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The Most Thoroughly Read aper in Vermilion Parish and G )cs Into the Homes that Coun`.
A Wide-Awake Home Newspaper - Published Every Satur ay - Devoted to the Interests of Abbeville and the Parish of Vermilion. Subscrit S a Yar.
O mcial J of Vermilha Parish School Board. Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, aaturdov, Jan. 1. 9lo.
-r- _- Vol I2 No. 42.
..-- A°----. . _ !
Abbeville, La., Dee. 23, 1920.
Abbeville Progress, Abbeville, La.
Gentlemen: For the Ver.:.ilion Cham
t." of Con n, rc.. I take ileaaui :ni
handing y., attached hereto, copes of
te'egrams sent qnd copies of those re
ecived concerning the emergency tariff
bill recently acted upon in Wasn;ngton.
While the duty of 2e per pound on
clean rice is not absolutely assured, we
have every reason to believe that this
emergency tariff hill will be passed and
this is an excellent start.
What all these interested in the rice e
industry should do is use every'effott ±si
possible to assure the industry in the n'
future importation of ftoeign e=
t&ee a "t JSi by seenag that our
sugar ineluded, but as yet withoat sel Pl
Ceeo. Yours very truly,
Vermilion Chamber of Comimeree,
Presi.lent. '
' nmber of Commerce. La.e Charles
La., Ch,.a,u(c of ('ommonnre, ('rowley, ir
Please use your influence to end that a u
lice is included in protective tat if or 'ill
embargo act now being drafted by the w1h
Benate Fnance and House Ways Meanus thl
Committees in order prevent disastri, i'lt
ous effect upon industry through for- wit
eign importation at low prices. Quick lma
action necessary.
Vermili.n Chamber of Commerce.
tl n
To s-enator Joe. E. Ranmdell, Senator 1
EdwarS J. (lay, Congressman Whit. te
mell P. Martin, Washington, D. C,.
Reference protective tarli or embor.
go net now being drafted by Senate ro
Finatee and House Ways Means Com
mittees understand rii., not vet inchtd. -
'.1. Please ause your utmost enlcavor a
r have ida, try properly prottec,l na hl;n
at ,cet,;.aisly it,uil be. Indlustry ipropl. Icts
erl proecctetd n. it certainly sho'It, h e.
In ;e.r. ar, .w tlh-e:s,t·rac! with ruinsous l
" .1a , r'omi ettii  thr.ugS1 imlporta.
ti IS at low preen. 'lPhase avise results D
Vermilion ('hamber of Comnercee I
To E. A. l:ignus, Southern Rtie* G;row.
erv' Ass,, intin, New Orleans, La.
SIs ny act; ,, heirg taken by y,.ur
organri.satioa to insar. proper pr teo tion
r ... i:nbJltr- ill lproCtecti e tai;t or
EHouse War M-.1ans comnrittc . l , 4 ,,
Vermilion Chamber (of Cemmcn:,
To Vermilion Chamber of C'onmmrr.e,
Abbeville, La.
On my motion ire was includs.,l i1
emergeney tariff bill ant .1 sty iirezrtae I
from abe emit to two rents pet pound.
W, P, tiAIITIU,,
To Vermilion Chumber of Commerce,
Ahete'ille, La. I
R~eferenee your wire date wish to ad.
v'ie that this matter has been handled
in Washington by representntli-ves ,,'
Southertn Rlee Growers A.sociatt,n a ad
we have advlice today that they parti
elpatedi in preparation eof !,it in ques
tionu and that rice :aa beca ilaluds d.
If:RBLItT i;AY.[\Y.I,.
Ghneral )Maaiger Ltke C'ireAs A. u.
ot Coeasne.
'ham-Notice to
ethe Public
e The dcve .lment wA.ch has taken
this :Place in ophthalmol,gic equipmcnt dur.
and i,'' the lint decade has brought many i
..w and inurovc.p npparatus into gen.
rice eral use. No particular group of in-.
utt struments have shared in this develop
the nbent more fully than those devoted to t
,n eyes and muse'e testing. P
ou Therefore, I spent the esum.o Ia 4
* Phrohmeteres applieation is discovered .
al! erro0s of refraetiin and all the c-i
Sr'rs of tie recti buciclke as follows: s:
It.Aoclar test of the recti muscles.'
