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Abbevill: Progress
PHONE 248.
'lih bld oi the Atlantie co:ntlines
There is one thing we all can tr'k
about-ti;e other fellow.
The tarigo may wane, but England
is still willing to do the German.
Removing the ban on "Tipperary"
effectually disposes of the desire to
sing it.
The sun does not scorem to have aged
much since the days ne used to
know it.
What has become of the old-fash
ioned man who knew what wvas good
for frostbite?
It's a wise European father who
brings his son up to be either a doc
tor or an architect.
Although coming ages may see the
coal supply exhausted, we can still
get our iron from the sea.
"The squeeze 'em tight tango" is
claimed as a new cance. May we ask
just what is new about it?
The war news readers who got along
so well with Przemysl' won't of
course, have any trouble with
The old-fashioned man who used to
wear a muffler around his neck has a
son who won't even put one on his
Young men go to college mainly for
atmosphere, says Doctor Hadley. And
that is mainly what many of them
get out of it.
The man who wants to know what
happens when the irresistible meets
the immovable should read the news
from Flanders.
"Sliver wrapped in waxed paper and
kept in a closed box will not tarnish,"
according to a household hint. Keep
ing it in circulation is just as effeo
The average man never fully real
Ises the truth of the adage about a fool
and his money until after he has
bumped up against some other man's
If the University of Pennsylvania
makes any more discoveries about
Adam and Noah the publishers of
"Who's Who" will have to get out a
new edition.
A nugget of gold has been round in
the crop of a Maryland chicken. Will
it never be possible to keep dishonest
farmers from weighing their fowls
in this manner?
Bailing the deep blue sea will not be
anything like navigating a rocking
chair in the front parlor at home until
all the deadly floating mines have
been disposed of.
The one thing peculiar about this
war is no matter how completely
armies are wiped out, they are up
and at it again as soon as they get
their second wind.
It is claimed that girl ushers in thea
ters are not as dependable as young
men when there are fires and panics.
Still, there is no excuse for fires or
panics in a modern thepter.
When the war is over, the tide of
tourist travel will set in towards
Prnemyal. for all on this side will be
anxious to know what a town with
such a name can look like.
The man who is in the hands of his
physician is up against It almost as
hard as the candidate who is in the
hands of his friends.
The Albany Journal says an honest
man welcomes a bill collector. If this
be true we do not wonder that old
Dlogenes had so much trouble in
locating an honest man.
The Buffalo Courier has a new idea.
It wants fog-horns to be so construct
ed as to make a cheerful sound in-.
stead of a moan. But there are people
who object to the musical chiming of
Ldadoa reports that "the Germans
are showing signs of discomfort" in
the trenches along the battle line.
And there is nothing to indicate that
the allies are enjoying the situation
to any extent
Privates In the German army are
stated to receive $19.80 a year, and
those in the Russian army $3.58. Prom
accounts received it seems a safe ln
ference that they are fully earning
their money at presenat
At iesat some of the results of the
war are sot horrible The Germans
have cbanted the name of Cen
steehboewa to Kalaserburg.
There are some meg of whom
thought it was impossible that they
could look wise. atti these tortoise
shellD rim glasss came eat
Perhaps some musical genius can be
found to make a collection of soa
that ea be snag b) the sailors of our
navy wlthot mortally 'offeadndg our
delioate mss of ntranity.
•"Pape's Diapepsin" fixes sick,
sour, gassy stomachs in
five minutes.
Time it! In live minutes all stomach
distress will go. No indigestion, heart
burn, sourness or hechling of gas. acid.
or eructations of undigested food. no
dizziiness, bloating, or foul breath.
Pape's Diapelsin is noted for its
speed in regulating upset stomachs.
It is the surest, quli kcst and most cer
tain digestion ri-neldy in the whole
world, and besides it is harmless.
Please for your sake, get a large
fifty-cent case of Pape's Diapepsin,
from any store and put .our stomach
right. Don't keep on being miserable
life is too short-you are not here
long, so make your stay agreeable.
Eat what you like and digest it; en
joy it without dread of rebellion in
the stomach.
Pape's Diapepsin belongs in your
home anyway. Should one of the fain
ily cat something which don't agree
with them, or in case of an attack of
indigestion, dyspepsia, gastritis or
stomach derangement at daytime or
during the night, it is handy to give
the quickest relief known. Adv.
Beginning the Day.
Oh, God, give me freedom. Loose
me from the shackles of fear and hate
and all sin. Break my cage and lead
me out. Let me feel the wings which
I have dreamed about. Tame the
heights for me. Give my soul its propr
air. Show me the fullness and the far
reaches of life. In Christ's name.
