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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, December 31, 1921, Image 1

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S.; , ,s Leara y Y Paper inV _ad _Ges Into the Homes that Con'.
, --3 b Ery to the nltrests of Abbeville and the Parish of Vermilion. S Subscripaion: $2.00 Y
A W'dAwak O aVol. 13. No. 44.
- - Abi VIrurfliea?4 ) aturday, Dec. 31, 1921. Vl 13 No.....-. 4
:a1 JoJ rnal of vermilun _____
IIa'' . +' .
8 t , ti lt'' I
11t I.
ýý , ' 'i"1.141, I _
1, I "I':
! ýý i ·· i 1 I I I
I':' C
il 11·1 C'1: 110!11 9
I ii'r
- IIi
S1 . I tiiff
I .'1 ! 1 qi
I. t I ., I . lri
4' i\'
1' Kan.e'B ' 'u
rl 4 'Icr u t a
:.,, n ý ' l ., ",, 'i iy o1i utp an
1 ,, ,t . i, situtr ed or th re
l11 i' 1u 1 .i _ i . . 1 n i in 11? P .
tie ua 1at 1:i · t t ;l-a +I l I tr.1t i t.- a
COW4kNr~ Lt"l eft. cul thei northi -
T..v Il wM','ni c·4!( .a" A n* V
,1 ,1 1 II r .f 5.. ...t t eirl" 1
n'i tihite i iii ' ," 4".' ":il'' I~ .~n~al
TI RV" \\ 1) r\'IIL \' I
1S; 1I'!.e 41 il V 414.i l I
a n'' situated or th ere
Vet! a,,.1 *·.'n tnt' ti ag oi tenatir
iji 4. .~' l .::I . ." 1 '*in f1 4
trrn ; '.: i ra'?I 'it sii l , i .t; t ri n.
t.i' u:t e la , t' mi i' t heie
cosec ast I I 'aI'" a 1 I IC .''i 'i Ii
on "' e ':s 1 i' al It :"i D'I li., I. ' ire Uui
mTw 11 . r1 a a&.e I i1 iitl ; IC 114.
\ lil " '\'''4 : 11 :1 . I Tur
t* e r," fi 7 It. I ti'ngthg e Ste
I i 'll 1 t'. onle
m al hiu , n1· 111"1,' .I uhF'ia
Ii' it On :,
""," 1 " t' " ,
l'ý i l !k :. ( , ,. ,iltit pe r u II i
taut~ ( 1r :iii(:" ii t l 1; , L i
'-'4.lr:l , . II., : " t /' liiii
it ut .n~t a t r m ker ill pay
gat I "nu it ti 1.' :I , I tul l 1ti'
Ij I
3i' :I. a ''
" Secti f ' ' 1:i. 1 '. t' in t le ct' -Lameai
a e 1a'. l.
Ti II *·~,;n"~ta i. t t!!' a' atr·ia. .f I~it
~ *mtnaCit I ii ' i
Stut~i . f 1:1.. .a:`tc. *.t1 p~r'4i'- . ethr· i'
Wpi"' :,a':ttt t 4~ . '· \. at"rn\ their mol! 1
*C **', . 1· 1 y·I.i i n-hr~ ti JaOC n'
YIa I1·:''.~ a·l:t t '*r l t' vot Le~ 111a
erct"' a;'e '1:n'~ r~ue~tcd to par'
t :; · C '; ' . al; i. ih t ~iut' C
I. hAi1·
i-'-C 1.:.·.;:· Il;;1: ')ti~nt~ cratjc eicun
.... Brigh N---ew Year
Fo " " " -6 m- -
Best Wishes For A Bright New Year
)tC- "-rc-- '
- , .bring you
l temuch that wi pease you, h' i t
a e folkp n send i,,a. ,, . '. t.o I.u "
T intt; " a'" ' orn. Il - little to vex y plenty o
Il. it's Ieraius 1l4v id l 1t see new friends, ealth of
vI"I'r Uiatuh May 19f bring you T
:, 1. t,. ·;assurances Of alts to
`h. I older ones and .. realizationi" " .
rthis is good old
world atter all.
·------ -- I.
T,", oll vea:r has pasli.
