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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, March 13, 1920, Image 3

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Look at tongue! Remove poisons
from stomach, liver and
)III. lo ok fir tht- 11110: (' 1I 1 i o II
\I('" T t . Ithi .1 1 :Ir. I i-,
cl ii t iii I ii li ng 1>i t i hli I . II w i I : i. ,r
,tcoiil:iih, lisit r a ild h,v l . h ( t'iI i':l ret
oiti%' ti l hui n~lrl. flui - 1-, Ill
direct iit is f~r"i 'iI!'i i ,,i " ,I I ,,i 1 h lut
i.e. (;ivl' it i\',il l l :,:ir.
.1lotlir '. Yo',l iwi-! yi~ "('alifornia."
!llr i .I ~f I " il r 1., Ii l' till
II \ t i" h11 :1 i Il ilT - i)-,I" ni lT. liS. ' litr
Keep Your Liver Active, Your
System Purified and Free From
Colds by Taking Calotabs,
the Nausealess Calomel
Tablets, that are De
lightful, Safe and
Physicians and Druggists are advis
ing their frienlds to kl ..p their syst.nms
purified and their ,rganlls in perfect
working order as a protection against
the return of influenrla. Th'Iy know
that a clouýedl up sv.ttem antl a l:u7y
liver favor tclis, influenza anti serious
Conllicat i ns.
'lo clt :irrt a cold overni -il t anil to
prevent s .rii: s Coul pllict', t'lins t 1ito one
Calotah a:it I,. ]tilmu with a '1. :ilh I- 0t
water - tl; "s alli. No Sialts, o it iý  Ca,
no griii,.,. no si'el;lnlin", after t ii,< tt.
Next iInllIiniLn s',lur ,l 4 l:i \:i : i -l-es ,
ouri r lit er i" :I. i te, y,- :r sq st, -,i i. ,ri
tied awll rei. I., ai l V-l v n ,'I:t
tine with a h..-irty ;il,,'i r ,r ik
fast. 1:t - u ! it tvp,.1u cr.
Cal ho'i s rrt r so' I ,: " J , .: i al
icaled p: ,.kn1 ,"s, price t h -irt -t . t,, nits.
Every driutriu' t is .'uithuri-a iI to rfnniilt
your money if youl are noit i'u-:','ctly
lelighted with Calotabs.- (At]dv.)
A man iuay be fast asleep and too
- at eat at his own way wsIW
Sayi Cream Applied in Nostrils Opens
Air Passages Right Up.
Instant relief-no waiting. Your
clogged nostrils open right tip; the air
passages of your head clear and you
can lIbruthe fretely. No imorte hawking.
snulltilg. blowillng. hIlidclnhe. dryness.
No strugginug for brenth at night;
yourl codl or entarrh disappears.
Get a small bottle of Ely's Cream
Balti froth y.uulr drugglst now. Apply
a little of this fragrant, antiseptic.
healing creatlm in your nostrils. It pen
etrates through every air passage of
the head. soothes the Inflamed or swol
ten mucous membrane and relief comes
It's just fine. Don't stay stuffed up
with a cold or nasty catarrh.-Adv.
Watch your thoughts as well as your
Houston. Texa.--'"Dr. 'ierce's medicine
has given nut such wontlderful relief that
I am glad to give thi tecormenul, telhling
jrtlt whlat it Ilas done
fir rile. I used to iu:ter
-" with \\oatti' oi;tkne55,
u- of lI)r. l'it.r(e'R Fa
S trite |)r. 'ctl- ti()n. I
wi. re-lo:,lI ti, hI alth.
the 'IPrue< ,nt ' luru
.--# intm -;rn-ng, htialthy- and
heilttrd aren il tvery wany.
It is thie iest medihiine for womlen I have
ever itunl.."---Mre. Alre Johnson, 2503
Runnels St.
