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and VERMILION NEWS, Conso.idated Oct. 4, 1915
VOL 7. Devoted to the Interests of Abbeville ai:d Sur~ro;nding Co.nmun~ity. NO. 35.
Phone . vi!1l, V r248ilion Parish, La., S, ,' , 11.:. $1.00 a Year.
Suits, Shoes and Hats
We are offering Boys' School Suits in Fancy
Cassimeres, Worsted and Blue Serges at substantial
"We are splendidly prepared to outfit tihe kinder
garten tots, the grammar school boys, the high school
boys and the college gentlemen in our most complete
line of
We have a complete line of School Shoes for
Boys, Girls and Misses
Something to make them comfortable and happy.
Mothers who realize the importance of correct shoes for
growing feet, favor our Shoes.
Give us a call.
"Get the Habit"
D. Silverman
Explanation Of Corn Score
(Continnee from last week.)
8. Kernel shape. All kernels of
corn should be wedge shape, with
,q are edges, so as to have no lost
space on the cob. Those from flint
varieties will be more or less
rounded on the top.
9. Color on grain and cob. An
et having a cob whose color does
net conform to the variety color is
not desirable and a half point is
deducted for each,one off color.
An ear having three grains off
color is scored one-forth of a point
short, and when six or more color
ed grains are present to the ear a
full cut of one-half point is made.
White corn should have a white
cob, sad yellow corn a red one.
0. Space between rows. The
should have very little space
them. For dented varieties
amr having spaces or furrows
et mare than one-sixteenth of an
lash between rows should be grad
Rough Rice Storage
I have ample room for storing rice for the farmers
at very reasonable rates, and is an independent ware
house. Would be glad to have you call and make
Full line of Oats, Corn, Mixed Feed for horses
and mules, Mixed Feed and wheat bran for dairy
and Alfalfa.Hay.
Baudoin Warehouse
Phone 28 3 Jefferson St.
ed off their full value of five Fo its.
Greater width is allowed for flint
type beca .se of the rounded top of
11. Space between kernels at cob.
All kernels should be close togeth
er in the rows, as any Ivacancv here
means lost space. thereby lowering
the percentage of corn to the ear.
Scoring on this point should be
12. Vitality or seed condition.
Any evidence of moldiness,or con
dition that would reduce the mar
ket price, or would impair the ger
minative qualities, is scored sev
13. Trueness to type. The corn
must cornform to the variety type.
14. Proportion of shelled corn to
ear. The percentage of grain is de
termined by dividing fhe weight of
the shelled corn by the weight of
the ear.
LRSPBDDZA HAY for feeding cows in
the winter. The very choice hay.
See Hugh Summers.
Exarr.mition For Rcho's
.ciccar: :ip.
i'rýsidcent 'ihos. i). Bo\d, of the
Louisiana S;ate t'niversi:v, who
is Chiairman of the Committee of
Selection of Rhodes Scholars for
thle State of Louisiana announces
that the examination of candidates
for the Rhodes Scholarship at the
University of Oxford from Louis
iana, will be l.eld on Tuesday,
October 5, and W'&ednesday, Octo
her 6 1915. in the Gibson Hall of
the Tulane University in New Or
leans. The dat.y, but not the 1
place, of this examination were
announced sonime time ago.
As this Scholarship offers an ex
cellent opportunity for some Louis
iana student to continue his educa
tion at one of the oldest and best
institutions of learning in the
world, it is hoped that a number i
of candidates will take this exami
A memoradum giving full parti
culars concerning the Rhodes Scho
larships may be obtained from the
Chairman of the Committee of
Recommends Chamberlain's Cough
"Last winter I used a bottle of Cham-,
berlain's Cough Remedy for a bad
bronchial cough. I felt its beneficial
effect immediately and before I had
finished the bottle I was cured. I never
tire of recommending this remedy to
my friends," writes Mrs. William Bright
Ft, Wayne, Ind. Obtainable every
where. adv.
Consolidation Of Rural
The rapid progress being made
in the consolidation of rut al schools
in Louisiana is shown in a very
graphic manner by the following
figurec f,'rnislhed by S:ate Superin
tendent of Public Education. T.
H. Harris: Since July 1. 1914,
when the first funds for the con
solidat ion of schools became availa
ble, 240 rural schools have been
abandoned and the pupils are now
attending 81 consolidated schools,
in modern and up-to-date buildings
These 81 school buildings contain
288 class rooms and the attendance
is 12,000.
When Baby Has the Croup.
When a mother Is awakened from
sound sleep to find her child who has
gone to bed apparently in the best of
health struggling for breath, she is na
turally alarmed. Yet if she can keep
her presence of mind and give Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy every ten minutes
until vomiting is produced, quick relief
will follow and the child will drop to
sleep to awaken in the morning as well
as ever. This remedy has been in use
for many years with uniform asuccess.
