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By Taking Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
Many Such Cases.
Cairo, Ill.-" Stiet! ago I got .o
bad with female tr'ilue that I thought
I would have to be
operate i n. I had
a bad di;,lacemet'..
My right aide would
Spain rml :and I wi a
so nrvcrou. I coue!!
n,,t hold a g]a- ,,
S I water. Many tir.,s
I aoul, haxe to st ,p
my rWork and si'
down or I would fall
on the floor in a
faint. I consulted
several doctors and
every one told me the same but I kept
fighting to keep from having the opera
tion. I had read so many times of Lyd:a
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compour.d and
it helped my sister so I began taking it.
I have never felt better than I have
since then and I keep hi'se and am able
to do all my work. The Vegetable Com
pound is c-,-rtain~y,,ne grand medicine."
-Mrs. J. it. MAI'I 1iLS, 3311 Sycamore
Street, ('Ciro, Ill.
Of course there are many serious cau,.3
that only a surgical oieratiý,n ill r, -
lieve. We freetly acknowledg." this, bui
the above h t tr. and many, thI. r like:,t
amply ;,rove t.at many operation: ar
recommene,.d when medicine in n.any
cases is ail that i, n, ended.
If you want speci.ti alvic, e rit It
Lydia E. linkhamn .ldicme Cv. v u.,z
dential) Lyon, Mass.
Re U.S.Pat.Off
C olated
A convenient safe
dmelaP cuts and
smes. Atime-tried
cn....man Me. Co.
sea Street New York
so promptly
- checks it
e atural yoa don't want to be
slreoess and let. that old coed or
sg drag on or that new attack
a/rp seously. Not when you can
gt se a proved successful remedy
as Dr. El's New Discovery.
weLah, grippe, croup does not
ait l standard reliever very loos.
t j~gity Is as high today as it al
wqs e been-and it's been growing
ssgAF Is popularity for more than
S yenes 0e. and $1.20 a bottle at
Bl dr gi Give it a trial.
as4akt cter hmfur1, always vie
i s temporary help that omes
-y e phrgtives, but the cor
get aIgM eorrective regula
tits etbiom bewels so proencd
I r. lt a K I Lew use Pllas.
dmJe s setll., they pomote fee
-W se, air up the lIssy, thoreub
m-etai eat Istos, and give
Iase mt tr hS werk and
xAch.t paIm, m, si.
culty in urinating Iten mesn
serious disorders. The world's
standard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid trouble.
bnng quick relie and often ward of
dueadly diseases. Known as the national
remedy of Holland for more than 200
years. All druggists, in three aiee.
Leek far the mie Gold Medal es ever e
ad accwpt me imitatlm
-ON s..i---('lOlIC'E E-AII.Y ,rtPEICKLED
PilE n; al the very be of s, ,l . t, ,ec. I, -
IIv.r v nywh,·, I 1 3i 1 P- nllin. Tennllle. Lia
o M Huntea Lighta nilnL
bIane, Pland peed grown hre ked be
for he hecesslve rains, culled. receaed
bcked th e ew -bet hel bs. Local shhp.
bu. AlE Vlou tana Oklahoma and New Mlt
tee hiprment. epeclal price on carload.
Ret., A. D. tebane: any bank Lockhst Jol
1Ie & Terry Cotton Seed Co.. I, Lockhrt. rTe
t Coughing
le mds I'rmen. a.v thise
( rit std bIIeamw at em o fb
The Progress Woman's Page....
This Department is edited by Julia Bottomley, Associate Editor of the Ladies' Home Journal, and Nellie Max
well, a National authority on Domestic Econolmy, for the pleasure of the ladies of Abbeville atý,i vicirity. Mary
Graham Bonner, delightful writer of Children's Stories, contributes for the Little Folks.-J. W. O'lHrvan. Eoitior.
\, r . ,;. .
nolltt it Ills to evilll the averr e
;ilnoulllt found in cere;lls, on the basis
iof the ulsual servilnigs.
