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Union College Plans Memorial to
Author and Diplomat.
Committee Raising $100,000 for Reel.
tation Hall and Professorship at
Schenectady Institution-Was
17 When He Graduated.
Schenectady. N. Y.- Plans are rap
Idly being perfected at Union college
for the establishment of an elaborate
memorial in honor of John ligelow.,
the author and diplomat, whose long
life of service ended in New York on
December 19. 1911. John Itigelow was
a Union man of the class of 1835, and
was for many years the oldest living
alumnus of the college. The memorial
is to take the form of a recitation hall
which will bear Mir. liigelow's name
and a professorship in political science,
and for these two purposes at least
$100.,.)0 must be raised. A commit
tee, of which Joseph II. 'hoate is
chairman, has dedicated Itself to the
raising of this fund, and the circulars
calling for subscriptions will soon be
sent out.
It is felt." says this committee,
"that the most fitting memorial would
be a building erected on the. campus of
his Alma Mater at Schenectady, N. Y..
with lectuire halls and rooms devoted
to the stituies he loved, history. poll
tics, and literature, and the establish
ment theire lit of a John itlgelow pro
fessorship of politlcal scietnce. "iThe
building. would be named the .John
Hige'low 1Minmorial Ilall.' and wvi,uld
stand oil the lnain avenue of the col
lege grounds entered through the gate
way erected to tl(e mnonl(ry of Julhn
Howard Payne, author of 'llomi.,
Sweet Ilone,' a member of the class
of 1810 at Union college.
"The service of John Bigelow to his
country in the dark days of the ('ivil
war should always be gratefully re
uemnibered. While William ii. Seward,
his fellow-graduate of Union college,.
was managing brilliantly the affairs
of the del,artmrent of state, John lilge
low, as minister to France, was suc
cessful in the delicate task of main
taining our national credit in the
countries of Europe. Throughout the
whole of his long life he devoted his
powers without stint to unselfish and
untiring effort in the service of his
"lie held a place in the esteem and
affection of his countrymen held by no
other man, and when he died at the
age of ninety-four his right to the ti
tle of 'The First Citizen of New York'
was not questioned. We are confident
that this plan will be received by many
as a welcome opportunity to serve at
once the double purpose of stimulating
the spirit of patriotism and of doing
honor to the memory of one whose
name should be held among us in
John Bigelow.
grateful remembrance. In the last tew
years of his life Mr. Bigelow turned
with peculiar affection to his old col
lege, and a memorial serving such a
useful purpose in the fitting of young
men for citizenshlp is one which he
would warmly approve."
Contributlons may be sent to the
treasurer of the committee, Oswald
Garrison Villard of the New York Eve
ning Post. Other members of the com
mittee are Justlce Charles 3. Hughes
J. Pierpont Morgan, Henry Fairfleld
Osborn. George A. Pllmpton, Eliphalet
Nott Potter. Andrew Carnegie, Elihn
Root, John L. Cadwalader, Joseph E.
Randell, and President Richmond of
Deolarem Sllm Men Cranks.
Boston.-"ewsre of slim men, for
they're cranky -nlnety-alne timoe out
of every hundred." is the warning
given by Mrs. Blanche Mae Chandler
of Revere, the pretesonal nurse who
said that earning one's own living was
a tar easier task than behlng a wife.
Mrs. Chandler is belg sued for d1
"Never marry.' she said, "til you
are ertatn that the man you lntend
has perfect poise, both sea
d physically. Stot women
sn er marry sim men.
engaging in marriage
4 ndoerstad enek ether and be
ortired . with a knowledge of the
lmete,. peltles, et, so that they may
held inteiget disesalea em togies
at the day."
-e--- Wem - as Cea- Mimer.
Lmsan.--Te Ulbbp of atri.
ham. Dr. WdakeAt, werked as a oemal
mmer, when prded witb a lmer's
mtet and lamp, he deeaded the pit ot
the Mamstead eulIey. near B .rmiag
ham. Alfter watehllg the men at
wrk, Dr. Wakedeld asited in obtalzh
.ag psm eoal. I expressed pleas
urable urprise at the comfortable
editions under which the men work.
e. 'hb bishop apent about at hour
aI t) pit and traveled about a alls
tbes the shtt,
Many Texans were injured in the
Smashup--Train Was Running
Fifty-Five Miles an Hour.
