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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, August 14, 1920, Image 6

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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I i..: 7
L -ý + .t
coºlgCOt -o
PA,1i.r I ., L etI n to D*ýultce Bceauty
of Y'ur ;kin
It I,' hLd at
. ,r. I. 1 11i ll cvlIi
S, r , of h.!i 'r - i 1u
i : I ' :i f r t e
, n .tirlv c, ,. ih. t_. . I h-,
. ,
r,' ii iT" ", ' I' 1 i i " l ln l, ,l,
`. I iýll'h1 ', 1,"I ii 1ti i, 1. 1c ver. M ele 11lh,.
i1c , rtit 1 ;, i:. A.l .! .
cift ` . r ' " ,111 I I :1'. 115 i S iit. fi'rl
I t r "I' I!".l1 I I. tl t , . ,r
A singl. 0'i,, , lnn rof Ii...r c :,e 11.-.1
sam on o-i ', .I I s1. i '-.. its In"r1'
Is* it for infla ilnat inn of  I Ih yes -Adl
After in usiii huos is('l the chcitnrn
form age he begins to lean toward the
simple life.
Back Lame and Achy?
Housework is too hard for a woman
who is half sick, nervous and always
tired. But it keeps piling up, and
gives weak kidneys no time to recover.
f your back is lame and achy and
your kidneys irregular: if you have
"blue spells," sick headaches, nervous
ness, dirziness and rheumuiatic pains.
u-*e foon's Kddn'ey PillR. They have
done wonders for thousands of worn out
A Louisiana Case
Mrs. E. W. Ingram,
W9 Perkerson Ave.
t'rowley, I,.. says: 1
suffered a great deal
with my back and kid
neys. I couldn't rest
comfortably and lost
much ileep. My back
ached so I could hard
ly stand it. I was
told to use foan's
Kidney tills and one
Iox brolgyht Inm mulch
relief so I contlnued l
tlalrCg them. I used
thire, hboxei and ail
nlv r,) u l Is disap
Get Deaa's at Asy Sitem. 50 a ie
Ulmll. psusly ,asdIs. WM' sad
(1db..'. hsomhs.. hamals a as even
11. iam' sad Chlss's Ashles
Childiren row healthy and free
from colic. diarrhaLn. latumer,.
constipation and other trouble it
liven Itt teethlin tUme.
Safe. plmsant-alway. brilias.
markable sad gratittuyg results.
At All
For Grip, Colds and
7-11 ClIlLIf[UG
kills the Malaria germ and
regulates the liver.
The tastiest
tobacco you
ever tasted.
Coantractors' Supplies. Builders
ttardware. Etc. Ptces and In-r
fornmatton furnished on request
FREGKLES -ie--""
I'ittortant to Mntiore V
Al itItu li+'
In f-:e for ti. " : t 1.
('I lirin &li +r II t i :. t,& riai
K r, , t'< id I' O'.
f \ Y r'A
Stops Hair Comning Out
Doubles its Beauty.
A few cents buys "I)anderlne." Atf
ter an application of "li:inderlne" you
can not tind a fallen hair or any dnnd
ruff, besides every hair shows new
life, vigor, brightness, more color and
Exchanging Confidences.
I:dlit I--ltar .Jack is 'o forgetful.
lamiii lIn't lie. At thte party I:ast
nlKht li:ad to kteep reitlinglint him, thait
It's you ihe's enganced to and not ii e.-
London Answers.
Nervous Spells
Near Heart Failure
Eatonic Stopped It
Mr. ('. It. Loats, writing from his
horle at Lay, Mtl, a. ", I lhad been
taking mtediclne froni four specialists,
lbut lll le me,n friend. oite box of
rit ontoll Ilhas done mae mltre good than
all thet remediesll I h:ave ever tried.
I witas in awfully lhad lllape. About
half an hour before' iealis. I got nilrv
ouls, trembtlllng Ond healrt pressure so
had I etmld htardly wil Kor talk. One
ba o, f a, tonlih' stl -eI"l it."
Ent,' oniih ullic'k:,y l1lirtltve< these tru
lv mirvi ll - rt ' ~ilts. hi :t i<a t it tlake's
trf, the ltli.lt < Irtl '- and111 ciarl
rlP- th mII right out I"f t11,w Ih. t
\\I1 , ,:, .. . ,
•r :' C.t CI.
1 . ,. ' - -7 I
\', ' \, t i. C thc, s . I.. e Out.
, I i,, i', , , i, i :, h 1u-i
Il','l : '. . 1 ia, r to l i k ,  la iTHIi
Keeping Track.
lVina-.i tIaI Clta her ivore nowOut.
I Hn ,h : f.al :.r: to thi
Joan-The Kuitne one?
Sr r
1 re:, wh n r.nt n 'c, ,
1 : l . . ' , ! 1 1 1 ' " i. 1 ° ' " 1
II: p·. .*t.l' .1,
tio, 1 l II I ,ill :y t , t. !, I r 5 L 1 1h n i
Chains Surest Safeguard.
.rAnti-skli clhains are necessary
when traveling on roads such as I have
described. Their use is not imperative
eon the front wheels ordinarily, 1l
though many careful drivers apply
them there. Chains are the surest
safeguard cagainst skidding.