Although iotat),oes and cereals have
a good supply of lime and phosphor
us, they should not be depended upon
as a source of these minerals. As
lime and phosphorus are needed for
building bones and teeth as well as
regulating the body processes, they
should be supplied from milk, eggs, leL
One great advantage that potatoes
have over cereals is that they help to
keep the fluids of the body neutral or
slightly alkaline, because of the potas
sium they contain. Those foods which
have an alkaline reaction in the tis
sues seem to furnish better health to
the average Individual.
The waste In paring a potato after
cooking, as compared to that of the
Imethod of peeling before cooking, I
just half, as the skin holds back the
- mineral salts; the protein and starch
and none of this food substance comes
off with the skin after cooking.
The temperature of water in which
i potatoes are put on to cook saso Is
Saences loss of utriment Erxperl
maets -2* pr-ed that the se at
taoles are put an to oeekI an l war
ter as n boilitag water.
Frew all points of view the best
methods of preparing potatoes are by
baking and steaming.
k If you have a and td adorn your
a city by eoamserated, monuments. arst
y consecrate yourself the most beaatl
ful manument of gentleness and sa l
dis and aewene.-Npicteua
g -
Por those who have a sweet tooth,
the follownlag will be eqJoyed:
Date JaIm-
SRemove the
stanes from two
poands of dates
ft washing
them in warm
Swater. Put thbe.an
4 in a saucepsa
with a pound of
sugar, one pint .of water, the Juice sad
rind of a lemon and a dash of nutmeg.
SSammer until thick, stirring frequently.
re Pour into glasses and seal.
ked Ham in Mllk--Parboll a
piece of smoked ham cut from the en
-ter of the ham, two inches thick. In
milk to cover, twenty minutes. Put
nlato a sancepan and cover with a
paste made of one-half cupful of
brown sugar and two teaspmnfuls of
mustard, mixing with some of thile milk,
and spread over the ham. Bake. sur
rounded with the milk. unthil well
browned, then turn and cover the oth
er side of the ham with the alllar and
mustard. Bake until well browned.
Chicken Cooked in Milk.---Cut tip a
chicken as for frierlnsee. cover with
sweet milk, after rolling in well-sea
Ssaned floulr. and hbke ill a modlertol
,oven until the chickenll is'tender Ti',
gravy will lie thic'kcnel with thile flour
and radyr to servw with tile chlekirn.
Canapes, Spanish Style.-Cult the lie
sired rol)lld-. S.sllIr(es or d(illltllsil· l for
Sthe Clllli)'eS . Fry thl'1r in 11litl' corn
3 oil until wii Ibr,)\wln1d. l'iiuil to a
.imtooitia 141t,5te n..-furth 'Illpfiul eacih
a f lut,'r. ,,'oikedl chicken, two) till.h.
-i o :ll l !. (). I:!of :ln ard grate.! chlie,,.,
D dash of p:llrlkl nd a little ialt.
:o Spre:il tlh? \well-llhndil ,d i :istl ,eit' r the
plrllireald bren:l. (GaIrlli·il a"c'h wiith
flgur.es 'llt fromn sli-(, o <)f )i<-kle or
('I4oked beI ett.
Salad Dressing.--lI:oi1 ,I:r,( (''--s nn.
til stiff, adid thli( jair e ,i f 011' hrntlon
and helt until llithe ,*u ht:lve tiiline(l
Iagain: se.n~en with oale-qal:rter of ai
tesspoonful of peppler alllli a tr:lce o.
caelllle. ('cook in n doillhle boiler 111
til c(lr:llnmy. stirring 'on.tstntly. . Ie
mo-'v friom the fire 5I111 1aild two tabl?
) poonful| of bllltter. '1ll4'n s.-vinc this
- dr.ss inIg., add11 an ,tqual qtl-intity of
w lhilppei' nl tlll c ir "ind a ich seasors'r s as
Sthl' -hlntl .omlnhhaltion rqulirra.
