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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, January 29, 1916, Image 5

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.,  :i 'nof a
nmu-'..)us mlnbrelnC some
'v !' in te h :1d, ithro at,
1)!' b t.il ttues, 'n,m.ých, bil
i.:': duct (o'r Ibt\wls. It aiwa -
lit, . I..'! :Ilrc, it (cxrfnl 1
r .' , ;t i, t,,I!<,,.".',' bv ir*c d , ,:' ,,
t! . -1':,.m i;.n r ll '. nd s, ;rc-( s Its
<;,cr 'i,,: s u,::l1 s' 7:t.1:ic catarr h or
an acute illness is the resut.
Is the nation's reliable remedy for
this condition. It re.tores appletite,
ait; die'.ieon, cheks and removes
infLim:;.anon, at!, Its e,'ublhs the
mebrhan-st:i.ro,.:h .-;".w h v . breathe
and throu.h wh., h outi food is ab
sorbed, I:, do tb--.r v:ork properly.
Forty four 'gars .":i ucccs$s, with thou
sands of testimion; Is, hate estailished
it as the home ri.,cdJy-Lver-Rea:.dy
to-Take. Its record of success
holds a promise for you.
You can ohtain Peruna in tablet form
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Hard Up.
Is ho !.,:,l up?"
(r., it fil his g,,,i ilrl!.i 7:,. -
When a Postcard Will Bring Free
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Which give quick relief for all itch
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llathe with the ('uticura S,)ap and hot
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Free sample each by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura. Dept. L,
Boston. Sold evervwh,,r,..-- Adv.
"I have fallen ar(ches. \\hat shall
I do?"
"See the building ins pet tor."
Magic Washing Stick
This Is something new to housewives
Sometbillg they have waluted all their lives,
but oever coul get before It malks it pos
slble to 'W the hea)rest. hardelt washilng n
less than one-snalf th time it took by old
methodis, and It eliminatels at ruhlbbl and mus
eular effort. No washinllg mashine is needed.
Nothing but tihis simple .ittle preparation.
whichb Il aiIolutely harmleti ILto helit farics
white, eol,,ret or wo, en. It makes the
hardest task of the week a pleasant pastime
Sdelightful occupation. You will be de
lUhted at the clean, spotless snow-white
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colored or white, woolensi. Iankets., lace cur
talus. etc. Contains no ails, no alkalies, no
poison,.us Intrelle,its to make its use dan
gerous I 5llw aiS 25 cests
Sold by all Druggists and Grocers every.
where. If yours doesn't handle It. show him
this ad-he'll get II for you. Or send 250 Io
stamps toL, L5 ICA . Sh.eas Tas. Au.
And many a mushroom is a toad
stool in disguise.
When Housework Drags
Keeping house is hard enough
when well. The woman who has
a bad back, blue, nervous spells,
and dizzy headaches, has a hard
lot, for the family tasks never let
up. Probably it's the result of kid
ney trouble and not the much-feared
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' the kidneys with Doan's Kidney
Pills. They are as harmless uas
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A Teuas Ca.
Mrs. T. 7. Scarbor- - __ l
onu h. 1406 Summer I,*
St.. Houston. Texas, I C 80.r
says: "I was In bed
for a year. suffering
latensely from rheu
matlc painls. The mis
ery was terrible and
doct ors' treatments
didn't help me. Final
ly I used Dean's Kid
ney Pills and theyv
soon gave me relief.
lix boxes entirely re
moved the ailments and permanently
cured me."
DOAN'S uIua'.ri
Foem..... CO .. BUFAW. 14. Y.
ID The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcone b
Purel vegetable
Biliousness IVER
aess, and Indigestlon. They dotheirduty.
Geuaine must bear Signature
5. 4sta ereesethm of meri.
FMn ResesetssCh end
n ee. ae . SIU at WIteseaieM.
