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Puhllished Bverv Saturday
" J. W. O'BRYAN, Editor and Prop.
Advertising Rates on Application.
SAIb- liIle I.a , u .l r A, t .,f Mu I, he , ,
Saturday, Dec. 30, 1916. 4
On and after Jan. let, 1917, tl' tulib
scription price of the Al 1,eville l'rogr-s,.
will he $1.50 per \ear. Not mor than
two years' saic'l1itton in a,-ance will
h, received at tli prrsent prie of $1.i '
per year. All oriners for sul.scrilptiois"
must be accomlianied by the payment i
J. W. It ;RVAN. I'ul li-htr.,"
Federal Farm Loan Bank for /4\
New Orleans
Although not yet ofattically confirm- i.
ed, sufllc nt information from private 4d
sources has reached New Orleans, to! i)
justify Us in believing that the Queen i
(ity has cceeded, afte- several ! ..
months of ntreno uas effort by irt
prominentcltisi;ns, Rtth Ia pullile at d 4
private life, in securing ,out of thli
Federal Farm Loan Banks, with its
functions serviun the three stites of *T"
Louislana, Mississippi nod Alabama.
This is of the utmost importance to ,
.. city of New Orleans, If Its ambit - 4'
.,n of becoming and remaining the /j1
commercial and financial center of thei
South, is to be realized.
Hot and Colhl Lunches at C. Guidr 's
.Restaura nat.
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A Thought Worth Considering.
Parents, when you select a school for
your son or daughter or young men and
women depending upon their oswn judg
ment, should take into consideration 4
the moral surroundings in which they
will be placed when attending school.
Our large cities are full of saloons and oppo
their accompanying evils. The business Mt
sollege located in these cities cannot GueS
control their students when out of the days
school room, therefore, they are left to
roam the streets at will and get into all )
inds of company. The Tyler Commer- thein
. located in , the beautiful the
and healthy city of Tyler. Texas, a town At
of 15,000 inhabitants, with no saloons or 5-10
their accompanving evils. Tyler has holi
often been referred to as the intellectual
center of Texas and is noted for itr
splendid citizenship. Our large crowd was
of 2000 stadents annually is controlled
h perfect ease, both while in and out J.
1. The pchool is opened each P. 1
.. ejercises that strengthen to s
chasecter of every studentT
walls. Lectures by prominent '
men from various pat ts of the Boa
S npon the necessity of truthful
onesty in a true business ed- 3
tares by some of America's Ioi
tors, men of extensive travel en(
study. strn
morning exercises are made in
, inspiring, and encoaraging.
use our student body to deter -i
' be honest, to be upright, to tei the
cal and industrious, to be ladies tha
* 'emen who will make the bright- Ge
.citizenship. A business ed- set
thout the proper moral train- i
1lare, yet there is not another
-Ioege in the state that spends j.
s on the moral training of its h
The moral training given Is Ti
ommnercial College h.as beet,
y varions religious lbodies, ha
-businerss men and presidents.
; it is the aim of this institut
, cS  that every student leaves
o engthnaed as well as with a
c knowledge of Bookkeeping.
Shorthadd, Cotton Classing, Steno
typewriting. Business Administration s
sad Finance and lTelegraphy. ih
Write for our large beautifully illus- a
trted free catalodue of the Tyler Comrn- a
meral College. Tyler, Texas. Read -
ltcarefally and obtain full particulars. a
it costs no more to place your son or s
danghter in America's largest and most 4
gaecessful business college than it does h
, a some small, inferior institution, with *
eU the temptatiots of the larger cities.
adv. ,
How's This? a
We Offer One Hindrd Dollars Re
fed for any casse of castarrh that can
eg be oured by Hall's Catarrh Med
jalPs Catarrh Medioine bhas been
pby estarrh suff,era, for the
Ihi trty.ive years, and has become
o as u the most reliable remed.
e earrh. Hall's Catarrb Medloine
teetha the blood ofl the Mucous
usefme, expelling the Poison from
go0d ind hebuallag the duseamd
- o have taken Hall's Catarrh
i for a short time you will
. e Ist improvement In yo r
beeli th. Start taking Ualt'
YrL medleto e at once asn get rid
hb . gand for tetimolalns,
SCEelggY & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
all Drom-sg*. TSe. sdv.
ng, Cleaning and
your Carving Set for
Good-bye 1916! Hello 1917!