Breakfast Toast.--T'repare stale
Ir-ad ."ay diplping it in cohl water and
I patting into a coveredl pnn tIn a hot
oven. Serve well buttered with hot,
seasoned tomatoes poured over thie hot
brand. Thle tomatoes should be sea
soned to taste with salt, ,epper, but
ter and, If liked. a little sugar.
-,' ·  . . . -
-i<.. _-+-.:,÷.+ ,- :7.,_ "'.+;++';:: :-
':" t- , ,
! Y2. ý,,f C ý,Y
{ S:x f:6f :
g< vi xa
` 4
:;;;{::. :a. to
T HE arbiters of style continue to
bring out beautiful separate
skirts. Their story is changing all
the time with new and interesting
chapters-and always continued. The
array of models includes wool, cotton
and silk fabrics in many weights and
weaves and a great variety of pat
terns, so that there are skirts for all
kinds of wear. One for afternoon is
shown above and is selected from oth
era In the same class because it is
very attractive sand elegst sad at the
stipes) that is pressemd late aer
side plats before it is made up. The
process of pressing bolds the plaits
always in place and makes easy a
graceful adjustment to the ure. The
r ,s
)t .y' {f
richly ndo\~w d w\ith beautiful
ililli ,t'ry than th-, pre-ent ,le. it
c.utiss with an unntlintg \alriety of
hlI.t. in hl:ales :1tl trimiirninsz in
spired by thI art of Imany cuntries
.anal c'Ilentuile. ti, ! 0 .'.LIpt anIl ml Ill l
er ('hila: :Ire ca'lled !Itl, for ilspi
raiii ', that e ;;! 11:I 1 :,'. apaniI l
th,,e frle t ,,' I" qlte II tlr .e if fthe ll
and even IhI f ttll rist :art ,.,lltriul, es
sotnethin_. M1illiners ii this eluntry
are evidently stludyi"_ eleh ij , adl hi ,
s tlr(tces (f 'tyle. \with Ia crllX itº ;I
pre'i*atioi, oef the erieitail elius for
using cehlers.
Amniing these mihlels of ancient andl
distingui'tshed liillnc e there are tnny
simple and lovely creations with
mltuch sh,,rter pedigrees, like the three
typical tmodels in the groulp a:i,\ueve.
IHere a pretty" tura of sltin with nlr
row braid stitched in a lattice work
over it, travels no farthPr hack than
a year or so and patterns it..shacpe
upon the "Blue Devil" tam that euame
to us from France. It 'J a saucy hat
trimmed with two bobbing ornaments
and is shown in several clever devel
opments this spring.
A sailor shape of Batavib AIoth is
found in every representati display,
along with a good many other hap"
m d wtt Batavih. This pti
has ma w kLmu"
lhen is put in the matesisi I
plaited and the at the wa
line taken up with thss. The 1dl1
Ing must be don a mablt. 4
sash of the silk, with m"
and a single I .el t di , a I
tied in a knot ltft SUd a
proves the best am
of the waist.
No matter
bring in the wag :.>
be nothing
iLthe p l
and shoes wbgan!
because thery k
wear with l i.lkt
" z* mureI -an lldented top crown, a
*I d 2'9eq thI :aIoul( the side crowll and a
It brirm ewered tlowers embroidered f
If with rlffia bhr in several color-. A.\
r- Siih of nuir ribbon Is a darins s
s tritrIHin n for .ailor shlipe, but it
I- is used uc fully on this moIfI . r
- It:it:i;n i , i, no e in lllanllly be,,autiful
'Ir nd is new feature il iil1- I
e linrery. 1
s 1A lI elywi brimmed mo iel of I
w ueorA,.tt4, rows of chenille t
,,r lthe ero is sure of sue'cess. t
The blrihn is 0e1 with I! soft fold of I
r the crope a trimmed with 'o(n f
-tcnls :id a " odd ornamentsTIIS that t
I, shnulate flo that are made of
y 'henille. In y of the soft colors. '1
h that are at Ir best in georgette. a
P :a hat like thil a perfect bit of mil- f
blinery art
Seven and shorter sleeves
are to be on y suit jackets
a for sprial, tb ppea oly on
,. the sfits t ea the mIac
* bei Wl
~ mes p
" ' -. 1\ .. I . , ,- :1 . ..
