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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, August 14, 1920, Image 8

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Mules and I
Horses i
\Vill be on hand beginning
Tuesday, Aug. 10th
r will have a good line of stock on hand always
Com( e and see me first
Elias Broussard
Phone 234: Abbeville, La.
I Standby Power for the Needful Hour
a R
A a
, ,Power is power O.1," when its source is operative.
Thle Giant is a depennlable standhy,. ready to work on a
m few mlinlutes' nu ,ice. It .will generate power under full
lhand every i'minut, of a tiwenty-four lour ,lay, with day
in wi l -l lay\--out r,,lialbility .At a how cost.
Its. fu,.l" inlput is at all tim,,s n1 ,,i1natically proportion- m
ed to load demand. IH:lult-('xltrcmie economy, inde
p,en ht of o,,,erltor's vigilance.
Install a Giant as stamnlbyl power. , 0
Staunln Pumlps are the lproduct of a ,concern whose
name and standing convey a definite assurance of de- mI
pn dtablility: two most important assets to the purchaser
,)I m11chinery.
Let us figure with you on a Deep Well. Pump, Engine
or anything in the Rice Irrigation line.
Stamm-Scheele M'f'g. Co., Ltd.
Attention Farmers!
J. E. Kibbe, Jr.
What is it: Atlas Tractor OI is made from clean oil compounded with
pure and swvet, aeidless tallow.
Why you should hse it:
It stands the enormous heat that the cylinders develop.
It afiords the best protection against destructive friction.
It does not go to pieces under any condition.
It eliminates costly overhauling and repairs.
It keeps the tractor on the job when n -tetked.
It prevents pIoor comIreeion; ored cylinderi and walls; wasted power
and imupaired efeiencey.
It is correct in body.
It does not permit of great dilution by the fuel used.
It keeps bearings tight.
It prevents over-heating.
It keeps carbon deposits to an absnlute minimum.
It Iorestalls engine-kncekio.g.
Are you going to use th est Tractor Oi , or a fair one or a poor brand?
SIt's up to you.
e1 TI f ATLAnR OIL CO., Ol veld , Ohpo.
" ---- - :,....;_d... . .
Home Ice Factoryt
tEt ective May 1st, 1920.
98 lbs. .F ..AB.......80 E 24 Ibs. . T. .....20e
72 lbs. ................... ........... 60c 12 lbs. ........10....
. 48 1bs. .................. .... 4 0c 5 1bs. . ........ _..... ........ . 5c e
Ice packed in Keep-Kry paper 20c extra per 100 lbs.
lBooks sold for cash only.
DeliveryT on Sunday morning only.
I Please report to manager if you think you are I
getting short \veight or poor servie.
Thanking our customers for their patronage.
. . K. ioVb OX, MJr. se.
United States Citizens Far Away
Enthusiastic Members of the
"Fourteenth" Division.
Among the most enthusiastic and
energetic memblers of the American
Red Cross are those citizens of the
United States who live outside the
contlnental bounduries of their country
-sonar and daughters of the Stars and
Stripes residing at the far coruers of
the earth.
These people compose the Insular
and ioreign l,i\tsion of the parent or
ganization. generally known as the
"Fourteenth' Division, which has
jurisdiction of all territory outside
the country proper; that Is, Alaska.
Porto Rico, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, the
Philippines, Guam. and even the Is
land of Yap, which came under our
flag as a result of the world war. For
the year 1920 this division reported
30.8(18 paid up members.
The main object of this division is
t0 give our citizens everywhere the op
portunity to participate in the work
of the organization which stands for
the hest national ideals. Americans
in far plan.s intensely loyal and pn
triot!c. treasure their memthership in
the Rod Cro- as the outward ex
pressiur of their citizenship. It is an
other tie to the homelandl and to
each other. There are chapters of
this division in Argentine. I,~alva.
Brazil. Canal zone, Chile, China, ('Costa
Rica. Cuba. Iotminican Republle.
Eculdor. El:ngland. France. Guam,
Guntemala. Ilaitl, Hawaii, Hondlurrs.
Japan. Manchuria, Netherlands. Nica
rngua, Paraguay. Peru. Philippines,
Porto Rico. Siberia. Spain. Sweden,
Switzerland. Sria, Turkey. Uruguay,
Vetnezuela anrd Virgin Islands.
