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by keeping the system
strong and healthy and
the blood rich and pure
To that end--TRY
Stomach Bitters
it helps Nature bring
back the appetite, aids
digestion and promotes
strength and vigor
Luminous Insects.
Luminosity is normal in the well
known luminous beetles, including the
various fireflies and glow worms, and
results naturally from the oxidation of
some organic secretion. Other insects
are luminous In rare instances. Rev.
J. Holroyde. vicar of i'atchum, Eng
land, lately noted luminous moth
larvae, similar to those observed once
or twice previously; and the chirono
mous-a kind of gnat-and the "lan
tern beetles" of South America are
among the creatures sometimes
lighted up. The occasional luminos
ity has been attributed to disease, or
decomposition from bacterial infec
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that It
Bears the
Signature of
la Wee for Over
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castorla
Nun Becomes "KnightL
A heroic French religious, Soenr
Gabrielle, a Daughter of St. Vincent
de Paol, has just been made a
"knlght" of the Legion of Honor. The
text of the "citation" praises her cour
age, presence of mind and care of the
wounded at Clermont-en-Argonne in
1914. The little town was burned
down, but Soeur Gabrlelle, under whose
care were not only wounded soldiers,
but also many Infirm men and women,
saved her hospital, where she nursed
the Germans as carefully as the
French. Often the Germans had re
eourse to the sister's counsel and as
aatance when any severe case present
ed Itself among their own wounded;
& . as sick nurse inspired them
t h a snthoe conSdente, and they
kitha't In ner large-hearted gener
e reed on to do her
4t har It yours as sireak d with
Los - ra3, py hairs, use "I Cre
. _w" Drsring and change it to
i at rsl way. Price sLtA-&.
S"My wie asked me what I was
last sanxous for as a Christmas pres
'D yea tell her'
, Ortataly. I told her I was pol
eray fr a pair of lace parlor
-a Headaah,
Sit ad convia ced. Good , r
In ake and flubs also-Assilts
i at right and stayra Its
- take-Ad..
a the uanique experience of see.
iwa battle the other day."
eat belIeve ln heredity?"
at the cheap skates that bad
a. ~sl nd p~r the awa
"3Imse" so the hert's
t a feather Sock together."
with larks"
Dai nud ·p S the Sy tm
Old Standard GROVE'S
b as a s form. Th
ms -es -o ctheirn
e'ane and Efeet.
Is a true son of the sil."
(hrmuly HInerla)
Sates the  dlamed sad
au d quaets the
Invalua"e sr he
3Me mal e.-Mv.
e a prett girl who
esr et miats meap
set i es aset the
"Litlae Natalie." said I lddy, "had
been very Ill. She had I,.been in a Hos
pital for many
weeks. hlut a little
while before
Christmas she
·was welIl enough
to be taken lHome.
"She still had
to lie in Red, how
ever. and she
spent her time
writing Notes to
Santa Claus
- which her Daddy
put by lthe fire
So She Wrote An- place for her.
other Note. "'I wonder,' she
said. 'if Santa Clans will forget :atut
nme. I have, been in the lHospital so
long, he may think I am still there.'
"So she wrote another Note, telling
Santa Claus that she was Home again,
and Please not to Forget her.
"It was the Night before Christmas
and Natalie had hung her Stocking on
the end of her Bed. It hung there look
ing so thin and queer. 'How different
it looks now from the way It will look
tomorrow!' thought Natalie.
"And then the thought came to her
that Santa Claus might have Forgot
ten she had been brought Home, and
she called her Daddy.
"'May I write one more Note to San
ta Claus?' she asked.
"'Dear me.' said her Daddy. 'Santa
has started off long ago. But I am
sure he got your Letters. They were
gone every morning. And he won't
Forget you.'
"'But he may have arranged every.
thing for the Hospital.' said Natalie,
'and have nothing left for here!'
"'Well,' said her Daddy. 'shut your
little Peepers and in the Morning we
shall see! Santa Claus is a pretty
Wise old Fellow and I don't think he
will Forget!'
"So Natalie was comforted and she
fell asleep, watching the Stocking
hanging from the Bed.
"Soon the Stocking grew larger and
larger, and she could see from behind I
that two hands were putting things In
the Stocking.
"'Oh, can't I seer she asked.
"And a jolly Voice said, 'Here I am.'
