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General News Department of The Progress
J. W. O'BRYAN, Editor
Nation Mios Participate in
Pr;.:leges Under Man
date Says Colby.
The Amerclan government has in
fornmed Great Britain politeiy, but
firmly, that it doe, not Jpropotse to be
excluded from participatlon in the
rights and privileges secured under
mandat.'s provided in the treaties of
peace. 'Furthermore, it expt cts to he
heard regarding the terms of those
mandates before thl.y are put into
T'he position of tithe Ii ti' d Statep is
set forthl in a note by S, crtalry ('iiby
to Earl Curzon. th,' British secretary
of state for ft~ .i wl' af. iir:. maftl thie
s p e c iti e b ,l tit u il. l " i 1- .-I d i 'th a t
the \]e operanies , [vu 111 ii,
Mr. ('olhy nut. is .tistl Nv.m er "
and .as , itat' |publ Thur da . lf .
I n g i t s ,i .l i , 'l y t o " he I- b r i t i s lh lo r I . t
oftfi' early this d as' I, It i- in reply
to a fIriii-h note of ,L. \l"utlst :.
which has ilt vetr I madt e til punllic
and wi hich deals al t t t ie pplitcat ion;
of the principle os iquhllty of treat
ment to the tierritorites of the Near
East to be placed under British man
The American note takes issue 1
with what is described as the Brit- a
ish position that mandate agreements
and treaties are to be considered only I
by states that are members of the
league of nations. It states that the a
United States as a participant in the I
world war "and a contribution to Its i
successful issue, can not consider any i
of the associated powers, the smallest I
not less than itself, debarred from dis- I
eussion of any of its consequences, or I
front participation in the rights and t
provisions secured under the mandate c
provided in the treaties of peace." a
Mr. Colby said in his note that the '
American government accepts the I
statement of the British government
that it has retrained from exploiting 5
the petroleum reserves of the man- I
date territories in question "and wel- d
comes your pledges" that It is far from I,
the inteatiln of Great Brtatn to a
"I e4ed hardly ruler again," Mr. ol
by continues, "to the fact that the gov
ernment of the United States has con
sistently arged that It is of the utmost
Imporance to the future peace of the
world that alien territory transferred
as a result of the war with the cen
tral powers should be held and ad
ministered in such a way as to assure a
equal treatment to the commerce and
to the citizens of all nations. Indeed, °
it waa in reliatee upon an understand
ing to'th's effect and expressly in con- C
pIation thereof that the United States
t t as persuaded that the acquisition un
d"r mandate of certain enemy terri- b
tory by the victorious powers would be
consistent with the best interests of b
the world.
"It Is assumted a certainty that your
statement with reference to mandate
I-not described, together with the
statement that tlhe draft mandates for
Mesopotamia and Palestine have been F
prepared with a view to secure equal.
ity of treatment for the commerce and f
citizens of all states which are mem- V
hers of the league of nations, do not
indicate a supposition on your part (
that the United States ,:,t he Percluded t
front the benefits of th,! principle of f
equality of treatment" .
U. 8. Officer Wins Air Race.
Mineola, N. Y.--Flying at a speed of
lvirtually three miles a minute. Lieuten- I
ant C. C. Mosely, piloting an American.
made ertvflle-aTckard army plane.
won the first Pultizer trophy aero- t
nautical race Thursday against a field a
of 34 starters. Hlie covered the course f
of sllithly more than 132 miles in 44
minutes 29.357 seconds, an average
speed of approximately 178 miles an 1
hour. *
Captain Held Not Guilty.
l.ondon. - Captain W. Todd. in com- .
mand of the United States cruiser I
Pittsburg when she went aground off d
.lhau in September. has been ahsolved e
of blame for the accident at a court i
mnartial held on the cruiser at ('hatam.
acc-orlling to reports reaching l.ontdon
The navigator and watch officer are
now heing triedl t
Chevrolet Death Accidental.
