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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, December 31, 1921, Image 3

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S :aII ver tdic Lum bi r o~., befoet
I~l& d. Sco ii H. LUTGRINGO
I ~~ I iiII
A poor ti .'t hr toii eqiials a tractor
eyt:- it ta.r tli+.wtir, aolll a good onu -
al.:its a god t sa'"tir. (;et Atlas Oil. N
Cas:iiiiiva & (,aoioi, agaiets.
J. \1. Mi·:;tae i'v %%- ii tgown Mt,:iala -
Llr · huiitla". s.
Miss I iui e X.ul i e. tif Now Orleans,
is het- fur the hiuli'ka s.
i:;1l ,I. 1.ctia'.e, of Iota, La., was
idol; fricitli here Mon(lay.
Jaia inn Jalt),c·t (it* \,",c Orleans spe~nt
thri hlhlidavs wit Iit home fiill,.
( v iavtistrs 1i('''i:' 1 / i- ?;II· Iiii"l'
Miss ('hi it . -1 it 'I'' \' +
thue wiriei:l cs' .s t~i "i '1;, tl..
'Ev. t r ic il. Casi o 'a &r Uor," , 1 gent.
to ii t:. rh. t!, I,. o:' ,
IM 0t .1"''~
a, 'itit . i ý~ 't o
S~illtI I *r iteli l
aiii ~ ·:l f'~ V.:1 ·ri . I
gltr ! t'.' 1; a r. - «' t 1·t' I
\1ir , .. i. . 1 '
dangr'te?~. Miq, ~?·: 1 pr: ii-;ll Pt ,,, crC
3. El. L:.TCJ1,nl'
rlhrre 4" w t to attlintu t i dan" : at
tni E~lk a 1Poun.
".T w O'1'il'·'*t o.dr Al:Fteo '1~
tiit"" f t t I
i 'll !.,"it t ni, ;, " .,, tl5.fl wit .
Cof nnol i \la & ii t .. ' 1't
and fiuiii!¶', :ti", I 1.cti \I i'd'. Artl m ii
v ,isito flhir1. iere t I.:? n1r . ei ,r e .
Inst o1in it ail wir e~:I gist. of rela- F
Iii + IP' ":'f.i \'s .1.J. 13ri s Mips t
their ,~ithe
viiiiiuh~i!·,' meeth'' ne-t W*. li.*i i.\ l eiie it
Mr.t whlnI tme t'e MrII,.- T. .tl
daughter, MirvtýIt a i. i , WI1'gr ,lce
hlorn( Af gat,' l Mrod tL.ic A iii vi, ni'
Wve fde r u . - ell ltm
eata·: Is the . Iii LUTn
WillerR ra :,.. »~"etd ,'r., t',.ister t
to T.......''' . i"" night :r1
at crh tir wemt to attend the 'lance atnl
t'rc. Elk's nntine oitl e, ar~
fn +"t W. "i,,t tit th~c went <o `
Itti.,' a' L U 'R
.lr tt 1 11, I \\' ( l ";:"-at :I;,.1
, ~ : OC,, . ,,. , 1 a M s
l~~it 'er AtIt -it f-Itt ,a
M ' 1 : ''e
IMP-t I""1;;fbaAel i
lollcKIE H ;1 ' TBR 'S DEVIL} Ir~ i
I - -............
ST- ~i %AIO ' ' "~' ~"'A 30~ S I 'ý4ýTAIIý 4 \Cl C V: _OU_
L~l c ~' "E" ~ " ' PJDL* O 1%5.0009o~o OF O ý ,NEEFY c,-E~C A l,~S~. .`- LI 2~
ypý ,may µpu ~H) EY fýRR DAY Cs0tWYA IýýýPAER Ml1SY BF AeCOUN fE0 AVM,
HI W l SW E EP 0 0T A d~ -o a R O H MiGRN AL AW _ 'f E to o A -' Ui e 'N
M W.% p MWY W-MM Posit Iýº AU' ~sS E Fa ýVRYERV Time AWHREY Of
%-. I som OP I"- U I~ Oa 30 --ams, 1'( % SU\Y MR1
. O t 4s
"i Plate Glassu
Wind Shields '
Coupes and Sedansi
lu,, .th'
i Bourque Furniture lhe
Company IE
qMrs. lr. I'rer W il i- \ litii reel- hoi
S , here. ,ri
ui!i ii Brit, ii. atll Mrs. (;aston Dutel. 1 hr
S M Fer r left iitrls. for xi BI
t o teii the hilhlat.i with his children.