McAlester, Okla.-Missouti, Kansas
and Texas train No. 9, the KatY limit
ed, southbound was wrecked six miles
south at Halley Switch Sunday morn
ing, as the result of running into
four horses.
The only one killed was
Lewis of Kansas City.
The .rgine and every one of the
cars. witl the exception of th( rear
sleeper, turned over and went into
the tlithi. The train was traveling
at a sl,1ii of fifty-five miles an hour
when the train struck four horses,
one of tlm being thrown against a
switch, splitting it and derailing the
eogrinei. Fo-l" of the cars were prac
tically ademonolished.
'llo railroad company records show
the following dead and inJured:
'"hFe dead:
Mrs. (;Gorge Lewis, Kansas City. IMo.
Th'l itlUnrd :
Jaiik i '. l i stler. Austin. Texas.
J. II. \V.ehsl. t(hicago.
li. Ei. A.\ trson, K:ant.-'. ( it.. MO.
Mr \. \lorrit, Caddo, ()Oida
Mrs. It .\e:ti k, iParsons. Kan.
\Ir:*. T,. a l 'Y. Kiansas 'Citv, Mo.
.i rs. 11. ijo;n. Kawneas ity,
l 1. (r ;-Ter, \ic:it Fall' . Texas.
('. I. II:i;, luiohn. Mobetrly, Mo.
.lrs U. M. M i.,.:. Rall "l','x:v.
.lies I'roter. i'ar-sons, K:rt.
. Irene l ai' vis, M iuskoge. ()kla.
Ir. i. . \rnn eront. Syractie, Klan.
v.r. W. 1. H Manhester,'. Lincoln,
T. I. \\'alinC, [redell. Texas.
J. . White. St. Louis, M1o.
3Mr. 1) 5weent, Newport. Wash.
J. V. oriman. Kansas Cit y.
Mrs. J T. Anderson, Tulsa., Okla.
l). V. Autone, f ort Worth, Texas.
C. F. Cody, Mission, Texas.
L. Willi:ans. aco, Texas.
J. F. Jarman, Lindale, Texas.
Mrs. Maude Jordan, Coffeyville,
Miss Elta Bennett, Cookville, Ohio.
i. J. Scutt, Terrell, Texas.
W. C. Woods, Houston. Texas.
Mrs. Nellie Ball.
W. I. l'ark. Atoka, Okla.
WValter Wood, Houston, Texas.
Mrs. T. G. Van Zandt, Granger, Tex.
J. L. Yeagg, Coffeyville, Kan.
T, G. Van Zandt, Granger, Tex.
J. E. Powell, Lexington, Ohio.
W. M. Rincher, Kansas City, Mo.
R. L. Lewis, Dallas, Texas.
F. L. Shaw, Dallas, Texas.
J. V. McGowan, Dallas, Texas.
J. J. Collins, Dallas, Texas.
A. C. Hedger, Royse City, Texas.
Texas Postmasters Confirmed.
Washington.-The senate Thursday
confirmed Texas postmasters as fol
lows: P. B. McNatt, Arlington; J. J.
Erwin, Ballinger; Minnie Burke, Blos
som; W. C. Beyett, College Station;
John W. Persms, Colorado; Sam K.
Halley, Conroe; John M. Hembree,
Cross Plains; B. F. Mitchell, Gaines
ville; P. H. Clements, Goldthwalte;
Shadroe S. Tuallos, Grand Pralrip;
Young C. White, Hamlin; S. P. Rob
bins, Lubbock; V. J. Lamb, Mabank;
J. W. Taylor, Midland; W. D. Foster,
Miles; C. S. Davis, Ranger; R. k. Mc
Closkey, Rule; W. E. Jenkins, Smith
Ville; E. B. Barnes, Sander; C. E. Max
well, Strawn; M. Esell, Timpeon; S.