.los .\nt.oel. ('31 - ('ertificates of ac- I
cld-: .l' ;.'.rth aere Issuetd Iby the coro- o
ner I t1:.day in the cas,s of Gaston
b'h,'ryt a-ut Eddie Ol onnll. auto
mH, ,' rn ;'l, rs. and Lyall Joll.
,l,.,I in T'hursdia v 2. I -
mtlhl , t.nt,, hip rac', on the Los I
An-.. at y iv
;Me ci;n Cil Revenues.
eo i , ' :tur: ti s itt San An
Jancr- ns Miners' Strike.
T . "ur t houi.:l!-l ttitners em- i
ploh. I in ;iv e miti.s havt gone on it
srl ,, at Ishlwa. The men are do- a
manlding a raise in wages. g
r Question of Public Ownership of Grav
if el Deposits Is Being Agitated in
0 Several Parishes at This
Laflayette Steps s.hould be taken
by fh,. approach tug I "onl.t itutitual
SContvenltl ili to pltt oct tllt I nll rtrl Irt
Ssourtc't- aMld thle grItel anid ruck de
i.,-Its of lh' sltate sti as to ptct-4'r t
S i,. ,i l n tilth.111 1. itt th1 ot itioll iof
, . it l.Ilt1 .1 It l)ot iltngeaUx
1 of l.,:.t-,," I
"tiltie fort it a I ll bI ie iutle l. tll
less steps lare taken to thobck thlie wai
ton waste. It will not It long bet....
Omuilt"i of our mItitral r'esoUrces, such
as oil. as, etc.. t11il be exhausted un
less they art properly conseir ved.
"Ways and means should be devis
ed by the Constitutional Convention
to not only conserve this natural
wealth, but to provide methods
whereby the state can get more reve
nue out of it. These are gifts to the
people and the state is entitled to
evon a larger proportion of revenue
than it is getting through the efforts
of Governor Parker. I think the state
should get 5 per cent of the sales
value of these products, instead of 2
per cent.
"'The Constitutional Convention
should also devise a way to enable the
state to control our gravel anu rock
deposits These materials are needed
in the construction sad maintenance
of pulMic roads sad highways. Louis
sea meat hLWe a its et modersa
this, Oier as% o scro at" proeew
per f it shoae witheut highways.
"We have vast deposits of rock sad
gravel in many of our parishes, es
peo(ally in the northern and central
section of the state and in Florida
parishes. Some of these deposits
have already been gobbled up by
large syndicates and the syndicates
are rent-hing out for more.
The question of public ownership
of grasil deposits is being agitated in
several parishes, but up to this Itme
Ouachita is the only parish that is
known to have taken ste!s to protect
itself In obtaining possession of road
building material. Ouachita parish
has purchased a gravel deposit near
Monroe and is using the material in
building highways.
Hammond. - The Florida Parishes
Fair Association has received notice
that it would receive the sum of $750
from the state, that being the amount
which had been set aside for the 19211
fair. The notice was sent through
Commissioner Harry D. Wilson. To
this amount will be added $250 each
from the parishes of Livingston anld
St. Hlt-ona. $500( from the police jury
of Tangipahoa parish and $150 from
the pal ihh school board. making a to
tal of $1.900. These funds will great
ly f:"cIlitate the good work being don,+
by the annual fair.
.Monroe.--The board of directors of
the Monroe C'hamber of Commerce at
a meeting have letcided to use the
full power of the organlzation for per
fecting sub-zone No. 10 of zone No. 1
of the Mississippi Valley Association.
The sub-zone will Include (uachita,
Union. i.incoln, Jackson. Moorehouse,
Richland and East ('arroll parishes.
Monroe. -- Mrs. J . P. ockwood of
Manor. Tex.. was killed and J. P.
lockwood. her hlisba;rnd. probably will
dies as a result of an accident which
occurred at .1anor recently. J. E.