SiSme.tinis it is !,,"'t i to iu rr 1
A . a t ,at thL do not a-t- , r ,., .- .- 1. : s.
±. - ,Lu ,'tltl, .11 thctIf ,la.I 'i.'t Il . tMill
1'rh Ti, ear that's cnir g in-- Just Comnc and sat
,ing Will m:ake ua forget old 21 T ., l -pl endid !ill 1. eI .ia 1
And bring us lots of tin. At L T.
Tr c It ever lid b-fore
The Stellhhiis' * lore will dl its hart The ;,,ic re hoau knn , t w. o r ,l l uri
And fln m Oake Uon ehout and I, 1lcr tOil, it's cuht iyu h . ou J.Ita all y ou r . g d
To see the merchandise you'll get t ae s ceap J. . ll tr.
I 1 For just one little dollar. It will make you ugh.
11 11 . f
I ln d ir tif€ .ir Ne 'T i t4 't iL JL -& u ",,r kru ',.r iae , 'h,, t it t. , h c.mletc.
I iarie i s rise e * l 191 "r t how, i' eomin The. daiities.t, Iitcest niCk-naeka,
toc t.,re rie , Pres.! c jt' We t u-t it ,rtigs 'yntu nod cheer, .The substantial things to eat.
irt j iAnd eier' athin -pl , et.ter And that ruccess, in.
An "n ".. . "" Make the home folks happy
eDuhon's Grocery. k. tbr, What's left behind 1a By buyi at our store-h
itan All freh aE tie al aeat. The best befo. . We will e ou satisfaction
ia His wl will deliver --- -n (a.tor spend eat tie - W A of giroeyes tike yaetkO
rAverythig complete. 't . .. Md u t Sn i- )Tqmo". .
"scribcd  , .rieti) in th game
Ssr -'ro To do an houet rict n thes
itThe usetea w two. T'let b e~f. h orrenlad Fkelemingi is our e iame,
A l at e vin rythi ng get a trd
r there
gine f
lilug i t
ribeDn't e p it A c-ttnii pvssinfist cafl to wt.i A, wi to hour' ag
ALik at eve r tiie i get soore. --aidt tlr-ghnl the strew looked around. And rie bre -jun ret ayl ,r
1 Better times are coming Stoppe, in olie that looked Po "ean't In rir e around all da.
Uueas you didn't kuow it, lier 's wheltre my gods I'1I t I, WeI- -tel--T . Mt Mt'. ,
" . it is surely true, y1I a til, L iri :tylt.
&n t w e gi ng t o true There's lot to ehoose Thctan hot 14-Jr girl nd ,t her "lirl,
 nthedNineteen Twenty-Two. To Hats and Bhon.
uitv'l be 1 nd Tne we or Frotn Su its of C Lothel *ln'i goo nIUeis-its north nijil'.
go'r by .And tthen hI,-l ts the' haeh supplies
Come and see our Groceries, The prices right-the goS ae Ad iltlred Gaestlihe,
Goods of the better sort-- -I've never seen a ebetts An i titter d 4aIo-t a C r,, i S,
At jrices that will nam".*' you, Fronqtlhis l l's t th bluet. Art ton I'll t Cly ies
h1.i gl r Ipa
pye oume_
,, , ma i
-it an ni e.
e IState of Louisiana, Parish of Vermil"'
i,-t, lith Judicial District Court.
SN. 420.
Otan iohlar, Rt Als.
