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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, February 21, 1914, Image 4

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By Use ,f Serum From Bacteria of
Erysipelas Believed Permanent
Cure Is Found.
nr t 1. 1:L I , ,' r - I .
bli <(,u rI I i i ! I. '
it i. .
- r II .',
r("t ' '
hul·',: h . ,
S II , II : a wii
bin , N '.
Ir I',
toi, l , I" ' I
. ' l, ,r · ' 1 ti t . : t ' , ' '
iln 1t w elum ml . 'I' ;lilt 1n." \\ ;1 \ 1 r !
ta l 1., b .. , t d is . . ! " i lt
D. n t Wa nt Nle iro Sch, I
1 1 ', '" , . I ' Ia i t '
rilt' HI adl.r 1 Grat Pe ! rmi.
"u r t H, I' t I ill I, 4 I-I,
t h a :tit . , ri ,i' ' . :!; tit
( tilt'' iii; t. , `.t I "i t .,. ' i
hi " ' , ; : 1.I' t
t ii, . I, t . . "it"
orit 'e i s ". ((I 1I " to . 1 t; t (i" . l-- i " .li I S' I
ion to ltocal i e 'lie s ti-io r I l .i , l .,'id
New Orleans.-lt'siultintg froitm a
series of cobfierences the New Orleans
freig ht handlers SIturday '.r' ei;tl, tii
permit the longsihorem to ha nl . It'
bulk fre i ht, suc as ferro mll aane .
pyrites, manure, salt an,, I kanite. di
rect froi m ship to cars, and . t trim
mint of same in the cars to be done
by the longshoremen the same as is
done at other terminals, as well as in
the ports of Baltimore and Galveston.
Lafayette Wide Open Again.
Lafayette "-City Jud-g Elliott Sat
urday decla red the anti-glambling or
dinance null and oid on the ground
of irregularitties itn ru e ordat tion and
OIulication of -the a mnenrl ment upo'
('hargois has h ltetn stricrtly lll i , forcingl
the law for sevilraltel bt'ck,It this del
cision throws the tovn , wilde c(p'I.
Gas and Light System isHandlers Grant Planned.
commiisionE-rs mt ntt 8,i tirdy:i in ·t,('
clII session and ali stil :1 i -olutitjon
authoriiino the cit ye liitineetr. I. W.
Bilvester, to make' t lie neia-;.rv in
fcatonw for heans.-Rinet an ifrollinatin
purposes n thconferen city.
Monroe In Total Darkness.
Monroe.-An accident to the water
feed pump at the city power plant put
Monroe in total darkness for two
hours Saturday night. Theatres and
picture shows were closed, while busi
pres houses did business by candle
New Orleans Educator Dies.
New Orleans.-Professor Alcee For
tier, aged 58 years, and one of the
best known educators of this country,
died at his home Saturday. Since
1381 he had held the chair of ro
tance languages at Tulane Ulniversity.
Man is Drowned Boarding Train.
Lake Charles.-F. G. Lewis. a tailor
from Little Rock, Ark., fell from the
roathern Pacific bridge at Westlake
riday and was drowned. The body
was later recovered.
Gets Six Years for Forgery.
Alexandria.--George Harris. a ne
(gro, pleaded gulilty in the district court
to lforgery in two cases and was sen
tenced by Judge Blackman to serve
slo years in the State penltentiary.
Eastherwood Receives Heavy Rain.
Eatherwood.-This section was vilst
ed ia twelve hours Friday by a four
lach rain. It was the heaviest pre
elpitation ian three months, and wan
Saonst help to the land.
Total of $757.82592 Represents $1.44
for Each rt ,26.258 Eoucable
Chi:dren il State.
,' ,,1, In.. I '. !,uart pr
1 ' t ", ," l l*rr
. 3 {',7, I ""
, .. . . . . . . . . 1 1
1.. . .", , -I
Sssi .n Is Arrested......
" . l , . . . . . . . I . . '. T ,
,,, . . . . . . .