Lockwood of West Monroe. their son.
was adivised. The I.ockwoods were
c,-ow.g a railroad track in their c-ar
when it was struck by a passnogie r
Monroe. - A telegram received
here from Pine Island states that the
itst ('hance cHil ('Company. which was
organized It> Charles Reardi. of Mon
roe. and ill whlich a large nuiti)ber of
M~~nrot I-usiisntss menr anre interested.
ht ls title f the eIeat ,t prottductinw
I~,nt-- at Fine Island in the stat,. Dur
trig two hIours r the well is rekitetd to
have pro-luced 1200 barrels.
University Station. - PFruit trees
for a olldiel orchard wi-re .,lried i
!i-i t- i fi,: ;a f.::tier at l:'ci . r" i
pct.- 1 .1- Rubi-. agent in: \\.-; ng
t1e ntrbl Spip-i.ul h-elp in hal,,g
t ' t:n ,' d ,ied spralyl-t g i
Irees n ill be tittinil frrim -) thet ~tite
'I t, et orticultural Divisti,,,
Pi , a la t[l. i No s, i,. (ne
his !,ic'n wvil't-ov. . for spring plant
tig aid it is fet-art-ti that tile bud of
it h1:,t biaen bail.> injured if not killed,
whi, h will cause Ipor seed for plant
(Irowley -('rwley is arranging to
pull off smnething new and unique in
the school and fair line.
Mor roe Th. -e, irnti wrell ,f the La
ie[l Oil Pr pirth' , , Iu 'or iorated. In
1l. 19 5. of Ouachita prish I II be
brought in1 soon. acordingl to jresrent
Monroe. - Kaplan's Greater Shows
will winter in Monroe I~ ginning Jan
uary 1 'Tho organization illI bring
100 people to this city for the win
Monroe. - The Vicksburg, Shreve
port and P'acific Railroad will retain
all men in the service at Monroe and
elsewhere, with possibly some excep
tions, it is stated by officials of the
railroad here.
Plaquemine. - The town has re
ceived a new smokestack tio replace
the old one at the waterworks plant,
and the work to install it will be be
gull at one.
I'lalqu.enlne. -- O)ther imlprove
nltllts will bie made. amliong thelm be
ng the installation of hater meters.
.ltd doveir patron has beenf ntitled to
have i nlt installed immediately.
linatrlnond A large ,udienie h-eard
the recital at the Hlliig St h(,l Audl
toit'iut given iv the' bh:ti lo e. ( eSil
aith In. Ul]er' the alush l, r- f the
I lamnlm nd ('horal Society.
I l nrlli ond. ;l (p:lst I kt ial,o an
Italia" tarmer, was: a-cidlntatly killed
when he fell friom a load of sugar
-.:&)e which he was hauling. Ihe wag
iont passing over him.
Crowley.--The Chamber of c'om
merce is also planning to spend
money in publishing paid adyrertise
menta in the newspapers in New Or
leans and elsewhere with tjOe view of
placing the advantages of ('rowley
and Acadia parish before the public.
Pointe a la Hache.--The predicted
freeze to the Gulf coast arrived and
the coldest weather of the year was
experienced on the Lower coast. Ice
and a heavy frost did much damage to
all tender vegetation and the 'entire
snapbeans and running lima crop
were killed. Seed beds were covered
and saved for Sold transplanting.
University Station. - Much interest
was shown in a peach-pruning dem
onstration gives at Lockport recently,
writes Miss Clyde Schilllag home
line of work. A woman's club will
probably be organized at Lockport to
carry on demonstration work.
Hammond.-The ta=pyers of the
parish are muoh ploa at the new
arrangement in the ta collector of
bce, all receipts are made out and
when a land owner wants to pay his
taxes The recept is signed, and deliv
ered, requiring only about three min
utes where formerly it took from 20
minutes to 45 minutes to pay one's
Monroe.-The steamboat Clipper,
owned by the Carter Packet Com
pany, of New Orleans. will be placed
in service between Monroe and Boeuf
river points as soon as the river be
comes navigable, the Monroe ('ham
ber of Commerce has been advised.