S. McCleandon, Trybe; Pope Allen,
Valley Mills; Shaw D. Ray, Winns
Houston Has $100,000 Fire.
Houston, Tex.-The InternatiLonal
and Great Northea railway sustained
a loss of appromately $100,000 in a
fire that totally destroyed the com
pany's roundhoue Friday. Five Inter
national and Greet Northern eaginaes,
three passenger and two freight en
gines are a mass of twisted wreckage.
The fire started In the oil dump and
the roundhouse was Instantly ablaze.
The four men woerking about the en
gines has a narrow escape.
At the Boettom of the Sea.
Los Angeles, Cal.--Claiming all rec
ords for stalag on the bottom of the
sea and comnes up again, six Los An
geles women Thursday went down in
the new submarine boat Cage in Long
Beach harbor and remained there for
twenty-five minutes. They were Mrs.
John N. Cage, wife of the inventor of
the boat; MIrs. Myra K. Miller, Mrs.
Matude BIarch. Mrs. Edward Bellringer.
Miss Lynne Bishop and Miss Laura
3000,000 Overcharges.
St. Paln, Mlan.-The state officials
and othes connected with the long
drawn-out Minnesota rate case are
elated Ove, the decisloj Monday of
the United States supreme court. As
a result of the decision several rail
roads opeated in Minnesota will have
to Pea into the state treasury approxi
nately $pw000,000 in the shape of over
The Weg is Largest Known.
------ Aul, Tex.-A well that flows
ea-~.Uilo g~allons of water a day
-b larest volume of water known
to i trom ay single well-bas Just
bee h ,,i by George Bracken
- aerth Fort Sam Houston.
Wek for Idle Men.
brewawes. Tex.-Work on the
or*0.th of improvements by
th 3-m. Fe r ailroad at Brownwood
is beha e to some extent by
the wast of labores.
3ma asIDwe, Tade.An oni field was
sev Seit ry at Semerset a
e il Lt ~s thwest
of 5tMeo, when a gusher well
sPouting a Ave-inch stream qf oil to
s hight of 140 feet, was brought in
Pasms Bars Chinese.
Paasm ...-Blisario Parrs, predl
-e-t at th. republic of Paame. at
*'**Y ig a decree p r bititM 1
e f tue the naturainio~ of @"
am* inauns.
Sixteen Cases Affecting the Railroads
of Texas to Be Disposed of
During This Month.
Austin, Tex.-Tho docket of the rail
road colrnnission for the June term as
announ(.ed Thursday is as follows:
Chaison. on Texarkana and Fort
Smith railway: Petition to bI placed
within ,V-aumont switching limits.
Classes and commodities between
Galveston, Texas ('ity or Velasco and
points on the St. Louis. Brownsville
and -l(exi.o railway, and associated
lines: Proplosed adjustment of rates.
Eastern Texas railroad-Stephen
ville North and South Texas railway,
St. Louis Southwestern railway of
Texas: Proposition to apply single
line rate::.
Deniurrage notice: Proposed revis
ion of rule 4.
San Heniito and RIo Grande Valley
railway: I'ropos.I readjustiment of
local and differential rates.
Riviera a;dl \\e'stern railway: Pe'ti
lion for :;peial dlifferentials on vari
oilS ( comillolditi s.
('lasses and corrmmodlitis: I'roposi
tion to canllcrl lobstowri differentis l
Oll St. Louiis, hiro\wnisville and Mlexic'4
ItaiIrillrnt: P ltition for order re
lrli'l : T'i' x.lrk:na arnd I-ort Smith
IRailway ('Iolliilany to llrovidle :adi!ql uate
pas'en' r hplot blildiing
1-;1 fl l rail(way. 1'C laint re
Ili'-: h i' i , u';l -rI) ds: I' Pirp(l ined rei -
adjl s ll t-'d l:.s -,ralt-ir .n.s.' ,(h
lirt ' I ,'kill 4 "kets ': i'!'lrop s illi readjust
nit SIt of ratiZs S . ' li's. uli
L t )arload s : Proposed r ea'just
aIeot of rits bet e oston li-S.st
aitd vr-t laas anid lerxasy a'ti'd News:
Oreaiis Iloints.