Every woman who has reason to believe
that backache. headache. unnatural pains,
low spirit. sleepless nights, irregularities
or a catarrbal condition is caused by a
derangement of the womanly functions.
owes it to herself and dear ones to speed
ily overcome the trouble before a general
breakdown causes permanent prostration.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a
non-alcoholic remedy that any ailing wom
an can safely take, because it is prepared
from roots and herbs containing tonic
properties of the most pronounced char
seter. It is not a secret remedy, because
its ingredients are printed on wrapper.
Get Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
today, either in liquid or tablet form, or
tsend Dr. Pieree's Invalids' Hotel. Buffalo,
N. Y., 10 cents for large trialr pecklage.
Beaumout, Temas.--"It is a pleasure to
me to recommend a medicine that har
given me the comfort and relief that I
have derived from the use of Dr. Pierce'
Anuric Tablets. I would advise any per
soa who suffer with kidney or bladde.
weakness to give them a trial without
delay, for 'Anurie' is simply wonderful in
giving immediate relief in all discomfort,
and misery resulting from weakened kid
neys."-Mru . Di hlackford, 3j95 Arsbeli
st. Send Dr. Pierce 10 cents for tr:a
M itchell V^": r"lir
S IEve Ir, s I , alt
Sa l ALL a RUH1. i.
€ .-I
4ýf , ' ý ~ !ýi." .ý .r;rA! . . III N4,. " . 4,
L~ -'-a'
+ :~l~: J
4." ~ j .- r
r.Y r.AME I COC'..RD"
X __ _
St,.i ' I , T. 'i
t 'i ; ' i r .
ih. 1 1 1 iit . ".. . T I I' l ! " . I ' :I'
il'ii rii i - I ' t :i. , ti Tr ll - T 1 ,'' T i
: i < if I It T i l, I '. ij I,
-:tiu fy It. T he , :i-1 -in :_h " ri>iI r" l i
'li" 1 ,ili ,t l ' 1i l . I i I n hi T il url :i ,
Ridded nhis on lor se a' set llt no,
the search.
f&es. ea inmaal ith liiU V ,
as not until thein that he disvere ll
wher thIs har l btraile n doh!e n I ' tr, hi.l
hl Iislf ,1 i thl ' ctil ' sIt l :i l . i
uni tlrk t alld :l til l , t' t il is tlrllt,'
sabundled his own horse and set out on
the search.d rllr. lie ro.d his
After the r last rites hiad beenr:s
after a h tl'. ily t tilat he tiilil rInga ,
hitself to St :I \\.it t ii o i' ei l4Tie It lll,. i
the hoarse'ous nek t ear.lizedonly
whlie thisd horse nd saddle e for luni
dohimself withook a ronid l at ea a aof
hotele of paid hills and his horse, and
still cheanper lodgings. ro his
Inhorse the evening he alke through
the streets of tewear wittle chimo town. Itnly
aftHe becat tiff fight that he could bvering
howely. He realized thrt he had hut
onhimself to parthe worl; hiut one, pand
odr. The. st . lie beganto town wonder
hethe horse's neck and ea frs.end t all;
lie rsold horse and saddle for slixclty
dollars and took roomi at a cheap
hotel until he ilshould fined wori and
In the evening he walked through
olsnubbed him with ts if lndlifference.l
atllirli rk ill i. O iliiiliai i'3il. luliil arlihii ,
He became awareIi ll r that he was very
lonels Iny. He realizedor that he llhad but
one foriend lin thel world; but ione, andi
onti serviinto i lf" friend.
of hesf emot k n. not so t much as hers
tiethn. erI didn't play faItr with him
but I'll huy him bacL. Perhaps trI can
get a job for him, too, pulin' a light
wagon orse ometha'." and
aThe resol tlon to rpl fair" w ith
Silo-eye grihaluaely restored his cheer
fulnes and he walked slowly bacr to
the hotel.