During the war these scattered
members of the Red Cross contrtib
uted millions in Imnney, and millions
of dollars' worth of necessary articles
for the men In service, and sent many
doctors and nurses to Prance. At the
same time they carried on an excel
lent Home Service in their respective
communities for the families of those
who had gone to war, and In some re
glons gave large sums of money and
immeasurable personal service to the
I relief of disaster and disease victims.
The division is now establishing
service clubs in foreign ports for the
benefit of sailors in the American Mer
l chant Marine, making plans to aid
Americans in trouble in foreign lands
and completing arrangements for giv
Ing Immediate adequate relief In case
1 of disaster.
SIt is the Fourteenth Division's part
in the great Peace Time program of
the American Ied Cross,
Tbh AnmeWrlea ed Cream Is carrylng
on a wide program of service for the
disabled World War veterans receiving
treatment In Cnlted States Public
Health hospitals. and those being train
ed through agencies of the Federal
Ioard for Vocational Edpcatton.
In each of the Public Health Service
hospitals Rted Cross workers devote
their time to the general welfare of
the service men from the day thley
enter the receiving ward until they
are discharged. After the soldier's dis
charge the Red ('ross continues its
friendly service through the Home
Service Section In hl. own community.
The Red Cross maintains a convatles
cent house st all of the hn.pltals,
where patients can amtuse themselves
after they are well enough to be tip
and around. Parties and picture shows
In the wards are also furnished, with
occasional excurslons when convaleg
cen'-e comet.
Great service has he~n rendered hby
the Red Cross In mental cases in Idpe
tlfying those who have appeared In
siawe hospitals for the insane, and help
lng them secure rlompPnetlion dlue from
the Bureau of War Pisk Insurance.
In the Federal Roard's vnrious dis
trict offices the Red Cross worker, act
min. with the Home Service Sertion,
makes necePssary loans to the men, ar.
ranges sultabhle Ilving conditions, helps
collect evidence and supply facts to the
Hoard. assists in "nppealine cases" and
settles varintls personal difficulties for
the men. The workers also follow up
and laid all men who discontinue tral.
The Red Pross Lagent find men "taOt"
to thie Poard. help clear up delayed
cases and aid the oenllege counselors in
their friendly work with the men.
Many Red Crons chapters have set up
n-erentlion facilities, and In somtne In
stHanes living clubs. so these victims
onf war may have attractive surround.
Ic. and the fun which must go with
eff~'ctive schnool work.
To the American Red Cross institute
for the Blind near Raltimore, Md.,
mnore than half of all the Americana
1amlnd-, in the World War have come
tot training. The Institute, throughi
the Red Cross. long ago conducte'l an
exhaustlive itldustrial survey to deter
n(ine the vocations for which blind
i men cou:ld be fitted As a result it is
Sputting forth well trained metn equip.- I
ped to meet the social, civic and eco
Sntmic requlirementa of their respective
Aid for 8parnls Red Crew,
The thprion chapter of the Amertican
Red ('r0a. rcomposed of Amerricans
resident itn ,lut, has Just contrlhUted
5 410 to a fund betig tilrised by the
Spaentsh ped Cross and the t~angue ot
Red Cross Roneletles for tbhe urp,~e at
SIgbhtinl malaria.
House Dresses $2.50 and 3.00: i ig
'" sB" tore.
Some Whiaperlngl
Accordlitg to an ancient Irish srper,
stition a vrliios horse ouldle be intmPed
hy whispering the creed in its rghtt
ear Fridays and In its left ear on
Wednesdays till it was rured, which
was merely I matter of time. unless it
had been horn at Whirsuautide, l
glrlell tm It wainc Inurhle.
I sow have a competent automobile
mechanic in charge of my repair shop.
All work guaranteed.
American Red Cross Will Have
Health Centers in All Parts
of United States.