"There stood Santa Claus, and he
looked just the way Natalie had al
ways Thought he looked.
"'Your Pictures are very good of
you, Santa Claus,' she said. 'I would
have kno(n you anywhere.'
"'That's good,' said Santa Clans
smiling. I think myself I take a pret
ty good Plcture. And even though
they're copied and copied, they al
ways look like me.'
"'My stocking Is quite fil,' said
Natalie suddenly.
"'Well, well, well, and did you think
Santa Claus would leave you an empty
"'Dear me, no, said Natalie. 'But
you know I was afraid that you would
think I was still In the HospitaL'
"'I got all your fine Notes.'said San
ta Claus. 'They had my Stamp on
them, too.'
"'What Is your stamp, Santa Claus?
"'When I carry my Mall up the
Chimney at Night I am very apt to get
soot on the LetterM-4t's my Stamping
place. Do you see?
"'And you liked my Letters,' said
Natalie, feeling so Happy.
"I certainly did,' sid Santa Claus,
'but now I moast
get en with my
"The 8tockitag.
was Slled and war
of the Queerest
shabape in the
world. In one
place It looked as
if It held an
OrangMe, In an
other a Dll, and
In another some
thtng quite too
quser to even try
to guess what It 'lery Clwbt
might be. m."
"'Now for the T'ree.' said Santa
Clau And out be whlaked a great,
tall Tree. First he covered it with
Candles, and Popcorn Bas and Can
dies, then he stroyng red Cranerries
and white Popcorn over It. And bright
colored Toys and sllver Ornaments he
pult on last.
"1 mustn't Forget the big Toys,' he
said. And oat from his Blag came more
wonderfual things
"I mast be of' he said at last.
'Merry Christmas, and I hope you'll
soon be well, for there are same Toys
here for you when you're up and about
"'Merry Christmas,' aid another
Voice in Natalie's ear, and looking up
she saw her Daddy, followed by her
"'Oh, Santa Claus has been here,'
said Natalie.
"'Indeed, it looks as if he hadi'
said Natalie's MYpther and Daddy, look
ing about at the Toys. But Natalie
knew of the talk she had had, and
never did she Forget her Visit from
Santa Claus."
Wise Restraint.
Teddy, aged four, was looking out of
the window. A storm of sleet and
mnow was raging. " bet I could go
outdoors if I wanted to," he said. Then,
with a glance at his mother's face,
added:'But I bet don't want to."
Clothes Sprinkler.
Take an ordinary catsup bottle with
a screw top and punch holes In the
cover. When filled with water this
makes a handy clothes sprinkler.
Custard Pie Hint.
In making custard pie do not beat
the eggs more than Just enough to
have them mix with the milk; 'thn be
careful not to bake it too long.
Opstim Teat.
I misaortune comes ae bring. tleg
sh bavest Ybrtus
To heroism and holiness
How hart it is for man tn wonr
Sut how much hard.!r to bh Ics
Than what his swe.theart I,,es him for.
Given a peaceful, l,,\ng husband
who does not raise a hut, alnd cry at
pa ing honest,
needful household
eXEIIses, m 0 ost
anlly woman ought
I - .y to be able to
make a happy
horne for the man
Swhi. has chosen
her. When dis
content r I se s,
who's to blamel
1Why, both, assur
edly, for not hayv
ing a heart-to
ouheart talk before
marriage concern
ing the home that
... . is to Ie set up.
Of all times In his
life this is the oc
casion for a man
to be frank. It is dangerous for him
to blindfold the woman he is to wed
by concealing his exact income and
outside expenditures. If he evades
that subject, he is pretty apt to play
hide-and-seek in dodging the money
problem all the rest of his life. He
has no right to keep her in the dark
as to where his money Is at the pres
ent going.
If a man enters partnership with an
other man in business he would have
to show clearly every detail connect
ed with it. Marriage Is a contract
equally binding and more serious.
Every wife has a right to know just
how her husband stands In regard to
his income.
Rearing and Feeding
Of Connecticut Agricultural College.
Rearing chicks has its serious prob
lems, but the first six weeks of their
lives are the most dangerous. Follow
ing are several essentials which, fol
lowed, will help In keeping the mortal
ity low:
1. Select strong, vigorous, well-ma
tured breeding stock that is free from
disease and has been properly housed
and fed. This gives the chicks a good
start, providing the eggs have been
properly incubated.