.7 1
S,:. iP . . 1. . . . .. I. .
ii' 4,,, , , .....' x ... 4 I . I
t0 I , itil Ihl .'. ....t 0 1 .0,5 th:,t
.s .. s ........... rI"1r
, I s , ... ... n I A r s e
i b n, ,, .t . . . .. . . ; " 1 . '. 1
. intsboro.-rand Lecturer ump
. . . ,..... ..... - ' ;,
II II ' .".. . ...I . ,, o ".' h 'a
.ton of the Knights of Pythias, who de-'
1- livered a lecture to the local lodge sev
a placed in effect i specia l dispensation
n there a ii tio doubt be a large number
a bond was ltxtd at $1" ',"
. to join.
t Franklin.-Judge Milling Saturday
r- sentenced the following: Arthur Jones.
d burglary and larceny, two years in
n .Tohn Grant, burglary and larceny,
Sthree years in the penitentiary; ('has.
SMorton, larcenr , five years; Willie
Fri''oij, assotult with intent to kill,
i t (V.) years in penitentiary; Solomon
Itoisette. c.tting with intent to mur*
dr, ten ars in the penitentiary.
Chicago Feds to Leave March 8.
n (,hicn a , .-After a consultation,
Sit .l. Tinker Sunday, h.arles II.l
g for it- tiir iig camp at Shreveport,
La., on tin evening of March 8.
lr- Tulane Defeats Pennsylvania.
I New Orleansl.-Tulane University
d debate at Philadelphia Saturday. It
j. was the first time in history the
l Southern college has defeated a large.
Play "Spin. .ters Convention."
S Whte Castle:.-A benefit entertain.
e ment was given Saturday night at the
n, Fairyland theatre for Our Lady of
SPrompt Succor church. Sixteen young
. ladles and two young men played the
S"Spinsters' Convention." i
y ' Wnnsboro.-Much surprise is besin
e expressed at the amount of hookworm
Ie Infection fround in this parish In the
the disease. s eted
New Orleans.-The Mexican gun
S 1boat Zaragoza, which arrived Wednes
it day from era Cruz, started on its
n return trip to Vera Crux Sunday. The
Frenchmahr, and Antonio Lugia, an
Italian merchant, en route to Paris,
t. Martinvilleh-Beneficnal rals fell
r- all through this setion d iof country the
end iof the week, which caused a great
S d eal of encouragemlent to the P farm
Senr, whose crops wlere stf er ng.
Port Arthur Ship Canal and Colorado
River Improven:e!:ts Are Among
tne Rccco rendations.
V.".  I,( 1!I; 1 ' (, r - \ ,\ ' .I I ,tllrl I i " I ,Px
It' --. ,t t . ' I L: 0 , I I
I'l 1'l' ii .i1 I I'tlt \ -h t .! ,.'i Th S 1 br
il'. 11, . II t11, , I I 1: i "t I , ",1i
lI11 1111 oi' i--I't. q 1 \ ' O;,+r by:li
:1 t1 I / :'L· lr.) . ( ' ,nt 'l r t no u ,
ll, . h, * a In ' ti' t . I l ' ,
,r., II,-L ,I- , :'!', . ,1,' l r( 1 l, r T e": .- i
1',,' hl ' I i Ii lK '.p' it,+i 1,1 It ," i' 101;." '
I'I.t \r' lr 1.1 11r ailn l, '.T1 l .1 i- ,\
;the , ii r hI tter :n .c tIIt Ien to all
\,ri:>zes. x,, t I (he ei, ht ,. which twhia
, won by an1 Oreon exhibitor. lP edet
Christenson of ( ushing, i,., won the
,I gran,, championship for creamery and
dairy butter.
Annual Tax Statement is Filed.
Austin, Tex.-The San Antonio and
Aran'as Pass Railway (ompany haa
filed its annual tax statement with the
state tax commis sioner showing gris,
Sreceipts for 1912, $4.85t.63r: expendI
tures for betterm nts, $ ,4 95,8; net
Idef it, $14S ,985; interest paid on
I bonds. $863,87; hire of equipment,
'$11 ,1'2: taxes paid, 1913. $176,712.
Gave Birth to Five Children.
o Taylorsvi lle, K l!.- Fit e (ch ldren,
three hoys and two girls, were borti
Thurs,iy to Mrs. ertIii Drury, wife
of a S'iiIer ('ounty farmer. The
two girls diebd.
' Veteran Railroad Editor is Dead.
Slardman, 67 years1i old, for many' years
prl'esid*'nt of the llailroal Gazette, now
the Railway Age Gazette, and for eight
r ars its editor, died Monday at his
Road Bond lsue is Carried.