* lat iees for thr holi01 I.S.
mis* ,te;unts, Mr. and Mrs. Gaston Dutel. hri,
E. M. Ferr left Saturday for Texas But
to spend the holidays with his children. :
Dirs. '. F. (i.l Goehai and son Frank,! toil
.i:., :re visiting relati'ves for thie oli- " it,
Ir,. nili \lr.l. liar ',ld It i rls : I,,l p ',
,.i .ill nl \ v·ibit. . I en Oipl' usas. i'lrit' ,,
S-- ---- 4of
S r'i'ira I t e . N W " etOli lsi, i + ilcul"
I,1 hlihly here with friends and tre-i lUn
hItive's. I.h,
Rl.ev and Mrs. R. O. Oliver and chil-i
l-t 'en, left Wednieslny for Eunlice to visi it
r, latives aud friends. I It
n' ars. Eutphemon LeBlane left Friday f.i
lim for Beanumont where the has Uoue to
.yle ,ied a while with her son. f
Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Moss. whol -,
s:,ave been living inear Erath, have re-! .,
tiglt. trued to their home in Abbeville. ft
cc at
The many friend of Mr. J. C. Brons- y
a'4 will be glad to learn that he Is Iml.
t oe atter betn eou
i ,to ar about nl an
'ew days.
:, Misses Della Brostesard. Irene Bra+
t: ",u' and Belle LeBlane, three of Ab.-I
Mrs heville charming young dauguters, whol
are attending the nlornmal at Natchi- ,
tbelles, a-me in Saturar, to spend thie s
r st- 's slida's with' home folks. t
o r. and Mrs. J. A. Boludreaux enter- C
wtii tained in honor of their ann, Aronee.
4n1 .Jr, Wednesdav night. Those present
wat ere Misses nniise Kitchell, Trenel
v tile ,"1 Eloise Brasseux, Belle and lCarmen, i
v tel IePlane. Phro Broussard, Ceri l Prtr
,!Oil r. Della Broussardl. Francis aln t
jih.in.e Thomas. l)orothl" l The!.nlat 3
',x ,ldleni, May Broussardl. Stella Burwrell.
nmisax Wilda Summers, Mamie Rose. Eloite
here Brnussalrd and Frances Williards. :
rela- Eix Bouilreaux and Ernistine Fletcher, 1
Messrs. Vernon and Ora Harringtnn, t
EnInene Caldwell. Walter Bernard, Ora
e,lt'.- Cnidrlv, George Cn-l.?",ll. L,tll Brous
S,,n' 'nrd, Rnomnhts Iebert, Rigall v Webert, I
S(, R". v Ryltehardstn, tawrence Rourdier. A.
ýr, -t 0. Lsntrv, Harris Brliousard. Odon ie.
hert, Ti'leodore Lanorte. Murrel Rum-. -
,u.rs .Auidle Itumh. 'osrnI TweiHane,.
eh,, . \,hr,,v fGuilr'. ¢')ie " Letlnn0., .A. D.,
i. 'H'lna . Mtr. an I Mrn Iran irtlinia. J.
I,.,,,. I. Boidreou. J. S. LefBlanii. A. J.
1. Thi lllllas", Lo,'1, El'iredge. ,
ni-'t Ahhrbb lle, La.. TDeeember 24, 1Q1.
SlI4 1 The lfnalie's' Srhool Tmnrovem",it
'k-,i c:,'.. hel itts regnltar meetin m t t the
I:,j,,-' lht illle T!Trh School on Thursda3.,
n,...,,nl -tr 1. 142 .
'The mlnilttes of itfe 'meetgL? of NO'v.
,'"l "'Wt re rn.l s ,md aonnted.
l)afll · ·ti~' was mlde a"4 earrie, that
',1,6 T. 'l ."oll he ',,ltte'l hr th" Lesgllle
,i IUt '" I ., Homef /,' Ec4n-mi** dernrtm ve.