" We leave the Old and enter the New Year
_with Two Wonderful Pictures
Sunday, l)eceniher 31st
IEthel Clayton and Carlyle Blackwell in
r I'Aicture which will be talked al)out and instantlyv recognizcd as far away
fromi the I;eiteu paith. Miss Clavton makes you feel that she is living two dif
ferent personalities. A picture you will long remcmIllr.
Time: Hour and A Quarter. Also Lonesome Luke Comedy.
Matinee at 4 o'clock.
!o -Nev \ears 1)ay
The Internatiolnally Celebrated Dancers
N11au rice anti Florence Walton
In a Fascinating Photoplay
Wherein you see two of the Greatest Dancers of the World in their famous
Society and Apache Dances. Something out of the ordinary.
Also a Burton Holmes Travelogue.
First Show at 6:15; Second at 7:45; Time: Hour and a Half.
Admission: 5 and 10 cents
* A. O. LANDRY, Manager
Ls~e c Ir.. -- ************
: Brief News Items of Local Interest
~~~~~-------- . .-..- --..***.*...* .~**-*.
Waste neither time, money. talent or
opportunity. C,
Mr. and hire. N. J. Brooseard, of t
QGueydan, spent their Christmas holl
days in Abbeville. 'l
1 Mr. and Mrs. Jos. S. Ewell are having
their home repaired, adding much to al
i the appearance of it.
" Armand Hinmendinger, of the Ahbeville c,
r 5-10-25c Store, spent the Christmas li
s holiday in Lake Charles.
Mr. Nunez, of the firm of Rentschler
Nanez Printing Co., of New Orleans, r
was a visitor here this week. b
it J. A. Wherland, local agent of the S.
:h P. R. R.. returned Tuesday from a visit
u to several points in Central Louisiana.
it JIst received our full line of Holiday C
Boxes and Baskets of delicious candies.
SGive us a call. J. F. Stansbury & Co.
d- Men ought to be mighty good to 1
's women, for nature gave them the big
el end of the log to lift and mighty little
strength to dlo it with - Lincoln.
ig. Contrarv to the previous annourc,'-,
er. nimet made, there will be no servic r at
he the Preshyterian Church ,tomorrow, as
ie' the Pastor. Rev. B. O. Wood, will be in
ht- Gucydan for that day. The next regular
ed- service- will be held on the first Sunday
in inl Janiuary.
ber Mrs. Lillian Watkins, wife of Frank
n\lVatkin., after spsnding part of the
'ts holidla a here ith her parents, left
II Thursday for Norfolk, Va., where the
ee \atkiuis will tnike their home. Her
Brotlher. Paul Noah Zyrangue, accom
.nts panie her as far as Atlanta, where he
itu- will 1~it with relatives for a few days.
th a Sloan's Liniment Eases Pain
ing. Sioan's Lininent i. first thought of
eno- mothers for lumps, broi,e and
tion sprains that are continually happen
Lug to children. It quickly penetrates'
lus- and soothes without rubbing. ('leaner
:ot- and mor effi-ctiv' :han mussy plast
Lead ers or ointments. For rheumatic
lars. aches, neuralgla pain and that grippy
s or soreness after colds, Sloan's Liniment
most uiv s prompt rclief. Have a bottle
does hanly for hruises. strains, sprains aid
with all ext rnal pain. For the thousan!r:
ities, wNose work --ails thm outdoor-. :he
adv. pa on and aches f',llowing exposure
are, relieved hi Slo:an's Liniment. At
all Duggie:s, 250. adv
I I II I I l
Here Is Our
N U-TO N -NIK 01
You Are The Jud
We Are Rea 4
i For Your VERDICT
r, Srs;: The ,ottle of Nu-Ton-Nik I hought of you has certainly done the lots of
gu,l. When I commenced taking it I was all run down with Indigestion. Stbomach
Troubles, Generally randoin. Within a week after taking some I cgeId eat an.