SSan Marcos, Tex.-The $50,000 bond
1 i ssue for road improvement in road
t district No. 2 of Hays County. em
3 bracing Kyle, Goforth and Uhland,
Swas carried Saturday by a vote of 126
to 26.
Nations Owe $42000,000,000.
Antwerp.-A debt of $42,960,000,000
r is the total shown in the accounts of
f all the nations of the world, accord
r ing to the bureau of universal statis
B tics, which has jlust announced its
figures for the year 1912.
Rebels Are Holding Capital.
G uayaqull, Ecoador.-Notwthstand
SIng the bombardment by federal aun
a boats and heavy artillery of Esme
t raldas, the capital of the province of
the same name, the city remlains in
the hands of the rebels.
Inspectors Seek Mail Pouch.
p Billings, Mont.-Postoffice inspec
w ton began a search Thursday for a
· registered mail pouch said to contala
a $5,000 and other valuables that dis
Sappeared from the Northern Pacitic
A station.
Trappers Reap Rich Harvest.
SLIlano, Tex.-At the rengulanr session
Sof the commissiones  court Thursday
t the bounty was paid on fifty wlIrats
Sat $1 each; twenty-five wolf hides
were preseated and the ber ty we $5
et each was ' gdl
-ý te -
/1 - -
Workmen's Comp~nl saticn Insurance
Rate---,,Mandimus Is Threatened.
Mitchell Tenders Resignation.
o * t 1- I ,1i! -' ' I .hi iii" I
1'" i1 iii, 1 lo t h' ! Ti, ,1' . ' I
! I, :, ii : li . it n e e },i "t a, ''
. . 1 1i i l ,I i. . .> . . . ' . ` ,,
Ii. .1 I
i l l l , a d.i h 'a ld uiml tll l , " . l  '.,:.! o
, I~i (ý f le t',  ,o ll, 11lre Apr ii :I. h lte , h
Fh, th"', '~ r ; ichell , a '," - t'!, "
is ati o' i n. ! 11 ,.i, in. , th.e . , . 1m,,n
irht l i ,1 ali)((l I'' ! lI , tii
h, ' .. i(
but th thery ouilhe nirpit- e itl and ih
tint'.ll it I itd st bmitte r "i I' ri ;t s o lt, i
iio grounds fo a mndamus ill the
uinprene cout before April 1tiri. It ws
tihe thelatl er.- islell s; n od tt li
his action in signing the hat r telnn
iwould not be upheld by the directors.i
ai that they wouldas repudiate it and
take steps to have the courts daeter
mine the had submissttioner's poers nso
no grounds foranent basis could bin thes
surieng the cour t before Apri 5. It wsc assion
r.then that Mr. Mitchell asserted stared tha
hi question inby Mr. Looney ththe agreement
,failure of they would repudas associate it and
begin writing insurance l atrs dlre t(
take steps to have the courts deter- I
mine unstable a nd unsettled conditions powers so
hat not been at basisn one tiulde suf-es
tablishednt nuasber of nenbrs d esible.
plurines to begin operation. The lawdiscussion
requires fifty employers or over with
not less than 2,00t0 emldoyes.
omer R. Mitchell assertedhursda wired
his resignation to John Ht. Radford
of qouston, president of the board of
directors of the Texas Employers In
surance Association. Mr. Mitchell
seeks to retire as general mcnager
of the association.
State Treasurer Receives $63 ,000.
Austint Tex.-The state tred thatsure I
Monday received $637,000 and paid out
$671,000. It was among the record
breaking days.
Danels Canceld that as Texas Dltere
Brenham, Tex.-eSecretary of the
Navy Danuels has canceled his Bren
of his Houston date. ecretary The lFrank
Eberle of the Young Men's Business
Association has been notified to this
Port Arthur Lchool Bonds Sold.
Port Arthur, Tex.-- The bonds
amounting to c12,000 recently author
Ized by Port Arthur voters to com
plete the new De Queen school were
sold Monday.
State Has 4,151 Voting Boxes.
Austin, Tex.--Accordingt to the tax
rolls in the controller's department
there are 4,151 voting boxes in Texas.
Bexar County has the largest num
ber, with 92; Dallas has 86; Harris.
