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Says Too Much Meat Forms Uric Acid
Which Clogs the Kidneys and
Irritates the Bladder.
Most folks forget that the kidneys.
like the bowels, got sluggish and clog
ged and need a flushing occasionally,
else we have backache and dull misery
in the kidney region, severe head
aches, rheumatic twinges. torpid liver,
acid stomach, sleeplessness and all
sorts of bladder disorders.
You simply must keep your kidneys
active and clean, and the moment you
feel an ache or pain in the kidney
region, get about four ounces of Jad
Salts from any good drug store here,
take a tablespoons il in a glass of
water before breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys n ill then act fine.
This famous salts is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon Juice, com
bined with lithia, and is harmless to
flush clogged kidneys and stimulate
them to normal activity. It also neu
tralizes the acids in the urine so it
no longer irritates, thus ending blad
der disorders.
Jad Salts is harmless; inexpensive;
makes a delightful effervescent lithta
water drink which everybody should
take now and then to keep their kid
neys clean, thus avoiding serious com
A well-known local druggist says he
sells lots of Jad Salts tc folks who be
lieve in overcoming kidney trouble
while it is only trouble.-Adv.
His Point of View.
"Ito y ,-:: thing human belingsi ought
to be cbhlor,:wrmn l1 when they reach
the age of sixty ai ked the student of
deep problems.
"Certainly not," answered the misan
thropic person. "Ity the time people
are sixty years old they have done
about all the devilment they can do
and a few years more or less don't
make any difference."
Tlme it! Pape's Diapepsin ends
all Stomach misery in five
Df some foods you eat hit back
taste good, but work badly; ferment
into stubborn lumps and cause a sick,
sour, gassy stomach? Now, Mr. or
irs. Dyspeptic, jot this down: Pape's
Diapepeia digests everything, leaving
nothing to sour and upset you. There
evaer was anything so sately quick, so
S ertainly effective. No difference how
ot- .uiy your stomach is disordered you
will get happy relief in ive minutes,
but what pleases you most is that It
strengthens and regulates your stem
ach so you can eat your favorite foods
without fear.
You feel different as soon as "Pape's
Dilpepsin" comes in contact with the
tmach-dstrees just vanishes-your
stomach gets sweet, no gases, no belch
nag, no eructations of undigested food.
Go now, make the best investment
you ever made, by getting a large fifty
cent case of Pape's Diapepsin from any
store. You realise in five minutes how
Seedless it is to suffer from indiges
Loa, dyspepsia or bad stomach. Adv.
Bad Debt.
"The world owes me a living."
"Maybe it does, my boy, but you'll
have to bustle like blazes to collect
She Made Up a Mixture of Sagoe Tea
and Sulphur to Bring bak Color,
Gloe, Thlokknes.
UAlmost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
e, brings back the natural color and
lustre to the hair when faded, streaked
or gray; also ends dandrufft, itchlng
sealp and stops fahling hair. Years
ago the only way to get this amixture
was to make it at home, which s
muassy sad troublesome. Nowadays,
by asktag at any store for "Wyeth's
Sea and Sulphur Hair Remedy," you
will et a large bottle of the hass
oe raepe sr about ents.
DoaT stay pry Try itl Noone
ea pssly toen that you darkened
yor hair, i does It as nturally
anr evenr. You dampe a sponge or
eot traush with It and draw this
trough your bhar, taktns oe sman
strad at a time by morand the dray
bar Omnppears, end after eother ap
pleties ae tw, your bher become
bea~utrally da tk and sleos.
The mbn who goes out between the
asets may come in with a smile-but
y cnan't always se It.
ea be found in caes of Colds. Couguhs,
larippe and Headaches by uslns
lasative Qddinide Tablets. Does not
hest the head or stomach. BuNa pyr
wlnter's supply now. Price 1S.-Adv.
Creeds sem to have been prepared
to saut the natural tnciati~ons of
theose who embrace them.
Pes Iared i 6 h 14 Ds
A aelfmad m-n inver semes..
Results Given Herewith of Interesting
Tests Made at the Ohio Ex
periment Station.