The Carter Company will resume boat
service between Monroe and New Or
leans within thirty days.
Crowley. -The ('rowley Chafber of
Commerce has started a movement to
organize a live stock association to
work with the authorities in making
Acadia parish 100 per cent ti;k free.
The parish is 90 per cent tick free
now by official announcement. The
Chamber of Commerce will .rge the
farmers of this section to breed first
clas scattle and hogs. in addition to
growing rice. The purpose in this is
to make (rowley a live stock center
as well as a rice growing center.
University Station - A demonstra·,
tion in canning meat was an interest
in feature of the week. reports Miss
Beatrice V. Lilly, home agent in
Morehouse parish. Steak. roast. boil
ed beef. tongue. heart. sottD stock, and
stew. from a two-year-old calf. were
put up. This is only one of a number
of meat-canning demonstrations that
will be held in this community.
University Station.--A co-operative
shipment of bogs and some fat cattle
were sent recenlly from Madison par
ish ,reports T. J. Watson. farm demon
stration agent. Pall grains are doing
well. Farmers are being advised by
the agent to plow or cut and hurn
cotton stalks as means of controlling
the boll weevil.
University Station. - Work this
week consisted largely of 'ollscting
results of demonstration condiucted in
fertili/ation, varital tests and weevil
cotitrol work. reports A 11. i-uns t.
:,-ent in Pointe clounpe parlsh. l'i.se
iictate thu, solme ,hteresting data
dill be obtained trum these dvmon
Monroe.-M. l. Alexander. i.f New
Oileans, ounmlmissiot < : -. ,c.-,:.: , n
ot Louisianau, will ad f.-,- :it- ,.uiou't-i
andtl shermnen of SNeOlt:.v..t e." Loll:
iant at a meetin- to, ob ht-li :i the
City Hall. The addl.s-ts w-ill be on
der the auspices ot the (Juallt ua
;Game and Fish Protecti;e Ass~ucia
Monroe.-The United States Dis
trict Court for this division of Louis
iana will be convened in Monroe on
December 6 with Judge George W.,
Jatck, of Shrevepoort on the benachl.
National Waterways Improve
ment Will Take Great
Sum in 1921.
Washington.-.Harbor and water
ways improvement and maintenance
will require appropriation of $78,207.
665 for the fiscal year of 1921, accord
ing to statements by Major Lansing
H. Beach, chief or army engineers, in
his annual report made public Thurs
day. He recommended a rivers and
harbors bill total of $57,206.715, sup
plemented by sundry civil items aggre
gating $10.982.950 for continuing con
tracts and other items in other money
The recommendations will be Incor
porated in the annual estimates sub
mitted to congress at its session De
(-tirtber t.
The Missisissip river, from its mouth
to Minneapolis. will require $16.190,
0I 0.vinclmuing provision for thel Mis
sissippi river commission, the report
said: Muscle Shoals nitrate plant,
$10,000.0001: New York harbor and its
alacent watert, $5.800.000; the Ohio
riv,.r. $5.5S5.009. Philadelphia and the
ihe!aw are river will require $3.857.4100;
the Delaware and Ch, apeake inland
waterway, the Missouri river $2.115,
Recommendations for appropriations
for Southern districts include:
New Orleans district-Southwest
Pass, Mississippi river, $3.140,000;
Lake Pontchartraln. $3200; Chefuncte
river and Boguefalia, $3500; Amite
river, $3000; Bayou Plaquemine, $20,
000; Bayou Crossetete, $5000; Bayou
Teche, $107.500; Atchafalaya river,
Morgan City to gulf, $60,000; inter
coastal waterways, Mississippi river to
Bayou Teche, $100,000; Franklin to
Mermentau. $460,700; Mermentau river
to Sabine river, $612,500; Bayou Ver
million. $10,000; Calcasieu river and
Pass, $15,000.