2. Make sure that the mother hens
am free from lice and mites before the
chiteks are hatched.
. If artifcial brooding is used, be
sure that the brooder has a capacity
large enough to allow the chicks a
chanee to 'get away from the heat when
they want to, and that it is economical
in Its cost and in the fuel used.
4. Remove all dead chicks from the
brooder and burly or burn.
5. Mark all the weak or sickle chicks
so that they will never be used as
6. Keep brooders clean and well dla
7. Do not feed chicks until they are
48 to 80 hours old and then only limit
ed amounts of easily digested food for
the first week. Use only dclean and
wholesome food. Provide a variety of
feeds containing enough protein and
ash. Give skimmed or sour milk to
drink from the first day.
It is an established fact that the
chick does not use the entire yolk of
the egg while developing in the sheD.
The remaining part of the egg is taken
into the abdomen of the chick Jast be
fore it hatches, and this material Is
sufident to maintain the life of the
chlek for a number of days.
Dr. F. P. Shaw, who has made an ex
tensive investigation of this subject,
sas that, '"The digestive afunctions of
the stomach (of the chicks) are devel
oped by the second day after hatching,
whereas the panerestle terments are
improperly developed before the sev
The fnding of Doctor Shaw explans
the common practiee of not feedling
chicks until two days old and then
giving them only limited amounts of
easily digested foods for the arst week.
Around the World
Turkey huas put bakerlies under gov
ernminent rule.
China will teach papermaking in a
government ischool
The United States coastguard last
year raved 1,5 lives.
Australia boasts of the tallest trees
grown on British sol
In Cuba tobacco is planted, grown
and gathered in 90 days.
A. Lafrance of Ottawa, Ont, has a
sons in the British army.
Inglish colonies total 13,002,821
square miles in area, with a popula
tion of 38e,0o6,05.
Not Much Choie.
When William A. Garrett was gen
eral manager of the Pere Marquette
railroad, he had an aversion against
employees smoking. He therefore i
sued an order that any employee amok
lag while on duty would be discharged,
Garrett was walking through one o
the company's freight yards one day.
not long after the Issuing of his anti
smoke order, and sow a tnreight brake
man quietly, contentedly puging at a
"I see you're smoking," remarked
"Yes, you're exactly right," replied
the brakeman, in deferential tones;
"I'm smoking." And he kept right on
"You probably don't know who I
am," observed Garrett.
"Oh yes I do," said the brakeman.
"'ve seen you around here before,
You're the general manager."
"Then evidently you haven't heard
about our new order against smoking.,"
went on Garrett.
"lure, I heard about It-a
-ge the buakma, eeurtee
There ihoutll h, anl understanding
before marriage as to just how much
he is able and willing to expend for
I the upkeep of a .lome. The Lome in
cludes the wif personal expenses.
her clothes ant other feminine ad
Juncts. Cash to meet these expenses
of the wife should he handed out to
her as regularly is to the bookkeeper
in the office. What would any work
ing man think o, the employer who
I gave him his wanges in dribs? Hlow
t long would hle we rk for him if he had
to beg and plead for it? That is the
pitiful condlition in which some men
place their wives. A husband should
realize that a wife puts as much into
the ,hulirles, of home-making as he
does. She diowers him with her youth.
her love. her hopes and the womanly
qualities which make earth an Eden
for a nman. Not one wife in a thou
sand would think of asking her hus
hand for the hard dollars her service
is worth to him.
lushbands are few and far between
who are thoughtful enough to hand
money to their wives, calling it pin
money or spending money-whatever
fancy name they like. Yet every man
owes It to his wife. It is a bona fide
debt, be she head housekeeper for her
rich husband or kitchenette worker
for a laboring man. The question of
money causes more friction and un
happiness in households than the
dwindling of fervent love into friend
ship ever could. It is the main cause
of unhappy wives, petting their de
spair. No doubt the husband is a
well-meaning man, Intending to do
what is right, but he overlooks the
principal problem in wedlock.
(Copyright. 1916.)
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A Feminine Genius.
'Say," said the man who had patron
ied boarding houses for years, "'ve
struck an ideal place at last l"
"What's the answer?' queried the
man who married In haste and was re
penting at the free lunch counters.
"The landlady has it down fine," re
plied the other. "She keeps all the
left-over stuff eparate and properly
labeled, so that each boarder gets back
his own scraps in hash and pudding."