!t. ' "w ''ulacr.test of the reeti muscles.' !
e. t .f the rcti muscle
ries .x . ,f the ret 1. useloi and the N'
I procure,! oleu -f tle ce instruments, thi
hat andl wus very \ sruccesful in testing and ;
or lilting probler glasses to 1ty patrons, th
the wh, are pl'rfectly satisfied. otice that T!
ins the ilstrument (pjhorometer) is not [:
ri. ilaerl on the nose, while the old system Vp
or. with the frame tires the person and en:
ck makes errors in refracting. SSp
tlnlrclds of people suffer from head. tt
t ,singlyg from weak eyes. To
tl 'se I extcnl an invitation to try this
instrument free of c:arge. You will Ti
hte s;rpris(e at the instant relief of the bee
eye strain. mn
YOu arc not r'qulredl to buy glasses !o
to :rm me, only in the event that you elil
.haull decide, to do so. ii
I' You .can depend on my skill and ac C.e
lluraev in testing your eyes and titting C
1 Ins . nn rr.t assulredl that mty "
' lclrge c art more than r'ea.m.lRli!e.
e' My residenc anll office at Euphcmott Iani
to i'c: late. Abbeville, a. .ala
Plr e I; 198 ,
r er,
W Va• :' . ) ,. for Tire . t"
lTa et blea t ORD*1
S ..
Abbevilie, l.a., Nov. 1x, 1920.
i T'e V'rnmilion Parish SchoolB Board
nmt this day in slecial session with the
i . II:ni g members prv'e'ist: Messrs.
i 'i.;s Bernard, president; J. O. Brous
C . J R. Ilolmes, Ore Comeaux, W. L.
Sffpanir, Alexis Langlinais, G. W.
" '.ujbury and Ulys*e Vincent. Absent
..castrs Mioleus Dubois and J. T. Theriot
) A committee from the Moss School
appeared before the Board and asked
t lfarcial assistance in the buiiliig of
ken ntither room at said 3chool, in order to
lur" ,". .nim t'" ''t A la"ge number of chil
dren to be transfered to said !ghool. At
mIy ti c s:al!en tirlle a request was nla'le for
en. another transfer to transport the chil
t:re:i to the Moss School. irovided an
in- u+ltitonal room can be built. .
. On motion of Mr. Broussard. secnd-'
Se!, by Mr. Hoffpaulr, it was moved that
the Prosident, Treasurer, and Mr. Heq
tpauir be appointed a comnmittee .to ne
gotiate a loan from any beak or beaha
mosl ekool of 0a 4
e- for same providlag the additional :
ad :'c,-m can be built.
\ A emnlniltec :'rnm the Indian Bayou
SSiehon,! appeared asking for more trans
t ,r "orn.cola;.n in for the Cyphriena
•la " :lment. On motion ",f M+%.
',,,Tffpaulr, dutly seconded, it was moved ,
s. :!tt another rote oe establisiucd with
the follhwing committee to regulate ·
no,-: 1ir. W. L. iiL. ffauir andl upt.,
le Williams.
(.i1 utl :iII oti" 1r. ('.,IMeaUx, st o inlded r
t,Y .r. tln lllrt, it was moved that ,
a, the 1"'e It. ut and the Secretirv look ,
; 'it the matter of rec'ord relative to i
two a, ~es of Itnd sulposed to belong to r
q the it.,ard at the 5Moss Sh!ool, 3th ward. s
STi i, .. :nnittee is further aut;:orized to ,
.Purt ::"e one acre of land from Mr.
t Ralt:h 11ss, at One Hundredl Dollars a
n per acre, provided the Board has claim "i
ti' orli- one acre at this school. The .1
d c.i:.! of this acre is to be paid out of the is
Special Fund for this District. .,
A 'Atter from iuplt. Hittlc, of Lafav- a,
S; tte Farish, asking for a further con- tl
hr;hnria: of One Thousan, ($1,000.0 O,
rts ront Vermilion P'rish School L,
s *: r the M4dt,' n S.:tool, was read. I5
ITle P.l'nrd, being under the impression 1.
:att 1V e mil;nn 's pro rata to date had !,
been pail, deferred any action on the at
matter until further investigation by
t'1 : erintendent He was authorized ?,I
I to acertain the number of children at. ,,f
tending schools in Lafayette from Ver. af
miilia1i and also the numnber attending :a
in Vermilion from Lafayette. The a
1Vermi.inn Board agrees to pay its pro .a
. of Cost.
O motion of Mr. iVncent, duly sec- .h
,012l:d, it was movel that the Presi
dcnt, Secretary and Mr. Hoffpauir be rtli
'...i'te: a committee to visit the hi!
banks and try to borrow funds suffmc- 19:
ient to meet the payment of teacuirse' .'