Liberty. on Texas aindl New Orleans
railrotl : I'. wtit n for stock I lld s trdks
1ll4d ilni 144','4i
nlo ldit Of crliist e
Cotton ija!t' tie buckles. L. C. L.:
Proposed reladl:ju tlrolt of rates.
lmnrker on .l isolrt.n Illo, ansus aid
Texas Trailway olsf Tex:: l'etitioa n or
depot fa;ili pointis.
ailroad:ses, betweion Iour ston-Gak lveston
and 'ort Lavaca- tie bucwkinsville C. Lro
posed cacellation of special rates.
Attorney General Will Oppose Plan.
It is Too Vague to Meet the
Washington.-Attorney General Me
Reynolds disapproved both of the two
latest plans for the dissolution of the
Union Pacific merger which a few
days ago were submitted by the Union
Pacific railroad to the United States
court at St. Paul. The attorney ral en
eral will attend the hearing to be
held at St. Paul this week by Circuit
Judges Sanborn, Hook and Smith and
will oppose the adoption of either plan
Unionhe ground that each is too vague
to meet the requirements of the Union
preme court's decision ordering the
dirsolutilon of the merher under the
Sherman law.
Mr. McReynolds Monday indicated
that he would not go before the court
with opan nsistence on a receivership
for the merger, as he said that was a
question for the courts. I a paision of
dissolution of the merger satisfactory
to the court is not submitted by July
1, the supreme court's mandate prcourt
vides fonsistr a government receivership
to accomplish the dissolution.
Mr. McReynolds said he syat wamps a
thised with the efforts which Robert
S. Lovett and other attorneys of the
Union Pacific had made to draft a
plan of dissolution, but said the plans
proposed do not provide a definite
time for the surrender by the Union
Pacific of its $126,650,000 worth of
Southern Pacific stock and he also re
gards them as vague with respect to
the extent to which the present share
holders of the Union Pacific may pur
chase the surrendered Southern Pa
cific stock.
Senate Joint Resolution No. 4 Void.
Austin, Tex.-Senate Joint resolu
tion No. 4, proposing an amendment
to section 52 of article 3 of the consti
tution so as to authorize the issuance
of bonds by a majority vote for the
construction, maintenance and opera
tion of macadamized roads and thd
erection and maintenance of public
warehouses, will not be submitted in
the ensuing July election for adoption
or rejection with other amendments,
or at any other election, for the rea
son that it is void and of no force or
effect. The trouble is that It fails to
state when it shall be voted on, the
resolution reading that it shall be sub
mitted on the "third Saturday in July,
the same being the 19th day of said
month." omitting the year.
AnteBellum Negro Dies.
Richmond, Tex.i-Walter Butoln, a
negro who was quite prominent in
state and county politics during re
construction days, died Saturday. He
served two years as sheriff of Fort
Bead County shortly after the war
and also one term In the state selate.
Alleged Heerta Spy Shot.
Laredo, Tex.-Juan Manuel Dias, an
alleged Huerta spy, was courtmartial
ed at Colombia, Mexico, Monday and
immediately shot to death.
Mergeath Deelimes Ambsadership
WashilatO. - Henry Mormeathan,
the New York lawyer to whom Prel.
dent Wilson offered the poeat of am
rasador to Turkey, has declined tLhe
Salary Insreaeed to 7500.
Washington.-The senate committee
on Indian affairs has adopted an
ameadment to increase the raiary of
the eommimaoer of Indian affairs to
$P.50 per year.
Constipation Needn't
Worry old People
Hot Springs, Arkansas, Farnishes Hot
Springs Liver Buttons, a Remedy
that has Proved a Boon to all who
are Bothered with Sluggish Liver
and Inactive Bowels.
Great discoveries are expected
from the world's greatest sanitarium,
which always has attracted the fore
most medical minds of the country.
But in offering through the retail
druggists of the country the newest
formula for constipation, Hot Springs.
Arkansas, has outdone all previous
Don't take chances any longer with
calomel or harsh, violent cathartics
of any kind.