In tests at the Ohio station two
lots of 12 1Ielaine ewes each, with
their October or November lambs
from a Southdown ram. as nearly
alike as possihle with regard to age.
weight, conformation and breeding.
were fed for f,2 days. beginning De
cember 1. as follows: Lot 1. corn and
oil meal 4:1. alfalfa and silage: lot 2,
corn. oats, bran and oil meal 5:2:2:1.
alfalfa and silage. The nutritive ratio
of the two rations was approximately
the same. The hay and silage were
fed ad libitum and approximately the
same amount of grain was fed. it be
Southdown Ram.
lag all that they would consume. The
lambs were fed alike, receiving corn
and alfalfa. The ewes of lot 1 made
an average daily gain per head of
0.095 pounds; those of lot 2, 0.129
pounds; the lambs of lot 1, 0.441
pounds, and lot 2, 0.411 pounds. The
cost of feed per pound of gain made
by the lambs was 7.1 and 7.5 cents
respectively. No appreciable differ
ences in degree of finish from the two
rations were noted. Both lots pro
duced prime hothouse lambs.
Two lots of 11 ewes each, with their
lambs, were fed for 95 days, begin
ning December 24. the same ration as
in the above experiment, except that
during the last five weeks clover hay
was substituted for the alfalfa. As
these lambs were not intended for hot
house lambs they were not forced so
rapidly as those in the first expert
ment. The average daily gain per
head of the ewes of lot 1 was 0.013,
of lot 2, 0.031 pounds; for the lambs
of lot 1, 0.377 pounds of lot 2, 0.333
pounds. The cost of feed per pound
of gain made by the lambs was for
lot 1, 8.7 cents, and for lot 2, 10.1
Fleece of Good Quality Cannot Be 8
oured From Half-tarved Animal
--OGive Succulent Food.
If the sheep are neglected and al
lowed to run down in flesh when the
winter sets in the fleece will be in
jured in both welight and quality.
A fleece of good quality canmnot be
grown on a poor half-starved sheep.
If the ewes are allowed to get poor
during the winter the chances are that
the lambs will be weak and will per
ish for lack of nourishment and from
cold, while the lambs from a well
cared for ewe will be much abler to
stand the cold if they should happen
to be dropped when the weather is
The dams will have more milk for
their youn, too if they are well cred
Sheep need some sunculent food dur
lagr the winter. They should have
some rough feed such uas corn stover
or clover hay, and, above all, they
should have a rsation rich in both pro
tel and mineral matter.
Pasture Orasses and Fernge Creps
Make Healthy, Vigereus Hegs
Seme Oral Is NesesMary.
Mazy now realise the fact that the
growina of pasture grases and forage
eropse that make healty., visomus
hogs of good quality is the basic factor
in sccessful park production. They
are rnains hogs t a bis profit.
Of comse thoe who are suceessfl
rals the fact that a ertaln amount
of grand fed is needed to grow hogs
with a greater proSt, but they use this
grali only asu a supplement to the
feds harveted by the hogs i the
p-tre sad silds.
Ceost MF Motte.
A pein of mten ear be psehnee
at loss st t.t other bin of
Excellent Beef Type.
Excellent I
With corn, oats, kaflr, milo, feterita
and saccharine sorghum hay and ats
lage in the country. cattle feeding
I >"
Capital Mortgage Lifter.
should appeal to farmers and ranch
men with plenty of feed. Those who
have a surplus of feed will find it far
more profitable under anything like
SFarmers Must Make Decided Change
r in Breeding Methods in Order
to Secure Success.
i (By B. L JORDAN. Louisian Expert
ment Station.)
It has taken more than 100 years to
bring up our improved breeds of swine
from their original wild condition.
Thousands of men have spent theut
lives in an effort to produce something
better than ever before in order that
future generations might get the ben
They have done a great work and
too much praise cannot be given them,
but we now have breeds enough to
fill all requirements, and it is sheer
folly to mix up the breeds we now
have with the hope of getting some
thing "different." That they are usu
ally "different" no one will deny, but
it is probably not too much to say that
every time breeds are crossed a back
ward step of fully 25 years is taken.