When a skld occurs, turn the front,
wheels in the direc'tion of the skid,
release the 'cltch and apply the brake
gently when the wheels seemn to take
hold, not ,before. Do not a:''ply the
hrake etoo h hleey ocr you will increase
the skid action.
Skidding often maly he prevented by
throttling down the enlgine and apply
ing the brake while the clutch is still
d are' 'ls likely ti '.kid than where they,
ire locked mut sliiiug over the pave.
merntr. Iit wlen you nry this method
he very sure that when the I brake is
tapplied you do not twist the steering
*Tihe novice. would do we'll to test
Sthis htllhod on ie wet ic" ic'n) elnt whle re
there Is . r o ,n tr, ffic. :, e i. tie ski a'
directal e, rli er In Ihis r rticle.. tnl at
a v"r io'uere race. mel there" trl to
S. . .. . =' .. `. .
' '. h '. : " . .. . , t . . - J u t .:.
r 1.1 I i , t . i II ,, ai. , , l i ,
\f ! . I ..t i, ai \ ,t a;wr . , b. , whv-- lt 'l ,
Care of Dry Cells.
1 11.y , , li. .!,1 ;, l 1w .; ! ,. il dr
brutiti,,nt 1. \ory :llt ;1' en 'o , "hrt 1'ir
1.1i1 . s St q ,ý o1 " 11i, ilT er t ul " 1;11
he 11",1q 14, ;1.,111 :111%8l it71_4' t1 ? %lent
Secret Switch Good Idea.
Onet of the rl,t effective \alys of
safeguardiing a car from theft is tuo In
stall a secret switch in the ignition
Repair Valve Stern.
"I ' 1 I'I t ', . h ,, . ,
T I 2- . r , 1
:. t '. t
I OIll i .
I L 1 cl c .'" .
s." e
pass It o in passing
treet car always t to the right.
Learn to shift gears without clash
in-. Practet will show the exact en
.ino "seed neeted to make a r ol. s
"n not cut y the corne p fin g a i,
but keetp well to your side of the sireelt.
an to shift wgars Itbefore you CaIkh
' ,la. ,ractice .ill show the eiact in
gin yud need to m"e a no'"' les'
Attention to lubricatonern reurnin
but ke,·l w'ell to your i- de of th!el ' ' r, t,
d Iook hoth ways before' "o u ma\e
th· turn.
will avoid rapid wear of a part. O nce
a part n hadly worn a lot of Inhrirn nt
helps little.
Stop whetn the street car l111the1 of
yolu stops alld stallll still till aill tscase
gers 'ettinci offc are out of the streert.
In rllot cities this is required by ordi
Sfitr it 1*4 difficult to shirt ii nut nf
it thretlr of the lolt. 4A few lr:,'l of
a wmiall three-cornered w ile on th. lir.t
tharealt will almyost alwayts clur' the
Ili\ Itk I
t " , t i1 :I . '" o i - i. .
Ia~ the
s "
1n t1 (I11 rtý 'f j.revelltiT ,,
his t'ar is :1 Ii.'(viaflnjsa \, '·· "
inspected IieriodicaIl,
- ,
itll iru Ira ' o tL to l , e !. a , ý
Time and Grain Can Be Saved by
Proper Adjustment.
Careless Operator Who Doesn't Know
Different Parts is Compelled to
Make Frequent Stops for
Nleded Repairs.
Even iIbi lthe ioi't ffi.i+ient nlpurn
tion of Ilhrn -'ing inuthinell-< ualnder Ihe
h.est lielel einnIlitihnS It is pro aibly not
possili to I N-sa.e ail he' wl'iheat. "In"
slpeeialimi,ý4 of 1lth U'nited 1 Stati" dtepiart
i Int of :ag;riultarl'. 'IThe 'trel.hs, op
elr:itl r, hol-.ev r, who dt.ee IIIt klnio '
ii h:lt . tli ifferentl parts of L lit, ni
llie .i'lo ely. nih I 1hie , tie li' ar itor is
rlilliilig. iUny Iil it rrla Illt il outI it f
grain nneite~ssirIlly. lie' will surely
ht:tv' to miake frequent stops for re
l- airnl ind oth "tiitm nt<. Ev'rry tinme a
nina lhini, stm- tlie,' whole irew., usuailly
severail nkn anti trail s, ist hi lie idle
until It starts :wain. it loss of time In
e-veryiodi v uliir"erne'dl.
"i'h, «vaislt.' oif grlain througi h ilneftl
ieclt aoerelioi of tiei ' thirashing rnet
Chetiies'". though pe.osihly liot I Seitoll.
itter to the' individual flarmer, is a
miitti r oi f erllahtli.s miiillion< of u hli ,'lI
lto til tilnion as a wl 'ihol'. WVitl we%.'
con l.i+ler that there 'r h 1,,00,010t0 ftarm l
~lsaIiar. Ileil I Ii'a era. II 4 )i(c 4 Uiil nh,nah
in: thec I i tal itnt S it is a 'e lnt thatl
i, \ ia-t of .alll1 1- ,t11, :h.l + a. et vrl.o ll'
i\t1, : i 'Ii a lnrt I tii l 1+I,. n hi': gglle ii, ile
\n"ill se i t. Ilas l '. Ih 5i li Ii, Si ta ii' 
criaiih lt s-l, , il tiam :i k*01h inl rt n
f onl titi i. . i - , l ' s. si:ini" I f r it
p rl l :h,, r i i on ait tl ,l - .i I ,
tiih.a a . ,'. i i ' I ' '" ,\ , l+
Land for Late Crops.