If your liver bothers you or you
have constipation the best remedy
you can take is HOT SPRINGS LIVER
BUIIITTONS. Take one to-night; you'll
know to-nmorrow that at last you've
found a perfect, blissful laxative.
Take one every night if you want to
drive away that blue feeling, banish
pimples and sallow skin and be free
from bad breath, coated tongue and
headache. 25 cents everywhere.
For sample write Hot Springs
Chemical Co., Hot Springs. Ark.
Peculiar Method of Trading Indulged
in by New Guinea Tribe Who
Keep to Themselves.
No Europeaf li is a 1; ver Iheei-n ale to- (
meul t ni their linii dwelilig paen, ' Ith
1 11 sI:hulbut , a '- ,. y, i It l (li iouls trlitbe
of Neiw Guinea . Other tribes of the'
country*, wh i they have a 1;rf at fear
of th.e Kuklubius l i, ianage to it o u a
bar:itring ratle Kith them. T'h.y bring
alt,. irthe w:m',re, dried fi -h, etc. antiid
blpf 'lt lllthemi in a c'rtaint ithlitatell
place 'The y then retire for a it as
ihoursi , iibeit g no ittiied to d( so by a
cturiotus cry front the dis tarH'c. The'
itottiutain dweIlle-rs then descend to
view the goods offered for sale. If
they Want thetm tihey put dosi il other
good.-;, such as skins. feathers, and
other jtungle produce, next to those
articles tianted by th'em. Thein they
rettire in turn, and wihen tlh. way
seems clear the coast dwelhlers ap
proach again. If the latter are satis
lied with i hat is offered in exchange,
they take the goods put down by the
mountain people and go away; if not
satisfied th-ey retire again as before
with elapty hands.
R. F. D. No. 1, Lewisburg, Ky.-"Fitf
teen years ago I was badly affected
with eczema upon my scalp first, then
it spread all over m y and con
tinued to grow worse for four years.
It began with a dry rash. After form.
-ng thick scales or scabs the irritation
forced me to scratch the scabs off and
the hair would come out with them.
Upon my face and body the sores
would get inflamed and they disfig
ured my face. It was worse where
my clothes irritated them. The erup
tion was a yellowish watery kind,
sometimes bloody. In warm weather
it was so bad I was not able to work
on account of the raw Irritating sores
on my head and body.
"After trying various medicines
without relief I tried Cuticura Soap
and Ointment. After using four cakes
of Cuticura Soap and four bones of
Cuticura Ointment and one bottle of
the Resolvent I was entirely sound
and well and have been for eleven
years." (Signed) W. H. Williams,
Mar. 19, 1912.
Cuticursa Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 82-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card "tuCeura. Dept. I Bflots."
Hopels Case.
Miss Irene Gillicuddy, of Mllville,
Miss., writes: "I have a gentleman
friend who has been keeping company
with me all this year, but who has
never indicated or intimated that he
wishes to be considered other than a
friend of mine. I am nineteen years
old, with ruby lips, rosepink cheeks,
golden hair, azure eyes and a gentle
disposition. Do you think I should
hang up some mistletoe and acci
dentally stand beneath it while he is
around, Just to encourage him?"
"Irene, if a young man needs the
encouragement of mistletoe under the
circumstances, there is no hope for
Sugar From Wood.
Now they're making sugar out of
wood. British chemists have found
that they can take a ton of sawdust
and get a quarter of a ton bf sugar
out of it.
The process consists of putting the
sawdust into a closed retort and sub
jecting It to digestion with a weak
solution of sulphurous acid under a
pressure of from 90 to 100 pounds to
the square inch. Eighty per cent. of
the sugar thus obtained is ferment
able. The product is called "sacchu
$1 per bottle; Salve 50e per Jar.
Ask your druggilst and save shippnlag
charges. Or we will ship by expess
rr Parcel Post 0.o. b. Houstona.-VITAL
tI:MEDIE8 CO.. Houston, Tez.-Adv.
A Prerequisite.
"Where should you advise me to go
for my vacatour'
"Why not try 8boreville"
"Can I have a good time there?"