Ass.stant Secr: tary of A.; , 'J' ture
Suui,"' ' Pars fol "'C.,hi,., I"
O"0 Sc'cnt,f- A' , i E'r
., .
i ,: e. , , . .. t a i
S i l
'. ; th, r, 1. " ,i ;' rtI li.
i :' J )- \ ': 1 ' T..*
I I , . '
[ I.t, ,, . t . :; · , r , ;. ' . . . . :,
:: 1 II ,- science (if "r,., i t'It' btioi.
""i-, i1 the o it' t iin i: r , os I ,o II
ih.ous. next to lime, is tt f1 1 nii ' 1
plTit foi.td probably mre, t: d-d hi
Proper ti llaae hein'" . rore -in.
on 'ti ,111 , out' far is it i' a i t it.r (fi
hii a · i l port : inc e. Iillaf i lil,- t
crop more soil surf thin'; h,, t ii.h.il tI
fihorl without inmre Ias , tour tmiaxs.
natkes xistilog bablya t food mon, ar
ablhe. gives air to thlv rnots. rcil. at'
watsr ri' lyirl and kiylls ars.
Th" farmer who bells all hiis (,s
off the place and then also I-rn: all
his pornstalkes i:o! stra3 riolinds ,tiln
of thie burplar who takfi.. all tlit ;~,iia
blks e can crry oplant and smrs fire; to
what is left.
Ii timits is the st1iff with wlih i- na
ture fertilizemer who nltatl soil. ilw
hisnder all stable m stanure, srtranw. c(ri
stoflks, stubble, who takve, all th v a
reen-m canure crory. off and as efir toh
of your grain as possible to live stiu k
on the farm.
When you break even on your
be-eves you are ahenl of the game,
prox ided you save the manure--os
eIc'-ially if you have kept hoies follow.
ing the cattle. "Saving the manure"
dorsn't mean saving merely one-third
or one fourth. It means saving 70 per
cent or more, liquid as well as solid.
The problem of keeping live stock with.
profit is largely a matter of making
use as silage, roughage, or bedding of
stuff that is wasted on the average
farm. Weeds may be put on the right
side of the ledger by means of a few
Catch but one bad ear in testing
seed corn and you save a good day's
As long as the average farmer
"keeps his garden on the grocery
shelf," he sells everything wholesale
and buys everything retail. Side lines,
such as canning, preserving, making
apple butter, are profitable where the
farmer is wise enough to see that the
women of his household get all neces
sary help with their work.
The price difference between ham,
lard and bacon and hog on the hoof
shows the money gain for farm butch
ering and smoking.
Making Capital "vailable."-Keep
accounts-find just .here your money
comes from and just where it goes.
Some men's wealth Is like a good deal
of the fertility in their soil-it is not
Preparednesa-Preparedness is as
important for the farmer as it is for
the soldier. The farmer who wastes
his leisure time and who fails to uti
lize many rainy days and slack sea
sons to get his affairs in shape can
never hope to catch up during the
busy season.
Marketing and Co-operation-It is
not enough to grow a good crop, or
even to grow a good crop at low cost. I
To make a big crop a business success
it must be disposed of as efficiently
as it is grown-graded and packed as
to meet market standards and so mar
keted as to bring the farmer the high
est current price.
The farmer who is too suspicious to
get together with his neighbors in or
der to do co-operatively what no one
can do alone Is sure to pay dearly for
his incapacity for team work.
Curfew Law Passed at Seguin.
Seguin. Tex.-The city council at a
meeting this week passed an ordinance
requiring all boys and girls under 15
years to keep off the streets after 9
o'clock at night unless in company
with parent or guardian.
Road Bends Approved.
Hallettsville, Tex.-County commal
uioners court, in special shaolu, rr
day examined and approved the $50..
000 bond ilsue o good roads in Yoe
km and Sweert Home grebct
I . -
* .Afl . 7'
Ir ,I -
I -. .- . 9
:~~~- ~ *i tI~a l
/ -· , 1 ..
