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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, October 23, 1915, Image 1

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and VERMILION NEWS, C'aisolidated Oct. 4, 1915
V6L 7. Devoted to the Interests of Abbevilc and Surrounding Communiy. N 37.
Phone 248. AIr vil.\1'Trmiii , Parii , .l, .Itlirdw , ()ctor, : 2, 11.. $1.00 a Yer.
Our Wonderful Hats
at $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00 arrived
New Vork fashion with all the ginger that helps put the
finishing touch to well dressed men. and conservative
enough to be worn anywhere in all styles and colors. Black
Gray, Green. Mouse, Royal Brown, and our special Tu
Tone Hat, at $2.50.
1We have a lInt to fit mIost anyone.
youlng or old.
New Fire Alarm System.
The town council recently placed
an order for a new fire alarm sys
tem, which they hope to have in
operation some time next month.
The system consists of a large steel
alloy bell, weighing 2,000 pounds,
and being 48 inches in diameter,
to be placed in the tower of the
court house, and to be struck by
an electric striker, also placed in
the court house tower.
The striker will be operated
from the Water & Light Plant and
will strike the bell any given num
ber to designate the district in
which the fire is.
A large clock has been bought
which will be installed at the plant
which will automatically strike
I~rsre bell twice a day, at six a.
m. and six p. m. This to test out
the system twice a day.
The clock will be regulated
day with Western Union
utime, and the striking of the bell
at six o'clock will give the town
accurate time twice a day.
Alarms will have to be telephon
ed to the plant as usual. T'he
town will be re-districted, and the
new districts will be published for
the information of the public. It
is proposed to create smaller and
Barler Ideal Oil Heaters
Famous for Their Quality
Smokeless Burners Brass Founts
Double-Top Wick-Tubes
Ideal Wick-Stops Nickel-Plated Castings
Abbeville, La.
·mamm em mum 'a.---elm l
Rough Rice Storage"
I have ample room for storing rice for the farmers
at very reasonable rates, and is an independent ware
house. Would be glad to have q call and make a
Full line of Oats, Corn, Mixed Feed for hprses
and mules, Mixed Feed and wheat bran for dairy
S cows, and Alfalfa Hay.
Baudoin Warehouse
Phone 23 Jefferson St.
more numerous districts.
An effort is being made to put
in a motor hose wagon at the plant
with a man continually on duty to
answer any and all fire alarms
sent in. This would Insure having
the necessary hose at fire, very
Are yiiu hillioi., dlizzy aldl
listless? Dr Kiin's New Life
l'i!ls taken at once seizos upon
cin'tipation and starts thit how
els mnoving naturally : nd easily
ilortver it, acts without gri;ling
Ne,.lect of a c'oggpd system often
lads to mtst serious comnplica
tn,,s, Poieonnus matters and a
diwly porlv ftnctioning ,nerld in,
mediate attelion If y, ou Wish
to wake' up tomorr,:w mnrnion
happy in mind and entirely sat
ltioed, start, your treatment. to
night. 25' a hottle adv
Give your patronage where it is ap
preciated. G. M. Eldredge. "The Drir
gist." Phone 35.
Sworn Statement.
Abbeville, La., Oct. 6, 1915.
In accordance with the Postal Rega
lations, I made affidavit on the above
date, before A. O. Landry, a notary
public in and for the Parish of Vermilion
La., that I am the sole owner, editor,
publisher, manager, etc., of the Abbe
vile Progress. and that no one else has
interest directly or indirectly, etc.
(Signed) J. W. O'BRYAN.
The Bu- z'ird as a Dissemina
tor of Anthrax.
Experiments con(ducttd vl larry
Morris. Bacteriologist and Assistant
Veterinarian of the Experiment
Stations, L. S. U., indicate that
the buzzard is capable of carrying
infection for miles after feeding
upon anal anthrax carcass and of
starting f'elh centers of anthrax
infection in pastures where it lhad
never l're\ iowlIv exi-tcd. Thi
may be one of the nltalns of ac
counting for anthrax hteaking out
on new :ar;:s witlhout any viaihile
way of iniiection. The btl.:zard
mtay carry thie 1bacteria to the pIs
ture, th re twahling or rubli ng
them from his !liak or feet or vomit
ing thetm ftout his cropI. Iay cttt
from such a field would he very
dangerous feed and no d(outtt, this
one source of infection may ac
count for nianv of the sporadic
cases of :anilt.Itr. which occur in
the wil c.,r cta.on when tile aninials
are :ceitr:: it el dry feed.
How To nc ELfficient.
Nothing sap:, tlhe vitality like kidney
trouble. It causes t:ackacihe, stiff joints
sore mtuscle,. ".lwass tired" feeling
rheumatihntt and otiher ills. To he effi
cient. von mu.st be healthyl . F:oe Kid
Sney Pills strtngthet, the kidnleva. help
them do their work of filtering out from
the waste lmatt!r that causes the trouble
City Pharmacy. adv.
Phone 35 and get your toilet articles
right now. G. M. Eldredge, "The
"Are you a Mason?"
John Barrymore could not be more
ideally cast than in the stellar role of
the film production of the sensationally
successful farce, "Are you a Mason?"'
prowluced by the Famous Players and
the current Paramount release at ~4 I
Victor Theatre, Meaday Odct. '.
Twos.cape-grace,, father-in-law and
sott-ln-ra*, have both hit upon the de
vice of pretending to be Free Masons so
as to be able to plead lodge meetings as
an excuse for spending their evenings
away from home. There is genuine
fun in the fund; mental relationship of
these two mock Masons, each of whom
fears detection by the other, and the
domestic and comic complications by
their indiscritninate and inartistic lyingl
provide a fund of humor rarely evidenc
ed in stage or screen comedies.
