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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, August 14, 1920, Image 7

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The Progress Woman's Page....
This Department is edited by Juliha ottomley, Associate Editor of the Ladies' Home JeurnaL and Nellie Mei
wei, a Natienal authority on Domestic Economy, for the pleasure of the ladies of Abbevil1 ad vicinit. M"ary
Griaham Bmner, delightful writer of Children's Stories, contributes for the (Ittle Foks.-- J. W. O'Bryan. Editor.
A s'! v. v. 1 t - l , t . :,t t ýe
I. i' I: ....
l:, fore t . iio ,;,rrie.s :ar,. ail gone, v ,(l
' tO r I''-1\ ., I,. ~ : 1 ": rC ,I;-h hy :,:hl n, ..
Cherry Olives.
I-Fill iiar .vh:
w(ell \:c -l,,h , tier::
Raprry ith ,d Currant reserv,
ii tlte nt,.l. 11.1f
l ti ll I h,- J ar ". 10 1
4. l"] ,rll " s1 llil
til I'll.i r hil " i r l iith ": ,,<l tl in 'e i r l: "tdd
" eti. eli, ,n I f -- :lb a fi t +. nIt i
e., : , ,i ,. ,,ll tiSar l itt. te ri tila .
Raspberry . it d Currant Pres erve
i t.: i -t i liil tl oi r.-s iie1e' :er
tlh . :i'h n !- : f i lu'tie t ine r, eli st
('c t -il -o lin l r. l-tlrain ui tro eh n atb'l"lh.
ickne fiher. f t1 " aleth. Itiiettr tole
heo le keitr, iet tiiga r. hreat to hI illng
loin lt. and cook l itcly t ae mi nitel.
As it 111 a11sweet of raspherrh,< \\lt.n
ethe id aptir : oLfi rlace; the poilti1
pintp ; sld '4 ti litle I eri,. put in
a+ jar, lrol a el oki until all the risph.r
rwe r ll rhe. Serve J:s a vegetabler
',ir t i el with tlhe to ling warm eat-nd
w 'rl elilrti.r I,'' i- .1 " thin nor -
Preserved Peaches.--Piiel ti, It inl
4i44V1 " -all's'+"v i1 ;r. t! It., Fill the
run , 1', ,, :t f" ruit : o n eI> , thn t'
ndd gr':inulllib .",, itiar to (II!I . rt < rr"\'
i. : ` l lilto ! ,:t into :i hiv lt i al I t,,
1!,"(1 ." idl-"hl ri IIl i ratuallI to ."c(":11,0.
frost. tit thi, - prig tihen the frost
il IL n., di_ hr li- dill: le you will find
the t i ,.iu t ih ii ll ly fli lel' p. renchles ,
A pit or uttro h- iirn r e te tlehet i tdds
to the flvwoi. It, Suer` to mark the
spllt I:where th, re i uftll ed, or thes
whoille larde l omay aite to Ibe sproil
to d iir. in th
Green Apples and Onions Fried.
Sice two or three medium siz ed oni thons
ey pthin; put to cook with a table-n
Ilspoat.l i rany sweet it., Wdo not it
ened add a pint of sliced green apples
Snpeeled. Add a little water. sugar
and salt and cook until the mixture Is
well browned. Serve as a vegetable
with sticken With Aspark.
F'or n beginninn to thle warm weath
her litnehr iht ri i nothhing anor re
Sfruit r I t coikJ( tail.
Wtith fresh hter
t r I r th, w therries,
tngelons c'enr citrus
fru the it opa e hn a
great va rie ty
from which to
ehloose. A mol,
linty fruit cut, may he prepared as
ftllow' : ( " itih (4lible centers of
1il.k cuholloh ll o hall o then c FreInch
poute to utter oo; k rr n the bron the
Have all hot, put ah frlet and nodes
hiltl d. I'oi'r o idr salt aire u mnad from
Canton ginge, inr isning Ilte of the sirp
114111 a tahleipoonful or two of the
,helplred c in leir for a halled f dozenrln.