Why our Louisiana stock raisers per
Salst in this practice, which has not a
single point in its favor, with so many
arguments against it. we have never
i been able to understand. Not only in
hogs, but in all other classes of farm
animals. the crossing of breeds has
been practiced until our live stock is
a reproach to the intelligence of our
Nothing advertises a country like
the live stock it produces, and it is not
necessary to dwell upon the kind of
Clover Hay for Sheep.
Fine clover hay is worth more for
sheep feeding than timothy. It is im
possible to winter sheep and have
them In good condition on timothy bay
I alone. As a last resort it is more
profitable to sell timothy. and purchase
clover to winter sheep.
Cultivate Strawberry Patch.
It is a good plan to give a new
strawberry patch an occasional culti
vation during fall and winter when
the ground is dry enough to be
worked. It will keep the soil in per
fect condition and the pla.t growing
Definition of Silag.
Silage is the result of preserving
succulent crops almost in their natu
ral state by the exclusion of air.
Neglect Costly.
8heep cannot be neglected and them
abow a protL
Winter Poultry Feed.
Cabbages make good winter feed
for pooltr
Wllling to Help Him.
Bookkeeper (begannlta his plea for
a raise)-'ve grown gray tan yar
service. Mr. Stone and-" Newspaper
Owner (interruptin)-"lf you'll fog
ward a self-addressed stamped envel
ope to our beauty colduma coductor,
she'll send you an excellent sad pem
fectly harmlae remedyu"-Puck.
instats on Too Much.
The trouble with the man who
alows his wm horn is that he so
otem insist oem being the whole aor
favorab l, conditilon. for feoedlng, tO
feed tht;se . rop. on the farm than sell
the 'rllius t'ed S.tlliig feed is very
unsat;t-:actory if it can be avoided. It
is e asteful of fertility and permits
loss ii transportation and dealers'
proti t s.
F,". ha: cattle saves the fertility,
provledl the manu!;re and beddling are
savd a',I applied to the sail. Even
when oine at no more than the value
of the feeds from the 'attle there is
a profit l'ft in the I;an:ure if judi
Siousic' .,.
It I w l r,. (- sYmne sholttr for the
rattl t;uit tli 1- hI t .ib exIcens(ive.
The ;ir ;::als -.bruti lIh' ::ile comfort
able ,Iii t,.,! 0 :t hala.t-.cr ration if they
are 'Xlpc'te.l to make satisfactory
For protein cottonseed meal will
be a cheap and reliable source. Silage
with grain hay and cottonseed meal
will be an excellent combination.
Where fall grazing crops are plant
ed the expense of fattening may be re
duced considerably. Oats, wheat, rye.
barley or emmer may be sown for
grazing early next spring or this win
ter in escpeclally favorable weather.
As a rule spring is a good time to
market beet cattle. But one can never
tell about the markets. The feeder
must take his chances on selling. The
chief concern should be to make gains
as cheaply as possible and to sell at
as great advantage as possible.
advertising we are getting in this di
We must make a decided change tin
our methods of breeding and feeding
if we hope to make any real progmess
North Carolina District Decides to
Spend $528,000 for improvement
of Its Highways.
It has been many.. many years since
a spread-eagle speech by a North Care.
lina congressman, whose dwelling
place was in Buncombe county, gave
a new word to our language. While
millions of people have used the word
"buncombe," it is doubtful if one pe
cent knew how the word originated,
but now the county which gave this
word to the language has again come
into the limelight
The county is not rich, but its peo
ple decided some time ago that it re
quired better roads, and so at a spe
cial election they decided to spend
$523,000 for improved highways and
Issued and sold bonds for that amount.
The North Carolina county is being
held up at all good roads gatherings
as an example of what other counties
should do in the highways movement,
and this time its messare to the na
tion is not "buncombe."
Clean the Henhouse.
Don't forget that you must clean
house if you are to have success with
the hens this winter.
Administer insect Powder.
