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- n _A= 3 VELPL I a. B e I @ - s ts
A W~AU~rn mu grr SyT o --,?l E 5 RWmEO I AWU S * Wig e agmgl 8UBSEIPTION: *2JO A YEAR.
.owman. o -v]naz.IOx Pakllz/Is p-o A £sATURDAY, DEC. 10 VOL 12 N.. .
i r V U a m - wr' - ' ,-L u g - n-TF P lI l gPM Ai m l "" m II [l In ! Ima A •O -O. ..r ýa l • a ýai I a i I l i • i iN I l IN
We Told
You So!
If you will kinidly refer back to our advertising in
the local lpapers as far hack as six months ago, you will
read where we predicted 'lower prices" for all Dry
Goods, Read; -to-wear and kindred lines. This predic
tion has come true. We, on our part, bought most of our
goods at the lower prices and are now in position to sell
goods accordingly.
Our Contribution
Recognizing that when goods were advancing we
followed the market, we now believe that it is nothing
but right that we should follow the market in the decline.
We therefore have concluded to re-mark every item in our
store, basing our prices on what goods are worth today.
Your Opportunity
This, then, is a great opportunity for Man, Woman
and Child to purchase what you need at prices you can
afford to pay. If you need a Ladies' Coat Suit, Coat or
Dress, Hat or Shoes, Underwear or Top Wear, Piece
Goods in Wool, Silk or Satin or Velvet or Cotton. Or be
it Men's and Boys' Suits, Hats, Shoes, Overalls, in short
every item mentioned or not mentioned, ours is the store
for you to visit.
A Seventy-Five Thousand
Dollar Stock
We carry a stock of Ladies' and Men's wear and
piece goods of all kinds, anything ready for Man, Woman
It is thbsreereadily understood that it is
tbih Sah nisP and
Continues until further notice
If you want to do yourself justice, it will be best to
come to the store in person, as it is impossible to send out
goods with any degree of satisfaction to seller or buyer.
No goods on approval.
J. Weill & Brother
Visit Our Store. We Sell for Cash Only.
o pposite Catholic Church.
Phone No. 47. Port street
. . -.
President. ~Sc.-Treas
Stop and Think
Geuinse values require no "induumesnte" or "oon.
elonsr". They effeot their own ales.
That's the reason we are never looking around for
extraotrdiilary means of dispsing of our stock. We sell
groceries---not tl:ings-and a dollar's worth of them will
always bring a dollar in return without throwing in an
elephant as an "inducement".
We have the goods-the "real" goods-and the
eastomers who buy them. Are you one df them
INM m IL  
'Prizes Awarded
at the Fair
The following shoes the prize win
Iners at the fair hel n ;atunlrday, No
vemher I.,th, at Ahbbevile:
Jersey Rolls: J. S. Ewell. first prize;
.Jean Trahan, setonl Pru.e.
Jersoy C ows: farcellus haarri .'gt ,n,
first prA.t; Jean Truaha;i. sc'uid and
third prize.
Jersey Heifers: Wills Trahan, first
prize; Cleveland Trahan, seconid prize. !
Holstein Bulls: A. ('. ID)ronn first
prize; Nesom Burt, second prize.
Helstein Cows: B. P. LeBloc, first
Holstein Heifer: R. P. LeBlanc, first
Herford Bulls: Russel Greene, first
prize; W. S. Nilson, second prize; Jos.
broussard, thlird prize.
Grade Hcrford Cow: Russell Greene,
,first prize;
Grade HIerford Bull: Js. Broussard,
tirst prize.
Shorthorn Bulls: Felix rrnh::n, first
price; J. F. MePherson, second prize;
Jos. Broussard, third prize.
Angus Bull: Will Rose, firse prize.
Grade Shorthorn Cows: Russel
Greene, first prize; Jos. Broussard, see
ond prize.
0. I. C. Hogs-Boar: Joe Gooch,
first prize.
Sow; Joe Gooch, first prize.
Duroc Boar: Olephiade Hebert, first
Sow and Pigs; J, F. MelP'erson,
first pryize.
Gill: 0. V. Kibbe, first prize.
Poland China Boar: O. V. Kibbe
first prize.