·hlsses. LFor wslt who dlto not ep iy
three giihe'r li ovr cnra ato oint ir-up
alntl c:iih Iken e gl- th a sprlg of
fresh ientls. An oratne fie with the
mIt i, a nota r irm the powdeoin n. dIn
hen- one eeds te nanty ation hatand.
hpailn. til ervd with any o teeth of
the forpttet pest to the workb
of a modern denttl surgeon. but ilke h
Chard i n White proSauce. ( sionk the
iderni oeat har e sil behndl " thlm
hii monplat. Ti mak be a cr hr
ol goldi : n whhch be er to i mmory
podChicken With Asparaguh.-i ta p a
te mayobthe 't tpht the chilken and
f the hroth nd ther okig noodles iw
tiing of chticken a a pauagu will
c.. 4
.. : -.
p' ~·
4~* -~-":
S T'll t 'C e,- tI'I'-h h tl h ::i s.Iiit-, :ind
Titer" c'luliei s for the street, are
launiehel I} their I::ulllfau;i'l lrers long
before the seaso n for their wearing
is at h:Ild. 'This unit, hle dlone so that
lmerrcihantis tllmy huy them a little in
:ldvanc' of the l time when they are
needed. Septembier finds the public
interes.tel and October finds them buy
ing very briskly their practical clothes
for general wear and there Is conald
erabe booeI earlier, for oatftting
young women who are going away to
It is for the benefit of such fortu
nate young persons that the very at
tractive suit shown In the illustration
is offered for consideration in August.
It is one of ruany attractive creations
that are specially well adapted to the
lins of youthful figures. Drawing
such ciniltu'iois as mIniv he gathered
this, early in trn' Aa:iscn, skirts are
tý \varvy ic" i hic 'r: tly in width, the ex
tre'iety narrx Ones not appealing to
P el.',lt' i f t11ie ihct idllcniint andi there
are reially iot an:y nimodels that can
le :cile'td ' , ire in line ,i1ong e inth new
'ot '. .t:iri : aOs he plain or plaited.
T- IERl: ln'e wo ijin inl every com
L munity 1' ih -.ould like to earn
in um."Ey by -ni- s in mns that will
nflt int.'rf, re withi |hilir homle duties.
lit thei hii. rer i itiils there are "short
ho1)'5r isioliln empiloryiii in the shops,
with hours tri:i ,,lvpen iln the morn
Ing oil tIheii' or four in the after
inall aIIi ionitvetlint t aiacrtmneuts in
';tlninm of ell ffort. The :- ol . oppor
t lal!er tfou nitr l till:rr < or nnt the
l'Arl s. ll i~ .t i, _tr r1 . 1 o tntd u ltie"
ais t hl-,r l~,ii,' llciithe- of mTer
lanlisiný n :a 'wall way. Some
,.,nine , f:rm ilii:r t." h ln m illinler'. d  .+
'lriftyl itilh' ,e um d <,. inl the sprint
:'1T faul of thne \e. tiying and sell
,, h:at. uthib they di-ibly in their
ot1n ibth.e'. \\':tists lnl u neckwe ar
ro e rortihE " Ih for others. A busi
1is0 o' this kindl is ustually conducted
by woli'ien who hal.e had experience
in a Gtore "t smne tim,.'.
About theie tlt .l sthable of all things
irE- geo. I f ooils. n Women who excel in
ityli. dire tiin, as in making bread or
eik or preserv,-t. lanes, pickles, or in i
caninglZ fruits,. have an opportunity to
build up at permanent so.urce of In
come If they can introduce and mar
ket their products. Many of them are
using the pireels post for shipping di
rect fromii ,i.untry to city. The first
r.Equliite i- to gather together a few
cusmtolm"l. :llaI this mllust he done
either through solicitation by mall
by per-mlni soliihtLtion. A friend wiT'
Someltint~ s unldertake 1t place farm
products amlllnll hlr acquaintances in
the city. and after the producer gets
In touch with a few regular (lstoEtrs
these can he asked to recommend
commoditlle to their friends. Pre
serves. Jams and pickles, being less'
perishahle than fresh fruits and more
profitable, ought to prove Interesting
prospects to women who excel to mak
ing them.