First Chief Irl r.-. Pro '.:mrnaton C 4
ing Cit zens ,f 1t s R. , i2ght to
Kill 3. r .ts.
it - L e c ai , ."
i".* < 0 1 1 h r.. 1": io- *. l t : c. i
" .\rf!llt. .. [ ,i '.. i,,;f l :. '. It:ty " . '
t'ift iol: e li,' t l rtrr . bl, lit . hu;rt th "
.'-;' tion l, h - 1 } l 0 :t m :or l ;t -' ex
1r , m it y on * m rtti.l . I'w . .- ou . au ;,
ril I be nt t } o i puli :. t to
th -e a i eo arte ra-in > ibl- fi th i l.
II \i-w of ,I ' r .i tl it ;l e k oil :1
ril!axiy tIr:ill r a:ir Sa'ta Y-, eia byy
hatilits li'd by Itafawl I ',,tru and
i'able l o ,ez. tri' iiibti rs of Itle i  toirc"
c(i mn Indil]i by F'r.ani'] i Viil' under
hiih-e ordlrs rthe wey er ojpir:ati:g,
.1i il we'ord:an('e vith :he pr, edy int
e. .bli h.- li by the vo-u4titutionalist
'o e ,r4 i ,!tt in .tnilar e .i.vse oi urrin
in tihe. pi~ . I hale , eeal it to i-ue the
" rt ict' . I. IlThe rreactionary leader
rol .eon ral, Fran,.we'o ViII;, i
i-r-by declared to be outr4 idh the pale
of thei law.
"Art ". The reactionary liade-rs, ex
C(tn, il Ia:tel ('astro and Ex-Colotnei
I'ah!o ltop. ,i are hereby declared to
be, outi-idi the pale of the law.
"Art. :t. Any citizen of .Mixico is em
powered ht-reby to arr-et ithe leader-.
Francisco Villa, Re'aetl Castro antd
P'ablo Lopez, and to exeeute ther,
without any formality of the law. But:
the citizen performing such function
shall make a record in writing de
scribing in detail the occurren", and
setting forth the proofs of the identity
of the outlaws and the proof of the
The bodies of the eighteen Ameri
can victims of the Santa Ysabel mas
sacre on January 10 were horribly mu
tilated and several had suffered ter
rihly before death put an end to their
tortures, according to a detailed re
port of Dr. F. E. Miller of El Paso
The report was made to a representa
Live of the state department.
The report shows that some of the
victims were shot many times both
Tefore and after death. Softnosed bui
ltIs made terrible wountlds. Several
waere stabbed or slashed with sabers or
mach.te-s both before ani aft -r they
died. Swords also were used by the
bandits. C. R. Watson. the leade-r of
tthe mining men, had been thrust
through the body after death, and
Alexander lHall died from a bayonet
,tab in the neck.
In at least four cases the Americans
were clubbed and beaten with a crow
bar or rifle barrel.
Bandits' Bodies on Exhibition.
Juarez, Mlex.-The bodies of Jose
Rodriguez and Miguel Baca Valles,
-xecuted Villa leaders, w, re placed on
exhibition Tuesday as evidence that
the de facto gov.-rnment is det-rminedl
:o exterminate the bandits who shauch
:ered eighteen American mining mi-n
near Santa Ysabel, Chihuahua, eight
lays ago, we-re put aboard a train
Tuerday and sent to Chihuahua City.
There, accord.ng to Mexican official.-,
they will be shown in public again as
-xamples of what will happen to any
•ae adopting the career of an outlaw
,n Mexico.
Gonzales Ships Many Fur Pelts.
Gonzales, Tex.-The largest ship
Inents of animal pelts ever shipped
from Gonzales was sent out this week
by a local firm of buyers. The ship
ment consisted of 6,000 hides, consist
lng of coon, wolf, pole cat and various
other animals.