Galveston disriet--Galveston har
bor, $355,000; eOaveston channel, $850,
000; channel, Galveston to Texas City,
$155,000; to Pat Bolivar, $60,000;
Hou-ton Ship)~ .Lel, $1,530,000;
Double bayoua, ; Anahuac chan
noe, ;$8 0; smN; Oyster
and Brha
channel sad Matagerda
bay, $46,000; I Pass Cavallo to
Port Lavacs, , channel Pass Ca
vallo to Aran lss, $27,000; Aran
sas Pass to Christi, $188,760;
Freeport, $*2m, Brasos river, Ve
lasco to Old Wtih tou,'$10,000; Port
Aransas, $300,100 harbor at Sabine
Pass and Port Armur canal, $175,000;
Sabine-Neches #al, $135,000; John
sons bayou,
Vicksburg d ct-Red river below
Fulton, Ark., $000; Ouachita and
Black rivers, $4 ,000; Tensas river,
$5000; Boeuf rives $5000; Saline river,
$3000; Bayous dl'rbone and Cornory,
$62.000; Yazoo rker, $16,000; Tichlau
lake, $2500; Tallahatchie and Cold
water rivers, $10,000; Big Sun Flower
river. $25.300; Steele and Washington
bayous and Lake Washington. $8450.
Little Rock district-Arkansas river,
$48.000: White river, $30,000; Black
river. $24.000; Current river, $9750;
St. Francis river, $12,000.
Death Penalty Passed on Men.
Washington.-Thirty-two persons in
the army were sentenced to death by
court martial during the last fiscal
year, but in no case was the sentence
carried into effect. Major General
E. H. C(rowder, Judge advocate general,
says in his annual report made public
Friday. Twelve of the death sen
tences were disapproved, nineteen re
duced to imprisonment ranging from
life terms to five years, and one case
was pending on review when the re
port was compiled.
Irish Leaders Arrested.
Dublin.-Arthur Griffith, founder of
the Sinn Feln organization: Prof. John
MacNeill. Sinn Fein member of parlia
ment for Londonberry city and the
National University of Ireland. togeth
er with a number of others, including
Professor MacNeil's son, were arrest
ed F'riday by the auxiliary police
Aliens May Be Barred.
Washington.-If congress at the
coming session I unable to enact leg
islation to restrict immigration, it prob
ably will be urged by the house im
migration coa~glitee to bar all aliens 1
from the United States temporarily,
Representative Johnson of Washing
ton, chairman of the committee, said
this week.
Palestine Censorship Lifted.
New Y'ork.--Censorship restrir'tions
(,n cable messages front R'al'stinfl.
which have bee' effective. 'ne .l:ly.
Il91. have been lifted by tf' Btritish
German is Released.
Atlanta. (Gak;-Franz 'C" ! i:'f.,-n.
former officer in the Ge'. ;avy,
who¢ was serving a spntn', ,i'  h .\A'
lanta federal penitentiar. reiYas
ed Friday, his term having b*oin com
muted by Presideot Wilson.
Swedlh Minister Dies.
Washington~-W. A. F. Ekengren,
Swedish t ater to the United States,
died at the igation Friday after a
dst IUts e e
L.tne: I t ket epIh t; I', , I, t ee I
S. L 'ia.u of 11.l -: , ; , '
Hay, Feed and Seed "
A wo
I' I , . nd , h..: t d , ,t "o, t. .' ,, I. ui
l e tsI - 1 1 t ~r., . . . ,r ,1 fr,';
Si1 s, , i , .,
$t2 , lt , . $Z. .; i · $ , ;., ,,
,- ifid lli : IT A A
j' Grain-i ,,. " of i... is s ** i; 1 i, w
ketg ward dui Ii. , ,..Il, I , . t
.of the 23d. lE.. 3:o ,.i l a .., tt I: , ` .1t" !
on the "*tll thii,~ ., ,"ItL y ,, ,."e . . ,Iv
,lfalfal, yet 1AiV, h eh:g if ' "" i . .
d ember by housc wh swt, r.tAAd ·.An,
bions caused , urthr.i I, o 3 1rs. iI ,.