Insect powder should be adminit
tered in two applications. The second
application should be about ten days
after the first so as to catch the
brood of lice that were in the egg
stage at the time the first powder was
Don' Mix Breeds.
A pure breed Is good, but that is no
proof that a dozen pure breeds, all
mixed together, will be better. Don't
mix the breeds.
Broom to Clean Feed Trough.
The stiff old broom is an excellent
thing to clean out the feed trough,
and this should be done after every
Houslnlg and Eggs.
Phenomenal layers are not so much
a matter of breed as a matter of cars
til raising, feeding and housintg.
Straight eRows Are Bet.
Straight garden or orchard rows
give a better appearanes and are ese
ler to cultUvate.
Complete informatieon.
Book Agesont-"Here's a volume
crammed with setal aformatkn,
Chapter one, for instance, tells you
how to manage servants" Housewife
-"Don't want it. One can't get any
help in this town to manags." Agent
--"Then here's another chapter in the
book on self-help."-Boston Trm
Need of New Thought.l
We lse vigorl throeh thakinlg co
tlnually the same set of thuoghts. ow
thoughlt is new lft--Seletei.
To Get Proper Shade That Is Re
quired by Standard One Must
Breed From Darkest Reds.
In mating Rhode Island It. ds you
must. to get the proper shade that is
required by the standard, hreed from
your darkest r,.d towls Breeding in
any other way glv s you a large num
1m ber of birds dl. l.ei dly too light in
color and hadly off InI shape.
The Rhode Island It d th,;igh an
SAmerican bird, is a 1,ry old family.
It is descenddl from ai: !dttime red
SRhode Island Red Pullet Bred by
Fred Kuntz, Forest Glen, III.
fowl, sometimes simply called the
SRed breed and sometimes the Ever
Slasting Layer. Even long ago it car
rtied the pecullar long body it carries
For nearly sixty years now this
. breed has been crossed and out
crossed to give It strength, retain its
o laying quality and color, the last
R something not permanent to the stand
Said set for it without taking great
to eey.
Prices Are Not on Decreasee ns ome
Poultry Keepers Expected
Protein is a Necessity.
- The high price of good poultry
ag foods is not on the decrease as some
* poultry keepers thought it would be.
I* It continues so high that even on the
rd farm the owner has begun to coust
a its cost In the outlay to his chickes.
d. To do this on the farm is a loss if
s the food is withheld, for poultry prod
* acts on the farm outrank in price the
high rate of food.
S The protein feeds are highest in
· price unless it be some of the meals
a such as cottonseed, so plentiful in the
d South. but this is so dangerous it fed
d in quantities that often fowls are sac
at rifced to this cheapness. or at least it
a is the experience of many given that
1s to make cottonseed meal even so much
e as one-tenth the bulk of the poultry
ft, feed is dangerous.
S However, the New Jersey experi
ment station is making a test of this
and we will soon get real facts in the
matter. Clover and alfalfa are cheap
an protein foods. but even with these
th we can overdo their feeding.
i Variety Is a Important as Liberal
d Quantity in Feeding to Increase
the Egg Yield.
From now on, the price of eggs will
Srule high until the spring months,
and it is desirable to push the pullets
Liberal feeding, beginning with
e either a good dry or moist mash in
g the morning, plenty green stuff, and
,g meat scraps with some cut bone, and
in evening good dry grain, should
hurry the egg production.
Variety is as important as liberal
at quantity in feed.
Good Returne May Be Secured From
Birds if Given Warm Quarters,
Good Feed and Range.
Late-hatched chickens if kept in
warm quarters, and fed properly, with
sumcient range and some green food,
may be turned off for broilers after
Sthe holiday season is over and bring
a sum that Is worth whilae
A late turkey is unlike a chicken, in
asmuch as a small chicken is the acme
Sof qugoality, while a small turkey is not
a. apt to be, but the turkey can be kept
u until it is large and plump and bring
* its price.
It Crowding Causes Trouble.
* If the hen houses are going to be
Scrowded, reduce the flock to the point
where tt will have plenty of room, for
crowded gquarters are likely to cause
troble, including disessa eand stock
SI crowdsd quarters never proves as
Everyone Should
Drink Hot Water
in the Mornm r,
Wash away all the st .
er, and bcw*e! p, -.
fore breakfast.