Reclalming Overflowed Lands.
Estherwood, La.-The work of re
claiming overflow and lowlands to the
east of Estherwood is rapidly being
pushed to ompletiem.
Dur ' !3r, th, r-s Are Execcut I by Car
r. ," =",; t," K li.r; j .., A mn er, .,
W '., W, is S c,. u Sto .r, C,.te.
+I :. . , .: iI , i th i " " n : i t lyl \I
.I .I; .' \
1 ' " I ,:,l n bro ,th *irs di,,l ir:il
It i, ittlI t tI~ II , 01 of Its for
(,t," \ , I . n , ! "It is 'i\ in -
t , ,', ' of rilO e tor h ii I nI wi I i.lllt!
Iut riiy brotllr i Iial to l,. ;lowed to
li "
Th,, liltlleit of the firing siqlad kill
ed I, , rieo. tait lirtardo wa. st.!
ion st, .lclq- ;l!t,.r lith fll ianid thei offic~er
'oltumltililiiing tht filing squad ga\'e
hu111 t! , "'ercy I.hot" throughl the
hb :td1
Th'Ii, rx,-iI tion wai aittEllnldld by fifty
Ani ric.ans. of whom a numrllber were
i ll lt:; w rere souillin  reveille, and
dai n Iai jlust hreiklin. when thi pliri;.
owl,r.s wair'. boI,;nd a;wlt Imads, rea.dy to
take tlh,.ir ilactes b,.i orE, the aldohe
X\all hciri hltlldrldls hlalve fallen silm'E
civil war be-an in Mexico nearly six
yewars ne o.
As thlle prisoners fared tthe rifles of
the firin qlqi;uad. with ey'e:S unband
are'd. Ilirnirdio shouted:
"Watch and sir how Mexicans di,.
If I had a rifle," he added, "some of
you woull go with us."
Iternardo was 24 years old and Fede
rico 22. The latter gave a tintype pie
tirre of him.self to a soldier to be sent
to his parents at Santa Rita, N. M.
liernardo gave his hat as a present to
a policeman who embraced both pris
oners as they left for the execution
Five Negroes Strung Up.
Sylvester, Ga.-The bodies of five
negroe's taken from the Worth county
jail Thursday night and rushed in
automobiles to the adjoining county of
Lee, where they were hanged and sthot,
were cut down Friday and buried. A
coroner's inquest returned a verdict
that the negroes came to their death
'"by strangulation and gunshot wounds
at the hands of unknown parties."
The negroes lynched had been brought
to Sylvester for safekeeping after be
ing arrested as suspects in connection
with the killing of Sheriff Moreland
of ILe county. They were Rodius
Seamore, Felix Lake and Lake's three
ions, Frank. Dewey and Major.
Millions Sought in Government Suit.
San Francisco, ('al.-Trial on its
merits of the first six cases in which
the United States seeks to recover
title to 1If0,000 acres of alleged min
eral land in the Sanl Joaquin valley,
valued at from $100,000,009o1 to $300,
000,00o0, from 150 defendants. including
the Southern Pacific ('ompany. was
hbe-un Friday before Federal Judge
Ben F. illedsoe of Los Angeles. It is
charred the land was obtained fradu
lently as agricultural land, although
in fact it was mineral land. The rov
ernment also seeks to recover $31,000,
000 damages.
Recruits Are Called to Colors.
London.-Groups 2, 3, 4 and 5 of re
cruits who enlisted under the earl of
Derby's plan were formally called this
week to the colors. These groups, the
first Debhv recruits to be called out,
are composed of unmarried men, 19 to
22 years old. They number about
Garment Workers' Strike Ends.
Philadelphia, Pa.-The strike of the
6,000 garment workers which began
last Monday was settled Thursday, the
strikers being granted virtually al;
their demands by the board of arbi
K,000 Bags of Sugar Sold.