' iruo, demand for cash g(le i ti tiu
* i4tii at string preniaums oAsei I'* amber
y lriik s. Sift red witntr wheat i..0.1 t
::et aild N. 2 I ought 30 I 1eits ·r hi,
cI) I l, ttrIAes. No. 2 hard wltintir 5s
IGrain-Ji,.IA oDor l ,e m, iber. No nidw
g 'wa d dul I til flit . l it N t i . ye ,llw l,
of the 23d 1l';lArt Scl.- ,N wl hite ihi .
itnll lhl Ihtr Aitts ,thAt aduylltd ll Iy .r: tv
- .1 a l Io . l c isd furtheAt bri,k itn , tIA" t 
SheAt es. oft red win*ter wheat ' ti,lt
:;t A L. I., V l t t .'OA N'ulli N Irugh 3 s t -
, .uqt' Ie. ottel. Not. 1 hard winter Misr
8 l u iwhl l rater it'L . lbel" No. lnukte'
, ollf n u IIIr IUu I, ie% ` , .1 yelhow -,,
] hiala City e.pots apa1 adop1ted by ~It _
! ltt", e iIitAAl ("e 41 CI ;itI. i.', - LI , :,.'
iy i: 1·hSel oi rmllllll h t a;tt h , h
I ,, b. 'iarkA th,, :rt ! ,I e W .1S 1, it - 5
a s iik d " s'. . lla,.t" _ d t u,,, li s h i,,, Id an
I; slun il l'; et iir , s , o frtd to -lt lerl .It "s ', lead
< I1.8i t.o $I '0 hl i go Jo1 :,,ilt l rar ,n
AlA t ,il ' A tA\A,'AA :' , i A.t .
cliIosd aA' a t.ke' . AA idA r r,. V. e of ;4 to
A".51 Ii o.t r I iar k ts. Shi$ i its | r, A,
Fruits and Vegetabo. es-'3. o,,ared withle
'5iid61 c tar i LAS I, Aiith b\Aek. It .\ish typei
) ton bulk at ,,trn New York markets.$1
f bmore nlarrrow rallie ol 13 to 2.1; dome, - 5
markets 1 to 1. t ipr. arlots d car cil , to
lred. to + carChligo. Jevious wk. Vir-es
ii swd eet a potatoke wideak ilau of $2 t
$21.750 to $t.he5 on Nov. ts. Shipments 50de-14
creasin; 39wee carsded ov. 23. compared with
52651 cars plriteedinlg +A-ek. b anAish type
iatibbage ,heaidy f. to b. around $10 per
to bulk andt Western New York maov. 1rkets
tuatern consumtrcts conting marketo declosed at
ornthe narrow ranlthge oh $13 the dec20 domes
tics 310 to $15. Shipments 416 cars conr
pared with 41 ars ars pevious week. Vir
iw eeka Twe prae prisweak; ar Aulat c
per bbl. lower ket n consuming market at -
l$1.75 to $4.25 on Nov. 23. Shipments dor
creasing; 39 cars ov. 22 compared with
106 Nov. 20 and 79 cars Nov. 19.
Cottons to -Priceks for spot cotto and net advfu
ture contraets continued to deci.25 on chor
ing the week, althoughrded or the decline t
week was not as advanced n prto eviou
week Tcalves lverage pri. o prices on
tnued mato drop, the extremt e to points
around decline o16.2 or 10 points above the
low price recorded on Nov. 22. New York
futures lost 91 points, at 16.66c.