• thing; my indigestion was all gone; could eat anything and lots of it wthdut hurt.
º* lug me in the least. Your water is a wonderful success. Everyone should keep
it in their homes.
Says: As I hate beena so benefited by on battle fNa.TeoIt1ea el that I
d most write and thank yon many tdmes. I bad been i wserer frotth pep faot
or three years. There was very few things that did aot estakte the uick ti aee I
started taking Nu-Ton-Nk I can a saothiag at an ty R and do a&rot , but
latend taking it until I as caed.
SWe wat you. ItUp sees " , tot IMn N! P"I649iiV.0"i t a sio
Rev. L. C Smith from tho L. -D., i
C'ollege was with S. O. Olivier at wl
Nunes the latter part of this week tr
and will preach at the Abbeville Bap- -
list church Sunday evening Dec. 31st atl
at 7. p. m. E
War is so respector of seasons. They
are killing just as many as the Yuletide
approaches as they did when the great b p
conflict first started and with just as
s little heed for "Peace on earth good
will toward men."
Callse Gui.lry will move his restaun
rant into the Russo building and will i
be ready for the first of the year.
All plans are now being made for the
mi,ve Mr. Guidry is enjoying a
splendid business, and is attracting
much comn vent on his famous creole !
c ffee. I,'s good.
For a wonder, it is now the fashion
for womtan to be as healthy as she can. =
o Fresh air is admitted to be a good thing
i for the complexion. No one disputes S
.e that a girl who is an invalid can walk
five miles.a day without dying of fatigue
and an hour's canter on a good horse is p
' recommended as a more helpful pastime o
-t than lying ahed or reading French novels h
s The new style for women has not ar
tn rived a bit too soon.
Lovelace 'Corrodi, son of Mr. and
I Mrs. Chas. ('orrodi, came over from t
Port Arthur to spend Christman with
k home folks; he has been in thle em
he ployment of the Texsa Ovi Co. for
ft about a year and reports tha' work is
he still pl-ntiful over there and that
er most any ona can find a j b, if such is
n- really wanted. That town seenms to
he be also a very god Iplace for study
s. ing the high cost of living, if one Is
interested in ascertaining the facts
pertaining therot ,.
of l
,d Pay Your Subscription.
, The Progress has been lesient with'
,e subscribers in the past, but the con
icr stantly advancing cost of paper and
p, i supplies necessitates closer collections
to i in future, If von are in arrears kindly
pY call and settle, or ring phone 248 for
tnt your i1ll.
1 Charlie Chaplin, the $670,000.00come
Sdian at tl.e Victor Theatre every Friday
he If yon want to see the lhghest paid
are comedian in the world, see Charlie
At iChaplin at the Victor Theatre each
idv Friday.
Hank Omeffial Recomm"nde Them
º T. J Norrell, vice president of the
Bank of Cottonwood, Tex , writes:
S"I have recelved relief and rtcom
.mend FolAy Kidney Pills to any one
t who han Ki:lney trouble." Kidtey
c trouble manifests itself in many ways
- -in worry, by aches, pains, soreness.
stiffnes and , rheumaimsm. 801:
Everywhere. adv
t b Pure, Clean and Wholesome J
is he
is the kind made by the
Home Ice Factory
Phone No. 12
n1 --
g Succession Notice.
es ,State of Louisiana. Parish of Vertmilion 17th t
k Judicial District Court-No. 1005
Stcccssion of Aurelie Dupont LeBlanc.
Wu Whereas. Ephriam LeBlanc. a resident of the
is Pariah of Vermilion La.. has filed this day in my"
e office. his petition praying atlongst other things
a to be appointed Administrator of the estate of 'r
his decensed wife. Aure:ie Dupont 'Lellanc. as
r- .bove numbered and entitled. %
Therefore, notice is hereby riven to any and
all parties interested. to show cause if any they A
have. within the legal delays, why the said
"m P.phritm LeBlanc :ho ild not be appointed as W
,th Administratog aforesaid and letters as such &i
- issued to him upon his complying with all the Is
requisites of the law made and prm'ided.
rGive under my hand and seat of ofice.
is at Abbeville. La.. on this 4th day of December. M'
tat A. D. 1916. 0
is Deputy Clerk of Court.
