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Abbeville progress. (Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, La.) 1913-1944, December 31, 1921, Image 4

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OIOICIAL ropu ,n was TbIE d
to the property tazxpavere qualified as
ejectors under the constit ioon and 4
laws of the Ititte of L4,uisiana:
AbPropVit1..on No. I,-To author1 . I
Pathcelge Mayof ti .r dand Bo B of Alder .'
Amen of thI e town of Abbevlle, L ia i
to lactar debt oa beal&f of sad in
Lote dagte oL the Town of Abbe: t- 1 1 8
v~hb to the amouat ot
tst fle ,,mlbamed interst" berstin
eug eat b", at evi dea11', . a: d i.-ll ,/, i21
prre' nlw' ilrel at''s, o~g r",1 r-ill th f~" f tl
lwiebtedg l said bd to bear in tl
tturn (5%) per aunuuss par.able
Imt1..a.auly, and to rn Ar a i
S hereof, ad both the prinI- n
ti of tintyeo . e rea from L".
.-t or lnterest of esid botds to i t~
1 tured b ug( eIiiet tax 0't,
be levied d collected ea year
I t,:la cord ree with Article v "81 of 1
the .onstittiou and tithe LAWs of
Sto le a jte of tu ol rlano, thrae pro
theed troa tho e tt"tsalei of this hond s
ot lIti s tha'n par, to be uted ctor T b
SUhI.4 l iLIEler: t, ilt " d a. ." , it ti e .lt-'t
the Iiiaro'i t, r" ii. hig and co"
silot.u 4l OiSIl tV It 'it' of t 10 'rune.*
It further , t'stem t water 'i :' w.rk
ui d elS ctri i t r'rr t th I n th*T', n '_I
of AbbevilleL , t"!',u ar , ttl:e of 1".
twiUh ,, . ll v.C' t i'. the Tol .. t, d''
And, Wheretula afor te will . .ut l. y the e
g..tesl the'rbal nt i. r.mt 2.,a)ond, of the ret:l
jtreilts of id tleelt l . Ie, tion, by the B. I
.. (Coa~utis oa Pil* 3.)
toayer ad i ourr, ot' Aldermenitm of the on
uvTowsof Abber..ille. Li',laa, on A-. toil
g$, 4th, 1mel1, that sai ' .laotian re- fr
ulte - in favor of the proposition sub- ; f
edatttru, jUd rnp-e . L !"
WHm BEAS, under te Constitutioe J,,
b the 8ratste iof oald . a, adoptetr ea
J* of 18th, 1II1, Atietle XV , Sectiop
the i tte lo ertu d re authjrize. , to an
incoht ,ebt ar . Is1)e negotiable a.
bods the relloin hast b al majority oI
votea sa number and a unt o it. s iTh
O qualifned property tadpayers Ac 1- of
thornseol itr goverlng autlhortto to
adoptio Ieun. T.i Ori Ltree "1lt~lltj"tt: +t l
a lw debt a'i'd I T e u erd tible h,000)
bJoJnde, forbut an id on d hat! e nout w -
.)been aeud, thiabe buoverninI authority ch
aid thereof may prT'vidagd bt Jrt.ds, f withc e17
imt the aenyrert of 1'an eetios
uipon all j'rv'1ort;. iiº I tv 'Io of" .t,: eA'
bee'le, L.uuntuan, of of I't's ali .'"U *j
tl, tefor, e ,der ai tl.e 'ur"ellow. I
padinh tio r1si. sti+a,1n .e: t
said The gbOVds eJ ng e thrthe of et'd '
pruc i dig lsio the reenriathorinn e the pu
licssualni e of t shi b<ur ndi , u c. g v11
V1 IZERIkA .1, in acrec:dlaae with an
vr.lina.ttee of the Nst. to nil! hlunt' of 101
tAldern of thems an Eotlf A1t set le,
forth uisiana, ndoptned on Junte 13th, 19,21,- 111
lion or poposltions eahmttr~ed at i~i
& speciald election ws, exepllt thet said own
bonds shaille, Louisiana, of interesday, 12
August 23rdt, 1921, at whilt'. election
not exceed following six per icen was submitted I e
bto the propertminually, aftxayer qualixte (60d as
electors undcr the C'onstit ition and 1"i
daws pubof tished notice of Louisiana:- e
t~ataes, in a weklv newspaper la la
the Parish in whiech the bonds are by
to be said " * • a.