To feel your hbt ida, :: .y !
out, to feel c,"an Ins :!
So coat your tongue :rd! :. y- i,r
breath or duii your h..i un. ·t i.L
tion, bilious attacks. si; :i ,a f o,
colds, rheumatisn or gassy., d st.-.n
ach. you must bathe on thu inI~d" like
you bathe outside. This is vastly
more important, because' the skin
pores do not absorb impurities into
the blood, while the bowel pores do,
says a well-known physician
To keep these poisons and toxins
well flushed from the stomnach, liver,
kidneys and bowels. drink before
breakfast each day, a glass of not wl.
ter with a teaspoonful of limestone
phosphate in It. This will oleanse,
purify and freshen the entire allmean
tary tract, before putting more food
into the stomach.
Get a quarter pound of limestone
phosphate from your druggist or at
the store. It is inexpensive and al
most tasteless, exoept a sourish
tinge which is not unpleasant. Drink
phosphated hot water every morning
to rid your system of these vile po!*
sons and toxins; also to prevent their
To feel like young folks feel; like
you felt before your blood. nerves and
muscles became saturated with an ac
oumulation of body poisons, begin this
treatment and above all, keep it up!
As soap and hot water act on the skin,
cleansing. sweetening and purifying,
so limestone phosphat i and hot water
before breakfast, act on the stomach,
liver, kidneys and bowels.-Adv.
Just for the Trip.
"Our friend Twoddle is a potential
peace crusader."
"What do you mean by that?"
"If we were invited to go along with
all expenses paid, he'd accept the invi
tation regardless of whether peace
were to sight or not."
It is ewu to force nauseating
harsh physio into a
sick dshl
Leek back at youar childhood days.
Remember the "dose" mother insisted
o-ecastor oil. calome, catharties
Now you hated them, how you fought
against taking them.
With our chfldes t's dtSerent.
Mothers who eling to the old form of
physic simply dona't realise what they
do. The children's revolt is well-found
ed. Their tender little "insides" are
injured by them.
If your child's stomach, liver and
bowels need cleansing, give only dell
eloas "California Syrup of Figs." Its
action is positive, but gentle. Millions
of mothers keep this harmless "fruit
laxative" handy; they know children
love to take it; that it never fails to
clean the liver and bowels and sweet
en the stomach, and that a teaspoonful
given today saves a sick child tomor
Ask at the store for a 60-cent bottle
,o "California Syrup of Figs," which
has full directions for babies, children
of all ages and for grown-ups plainly
on each bottle. Adv.
Playing Safe.
"Origgs is throwing his money away
right and left since he made that kill
til in war stocks."
"I don't blame him. That's the best
way to make sure that Wall street
won't get it all back again."
Frequent Shampoose With Cutioura
Soap Will Help You. Trial Free.
Precede shampoo by touches of Cu
ttaa OIntment if needed to spots
of dandruff, itehins and Irritation of
the scalp. Nothing better for the com
plexion, hair, hands or askin than
these super-creamy emollieats. Alola
as preparations for the tolet.
Pre sample each by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, Dept. L,
Bosto. Sold everwher--Adv.
A pesmist ays that the sures
way to avoid trouble, escape hard
ehps and dodge calamities to die
Whee er Yeo Need a Geerd TOem
Take Grve's
The Old Sandard Groves Tastelem
chill Te ic is equally valamble a a Gee
sal Tonic bscaase b seataias the well
own taic properti of QOUININE ad
IRON. It sct on the iver, Drive oes
Malaria, Eariches the Blood sad Bmesids
up the Whole Syssm. SO cnte.
We waould all be Igenerous all the
time If someone else would furnih
the wherewithal.
Dr. Pisress Psllts are best for liver,
bowels and stomeah. One little Pellet foe
a iaativ--three for a cathartio.-Adv.
Cupid can seea a silver lining of a
dat cloud.
Ther are 1.400.000 cattle in Coy

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