:lt aries. ,
Pe it resolved by this Board, luly to
semhhl, I In special Csesinon on the I8tk
,ltay of November, 1920, That the Pres- i-i:
i'hent nal the secrert:;rv of this Board sI
Se' 1 ercby anuhaatizcl, emn'owered and jai
S!-;.ltruetdtl to sceurtir a lona of nmoney sni,
Intl iv i hanak ,r hbaink, nit, to exceed .l n'
S .'1'h Tilusan (* t2!,00 '..Ol) hIollars, diil
'' "- il part thereof us mayv be hinec- %,"r
' + . , et ", !h arId 's +bligatinis as ;h
" " ,me due. ail
i: h::h. Rielve,.l, That the ':
i r it :" t ,Id ie SWc'retary are hereby
•'' .'',ri . i"n1.I infltruct!e to execute e-ii
. 1r, , . in 1h tame of thisi arl. all ',1:
I ..;" .-; n ,nts or 'l"ca Ienlts or other All
.., f.. . ', t.he payahble not f 1
!iatr than the fist dlay o;f March, 1921,
I :: 1iterert after maturity, not ex. ''
ccle.ig Eight 8% per cent per antnutm, and
here lv ritlr\ \inac and cunfrl;Uikiiy what- ::ha
ecr hite,' hat ,,r ior care t bLe done, I -ll
L,.* irts:, tl.,reeOf.
He it furt her Rros.,Itvd, That to se. r,,:
s,re the full ynld I-wfutl a ian'tt if Tho
w i:tvcr note or notes that may he : to
" . 'it t,.,,ref, t ,e Felt:ruarv er
Sp",l urttiotmfnit of the Sfate Current aulr;
It:,I ft r the , CSr 1.,20(, h,, and the l a  ll.oii
I- e t ' phle:geti at:,1 s.et asi 1, .
.i It. WILLiAM.,, Prt'tlct t. I
Secretary. of a
T . I:,ltrd m,,ovl,, that !'be flloA ill 1r, t,
!an es be obrserve, .l -s hr,li.la,s i , tit,, s id
s.:hnols of the I'trish: ThInksgLvinR vote,.
:;. N\,v n., .l.i the ('hristmnle 11,1- amrl
a s l'egi',nirg o Deeeeeber 24th and s_ 4
:i*."' .Tali:iar,- ind. - jlil
- i ti'+ fl;" 'i t 't.'i 9,t l'P ol) '-h] nf '
8chool Bonds of irss rhool bistrict r
No. I, ot tui i . .' , ' , rraf u. fri. l
Lousiana, to the unmount of T-o Bcho
Tho-tt.n d (4$2/l" 0' 1 DIllars, tand the has
levying of a ;iecial tax on ut! rrop- ".arit
ert , s'.l,.i t a ation a I th, ti,'n
limtitx oi* sa i s!It 1 iutsiat 'id½. i,·l
to t t ,, ...- it el., rt:,'i?,:a B 1 i::te'. .st ,ti,
of the said I ca~I e us t:e lm. sLall give,
ti ,4 ii
BS. Whereas, by or ee lil n alotrc ,.
19"20. and liassed hv the ris: "icbjo' "., r , t
Board f the P'ari'i  , il. .., !
rith the e:titil. ".\n thdi c, .,,b.ri~, ,., 're ;:,
Messrs. ,1ml election for tl I,.,lncr , f s, , n.it
Brous-. ing to the proper axilmc,, n ,,
:, W. L. `-chool Distri' t. of thit I';,r: t of rf
G. W. .'e"'miion,. Louisi , a pr ositin to in
Absent ur . h: and , bon of Moss n,
Theriot Shool District o. in the l'arish of of
School e' milieu. Louisia 'o the amotunt of be
akecd Two Thr.i.sand (1 .00, Iol!nars, to w,
litg of rimi, for a period en year., bearing an
rder to itcrost at the rat Ave per cent per sa
f chil- 'nvium, payable an , the funds thus ti
ool. At "iel to be a the purpose of ,i
,le for eisttrueting and Ing additional
Pe his- ,ents in Moss Sc Dstrict No. 1, p
led an Paris'h of Verm isiana,'' of* :.
.* date August 1B, a was ordered
ect'nd- and directed th E 1 election be
J that held in said let No. I on "'
. H he e 5th dar ,:1- between art
to ne the hou of k t. m. and ha
bke Q" @.'elb ed by law, unal
f 4 taxpav.-'ru
et, I
tional said os el 1 of the nes
Paris of Vermillsu, a, to the tio
Bayou .r,,,u:t of Two Th ($,000.00)
trans- ,ilars, bearing t at the rate of ma
>hrien -,ve per cent per an· m, payable an-I as
f M,. ,nla!ly, for the purpose of constructing
noved sa l c uipping additileal rooms in Moss 10
with i;,-,o District No. 1 Parish of Ver
ulate nailin, Louisiana; an 13
Supt.! Whereas, notice of said election was'
'riimted an.lI published in the form and 13,
,lded ri:pi:I'er prescribed by law, for thirty,
that i::va, in the official journal of the Par
look isi of t ermilion, Louisiana, of the P:r
e to i-i School Ioard of the Pari.h of Ver. .,
ng to nuilion, Louisiana, and of said Moss -
ward, ' chool I;istri,.t No. 1. Parish of Ver- Jan
ed to lm; inn, Louisiana; and, i
Mr. Whereas, n pursuance of said ordino Jan
Ilars anec and notice, t ic said special elec.i -
:laim i'n was dblv and regularly held in said Jan
The Moss school Distri.t Yo. 1 of the Par.