10 Medlenkn & Brttmer. Attornevs Crowley. La.
ly --
: ( state of Louisiana Parish of Vermilion 17th
Judicial District Court. No. 4955.
Vernon L. Caldwell,
Ildrasr Br aeux
ith By virtue of a writ of seisurr and sale to me
)l- issued out of the Honorable rtvenntth Judicial c
d istrict Court. in and forthe Parish of Vermilion
State of lhouisiana, in the above numbered and it
:ns entitled suit, fully authorldun and empowering
dli me in the prtmi:ms. I have this day seised anud
for taken into my possession to satisfy said writ.
and I will proceed to sell at public auction to
the last and highest responsible bidder, at the e
aes principal front door of the Coturt House in
day I Abheville. Vermilion. Parish. La., within the
legasnl hours prescribed by law for Judicial sales.
aid on
rlie; Saturday, January 20th 1917. d
aCh the following dcscribe.i property, situated in
Vermniliot Parish. to-wit:
A tract of land situated in Vermilion Parish.
La.. contining ten and 13-100 (10.13) arpenta.
bounded North by heirs of Jules Thibodeaux.
S East ,by onesite Toups. or assign on the South
by Lot No. 4. and West by tract of !land received
by mort'ger from Stec.. of his father Alnd.in
Brasseux. and designated as Lot No. 5. of Piat:
One arpent of land to be taken from the
Eastern portion of said land for the benefit of
the property partitioned, for a road and for
storing of wood see Conveyance ItO. 24357.
To ie sold for Cash. without the bcnefit of
Sheriff Office. Abbevtlle, La. this 12th day
of December 16910
AliO. MOlTON'.
Iheri Veteallieo Parish. La.
M. T. Oordy. Attomne
Succe ss Noth,.
state of Louislana. Parish of Vnerdtion. 17th
Judicial District Cosrt--No. 1011.
he of esSuccession of LWdtiet
nath Wherets. "tudhe Ldet. A.hstient dof the
any Parish of Vernliitt, is ., hbs lhd this day in may
hurt o , his ptDtlOla phiing. alongtother titigs
S! to be aptolted Admititsitator of the estate of
the aid . ear Ilett decralad,
thwesote. uaens is erebly vivn to lsY and
hil prties latrestad, to aiw , f i ti t
bt il e c Ithi te legal rd aea w te said
h-a llatrdn e s·lt osed ,,-a els'i m d'
ht4e I to him tipoa his co piaii i Vi 3M it .k ttitd*
o bit isteethseLaw aiude ad
Olee nadte us hoaed ofd ct st
s lis salr .' a.... ue ... arnese
No Higher. Price For This. I tr'; "
While fool and clothing have ,id- chler
vanced inc .t, i i., well for the sick i s,:
that she prices ",f such reliable tiLnii t'l :,r
Sly remedies ua Fivv Kidney 'il:s t,r, il
not increasedr. Iboly K tiney P;:l
cost little anti relieve backacbhe, pail'. (' mf i
in sides a: (I loins, sore mutsce!s, Asiff is SlL
Sj tints, rhoue ati. pains and bladder atlo,:
trouble. Sold Everywhere. adv tIs of
Influence of Far Countries " mi
In Our Modern Dress
China. Jarla'', >,pain and Russia', h
Iach Flurn:,h In-piration t
Accessories Seen in the Stores a.
New Yoirk, 1 e., nhber , a'9. .
(Cosmop, ll ai Nw Yf'rk grows .('"rli
more co-m,y l.tl daily. Even as ii. lh1V
Stier doors art +,I" II to thoso frt::n t;> ',i tlhe
most dilsant p.rt. of th:e word, no ,lit
ire the an:irdl of '.er fashion desiiin're wPih
)lln to r1et iv ..less from the Pur w+,io 1
*orners of t , ;,rtih W'hatever ri::%
hlt turne| t,!" . , ac:('olut is qt:it.:ly (,:
uti.izei au I Ioulit b,-fore the piub-l al It
1it for thu or;,l of fashionahblu wo!- v Ur I.