"Yes, if you take it with ye."
Posn. Oak sr ty Plessig
tis quickly relieved by basvh the a
feeted pats hi a sellUtr i tw tur
der to a lt I waer,. Ulk at
druggists r smSl sa bur by L .
Tyree, Wmtnse.as e 0 r- .
Whbervr the tee dct binkm
take r sees, R ab th te
above tihe r--lll* l
SmsmsS.w N~y gýa / U+ -3g pug..""A RQE"NMD*N . jUaO, ,uu
Daniel Frohman, as an "Expert Wit
ness," Put Forth Little to
Elucidate Case.
;Daniel Prohman, who is always
called as an expert witness when
there are questions of the stage to be
decideld, was one of those who gave
testimony in William Ilarcourt's suit
to obtain royalties from George Broad
hurst for having helped him to place'
his play, "The Man From Hlome."
"What," they asked Mr. Frohman,
"is a 'Ilroadway production?' "
"A production that is put on in first
class style at a IBroadway theater.
answetred the witness after deep
lIut the answer was stricken from
the, record.
"Doles it benefit an actor to be seen
in a Ilroadway production?" asked the
actor's lawyer.
Mr. F"rohnman looked suspiciously at
the judge and then answeretd: If he'
a:ppears to his benelfit it does."
"love to strike it out" calme from
l he ,lopp)l::ite side.
"(;ranted," In thlie court's monlotoneli
Theni the expert was allowed to go.
These Revised Versions.
Mayor Woodruff of Peoria turn.ed
with disg ust from a revis.ed ve'rsion
of ' Molthe r Goose." lie said
"\i'hen one wishes to give a child a
pre, seIII - - 'ill.a s .Anders1e ,' or
Grituii .' or 81lnv-lily l'eter' one
tinds tIhese boh('k: all revl*ed, all
"Give mie origintlI versionst. 1 E!Io'I
like' re-vised re dlll s, \%hiicli ;tr a usi
ally a l tln tist; 't 'y as tIl, " tt :4
\if,' fe::r ,d t; h lie-i.
Thlis yui, \t e, tiifter a st-ormyll
"it wt .as differe'nt befoire w' riar
riled .ai. yes, yetu lovedI lit h heni-
anid nic
. '1 leve' \ucl tnon citi then' sail
her husi. iid. ealily. H'vised ver
slon, don't you know.'
Wanted to Be There.
Tony c(atte over from the old ctail
try andl obtained elinployiient in
America as a section hand. Sotie,
time afterward lihe ent to his fore
mian and said: "ioss, 1 like hat vaca
"Tony. you don't need a vacation,
answered the boss.
"Yes, boss, I like hat vacashun." re
peated! Tony.
"\What do you want with a vaca
tion? If I give it to you. I'ony, you
will go back to the old country, blow
all your money, and then come back
broke. You had better stay here."
"I like hat vacashun, boss," stolidly
repeated Tony. "I'm going to get
married and I'd kinder like to be
Had No Use for Phonograph.
Tibet's dalai lama was greatly dis
turbed by the first phonograph he saw.
Edmund Candler, when in Lassa with
the Younghusband expedition, heard
from the Nepalese resident how he
had recently brought the uncanny toy
as a present from the maharaja of
Nepal to the priest-king. The dalai
lama walked round It uneasily as it
blared forth an English band piece
and an Indelicate Bhutanese song.
Then he thought for a long while, and
'finally said he could not live with this
voice without a soul. So it was passed
on to somebody else.
CASTORIA. a safe sad sore remedy for
tatants sad chilres, ad see that it
Bears the
In Use re Over 110 er.
Children Cry I.r Eaaehrs _ustois
Jack-Your friend Allce has the
prettiest teeth I ever saw in a wo
man's mouth.
Ethel-Yes, the dentist guaranteed
that there should not be a finer set
in town.
State Lands 8old.
