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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, January 08, 1916, Image 7

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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Premium Covered By Accumulation in
interest Tax Fund Over and Above
the Interest Due on February
1, on Entire Debt
Itaton Rouge.
State 'Tareasurer Il,dciox S. Smith
forwarded -opy for ad vertlisrtoints Iii
New ()rleans. ('hlcalo ;iand( New York
newspapers notifying lthe holdirs of
40,0001) of louillana stl;iei hrids., nulr
I,*rd frm 1019n l. to lo,129'. ; nil due
.\lU ust I. 1964. thalt the state is riady
to pay I the Plriolil r . iLano that uni
diler the oerrs of tlh con tract 'x
pres-rsed on thei face of the bon iqlds Rand
in article 3L4 of the constitution,. the
interost will reias.i on tihat ilate, Feb
riary i. 'I'his advierIt s ell til of rie
tlrement of $40.o000 of hIndsis In of
feet their coiverii iii tile tfogal notice
int'o short ternl papeliir ilit E'llruary 1.
The stato pay" a pri,'iuani -if four
dollars per hundreld dlIllairs r the
houds \iwhen thon' ilrid TheiIi savingi
of inteiresi. which Is $..l.h0l per year.
totals $811.400 as the lhi nds anbout to Ie
called In and paid have forty-eight
years to run
The $40.0oo and the premium of $4
are covered by the Iaccttllltrlationl In
the interest tax find over and above
the interest duo February 1 on the en
tire debt.
The state paid $53.000 of bonds that
fell due last August. That payment
and the bonds about to be called in
total $!9i.000il reduction of the prinel
pal of the debt. The entire debt will
he paid In thirty years. This Is due
to the fact that the income for the
interest tax fund was bases es the
assessment of 1913.
With the closing down of the LLck
port Central and the Lower Lafourche
sugar factorees, the sugar season of
1116, one of the shortest for many
years in this section, was brought to
a close. The Lower Lafourche ran a
little over a month and handled about
30,000 tons of cane, making a part of
it Into syrup and a part Into sugar.
some of a beautiful white granulated
variety, very choice for family lae,
and some raws for the larger refin
eries. The grinding season at the
Lockport Central lasted forty-six days,
and it handled about 40.000 tons ;t
sugar cane, making In the neighbor
hood of 5,000,000 pounds of sugar,
raw and plantation granulated.
The skeleton of a human being
was found at Point Plitre. It was ap
parently that of a male, the teeth
missing. It was covered with a growth
of sea grass, indicating that the un
fortunate lost his life some time ago.
A report was circulated that the skele.
ton might be that of Alphonse ('ou
ture. Sr., who, with his little home,
was swept away in the September
Rev. Father 0. Ielteau. pastor of
St. Ikomlnlc' ('atholli ('hurch in ('am
bronne street. New Orleans. die-, af
ter an illness of several months, which
many of his friends did not think
would prove fatal. Tihe news of his.
death camne as a great shock to tlhe
people of ('arrollton where the saint
ed priest was generally btwloied.
Ellis Plowman, a netro who shot
and killed two negroes at Hogalusa.
was arrested eight miles north of
Franklilnton by a posse f:. aded by
Sheriff Simmons. Sheriff Simnlons lo
cated the negro, and in attempting to
make the arrest wuas fired upon by the
negro. The sheriff returned the fire.
but no shot took effect.
New Orleans continues to be the
best advertlied city in America, due
to the stridesr taken by her people in
improvinlg the city and port. Clippings
gathered each week by the New Or
leans Associatien of Commerce reflect
the sentiment of the leadinug newspa
mper and magazines of the United
Three badits in an automobile
weat to the residence of Widow Dse
sin Pontenot, living two miles north
of lota, and levelling guns on the
aged woman, demanded her money or
her life. They obtained all the cash
she had. about $40.
The store of the Callatl Marsh Gro
cery Company, and now under lease
to the Kinberger Grocery Company,
Ltd., for two. years, was sold at Pl
4uemise by Marks ra elltman, the com
sidratlon be4ng ,e000 cash. This
store was formerly the property lat
Molse Lervy.