. virtu of a writ of beiuzre and
. :1t" to me issued o.t of the Honorabw t,
, er,,teeuth Judicial District Court, it nT
a.i for the Parish of Vermuiliou, Sitat,
of j,.uisiaua, in the above numberlt Loy
I :,~m ntitled suit, fully authorizing and tua
vou; owering me in the preamises, I save atE
kt <y seized and taken into my pes au,
*,un., to satisfy said writ, and I wil ov
S ., to sell, at public auction, to the
ai... highest respousible bidder, .t sit,
,e : trncipal front .doOr of the Court tai
,e l,to in Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, r
Lu ioutanfla, on ( L
, amtI zayW , uluy att, ti 1 98
within the legal hours prescribed by al,
law for judicial sales, the following ryg
Sdes.ribed property, to-wit: ; r
nl 1st. A. An undivided Thre.efourths ji
l %) interest ia and to tae following Mt
,lc c.ribed tracts of liad to-wit: .it
A. One eartain tract of land lytng n
r ;,i beiun situated in the P'arish Eof
,rtniion, tate of LeUittlkn, rentati nt.,
ijg sixtern kad b-100 (18,0y! ht.,en:s
,," LU dedig ate1 Is Lot Ui '
Si l'el (11 ef pltit of 1ibdiv:lt m
n.t4 t re in thle mtter of the SiUteesion
., I'l .a a. o f pt o p e r t  o f C .. I. . o id e: S
t i.r .eeased n 479 of the P¶nhate
S i , ke of the itnth udicial Da t ie
,,ourt for the Ptflsh ot Vetrihid 1 -*
isiaua, bounded Xorth by Pabli- BRnd,
sti E)st by Lot ks Tin (10) of Mid "
oer-f subd t visio, ll.th h" Vf ' -
rll River and WeI t byi L tot Saer Twelve
n' (1 of said plat . . -
i I. Anothef eHttain tiaet d lad sit
. listed in the Parish of Vermiltln. IAe. I
i-ian't- , eatailag 1 hrte ad .i e -
1-2. pInt or suahdivsloe Wade iu the watte?
E oI thae 8Rueesina and uole of n, lettilr a
s-u. of c. T. (tolry. t., laesed. i O. 4?9 1
of the Probate Dleket f1 e 1lth Ji
,i 4sal Dh4et tl r the 1
made Parisah d a ý d
?rl- *- -fViul~w
ii\ t Li Luc Uruucr btcn" L k11) vl 27t
,~... 1:4, MU. nc~ta-.,V+ u~ w LA v
*aj. AaAUL, tt V~IU Cd" u` u it aaawu~d
Lu..LeVU ýLV) i tIAAJ Y.VIFMUU 1ý , J.
ruW 'L4OLUIY ertalru "latcr ut rvrrQ1
'46 aai UMQ uiSU AbUiY'.. ""Us lwl
Sb ALU P1 .UAWul t c ta. ..L.Ju VI L"L\a. .u t
Ila A.Vi %~ILLUkU%.J L... ' VLV) L WC -&-V:
aa.,. , V OLUU1 .l AA Wjj'.U t Ia i LIAC
as. -...i w u G LuCr 3 tCaU SU. uAd. .
til' j'IyA.AAti Ol VI L. A. '.&Ls. 'q, ., U'
L1.;U, .%UWlueA aiU u4 La "I .
V. uc: lILu JUU.ssi LytLblXM
LcuFL aturCebisu, auau buUS.ueui \.uftu Uy haa
tome rUUlic jwwA, 0*U&4 14. Iý luAiSu a%
AItel, LaUt a ;uut .ULmt(r *'luer (V ILL
MIIA %l et u; " ut ..ulUltr 4leveu (1i) ut
ul &ae gaturesaad plat. at
..in. Auutia~r ..LUir.u tract of lasd en
sjit.uted 151 tLLAJ a, AAib L·a., CUM tli
tal..uAM Iitreea auu u.$lugJ iirl.v1tB, saud e
tl,..ItCtII a:L but .'uIuuAl r'uurteuC i
(lad of Lue afYIler6·hL plat of HsUrCtUIl t
iuu r.A tAA platters it tike butecMruu ta
and date of Um Vfu ypltieU ut C. T. uuML
ry, Sr., deeeaLcU, . uruer 41, t L the
Cruuste Musket out the Itl1 Judicial
District tourt of w vrrnal a earIs", U
LauIauaiaua, aUd boundedl 'mrth b. J d AM
11.a,!r, btcIWesX fit U." vua;a san,~ v
Sc.bIJtluly r clina JUasi A lailagIs,,.