f the ish of Vermilion, Lelsidana, on October,: Jan
5, 1920, between the aforesaid hours, N
fay- and after snid election hall been held Jan
con- the Vermilion Parish School Board, in All
).00' oen session, in the city of Abbeville, I or
hool Louisiana, on the 7th day of Octnh'"r, on
read. 1920, proceeded to open the ballot each
sinn , xes. tIerminie and canvass the returns, "f t
had ',1s declare the result of said election; :'il'
the and, "n11r
by s !creas, at the said meeting of the the
ized :,i I Paris School Board of the Parish niiii
at. ,f Vermilion, Lotnsiana, held on the shall
Ver- aforesaid 7th day of October, 1920, the triit
ling 'aidl Board did declare, make and keep Tt
The a proces verbal of the manner in which evild
pro .aid ballot boxes had been opened, re- 'neh
turus, canvassed, and the result of the 'eze'
Bee- .'le.tion ascertaincd. and forwarded a lava
resi- ;.V of sail prom'es verbal to the Sec. Stat,
be rt-ttrv of Statte, who filed the same in -, ll
the !l office on the ........ day of ........., he si
filec- 1920, and recorded the same in Book :niic,
era' 'Spe'ial Elections'' Number .............Pari
,i I ......and another copy thereof teste
luly to the Clerk of the 17t6 Judicial Dis- +aili
.th h- c" (,nt, Parish of Vermilion. Lou. br a
re- i-iana, in which parish the said Moss "l t :
ard Shool I'istrict No. I is situatedl, whlich, S
and aiIl r.terns verbal was recorded by the and
ncy said Clerk of said District Court in the the i
sed nm'rtrFge records of said parish, and ,hall
are, dill mak,. and file a rspy of said i,r,,es form,
ces- tclrhai i:n the archives of the said Par [
as ih School Board of the Parish of Ver.
mailin, Louisiana, tCte authority order.
the ;g the said election; and, Moss
'by "'\, ,ea:, the *sild proces verbal of the alon"
ute .~unilt of the said special election was Kn
aU i,:hlishe1, as required, by law, in the l'ait
her Al.le\til'e Progress, the official jin rnal f til
nt f the said board on the ............ day o.,f Le
1, .. ........... 1920, and Schon
Px. Whereas. in and by the said canvass of sai
am, and count, it was ascertained and found and a
at- '::' r.,, !r,'oitif.n to( in.-ur debt amid 1-kno
n~, i ,-un atnis of Moss School District for v.
in r !. in tho i'j'j-h of Vermili a. Ieart
s•e. Ti,:.aiaa, the nmeuntht of Two lars (
if Thousand (2,0u0.00) Dollars, bearing 1:,21,
he : terct at the rate of five per cent f.-.
ey eor aamn'm, parabe anntiallir, for t.e rate c
ant !,urpose of constructtin and equipping ble ai
'ie il.itij;,:a. r:,,c01 to Moss School in Janus
MI,. R' uhool I~'striet Nitathbr 1 Parish :'er,,
~f \` t milia, L, stivnuA, #in.' Aidsv ,'n'" reldrl
t rit.l, aini the issUthne of [said bonds as tlhe
of 'ai I Ms S.iu,ol District Nmbu-...
.s 1, to t, ilPne said ,et. wLi. at the ab!e a
I:, said sl.',iail eitction, aLthoised by the city o
,g vot,. of c maijority in flhhnber an Lotuis
I- amtiht rf thi Do p tly taxpver o f th
n4 seld Aoos Pchooi Dlgtrlet Nlrmbrr 1 an,1 fl
Squalified to vote- ttider the Constliutloti Thu
; a8nd la- of thi 8tatt o Louisilan., w'ho tenor,
of vrtel at the soaid el~ . tion held for the :,.urp.
-t trloe here htobfore stated, and, adriti,
, .r-. . the Ver'nilli,,n '-rish Mess
to Bchol Board of Vetrmilion. Louisiana, t o all
to has examinre4 and lavested the regpt imrsu_
,- arity of the ltre$ -n'logs for said ele.C wiith /
s ti,.n and find that the srae was dnly I.ouish
c'- l;d. hgallv ralley, nnd hI(i (tLt the earryit
t ,;i., "-"t.. ' utlied by law to be izea
i given has bettn dcu'- 4 egub larly givea ocri:v
Ircl in strict ..uttoj mit}" with 'he' require-l
,I .Nos. 4 to ., thalusive, maturing Jan., r
tni 13 , 1923, $ t00.00 , At
t . N t a. tr, 7. itclus live, mettrtig Jan.,,
1 . 15. 1924. #20n.00.