Charles Elliott, as emploee at the
a Compamr a~ th4Oe4 ad uold, died
i a Beammost hopital, oI lajUrlIds
reesived wlhe am etmeUile tureI
tlares the Oed-Temey road,
I,', lo 11g .11 IlA tal ltigatlu 11111 local
!. it n 1 ,t',tt r; " irdingtg osir .r-'V ralv
dly i)ra. Seaumt.lus ,uni hit. of the
stat board of hiritll, hIave taken
I l 0 , h Ii,. r yplih l h . it,' tIt rton
It k*  h tries" . ' at mi t', ', :te  tl wi.:
' :i';tl h " ,1|,a d tin, .tr, r," ,Inr,,i :\n
iT vast 1 M.,1, nl r' v l* ti' Iexistence of '
SIV4locos e " , ". ,4t. , ' , i' l. I'Ie*w i.
, 1ma .i' 'tiI.% t.\ jl.lf t I~ lh l |'w, ll,
ItLh .,lt I .' '. , ,. :,1 \ pciirt d Ill tI
Th, Iaw iphyl llnl.i ul ll. 1,t a cardI
Ir. hlh.u I that it, , ll 4 , l, nnell td llIk
ftih th h o. e r.at 1 3 gati t .tou th atl'
'I, r III ni . "I ,r t ' ! l ll . a 41 tged .1 111 lli'",
W ith ir i ,- t i, tI,r ,tl of thi, rl-i'ts etle *'
tll illli" I i-ver l \p . 1 i ~l l11 rh y the
11l lll ,ftI l-tl a 1 stla ) lt I IS t i'dodl In t
pulltlir river i atorl into the citylll
tight fr.- Normaln y the city water
3-mentc troll, artestan wells
i)llring t hi, past f'w months there.
ha.' i1," i '.,t,"4 of tIl phll Id fiver at
it., ker and other points on the riber
atl ov. te111 City.
A stilt that hat i'isiill tour:.' inter
,est a I;', ,1,It'rnlll, 11 hV .tli J K, IcN . lof
il'e " .i,1 Ilstric et ( , I. H, hll .itul lt
I I' ('o11 l"1 , 411 . 11t. It ,' l lllll r. wI ls iwar ifl
S ';Iter liona1 l for ils 4 ri. , t lR. , in n
n" ll' w'll S Itl it inv 'lstI" intI l1 1 I "
:aflairnt. (f 111-, hoaird ly h m 1 ,1 If. 1\' I1
,.r",W e l v sotil .\ i ne ,t h ,rinalll t11 I'I,
,ola - hl;,d t r4i ,ers t t, I t. e '. , e lll..I lnl
$l.7 n ITl i lln t -v3ll 4'r 4ntl fcor ht t w,,r
.I iee' i'll' It . f ill - li h s e i','lt. an11
r 111, 1l fiIt . ,",1d TIlh 8i-warig.'
and Water itai tr h'eld that it h:l em
pjitvili Itdlwtiph Berinrg and iother en
Ioneers of ilIntrat ionni r'eputatin at
the rat. o lffered Il'oletnan hut Mr. Cole
malln contendled tht while his servi'es
had extended over lonlths. hat of the
outside en gineers had occuped days
only. Thll court awarded the full
amount of the claim.
After the first of the year every In
dustrial plant in this section will be
running full time. It has been an
nounced that the big shipyards of the
Clooney Construction Company. two
miles south of Lake Charles. which
have been operating for six months
with a reduced working force, will run
full after the holidays. The shipyards
employ 300 men when operatilag to ca
pacity. A marked revival in business
is anticiepated after the first of the
year. as the city is mainly dependent
on its manufacturing industries, which
employ 1.200 workmen.
At a special meeting of the mayor
and board of aldermen of Opelousas
bids were opened for the fiscal sgen
cy contract for the ensuing two years.
The Opelousas National People's State
Banks made identical bids of 3 per
cent interest on daily balances, a
charge of 3 per ~ent interest on sums
advanced up to the average of de
posits an. 7 3-4 per cent charge for
amounts above that sum. The Ope
lousas National, having given satisfac
tion as fiscal agent for the past two
years, was awarded the contract.
Superintendent L. J. Alleman an
nounces that the convention for par
Ish school superintendents has been
fixed by Superintendent Harris for
January 20 and 21 at Lafayette. All
the parishes of southwest louisiana
will be represented. January 20 the
educators will visit three consolidated
country schools. Next day the ol0i
cers will consider the type Of plant
best suited for country schools.