An,"Proposition No. b.-To autior- th1i
dolte by the Mayaor ,and oard if Alder-f
Aldmen of the Tow n o f Ab be'vi le, La 1
ato iaancur debt o s behalfe of andthe in -
tation of said body to tssue, ht due _at'
stame the bonds (authorized b, th~e S
9tie ta.isa of the Tow of Abbe th18
Abbeditlh La., on Augurt sard, 1981,) L-t.
, LoIsaa the t thes amnt cofntite
and to e , 1 e al" t p s" pe. is
Oit is ta ited int ead e bearing, t al
,gupes bonds evidencing maid Ia" 22l
pebt tedaesst th maid bonds itot beae in. o
terest at the rate of five per ectn 13'in
t p(er%) per annuable mpa'nable
.mml.annual.y, and to run pbr e a
pts ela ler of twe tv ve yeaTsof Afo eetl
b tlle, Lthereof, rsa both ee prifth isi- n
I and interet of ,aid bot. and no tnf
besecured b3 a mufficicut tax to
be levied and coleted iach bee year
in iaaotadart'e with Article 28i1 of Nl
the Ceto wnith thio body: tad thiLas oi.
be is, therefore, Luithorusen, the pro. le
t ieeds w from tet t the stele of Al bonds,
sit less thantm per atb, t aoned for TCa
the purpose purcha and cot
str, Wc EPt.a under tf e Ceasrwo t-k
totfes ab4 l 'ws Lo the ttite of LoI
wchis shall ct dity of and ut lw
thtteMayo r and Board o lemno te on
ý~I t I t ' I i . " , c
K be' i t- , 1 941.
8 lSo 1,f ,net, ",,000.00 ,Dee,'
her 1942., w
l'. 1 Nt, 194 1
i'137 to . I, !." litve, tit,000,0uri ee
i er :t, 140.
Seetion Potr. Be It FurtheI'r Orda
ted, et., Th i at tsa.idt ads, e , e-' t t as
Inumber and m0turit!, shall be s:1
stantialh, of the following form:
1"%ITift) *T+TERq OF APRItCA..
l. . .. ... . 1 1 00.1
EtLt ECoTnnt Lil. fr.TT BOND
Itttti IiCu L,333'If. u1, 14.2 h. '1t In till 33313
O:l TIt1. Iie
t REf4ENT,, Thai thi. "4'OWN OF A!
BEV1,LE, a ma.icipl rprt
,i'ly chartered and orgarat.ed untder til
lawIC t' he S. tatI' t f L.,1 l tIo. 3 ck3'It tl'1.
1ledge1 it If indlebted to a.d fl r v1h!
a received hereb ypromises t.. pay t1,
SBEA11 ilE hereof, i t"he sum oflt. 'I'
:In, S , t~ l i't '~ .h4t " i": ', .11 "~l. 1 t '"it , ,"4~.~I33i
1 on the flit day of Deceter, A. D. 1i.I '
together with teret .n the ,I ma
in'from dia't har.f 1 eit. l paid, at the rI.
b o sih (6) per cent. pe.r anurtr, itnter.
payable t ntinnually, on the 4.1.t day i
June and the ilt day of Deceber
,ea4h year, in accordance with and r
S11 presentation and surrender of the i''"
rest ou, hereto attached as th
I.evrallt become 11 .itse. Both intere,
ane principal of th1 s 939. id ,' payal
bat the BANK OF ABBVI4L. i tI
Town of Abbevillen State o, Louisiann
t lawful money of the United Sal
of Asmerica,
This bond is one of s ser0e. of te
hundred and fitt y(S50) bond, antt
bored ;'oI " 1" to " .50 ", both i,
,hn1ve, of like date, tenor ind effect
x:0et Ia to maturities, ,issued b Dte i
TOWN OF A1B4 VILL. , Louleians
for th* lurpose of purchhuing Itnd co
streetingl a systemn of water works an
electric-lights withi, the Town of AI
ierille, Loutsiaa tit of which sh
ve1t in t Town of Abbevilthe, lOui
dsa, eaid debt beihg atcurred and sas
hteaIn inb uld ttldtr an in fill co
plian~e with the Constitution andI la;
of the hilts of Louisiana, aind el
Teially Act No. 26 f the General .
waehl, of vbas.istana for the vear 1914
s amenled h'. Act No. 218 of ti.e e
"ral A1. e :tMUy1 o .?u,1ian. for the yes
1B 1', and und|er the authority 1o.ferre.