\r No..d rejli , i alusv mtas ritig i lan., Ni
iaS of -,. I1 tht i lutiveti irmat inurir-g e
er- Jan., 1.1, 1!,'_', $:200.00. Die
Nos. 12 to 13, inctss andie, maturing is
n Jn., 1, 19oi li7 l,, $200.00. each an il
Ie ofNos. 14 to 1h , inre-eisive, maturing ofd I.
it of been authorized1 1928, $300.00. he i
t Nos. 17 to 18, ici asive, mann turing at
ring anm'nnt of the property taxp~ay.ers of ;,
r said Moss School District Nunberl, of
tsu Ns 1t to 20, inclusiveon, Lomaturing iia
14 Jan., 1.113, .$-00.00. due_
in All hearing interest at tde rate of five NO.
Sor pnlifie t per annum, payabid electio annuall. .a
anyal lBe it resoits el and or~lai .1 biy the' ~
orf n the filiteenth day of the Januariyh of
:edVrniiiuon, Louisiana; 81
'rt each and every vear, until the payment See
b. of t~ne prinipl, 'sunt thereon, botn prind ,
on a cerettr- -it' t is lIoar-1 be, a d te l
l ar; hel ant' , interest of said bonds re to be tbe
andavable at the r an of Aevilkle, in the a.
awe the city of thAbbev Parish School Board, of n
ah ne PaLouisiana, of Vermilion, Louisiana, for
4e shall be known a] "Moss School Diss- nm
Strit Number Ihve, Bond s." deaoaa I
thep Theion of One Hundreds bo(100.00),s shall bear whib
*h vig tenhe date of October coupon, 1920, and ato th
e - ,.ah bhmnd and Iboth lprincial~a arol in- b
of materiest ugf said gingds shall be due and payable po,
an-I able i gl coin of the nit th
in States of maturing January ,standard 1921, he
i" ht o:,l fluness. R::iei bends shall sire.
., h~e signed by the Presih, nt of the Vet- ing
k£ :nlilion Parish Mr tool Board, of tlhe M,,o
.. Pari s. 2to ; ermilion, Louis.i, maturiangd atn., an
itte.tedl hy the .ceretary thereof, but w hi,
s- ainid i,,tre.t ,.oupons may be executed cho
15~ 19 * 200.00. ed
Sby a fa5, smile signe ature of said PresdJan., Pr
tad 1-), 1923, $200.00 At
|A ut nit ,a, i d S..e,'retary. $1
rtpI .T ON 2. Be it flivrther resolmaturing Jan.,
and rs. hin, , ,ti., That ,ir mureis aind the.,\
, the int,-est ,'ouon, attiel theru.ti a
Nor\o. 1n to 13, irn-lusive, maturing Psi
er .fa., 1-5, 19'27, *20'0.00. miu
hall he i tbtnotilly the folwmaturing oap
aid. Jan.. 15, 1927, *300.00. mil
ar*' Xos. 17 to 18, inelssiv.e, maturing at
r fJrmn, ,1929, 200.00. ofit: .,
Sa-os 19 to 20, inclusive, maturing iian
'Id Jan., 15, 193o), *200.00. due
in All baring interest at te rate fof five Noa
le ! r ,-ent per annum, payable annually,;....
ron the fiftenth dayof VermilonJanuary, ofvi
loss aceh an District Nubeyear, ntl the payment c
e fl 0. on o. 1. ,.I t!
S fKnow alle men bytciparet thereo, both prin st
n uat i e n nthoerlt, of said bonds to bu e ,e
tn ahl t the Ban of Alibeie'-lkle, in for
he the city of Abbeille Parish of er'er.in, in te 8tt an
h miiio, Lottnisiaa, anb the Vsrio, barinls d'TIe
he shall Board, the oernknown as ass Scthoolrity ta
eof said s ehool Distrit Number 1 e Bonds.''
and acthe integ for ant onsai behalf ofns sall, ae wli
t vknocene ht- f proper Coupon att'-ahe.d to tbh
'e- r value recebonan both lrmirnei tal ai to o I
so serest of said hooids shall be due nand t.