Lt8f1. ' -t o nwaS msn'l and inarried thlt
'irt- , W ·,;arm-' lh refnmded Two
I erl,.l:. whl,.h n,\.mu+ *,n,. e,,trihbto4i
FO I,. t', e. 4n t--otr..l " tn'h *.r. the
,.. e of n viift for Mrs. A. P. Stnrnl.
retiring president of the Fede'ntei
T,-..,ier withdraw fr-,m the F'4etet11
N'ext. a renort was e'tv, h' t. Ie
(, ..,,4:..g, it, *h.r¶r. of tl'4 srinii' 4'f
the Chamher nof Commeree alnaer hv the
4 r-enee. ne 7t~h Then followedI a dis.
n Motion made and seconded to ad
MlRS. G. W. Msr'vRuR.
S MISS ROSA MLS. Presldent.
I Secretary.
5 666
in tlk oe, hr sad
wekte*,prsventii pe aii
IMusic Rolls
The Latcst SlIle..ss
II Grafonola Shop
,o Ge, A
A very* lt~evy e.vent of the ,week \rn.: N. h,':
hey wev.iliti~t it NlcciO" M lat' t ccctil \lr. icii p'ro'
\lll r u!a ' w t' I k 11' :" itt' isttic,"ker. tite Icelt~lnc o the ltritlt''s pat eV'i tit;!
it, cII \cc'ieiiila\' moi~rneing :t toll Jtrir ,flue
The cerentimy wats 1cerfcrnaceqi at the R e l ct. "
'hi rrhi of Our 1.:t \. of IPromp Si:et' ,tr. bfe I
VeiV r c'tvereuci Fatteer Pccli:crcl oft .\- , t M art
~ev ilie "ificiaticig. Tie. lend', centeredel a s. w -
the' cicnreh to the iee'cutiflil stra ins of x at;
hth Mienieel"ssikli wve lling march e, leati1 was be'
ieu'' ln}; on the a: in of her fathe'r, r c~.t
Willi amh ('a'le, 'r ,"ete le I-. tt urinles- ce
inn~i Is. Miss ( :cmneilie Brcttissarele uistcr "' l~ilt'
it it cc " "*ni. \ts% Pacc:l tcc flicii'cil a'lt 1 '"
Mti -c Wijthcl -cflclecdr'. cccl thce iit ,lif '.*t" tile'
lion cr. \liis' Alto. (:;l,". =ite'r 'of It, ul
leni-c :t. I!! !r. i i., t t:;." ?11 t e'r' t ",1 1cc iii' Ma;ic
frI- k"" t ,lirek lWits tciff't7i. Bell i t! ll" I',"
I:t" to ce ctt: "ii. a(!ci t".riM ;cl' :1' l el , 1 t,"
(lit*- .. It;lia ',ee, rest"' it. .. ice . f ~ci e'C t lceiicci,.
we e '.1, fltlct ('atle' lenetilin of hr'l
ftic-ln',1 5i1iihiaicee "tl.c- tericbei
(h'i I~tj~r *'. n~i';t etti.e ine'.
le.,ee ''erase t~aiI'ne'i n.cit oef 'lark llint.( re''"1 ht
wtithe large iciteck riet, seoil t4 ,rring ) pa rntee
lerile's roseseu, 'e'ns met at the' alter byv thlit Mr.