The American Red Cross has Inunch.
ed upon a atition wide calli,ign of
tigih'lig d!sea.et and physical defect
-aon'lg tie .Amier ln pel'ople. A new
andl 'lnlqule 'henith institution hI l colmie
intlo ,eiIng as the reMillt of several
months' study by the lced Cro:s Helalth
Service Department at Natloual [lead
Oflihcals in charge of the department
predict that before long this new health
activity will be in actual operatkwi all
over the country, and that the sg;n
"American Red Cross Health Center"
-will lelote as familiar to the peo
ple every where as are now the signs of
the telegraph compaules.
Busy Long Before War.
The ntereest of the American Red
Cross In the fight agaeltst dlsease Is
not, however. of recent origin. Long
before the war the organilation began
this health service thtlr r h Its nt*lic'at
tntits in . ater relief work attil its
depelartmentl of Town and County .Nrx
lug. Durlng the war and f,,lleving
tihe armtnti.e. thousands of American
td ('ross officials have been tirti'ng
dis'ese in the war-stricken cOte'ries.
At the Dttue time tens of thouttan ds of
locaL 1tt'd Cio.s nflicials have Iwen en
gaged at home fihtlng disease, nota
bly during the Influenza epidemics.
The American I ed Cross has de
termined that all tins valuable experi
ence In health service abroad and at
home shall not go to waste. So long
as there are a half a million people
dying yearly in this -ountry from pre
ventable causes, and so long as more
than one-third of the American chil
dren and young people are rvictims of
physical defects, the Red Cross recog
nizes the urgent need for continued
Red Cross health service at home.
How Organization Works.
The Red Cross Health Center Is
governed by business principles. ap
plies business methods, and, In its
more simple form, can be established
and conducted b: lay people.
It proceeds upon the demonstrated
tact that health Is a "ommodity that
can bc hought and sold like brooms
and soap. Therefore, It establishes It
self In a storeroom in the principal
business section of the community. It
displays its goods in the form of at
tractive health exhibits In its show
windows. It advertiles constantly and
extensively. And It uses every husl
ness and social device to attract cua
The Red Cs, lealth Center Is of
service to b k that it gives eat
fellable *lateIrmwa
about extitil j hospiltals. ana
tortl and other "ittitions'for the sicrk
and the defective ' about available
nurses. both trained and practical;
about when to consult a physician and
why to shun the quack and hie tnoe
Teaching DOlease Preventlon.
The Red Cross Health Cehter Is
honwever. ,t een greatar service to the
well. it .-aches people how to pre
vent sit,., s 't and disease. This is done
ii tn+h. hterestlng and attractive
ways-fi I of all. by the dislribution
of t,'". r health literature and
thrm:gh alth lectart Illustrated with
lantei :dties or with health motiol
plctturPe :2' s. Then upecial exhhiblts are
itph. o, after the other, on various
health :; ,ects. Practlcal demonstra
tlons sa :lade: also health playlets by
chtld.e . interest and instruct them
selves ,: d their elders. Classes are
organflitl in personal hygiene, home
care of "' e sick, firsnt aid and in food
selctlrI: and Drelparation. Health
cinht. ,~,'h for younger and older pDen
pie, art rarrmed; also Little Mother.'
Lerngre. Nutrlrttlnn and growth ellnlcs
-re rodltlteed for chlldren.
Alrenlir more than a hundred of
these n,-Il Cross Health Centers are In
arctnual ,iratlon throughout the cotin*
try Mt:.v of them also conducet med
icalt 1l'n1o, but the one chief, out
standirtn feature of the Amerlrcarn Red
Cross lt,"lth Center is Its health edu
cation ~.'rvlice which teaches well peo
pie hne o keep welL
Mir. V, ')as, FPartr, 1l Ho,.. Me
J.0 $ 11 His Prhl M lgd 0o0n.
.,'... time ago seat a a": f.r 'omr
pedliir, seed corn. Ptt it i :1 elte
,:ey R,," and hung it on a rope sItS
!'(Ih,,I a m roof. Rats got it all -
how he'". mt, hut they did bc'iee,' 1
t A whoplpers in the' eatinsl
f"t r) i' t RAT-SNAP." T r.'
-iz , : . l. , $1* 2 . IoId and ' ..ua rn
te! ib . ,\. Summenrs and G. M E:. l
C',tt tLouisisina, Prish of VertlL1
in, Ih Judicial Djstriet Court.--
" . : i '. P. Dt,
S1 Ctu of a da1ta ?ubb5.