Wyandntcs: Mrs. Joe tiooeh, first
prize; Mrs. Jewell Sirmon, second prize;
Mrs. O. V. Kibbe, third prize.
R. I. Reds: Mrs. Joe Gooch, frst
Ceualsh: Bert Martman, Airt prize.
Members; Officersl
The following is a list of the officers
and members of the Vermilion Parish
Pure Bred Live Stock Association.
J. N. Greene, President.
J. H. Williams, Vice President.
T., H. Casanova, Secretary.
J. P. Gooch, Treasurer.
J. 0. Broussard, director.
J. U. Frederick, director.
0. (1. Tanner, director.
J. G. Lealanc, 1irector.
J. E. Brt,,asard, director.
A. L. Derouen.
A. C. Ikeroucn.
F. B. Williams.
l.aurent Dartez.
W. L. Rose.
Felix Trahan.
J. K. Ewell.
.0. A. Broussard.
R. J. Hollier.
E. P. Putnam.
Russel Greene.
P. G. Greig.
Then. LeBlane.
Edwardl Ilimel.
H. A. Ranrquie,
Alpha Hebert.
J. P'. Vincent.
Eleinn Trahan,
('. C. Br;oessard.
Ilnbilas LeBlanc.
Augustin Piehard.
Aegustin Ntelly.
Olephiade Hebert.
Hevcrin Frederick.
A. W. Richardson.
J. W. Faulk.
.Jsan Trahan.
H. J. David.
O. V. Kibbe.
R. P. LeBlane.
E. . W. Haenry.
Mareellue liarriniton.
1. F. MeCPherson.
Onezime Vincent,
f'laffeyv Meaux,
4ule LaCotar,
Claude Breusearrl.
-Readitg the right hind of books
mrakes one wise. There islits of wis
dom on the shelves of the Ptblc II
An een competitive examination
ucder the rules of the U. 8. Civil Ser
vie C (mmissin for the position of
'.erk . to Post Office Abbeville, La.
'ri b e held on November 27, 1920 con..
nuencing at 9 o'clock A. M.
A-plications for this examination
must be made on the prescribed form
which, with necessarv lnstrustiona,
fma*' Ie obtained from the Commission' s
h1cal epr'esentative. Local R'ttetars at
the Abbce'il't, la., Pest Offic. c iresm
the undcrsignid.
All persons wisltig to take this el.
amitionl sh hnuld sectre bhtatks an I file
Itheir applications W*ith the tindertlgned
at once in order to allow time for aty
necessary eorrectlnr and to arrange
for thw examination.
8terdtmfv Tenth Civil Servtce Di trlet.
Lostl hstminet.
link ~ fcg . "Diamond Dres" eoa.
aiue directios m. simple that ar
oman es dye a material wiertis
1s 3 re 9aas , "5.B
faa-r~;C. gmIm mIQT
Ilwml ~l l
Crepe p:aper offe numtbr of
good op'rtunities f ng C'!rist
mas gifts, espqclalf the children.
Printtdi figures of wil Ua of domestic
animal:s, qre cut out, ht e mnenager.
lee or fumiliar barn friends, that
delight the youngste The pictures
are pasted over at rd and
then cut out, follo the outline of
the animal, but I a stralgh'
piece to provide a
Pretty B Caps
ean to mate, lb the pe
tare ad tbey rlbboa, net
laces and
Th. ' Candle
Every Christmas brings ita new
candle and lamp shades that do so
much to make the house gay ano
pleise their reclplosts. Parchment,
silkt, rlibons and crepe paper are used
for mtaking these gifts. The lovely
sbade pictured is made at crepe paper.
Gift Bags o Ribbons
Plain atha i Mh Ipget sedg
'bad hanbsome W rlbbeas ib
great variety, * to t IDake ap
the lovely epera egu
designed for the Mountlisg
of mnetal at to har.SOaS
with the tt . uuai t l3*
eluding slk eerk psendebte and
,ilk-coveued a at hoead to
auHlp tb enet
F OR thirty-five years Henry Ford, a farmer's toy, has been working on the problem of
a successful tractor for the farm, and "or the past fourteen years has devoted much
time and a vast amount of money to the development of the present Fordson Tractor.