1~e~fihle his best i atanhif Mr. Necis"ig ('east:',
Burt, TiMn.(B
Tic,' sermeon giveui in F'eci~h zitle " i-;i- h i ti
titer Beelinrel, was mosc~t leecautiftlc ;cut cel tier
tceieehi''c!'. T1uc-inghez *l'e' Miezi c if thce r".'l lefole
inter. Mrs'. Fels Sanc''eei saicdi} t'e r' lr" i
1 eea1 tl'il Otte hcetce 'S1 .'c ,. crc ee1' er i
4' -nicici r'-;ti-.tc :it .i .c ~, ' M r ~ 'm-. 1. fi.:ccc..,ir lit' tc
ofe i c "i..c hecce 1i'. ;i,'lit,
Tei;.el'ell flee1u , cri e'ftcl 't".i+4l '1ºiv \ j r cy
alcott noon foer a eshort bocecvltlocel trip. `
Thee britle i mne oef sev'era:l Ilhtrll!ilee g
n1' nuel .e'nmeciisheel .late"teeeern. Ti..' greomnni Nir were
in tite' eleleerteci renof M-. aueet Mrs. *Tc1.1. h
-~F. Brc-ei"ercl, an'1 is n '*"eiitt mealt of vTue
fien' ecunlitje' neisi stelritelici elcarneter.Al
Theere' wete Idl.in men" t oef toe:.'t l~tlee,4t ,1e"
r tit,' w~e-lclitit neneelv tlielti ielbli Mr.i !}ele
re"'l Mrsc. W. R. ('al,' :e'eet tncilv eef I thii
1;('cede Mrs. Henry Me('lntc'r', f Beaumont *"clt
. c"sa, MArs. H~arc0h Barre~icerl oef New
flee"~ ianutd Miss Msv f ,e~e FRvredes oef I SI
t"t'iee, Ma~e~sms'i 0l. A. Trt'w'esasr'I. A. J.
ct,'e e- Felix. Wecceri4 .1'. 0 ressv 1
0' Iv-O 'tiaede" ,iee V. he !1 'u ý 1
ý.Kato~ "e-t`th. M'erg~rent tinnmmert Della sha
flnttgt!O-'t. Tlhcltis f ',l-ien. \'t1'ie Rrccus.I thel 1
tirdl. (T: in:'ni:.cl 1r'1'," I "Plane. ees.s aear
atet. Joehen Lt-ce,rt'". Tlie'cl-re' lse'c"rte, sate
Glit, Brie:' ;ceic.i, 'Neewte-, I.e I-itzie. Mart
ripe Pnimee"er'x. Loeajs Weceeci. I.. er~iusor, dest'
"jGeorge Go~lden, all ref Abbeville. glad.
e NUINZZ UPA3XtLE3i< last
r- Mrs C. T. 13hliedeitrd aned tlttle. rIauuht dliet
e1te r IEtle 1. ct Kaiplan. werer vi ,iteei' tco the
I 'ctIe) l. k'. e,eI~ 1L~, ue ttlee le . tea: ti
-1. pric
le~ 11i st beI iruasnrd of Abh'eilsleH t~
it a week. $,ucly att
s- Miss Ella Leestnire is visiting hcer sis. 6"
-t, ter, Mrs. Leecetise Pierarr, of Cotw Island UP
e. Mix' lilll Merlellanul. of ('re.w'.'y to
i: l.uevtj 4'.rriee. el' l{:eiebec. tv:e'. t t
J.I t i. cre \W'clueciqlit. '
.T. ,. 1IVol
wit lene I.a-ctiecis' he ei.,ii :iu his netr i hei
i nts this week. des
W. M. Smilet'", of Poert Arthur, anen C11
ºj* Christmas with relatives etrem. hal
he Xnmas Rourque andr fatulity mottered tit fo
i.', Cow Isinlid Sunday. er
wt. Mrs. It. A. Daly was N visitor to Ab'l Il
Neville Monday.
1a leaiaati'f 1,' , t and a. .a'
1. i a ,J ,tiar t Hu ;ltt l a t , - t I . l
Gig, J1roinine.e anl int. r,'-t ii .,",i, t, \ ,,
hl,,.' }as wxell as t ou;h uit ti l I'ari-h l :I t'
Sw:a i tli at Mf iss *th LeBiat'. ,l:agh- lh .
t'r of thte late M r. ica , Lelit ,.. :at, lol t
i r. ( l: ru el LeBlan at ir. an l. i t  ,
lelic 14fJlanc of ath, wlhi t,,lk shiita
,l n-e Tih rs'.tl a ig, ;t y o'a.b,rl :at s,y. th.