S •e i a judg~mtn t reilered bY
the H, abhle, the Seventeenth J'hlie
i s t C(nrt, and i eommi sion to
mte ,ri, Cd,1 of date of Aug 2nd. 19201,
authrl . tmn to sell, I will prv'ed
to ,!l :, ",uhiic auctlidn at the :rit1"il
•'el -" loor of the dolirt HoIle, e t
Abbeli ,. La onl
SatI.t.)y, smb th i'tb, 121).
hot we. ", legal hotirg the f~llownirf
, p 'ro-py to-wit
T¶he \ ,,th Hell of Nthwest cquar-,.
ter ,.' of t. W. 4A)of the North*
""t o. '<k (. . ) lid tle Noth
Stale , f ,ortheast r o Nrt
,we.,(t ..... (,S . V . of N .
W. : ., Section 56, .. II, i. r
1 East. c Merd.
Tertnu 'saels Cu. f
Ah.-'oI,,l, La., this d ay of Au- r
gust, 1920. t
lTtriat ,
Smith & Carmoulitok,
I , I ,
I. .
ý,\ ,' " .' I .., ,, -', ,. , .
h, " r . , .
I '. ,. it : ( -. ' . t 11 I , , ", ":.! , : ,.':
'1 1 I-: , k ,. t ! . , t.n ;,, ,,n:'in ;
'l ! : ..I i '1 , ,'r : ' ,-i :1'
S, .1 , : . ^ L . , . ,l., ,'t
. 'll i., ,  + a . t.rl i '" o ,: :t ,n
Tr, ,f t ,, ... of .. h . . .. .... t.i
-,ale of ONE HUNR: , +vI.l
: ri..t i n pr r st . r, t ::,i per
t , ." f al' of he r, aitl a to~rk o,,f t is
• ' c c,,. ,ck- , , I-Il - ,,c ,. - ,c :t.
, :rporation, and fie per ril ent of all
ic!: suhisrh for must ble actuall
id in fore this corporation engages.
n b an, the remainder . ithin
TI this itl orpotok a f thi be r.' resent
- crtei fixed at the -inm of w Ihih shY
DI'tOI.\ND ]'OI..A.R. :$4o , IX,
dih indto for hundrel shardr of t e
r and the f eN e HalNlIRED DI.d b
.R-he P$0.t o0 per sha-Pre, fifty perand
cret ar, al ' ealed of th tal ste of t is
orporation musift one subscribs dopted for nde
,ore t' e filing of these articles of in
c,,rplration, and fifty per rent of all
-i-tll he p1ersonal propirta, andko trins
l subsrcrilbed for must be actually
,aid in before this corporation engages
ni business. and the remainder within
wev!e months thereafter. The stock
'f this corporation shall be represented
by certieateu, the form ok hoich shall
b determined by .the Board of Diree
'torc and the same shall be ig lled by
he President or Vice-President anat
secretary, and sealed with tte seal of
he corporation, if one is adopted, and
.i'mrall he personal property, andt trans.
frabhle as prescrihed by law. Said
" shall he jaid for in cash, or prop
erty, or in servicee renderel as called
" 1v the Icoicrd ,f Directors. No one
ei.ni -hall ow) a treuter number than
,n shares of the capital stock of this
ii , n. :l ht ,',]itm ll stick os this
- , 'eoration nmn he icrea'c . ,scl t-i ONE
'ir O'-0 c. at anly tini- bs a votIt of
two-thirils of all its stck hohl'.rs at a
oeti,' f tie stoi'kh, hders drly called
',r that purpubo.
This 'cord-:ration lndetr its corr.nrate
name shall have the right and auth'ritv.
to enjoy succession for the full termii of
iinety-nine years from ind nfter the :
t, here-,f, unless ooner dissolved :e
cording to the law and. provi ,i,,ne ,,f
e' , a-ctic;i ts e to snake anl orin a car
oprate seal; tn own tair dehal in propt
.'rtvt; real and lcersinal; ti issue handl,
e1iites and ,lircir ,i'brligatiicts a+c e ton s- I
dire the sanl liyc- trortglcme or other
,-is': to Ih- ,1 stock in other lirtrra
it.s to hol, naqerire ald reis-sue
;hires of its own ,.naital stok; to nap
n,,i:.t tie i~ ecsstiary d'.I rtons, officers
-n1d mranrir.r, or ,licntr s to c.arry on its
',uvct- nil niaffa:.l:, to adopt and en- t
-"',, iita llh' hrv laws, ntd fintallh- to n ,
Il tl, t, t eItilf to carry on the ts
itess for which it is organized and in- I
. .,r o r a t e d l .