New Orleans, La,-The America.
sugar refinery bought 5.000 bags of
suar Tuesday. valued at close to $1,.
Warehlro.• 0' ' -, Co Op
, r e . ¶ r e 0D t'..ed
i .i1: ," .t 1 t" I . r," .
I' , t '. ' : . 1 , t .
i u. t, v , : ,
P *- : th triat
11+1 '1 n II* tl C 'l b h ' . IrJ,'.
, .ii ; 1 op. i v T. 1 ' I"',-d- of
Ite ", j11"( ," :l r - ,1 :1 It il al;t1 indul try,
A i;Tl i . I I o , * , I u., I :. a poell of
ho t f' i ,1 by I o lil ir o' I Il (,li.
"1 (' i 4..'1 i;i j'., 1'. Lil :irl, L. 13.
l 'urk. E. . : 0ou- ' t
" h i (i (lliitt'' re-liort, I follows:
'I" ,,T Tr- -,, t nl titti n ! tuidi|tinter .vs
sioni of th Tel'xas .< :, .ie, lh dIr'.- As;
s4(ciliion is '-one of' Ilthl hest in it'- It=s
tory'. The lp'(,-ramT l,- beei n io[t x
co)1:,th, the rordial hiospitalily of the
people of 521c1i c' has bee't supre-Ts'ly
satI l yi ., aindI the loriil attendiance:
more than ordinarily to be appre
cialted tht'' fo4e he it
"ite- eId. That tiis a.soelation
thllank hlohe oo|l peopht' of Seioin and
(iil:i ' l jlpe corntity. th(' prIess of the
state a1ld1 til SfT1lin Cham;nber of Com
mere, for tleir efforts in our be-half.
"The objet of the Swine Breeders'
Associ i;ti is to ipromiot the raising
of mlore and better hols on Texas
farms To achieve- this end the farmer
mst hacVe a satis factlory market for
his surpluis stock lIe muslt get a fair
tlSharll oif thie pricea the- coTinsumer pays
for lpikrin- Nione eproduct<, anlt pric,
nmusi t I- r- ::sioilbly sta hl. t-or four
monithis h1--s have 0old on the- Fort
Worth market for an average' of less
than 7e, while th-' avernLe cost of the
consulmem r of bre-akfast bacon has been
30c to 4r( pier pound. The pricer of
hogs sonmeinlmes dneclitnes as much as
75,c in a day. W\ith asuch market con
ditions, manifestly unsatisfactory to
producer and cofnsumer, ho- raising
can not prosper, and the entire state
suffers; therefore he it
"Hesolved by the Texas Swine
Breeders' Association, That a commit
tee of five be appointed to meet with
the committee of the American Na
tional Live Stock Association at El
Paso, January 24, and with the Texas
Cattle Raisers' Associa'ion at Houston,
March 20. to discuss ways and means
of devising an effective system of
equitably and economically marketing
live stock."
These were adopted and a commit
tee aIppointed as follows: lion. F. VW.
Davis. chairman; F. C. Weine'rt, W. O.
McKamey, O. C. Payne and L. B.
Twenty-Three Convicts Escape.
Little Rlock, Ark.--Using a saw
made fromn a knife and cutting through
boards eight inches thick, twenty
three whito convicts whose terms
range fromn one ye-ar for minor felo
nies to life se.ntences for homicide, es
clapled fromnt the state convict farm at
(Cummins, Ark., Friday.
New Railroad Files Charter.
Austin, Trx.-The Midland & North
western Railway ('ompany, capital
stock $45,t0)o, file'd its chtarter, which
had been alpprovedl by the attorney
general. with the state de-partmnent
Wednesday. It is propo.rd to build a
road from Midlanld, .Midland county, to
Seminole, Gaines count)y, a distance of
sixty-five mil's.
The Philippines Will Be "Dry."