He Had Hopes.
"Anyway," re
marked the ama
teur poultry rais
er, "if I don't
make anything at
a Ithe same, I have
hopes that my
hens will sooan be
"How do you
Agar that ouat?
queied the ge
tleman from 312
"They have taken to eating their
own eggs," explained the a. p. r.
Sage Advice.
"What am I to do," asked the very
young man, who was about to butt into
society, "when the conversation gets
too ideep for compreheaeol "
" Oo" to the owl, young man; consider
her ways and act accordingly," an
*sweped the Shelbyville Sage. "Look
wls$ and let out a boot occasiomally."
1=1 Charitable fa.
":'o~ you are really going to
Slatry young Sapleigh, are you?
Aimee-I sure am.
Hazel-Well, it will save you the
tromble of hunting one when you get
rpady to begin housekeeping.
Almee--Huanting what
: Hai-el-Why, a at.
Puglilktie IUewl.
Mrs. Naggs (dr
ing the spat)--Oh.
would I were a
man I
Naggps-I would
yu were, too,
Mrs. Nagga- X
And what i I
Naggs - You
would go down for
the count In
frst rouad
mSure Ideatleatn.
"I am not mre I know this young
man you say i  eming. I thlak,
thoush, rye seen him. Is his coam
plexio very freehh
"No. but he is."
Good Denitonk.
Little Willie--Say, paw, what is go
Paw-Gossmip son, is some kind ot
mouth disease, if I nderstand it right.
wlthout ceasiung to puff at his cigar.
OaMrett then began to get mad. "ee
here my good man," says he, "whltch
looks the best to you-that dlgar or
your Job?"
For some moments the brakeman
stared bff Into spee, purlng at his
cigar. and apparently thainking the
proposition over. Then he declared:
"I hardly know what to may, Mr. Gas
rett-they're both so rotten."
Marathonkng at Home.
Running a marathon at home is not
I as dilicult as It sounds. A machine
Shas been devised which makes It easy
for the runner, Inelodlig the fat man
who wishes to redwpe by adopting this
form of exercise tb run at home anyI
number of miles desires, notes the
Popular Sience thly.
The machine c sts of a wooden
tread tightly dra over rollers. The
whole apparatus i supported nm steel
legs, and when n usd can be fold
ed up. Handleba enable the runner
to exert an add I force while ne
is. rnanlng and ,t him from fall
Colds and How to Avoid
Of Kansas State Agricultural College.
A cold is a germ disease and its
development is favored by undue ex
posure to cohl, by fatigue, by improper
sleep, andl by overeating. One should
keep away from the germs by a oiding
direct contact with persons who are
suffering with this disease and those
who are careless :,hout elluhing :Ind
sneezing without using their hantdker
One must live hygienically in order
to keep the body in good condition.
Hygienic living means proper food.
clothing, exercise, rest, plenty of fresh
air, and good habits generally. When
one is fatigued or worried, or when
prolonged chilling or Indigestion dis
turbs the systell the vitality is lowered
and thle way is mtade easy for the de
veloplent of the germ. Clhthiui
should he neither too warmnl nor tooi
cool. Too much clothing induces ex
cessive perspiration, which eventually
will cause chilling of the body.
It is advisable to harden oneself
to cold, but care must be observed not
to overdo the matter. Because a little
hardening will do good it does not nec
essarily follow that more will do bet
ter. The temperature of the living
room should never be kept so low as
to chill the occupants. Special atten
tion should be given to keep the air in
this room moist, as the drying of the
mucous linings of the air passages
causes them to crack and allow germs
to enter.
A cold may be contracted in spite
of these preventive measures. Then
the body must be given a chance to
cure itself. This necessitates even
more careful living. Drugs can only
remove conditions standing in the way
of nature's cure. They are all right if
prescribed by a physician, but no drug
is known to be an absolute cure for a
Colds should never be neglected.
"Only a cold" too often expresses the
attitude. Colds pave the way for pneu
monia and other serious diseases.
Queen Nathalie of Serbia,
Missing Since War Began,
Found Working in Hospital
The mystery of the whereabouts of
ex-Queen Nathalle of Serbia, who dis
appeared at the outbreak of the war,
was cleared up when she was discov
ered working as a common serving
woman in a big hospital in Bordeaux.