Tle Imicile iof this corporation hall '
he at Alhteville, Parish of Vermiliou,
*'.-o if nl.ntisa'i:a, 'wher all mci-tings
of the stockholders and directors shall
l hehl: -,,v i-lhd with the written eeo. "
entt of the diict itors val'id meetings of
h dr"'-s mnry hre held nuttsilt of tire '
ti or tii Tliin the tr 't.tr eltewl ere a
-noi t ite ,Ionir-!r. .\11 eitatins, or
,ther i,-gal , roc.ess shall bhe served trpon a
SI'r,'i,-nt ,t is, his ebsh ,nce, upon V
• , V', Presi lintf, or hn the nahsence
f Ibo+l f thee ofnfters, r upon the Se
,i ary ,f the orporntint. I
A !rTI'L.E '..T.
The lisiniss aff'l-i s f this e-irTora
... hall ne rna a, 4 by a Tieard , f
SEV'EN rdir'citori, anid all of thie nrower
f ei4s crloraition, without rest rition, fi
lall 1 Ie rwtid il and exreited br t'i !i
.nir-~l f Ti'i c ,or. I.ach ,iir,~t-te r shill P
wi icll r 115 rn ritlit at all times l rir t '
. is tirm rof ofice, a! !ast ore full paid
-jtul "nilr e 1 ti " l"! a+ ' os,€!f i ,, capital
s,.,' ,.ihl Hor, of T)ireetors shall
Setcl, actni:nualiv on the sironil Mon
,a; in ,la, etr. ea Ch y-ear tche first el Ie
si I s lie'l th e ti! - in th year 1921. Th
"iv-.t rs shall eli-t fram their number
a l'resttent, V tee-Presitent, anr a See
rcr" nt Treasurer, the offi'e of Sec.- -
rLlrit --rli-Ta irer ar" e r t: l is n t to e dr ,
;erse'- Thi.v may ivp-oint other ae:etits
•cd iitllOtCCee-., rOiri .*iV be remrtoveri na i
,ihlaicri of slit direct • TI'S-c- sha t
,is ,, have t ii- owe-r t, filb any urneayv
cc their funlih r. 'The pirect:,rs shall h'e l- T
,l-cted nt . stekholders' nn-i-ticng, h-ld
at the ,Il miiil, ,f the cicrtrn itln, a.t, 3j
n-,tiec ,f 'aid m.-etiing shiil be deliverel
p1ers'nali" or byc depcsiting in the enst
•.-c r;rrt erlv adliressed to eaeh stock.
,riller, at lhait fiftei dayv be f;'re s5id h
TrIii-lcg Either sttckholdersn mnetings
may he. ht- l.hen ordered hv the Ttoard
,f 'irtrcto~. or upon demandr of one
fifth ,f ihe stockholders, notice of suclh .
meetings to be given as praseribed for ,
to enet directors. Each stockholder l
shall at every stoekholdersi meeting he 11
entitieed to one vote, in person or by
written proxy, of he may send vi5 vote
by letter, the siznature of which must
fro .thiWriedge4 b0|(o* * Koter.' PIb.,
t ''
T\ I'
1' . 1 ' \ 1
. , . L ,r . , ,.
1 " ' ' " ' o' "( I :', h r I" " '
• . a. .
,, . to, a'
: l, ,ur ,
' " I-r nn the c ho , '. t ni r I' T'- i .. he .