The men's itthint room now per esent
ed a mnch more anImathed pctnre than
hen he haed registered earlier in then
evenIng, It was filled with ranchers.
ers and wage earners with a sprn
krlng of townspeople and others not
ilrectly engaged in some hase of the;
wcattle hlsine s. Soon he was in ar
hllll whatching a gaudily dressed In
dlveiusa doing a sort of sleight of
blt Itrick r lth three cardhs on a
hen  Iri ol"ti o ll 'tolr faI'1 ir wll ith I"
loreye n rlhtil.ly inare.tor, his cheer
aulnesd andloh t hwlken frowl bia-t
erenle hi. ItwIahi rln with ais nli'iugh r,
,cr rnd iliat the cinra the anhcin
hunlig there. l and oh. n
", l* I ti . t"
1,1r r i . I r r .1 : "... . ", ,
ý;'·. I 1, \ll r'!, 1i"' ,dlil'" _'. ,. i., :1Il ..
- 4
"You Ain't Playin'," Said ti. Dealer.
"You Ain't in on This."
Yiul iitulint li-1i glnciinie ai t the ,iay
:se'ttii tut his I iii 'ey, 1n1l it \\ a, in
that in-ist1:iint tthe Irick w:i~ itne. ihe's
too qluick fir the eye, nut tliat'. hoi\v
lie does It."
Ian e becanme Interested,. le sa:\
two or three others lose fives and tonl.
It was plain his companion's tip was
straight. There was just one way to
heat this game, hut It was simple
enough when you knew how. He
sidled close to the table, making great
pretense of Indifference, but watching
the cards closely with his keen black
eyes. The dealer showed his hanld.
madilel a few quick passes, and the
hlnek card flew out to the right. This
was Dave's chance. lie plounced on
it with his left hand, while his other
ltlunted iinto lils pocket.
"Sixty ditll:ir oin this onle,'" he criedl.
tiit thire was t1 Irii i r~umiilit it te ihi
his ric, oif tie unli who klio.ws hie
has hitn the oiher tf hfis iwl za1,'.
' "Yo :ih 'in 1 , :tyi'." I h! t le i l ir.
"*Y illl .i li't Ill till lh !is."
T tli :ll ." ' t l i- \.,.
"Sirl l' in re h ' lin, si:, on I lerw
dealer 'but iyou got it in l. Tilrne.
'r p."Y i I in , ri l" h
The card was red.
Dave looked at It stupidly. It was
a moment or two before he realized
that his money was gone. Then, re
gardless of those about, he rushed
through the crowd, flinging bystand
ers right and left, and plunged Into
the night.
He walked down a street until it
lost itself on the prairie; then he fol
lowed a prairie trail far Into the coun
try. The air was cold and a few drops
of rain were falling In it, but he was
unconscious of the weather. He was
in a rage through and through. Slop
eye was now a dream, a memory.
gone-gone. Everything was gone;
only his revolver and a few cents re
mained. He gripped the revolver
again. With that he was supreme. No
man in all that town of nen schooled
in the ways of the ',,<t "as more
th:'n lif I quit l \lulife that grip lay
hi i' . ~ inI. At the l'oint i f' that
jle.h 1,' ,oull tleti;ii a his lii. nPry
"' h ,, h i hei , . 1lfli. an
c it i itm to li ivn fo r 1t lWai - '~l t h i l
dlidln 't l(!u \Vell. , i lrfr lea rlin
Sixty dollars a thril. I'llilltiol
comes higch. don't it? But you
' 1 ( I ri
id stll' ay i.t i
i hl : ,tin ti it .r
" t . ' 1 II, . . 1.
"1i ii. I d n i mind the Tl
1,. In I.' f Iguire , \ s p.r tt
"l.' I,,ore" where it ':1  tii. i ,
! I the other. "Youtr.' trtni
. I see, atnd I lI'-,l. h!,
1..r or iwo d il i't forry
iiu sh ir'- worth."