, i.u r' a, s1 , la. , e I.
Good Market for Buckwheat.
¶Thera i. a oi e' miarket for usck
,heut w, a'u grar, st ri sufficin.t •i an
tities in a corInlll'ity3 to sl ip in- car
It is the Luiet and contentc d hens
that are th, layinl aBd paying orns.
"' Ii
Idle Land May Be Liability In
stead of Asset.
Avoid Large Areas Without Utility on
Account of Streams, Swamps, or
Rough, Stony Places Not Suit
able Even for Pasture.
In seler.tirn a fart;i ften too little
lit toIIIion iý- g1 l% n 1 to 111 e'nt llition of
Ilthe -oil :unl the Illy- of the' thils with
re 'ferrue a tw , vas-- of enlltiatiot l. 1'rop
l 'rm l in it -ll is o f little v a llhel u nl et s,
it I. s.,, - !IIJate"d that it 'iini i he made
to .yi hi r,,titable returny through the
use of l.:hIr alnd machinelitry. .A farm
of 1111 aeret -ialueId at $10(I per aer'
mayllll be n nmuch better liargail if prae'
tieally till oif le I: lad can hi, ;lut to
,lellr prlofiuble -Ise thalln an,llrl" flarmI
,if ill r ir h lr .r~.a-u'hle alt $.5-,t ier
arte tt whli It l:ifge :u-l aiure ln ;ret
qw1m1" 11 whidih ea n- .' he e-rlailel' , or
fe" pIoiS !tlire.
It Is essenti al, thetreforl'. hat not
or c'tntraitt I e e-,tllvitered. hut the, arieai
available fur lt- r titablh, u'o . Any ad
dliti ntil lnd riay he really it ihibllity
intealid of alt 11I. -i nit very ofteni
the rIeturns are not even s;tlici.nt to
1:1y h, ti(axe-. A :r-."t moren.. tmis:take.
l: 11, i" - '' . , ' i " ' it. "
:I ' ' I I
,1 1
[cu- iir i r
'- · . , r,,
th, hie i . ii t ,o . it. ,I:iU" they wi!,
inrijur,,u'ii - ff,! - wdill fol;o'..
It Is alw;y. to,.t t') use heat! Ile
ointweunt or vasueliule on the hiead.i rf
little iotlits, the ~ame as on litt!
chicks, to prevent danger from head
• RUAD •
F~·i5~ , · .
Improved Road in Oregon.
TheO R:l I, :TIut $4.:I( wiIh ST7. for
t ,.n;r \ \ d nata P~ l , ','te x p r e t b , tt l r I~ h o r
I or ll itlo n . nIIx t y e"Rr. ,1at|rl i e oli
lionrls llre, bette, r. Ii ()l-#;,'rl we· l halve
;-llflt'jt'illll htH'lll lllllllrl llJ ;Illit 11(ll'l re,
War Brought It Into Prominence ar
Commercially Practical Form of
l'hi, "tilite tt h1i' nlniitlortyrIk ar nrt.
Ih. '.t in (prtn illi.. rr o Iin 'tte Iinth
o'rii Cliorn'iclv" p i'th"ra futn 'iff ttrant
i orst t looi iti tio hue to. fitranlccizr
r ool-,,, cuIt nrt'tl ftr thc· inofo rut - ,c re
MllUlill, TOjRlh IiS. ll~rr In-i,-nS hTENT
WaII frBirouht tlr ni tho lCliwnf I o innrt,
Thflii ri .lil it in l b.' r:lt l .:ilrrwcr. lanl, ro ,
c:flrlioc it i.. it it' r l o' :tilo, u i, !i t ,r.
Iipo - jii te n l" wlilnV : b tlfi- tii hii
: lc tilio,,l t h:e- iet If t hre'l,· i lit i ,rc.i oi
ih-t In0lt,- llt Itito i tmr:,Ir In lh -t- ntlrh
tb- riht o-tt f W iftrhi l c tiii flit-finstron
Conftrut tion Work RrardeRd by Wat
Should Now Be Ret:mned to Fa
ci!itafe Trn irsporta~tinn.
the mat rnento of f * in th fo tr
Money for lmrirovem.-nts.
Roads in New Zeatted.
. r_
n t h i fays i-npt~o -'--'t- iii if i
Equalize Farm Business.
, oi . r. ,, I t.' t t "qu "izi ' ir" r
,! ~ ,, ·. , , ,,·
,I Er . ,fl n nt r.
hnsrlio'c~s I~ct-I Weez dlifferent ~~-t-~u'oJu ul
It;o .Cw .

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