Women who live near the main
traveled roads used by motorcar tour
ists often pick up considerable money
during the summer months selling al
sorts of eatables to the passers by. A
signpost at the side of the road dl
reets the hungry and thirsty motor
party to the wayside refreshments.
Sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, bread
mad butter, doughnuts and coO are
ecoavelently handled. Women who
bd themselves near mmemr am
_'o ats :ir' a iat! " I '4rt r,.;J';rb . liiv
iln_ those vague oullin. tlhalt are
,'alled "easy" and ar- particularly
smar:t. There is a great variety in
them and in sleeves. which may grow
less as the season grPowS Oihler. It
all depends upon the appeal of the sev
eral styles to the public.
One cannot go wrong in the selection
of a suit like that one shown in the
picture. It has a straight skirt in a
,onmervative length and jtst wide
enough for comfortable walking. The
coat Is straight with narrow belt con
fining it at the waist and there are
very long ends at the front, finished
with tassels. It reveals the persist
ence of embroidery and embroidered
effects In styles for fall and Indications
are that this vogue has not reached
the c(ret of thl w:ave in its popular
Ity. The collar merits s-pec'ial att.n
tion, heing a mixtllre of styles and
a novelty. It is so arranzced that it
:ian he tlirownll nliot tlhel thront like
a short scarf and is prettily finished
with flat tas-.ls. lllltons secure it in
thi. position shown by the picture.
for boys or girls tlln usually arrange
to) furniish suilIllie. of 5s0iii. sort to(
lesid,'s the..e usual nw:ran of pick
ing up pin monley there are npportt
nitite for women who own alnl drive
'ars. In snnmnler and wvinter resorts
they get together sightselnIc parties
andl take' then on shir t moto1r trips
that eld it pretty prfit. or they es
tnhlish a regular trip carrying people
1to and from (certaini points. Womenl
have proved tIhenuiI ve. quite oqInll to
driving nmotor-ers in :ill :parts of the
tinntry. Some y'nog on;Smrt havit" a
very ha:ilpy fiactilty for t'ntertaltting
tchllld ru. Th"y !iundertake to lok
ftfer a number (o little Icones one or
tIwo afternoelsl in ea:eh wie!k. releas'
itle mothears fronl their 'alre for a
brief time. The ,hllir'lcn mtluist he
brought to the hciim of their enter
tainer and called for. She providlc
for their amusenl nt a:il gives tihei
any attentioln they i:iay nieetd, for a fee-.
By looking after a ntumlber of themlt
regularly the' incl-omle Irt worth while.
Semle Womelll atn girlt atr slltcce .s
fttl In slllihitrig -bsecrlitions to perl-.
odlicals and hooks. Some do well sell
ing nlerchandlise., ats stockings, corsets,
embroiderles. among their friends. In
considering the nattier of mnulkfng pin
monomey it i. nelessa$'ry first to take
stock of one's accetmplishmennts to de
terniine what work Is easy to excel In.
Women who know how to plan all the
details for entertainments. luncheons,
dinners and parties are in demand in
thickly settled communities and many
(of themlt turn their gifts to goodl ac
The Modish Overblouse.
A boon to limited incomes is the
modish overblouse, which may he made
in all lingerie .t p and, aided by a
single skirt, g1fi the appearance of
many different frocks. One of the
smartest versions of a more elaborate
garment was developed in heavy filet
mesh, hip length, dyed jade green. The
neck line was influenced by the present
oriental mode and reached In straight
beaded bands from shoulder to shoul.
An overmiddy of blue crepe de chine
Is embroldered in an allover design ln
white beads.
,1 ,, . , i: r h
-' s t is h
I\\ I . I 1 . . . I y al t 'il ! , 1 t , " I t
,,l~. I;I' .,: ~rll 'r win h aill ll
I, 3 , n, ;i, n I, - h tl,' 1 tr.