Amen.-H. M. E.
Girls Try Thisl Makes Hair Thick,
Glossy, Fluffy, Beautiful-No
More Itching Scalp.
Within ten minutes after an appli
cation of Danderine you cannot find a
single trace of dandruff or falling hair
and your scalp will not itch, but what
will please you most will be after a
few weeks' use, when you see new
hair, fine and downy at first-yes-but
really new hair-growing all over the
A little Danderine immediately dou
bles the beauty of your hair. No dif
ference how dull, faded, brittle and
scraggy, just moisten a cloth with
Danderine and carefully draw it
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time. The effect is amaz
ing-your hair will be light, fluffy and
wavy, and have an appearance of
abundance; an incomparable luster,
softness and luxuriance.
Get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine from any store, and prove
that your hair is as pretty and soft
as any-that it has been neglected or
Injured by careless treatment-that's
all-you surely can have beautiful hair
and lots of it If you will Just try a lit
tle Danderine. Adv.
Prudent Woman.
"I thought you said we were going
to share everything equally after we
got married," said the husband of a
rich woman.
'"That was merely your own sugges
tion," she answered calmly. "I have
decided to retain the balance of power
until I find out what division you are
going to make of love and affection."
Sat Less Meat if Kidneys Hurt or You
Have Backaohe or Bladder Misery
-Meat Forms Uric Acid.
No man or woman who eats meat
regularly can make a mistake by flush
ing the kidneys occasionally, says a
well-known authority. Meat forms
uric acid which clogs the kidney pores
so they sluggishly filter or strain only
part of the waste and poisons from
the blood, then you get sick. Nearly
all rheumatism, headaches, liver trou
ble, nervousness, constipation, dizzi
ness, sleeplessness, bladder disorders
come from sluggish kidneys.
The moment you feel a dull ache in
the kidneys or your back hurts, or if
the urine is cloudy, offensive, full of
sediment, irregular of passage or at
tended by a sensation of scalding,; get
about four ounces of Jad Salts from
any reliable pharmacy and take a
tablespoonful in a glass of water be
fore breakfast for a few days and your
kidneys will then act fine. This fa
mous salts Is made from the acid of
grapes sad lemon jouice, combined with
lithia and has been used for genera
tions to lush clogged kidneys and
stimulate hom to activity, also to neu
tralise the acids in urine so it no
longer causes irritation, thus ending
bladder disorders.
Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
Injure; makes a delightful efferves
cent lithia-water drink which all reg
ular meat eaters should take now and
en to keep the kidneys clean and
the blood pure, thereby avoiding s
rioes kidney complication-Adv.
A Press Agent.
MaskL-Who is that fellow coming
out of your room with a suit?
Wig--That's my press agent
Some men are healthy becaur' ns
smirespeetlmag sarm Woeld go ear
m. .......
N- -- 7
-' : - /
ri ··~A'
Two-Thirds Majority Not Secured in
House-Four Texans Voted Against
Overriding President's Veto.
Washington.-An attempt to pass
the immigration bill prescribing a lite
racy test for the admission of aliens
over President W\ilson's veto failed in
the house Thursday, the affirmative
vote lacking five of the necessary two
thirds. Of ::9,9 members present, 261
voted to override the veto, 136 voted
to sustain the president and 2 answer
*ed "present."
Representatives Buchanan, Burgess,
Hardy and Garner were the only mem
bers of the Texas delegation who
voted against overriding the veto.
The final test came at the close of
a day of earnest debate in which par
ty lines were temporarily obliterated.
Majority Leader Underwood made a
vigorous speech criticising the presi
dent's reasons for vetoing the bill and
urging the house, to override executive
disapproval. Mr. Underwood told the
house that the country had in several
elections returned majorities in con
gress favoring the restriction of immi
gration and that the president's con
tention that no political platform had
placed the issue before the people was
"The question is," he said, "whether
you stand for the American standard
of living and the American standard
of wages."
Representative Moore of Pennsyl
vania, republican, urged the house to
support the president and defeat the
bill. He declared that immigration
had not brought bad effects on wages
and working conditions in this coun
try and asserted that the restrictions
imposed in the bill were contrary to
the fundamental principles "upon
which the forefathers based this re
public." -
Representative Burnett of Alabama,
chairman of the house immigration
committee and author of the bill, said
that the fight will be made again In
the next congress.