Iby a vote ,,f mojoritv in n~umber an.
autount of the },runerty taxpayers <
isthe Town of Abbevil e. Loutthu"rta, vo
SIg at a s 0cil eetin regular- a.
e, egallyv sailed fr that purpose." T1'
. 1l9tereit ' rate ,eluit. l eied anI O "ix
se after dueconsnpitance with Artlete XJT
to1 Sction 14, 14' of t'e provhisol t1
-u4M the new Coatrittion of the Statl ,
1) Idl lae adtpted JtJe, 18th1 19
a.The o toh . of AbLevIlle, Iious1t1,
ie* lede ~t~(eld land tllt t bound afd ut
e.l rI "i, d i eredit typri e is pledat
i eel trl tir t all o te , 1)oditions 1nIi
u, thio teqimt i to It deti by the e t_
.t. fm d hthw of the ir.ate ot to.
b isdasi, (6retdcent t, and nu the isuin
It 1en old in eformne, in d'ue an
veglal form and tim9 , as rq.ired 5
Splaw; tat athe indetr nte of the I'own
t Aberille, Louliana, does not excer
te, asy cotitthonsl or ttatutorhd thmit
Irtion; ~b pre'iions has been made to
, th12owen o f A direct : taxte of LO iarn
Sl(5 fils on the dofar oa the aniedst
-flAmeri f a. wetie in sid Tows
This on i no a s seriet of t3
hundre tan ,d fit th yO elbol od n
bred f to "4,0'e , bt
ai . of lite 1 ate,
Id ep as5 to 11 a 1turitsies, is,000,d1b y-t'tn
TbWr loF, 1939. L~ Luin
1o7 tie68 incuroseo $6,0h00.00,n Deoit
beltri ligt,14. wtietl on.fA
19toevi90, Lolu~siana,6title00, Dhic sh
best inste 1941o. bbvlLoi
b, etd debt biiaa nurl n a
I >ia3ewth th Cis itto ani.s
of7 tol259 tincltstef oiin, anti0.0 C:e
tiemtio yourY.ttBen IttFr ther y dar 91
ell2, e.,Tand unidr therds authrity asnrr
nbyr andle.t moaturity,' inal hbt san
4nuntial of the frunerty fops'rs:
f tug at al alTtein n1'tio !4rR.ICAr a
inerstTAle' 01ii' IO'vIed anti.l
Iaer du11. tiaie si Atletle X
~~~et ~ W ituto 1 L ft',e WtiuORK R
cf EC~t~c th e ust.tzITS Lof hestt
LousIaa aopte JIi lt, 9
sTOWN' Oid TouL A'1. ofAiei, SToimATE
~si~heet! #1LMd ttITNA. ondadt
:.fU at and Ar~1.. ees u s: RV dg
HER ORDAINED, ET, That a cop
,of thIs .rdianee shall be recorded -l
" 1 .'I, 1 \ '. C1Fi :J '
.the Mortgae I Records Am of t he Clerk
' Recorder i of .thie lParish of Vermilionhave
.:,1u iana, and also h pubished ine the
ti'' Abbevi lle Proges",l the ofcial retry
nIl of the Town of Abteville, La., la
.e n m AtoMe' rovidled bev tow, and ix
al l be the ut iili'f the iavtr ind of
Mi.~ 'I',o awle iNe.ret ary, oeil t his F'irat
r~.etary of tile l %e'n of Ableville, Lou.
iana. t,, en.u-e t uch r,.eor lation an,
:,lientts, to be made, and to nottt
e Assessor and Tax Collector o th I:
I' wn of Abbeville, Louisiana, relative
to the assesiment and oll!t' f the
"az pro:'id,', for in Se,.tion 7 of this
li \'Ic 'ut.
bEtf."II1 VINJ:-. 1E IT ,' -1.
il R )ttl l. i E '.t T1 lt all o1.
.listole Ir , t i t,'tt' , l ,l et, t h
.t". \ h i . leei. ec\I i ej. ii hi. V . 1! i.t.
ilit h rewi fh tle .,, thet suei e rl
hereby repealed, 4n,1 tlis ordi.ance
-Lull "be in effect fr' m sand after it.