Tcday that Tractor is in use on nearly 100,000 farms and if you have any doubt as to the
satisfaction it gives to those who are using it, call in and get the booklet, just issued by
the Ford Motor Company, and called "The Fordson at Work" and read the testimony
which is there given by the multitude of owners of Fordson Tractors. No evidence can be
more conclusive than that of the man who actually knows by personal experience and this
is the line of testimony carried in this httle booklet. There is no cost for this booklet. If
you cannot call for it, write, drop us a postal, and we will mail it to you without charge.
It is so valuable you ought to have it because it is the open door through which the farmer
will pass from the hard working drudge to the comparative comfort of the manufacturer.
The I'ordson makes it possible for the farmer to plan and direct, while the machine will
do the work. It presents thc widest latitude for the farmer to exercise his brain power and
plan how he can get the most from the soil,knowing that the Tractor will do the hard
work, do it better, do it qtucker, and therefore do it more profitably. This means not alone
in the cultivation of the soil, in the harvesting of the crops, but in a hundred and one dif
ferent demands that axe made for labor, cutting of ensilage and the filling of the silo;
cutting of wood; operation of the washing machine; mn the lighting of the house with
aeectricity; supplying the house with runnng water; bringing to the farmer's wife and
daujhters the conveniences of the city, relieving them of much of the hard, unpleasant
part of housework.
Phone No. 56. ABBE VILLE, LA. East of Postoffice.
School News
BELLE mBLANC, School Editor
Mr. Williams visited our School on
haeaday and Wednesdau.
attend the Home Economics shower, are
taill sending presents to the depart
ment. The presents are thoroughly up.
'Irhe 1'oot all game played on Thanks
giving day was played in Morgan City.
Our boys held down the Morgan City
boys. in the first half, but could not
;ucceed in doing so in the second half.
We feel sure that if our boys had not
,.ad such hard luck on the trip, we could
have held the Morgan City team down
.hroughxut the game.
The trip was an awful one. Our
boys left here at 3 a. m. Thursday
morning and three cars reached Morgan
City about 11, but one car did not
rescu there before d in the afternoon.
so, after all the pushing and pulling
hrose boys had to do, we feel just as
satisfied as though they had won the
Tile A. H. S. boy' have organized
their Basket Ball teaun. Conrad Le
1llauc was elected captain and A. 0.
L.nniry student nmarager. The boys ex
,,'vet to have same splcndi'l games, but
unless they are aided by tinuacial sup
!.rirt, not very many games will be
The monthly exanminations of the A.
if. w. were hlh Tlhursday and Frbl'a ,
I c,. 'nd and 3rd.
T i, .,hnl lnimprov,'mnent League will
hll ie regular meeting nmeetiieg in the
.\. Ii. s. 8tud. Ilal!, Thurs.ay, I,.:c. 11.
I. ,tees are alnay's welcjllle.
Plans are beig -- ae teo take. care of
mid term promot ions. One or more
teachers will be necessary to take care
of these promoted papils.
$E33W7'$ SAls.
State of Louisiana, Parish of Vermil.
ion, 17th Judicial Distriet Co rt.-
No: W .,
I1. DBroied.
RV virtrse of a writ of f'eI tl'..eia
to ie, issue"d out of the lJtt el.ble tS~v.
eti,'antl' Judie'tIal JDistrict Court, in and
for ttlh tirish of Vermilion, 'ate of
Louisiana, is the ebove numbared and
e::tt!le.d stlt fully authorizing and em
o~ riolngr mZe i the premises, I have
this day seized and taken Into my pos.
session, to satisfy said writ, and I till
proceed to sell, at public auction, to the
last and highest responsible bidder, at
the' p;:ncilal front toor of the Cuart
lieuc, in Abbeville, Vermilion Parisa,
La., on
tamrday, Deoseber lt. L , 190,
within the legal hours prescribed by
law for judicial sales, the following de*
Sseribed property, to-wit:
One brown mulel. 3 Ors old.
OI* bMums 3" I '3 a3 d
Oia bit hon, S ,sip 14, iade.
WhM ao 5 AtlUs Troeat On s1 mas frotm alao s m e4 mm wtw
prOn ad waot, saide tefw.
It does st go te plees muder M es*dtus.
It elitalastee tly e vehltg sad repals
It koeLp the treator em the job wh seedd.