. arer te in gold coin of the U n d- thare
Stlartes of the thet present da stantarIy, te I
logl;t :n,fl ilni'r's. .:si'j li'ols shall live-:
S si, togethrd by the i'r ,'nt ofrst the Virn thriag
1k oionn luuI'a rish Sc inol Boardn, of th~e Mu pr
Pariah of Vermillion, Loukimiarn. and at- .,r%
f te. tel the cretary thereof, btu ai, t the v. ai
rate of five pre.t cupors m ay be executed Simo
. ble ann far smile signature of said Presid- teenth 'of o e
Janutary of rel,: y,.ar ,mnet paynt, o ,,,mi
e nd orf,tianel, et ., That s ntid bti aond the,
e the inte rest iouions anttr h thein-to a *,
d 'hall Ibe ill "uiritnntiaill the folhrn-,ing .asp
afor, to mmnit: es$
thNEIl bo -frT1 o 01. a E* " i e1CA ,,,*.,
ter at te n of Lot-ies rn the a.
P't o f erili ofr 'erih ,1 i, miiiiv, i -E
Moss 'ehnoji Iistr-it Nunmber I ti-,l. are
ersuann tod No. 1. o ti.
I Know ar men by these rotpresents, 'ttard
e l~min 'ui--yc ~-h~il d'iktri'"t Number 1, tini
I i the nd 'ari, e f eraiin, in ties St lte an l d
If Lor aai, a dby the VurAti ion, Paris- tde
School Board, the governing authority tax d
s of said Moss School Distrimt Number 1, he sL
I and acting for ald on behlf of smitie, b nc'i
i Artkno ie¼.'!%r", it2 f th i' 'f oit .ti. oiari a
Sfor t'.'lui- rem-e'A'r~l rr+tlna o -&herr huas O .IIr it' I lil tU! !''a,
LIars en the iiftcall I of .tan iar'n -, ti-c I
19in21, tmgethi.or wt nter"t' na t iseOr thurni
I ,i ma r 'late hertef, omit oid, At the
rate of ive r, f earent r annuam, pays- impo
ble anurtiliyl on the ftit'eeth 'liyt of to es
Janmitni of melt' et'-as 'ml i pem-lncn* .;~;grtI
rend'-? o 011t:' It,' r. t ,!Uto'~- ( (lit JC uf .il miaj
a!l a'r "c. :a ''s o It " 'n y mi" ,' , ,sin " ;t
Thsbl aon tis at one nila srtilt if lilin }:!~.
:.it hlaj-,~-f~ 'ia't ~r' ,l,.-ii antI, ... . .aliaj-~ v
quire- thtreoin totilng at a -.pe.ial iel'iion
i - i aith audl r,'guiarlyv r:,lt,., ::11.1 hiahd l ni
t:inb s and" for M is, Leh "l1 I ri-triet Niulh r .,
I atl 1. I th riah tf \ ernuilii , loui-lalt a,i
'cord- - s pl ,, t ,~,i-" b\" t .he i on-titutioni alnd
law, iase of tihe Stute of Louisiana.
nurr- It ik hereby certifiel and seeited that
he is- :Il acts, clnditiois, and things required
id all hbi the Constitution and taltutes of
rind h l uisii Ilal t(o le de precel-ient to and, to
the in tie isluinig ,of this lan,id, lhave been I ll
r dol done, exIecIuted and performed in regul- fn,
rs of ar and liue torin anld manner, that the L.,
1, of total ine'l,tednt:s of said School Dis- e,
lanai trict doens not t'xetad any constitution. 1,o
al or statutory limitatior, an I tlat Ipro- thi
lhe iortty in said Siehol Diatrict tufficirflint sr:
th of to pay the interest of the saidl bonds ,r,
and the principal falling dul ea -.hl year, la.
and the full fauiti, erdlit anid reaollurcS of it
they 't.' `ailI MIss chouu l"istrict Numnber 1, Ha
ed to are irretocably pledg~e, for the prompt Lu
the and punctual payment of tjat principal
1, of and interest of this bond. bel
for In testimony whereof, the said Ver. l'a
trict milion Pariah School Buar.i of the "cr
- Said Momn School
dMa, District Nnmber 1, hae eased this I
ear- bond to be signed by its Presideat sad
and attested by its 8ecretary, and the eor. 2
able porate seal of said Board to be here- 3
unto affixed, and the interest coupons
921, hereto attached to be executed with the arec
face smile signature of its President I
Ian., and Secretary, and this bond to be dat- hou
ed the 15th, day of October, 1920. I
ian., Pres. Vermilion Parish School Board. l
Attest: fA
ran., Secretr re- . ,i ill
fan., ' o. . ............. 19.'(
Oil Jlanuary lt thI, 1 ,21, Mfoust chtol '."l
ring I eri.ilion, L.o liiana, by the V'eormiliu on T
District Number i, of the Parish of l
ring 'Parishi School BUard of the Parish Ver. 27th
milion, Louisiana, governing authority
ing of said School I)istrict, will pay to the
holder the sum of .......... dol:rs at thel
ing at t.ie Bank of Abbeville, in the city
of Abbeville, Parish of \'ernljion, Lou
ing iianna, be'ingl ix mlonthsu ' Interest then Stat
due on its bonds dated October 15, 1921, lot
ive No...................... Sc
I.,; ....... ....................................... ..............