'-at 'i ar' ' iaadel (4 (1 'a , at N";.' ial ,,. ,
Mln.as. with Rev. er tBnllard offi,"at- hld. t
a:ag at thie eere r , TI, K-ntll trll. "'a f
was, bh autiful deco .I with., Fern an a r
Rose. r ll i
i " rial1 parat to th. ('"ar ' j a
w' ,,l ,i mar th wa ch itas ilrt,,d l , i.i"
M i-, M\tars .u it, I lat.r . , ,i ., t, :I
heV the vilin w ilea. w ta t ' I L" 1 ii-. nl,:'t
,alit h 'ata u v il . T f ('T ii r , M itw ,,a
" I'-,r iluo lrh k i rta. •l .' '
I' r. I .rble h ra t a' h,1 't-1 l'n ' *r'." i ,~"i,
ti r . 1: - Ea.rllca'e j tu uE aa - of r
a ltnai , :Wial t i' a,, - I a " 1 a ', a " j I ,
. r:,l maid, tihe go warn by the at l.
t; a.laa ' .tf epr tllahv w ,ttrn atie 1: a .1
nl wier o fl-esh r uk satin. wit!, 1,Iti au,
r + h.. 1la ilnck hat anil ,:tr- . - .a-.i
ril )i,, heaait at ofl pi ll a-, eliat, a.. a . is- a
f arinaraT ferns. r
iMr. -lflhn ',^d his bhet lmn, Mr. f .
S:i st :s Rr_, i'ansutrd. t4d es grwm man al,,r
Mr. Bernie Brouu'a a-a
TIe bridle elterer he', hr 1 1i i ' has
I an the arm of her I'aele Mr. .al.ert aiti.
i ie r t. h -w h ttfl istn i . ta .,-. -, a-n a r.
hritlnl .w f nfwh iifnl inn ",, ,, ,:"ti , r.i.
. nI i ta- - ,r-I l-tha v t ," .. • h
t, . ' "al "-tal . ,,.tf .-,f a- , .. .. , ....t i.
t I ' i , rl ni 11 l .it . t ,
iin' of thtlr f M' th - a ti
'the gronr ras tv in 1nth. At at'lt I li
Mra. L'inuae left ln4s for Sew Orleans TI
aware thery wi n t thrr , '
The 'Il mlna rk mn1 S;
r Ierv haDtrlsoie nid etul pregselt, f'
t ll the members the N tl it' f Fa
I tUadai wn i o lgl long and happy
t wedding; fe.1
J. W .. Wert
rJ 't* trade In LoK br this - ut n
Io. S promiaes to be s. Only a f t
"Z'sharp break is the et will keep lee
t,.j the product down pint atnywhere p
* sear that eo last Unterts
E nately, there Des at i bees a sarp
o, decline, sad the . is yet unset
tied, with a dowa , tendancy. And
Yet the prim ad. higher than
last year, and here ore trapper
in the field, so t er dealers pre
2rkh dict that ste oatch squat or exceed
to e the geat catch of 1 s sharp break
Ii tile miaieit sw .,two ado, when
prices declined < G"entt caught
lit, trappers, but roLL OM deoers, who
l'- had anticipated of the ortho
ry ;t from under Ia The manu
facturer of Nlw Y l"sa me eieto
IlS. garments for tea - fure received
anl up to L)eceb  New Orleua
dealer estimptng sdlntag at 75
' 'v} to market before and so diA
.t t posed of their at remunera
tive prices.
Trappyrs, hew believed prices
would rtill clld' meet of tr-em
nr ( held their catch,; low U.leans
dealer estimnafal oIdlags at 75
per cst o·r f e te itch. The de
ge't cline came with still in their
hands, and they paii led there
- I t fore to make the this sharp
decline there wse diapoition to
Sct prices, it bei t New York
Ab.i maufactuure TI per cant
of the fr sesnatry, had '
mat uand decite puy the
sitor hilh ptlce tah mae
ket has beun some.
hedw e, but prleas
vley, are still m uch - tP5 N.
and trappere are active
Sad makllg fl - TIhe princOl.