While investigating the medical serv
ice of Bordeaux, Jean de Bonnefon, a
well-known Catholic journalist, who
used to attend the court ceremonies in
Belgrade during the reign of the last
Obrenovitch, found the queen sweep
ing the hospital foors.
When the war began the queen,
whose history is the most tragic court
story known to Europe, placed her pal
ace at Blarritz in the hands of a
friend, princess Ghika, and ordered
it converted into a military hospital.
"As for me," she added, "I am go
ing to efface myself. The times are
so tragic that those who were ocee
rulers of men must aid them in all
On the same evening Queen Nath
alle, unattended, entrained for an un
known destination, and her suite had
not heard a word of her since. In the
hospital where De Bonnefon found her
she volunteered her services under the
name of Nathalle Kechoko, her maiden
name, and for the last two years has
performed the meanest and most ex
hausting duties.
"When I last saw her at the Bel
grade court," writes De Bonnefon,
"King Milan's widow wore a blasing
diadem and looked a harnghty and
qutenly beauty. She was attired in a
purple velvet cloak lined with prmline.
Now she wore brown Holland overalls
instead of the purple deaL."
The wounded soldiers are totally Ig
norant of her identity. They speak
gratefully of her "saintly goodness"
and her untiring eforts to aid them.
At the queen's urget request the ex
act location of the hospital is kept s
ret, as she intends worlng inacognito
until the end of the war.
A Little Bit of Everything.
1ifty thousand combinations are poe
sible with a new combination padlock
An entirely new and apparently ric
doil eld has been discovered in Burma
By an electrical reanlng process a
planmt in Norway is producing 8,000 tons
of sine annually.
Swltserland, in proportion to its pop
tlatio,. spends more on poor relief
than does any other country.
The Chilean government has post
poned convernsis of its paper currency
to gold until January, 1919.
According to a German sdentlist, a
particle of water evaporated from the
ocean is condensed and returns In ten
days but It remains there 8,460 years
before being evaporated agal.
There are no distylerles, brewerles
or publie homes In Persia, and the only
intoxicating beverage used is home
made wine.
A clip has been Invented for holding
a spoon on the edge of a cooking uten
sil or medicine glass.
New York state consumes 370,50,000
tfeet of lamber annually in maklng
packing boxes and crates.
A bed that tolds into a wall and is
hidden by a pair of doorsm is the idea
of a Colorado inventor.
One Paris motion picture plant pro
duces an average of 8,000,000 feet of
ilms weekly.
The temperature of a new electreic
Latiron can be regulated to four differ
ent degrees.
Oxygen and alcohol vapor are being
used to stimulate the heart by English
The first electric lamps ever made in
Argentina were recently turned out at
a new plant.
The white pine blister which is dam
aging the forests has been traced to
the current and goosebery bushes. Con
sequently the state of New York has
ordered the destruction of the berry
bmushes as one of the steps toward the
eradication of the plague.
Italy is enfordng a serles of rega
itloens governing the width eof wheel
rlms allowed on highwyr
Straighten Up! Don't Lose a Day's Work! Clean Your Sluggish
Liver and Bowels With "Dodson's Liver Tone."
Ugh' Calomel makes you sick. Take
a dose of the vile, dangerous drug to
night and tomorrow you may lose a
day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of the bones
Calomel, when it comes into contact
with sour bile crashes into it. break
ing it up. This is when you feel that
awful nausea and cramping. If you
feel sluggish and "all knocked out." if
your liver is torpid and bowels consti
pated or you have headache, dizziness.
coated tongue, if breath is bad or
stomach sour. Just try a spoonful of
harmless Dodson's Liver Tone.
Here's my guarantee--Go to any
drug store or dealer and get a 50-cent
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone Take
a spoonful tonight and if it doesn't
Thousands of Men and Women Have Kidney
Trouble and Never Suspect It.
Nature warns you when the track of
health is not clear. Kidney and bladder
troubles cause many annoying symptoms
and great inconvenience both day and
Unhealthy kidaney may cause lumbago,
rheumatism, catarrh of the bladder, pain
or dull ache in the back, joints or mus
eles, at times have headache or indiges
tion, as time passes you may have a sal
low complexion, puffy or dark circles
under the eyes, sometimes feel as though
you had heart trouble, may have plenty
of ambition but no strength, get weak
sad lose flesh.
If such conditions are permitted to
soatinne, serious results may be expect
ed; Kidney Trouble in its very worst
m may stdeal upon you.