The party of traveling men, popu
larly known as the "Winfield Poker
P'layers." have had their Jail and line
Sand costs sentence commuted to fine
and costs on the recommendation of
the board of pardons. fThese six drum
mers worried with the monotonous
roultiie of selling their goods, indult
ed In a poker game within five miles
of the Winnfield High School and were
discovered by the authorities.
When the Caddo parish registration
books closed at 6 o'clock Christmas
eve. 7.294 persons had met that re
quirement of voting, an Increase of ap
proximately 1.000 over the 1914 regis
tratlon. The reglstrations were count
ed and tabulated the first day the dls
trict clerk's office was open after the
books closed.
Detectives Cuassard ana Mellon of
SNew Orleans arrested Hllery Benja'
I mn. negro, and charged him with
peddllng morphine. In violation of the
SHarrison Anti-Narcotte Act. When
seueaing the negro's room the detec
I tives found a box of Mexiesa eimars.
on which no duty appeared to have
been paid,
The Crawley City counell has open'
I ed bids for the $31.000 electrIe light
I and waterworks bonds, that of the
Provident Savings Bank and Trust
I Company, of Cincinnati, belnl as
Opelousas received a Christmas
I present in the shape of a check for
$3,058.04, being payment through A.
L. LaCombe. general &gont of the New
Brunswick Insurance Company, for
I that company's pro rata of loss in the
I reeat power plant its.
Probably the biggest load of pecasa
Son record passed through Ocea
I 8ingsl wheq C. 8. Dell drove lito
I town perched bm a doble wSs lead
I ot grated pe.ass piled as high s sI
Gently cleanse your liver and
sluggish bowels while
you sleep.
G(et a 10-r lct ha ,x
Sick hea;tdac5he htllio sns i H . diizt
fnles, colatdcsi tIosngi;:ei'. foul talte andt foul
breath alwav ' riroe ther i tos torpil
liver. l,-inu . '. f-ri.-nting foo, In the
bowels or sour, KasaVy 8stoll.Lach
Polonoll us matter clogged ini the in
testlnee. Instead of hetng ,ast out
I of the systern is re -ahsorhbed ilnto the
blood. When this poison reap hes the
delicate brain tissue it c(au.is con
gestion and that dull. throbbing, sick
ening headache.
(asearots Immediately cleanse the
stomach, remove the sour. undigeisted
food and foul gases. take the excess
bile from the liver and carry out all
the constipated waste matter and
poisons in the bowels.
A ('ascaret to-night will surely
straighten you out 1by morning. They
work while, you srleep--a l orent box
from your druggslt means your he11ad
clear. stomach sweet a;I d your liver
and bowels regular fTr tlelnths Adv.
The henpecked hshatldi devhlosM
into a free-thintker wslin hi , is,' go,~es
away on a visit.
*Sprtan Women Suffered Untold Tortures
but who wants to ee a Spl)artani' 'l'ake
"hF'omenina" for all feIllale disorders.
Price 50c and $1.00.- Adv.
India:napl,( is, lnd . has a ipo latiol
of 265,5.'. accordri g to the latest
census estimates.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Not Worth Envying.
In the United States. 174 persons
have incomes of more than half a mil
lion dollars a year. Probably not one
of these could eat half a pumpkin pie
without regretting it.-New York Mail.
The Real Hardship.
"When I reads about dem fellers
over In de trenches I feels like sayln'.
'Die is de life!'" remarked Frisco Sam.
"Right you are, boe." answered his
pal. "Dere's worse t'lnpgs dan travelna'
about de country In empties, I guess."
"Sure and dem poor devils over in
Europe not only has ter live In
trenches, but dey has ter dig 'em
r Selfish Hubby.
' A young husband who had not found
married lIfe exactly a path of roses,
and who sincerely wished to prove to
bhi wife the depth of his affection,
went home one evening and said
cheerily: "Well, Tilda, you can't guess
Swhat I have done today."
"Made a fool of yourself, U usual,"
replied Tilda, ungraciously.
'"That's as you look at it, dear one."
"Oh. John Henry," said the wife. "It
a you've done anything more than usual
ly idiotic out with it and have done
I with it. What under creation have
x you been up to now?'
R "Tilda, dearest. I have insured my
"Well." said the :rate little woman.
t "I always knew you were mean! In
sured your life, indeed! Ah! Always
looking out for yourself first!"
Was a Godsend in This Case.
f It is not always that a lack of money
is a benefit.