Oil to pass on. a.
The very latest intil cne iu dr .S I1, ,:
has comie fron tihe Flar Etat .llpan-" .::'
* .e land 'l'hies embroideries anld rioi
like off itsi have come in for recog- :ttIa
,dition ani( bhavi taken quite an inmpor- -,jtai
tant positlonu i tl,e world of fashi.,n. I ,tl r
l - i, Iiar.
re 1
i ts
*Many of the windowso hfythe bept COr
hops are now deplrayig the rn th
me J pfleDe and Chinese garments with
heIr th alike ald gorgeoul oloring to
utosh of us, however, are content to
the windows No one has yet sppe r
Danig r uchai.l
If the t pre bell shoud ring toul
o run and stop it or go and help t';o
Sht oting the Oriental nf mluch te am
way withe ough. A congh is cola
heir lh silt as much oras a re hellorin
You should no moevre try ontent toupprss
admit tho stp a fires ball umwhen it i
rithenio' ut shold curone has det ppesr
' 17 ao Fifth Avoenue narrad Tin thc
. early alw ger be dane y tkinal.
of the m ire berl:ill Cough Ro mdy. Man.
i m are usned itop t orW th got anhelp e
ta esults. It is .spepelaltiy valuible f.,
ac as 'he p Bersisent comlt that .0 ofte n
wanows a had cold or an attack of th
swand grip. n Mrs much as a fechl g
You drew Ind., no morite try to uppn
ated as winter mV husband takes coll easti
anvil and coughs and coughs. Chamber
Sthe lain's Cough Remedy ls the best med
-th rine for hreaking up these atteaks
emier and you cantot ge-t him to, take an'
other " ObtaInable Every wher
tAc. Madv
- Succession Notice.
State of Louisiana. La. Pairih cf '-rmilion 17th
S17tlh Judiciail District Court. .o. Q,.
Succeision of Appolinaire Hrhtrt nnd Mir.a
Whereas. PSoethene Hebrt. m.bmar tritt "
the nbore nlnubered and tetitled k t te hatn , i
to me i thise Ionorna ic Court a tab le;ix ,f e l.h '
i charges and of distribution in tie - . : : , .
rm icion ed c'tate. together with his peti.tin ;crai) r
red it homologtion:
Swrn Therefore. Notice ia heNrebY lit: to .
d nparties ointerested, to show cuee:l if :ii: t:
id writ. have. within the loal d-la's, why theal
i tableaus shotled not he oimidogi ted te,! .e;;rev
r. t the e! and made a judgrment of this cu',rt ad th
i funds tihrceof distributed LaccordiWly.
thin the in t'pestiln tr whereof wi tnl-t t :* n he l dr i (
eil sates eal of office, at Abbtville Louisi';in . thi. '. .
day of Dr'cember 191i. ;MtYET I..\-1M
satelin I John Nudler. Attorney
'""th.' "SHERIFF'S SALE.
State of L nuislana I,,r-ith f Vrfnl: :lion !7th
e South t Judicial District Court ?4 . i0 .
receired P. l I, tl .
• -_-" o Piat: l j..... lt. 5u tle e'..C'1. * rid ,t I
om Phter virtue of ' writ of "ur a' d sle li
-m eit of ii.tet out of the ion.tt 'l''r - e c' eitelh J .t.!.i.
sli for f )istrict Court. in tond r t'" I.risi.f .vcr:nli
an, I o staie of Louisiana, i, t,, ,,oee ,u ,,red ,
mifit of tatitled sUit, fully si itr .ria .... in t cn t e f .!
i mc e iin the piemises, I have thil '<0  ',.
l2th day ltkehi into my Dostessio to et.afy s:.
sad I ril l~oe ed tosrillit u.ihl;c n htI ll *t)t' C
last and igihest responhfrle i,iddr Ct e ih
SL . !prinHcipal front door o. t' lrt ii.. i'E -
Abt'belie, Vertmtlinn 1"0to i' Li it4ii' ;'
.... legal hotrs prescrilbtd ¶,* t.W fur Jdticill 511et.