Live Stock and Meat l-Cattle at Chi
eago recovered from the depressed con
ditions two weeks ago, and net advances
of 25c on feeding steers to $1.25 on choice
yearlingy lowere recorded for theop hpast
week. eef steers advanced .50 to $1.15.
Veal calves lost $1.25. Hog prices dcon
tinued to drop, the extreme top showin
a decline of $3 per 100 lbs. andoke tho 3.50 aver
age dcline $2.7. Faitht lamb broke 7;grades
feeding lambs $1.25. Sheep were1 to
sharply lower. November 24 top Ch-es
• ago prices: hogs $10, yearling steers
$18, good beef steers $15.50 to $15.75,
heifers $1.. s $10.50 feeder steer
at10.75. c Asterns $12.25. veal calvets $13.72 core
flerrit larmbl t irr$11.25ular afeeding lambsower prie$11.50
eyeors t firmelr prices. ewo steaers
itl edrh Ianig th supplies Freh to arrivek show
lattero $ per 100 bs. Beek. Stbrokre n$2 to $3.50;very
limitnre. Lamnd and rmutton lost of tok $3.
Trodetly uniformly lower. Nov. 24ulyi privcte
on good grade meats: beef $17 to $21til
rieal $2 to m stok of all $2rade. cmuttlos
i$13 to $1. light pN York lo 65in $29 to 14,
helhivy 6ois. $ L5 tot $27. 'hao .
Dcheese ma Produot-Butter demarket decidor
ly wies are erasily obtained. Some delining 7cht
points C'Ilrrn arrivals in eastern markets 92 -ore
ebat3 flirhlA with underradets in liiteh
er. liih at irregular antlcid atower prices.ough
SidiAli. butter well .itelned up at Newdo
York al't firmer p ricrs. Two steamb er 22
wrict fresh llanoutshWisupplien l e to arrive
jobbihng Twins r; datrins mrkts: doublel
pate den c; longhorns 26 r suare sprdints
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Then it is Genuine
Warning! Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets,
you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by
physicians for 21 years and proved safe by millions.
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains proper directions for Colds, Headache,
Pain, Toothache, Neuralgia, Rheumatism. Neuritis. Lumbago.
U .ady Mi  bot o112 tdsabt cst but a few Larger packag e.
M rta I. tt mwbt t. De ~ar Maa.ut tr .. I.te.seeeaLde..t.a r of IHalevhIeat
For Economy's Sake.
Mrs. Ext--Wlhat Y!ou leht your girl
off evter. afternoon?
3!rs. 11'ui-Y, Inder(es. anii it's quite
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Inability to otltnin a1 e:-rat at a polit
lcal pie "ountesr Ihoiet. rfor.rl.
if you hatiie tli, er used Vacher -reltlt,
you don't know\ how quickly atind plts
antly a cold in the head, or soreness
anywhere can be relieved by this harm.
less remedy.
Ask your druggist, or semnd for a free
sample, to E. W. Vacher, inc., New Or
leans, La.
Avoid imitations. Nothing is "Just
as good."-Adv.
Julius t'aesar ,\as truly great. His
name Is not forgotten, and, better
still, It is used ius an expletive.
Some people interpret the (Goldenu
Rule, 'Do untli others as tlley'l do
unto you, but do it first."
Kill That Cold With
m La Grippe
Nelecbd Colds ar me nerous
Tabm m e .a Il.p de a ad. d naemedy bady far the am srna.
dree up a eld la 34 bow-- RleMoves
Odippe l 3 dmye- eadlset for Headache
Q nbe a s ferme does not Sect athe head-Cacera i beat Ta
Leaulve-No Opim. a HtU0 l
Harmaless p rely vegetahe, lfals' and Children's Regulator,
fermla em every label. Guaranteed non-arcotic, non-alcoholic
For highly gratifying and most astonishing results in
checking diarrhoea, and relieving wind colic, flatulency.
constipation, and other disorders of baby and childhood use
The leaters' . Chilleae Res eer
It Is the sfest sad best emblnatim d purely vegetabe intedleat
that medical skill bas ever devied and eadormed as the comjlete oa w
publshed foramul shows. Reed t.