pal marketable ulana are
1 cI acoon, usrat all popuiar
-a'r lurs, and New the pricapal
n ,f coon fur ceiter , It is;
I (u a seotable fact ad r
y1er kaas eo the coos
tu ins of ese pelti
iphed I are much tin sea -
same tactureris. '
efuare Lolm . it I
Thiae hemsel' WSof the
te Iemendment te wlek PerIa
SY its them t S i elai
I van ce ith
cahus, not to the
sTik prime at1
2!, at . timo tte t
tI ei fiu h S b
,s-t Ce i
Ut tae
ti' W 34 t''i " ,i* l 1 11 )1 3339)3 111 11 s.WI
I) o. Jfv'. li' Ii ,11,11'' 11, 1 3 3 3' .1
11"' -. ' 3i 3 ~ i
13!: , i lly ' \ ; , - r ~ o I i t`
an'1.t vii\r u1,91 ,'t 11: ','n ! livin' iI -
j. `1. a 'I li,"u~" I . ' n"'-1' t _!n li!I. 1 31
11111" TZUAW1 t 1''1111,';l1.-.i- ;111.1 11V11CES1 , ', - ~1 gal
di ~ · yl L~ ni\r. i Il
14 1 'r 001) , Mi iiJt,:3
" "13)91)39' "If o.l ......- ..~. , I' a. in
Iii))" 1l .,. )9" . 1, , t I " gill 1 " i I ~
P r.'iis ? l-:rv lii11i..' 0 'Hr !1'11 "`~ li.t. tillt"
a11` )4".ia :I.tl;Ia t"' i-''ian if fw !I \~
We'reu tati-ried at l-n te r9tust n ill 'if fl iu 3
ofI ntie'4R taften 'u,-Dec. .1,f I]r ,1Ion
it 1'.n "'lrll. :~iR 11
" ",,t ~e n al, i r r i" " t " ' 111,1\- 's ' 1'o foi
-Lotg ' of' :n Ittict W')eR4 Nmt1i9
nti P REBYTR IA farefuly ledi m
14. 0. r cc V t 001), \1i:'titcr.llll lrlla~
f t i tnra tn ' ---t ho .n ... u . . .. tI'' na..I1 i a i. ti
ýc; 11U ,: 39' 1-Atia'. Tnac
t \1r. Pre Int~ll ." O'Br nlall of .' ill'
an M 8Ele :3rl- .iff' 411."I
a , to traetctr---then spp·,nrl mlinutes u; ae i
iileash- buyiltg interim " Oil.--Atlas Trae-l theu
ttlr Oil Casanflp a & Gooch, agent&
For After o Xmas Buyers
rChristmas psitP
H-WARTY welcome to the many people .*:ho did
A , not get iii bfore Christmas. Ottr ctoc·s hi·e
been newly replenished. ()ulr service. instead ol ~ufllr
Ingfronm the uaw end-out1)ece2btT It lt-down l A e
r" still prealic iti sly y wilt tle i'lionn
S'graph Comlpari'flI Cird -which he~lii'l ht,diidsd of
shoppers to mjake scientific eomparisonm ^nd xcore wh-;at:
they heard. And we are glad, to extend~ or your bene.
fit, our wonderful Christmas Deposit Plan.
I 'emtardeous New n~O
delii'eyodf co first peymezt)
Mawa pole Im~g to huive1thiq m~lr'eloflts j~l.4'ument which sustaiyis
I'the ttiit O~irel~t coin jI.IIriv n~ti 'ii ari.--t'd brings Mrhod
ýý r. " e eriiv her
Mu'ic, tbo mtizi~~ which %tntithr', t µ c~ r i~rl he~te
M heti lad. refre'.tw them %, lie' bred i. Mit tluev bheie'e the Npw
- I.I *inf hero'iui their mritfln. l%!':...U' 0t ,n Nr. V di n three nil.
U4 1101t udollarv to perfrtned. If' n'i Iee iji ,. iy?.Z'Ao iii nou . Niie
*hie im"tfn nt viol fee) ah a '; put'. A jo 1 A ~it 11 h '11 rIt to in.
dc~ 11t N(I tf ' i t7 u I tt-pt i tº lq ' tIA I '. A'1. I t. ',,t d'h''
~New ~i-tinro0 et £4'VitT. '111w l' tt A; .e C.I) ill 1v hb ild Ar'I~ ,ar
ºtl .t:· "' s iI ; :',rý n ri h ii vl'l lnoiier. ' *uu c ia.. e the
Vermilion Music Co. /r
A. A. DUBUS, Prop. / -
Phones 226 and ,bt" Abbeville, La. Ike d
If Ten ..mt erna tall the ens,". It r or
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