Minnesota in 1912 has sold 2.200
acres of state lands at prices ranging
from five to twenty-one dollars an
lmsrTauelmss chllTeaieCamhi s bth
irTaselssslwrm. The Odelmedrves
ut Mlmis sad thelthe ild up
the Syistm. r Adam sad
Yoe kodw what yes ae taklag when
es take GOV5'S TASTLESS, chil
ONIC,n d for 30 years thr h
-at the asthe stsudard Malaria,
Chill sad Pever Remedy and General
Sregths l.7ToIec. It is asstroag -
the tonic, but yedo soc
taste the be e the inedleuts
do not dissolve f the math t do dis
bt. ea Dranl. We ·e
it. SOc.
kook for ,.glgsstmse .R. W.G OVX o em ey x. Cures a Cod in 0mm Day. 23c.
Rational Love.
"The rational rather than the roman
tic view of marriage is the one most
in favor with the young people of the
twentieth century," said Dr. H. Lucas
Weatworth, the well known eugenics
expert. in an address In Cleveland.
"The rational view will make for
happler marriages. And this rational
view is beautifully illustrated in two
questionsU- little dialogue-running
thus: /
"'Will you always re eOr'
"'Will you always be lovable? "
A woma is really brawe whm she
is 8 ryg to a some better.
Weoms m be st s.e be
Sbtr _m'ste ~usm. Av.
TbM smaso me Imea a storm al
met us m1h Ias b amrs h witl
Saloon Closed for Cat. T
"Closedl oil accounti of tih loss of;
Scotty's (at "NigCetrr.
This sign on tho door of Scotty's
saloon at Ninth antl lilii stre'trs, ('in
ciiinatl, atiosedtl iiitclih c'nninlll lt . Two
days ago th' at dli.sapl, ,tar.-d
Wi\\'hn ith. (at did not put in an llp
pe'aranriei. Scott y hung out !a signI
drapitd iii -r.ti, Ii-ssuio, p:ipt-r andl hor
delredl hv tciarinatiions o t ell II is I ilsto
itrs thatli he had t'.letd t hi' szaliooni
in oinurntiug for fis pr- .
Sick-Room Light.
If th ."re arre -i-elclrl lights In thie
sick riimil Ihy h ill ginerally be
foiund too blrilliant, hurting ithi eyes
of the p;latnt. andl nl t i v.-r", sicik rioom
has the -lu-ct ric e lights that catn ll
turned up (or dIl \\n. M;ake a little
gr' ln silIl bi it ot ; fai tini it iovi r th.'
ine'aid'se,,nt hullb ;nul it w ill give a
good but si-bd,lelu anld iharmuli'ss light.
Will cure your Rheumatism and alli
kinds of aches and pains---Neuralgia.
('ramps. Colic, Sprains, llruises, I'uts,
Old Sores, lturns, etc. Antiseptic
Anodyne. P'rice 2c.-Adv.
The great thline ill thli \wrld is not
no untclh to seet.k happiie s :s ito iiearni
'For galls u tse I lani rei.th'yI sIam
}lI-'- a hadil ei .n v til iati' gut it
"Who's Ahead"
The winner is always the
person who possesses a
keen appetite, and enjoys
perfect digestion--whose
liver is active and bowels
regular. The sickly person
lacks the stamina and
strength necessary to win.
They should try
It tones, strengthens and
rebuilds the entire system.
Begll today. Avoid sblstitutesl
who an fuIrnish fruit or vetallbhle for cmallnlgad
drem 5is,4 tae*L Clat., i.. . . r. Ia miN.. tno
Scientists tell us that all spaee is an ocean of ether in which our solar
system swims, and that all life, animal and vegetable, is derived from the
sun's energy, transmitted to our planet by this ether. Plant lifeorganises
this energy for us in natures laboratory. As animals we then partake of
natures bountiful store and the sun's energy. Certain fruits, nuts and
sugar cane represent this energy and vitality best. We have found this
great natural law, and we combine these substances with distilled water.
The name we give our combination is Dr. Pepper.
Dr. Pepper is liquid sunlight. As the sun rules and governs the day,
so should you govern your appetite. Eat and drink to build up the cells
that are broken down by fatigue, mental or physical. Drink a beverage
that promotes cell building, not one that simply deadens the sensory nerves.