"!''< , `)~rt , I , t 'l l t- -!
,' t  ." ti r ll I i n '1r1
\ \1 \, Iii- ' , :1, l 1a i Iitt ,: a
f _" .! tt l t I ll ti l fliitl. l, " ; ,
".i !l "1 : r the road wneir <<.t l
'I 1 t. !t her too ,' favorite' it,:\, r
\i',re tli' po irpl,' rlt'ki'l l ro'rs \ s's t
wer, .-, w - et iat l frtgrant in ' h,
early ,,;arl .tilitr'r in the g:rlid aud
w I ht r i l . ri' r lht steeple htuih to, ,r.
"Well. ivt' it I had to sat wits that
the Kini ,f te n'llouds wias havirl a
talk wish lite and ihe said to me:
" "'Sit,',le " ush. di yOU kri, iw I lil
'.aih i ' ll ters ('clnme tI out each .i;y
i: ipr l e-'t Iah and hundl'<.'
"1 ail: 'Y 1r1 don't meairti t tell
rn, lthat It ivers are leaping :anll I,,'lr
"'lhe i:till:'tId and answered]:
"'H"V!I. non ote:etily that. but ithey're
ctllitil (ill lt '. fat that it s'retus as if
"Having a Talk."
they were almost leaping and bound
lig init, fll bloom.
"'YVou sete.' he went on. 'the suni has
dtllte ai great deal of work and sit have
I. I've seen to it that my .\rntl of
Itaindrops played( gently and( c(,,le"l
oif thilt ftlowers without soaking tlheit'
antl kniltt'kinL thetu over al; slomltitllln
lthe, th, whenr i they forcert tli iitit's'lvt'.
"'.1Ani Ietwt'een old Mr. Siln to lrmakeo
themi groiw well and my own vwork iiad
thte, work of nmy helpers we'-cv jllut hidl
lthitii ('euoiill out one after thlle other,
alit d'rtti'wtimrio.s a lot at a time.
"'l'' plto.tle who own lthi' gardens
art' ,h.lliihlutd for they sary that we
rin .iint entnugh to keep the garden
beautliifully watered and not too mInich.
"'We've kept it cool for thie hirn s
lin'l we've ,litne a grteat deill for t1,'
tlut ''rs.
"'In frct we'iy done a rol,';t ti':i)l
all :l,ne I the coullnltry i l'.
rt'il ,I1t tlloen Its eyesf :illt ilk at nlitt.
ilit' 'r:'.r ' irnd tile lean ves ,if II'' Ii"' "
it lI ' city t so the city p lt( ilti' t'tl htl e2 t
ri litl, i of thie frleshtnes~s anld col'l"ett
"...i' '( v llr'e zone to the p:tr i] s tiil
th , i tll, itnu tinirss r i g tl th' cO ility -
ttl-,< l ave C iill' a grt'at il eri of kind
work for ilth CitY people.
"'tnd ilrt little toads '-ho help tihe
g-rin'lt,,t have omre out in titl warm
wt'alhti'r :anid tnoo. there has htoon strlll
nic]' enoline ruin. They hae' fonlicd
plnty If Intad linsclts to eit annrit they
hit y'. rtltnl lhto ir big rirt towVr ,i nrirk
inf tIh i ntrltin hea ttifl.
" 'Mlr. Sulit and I have helpedl the
rveen.ible' too. We have liiade the
tiirloe or fonr peas In eac'h pod very.
fine ones Indeed. It has beoon a fine
.unllnler so far for flowerS and veoe
tilil, in thi sectinn lof the w'orl,. or
of thile 'ountry.' ended the King of the
" 'Of coulr'e.' he added. 'everywhere
we can't do .ust the same. hilbut In the
neighborhlod where you are. Mr.
Stucelile Itush. It has been fine s, far.
And thire flower·s have really run
rtces wilth each other to se which
would win! It has ll'epn imost ecL'it
in g.'