1' ra"rn i right," Dave rvidli l. "Im
rII O i n, l ' I alin'lt ll in - i . ,
hor alhi l tll well,I spent ly i ni""- l
,or . r ]:: i i '. so I've got to I :II' 11t i
T .i rer extended W :.
* K,:T'. : I i(jL "Ilike .1:. ). 11r, "
i i ny ay. My .. I ( n
I 'lat. in il' i Offered his " i:: l' t,
hiox. :uln tieI t inoked for a f'ew
imomiients in sil
"What kind do you want?"
Coeward ask
"I know t> 'fb that runs an
employment agency down here," Con
wardi answered. "Let's go down. Per
hnps I can put you in right."
('Coinwrl spoke to the manager of
Sthel employment agency and intro
Notlhing very choice on tap today."
ni-i th. . emp4loyment man. "You can
hl:dle h-orses4, I suppqse?"
'I .lk.S' I', :n," said Dalie-. "slale.".
"I 1:1n plaice yoti deliverinig coal.
Th, - h dilltars a ,lonthy. y11n1 yot, hoird
\\'i; i il' 5e h 5,IS."
i11 take it." said Iave.
The hogs proved to b nelt' lTh lad'
.i.t ford. Tie ownied h' llf a dozen
e:Inns and l\\.is engaged in tile :'artage
iusinesi, ss(pecializing on coal. lIe was
a miian of big flame, big henad,. and a
"Woehle:iary appropriate to they pur
poses to which be applied it. Among
his other possessions were a wife, nu
merous children and a house and barn,
in which lie boarded his beasts of bur
(en,. in-lltaing in the term his horses,
his men ad his wife. In thile order of
their valuation. The chillren were a
y-tlrodulct, vaieless until such time
as they also would he able to work.
Dave learns lesson No. 2
from Conward.
hIT IE Ce YTIN Nlii. l
ExcT: nt Print Made in Emphasis of
Dtffercece Between "Training"
and "Education."
Thht ptt'rodci betw'iee tr nil rhntig and
'itiedu;.iI33 \\Ils well extr.s'-nt.i hI- I)r.
I'. Stiart G(;uer in his adtdress to the
irlilitating class of the schoiol of hor
ticullltlrel for women, when he said:
"Cloth would ei spun on hand looms
today, had no other factor been Intro
duced r into spinning than the instruc
tion oif haughters by mothers. This
kind ofl instruction does not make for
progress; It can sever convert a trade
into a proteion. The spinning jenny
was not invented hby a spinner, nor the
wireless tblegraph by a telegraph
operator, nor the science of agronomy
by practical farnera.
"Progress depends upon a fullness
of preparation olceedlng the limits of
anticipated requirement in Epractice.
That is why I have never liked the
phrase 'teachers' training class.'
Horses may be trained, and a well
trained horse may be depended on to
do accurately and promptly the tricks
that are taught bien. But place him in
a new situation or confront him with
a new problem or an old one some
what nltered-and you may then learn
clearly andt easilyr the difference hE
tkeen traiinngi nad educintotn."-Mont
resl ; e ta e rtld.
Medicine From Horns.
In a 'ino a largle trade exists in denr.
teimiiinotr n1 wtild sheep horus fr
ise l n tmedicine-, and Hongripng, s
the chief cater tof trade in Chirnese
mfreicines in dt pChina, imports a
constlderable t such goods
:annually o suc gods
tht retagh Im Bt lae imI
4: h l , ,:1, h '. , . " ' t r ' r i l , y
'Ihe .rournd iv filh t wil, he'a h l; xi -
"iv\ S". Ill- har', t rmill , : tn ihell .
lEvery ,:1 slii . the w\lrk ,- refo' e\ry
.ild rr, 4tr:ltioi .l h,.:ITI I n* T I n 'orkinT
irt hi. zne ha:ve b1. W. le . In t pe, es.
