school team,
and with that aim in view, they
did, but oh, they could not do the
high school team up in merciless
style like they were done in the
previous game. The Cubs are
now more anxious to play than
ever. Both teams are young and
are making rapid strides toward
being good, strong teams. Now
for next game.
A Progressive Cow.
Gueydan News: LastWednesday
a cow belonging to Mr. Nevil
Gaspar had three calves all perfect
in shape and healthy, two red and
one black.
No More Sunday Shaves.
The barbers of this city have
made a nice move in the way of
bettering the policies of their
business; a move that is worthy
of mention. The move is to here
after not open their shop on
Sunday, and all agreed to the
proposition, so hereafter one must
find time during the working days
to visit the barbers. It is our hope
that the barbers will all stick to
this agreement. As it was before
so many waited till Sunday
morning to visit these shops, and
many times the shops were over
crowed and caused many to miss
New Drainage District.
The citizens of the Fifth ward
have petitioned the police jury,
authorizing the organization of the
Fifth Ward Drainage District;
Arrangements have been made
whereby Mr. Ernest Montagne will
make the surveys. This is a greatly
needed improvement, and by the
accomplishment of this work will
put the people of that district in a
well drained district, affording
them better use of their valuable
For the canning of figs, peaches
and pickles: White Crown Jar
Seals, clean and sanitary, fts any
Mason jar, at Immerglucks.
Real interest in the home-making
task means, as a natural conse
quence, real interest in the adver
tisements. And, oddly emnough,
real interest in solving hewneeep
inag prolMems, wisely an wel, is
oftaremasrm dm a maslt of ms
arrbs iature i the a.
Teachers' Meeting May 31.
The regular meIeting of the garish
teachcrs a'.sociatiolr for this tei in
i ill take place :.t tihe curt hoe:
Saturday May 31, at which all tlih
patrons o,f the entire parish are
c'pecially invited to be present.
This meeting will be an interest
ing one. and a nice program has
been arranged for that day, \\hich
is as follows:
)pening , song,by all, lead by
Miss Chambers. Ahbcville School:
" Esscutails for Grade Promotion,
Mr. McKee. Guevdan School:
"School Room 1ly%;cne.' Mrs.
Rosa Lgueinc. Abbeville; Ad
dress, Supt. L. J. Alleman, l,afay
ette; Practical Agriculture in the
Rural School, Mr. Wiley, (;ucydan;
"lHome Economics in the Rural
School," Miss Spruil, Ahbevillk;
Addlrc-s, Retiring Supt. A. M1.
Smith; Address,Supt.-Elect J. 11.
Veterans Met Saturday.
The Confederate Veterans met in
a special session last Saturday; for
the purpose of ascertaining the
necessary information regardin-m.
the reunion which is to be held in
Chattenooga, Tenn. There are
several of the meimbcrs who are
going from here and Mr. Gooch
is now busy making arrangements
for the trip. The reunion this
year is being held in a historical
place, as concerns the fighting of
the veterans, and many are anxious
to see the old war grounds.
They Wont Hurt You.
Don't be afraid to do your duty
because some one ridicules or op
poses you. A man who has opinions
of his own and the courage to
advocate them will be sure to have
opposition in this world because he
runs contrary to other people's
opinions, but just keep right and
your conscience clear. Don't
bother yourself about what people
say, life is too short for that.Some
will abuse you through envy, others
for the want of principle, and some
because they honestly differ from
you; but if you keep right on
openly, manfully and intelligently
and with proper dignity and char
acter, honesty of purpose and self
respect, those who differ from you
will respect your opinions.---Iber
ville Sentinel.
Raised Very Fine Oats.
There is a bunch of oats at Mr.
Vallee's feed store, which is a
sample of what Mr. J. S. Ewell
raised on his fatm. This oats was
cut green to be used for feed. Mr.
Ewell had 35 acres of this oats and
the crop was fine, and has cut the
bulk of it. 'He is sorry now that
he had not saved more for seed as
it is the best that has been grown
here for a long time. Mr. Ewell
wrote to the agricultural depart
ment for information as to where
to buy the best seed, which infor
mation they furnished him. This
is an example of wha benefit the
agricultural department is to those
who appreciate the services of the
Losing a tenant ceased to be a
worry-cause when owners learned
how to advertise.
Why not, before buying else
where, look over our complete
line of
Prisley Cravanetted Mohair
coat and pants from......
..................$17 to $20.
Other Mohair suits from.....
...................$6 to $1S.
Palm Beaches...............$10.
P'ongees from........$ to $10.
Linens from...........$4 to $8.
Linen pants....:.......$1to $2.
Give us a call.
Or w Wr -r r d 7mgC urn
Demonstration of Perfection
"blue flame" Oil Stove
By Waters-Pierce Oil Co.
Tuesday, May 20
Dalton's Variety Store
Shwiny tilhe gy(o(l (ludalities, il,(I
()OlVe lli1n('ts, Of thit Stve: )m' ll)iing
the stoe ill OJpferaItti(oll.
watcll IAITON'S
\wintlo( next Nweek -
fir Iarllailns in Tin.
a;nd EFnalmel ware.
_ - %
For First Conmunnion children
r. C. Bolegny A Contented Trio.
*le * D is telling n numm an i th: h ah
will give greatly alout his inew siumIner suit that he
reduced prices ol bought from lill, the tailor, ::d
Show, nice it fits.
and will give a better grade of Billy, the Tailor
work than has ever been Phone 254. State St.
known of here before.
When you buy *Colgate Toilet
Articles, so much advertised in
magazines, from C. F. Grimmer
you get premium tickets.
Roach R
.p .o
Insect O
Price $1.25.
Geo. A. Comfort
C O F F E E MILL Wrte for descriptive circular. Phone 95.
Collections Insurance
Brooks & Labauve
Office ia Moody Boaildg.
Too late after the fire!
SInsure now. We represent
only the best companies.
For farther information see
J. T. Brooks, Manager.
Bonds ' Real Eestate

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