, , v , . i I .., "
\f.'. I . I ., !r n y , , '. '4
"I t' harpd to believe," said Mrs.
"Well, look at t froln your stand
point," said Mr. Eland.
"What's my standpoint?" asked Mrs.
Eland. "A hind foot or a horn or
what ?"
"Your point of view," smaid Mr.
"My view isn't pointed. My view
is nice and round or square or some
thiu-bIt Ws snt pointed."
"I mean," said Mr. Bland. "that you
should look at the fet that people
don't know meeu about ebad tfom
the way that elands d1't knew meek
about POP "
*welte aver I was eatlr J
ia. l sho. |o Mr It Mad; -r.
re, h ."'48.0 !.w atre
") f .' h<dll;el) !sae * n
rly," &d l.l
S I p Iea IMr. IrI i"les
met n, " ebr, hi R7ou se.
at" l.a. hn, ,,what
Six111 III .rWams, alr
,l )
"She Grinned." 1I
Th11 ,y hoy I' 4i el 1"s th4t Si' t 111 t34y"
TiI" . Iilll Itilo 4 ,'S lu ti ' 44 4
t'e:vie 1 i. rli . : l Idi v 'll. M ,M i'
th:it !h4'lI t 1 ,r4 ,i4r l 1Ifºl ';r1 11 ;i 4 4i
fr nIeil t:,I1 111 .\ rh':l. tt l< 1h;11:lI a ti]I . (b
4th:14 If, Ite hI arra mir, 1t4I r r a
ni ,llt to r llrll t the 1,r1' . I li 444 .
1!1h m're fri renly, ehtinyivn n,r l. th +,y in
Tre. y ll thy r irn't r ninr 1 ,4,iril tlity
"lik " u ,'and t1rt. Flnntd. "lhw nlo
4t - u lh c I will "4 th. two 'v +, ha nd
Mother (lou n ekinto nurteryr ju.t al
lintle Hfrman kl'Prs his sl ster)--l :t l
thpoennt to see owP you love erachip
aerme. A --Oh. ono, mt mma ei a 1
fvIor ft ml lik tha ad Io4er4 n-gKa1
of 4e4.'
"'. 4ry1" Iidr. Ilifln shaking ?his
4'.' Mll*
C: ck-Drauc,,t Highly Recom
mmn'ed by Illinois Man for
Liver and Stomach Disor
ders.-Uscd It for Fif
t:en Years.
?h'- .T1 l.... . ,:.k,,, i' I · ,'
ro blI ind
c· : ' · + V,- I: - r , h )r . .nh
N.... v,. : druggist keeps it.
fr,':" '! «' ,' '',',) , .\0 1,l"t h , *
rs. Didn't Know He Sang.
. ir. ( .'. sc store ji... Indianapol tr:tiells
"' . fir , ,,z - '.
Sthe following:.
"One d ay a lady came into thg.
store to buy some music, and after
I had played several pieces to her, I
told her I would play one of Caruso's.
1 After I bad played the piece, she said:
S'Crusoe. Crusoe; why I have heard a
great deal about him and Friday. but
I never knew that he sang'
tr ACT Tme ifTEr
If b erhad with that liar ae t dIm
4 bebh whie. ears.e too fraehest ar u
e m an p" Wsge a rlas, dos't spa* as
MIe Iet e usediins that as Iamid bor
 e ear bn mosItats thsu s mmansg.
SIt It. lIi.~"
Dsp eismps bs puebs at w* aegs
see ea ism Astrulaem mt ovuk
-en biemacsa wsie to eassal
iv qis, r tela. a .t Walti ;. A
't ta1ito ast ine fwuetip a
ated Ia is les i ae M s
t i 0 Now - i b s s stathle Iw h eo
l fg il ea t Wi* ep eheatp v,.