78: Tarrant, 68; McLennan, 48; Gal
veston, 21, and Travis. 46.
Recent Cold Snap injures Fruit.
Bremond. Tex.--It is thought the
present cold spell has considerably
injured the forui crop, especially
peaches, pears and berries, throtgh
efat this sectlc
PotArhr.c... onsSod
Prize A . . cf ' W : R,
M',11 - Pr '.jr.,
I, ,
I ,, t , ,
Cclonel To rn I L-:s.
.. . .. ..
I. .
Of tii ininstructed votl-, iC ir
-lon l to ihav prtfe t'1 I r it;
compared with 1.;12 for all other .
red with 4,674 uninstructed votes and
2,243 unreported votes subject to di
posit in.
Senator Bacon Passes Out.
SWashington. - Augustus Octavius
B Bacon. United ,ates senator from
4 Georgia for nearly nineteen years and
- chairman of the foreign relations com
mittee since the ascendancy of the
Sdemocratic party March 4, 1913, died
in a hospital Saturday in Washington
after an illness of ten days. ie was
> the first United States senator elected
by direct vote of the people under the
seventeenth constitutional amend
tment. Though Senator Bacon had
Ibeen seriously ill with kidney trouble
r Ind complications developing from a
1 broken rib, his Beath was u nexpected.
It came suddenly at 2 o'clock in the
afternoon and news of n thru end fell
,iupon the senate as a shock while it
oasy in e. itclitive sessiin.
Second Protest is Entered.
City of Mexico.--Chlarge OtShaunh
Inessy lmat a secondt protest Saturday
to 'rtesident I luerta against the new ;
paper El Imparcial, which continues
I to publish personal attacks on Presi
r dent Wilson. t
The charge went to the president
who assured him that he regretted the
attacks, and would see that they were
stopped once for all.
r General Huerta said he would not
t tolerate such attacks on the president
of the United States any more than
he would similar attacks on himself.
Army FPlyer Falls 00 Feet.
SPensacola, Fla.-Lleutenant J. McC.
I-Murray, attached to the United States
o naval aviation corps, Monday fell 800
d feet with his biplane into Pensacola
5 bay and was killed. His body was
5 found 100 yards from the spot where
the machine struck the water.
Master Mechanic Drops Dead.
B Silsbee, Tex.-A. B. Adams, mastet
tmechanic for the Gulf, Colorado and
-Santa Fe railroad, dropped dead in the
e depot Monday. Death was due to
heart failure.
Mine Employer Are Arrested.
Houghton, Mlch,-Emil Strang and
James Jensen, employes of the Su
perior mine, near Houston, were ar
rested Sunday on a charge of killing
Frank Lietela, a striker, in a fight in
which Lietela was charged with bhe
ing the aggressor.
e Federal Building Site Chosen.
y Washington.-The secretary of the
y treasury Saturday accepted the site
f-or the public ahlding to be erected
at Camerons, Teem.
WA :, r. L By U. S. TROOPS.
He ,'.,  , f C- C" ;,bie Tun
, . • '. c.r:: %1,l i y L .st
" .. ,{ L , ., . I
..........t !.- "11- I
', I i
't lT , *i .l " I i "
i '. . .. , t , 1
l i tit, I.
itis or bNttArml-'n'ts V e
I, I
Pailroads Make Annual Repsrt.
icit , $13,•\ 4nterest, $ .41 LI I
recoill? 4- upm41 $17;.:01 4 in-tit fJl.92; $ta7.
10 .1 ni'l ,, I(
adlils Tios or better o ornt. r
Tinetcos anD orther i, Texas r
ports gross receipts of $...5.8;, i net ,
deficit. $l53,5., ; interest, $ '";'!4H!t
hire of equipment, $ 2,44 44; taes .
t$X09ttr; additions and betterentlrn
Dalla s, 'ex.-'n ear of '-orn frot' i
Minnt-s()ta, known at exhibitions .s
Exposition, was stolet Tuesday night.
Jais .1 1lHill awarded a prize of $1.1444
for ' lii car, wiich is 14 i, c 'lis lo':.
It was M r. lii . ,roperty.
Burleson Coming to Texas.