"And I said to the King of the
(Clllloust'Ys.' , youl made me comrs allon
ajliiad of time! Andt I've heard that
thii little apple are gromving ripe
ahead of time too. All of Mother Na
ture's children seem to be running
rate.s and what glortous winners there
are among some of the flowers !"
Being at Your Best.
No one is at her best who is ex
hausted by late hoears, or whosoe head
aches from. eating unsuitable food at
unsnultable times. No one is at her
best who is thinking gloomy, depress
lng thoughts. No one Is at her best
who does not have an Ideal and strive
to live up to It Tqe body. mind and
spirit all have a put lan puttlag a Iat
our best And we kst be at our best
la order t o oaw s uatle tn our
Another Item.
\I t I 1, ii. '. it
"., I " ,. ,, : h.rb
Painful Meeting.
I',1 1 J I-' t ;il.trII I,, i:h "t+tI all
( ,Ii i i" ., . f , ',~ I , a u
hill-- 1l',I !' :t,,. 1 I :t-ierl llh s
wn ifhl' ri.h 'r fr,,.r. -- ', r.' I \\'o, w.
"DonL't you thih i, t ik is a smart
gonn.'?" it-h, The Iaoly.
"I Il. an,' .,r'ed thte gentleman.
".it\ n'.,ii thui lookii . r-.ll'cially foolish
is jpk n oit as I, a,. illy mart."
A Way of Theirs.
"Iti!< I l,:i t" ,I. litl "r I inii: vy."
"\'Whait i ;t?"'
"it or ir l ,'ll-tl'i(',t thoem, the
iortli lhoy *xilunil."
Mr. Cbeerlp: Too bad you liot w
much m6ney in that oil stock swindle.
But brace up, man. Every cloud has
a sliver lining.
Mr. Sappe: Yes, I've heard a rumor
to that effect hbut I haven't yet been
offered any stock in the prospect.
The road to fame
Is long and rouirh
They only win
WVho've got the stuff.
A Suggestion.
"Do you really believe, a wife with
otO ~c ,lking can pull the wool over
l:hr lirlanarl's eyves?"
"Jllu't try somnle nler flannel rakes."
Not Fastened to the Idea.
"I a wife InI) to ,obey her hbus
"I must t:iy I hivlen't seen many
'who wer., tied dA'. Ii to the job."
Very Odd.
"It 'eems stnrihol thait there should
I... o lni ii i ilndi'.trial disturbance
':ellrcsel td ci ellIt "
"Ytu (s!'l""'l:l as by Its very na
tlure it liil-t; ill . ti he a mllinor Issue."
Too Suggestive.
"\\h\ Io diEtists j Cil their offlces
'illen l ll ri 'rs?'
"I .-lnpI'o" I thy. thitrk it WoutI: l make
thehir patie:nt' f'iI tei, aitl if tlhey
Not Certain.
"'ou l nlon\., rny il ltr Iio V we really
gtrin by ,u trial. Ira life."
"That dil.nlld.s :alltc,.athe'r on what
kind ,t Ifl\? ers vwe gt to try them."
Cruel Comment.
"l.ook at the iti i'ia.ri irrliut rig WillV
gave meP. hI, lain '-uli' ta~<t ."
"Yes; all the girl hie's heen erliga,'ed
to admit thi-t In hi- f:v\-or."
Fitting Styles.
"I 'i'e n'here they are raiillkini hats
of .shavlngs."
"They ought to he hirtclulartly ap
Iprop'rlatt, he \t \ i(deneII halid.."
Sometimes Difficult
Little Harry-Papi. whatr is polite
Profesior Brrnldhl;d-- -1Poltenesa,
my gion, is thi art lif nit letting otlher
Ipeople know what till ri-nlly think of
them.--StraI ~1"rl'ri
A New Breed.
"l'liTh poet I 'iiiritei 1 oit to syou at
the clog ,how is nery ipl'lliar i some
nWays. liH' hals a e i'irf'et paslorl for
"Did he have, any ,t" 'er rn exhilbi
tion there?"