Drink Dr. Pepper. Solar energ-liquid sunshine. Vim, vigor, vitality
that is what Dr. Pepper mesas. Try it. On sale at all fountains and in
bottles. It's made in Texas. It's profits are spent in Texas to promote
Texas industries,
DR. PEPPER CO. Waeo, Texa
The Vemddud, Old RaliaMk Dr. Pem's
AadiMapHusannl OL ?nwwnlMs d
hisaiag. A AnAatsapLic Srgieai
Drms..is discoers h an old
R R Surgeu.
Thousands of families know' it iready
sad a trial will convince You that DR.
OIL is the most wonderful remedy ever
discoered for Wounds, Brns, Old Sores.
Ulcers Carbunles, Gralated ye Lids,
Bore Throat. Skin or Scalp Disses and
all wmads d external dssaes whether
liht orSrios. Coutm Ualy ipeope
i n urone menfotr Ii famou od
remedy. G. rantced. y r Dart.
Wemeanit. 25c. 30c. 1.0
-AT TMn--
iheitse Optical Cs.
NOW READY. Mail orders ha, special
WRnTr FOR ONE. attentio.
For thebo names of three persons intereted in Kodaks- a
Why Scratch?
"Hunt'sCure"is guar
anteed to stop and
permanentlycure that
terrible itching. It is
compounded for that
purolse and your money
will be prinmptly rrefunded
if Hunt's Cure fails to cure
Itch, Eczema, Tetter, Ring
Worm or any other Skin
Disease. 50c at your dr'tigist's, or by mail
direct if he hasn't it. Manufactured only by
DAISY FLY KILLER "';" .. h."'. ...
rsri. nt'.* i , tal. nt,
.htr U Laits Ill
Iiisarr I i f.
Sleur . aNt, tan .
Alidealerew reent
Srear p e 1 : 1 f,,r 9t to.
UA&OLD SOMLER. 310 DeLab Av.., Broo.,+ N 1 t.
W. N. U.. HOUSTON. NO. 4 --1913.
Texas Directory
Contr;actors'Su lplpio;,[Btuilders
Hardware, Etc. Pri:es and in
formnltion fiirnishoti on requestt
): s.rllr.n. Ir;s.., penr!s. lh. Iryr·et f..rt of
tsap'll tel t detr. tav.- ll the South;: they r lndr
wrllil ,pnsmlol in ca.1 s not hasudlrd br , helIL.
Rpeasnable rates.
' '« r .  uthwat l 'tr -.tr rbtrti rs Wrt f'roift iang
South Texas implement & Vohtrl Co., HoustenTe.
111 Main Strpt. Houston. TI a;is
SODA FOUNTA! has . m p,
rc:tltv .r |r.mtpt i ii p
tu.-nta..- ti, tt.ii 2, Ii. , 11. , ua
niril "il f,,,,t ate.st 1,.i**.. paulipa e untplji , 1ittmi,
nei' :ss ,I  tidhyl i, ,"1, aL a 'c -+ in. in prlre, -
eAl- t Ixil...ll i, nCi'ats. tl l l. Le't u" .hl ,l .U lo" w,
N t'. , t .,,y a-l, ;a i ' irnty, tht~ *.'uy in.nithly
I, in*t:4 THE .-ROMAAN CO. 'Inc... Dailas. Tea.
WlE I!AV.'i N !o ICLIAL., and
we wanlt Vour wuy k. For laundry
work we don't have to advertise.
Model Laundry
Do you realise the fact that thoaaab
of women are now unsg
A S.Q.I. Amabql Fwd .,
as a remedy for mucou membrane s
ftetions, oul as sore throat, nasal wa
pelvie estarrh, inhammatlon or ulorw
tion caused by female ills? Women
who have bee cur say "it is worth
its weight in gold." lolve In water
and apply locally. Vbr ten years the
Lydia U. Plankham Medielne Co. has
recommended Pantine In their private
correspondence with women.
ior all hygienic and toilet ur tt Ith
no equal. Only 6e a larku box at Dry.
gists or sent postpaid on reslpt ao
price. The Paxton Tellet Co., etes"%

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