Prevaleny of Kidney Disease.
IMss people do rot realis the alarm
PeCOIAL NOTE-You may obtain a ample sire bottle of Swamp-Root by enclosig
ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binqhmaton, N. Y. This gives you the opportunity
to prove the remarkable merit of this medicine. They will also send you a book of
valuable information, containing many of the thousands of grateful letters received
from men and women who say they found Swamp-Root to be just the remedy needed
in kidney, liver and bladder troubles. The value and success of 8wamp-Root are so
we known that oar readers are advised to send for a sample si bottle. Address Dr.
ilmer & Co , inghbsmte, N. Y. When writing be sure nd menrtion this paper.
N lriQ,Chli & Fern .
Al. a Fine Generl
HIuLLTONIu Steaend Tm
Iru slen ea
Sultable Tite.
"I call my yacht the Milkmaid."
"I suppose that is because she skims
the waves."
With Cutieura, the Qulek, ure and
wasy Way. Trial Free
Bathe with Cuticura Soap, dry and
apply the Ointment. They stop Itch
lan Instantly, ear away pimples,
blaekheads, redness and roughaes, r
mare dandruff and scalp Irritatio,
heal red, roulh and ore hands as
well as most baby skln troubles.
Free sample each by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Caticura, Dept. I
bst~c Sold eveeywhere.-Adv.
A Mistake.
"I like that young fellow, Mr.
Smarty, who is coming to see you,
Matilda. He is a man afttr my own
"Indeed he isn't, then, pa. He's
after mine."
The QuInlnae hat Doees N
Camse MNr vonne or
Rhagn Ian Head
sdiisn of is Tonic and Lntive effect, LAXATIVE
QUMININE cabe tbaken by anyone without c-using
or rinh in tie head. It removes the casue of Colds, Gip
-ed-anc U-.sd whenever Quinine is needed.
"Bromo Quinine"
Laxative Bromo Quinine
S.ne s on as..
Illlllmlll0$880MUJIIIIll l lllr1111111 Illff llgll i lllli ll
the sights ofyourrifle
and see an animal
like this silhouetted
against the back
ground, you like to
feel certain that your
equipment is equal
to the occasion. The
maiority of success.
chester Rfles, which shows how they ae esteemed.
They are made in various styles and calib udand
OunUmumpnmluumuluumI uliumnIa nanuIiuulanumilil
straighten you right up and make yoU
feel fine and vigorous by morning I
%ant you to go back to the store and
get your money. Dodson's Liver Tone
is destroying the sale of calomel b
cause it is real liver medicine; entire
ly vegetable, tLherefore it cannot sall
vrate or make you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's Liver Tone will put your slug
gish liver to work and clean your bow
els of that sour bile and constipated
waste which is clogging your system
and making you feel miserable. I guar
antee that a ltttle iof Dodson's Liver
Tone will keep your entire family feel
ing fine for months. Give it to your
children. It i. harmless; doesn't gripe
and they like its pleasant taste --Adv.
ing increase and remarkable prevaleaue
of kidney disease. ,While kidney d-
orders are among the most common dia
eases that prevail, they are almost the
last recognized by patients, who ussally
content themselves with doctoring the
efects, while the orginal disease may
constantly undermine the system.
If you feel that your kidneys are the
cause of your sickness or run down con
dition, try taking Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root, the famous kidney, liver and blad
der remedy, because as soon as your kid
neys improve, they will help the other
organs to health.
If you are already convinced thd
Swamp-Root is what you need, you earn
purchase the regular fifty-cent and one
dollar size bottles at all drug stores.
Don't make any mistake but remember
the name, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root
and the address, Binghamton, N. Y., wbhis
you will find on every bottle.
Clrcumstaet.al Evidene;- -
"Well, they can't say the new em
press of Austria Is crazy like others
In the imperial family."
"Perhaps not, but to look at her
pompadour in her pictures must make
many suspect she has rats."
Obstinate attacks of Piles are relievel
sad the diScult stools which
them are softened through the see
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pill.. S .
trial boa to Pearl St., Newr Sak.
Wireless waves have been utilised
to light and extinguish gas lamps It
"Femseia" is the woader worker for an
fsmale disorder. Price stoo ad soc. Ada
Too many girls regard marriage a
a lark instead of a frantic leap In the
Did you ever see a girl start
where without waving good-b

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