Works 3oth Ways.
"One by one our children leave us,"
said the mother saladly, as the fourth
daughter started ,on her wedding jour
'Yes." replield the father, a little
more sadly. "and onf' by one they bring
our sons-in-law back to us."
A Shining Light
"Alice wore two sunbursts, three or
four moonstones and carried a SkI ,
"Then she must have been eagly
the star of tb. occaaion."
A 'A IrL4t xfl o
f li Fl by t a
K 4: I. ..;tr. ii eN"".ý ~'' ý
kx , 9U , tuates
t?:. ci r >tt lie } tI;. fl'IP w, q®
¶4Mrs vI" wo
C :am oca.Inn 'Q
t~~~~~ ý.,.. 1n"anua Ia. U S. A ".R 4
"+;Rý ,Fý.7R~1ý ."71v -h.~ai wý viryyM a c.e
.'ýý ý.;- n·c1ý -ý ·.4 .,ýý i ri G ..
7 %t ,i 7 . i i l ee u 1 ..ý .ý ý " , ý º y ý ._`'..' ý ý "_`rr '....C? "ý x'Gil a .'+ý 'ý ."r ti
Fo MALARIaA, CILLS fid FIV. ti$ ' " ,v ru t
___tl N"JgAV Si yA Ou t.:
`Tl| t , - "- ,; I .11:
'`California Syrup of Figs"
Child's Best I axative
Accept "('alifr :.'.' Syrup of F-i.
i nly-l oI for I!,. 1, '. ' ';al l'lfa lm i toln
the package. th l"ii ,I :'r" surIe your
child Is hat\ing tihe I,,-t :loI Ii.st harm
less physic for the little tiounmich, liver
and bowels. ('Children lve its fruity
taste. Full directions on each bottle.
Yeu must say "Callfornia."-Adv.
Still, a man never seems anxious
to marry a woman who isn't afraid of
a mouse.
99 OUT OF 100
Need Vacher-Balm at Times.
Nothing better for summer colds,
hurts or tcehing. Keep It handy.
Agents wanted where we have none.
E. W. Vacher, Inc., New Orleans,
Prediction Made, Not Without Reason,
That Comrin Generations
Will be Bald.
Th:it thlle it!al l of lhL' nllt\tl .'l'tintr
will h :1'v' nit l:ir I oni hIi h, ! hi:i ht.
predltted tri1111e trJl :11ain. au;ll till- f.il
that liian' Ve it'n ,,- r forty :iv '. l,;id
seelnl to li':Vi i , th tl tli-, ! y' i .
Iio-thie. the l 't ,A I h.' ,' ,nlin ,n
?ertit lo s :-',inirinC W':h ' " . 1t i
earclier al, n ;t th ll s uir! ,
stpe inl i' fi: i 1' ~I : t l'oli - ll - tr
rive. i IT 11 ii V i-' 01h nn ' n!: of
their iwi , i ti- ' tVi-i- ir' i-V bh ,' : I :irt
hair, ",, i!,. , l me t n arf. r,..r i0l , uno
co st'ih uly .,- ii i "iV " -,", ,.,
ha irle, fi o +: .< ,1" :l~ - l, - ,lhll,]
whiof tlhe O '-r 1' . h' h . iV "V I i . o tI
th e w ill tf -'rs' ,!in ,e i, h, ' l i:,r. l, , -
it delil, r-4 ,1 1 t ,I a n th I r hI , Ir.l
The f:.iubr l i.s ti r *i. it
said by lIs -"i, n \",,, , ; lnrl, ,.,. , ril< .
telne:-litilo tr i' - to I ,'t fit t e :hatir
bolsh, \i,- rihu . i t- l ,,. a " lna tot
th e 1'n i ol S mt ilt .-, tlh r" aul el ,, , 1i ;r
aittra .1 s al tenh, ." n- . ii: t , .- 1, , T,
and Clow 1  r phI 1) - rl',fJ . ý,8tin
of the ,,I,!,r r' w hin; h,
v t rlti, . th f ir i , , t .. : . i n , e
W eu rinl ta l- , h.,hl l.-d , h n
Her Way.