., ' .. . , ! , : i , tr , " . 1 to " , 1:1 . 1 , to 1 t.0 1'
. ' . 1 'i T , It ' i i , :' , -. I , . ,1II 4 , rI "l " i
1' aed if t:, n kor , l'-t n:, 'r.',ill h or ad
ahlnry 'rall 2 ete t1 hart a dissolrtionr
" t n the ae, a of ertified cop of saidn the
Sre olution sgn d of the prferdoin of
Ute r at said meeting, on the sto aholdnte'
prState, together thr fromt te to time
era and i ecaetaro themeingal or ad
rnal, two-thirs ades of the direet and stock
all tak ertd to b he prified copy of said
etresolution signed b, the presiding n .
er at said meeting of the srran. I theol
r retr o statery of the ma eeting shallt
te filed in th e oei e of the ' eet.re to hof
anden fitnde s of the direetors adll ot
iers certi l to hatby the president and
that the f:rrgoi , doernent , to have
lish a noti"I' of sail 'hissolution not lcss :
t ian three times in the eltper published
I at Ahhrville. La., andi the enrooration
Shall Ir.' ,re,- to sttle Iii andl a, ilst its
husinesI andl affairs. Sh 'old all of the
r -to- w lh 'r, i aI -t-t in writing to a 'Ii
S-olition no rme et"ing or lnotici thereof
i .hall he neteasirt.
A ' p F ' L,,I; iX.
ip'on the rdis- tionn in An lt manner
,t 11 t thne outsai'tnni debts paill its
,elts ani ru"X( theli trntining mioni eV
, tl, nr,'iert.. nofte th'e s!nkhol lhrs.
aId lsirl It rl, oeruil aiAre v·eSIril in
-'Nc' litlat srs hr the laws of the
i -,ate of pouisaineeae
\eo st kalid r -ainll ier he hscl lin
nr'ts a s et'ri f--c Ithae n in nla hll'r
I le 'ik the ot I hhe has e iS-eeribtl-, O
or shall tnn oif tinahli- in or andoia
etir I' thir ,t of e' of ratulin. po this
e.Itr arll or e'iosinig a etiekholdlrit
to ani liahilit , other tian above pro- (
The stbsCriherq hereto set opllosite
,eni\ .tn--hs the IItler of sharell sub-t
- -rith(l hr cnch 'f them with their re- P
Iap e tire ,i s ,ftnsidc nl'lr seso-, in oirhr
i:t ln ji crhartc.r niR t e urrc pn a tlher
a Ari ti'al sllse.hri -tionl lit. a
Thiis i' lnn llrte I lassel at moy nffi e tin
nllce of lessrs. . V. K. ibbe and W. A.
I'arter, good flt( citmipete'it wititesf', i
w 10 ha re .ignl t"heir namt wi th . t aid
anrrtI'ts f it- pt1I Natr-, awlhter ue.
,a.iti of the iol,' l-c, Ieh tte day month
anl '-,-ar first above written
(S'al> Notary Public. Si
I herli,,- ertifr that thle within was 8
fiie' for recernalinln in this ofP i- on ti
'tIie 'ht r f A u-ue , 1 A at :3 i'el-nk t.I
0th Ity of Atg .st, 1I20. W
1,Clerk ao,: Rhcorlder.:tn
"Wthy I Put Up With Bats for Years"
Writes N. Windsor, Farmer bt
ln which nearly killed our lllitl waicl
dog. I so schrled us thailt ne ouff rlel as
a Iong tlim tiith rats until yrI ntii, Ia
,'or tll) me arc (ut RAT-S.NA P. Tiat 's
thP Sa iat killer an'h a ln aoe lr."j' "
Tirne "ciz~e-, , : 3ce, $1.23. Sold and
h'.liateed I h J. A. Summers 1it: G.
M1, Elire'dge.--Adv.
Beautiful line imoorted hand 'i
bhrodered hantlrkerchiet Big "B" Store.
, old In Beach Deposits.
-ld ml I f-rn in t Sumatra. the thele
be and toin utch Borneo In brach de.
polsit. tertiwary grarel . bed and a,. l i
in rein lepiosts. T If 14 58 contes an
lnebs had becin granted fto prospect.
thE and *ahervlentt worktting of gold
apd uliver IlIIes,
Standard Oil Co. of Lruislana,
Isaac Lanchart B.ker,
! .