Saturday, January 20th 1917.
el'tljaolito ensr h jearnto' a
t ohf Oit.p'rain tract of larch liLlg niI 1,i(l;t
Irpr n taco i alsa,. O il tile Wesl iide of lvoyi Vermilon
.louthi by Wesern sret btst itd West nPi
.l s t bended o the h Corhli.v Yinl G OtidrY .it th
si bY Mrit ~se tnsHt t i(.2 t hy the Pti'c I
- qld. k $ias t of
Tob b ue t or ashtli iitiht the htluite ,
gef It f rff, C es. i i n th ta
'--- . I l , At ' , ,. i
*44i bý I,, 1". I
i.4 '4144 I'..t re + 'i t ,1i
'· a'
alto ,: 4114 n% I P I '\
134 Of h i t''. "t 4
Itsy :I'4 r I. ; . 4! . 44 '..
I WI ' : I' K t
I.. ri ,.t, ,1',
t iv,
rhs. ",
U '' lIt 4
r Wti!1 *
1" I 14 t il .' , I i
4 rl 1 44lnlt 4 .1-:4ch I ,.
}: usei r !c , .11' i, s
Ixt .%: ::...:i1 . !: ... .
f 'i. 'j s i 444. ..4,.y ,,.... . I , i .
*a.f4 U! I s:,:.'.' I1-1 L· ..
,'4 r. .kr tr 4 '''n 1 ' t..4 r- I'
,hoot' 4 h ' ii.'-+i" i",'.h., ·lt i r.t -
44441t C44.4)4 "1 "t" ht 44C t " '1 r '1
utter. te t fiiv -- in. ,h lla.; . . r" at'
7 Vre. 'sed fo . 14' al
.u'i winds,:l 4'5A5454 1. c" 1 .'". }, .. '4
;':r g(4wL!: wc.1 I 4444 11";i i .:r, t
4441` 4[flI.[tV 144'.kw4tc' r ate' ii-.1 a t c'
Itilej tt'141.],},4 it-..4F''it 44t4 014 5
ltay. _________
('susrisniý' I*'tl* 'f'ls '1 it
7t ii- luluB t L=t *.4',' : 'ir r" t.i
H''4! " 1 i H4i:i' y u!: -I'1 r 1.. 1.
.\I he, Vii., u. t te"; Fo4r i. s.1i!'- i
" .t lgb h t1(ll j4.lit~1itiu .>t thi isr- t
F.l~' I- 4 iotlw msn-I Tar '4 ..\ 41 (,
ilnc1 after I k`: gZ t(4f" h.,! t i t.. r"
';la%*(] S41-d Ev-'. vwh' 43 4 ''
While you are planniin; to m:te "nur ?:oe:,e
comfortable and attri.c'ive. don't overliok
the great convenie'ce n.d com flr' giv1 . y
EJectri Li, ht a--d Fans
For full information and particulars ca up
the Abbeville Water and Light Plant.....
THIS is a picture of an
t English bakery of the
fifteenth century. That was
a long time ago and things
have changed since then. Among these changes
is that of preparing food. We know how to make
Bread and Rolls
0t a kind that makls eating a plea ure for the people
of this community. They have ten,. home flavor.
and then use avoids the drudgery of home baking.
'They invariably br ing our cust on.. s back for more.
Quality and clentliness are the thn moteio
of thi, boe ry at al, irmcn.
"Qf. t s - tt t top .' :
Phone 3. r Prop .
e 5 t ii nom erica
.U o.o .a An. oio. " . i . I .o L o .yl ,
VTo - 'he
toff s ien Fr:.nc i c
"ý ,,'.
o P. o rt i"". , r :.:! ion an (H " :" ..e L,, -cv e . .
W. H. ,ý.K'Lt'M, . HELLE* G  P
Dih es C r .. .. .. '; L. ,' w ! "i.,
i , Pass. Aget, Gul. Pa. Agent, "
L... C •.h -e. :S, ,A ,.w Orl.aq.4,'
.7.; /:T ~
11 1
V.. · V~
I : ' 1·
ti I.
·.1· .1
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