The 261 votes for passing the bill
over the veto were cast as follows:
Democrats, 166; republicans, 78; pro
gressives and progressive republicans,
16; independent, 1.
Against the oi'l, the vote was: Dem
ocrats, 101; "insurgent" democrat, 1;
republicans, 32; progressives and pro
gressive republicans, 2.
More Fobd Goes to Belgium.
New York.-The steamship Ayme
ric, carrying a general cargo for Rot
terdam for the commission for relief
in Belgium, left New York Friday with
6,400 tons of cargo. Of this 4,110 tons
were donations, including those from
twelve different states. Iowa was rep
resented with 962 tops and Kansas
with 1,772. Other states represented
with smaller lots included Texas.
Crane Company Check Received.
Austin, Tex.-A cashier's check was
received Friday by the attorney gen
eral from the Austin National bank
for $75,000, being the amount of pen
alties paid by the Crane company for
alleged violation of the Texas anti
trust law in accordance with the judg
ment entered in the district court of
Limestone county at Groesbeck.
Russian Aviators Drop Bombs.
Petrograd - Russian aviator'[ on
Feb. 2 successfully dropped bomba on
the mobilized reserves and trains of
the Germans at Rawa, Zarzacze and
Boguszyce, about fifty miles south of
Warsaw, according to an official an
nouncement issued Saturday.
San Patricio Remains "Wet"
Sinton, T ~x.-The election held bat
ourd" ~ .cide as to whether or. not
Sat .j county wjuld stay wet re
su: t:aying wet with the small
ma. votes.
The Price of Bread iI -reased.
Chicago, Ill.-The price of bread
ass kereased to g6c a loaf Wednesday
by many more bakers and the weight
of the loaves In some cases was re
duced, it was reported by he city
Representatives of Foreign Govern
ments Contemplate Leaving the
Troubled Republic Entirely.
Washinltont.--So se.rious has ti:l
friction become between the Cal'n''rza;
govertnment and in:ebters of tl dii,
nuatic corps inl thi ('ity of `le ,ssc ti.
the uithdiraval of many foreign It
gations is now threiate-ned.
Some of tie pirominent diplonai:,:.
representati\.e:- of European coulrnt .r
alreadty havite .catled their home ut\
ernecnts suggesting that illasmntllll .
communication is growing more ai;t,
more restricted anti little respiec i:
given them by the Carranza authori
ties, it might be advisable to unit:
with other governments in a mov,
ment to abandon all foreign legation
in Mexico.
State department officials have de
clined to discuss this phase of the sit
nation. As the American embassy hza.
been closed since the rupture with
the Huerta government, the action on
the part of the other diplomatic mis
sions is being considered tithout con
suiting the United States so far as is
The plan of the diplomatic corps in
the City of Mexico, which is under
stood to be acting as a unit, is to leave
affairs in Mexico in charge of con
sular officers. This would mean prac
tically a severance of diplomatic rela
tions by -all countries ana present a
unique status for Mexico in the fam
ily of nations.
The situation in the Mexican capital
has been replete with diplomatic em
barrassments since the rapid changes
in executive authority ensued. When
General Carranza in his capacity as
"first chief" of the constitutionalist
army first abandoned the City of Mex
ico and moved his capital to Vera Cruz
he invited the diplomatic corps to ac
company him. The diplomats formally
declined on the ground that such a
step might be construed as a recogn;
tion of his government. Since then
the relations between Carranza and
the foreign diplomats in the City of
Mexico have not been cordial.
It has become known that some dip
lomats at the City of Mexico had sug
gested that they go to Vera Cruz, not
as an act tending to imply recognition
of Carranza, but because of unsettled
conditions and scarcity of food in the
Leprosy Shocks "High Set"
Chicago, Ill.-Wealthy residents of
Highland Park and members of the
Exmoor Country Club were unplea.
antly surprised Saturday when a half
dozen physicians diagnosed an ail
ment of the club's night watchman as
Mrs. Carranza Leaves Border.
San Antonio, Tex.-Mrs. Venustiano
Carranza, wife of the first chief of
the constitutionalists of Mexico, reach
ed San Antonio Saturday night from
Eagle Pass to reside indefinitely.
Dr. G. C. Rankin Dead.
Dallas, Tex.-Dr. George C. Rankin, I
preacher, prohibition leader, publicist -
and editor, died Tuesday at his home
from an attack of heart disease. In
the death of Dr. Rankin Texas Meth
odism loses a noted preacher, who en- I
joyed a nation-wide reputation as an
aggressive prohibitionist
Corpus Christi Bonds Approved.