;;us Vse kunaiui.u *u-I isial Ja.ci
Ol lnd ait~etcll iu the Lauri..EL VI Lii
in .-aa, Lamuisadjas sisal deaii(dastei: s tiaa
Soult kiaat 4aaarler of bectioa Twent
Que (l1) is Townsaip Thirteesa (Ii)
boLtiO hopnge Uae (1) lust, laaislasna
i r. eI v r Brev Hhrnitd saud liweatty at
tho of luad sitiatdd isa the Pariah of
* VerbahIIS Setae of Ira9 jad desigttatad
as the Wreet Malt (%r) of the North
I Bast Quartef (%); the North 11al (t%)y
of the Seth WIset Quatert (11) sed ttH
I. tatth reat Quarter ('4) of the Soaath
0 East Quarter (vi) of eeti".n Twenty
t Seren (01); and the "ort.s liai (Ha)
, of the 8outh Last Qurate (3i) and the
' South East Quarter (%) of tie South
g WQmt Qhautter () o Setion u wenty
I Eight (2S) hI '.wuhtp Tflteu ',13)
Y rL hi~O (t) gat, tw"Ra~tr
* MttWlirs
f < ryy
ii) v1 27th day uL.DctsLor,_
w ADAM[ 1f,
.uu W Vr Sheriff, V anew idl, La.:; Stal
IL~Ati. `J. E. Kibbe, Jr., at
Al YIAAAlOA .am r
t~rr'cIA o iAo. Lo ii~ -Yrrl I
01 laced llkJUiIJ ~ X\U·
1 W llcl n T'$JL
*.. Iva, i -I .1 to
ýuJ~lt ~1 VCU·V O nrif J. . L
1[NJA.LC L..uisM 3rol enit
1ýnr~cL by vii cu or a hrti aljjlj for
a ll
urul u~y ~uAc to Olc IU#eYAu& Uiurui Lu l~
dl Wllion te '.vU.LvCiiui PUQi "I t. ire, IM
iue cur anud lur wue k'aMnlS $ ,tte pot
eu kIi) ot LOUuIul..M, iM the t thi
aund euatliL~ suit., ZdM4 m and as
of laud eiu1iuwriu ni3 Die ti u Aiv ae Pr'
,om- this day st.sed sait lam
its, aed soesiuI, to satisy - will th
r'uurtetyOvCreA to sell, at 'to the
i&AdUVUW- last. and h gues r , at Lo
LCAce85iui tuoarttrinti f wot Clout
~ iuu& hO~e 111Abbs&iL%
T.v Ld tLousn,
v[ Wei~od, Abe
ud-ieal rwithin the legaL by
earls.,r, law fur judieta Iwla
by iot llaw to jii'uerta
lr u- 'srlonu &wiiLY,3
i "e A c11ht1
thlltl,.l I~ew' ylttIIvttr Ill&a
iawýýet'": liCudct tat j·Vt t.
.Jli'. i'A .L C U 1 t1 at of su d !u
ý; IR r j .i, rtcu lvt 34 .5'4
y~'1 "~ of L',011atOIvA of V
e~i aM titsf couti ua 1,3' ": ý"t
Tweanty NUrth by trot WL.. -ast it
tein (l ) iy esate of I Iitk
lemiaslana by FaMio. 5usad
aliceadl. desasdhu.
weitty at maeats .theree ý
'arskh of Amuther ti .
esigsstet Vermilio
hr North arpapeato aa
llit(%)) .1. past
"ad tbt 14341, feorde
the South smies Pars*~
i Twenty Lot Nto. a3 i
Kali ('1) 7, Seeth by
) aud the AbMtBW@ I .
tite outh 1iabie red
' !wIentV Taus ct!
!Ierd '13) %Skflf .
inMwsA 27th day e!
iw.-tlIa Iýv
I mEI IF's .3ALE. Lou
e.; State of Louisiana, Parish of Vermil. wit
i.', 17th Judicial Detrict Court.- law
No. 6028. seri
Delma Meas 1a I
" I Onesime Gaspard Jr., et als. ;lt
Iy virtue kf f ;, i % fi l'ivri I':v i:.
to Iu. i." i.l out ,i ttit' lloCrah' 1'\ Brl
ent'ec th Judlii"i:l tin ti't 'o rt, in a t
*. for the Puislth f V,.rt' iii,. .NS tt' ,,f
r14.Loutisiana, iii t ie above numbr.'ed atd
1- entiled suit, full autih.ri.ing ai.l il
ate powering p~e in the l,rt'misv". I havle ::
_a this day seized and taken ijuut' w ly,o.