Belli"-liil r a 'li" th", pl y:
Nell -l h I h;.l :1 t.,rf,. l tly lvely
tim e. I mri""id -Ir:ti-,l- tlro+ulh tilt.
wholb four nets
LýP'llqtn :I chilbi ]Iavr it- a"\rth w,:f
all tli timn' i- 1 ,urt, .\:i) of m:lkint;
It nil l,:tlp y in the" futtr'+,
. W
Cut Down the Sugar Bill
by eating a cereal that contains its
own sugar self-developed from
grain in making
As a breakfast or luncheon cereal with cream
or milk; or sprinkled over fresh fruit or berries,
Grape-Nuts adds to the meal's pleasure--and
is economical.
Buy from your grocer.
Aches, pains, nervousness, diffi
culty in urinating often mean
ser:ous disorder". The world's
standard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid troubles
bring q ick i elief and often warl off
de: .! V d: .seR. .KXnwn as the national
renraedy ,,2 'lnsand for mote t.artn 200
yeJ:s. All druggists. in three sizes.
(lok f(or the sam CodGo Mdal ea, eaerr boe
and aecept .-+n i d-tatie.r y
Cuticura Soap
Clear the Skin
Sep 25c, Oimae t 2Sm Sc., Tele 25c.
40a. 0o M 1.00 Jars - al .l
Ie c sro mrottlon
i tultloes ompieyl a.
eaa.tmY: Tear iscmbedm. Ic r.
Suir wr ...qr Im .ttei w+. SAln co pleae. y*.
Ba~r Laboratories, Pl'mphIis.
Teacher Flattered Herself That Young.
ster Was Crying Because She
Was Leaving Them.
1''h" grwuaalauiT l ag al\ ' f'.t. ad a 'a' rre
I:',L tt ch m gayI-V tilt' :f " r"rt
ill. gift. I[rictg tihc :aae.a Ih hdt Mialte
I.atn aigi the glft ;ht- i n t 'all
¶that:ai lt I.t ' WI Wa latli~.ig ThI.t a shla
1 ; 'a,;, ho t. ti.'ucha ',l :lh ,.: bhy the i.aa
t,i, .,IO - l ,f y , ha i thl 1 . I h la .' . " 111 t
' 2" tr'!li " a.b01 .al al 'ae'he'"r h;ae
Ta % 1 :t t , 1 a, clhild 'r. ,.:, t.-s, h
". " a', I t'"" Ahl il: r :' 'l. l tli
S f t i ?aabv,. ca\--:a-r:ad
! 'el . in ,. a, , a, t . h " .li. s> N w "...
ar , , ' n ,b: . ha I : g9'1 ,g to leatla
ha !.I h. a iatnr. It "RM hla sittu."
II.:t!t '!n- - o, ',, !, ha i ba last t i-. hli
," a il a. a l,''. t. I ha: I 11he
li i" lits.' I.. -,i lia.s ) .",' ,I3-t to
t air"l !a .:T .'f tata I '.'T"r h1icad :n tI,'rg
Ia .thinL. \ad .Iwhen .bll t'.t that
aI:, ';, " h 'e jt.ust hldling that t.O
' " "t. a: t rTarful farawa .ll.
In a Tender Spot.
11' lt,.t,,a.'ar Nt,, I w l'anh't vatlau ataalnt
in ;it a .. , :a"'.aaentb . Ita l.'raara-..m tbut I
a aa;f . 1 , an,.al iii liiti Il ' 'in
\aga" :r. t' .ai lt I a ) IIIa. l,€a'ala
ja.. withtafa ala. -li a aev laih
M ii-- l,.tlhln lni :'*, . i.. t hi" h"artlt 1
Mr. lt aavar- No ia .h" ha:ilnk rani
Spbiriltal;-is tip th- i"lla'a. bilt the
t i , 't a'' h.- t ' ait( rt Iar,, la.atar.

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