of President.
ent Secretary.
rin' The sald bonds when prepared, shall By
be be presented to the hecretany of State to m
in for registration shall have printed ther. entet
r.' on a certificate in the following words: for t
lls ~ This bond secured by a tax, registered Louhi
)s- on this ......... day of ............, 1920. entiti
I Secretary of State." powt
be which certificate shall be sealed with this
to the Gtreat Seal of Louisiana. sessir
in- 81X'TION d. Be it further resolved, proae
nd aet-., Tint the pl,rcecls of thle sale of last i
a.,l the bonds hereitn authorizeil and llirrct- th I
ird l ,1 to he mlIal shall he devotel ex,'ul- Iluu>,,
all .iveiy to tlhe construction t.nd equipp- .oalo -
or" ingL ailtitional rooms to M.1nss bcllOl in' A
he Mairms eho-,l District Number 1, Parish I,-l wl
at- .,t 'ernailion, Louisiana, title to all of law f
alt i, hich shall vest in the piublic, in MIues scrib,
ed School District Number 1, of the Parish n
id- of Vermilion, Louisiana. 1I
SElCTIOU. 4. Be it ftrther resolved, I 3
ad orlain el etc., That int acoralane,. with 1 8
lId the autlhority vested in this Board by 1 1.
to a vote of a naajaritv of tile property 1tl
ng axpaye'r ialiiilthed to; vote therein at, :0)1
::i l -p al el' e* tin, Ilc l h in said MJ1 . i .1,."
,.h,: Lis;ti ct u.'itNler i, there shall lie lluJ
L,e anal the-re is hlerebv dlirected to he 4.
Ia-vid i; e,_ach 'e:i r wfile tl" Sali Ial.i hl. ,:.
l. arc, oIttaii liaig an- iil a:laid, :i tax lia I
1. ,.I thl ti hrab lproilrty in sal Sehooil lsI
a, I,i trilt sufficent t pay the interest as All
i, .it .lwll I all htl,-ion'i J,a' LIlIe annually I,, g
te anI thle lrincipal of sat la Inlds falling a writ
it dliue each year, and tie lproceedls of said l!i-a.
Stax tlereby direectel to be leviedl shall ceumbe
i, he sacredly ievoted ad applied to the i,.a
, In' es Iet ,if said illterc-t andl 1Irineiplal
1 t :I  - h ,ll - at .a e dala:. an. with. ý7tk a
So': irt:'r ;:"tioln O: practveL.ii.g of the
1. Iar,i, the lrOp-er ,oficer or liin.r,- e uo
, tCe i'ari, or \liuci:ion ve i-eiL au..
i tharized, directedl Ld iiastructal, begiiln.
9 I..K with thell yotr 1921, to itt'!dicd, and i
t- impose in th' sennl al' Ilet of ,'ita' u.-d, el i
tf to extental aupon the setcsmlcnt rolls , ,r
It ;aiin t nall taxnlle aoplrrty stllaataal lt inii
t:, M. " 'l,. litrlct Nu nlah r I.
i j fijII bi *,)titou cn. uilil lIf t t; ti .
. .t trd .i d , ' etc. Tlhat al l , !, . .l `o IlJil 'a1
t :n!" the same are bereby cancetlled, th p-.
On rll call the follwIr 0I iirembhru the di,
Srl,.. for the adorlptin of and passage Metdict
4 .' r ;t ,'slhtati'jL and oralinance: rei
VI-.: 1 . ia 'nlrd, Iloalmnes, lubois, Co. a ea'i
I :,,i...ir. it. ,Tauir, Theriot, \lincent ad hiealth.
' Lag!nal. 3.rtle
c '. : s· N. ' bens i
,BSENT AaT) NOT VOTIN'B: ,Bro,, a I'
Sard and Sta:Lsbury. Sold
I A.\nd *1,. .soltution and onrdisae was
- unanimously adloted . W
, J, Lt WILLIAMA , lgId , "
Id In
liber -'ui , ,t ..iui i i na , . I'ari h otf \ cr nil.
'hls, .. ? t Ju.I'ial Ih trict ,urt..