' -r t I ' , 1 n, ' . , I.
r , \\ :.w :"Fr ,lr E:,·, a 9: ,"  -'Ii. . -
Saturday Aagu t 14th. 1020.
If f. l ; ahe' fr Vu rT
T , ''" -, , , ,-n' I,, i' . 1, t a, \ it
n111. Rrp''ti t 9a ! r . l~: 1 1"Pa n 'it r o
:h « i ...... ! f, ,r ca :,n .l w,.. 9.'1,, ar t filb
nUlge e LeElar.e et al
S, r t 1,"in . ior i fr the
S "r,. i, o ,e thi .ef " at theon
. ' -' ' , IS at "ay , . u . 2, a1 th.riing
. be tw e ,'I 1 , fr r:, 't f r i , ser n.
r, t in ecn a t ii h l-'iati -, ,
nItll a«" r for 'a 'n1 wtIe foi, at obu
TT sr Wt o, t leitnd". tst re
r   o tf (L , .co' ai -, i wn Ah -Oville,
ne sL u nt ln having at fr a n. o
tI thwee t(3 l) ia-brs a ed bydeepcrtf v
t1a frpt mor el Leris, the folonwig do
P One certain trfet f land lting andr
freing si nte, inr, the arish of enr
milion ,La , (ltaiuuing Twenitv-On
l" Thirteen (13) Township Twelve (12)
South of Rage Four (4) Bast; one.
half width of the Pubtle load runa lg
. on the West of msad lands forms part
t of the area given above but duly re
e served for public use, and beinw the
e name property acquired by Pe'icler
I Roblert form Jules Miguez by act ecx
cuted before Lastie IroutearIl, Notary
q: Public, on December "3rd, 1S95, aird
n,,mhre~d 74.2 of the conveyance re
toeds of Vermili-on Parish, La.
TIerms of sale: Cansh
Sheriff's OftfFrc, .1.lvih', La, thiu
21st da t of ., 1}, IAs! ,
i. . Lahaulen , ia. :' ,,t- .
intate of Louisiana,e Parish of VOril.
i .Whereas, Grafton lriggs, re Tidint in
,the Parish andI State afore otil, hn
miule alilliat ion to he appointvel Ad
rwe L riefnyor, at diions aret hen.'y
(a7)e'1 ar lntslie, to file their oppngdl
laes , if rn they have, to the apli-d
tn n writing with the clerk of
('Thiurt at hi oflice i the Town of Ab(
hatloe, .t o, ten dal-i after the first
nuct thieittr ator as require hr law
ani it seesrdam gven with law.
Witness oy hand auji anedl of ofine,
this 2Rth day of July, A. Di. 192t.
('HAS. B. LEr LAret
n b. H. Kitchell, attorney.
State of LoVir'iall, Parish of Vermil
ion, 17th, Judicial Ilistrict ('oiirt
Succession of Pierre Dupre Marceau
Wherfeas, l)arne Amelie ABr , anard,
e.st iing in tie Parish of ',ruiiilion,
State of Louisiana, las made aitrlica
tion to bhe appointed Almninistrat ix of
tie alonre estate.
',w, therefure, all ln rions archerhy
.airnl andi nrtifie'l to filed tir rlP
siilt ationt the aplicetion, if anin they
have, in writing with the Jlerk of
'Court at his office in the Town of Ab.
Ievillc, a., ten dats after the first
n't i hlerai,,n hor otherwise the said
arplicant will he named and aPlpointel
as such adlhnlnistratrix as required by
law ati in accorance with law.
Witness my hanl thlis Fifth Airi of
IAugust, A. I.. 120..
eeau) t y . Clerk of (Court.
J.hn Nugier Attornuey.
"Rat-8nap Rasts the Best 'frap Bvfr
Mad', Mrs. Emily - sa t ..q.'
" Mv hushand ho mghf *2 *rap. I
Unaght a 50o hoa of RATrSi  V. The
tare only caught 3 rats but re Ratr.
sNAP killed 12 in a week. I'm never
without RAT-SNAp. Reekon I cool4.
n't raise ehick without it.'' !4Ar,
SNAP comes in takers. Three tesr, 3l,
wae, 1.25. Sold nfed tusrfnte, by J?
4. Siummers ad G. M eldaredep449

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