It prevent poor ompreeless; serod syMades sad wesl wi pews
sad ipi edeleasy.
g It is correct in body.
It does not. permit of gret diltion by the fuel used.
It keeps beariage tight.
It prevests over-heating.
It keeps earboa depoelts to as sbeolte minimua.
It forestalls esgise-kanoeskg.
An you gelaso se h bM g!lter Ol w i a r es et s pe bradt
It's up to yo.
m A . A s U5L [email protected] As , oes
OASANOVA & 00001, LIoal DeeOr.
One black mare, 4 years old, named
' Maggia".
One ulack mare mule, named 'Judge',
8 years old.
One black horse mule, 5 years old,l
naumed "Mike".
One black horse mule, 3 years old,
unied "Jerry's.
One black horse mule, 6 years old,
named "John".
one Dcuriug hinder.
One drill.
Two bGang.
Two wagoh|,.
Ol )i Disc.
.\Ad all hurness.
i'erln: Cs.shl on day of sale.
heeriffs UOfice, ALbbeiile, La., this
iith day of .Nobember, 19W0.
Sheriff, Vcrmiliun t'arish, La.,
iiatchell : iUoudreaux, uttorne, s.
-tate of L'utsliana, l'nr. of Vtrmil
i ,n, l hi Ju.lic,;sl 'listrlct c ourt.-
No. "1. :a.
buccesoio of Numa Matieur.
N ,,ice ' is h ,er bvy gi .,.n t, t te eret i
',,rs of the abuve estpte, antd to all
oth,.r .per' ou herr-ln l '!e.r sted, to se,'ow
'useC wittlin ten dyvs :oan the pr.ese'nt!
notieation, if any tlhe hiave or a;i,,
why the Tal,lvau f Debts :nd Charges
prtsented' aonl tiled by Adinese Simon,
A,lmiuistratrx, of eaid estate should
not be apipros ed and homologated by a
judgment of court, and the funds thus
far realized, be distributed in accord
ance with the prayer of the petition
of the administratrix.
By order of Court.
Clerk's Offie, Abbeville, La., this
.4th day of .ovvember, lui,.
Clerk of Court.
Some Time
You will be in need of
rinting of sme kind.
Whether it be letter.
hbes, statements wed.
ding invitations or
public sale bills, re
member we can turn
out the work at the
lowest cost coMsgiuite
with good work.
We Want You
tofkeep in mind the
fac thatin addition to
printing this news.
paper wedo job work
of any kind When
in need of anything
in this line be sure
To See Us
Wood Motor Co. for Ford
Cars sad repirs.
; ., 17:h *Jolivia! l)istric't Court.
N,,. 5..l.
A. Kaplan
Saraaln Broussard.
Itvy vir'tue of a writ of Fieri F'ti:,s
to ,,e i- ,'i o, t of t i. H,,, .rahl. Sev
•entcnth .Juliiazl District ('ourt, in an,,
for thi P'arish of Vermilion, , State of
Louii:nrla, in the above nlumbiered unal
entitl,.d tiit, fully authorizing and em
powering min in the premises, I have
this dlay sized and taken into my ps
session, to satisfy sail writ, and I will
proceed to sell, at public auction, to the
last and higiest responsible bLllcer, at
thel prilrcij'al front door of the Cou,,rt
Hluw, la Abbeville, V.rmilou Parish,
Lu., ."u
$aturday, January 1st, 1921,
be~tw, , ti.e !legal hukrs prescrib,c by
law' fr judicial sales, the following ds.
s'rihedl lroperty, to-wit:
1 '; II. I. tarr-t".ott Engine.
1 say ljrne, named 1alvi, 6 ".cars
! I.. Miýtenr eamn] rlr!, 6 years ol'.
I :",rt'l 1 MarN name-d I ra, ?7 yr, e!d.
1 't?1 tl !!e namel Bob, 7 "'rs o4.
i Grs" .ule namecd George, 8 years
Tcu al Sa:.; Cash:
'0r-~-'- c~".r, Abpevile, La., this
12t1 day: of ovember, 1920.
Sheriff, Vermilion Parish, La.
If you hope to win a premium at the
fair nass year, wbeter i grain, live.
eteek or what set, Ihe thra to tegia
la; ing ye!r p Dt i 4 ow,

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