Yl session, to satisfy said writ, al 1 ill
ºve proceed to sell, at public a lction. to the
.- last and highest responsible bidder, at
ll' the principal front door of the Court
the House, in Abbeville, Vermilin Parish,
at Loulsiana, on ou
art turd , January 21st, 1922, di
" within tae legal hours prescribed by.. P
ihlaw for judicial sales, the following de- im
.acrbed property, to-wit: I-a
by One Sorrel Mare. a,
ia Terms of sale: Cash. 1"
Sheriff's OfliAc. Abeiulle T. ., thi ti
sad 3rd ,lay of lereimbCr. 19'11. e.
- " .).M l3-t k 1t--". ti
' Hh.r.fri . V,\rmilinn Psri-h. I,' ;
jl Kitchell & BHI.tlrcaux. v , r;ft''
et Kthte of Loutstilla Pari'. f \'.erutl ,
tAit ton; Ifth Jidlecial l)itri ¶ ,odurt.
ttaa ýo, i34: t
] Mmasner Ward a Co. t
ea ite ieasid out of the IIoitramlable Ile ,
i gnteeuth Jidical District Court, ii and 1
fort the Parish of Vermilion, State of
Loi 'Iaui s, in tne ab:ove ,unamler^l and
entitle suit, fuby au,+horiziiig anld rm
te in the premises, I have
44d pr iseisd and tak.' into m.' pon
to satisfy said writ, and I will
to ell, at public auction, t the
di hlse~t tecposble 144det, at t
bust dos! .1 the part
-...e .4.1· I
I Louisiana. on
Saturday. January 1th, 1922,
•1 within tihe legal hours prVscri,"i' 1,,
- law fir judicial sales, the following dv
scribed property, to-wit:
Esieially One Piano.
TermI of salak: Ia -.i.
I hrriff's Ofiict. .Abb~hl iI . La., t;i-t
;19th lay of lIe Ailnh) ,r, 19 1. .
Sla riff. 1Vr'mili, ln 1 i- . I.ý
V Browr d &:; ! % wollll~n, :,ý t^, ri". "ý
un, Ith, Jdaicial Ditric-t I uurt -
,il. No.. t. 6.
at Succession of Gustavine Lacombe
sh, By virtue ',f an ,ri" r of -al' .- l.et
out of the Honoruble Sev'ntceuth Ju
* dicial Diatrect Court, in and for the
by Parish of Vermilion, La., and a conm
de- mission imsued in pursuance thereof,
dated the 10th day of No,vcmberr.- t"l,
authorizing tme to Nell jrojpirtV for tlhe
' 1,urpose of realizing fundtl wIherwl'"th
hi- ti pal the, debt' anl charges of .Riid
estate I will ye1l, at public auetiii, to
tle 'a'* a''l hi*h,'-t -p4por,nAb "'. ''i
,:,. at the :.rin.ipal f'ront "'.x ef *h '"'
Htreh in *Iteville, Tw'' F., "
l.nuistana, ,,l
8aturday. Febrtary 4th. 1I22.
nitli, th1. leg:, l..pu 1 erwrrilb'' t ' .'.v
for judicial 5aet± thr ftlneo1i; '1"
ar\\ Si.ribedi 1"r. ytrF. Itr' .it:
t.- Tiht ,,!edibin tr,'" .,f ati,i !p: ,a . 1
th.,: r1 ,i par'. is f \i rni,, ,,i . 1.:,.. ';.i':
t. i nlg -orty O n., : 0...l tIt. lo, .l,1
I les a strip on the south side and on thI
wrelt side eonve.oed for 1,ublic r:d'l
bounded on the North ,vy E~tate ,
rei:' Miehel Thibodesln', Month by i' 'i
Mev- road East by Colin Menux, and W ?
and by the blie road, together wit1 all li
e of the buildings and improvements there
an, on situated.
emti rTrmnr rt sale, e'ash.
have Bhcriff's O9ee, A1,bbvile, La., th1
poi- . 10th day of Novemnbet. 1 l921.
will ADAM O1'1RZ\1',
t:,he; shrif Vermiliao Parish, ta.
i at W. B. GOr _, *.