Vi.llio s i of f.t if h:irh,-i wire nid,
ilii I ,111 ,f 14111 of tIll:nt:Il t \i: ,' a dun( -
-,'rIll t hillernessl oil I Tt f h!fit w a'
oice'l : highly pr uc b.(tih-e" :e ri, 1.
(iton. 'i h a11I vllr . ire iir , - .i" i.s lf
ti t-td. hbrok,, n, t1+i1 w\ ,,.,1. 1t n. , ri. 1:
1n01 : |Ii I tt;V. nýl'\ 1 a' tlrllo l'I,
r .. \" il:lrie r nl h:;1111 l ' "4 t "i- 1. '
by the1 11 n1e, " l .f  1t I~ ,1, !r0'
iont. 'b]the st r1-ts are nme, 1n i o
hlupmp I1 h brio and stvne :nral 1,.
tn.r an d t'"" 'f r in tr .1':,".4 Ijn f
1".l. hot . tallh t'L h ri:' ',,ii : , '!' 1 1H ..11 1
"lhtln oil , ; 1 . , I is h~, h !.t, t,
of ris o1 4t41 t h1 1 ,"'. .". I 1 1 1 '! , ' 1,
o if thIe t la:ir nl 1, ' Ine ,t, r . " ,.'. t
unsi;|htly, ýh:apol,,', 1:14, - 1,f !1:1;1'1 i
al, I +hourld havr(e tfhan : r:lc :re hail
o'nti 'red intil a maltt4 1 aol-1t r,tt'y, c'('ll
Ii:iing Illand con('entratin 11 Ill iof tihe
p, vwers of a cyclone. a torntido nil
an earthquake, and spilled their fury
on these mangled, dead villages.
the.se villages-comin bllek home.
TWht tie sight must have meant to
them. I have seen them, their faces
gray as the gray ruins, standing in the
midst of their destroyed homes. I
have seen them pieking their way over
piles of stone and hbrick throm ug great
openings 0iade in the broken walls. I
saw in their eyes hornesiheknss, a hirt
of heart I nIever shailll foret. f)!d mlren
aind oll woImten and litt'le iari !' I ý..
(cihilrlen ; 1 n11' ln TId innlin n h .tt' wlit
n wonfor m, ""me limlpini
Ti ' l4 lll 1. Ili'i U1 T1"4T l . .4 tl .'llP I ioil int
oIT ('L'tlT 'lii'ch'. tTitlerr+ w14 rlirhlT :In ali
scl'ev'. I iit'l thll ~olrht sLrrled thrir' d
mry Tinli u til it irl'loist 4hl m,.( ,'T It)T '
-War. lThe land of the valr zlone
iTTstT he relaintell. Thnl. . irers rer
iis'lle 114n1' more tlTan rihey were hi'
fore the \11r. The worhli's food sup
ply is low. Hundreds of miles of
trenc(hes must he filled up. Tirees
must be planhed, the ground must hie
eleained of shells., cleared of harbed
wire; vilhlgies, cities, must he rehruit
sewer systetm.l muhst he installed. The
T1Pe" mulhst be hmovled. It is a big job.
One great misfortunle Is that al
though 12 months have come and gone
since the igning of the armistice, no
general comprehensive plan of recon
struction has been started. Here and
there small sections of tile dlevastated
regions are hei~g partly rel'olntruched.
TeTmpraliry prlT'iioTn is being milde
for thll hiioloht l '' 'T'ils is all we'll :141,
l4o(l . lll ft itliliZ4 t1. . o'lVni|TTnin t. tilt
hiu' t Tla l - .l x. r I, nt4-4t11 '1 41
ru fl.4T I ga ttr' l I ,: :1- l 4 n TI l: l
ti l ,' ! hi 14r 4 ' l T, t l' t It 4,, .r 'Thi
, 1" l t thi 44 4 1'r l'r ' ' Iin'i 4 ' :1111
L , tv : 4 h i 1(4
4. r4 . Ih r , 4 - :i ,'t " , for \i 4ri '
\ \'. hllV ' II f l IlV I T li11T'L! 'hill 7.- 4i
, lig s- le 41 l it' iT T hi t Ii er i' I of-!