A lady in Ark. owes her health to
the fact that she could not pay in
Sadvance the fee demanded by a spe
€ calist to treat her for stomach trou
ble. In telling of her case she says:
"I had been treated by four dflterent
physicians during 10 years of stomach
trouble. Lately I called on another
who told me he could not cure me;
that I had neuralgia of the stomach.
Then I went to a specialist who told
Sme I had catarrh of the stomach and
said he could cure me in four months,
Sbut would have to have his money
down. I could not raise the neces
ary sum and in my extremity I was
Sled to quit coffee and try Postuem.
"The resaults have been magical. I
I now sleep well at night, something I
had not done for a long time; the paln
In my stomach is gone and I am a
ditfferent woman.
"Every time I had tried to stop eoel
fee I suffered from severe headaches.
so I continued to drink it, although I
had reason to believe it war ljuros
to me. But when I had Poetum to
Sshitlft to it was dtferenLt
"To my surprise I did not mis eel
fee whean I began to drink Postuem.
"Cofee had been steadily and surely
killg me and I didn't fully realise
what was doinlg It until I quit and
changed to Postum." Name grvren h
SPostum Co., Battle Creek, Mlch.
r Postum comes in two forms:
Peetum Cereal--the oritginal fomre
Smust be well boiled. 15c and 25c peck
Instant Poetum--a soluble powder
dissolves quickly in a cup of hot we,.
ter, and, with cream and sugtar, makes
a delllious beverage insantly. Me
'sad Oc tlMs.
Both kinds sre equally dellcioue
Iand eost about thb sa mn per eU
"There's a Reson" tor Postem.
--o by osers.
It's Foolish to Suffer
'1o ': In 41,. 1'. l,; , , ' fo
1411441l b tlai,' I , h, . or bi, ii.l, ' r
i iill: i ,t 11 i . A t ' t,,! " t 11
11i1tih " 'r 1 1H 1 t,,l',!,.r,,,l 1 .... ; 1 .
, 1trO f , i in * t" , V
31 l io \", It i:'it i1i, '. . i \, u t
rI l .l i . l oi. , ti
with I , ' IK .
I tflit 1 4 ' 11 1 i %,
A Texas Case
S Aý\ 111 ,
' 1 (11.," 1. * I, , t 1 '
Get Deas*. at Aar 3tare. 50c a Bas
*Tw nty r 'v ' r, .ago I ...n. hav.
higrht that  torn lot o.i r th'eri tAr
'T* u ii .ii.l in i buy it.
%uut at all . I . ',. . 1o n t14. h
lit I th.u .i i .. . . 1 1. . IIt
Sometimes Apply it Lightly.
For utsiFo, burns. ald, ores and
open Twint irdi always applyI iinford't
cov+ers and guits to the borttom o the
wound A few light applications are
genTrally all that In needed to heal
this class of d I'ficulties Adv.
Smile Goes Far.
Sometimes a mpple will go farther
than an answer, esptheially if t musthe
on the first of the month by takingo he
now a bottle of Mansfield ough BaAd
sam for that hacking, hollow cough.
Price 26c and 50c.-Adv.
The man who can play cards for fun
may get it-but the other fellow gets
the money.
Aneds be a of her
bad complexion
Ifon the too, ate embarrassed by a
no blottle chy, Mansighlycopleh B
Prn ine chances out of ten
Resinol Soap
hst try Resihol Soap for a week
andy et ift- it does not makeablessed
difference in your skin. It also
helpto make red, rough hands and
arms soft and white.
I semee w stubbers ases, Ialsel Seap
hIfould be idedtoo, a little Retinol Oimen a
Botharesoldbra!Jwl hghs
pIUD iry PA Ahy, unsight lyhcompleu-i
consfuuho out of ten
Contrill actors'Supplear itdrs
hlardwa re, Etc. Prices and in
formation furnished on request
al -s yor broken uras ms and
woe will epair and restrn the sOilmeL
Mor IeIt I ereTA l,. EtC.I
rarsiuWll e rL 1 I dmess ret s l Tpi ell
eTexas Dhse.tory
HCntraotor' Su pllaeBuidd rYe
rwr , Etc. Pces and In
ormation funshed on requaesTe
id ale Imr llld - al asd
3apers o9n r cmInal is've tsase. Mate
ame yeaste Operastive we esem turuis
l. W. l atemem. Bs s app.

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