Obtainable everywhere. adv.
T1o th,: BIonn.ora;llc. `. flliaml Pier
pouat Luvar!.s, j".e' presiding.
or the 17th Judicial District Court
n and for the Parish of Ver;ilic:
State of Lounisiana.
We, the Grand Jury, duly em
paneled, sworn and charged, to in
luire within :and for the 1Iy,: of
the Parish of Vermiiion, bez leave
respectfully to report, as f'llo,:
Our -session has been unusu:ally
long, being the result of a he;:vv
locket of Criminal Matters coming
'efore us in a regular manuner,
others of which have !-ecn inquirtd
nto of rur own it :itiative. We
have diligently inquired into and
a-ave our painstaken consideration
to some One Hundred Fifty cases
-r more, and feel in our labors
,erformed a contientious e::ecution
of oar duties, to the lXst of our
knowledge and ahility.
We have examined into the con
lition of the Parish Jail and find
that the same is in a sanitary con
-ition and that the Prisoners are
well fed, but desire to impress
upon the proper governing antho
ritv the absolute importance of
making the Jail safe from escape
by prisoners; we also recommend!
that in view of the approaching
winter months, that the broken
window panes in the Jail be re
In keeping with the previous
recommcndations of past Grand
Juries, we also urge that proper
regulations be enacted, looking
toward the peaceable maintenance
of-the Pnblle.Dapce Hall, as the
Public Ball rootzh imposes upon
;rand Juries, a major part of their
HWt find that in great many ins
Lances minors become embroiled
indifficulties at Dance Hal!s and
elsewhere, have do,:e so as a re
sult of being intoxicated, but we
have been unable by rigid investi
gation to ascertain from whom
these minors obtained intoxicants,
and we urge upon the law autho
rities a continuation of these in
quiries, in order that this class of
offenders who deliberately sell or
give intoxicants to minors may be
apprehended and dealt with accord
ing to law.
We have also examined into the
condition of the Public Highways
and find that same are in fairly
good condition, and we wish to
applaud those in authority for the
excellent good work done in the
immediate past, and earnestly urge
upon tie citizen of the, Parish a
good road sentiment, that will
give as better roads than we now
We wish to extend our thanks
You are cordially invited to come and see for
yourselves the beautiful styles in
Ladies' and Misses' Hats
We are better prepared than ever to take care of
your orders, as we have an expert designer.
The Stauffer-Godchaux Co.
3' "'r .ý:f," t y . . . v
For Cleaning Seed Rice Before Planting
Come in and investigate these Mills. It will pay
you to do so.
State Street Abbeville, La.
to the Court House Officials for
Ithe kindnesses extended here dur
ing our session, and for the con
sideration shown, and especially
thanks to our District Attorney,
Mr. John Nugier. to be always at
hand to advise us and to enlighten
our labors.
Having completed our labors
and being ready for a final report,
we beg to be adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,
(signed) J. G. Broussard,
Foreman of the Grand Jury
How An Engineer Keeps Well.
Railroad engineers are more exposed
to catching cold than workers. E. G.
Dunaphant of Monette, Mo., has run a
Frico engine 25 years and all the medi
cine he has taken is Foley's Honey and
Tar. He writes: "I always keep it in
my house and recommend it to all who
have a bad cough or cold." City Phar
macy. adv.
Pure-Bred Fowls Versus
Pure breeds offer the following
advantages over mongrels: (a)
There is reliability in their breed
ing, for having been purely bred
for many generations they will
produce their kind with unfailing
certainty. (b) Every fair test
that has ever been conducted has
shown that pure-bred chickens will
give a greater egg production than
the mongrels. (c) In a like man
ner it has been shown that the
pure-bred chicken will give an im
proved quality of meat (d) There
is a greater uniformity in the size,
shape and color of eggs and meat
produced by the pure breed. (e)
The first cost of pure-breds is but
slightly more than mongrels. (f)
The cost of keeping pure-breds is
no greater. (g) There is a more
attractive appearance to a flock of
pure-bred birds. (h) There is
more efficiency from the feed con
sumed when the flock is uniform.
(i) There is a good demand for
pure-bred birds for breeding pur
poses. (j) This demand means a
greater selling value, or, in other
words, a greater income from a
given number of birds,---A. F. Rolf
Louisiana Live Stock Extensiom
Preacher Was Laid Up
Rev. C. M. Knighton. Havanna, Pla.
writes: "For three months I suffered
intense pain in the kidneys and back
which at times laid me up entirely. I
used 1 1-2 bottles of Foley Kidney Pills
ard all the the pain disappeared. I feel
as if 20 years had added to my life."
Relieves rheumatism, backache. sore
muscles, stiff joints. City Pharmacy. adv
LESPEDEZA HAY for feeding eows is
the winter. The very choice hay.
See Hugh Summers.

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