l ITnEi . E+'l lC ij4 144 , ' ,,ti h ltT If 1W4 " i i
Tn Il l gr i e 1 it i ,\-vTi4lti .lly, 41hlv 13441 0n41 "
Itlt thie iil' lrin'r " 11l1 of the wretI .4
1i1n41 the rebtT iliing is i Tinir tirollltr
clnplaredl wfth fhbi other Ifrit'itl'r and
more lilportanl uIdeitilon of r nt,('Tllruc
tion. the reconstruction of Industry,
the estalsblilhmenl of normni life.
The reclamation of the devastated
area Is. after all. only a matter of
plan. time and money, and notwith
standing the fact that Europe il bank
rupt today, the moneY must and will
ome. The harhed wire will he rolled
uip. the mines and shella wiil be dug
from the fields, the villages will be re
built; everythinil that has been de
stroyed will be replaced. Physical re
onstruction is the least of Europe's
The great problem Ii the reeonatrue
Snow is white because the crystali
are 'e minllti' that 4.fle1 h ei.ll of il
retilnh reeili- 4i L!.ii',rTl unpirT"' 3-,
-.4r 1 fl4tr4' rw i+ 1% 4 'hie- 44 :44- . r- i, 'r
f::i', " h - , " ,
Only Cure is in Work.
1. . . . ;,· ! , r,
, I , i: , i 1 r . I a 1or I I ,r
n t al tI 1 t .rs. i, of r ' ar144 "' ' 1r . . 1, il:'k
ito tla 'ri l I i f r I ia'a r r ii ': I t ai4n4
rot IaIn ltacna r ia.aoa a -.' f la 1. l. Pr
\a\a. a 4la l t r aa: li f' a tinl ' 'arhi
i 4 tha nt,. 4 k :ia Ta' :x,' .e r ini -
, * t' i ' A r ea ri ion it ' I t '. ' ur
\th a' i n 4' k a t '' at if I ' lay
O1 I ti"< r, e ! Imt w ior1ll . I ý :1 1 1 ae r
1 t41 4i i ,." 4 L t. ', 4r I I ;," iu "
!h a tV i l n , "' :"I' ,11, 1t41
in, I1 .'11 to a '11: l' ' i' -it .' Il'tea
. I', , I . lilt' II I i , 4':li,:1 io " i , l i'
hl", \'a' .I ''11'4 r,:'4 .' iia ':Ih ta rl'ha
4c1 trrI , t ii i: Ir i l 4. : II:, - I~ . 1, 1 1 ' _"1'ik
sin i t,\t o l. h'4 Io andt 4i 11l I' .l i'R
starve men nto s,  lr ilmla. There
was a day when that was true, but
that day has passed. never to come.
Mslks open his abil
ty tor. tur a key to the fletory door
and go off on a vacation, imposing
his will on his workmen. . will iscover
that those mnen stoiia I' a certain
"gent." ilate of li'ottsalnat now of I ll,
lanid, fronta doing this very thin, to tihe
worloid. Ile Iiny ak Iup shm, al, Irn
ing to learn a new datinition of the
aaword 'fl'rait."
On.' hiniilt that jaa'oaala' 41o not ra:alize
Is that dtah hr a1 foght t e'he a'.t's
tight far .fra..d.o m ti r 4 the ~,an bah are
naow '-1anlintnin that lI y air' not
gtte hla I:1 wil lt o h orkmn \wi:4ll di1" up
it.ea th, htu i~ ian of the wara. t14 ra nik
hind, fl o ta atrmlies tlnat svatatdiil the
'rrra'ana Par'? Wo were th, grrat
maoritald, ' li a te vlK Il.atean , a Iii the
onsarltiteal ien nuearainar iiaitnt s
n'ho went to tue front far the rltiles?