Peoples Bank & Trust Co.
that vs.
uired F. A. Marceauz, et at.
of } y ' irtue ctf a writ of I'ieri I'aclas
analI to iev i.onvcil out of tise Iouno.ableh ev
been;a'lt, thothi Ju dicil I)istrict (ourt, ia and
egul- for the 'Parish of IV'rauilion, Htate of
the Lo uit.iana. in the aboe e numbe'red and
Dis- cetitled suit, fully authorizing and em.
tion- l'owering me in the premises, I have
pro- this day seized and taken into my poe.
ftin - session, to satisfy said writ, and I will
touns prceted to sell, at public auction, to the
ear, last a,,"1 Jighest rlesponsible bidder, at
s of th:. 'iritn ilpal ront door of the ('ourt
er 1, 1I. .. .. it. A t1 e lie, \'c rmilic. I'a ish,
,uit Luouiaiuana, on
:ipsl b .aa., Jamary gea4 1921.
between the legal hours prescribed by
Ver Iaw for udicial sales, the following deo
the scribeld rrt.rvy, to-wit:
S J mnles. 2 black and 1 rd,
boot *o k.
this 1 Sla ter gouse. v
and I DrilI Board Cst.
cor 2 Hogs.
ere. 300 hides, more or less.
,ns Meat Market Building, Fixeures and
the accounts.
lent 4:1 Sacks of Rice in Kaplan Wate.
tat- house.
r Horse, named Tango.
ird. 60 Racks of RIico in Kaplan Mill.
All of tie nbctec deiscrihetd property
la isor the .saue. |,ro|,erty sttarche.l un11 l":r
a writ ,of At,"achm.nt i u,..i on Dec. tit,
192(, and cx. utecd the Ist day• of DIe
oI ,',''Ise , 192'0.
uonU Trusn of sale: Cash.
of Sheriff's Offite, Abbeville, La., this
er. 27th day of December, 1920.
the Sheriff, Vermilion Parish, La.
ity I ma inN ) SALE.
ten State of Loeisiana, Parish of Vermil.
21, ion, 17th Judicial District Court.
So. 3837.
F. A. M~rsg.
all By virtue of a writ of Fledi Fasela
ste to me issued out of the Honorable 8ev
er* enteenth Judicial District Court, in and
la: for the Parish of Vermilion, State of
ed Louisiana, in the above numbered sand
entitled suit, fully authorizing and em.
powering me in the premises, I have
th this dlay seized and taken into my poe.
session, to satisfy said writ, and I will
d, proceed to sell, at public auction, to the
of last and highest responsible bidder, at
"t- te prin'ilpal front door of the Court
il- lious., in Abbheville, Vermilion Parish,
p- L.ouisiana, on
in' aturday, January 24d, 1921,
ah b'.tween the legal hurts prescribehd by
of law for juelicia sales, the following de
ns scribed property, to-wit:
1h ;; muls, 2 black and I red.
1 wagon.
d, I Meat Hack. . *f
h I la;glhter Ths(,et.
y I Drill lonard .Cast.
y 2N1 Itogs.
at :t0c liides, nmore or less.
ei.\.t Mark.t Hinl.ling, I it,.r. atoll
Il a t'o t11 IIt.
u 4. ."' k; .f Ilio.' in K:ellar, W are,
1 I I.r..e, nam,.l Tango.
.1 t,; H .. . . If.,, Ir e\;arls.i M ill.
a All of the abl,' e desjcried j ,rolpertv
1'110t1 11. ýh T,1"' lcrlprort} attachedl undelr
g a writ of Attsa',nc.t ie on t. i
'Il!c.e,.,, , ,0 . td the Int day of De
II c amber, 19:20.
S º.c.c,, tat salc: Cash:
lit. 'if *'. Effl."," tlcJi' ill., La, this
.1th Ir.: .f 1ºr.0 vnibr, 1f920.
t ile'if, c'rnmilion Parish, La.
h OW'S Tial?
w' ,,IroT, tire .lundired Dollars Re.
cIr,) p "' tuy' ,ase of Catarrh that ran'
Sit u _,l by Hall's Catarrh Mceli
ta' a ('arrh Medicine has L.,."
., ,, ,"rt:.rrh "luffelt rs for r , , . st
ti irt., fi retry, and h-as become kit wr
;- 'i, n,."t .,,I'lc l]. rm el\ jv r ('alelr.:.
i i,.' s ' atat'ri Mudi,.ine acts thr lthe
1,1 n,,, ht . Mueulii surfaces, 'xp,.l!ing
Sthi,. ',i'on from the Blood and healing
the diseased portions.
A\ftcr yoU have taken Hall's Catarrh
Medicine for a short time you will 5e2
a grtat improvement in Your ren*rnl
health. btart taking fall's Catarrh
,e'dIei a* ,n'nc ari get rid of eatarrh.
I benl f"r testimonials free.
F. .*. CHF,&'EY CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by all Drtugist, 73. At
* r
TsaDt vpi tq

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