* rah 9 Wt ' 14
Farm Bureau
\ it Farm
11..;I`v' ..1Wý!\ZEK)
VITAL F'\1: '1 t:}. U FACTS.
i"I ., , , "*ti..uary is
I;.r faim
-u1 tssary
* - A~Jll, p t
". at puts
o,> Ili~I rl du bus
j f1,r the
ý. a;ll Earl
,. · iillall 0ý1
j, f 1 1 1i · ·· ··' I'. geLcs or
-. ..
:1.. !.tl ; 41' 4it au st4
i'., 1 t - 1nigly for
i .1: ,"U v i the@
j, , l: armuouky
,ý,i, 1. 1. ' 1" I1;'l sudi' teachl
Hit'. ilt t".1, Ilia'' !"""" Ue On the
LL(IIIJ. "l; 1, : !'a'll Lj'l'.ilaualso stands
cI' * u. Lih schools
Lit 044''l. *'. t and grin of the
,ill ,. '. &cducatlofl
. t!ie Children of
t. t lln bureiU
it ('i' 1 I ' ilicl~tlS of
,! 1 J, r " , - - .. I1" t
at t. `l"":lý'1 ,,i ! 11 '111 15 O fI0tily Of
It cull~ the
ain It kiil. Iliti I"''' I oiL agriculitual~
uiidertakuiigs 'I-'. t c'. theI fareri~t
t Iicu.r lI~'i t alit1.1 It tt ., atfiactiug his
i a:rest ill c'vtct.' ,allt of thu nlation.
Ti'. ).r-nu Blurt:au ii 'lln: its en~tire
i%.r."o amn ewerga t1 io ilttrflk thie farm
;,1j 4.41 1. 11A ha: Lu I-. tl e
r--ll Li ll,~(,.-, 1 ;,! .1',1; efft and varl0 ,$
1111 unlit . 1'11'x ,ia avit i VarIfale
ti-I 1ntc cnllt .,,iio lin iitC tiu ili ifl*
Ih" 'it lu4 It j ill 'iitliii ui.:igh tilt tot
tllr IAS A PrraENT ofi rGAntI:A Oh
ttt""1':'it4' !:1 J1 111 ttit !i Illy 1 lll ll)Ur foe
,u I nu. , ;fi t, 1:1_1 1.1 ' , i 4I, 4 ni n tin on
! 1"a,. i ill.( i 4 t I li" lit, c'"'i t111 t1 k tri
1 ,11 I''.! x ,11 11,t' .. i - fr h un if h e t ci s t
.111 i IInias ro r .1.
: i Vg } rlt l l i; " 1'y t al rg uia
i rý 1 " . . ,,,t 1, 4'- 1 r ifl¶
;tit:.- T' 'i i 1 tj'r '", , nvr 'anti.l
II. i.i I 4 t rly t.
,ý1. ). .. . ..' !,,.' fpF ii ! t" ('Rill 11*V eft
S'1.1v tvr 11' " " "'t 'art', and until
' ;," i 1ig aitiv !, i. i s of their
ui. .llt 4 li u ltit i< ý it - .i"1'1t o~attempt
41i1.lint'. 11111 211 i ri'n 1O 0l dose
11 l!l IitJt Is 1;lr ila l i unit otb
tl3'iilii I · ' I' .i· plit '4)3 (I. sucho
tain i fail 1'" toir til ii-" Ituuir and i Ia
ut iiiiit ntilt 1 IC e rit:! :i i 't rtrol of his
t92 _ t...1..... f , 1i Ir i i4th e ct ieav u the,
tjif JU Iii)U 1 utt t *L.t ty !tiUt
oP r~jrl ·-- di ]ic~': v i4er. ThRe
LV.~ II 'I.42 I i~oC--
I, 1.. Atia c?-~
I11 ,1tirt ' -
?me -Pic'41 24Ii.I rli ,ii 1·rae-f
t~t r ijll 21. 1'i' Ia. I A.Ah4a' Tracto
for therc - .
a corn- FYz~.SALE.CE
~itb 't~i\`"ii' ' LO3T~ rl "uk I' H1 i.'.lZ Re.~P
tti, o un o Xr'144 .JI~i'nrai' PhoneLY
II',,.-, )Y .', ;r~

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