John Barrymore, as the younger bogus
Moson, makes the most of the mauy
hunmorous incidents in his own wonder
ful style of comic portrayal, and with a 1
full appreciation of the farcical possibi
lities of the plot. Others in the splen
did cast include Ida Waterman. Charles 4
Dickson and Helen Freeman.
The construction of the film version
of this celebrated stage success admits i
of a number of comic interpolations of
episode and character impossible in the
presentation of the original play because
of the limitations of the oral drama.
These additional scenes and Personages
enhance the comic value of the offering
and provide Mr. Barrvmore with more
material for the side-splitting depiction
of the young Mason than was contained I
in the original farce.
This hilarity-compelling feature will (
be at the Victor Theatre (ct .5 together
with a Paramount Travel picture.
feli ay the Cotton St.!ks.
A ry erly (()ct. 10 to 25)
kllin { frost lrian'. few boll wee
t z xt spring. Thus N.rture
prove4 on a grand scale the teach.
ings .,f the entnolmogists obtained
front experimntts. The faIcts fromn
these exleriunt nits Ihow that o(n,
of' tie most effecti',e uaeauns orf Iboll
wee"'il control is the early destruc
tion of the green cotton .talkl..
This early destruictim of the :row
ing stalks accompnllishes three things
(1) D)cstructin ,f all uitmature
weevils in ioll :anad squares.
(2) Destrtrctiou of all food suJip
plies for adnult wvecv il, cl pcilling
all these weevil to do without food
until cold weather forces thcu int:o
hibernation. Th;is lakes the a,!dult
weevil go into winter ua:rters weak
from starvation and in bad aondi
tion to stand the winter.
(3) Destruction of all breeding
Thus early stalk destruction diu
plicates in large measure the effects'
of freezing temperatures.
A conservative increase in cotton
.creage over most of Louisiana is
advisable under present conditions
To make the cottotq planted a pro
fitable crop, the best cultural me
thods must be adopted and all
means of controling weevil damage
must be used faithfully and per.
sistently. Early destruction of
the green and growing stalks is
the first step.
Where the farmers have the
necessary tools, the best way to
hatdle the stalks is to chop them
up Gnely with a stalk cutter or disc
harties. Then plow under as deep
as poqslle, thtroughly covering
all f fsbo.t ed up .stalks If
pos-ibJe, plant some winter cover
crop on the land, some of the
clovers being the best. This land
will then be in splendid condition
for next year's corn crop.
The next best way is to cut the
stalks, pile and burn them as soon
as leaves, stems and squares will
make a quick blaze. Don't wait:
until all the stalk is dry or the wee- r
vil will all hatch and most of the
labor will be in vain.
The effort of each individual
farmer in destroying his stalks
will be productive of some good. l
Community cooperative effort is c
what is required to meet this situa- L
tion in the best possible way. If t
every community in the cotton a
section of the State would agree I
to destroy all cotton stalks by Nov v
1st at the latest and then faithful- t
ly carry out the agreement it would 0
be worth thousands of dollars to
the cotton farmers themselves in
1916. c
This is an "earlv" cotton crop s
`-~-meec n mora..v.w -
You are cordially invited to come and see for
yourselves the beautiful styles in
Ladies' and Misses' Hats
We are better prepared than ever to take care of
your orders, as we have an expert designer.
The Stauffer-Godchaux Co.
For Cleaning Seed Rice Before Planting
Come in and investigate these .Tills. It will pay
you to do so.
State Street Abbeville, La.
and will soon be picked and hous-.
ed. This is a splendid chance to
cripple the boll weevil for the next
year by cutting off all food and
breeding places. "In union tl'ere
is strength." Let every commu.
nity get together and do this job.
Why? Because it will pay.---Mason
Snowden, State Agent, Farm De
nonstration Work.
Recommends Chamberlain's Cough
'Last winter I used a bottle of Cham
berlain's Congh Remedy for a bad
bronchial cough. I felt its beneficial
effect immediately and before I had
inished the bottle I was cured. I never
tire of recommending this remedy to
mv friends," writes Mrs. William Bright
Vt, Wayne, Ind. Obtainable every
where. adv.
Sentiment is growing in Louis.
ana, and in other state, that tea
:hers in the public schools should
,ave some knowledge of agricul
ure whether they are to be called
upon to teach that subject or not.
Agricultural practice is so closely
woven into the everyday lives of
he great majority of the people
)f the State that an intelligent in
crest in that subject on the part
)f the teacher, whose influence
:ouuts for so much in the develop
iient of the youthful minds is con
idered essential.
Abbeville Paper Troubles.
The esteemed Franklin Watch
man, in informing its readers of
our taking over the Vermilion
News, tells it in this way:
"The Abbeville Progress has
placed its affectionate arms around
the Vermilion News by purchase
from Mr. Scanland, the former
proprietor. This leaves Abbeville
with two, Instead of three news
papers, and If they were merged
into one, there may be a little
money made in the business. But
this last sentence is not our affair.
Success to Editor O'Bryan with
his possession."
---` I- i
Careful people see that they
ARE ntopp-d. Dr King's New
Discovery is a remedy of tried
merit. It has held its own on
the market for 46 years. Youth
and old age testify to its soothing
and healing qualities. Pneumo
nia aRnd lung troul,les are often
aused by delay of treatment.
Dr Kina's New i)iscovery stops
t hose hacking coughs and relieves
la grippe tendencies. Money
back if it fails 50c and $S.
Abbeville Camp, No. 7, W. O. W. and
the public are cordially invited to attend
the unveiling of the monument erected
at the grave of Mrs. Marie E. Broussard
Sundav. Oct. 24, at 3:30 p. m., to meet
a the Woodman Circle Hall and march
to the cemetery. 36-2t

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