Austin, Tex.-The attorney gen
eral's department Friday approved a
$900,000 bond issue of the city of Cor
pus Christi for water works improve
ment, enlargement and extension.
Russia Replies to the United States.
WCashington.-Russia Wednesday in
formed the United States that the dis
tribution of food, money and clothing
to German and Austria prisoners in
Siberla would be permitted only.by the
Russian military authorities, declining
to give foreign relief expeditions that
,ood Roac's Bcnds Are Voted.
Yoakum, Tex -The S ,0O4)0 good
)roads bond issue was voted Saturday,
155 agalnrt 31.
Villa Wants Diplomatic Corps tc Come
Into His Territory. While Carranza
Desires Them to Hcld Ses
sions at Vera Cruz.
nu tiano 'rlani; to . ! t) ilsit Vtrt
iriuz nt a th ;i t 1 :tu lt,u l ; t I A d :iI
pIwl the dipl ,;ý:ti" ,n'rp- in Ith, (i l'y
.St,,rday i y li o iciai -antd 'ol lign dtl
isll .ct as txn,' of tlh," ;T:,\*' dt tuelol
mllentls of t'11 li\' i'i' n sIti:oiOil.
i'Prn .id ont Wil-on ,ut ifrri'd at
,l.nith w ild| Ak 'i, Imo, : r- tar% I.:tnsi::
tui ti, :mtiti- an iit' :ett hrt alt it W i;
iunditr.toul od i+i .\ii,u'it ian go, ut nm ,nt
t'ill juilt o itt It rirt: ! .';L (' : dI.
the" dip|lhoittita c i 'orp- it: 'lie City o:
.Mxit o.
.\i \ S lit tthet \li.1i noty Sun  r.,
E ail (Gnli rai l Villa h l i art iied it Ia i
p11ato. 0t"t l I, u , l orttn ilt1 ' C( tý of fr
:,ctii' a i t Ol t l Il lhuI t ill Vii h It
has for its obje ct t ith caulli ti of 'lT:
pico and the douminatioun ofI the nirt'i
ern half of Mexit c.
That (General Villa wtutl invite the }
diplilo ati, ciorps to ctnt inlo th. li tr f
ritory controlled by him as "i c ,u:Int., j
toOV- to the invit; it ni is .-i tit by c r- or
rtlinz tuor ilti (ilan!tit s to 'o to 1%rla
mru was itd'eicat'ii in stios- of the ad
vi+ re ia hitii u t-ash ml'a n. At the I
-tats' dei'partlnenlt lno ult lh r lnets 0ii
the diffieri:ttc.s hetw,,on ( t e nntral i
ranza and the diplonmatic corps wa.r
The ('arranza agency Issued a state
ment giving the list of original dil.
- ates to the convention at Aguasca
lientes who are either dead, In hiding
or missing and those who are support
ing the various chiefs. The Carranza
list claims that eleven now support
Villa, fifty-five are aligned with Car
t ranza, sixteen are with Eulalio Guter
rez, twenty-five with Zapata, twenty
h seven are unaccounted for, the where
n abouts of eight are unknown, four 1
s- were killed in battle, five assassinated,
1- two are in prison and one-General
is Jesus Davila Sanchez-is neutral, al
though his whereabouts is not given.
n Enrique Llorente, the Villa repre
- sentative, Sunday explained that the
e military campaign of General Villa had
- advanced along the three principal
r- railroads in the central part of Mex
s- ico to within a few miles of the border
a towns of Piedras Negras, Nuevo La
- redo and Matamoros. In each case
the Villa troops are threatening the
ii Carranza garrisons, he said. He add
Sed that General Angeles had complete
Scontrol of Monclova, Monterey, Sal
n tillo and San Luis Potosi.
El Paso, Tex.-Francisco Villa has
t proclaimed himself in charge of the
presidency of Mexico. This was an
z nounced in a telegram from General 1
Villa received Wednesday night by his I
agents at El Paso. Villa appointed
three ministers to take charge of the I
- civil government.
d "On account of communications hav
f ing been cut off between the conven
tion government and the division un
der my command, and as public serv
- ice can not be interrupted In the ex
t tensive zone which I control, I have
t found myself compelled to assume the
n political authority, creating three po
Slitical administrative departments:
e The foreign affairs and ju3tice depart
ment, in charge of Attorney M. Diaz
Lombardo; state and communication,
General Luis de la Garza Cardenas;
7 treasury and Industry, Attorney Fran
. cisco Escudero."