...t. 175. leg et.am aqum.e
e........br o u mias we
was ine to Mdi .te d re its
W.helie rs. a dIe all e s
,s L rIak mgt e a sa.e s thR e pm
fo slo tomaho ,iri ad ,fa
-"whe "at the tny atarheut It On
msade aem outraged flenm&
*- waa osly last lubas lUoelry
ms saying to me how there ham-t
heaven and ao purgat ory. A' lite
he lies now, poor dlvil, all iriss.dre
and nowhere to go."-The Amerlean
Legion Wete, tfrkl. a te u
Look at tesgue! Revove poisone
fr. m stomach, ' ive- ,. d
ii. bowels.
the+r'a-ok You u.gt naey "alif;rna o.
A -1'lanes Chrnrl. .....
'"rht azatiat e or- t ii ) f or th ltnt
al ., its (dr 'll! f4ru. . oF I
te. invrhe it ithou, f.'"
"|.th-i]r .k Y)ou. ;u say':,J' edlitorniaion
tHe .... IN i i W. ure your
chld iq ha-ing: lti.n e -st and mo.t harm
Sstohach. Ilvr reui. o o\.el. Children
Thoe its deaii traity taste. FullAmr
" Nt. (m hiner t se vl;it f her.
The Real One.
"Don't \ou tliink a college education
hpaS?" 'a' : tXih ri in:' i who tries to ge.t
I. The Amerl han tractor of all Amerl
nan machinery seems to have the
Ljrgist Beld a Sweden.
T . 4 - -
T Now Strong and Hearty Though
Case L- J eJ H'opc ess
S Mr Cha .,
., i - 1' .
S 1 l' y I 1,
I I " ' ,
Gat Doans at Any S'oe. 50c a Bo
tr. " . u... r... r : . " > ,-st
"I 1 t s I, . .' . I I l .
Reasonable Deduction.
d lieved the end of the world was com
Is Ing right away," said Farmer Horn
beak, in the midst of his perusal of
1e the county seat newspaper.
,r "Why, they don't, do they?" asked
l his wife.
L "Yes, I gezzo. 'Tennyrte, I sew
here that the postmaster in town bra
t resigned.-Kansas City Star.
FOR " R U"
X"ep Your Liver Active, Te
s stem Puriwe, and Fme r
Colds byi Takin o al
the Nausealess Calaemr
Tablets, that are Ds.
ande, Ie.Druenate I
h rieds to kt their
sad their orgams
rerslg .-g dpity a.
Seaft short a cold overj '..:
serious complications
Sat bedtime with a
w that's all. No salts, a s t
ae grtping, no sickening ar
1 I41 morning your colds has
Sew liver is aetive, your system
Sae sad refreshed and yoea me
1 fe with a hearty appetit ee br
Sthet Eat what you please-se
Caiotabs are sold only k
aled packages, price thhiwt. I
Dyry druggist is auth orMl t '
Syer money it you are 1t
Idlighted with Cslotabs.-(r),
Makes a DI ,"ferm.
"My wife is maklag "t-A-t g;g
beense I wona't give~S Ihp l
"Btd yth ought ato the ua' I
his mre . tlhe a tin m e t.
M~wseaou eawr Mr IP, lt-.
retel triean a o. sn as
shah * e r.ha
Su:t ats coe to the uag wh
.\' ,.. Hot water
Er-t ,.'- Sure Relief
For Grip. Colds and
kills the aelaria germ and
regulnates ithe liver.
(I1 !lIIls OrrIK O0T ANOl .K' IL
,on best white Shoe Polisi. KI ao-or-whate
Company. Box 2l8. Walter.. Oklahoma.
W. N. U., HOUSTON, NO. 1-1lra.
•..,s \r,.",uc rro. . rtle ,,e , ~

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