Vashlngton:. --' Prohitition of the
manufacture., importation or sale of
all |ntoxicatiung drink:: or habit form
ing drugs in the Philippine Islands, ex
cepting native beverages, was written
into the Philipline self-governnment
hill by the senate Tuesday by a; vote of
35 to 23
Big Gasser on Fire.
Corpus Christi, T,-x. - Spoutln,
flames to a hedlht of a hundred feet
or more, the great Gufffey gasser at
Whitefish Point, juIIst across the bay
from ('orpus ('hrihti, 1.i burnin7 fierce
ly this week with the flames apparent
ly beyond all hope of control.
5,000 Barrels of Oil Burned.
Decatur, Tex.-FIire, started by light
ning in a large oil tank at Alvord, Fri
day burned itself out and destroyedl
more than 5.000 berrelsa of oil.
'"di-iher- Wh;, ,.b.':!.· Sur
TCeo - 'S V, ,,rk L:- .. ty.

vt r
, i - 1
Y.'1t I 1v ' I t' 1
(I , " t t.
( :" wa u it a .. r, h V . r r it 7t I
If voi want al ivii write to
'ltrdi I' ; . I'i kh .nt . i. .in. (.
i(co rntith : t. :.tl., L ·. .ý " .. , .
N .ug itvca .
t.t : 1 I: .::r: !- , . , ." }.·! .
j'rt a . ar"I., a . I -I .
P -' i. ' t. , ; ': ! I .! tI , tar
uir ' ?,! rirt t ri r,. p!.! I i .'ther
,' , hI. t ", or . a ; .k?..
"i, ih,. I th in g , , f.!, , , ', i
inrms h tI ti i :aj i n u : r
Girls! Beautify Your Hair! Make It
Soft, Fluffy and Luxuriant-Try
the Maist Cloth.
Try as you will, after an applicatlon
of DaLderine, you cannot tind a single
trace of dandrruff or falling hair and
your scalp will not it(ch, but what will
please you moSt. will he after a few
weeks' use, when you see new hair,
fine and downy at first-yes-hut real
ly new hair-growing all over the
A little anderine immediately dou
ible the beauty of yo'ur hair N. differ
on~ie how dull. fa i, ll. rittle and
srraggy, just moisth n a cloth with
Danderine and carefully draw it
through your hair, taking one small
strand at a time. The effect is im
mediate and amazing -your hair will
be light, fluffy and wavy. and have an
appearance of ahburelance; an incom
parable luster, softnes- anr.rl hi tri
ance, the beauty and shimmer of true
hair health.
Get a 25 cent bottle of Knowlton's
Danderino from any rtore and prove
that your hair is as pretty and soft
as any-that it has been neglected or
injured by careless treatment-that's
all. Adv.
Difterer Kinds.
"What possesse(I you to tell that
eugly Miss Flatter thalt she( a a i com
plxiron of curear, aotin ae. aches'?
"That was true enough. I meant
sour cream and yellow heaches
li often followed by pneumonia. Ble
ore it is Ltoo late take laxaotive Quln
dine Tableta. (livers prompt relief in
cases of a Coghs. ('ols, La Grlppe and
Headache. Price 2c.-Adv.
California minining lrolperties last
year ntumbhred 65t, of which 277 are
Sgold mines.
To Cleanse
and Heal
Deep Cuts
Ift -
Hove it on uld
Balsam of Myrrh
For Cuts, Burns,
Bruises, Sprains,
Strains, Stiff Neck,
Chilblains, Lame Back,
OldSores, Open Wounds,
Made Since 1846. ASfA 5Y *
Prie. 25., 5Oc and $1.00
All Dealers C. Hanor MI
O. 3. co0u. (.RAcEIf fr . oLAH.iH4,w
Iloa P-ed oI ate, iiar'Iy a.raIna (iroun
PoBaE Pd Vallesa reRe o erm. Terr.,Met
oW. N. U., HOUSTON, NO. s-11

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