Scarcity of food in the City of Mex
If ico, and predictions that much suffer
1.ing would follow unless conditions
s were relieved, were reported in official
dispatches to the state department at
Washington Wednesday. The Car
ranza officials are moving their rec
ords to Vera Crus, where it is sup
1 posed the capital of the Carrania gov
ernment will remain.
S Laredo, Tex.-An official messen
ger was sent to Laredo Monday by
General Ricaut, commander of the
Carranza garrison of Nuevo Laredo, to
t notify Mrs. Jesus Carranza that her
. husband. and his nephew, Colonel
t Peraldini, were executed .n San Gero
Snimo Sunday morning by orders of
General Santlbanez, the recreant Car
rsnza commander. Jesus Carranza,
who was a brother of Venustiano Car
ranza, the revolutionary chief, togeth
er with his staff, were taken prison
s- ers by Santibanes in San Geronimo
a on Dec. 31. Members of the staff
r- were immediately put to death, only
.- General Jesus Carrana and his
nephew surviving.
S Washington.-Cleral Villa tele
,. graphed the convention agency Tues
s- day that General Thomas Urbina cap
Stured San Luis Potosi Tuesday and
n was in full ci-utrol of the city and vi
e min!ty. ULina.'s columni is supposed
g to be the van'4uard of the Villa forces
it marching on Tampico.
No details of the taking of San LuIs
Potosi were given in the dispatch,
though it was intimated that the Car
' ranza garrison had evacrated without
V. 1 fight. General lTrbina's force nu.
bered about five tbousand men,
1t t
isguar, ,t d , r i
0 veatrs t r 2 .
and the rt ,-: ' s
s! tond- b hind th- ,, t
a .c. Ftr sale byI t id t t .,
General Roofing Mfg. Company
||%4", I,; ri,\ , .a-t l., ,r. ". I! l t" r
New York City Boston Chtcar Pitlshergh
Pioiadelphia Atlanta Cleve.lan I, tnrit
St. Louis Cinctinati Kanosas l y MNnreapnl.
Saoo Fracisco Seattle London Hamburg Sylney
T'exas Directory
Houston. Texas. operates the largest force of
male and female detestives in the South. 30
years' experence. No charge for an werming
questions or letters. Rates on e.popcation.
Ha-dware, Etc. Prices andI In
formation furnished on request
I-r qtt th,L ':rt , :. , tu'0 , is 1 t ry
big l t('l a e -.
-Easy To Take'--quick EHClief.--Adv.
-Every tinme a iman looks inlto . in ir
ror he imagines lihe stes the rellection
of a hero.
r. 5 or 6 doses 666 will break any case
r- of Chills & Fever, Colds & IaGrippe;
i. It acts on the liver better than Calo
mel and does not gripe or sicken.
r Price 25c.-Adv.
Prosperous Appearance.
1- "Some men live for their stomachs."
"That's true, but the man with an
unusually large abdomen has a pros
perous look withal, and if he can drape
d a heavy watch chain across it the illu.
I sion is complete."
Seems So.
Mr. Bacon-I understand it requires
about fifteen days for the human body
to recover from the loss of two con
secutive nights' sleep.
Mrs. Bacon-And don't you suppose
those fiendish cats in the back yard
know that?
For She Liked Them.
S- Patience-According to two English
-. scientists, the sense of smell in man.
LI because of the practice of kissing, is
s gradually being destroyed.
d Patrice--Good! Do you suppose the
e time is coming when the boys won't
notice the onions?
A First Offender.
Each of two little Boston girls has a
black-and-tan terrier dog. It was not
long before the two dors fought, and it
e required the efforts of a man to sepa
rate them.
I Each little girl was disposed to
I blame the other's little dog for start
ing the trouble, and one of them said:
S"I don't care, your 4g is a sneak
ing little thing, anyhow!"
"Well, so is your dog," was the
reply. "And this time it snooked
first, too!"
"I Eat
the Year Round
and it agrees with me," writes
a doctor, "better than any
Sbreakfast food on the market
S -unless there is one I have
r not tried."
Grape-Nuts is scientifcally
S prepared to agree with both
strong and weak digestions.
Long baking-about 20 hours
- partialy pre-dgets. the
starch cells for quick, sy
Besides, Grape-Nuts sup
S plies, in concentrated formr,
J aofthe nutriment of wheat
and barley, including the in
valuable mineral elements
often lacking in ordinary food.
I to eat-and economical
1Tbere's a Resemmn"
-sold by Gmr i

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