Tie teamsters, the shhan isat.' mntill
workers, the factory han.s. the coal
miners. These are the stone iame
I ho are the center of the lhaor prob
They fought for you. You wouidn't
beent for theit and when you think ofi
the hland yi bought. remeher thel
blood they ghve.
Apon plied Chrstinity.
who ianl t"a tha reilnte hao a la nah an
lTaaahe (e air.thel sHart lin a lit ,, l n.iO ll!
mert T earet trhr a' int .i\.i mrn
whiri ri tha enti er the i n ior rol:
''-sldhi .ir I Pease on't n'or''t I
I have ftana Ilualnes .oay If It htad't
en ir r tha em. :nd whena'i1 y jr thi o
t bf yai ouir aat a'attioptr'm' herat no
hln-at. stih laie'. Nr iii tar
n 'i aer ' I1lii tah. an aalh inak. I a
you think I Waul taral thw. eIrU Nio
saysA and I ups with my fists anid I hits
her I"-London 'Postn
An Irish school inspector was 1" xail
,wer. "And now." he snail to the same
and thien with a merry twinkle ,i his
eye he replied. - Please, sir, we have
won't allow J- hay."
.,beh ti, a thin at the tori iaint. arratI
Iar hi ta'r, tti i:"aird I' a' lii thrn
la:li!'el t al'thi a a' " 'h . .,h, i.i.a ai r e- i i
111f' . , ,, , n Ci
191. ." p l*'' .4| rl 1.1 r., . .. i. ,,- , :. ,!:. h -
II'..,- . 1 · . ... -
Il' .f*." I, I1l I .l ; I e. I , I .ml
_ ClelI. 1In 1" * at-irl vl."
Take rIiE-TONE
and gain rew cnerty
RlIelh-Taiunel, . n rkl * ...r - r-r,l a , 1 ...- Irae.
enrlaihlag anid p)iavt'  ;- e1., :)". 1. It
eonI ealaa tall .t 1 ." a.'. tn u a 1..1 zare
n erd d oin..I e t , t a Is.. :. 1t " (sa . .t r'-1gtit
anal t Ili .r. P11, h-I l "n"- ra . t, 1. 1 ". sired
narIra.r r-far.an :1.pIi.' 11, a liore.
hi- llathfll ."t'+- 11 i tI il. a .o :11 II'0 , r
thInL. . , lih.h 1,r:/n .-rt,,, g a l .l-l
heln . I . I., 1 .11' I t --t s i-sly I.1111ll
III u It a4 1 raa s tar' .
A. B. Rihhgrds licinr o., 1 i herilan. Te al s
Bright ey,.n, a c,,,r :' , . , y
full cf youlth .:. ' ' . .:y be
yours it you wl i. ) op r ,'stem
In order by rccular y taking
The world's standard remedy fo kLdasn
liver, bladder and uric acid troubles, the
enemies of life end looks. In use elnce
1696. All druggists, three sizes.
Look for the name Cold Medal os oery bee
and accent ao imitatiee
Th is Ultlh)lll.. b u.gilli al 1 tJrlg
r. "n1me Ir i t. , allof th*' tluir:,lin pasi
a a ,i r. a:l-, ril , l .?r i n" . a,.,
Cuticura Soap
Clears the Skin
and Keeps it Clear
Sep 2Sc, Obatmt 25 sd 5, Tee.. 25e.
C;, "P ' at Oaf
For sores, broken
blisters,burns, cuts
and all skin irri
tations. -
Also innumerable
toilet uses.
Sktae Stretat Mew Yos
Tre 'e' H ; nt Iore : .," -a. Tobaacco
t-e., nrt $2 00: . .. .. -tmea.t ,5.00;
--rt rn -.w ' ,: rha-t.. g re
T " ", . " . ... ; .' "- ",cret

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