SEs S dit** o . fi...l. k=d A tc.
It eats re to msake Mr. Windsow's Syrup than similar preparatioos.
Yet it osts you o more than ordmary baby lazatives. At allA Dryiss.
ANMCLO-AIMlCAN DRUG CO., 215.217 Felt.e St., New Yrk
eami Seaie Aness: Lmid F. ack,. a C. In.. Now Yd, te..4. T.en".
r "
You'r a Sick or LIVER
as Well as Your
How's yousr liver? Are you constipated, bilious, grouchy?
Hlave you dizzy spells, dull beadachrs, bad taste in your
mouth, foul breath? If so, you need Dr., Thacher's Liver
and Blood Syrup; which has been knocking out troubles of
your sort ever since the good old southern doc:tor first pre
scribed it away back in 185`. On salo at your drug store.
You're as Old or BLOOD
as Young ac Your
If you wou.' s, :.j. .- :.i; , 14 1h, rs yon crT , r O lder rn yoar., have a
rare for y,rr :i .od. Dr. Tiar .r1.'s Liver and Blood .Syrup p;,at life
i:A. your L~td; r '-:: r ir r.' .s It; a.." it tne ul, th. throle
-~ tom. A lo kept y,.irI :~wvel r', · . ~:;n r t,.a i and cl t. -,r, ,,m
bined. G(;od fair the vho'., laurm ly. , t ,rr ,ru: tor,.
An. ,, k.,'n T? ; n. w y <z n. It r 147. O~ . 1' t .n wrte
Al '. , . 1*' If l trtt I '. tI : *' - l n Jan.t. 12. ln I usd '. ., ; 4 y, jr
my v:titur.l fr Dr. ihah ..,er Ir. IhachrI.rlerAndl;I,, ,,'rup.
P.'dicir,.. . 1 .. . :..! r tIwI elvo r nJa':;.i rt r. ma " rr(y ' I d
y-sre. lefor, i eed t coul t do a t:t t t kd, k y,., . , . "...1 I,
whle day work becanse I wa o we. k in .as ra . I ol:nIt t tr, t do .'re g,.,l
Srr kneyba. .jt L.J -,, , .r,:, as , ai' t1o t.*--A hinbe thalt I ever got
.elttl" bhold ."
Se. Prem.. s . "THACHER MEDICINE CO., cn.....m Te.., . s. A.
Her Case.
"ti he is p[erfecttly cr , /\ ;Jr0.11t ,li
1nd bre:ad [akine-"
I'" wcte; :1 re" ./lar in h.. £ i "ot
The Remedy With a Record of Fift
four Years of Surpassing Excellence
i'tho * w hlo suffer : r ., r, ,e.,
dysiepsin, co' .til lti in. I u li  r,
torpid livr. r, lizzinrl h w,: -l, .
COmning IIIp of toli. .hIl '. In
•1h, uIllpitationl and ot,,r inclh
tions of f f'rlllellt:ltii.n and irolito
tlon will tihdl Gre'en. '.s :iugusr Fl,,.
a mnost effective urall efllinri't as-i:
Iln thet restoratiotnof linaillr.e's furlril,
and a return to herllth ;tar hllill
There ('nuld he no bettoer testirinir
the value of this remedy for these tror
hles than the fact that its use for th
last fifty-four years hall e.xtendeld Int
nallny thousands of hotnilino hlaI ntv
the cIvlllzed worl, aiund nro ndicalition c
any failure has been ohttnined In a
that time where tnedlcine could ePee
rellef. Sold everywhere.-Adv.
F'ortunlllut is the somiarllln h\\lco ca(.
travel tlown life"' hlighlr:ly alt the eu
explns'e or her husband.
i'cnversa.tlion thalt i 1 .:refilly trio
sed imn't worth listening to.

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