S. Illr!t-son wi'll4,! 4i- Il''Txts this 44.k.
lie :goes tirct to .\'l-, in,. !44hrI" , ie
lui4 t V,, th w ill . e....tl,  1 \\,;' ini, -
American Girl Weds oDuke.
New York.--'1iss Eliz;abeth Francis
Itannan, diaughter of tIle late James
hanntn of BHrooklyn., was married
Tuesday to Duke Don Arturo de Majo
8 Durazzo of Italy. The bridegroom is
a descendant of one of the oldest fami
lies in Italy.
Proposed Bond Issue Carries.
Port Aransas, Tex--The election
held Tuesday for the purpose of voting
on the issuing of bonds to the amount
of $10,000 for the purpose of buildingas
a brick school building resulted In a
five to one victory for the bonds.
Proposed Bond Issue Carries.
Elgin. Tex.--In the election held
Tuesday for voting bonds for the Im
Sprovement of roads, the bonds carried
Sby a majority of six votes over the
required two-thlirds majority needed.
Eighty-Seven Carloads Precooled.
SSan Blenito, Tex.-Since the open
ing of the shipping season in the
lower Rio irande 'Vailey eighty-seven
ecarloads of vegetables have been pre
cooled at the local precooling plant,
exceeding last year's record for the
same time by tw-nt-ltwo cars.
Diax and Wife Sail for States.
· Havana.--General Felix Diaz and
Ssenora Diaz were passengers on the
lsteamship Moro Castle. which sailed
om o Harana Tnesday Eio Maew York.
He Appr.',, t') United States Officers
to Protect H:m--Tro=ps Are
on Guard.
,i· ' ,·r tOl clL ,II!/ '' ;I 1ith ,n
'", , , I ý ,, i l I t '. tll ''' ( l " it
1 Till 1:.t.l.1>
liii . t I
I ' , . . :,., h I i l ' t oll i( si " rl1 ' -
!er ' t , . t," fi;tllto Hr0 rS
titi ,' . ;, l t l i I ll-li -
in;thex , i, l',tlhli -,r'i ewllh! leit
{ , i n: . h' r . ili' . li, !it l' ;lt' i r
ii , t :' " i h
i Nis i P at h , i s hLa i . ld r O ut
\" , : . ,, ! : il
S . ,, . ;"r r'''
,oat rang moun , hihh. a ', r -
oCe crr.t , Gr.I Cri cf err Heri,es.
rli' 1, , ". , . feI I,
I ' ' + , ,  . iI
rntaIy I i a h if t t.i ,v , II, Ii h t it
R , i t o. , .) ( ni l I
T ho'.i c t .Ie Iii ior rse , fohcktes Who
o;f ii i ; , " duty.
New Air Path l0 Laid Out.
Ieos Aclrt' ('alo-SilaR ('hrietof.er
hating flown over h thv t ·chapi andt
tori. 1 crossin the tSerrl asi ('ristof
,enator Gore Denies All Charges.
German Balloon Breaks Record.
c.er. a Balloonrak Reordl,
Hans Berlin. r, carrying two passen
Sers in hi, spherical balloon, tele
I graphed Monday from Kirgischan in
the U'ral Mountains, Russia, that he
had landed there after a 47-hour flight
-from Bitterfield, Germany. The flight
marks a new distance record.
Victoria Seeks Better Roads.
Victoria, Tex.-The commissioners
3 court of Victoria County was Satur
S day presented a petition from the citi
Zens of the east end of the county,
Sroad district No. 5. cailling for the is
Ssuing of $125,000 of road bonds.
Dutch Warship Goes to Mexico.
The ilague.-The Dutch warship
i Kortenaer sailed Sunday for the West
- Indies to watch developments in Mex
i ic.. She wiill proceed to Mexican
a waters to protect Dutch subjects in
Mexico, if necessary.
Harvester Man Left $15,000,000.
('hicago, Ill.-The estate of William
o)esring, real and personal property,
waI valued at $15,000,000, according
to the inventory tiled Monday. The
property was left to two sons and five
graneiohildren. a Each of the sons,
('harles and James, receives $5,000,o00.
$722,345 Turned Into Treasury.
Austin, Tex.-Taxes to the amount
of  722.3I45 we',e paid Into the state
1 treasury departtnent Thursday. This
I is the largest payment that hba been
made this year.

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