Ihe i'Iregg lrdinhe.e ha, vieg belei
leer I *\\I.I.. \ I' e.1'i l~i jit at11 .1.5
:'I r I I e'e.
,ubmi lted th "n viti , the1 io'te ther j
u ts, as i'u hod :-:
Yeas:--Me.;srn. .1. A. hucdrelux, A
`.I ~ I tvn cte ll t
I. Dubus. . e L. u P:ersn, Absent J. :
a 1. qtebbins and P. U B3roussard, nayse:
. None.
S Ai the ,r. in'ne a deted a;
,t.1 i t s ett.'. 1
.Il. e. e1Iji t t RltI Mairi jI t' 1 el o
'e ecid Icu c till h:.rt iccl. i t!r'
i tate of l.islant , Parish I r ,f Vermil l e
in, 17th Ju'rial Di stsict Cuurt.
cNo. 128d.
r SCTIuN 1'11.1" liEi IT [t'HTIIlt.1
r III'i ": 1 '1 itlr-. '11141 le I' 11111 lee., to
it, . ccriat of Ontatt Lel ta, t .te
SIy virtue fi, an illrder of URMC le i.i to.
if nt of theit,'onorahice Noventeenth Jh
cr 'ii etl D i lsritl 'tllrt. i f a t. fr tlf
t eit oaris A s, lhl 'f V..rmii, .uiin a. fr a
tic }anmisiol , lit ed inl p1 rtir g., t..f te
a tiatled Deen., er .ig tit 19 , iut it ritit a
* u emri werig g me inn the reet premises, i
5-' ,ar Leleux, Ashninxl:tra:,r ,:f the
I abov te entitle I a, e i mbert. I icel
(- U Yin. will - t F.. ; I,. :- n..i r i , ., ieT hE
a ,st iand i't 1t e :.. fanne and , : ',..I
h erre shat: lie le,.'l ~ I r lte'te.'l a eit th'
I jll rt a. ttax autti v rt ti e at , s til thii
S.e re f he ipal .utl i tereimt of leleu
uts lr.. i w i t he : rich 1 Vermilie houisi-t
nil 1u.,ti ,.e in the h-?t , er,eritl ed bpro
v Iit, o',r thi lrpl,, ", ti. l t to
milhts ",eue, ie e .1 ab, ,, entitled a d
d innsllh* re, , " ."--ion 11, 111
, SaurTIO'. January 2th. 1 ,T I'
the O! av. AIN described p That fr toe
f'l e amet of si s:i
..11 iOntee 'rduie t ractll of said hbond
, nlt' hit intuae'd nof the amoths of ti
t Vermilittn, bkel laa2, utags well as the
Stwo arieu fs, mtre or iciless, to be dtaken
bonds Nole. 1 to 6, itnclusive, as herein
above described, the Mayor and hoard
of Aldermen of the Town of Abbeville,
Louisanaa, de hereby order assesed and
i Nerthted fr st Quar 192ter.1, tupon hlrt
rw, ety. 11w uth, i angls Sa a th 6
the Uaivý ý
Laid as Mperidith .
S TBeing t I sa T-e prert whiTh OnFU
Hie ORDAINED, ETce That a copy
Iaf ths ordinance shall between Onrded i
e,ielex, . f.. and (t:*ar L~eletax. et al-
the Mortgage Records of the Clerk i
V' ol. ft of {"oneyaneea, at page 450_
' under entry No. ',398. July 2 1981
recorder of thVeiion Parish of Vermiliona
Essel. An u.,livtded .'.5 interest ,_1
:and to onen, and also publisheof wood in the
t',Abbeville Progi ess ", the official jtaor.
41111 d be the it ued la tthe M r ind e.
C ewn of Abbeville, Ylauiesiaba, relative
t, o by Joaseiktt L ean olletti of tby
dias Bro's idm atf h in le."thn7f Sthe
hiawest by Aerertlee Reb
neb e Mr m Itw le ore: Iale.ln
Imtl e im ffctfrlrn~n aferit
.wire feace;
.'e ,. ,a *ll sew and ealf;
p.. ,lls , ; andl ten
a:., of' this 22nd day
lbbevllee ber A. D. 1921.
," t .e monoa AR LEIEITX,
Adminisitrator I
..itehell I attorneys.
Parish of Vermil
State of Lo I 1 District Court. -
i it, 17th
'v O v s.
' Bofpanir.
a writ of Seizure' anIl
y \irtlt .out of t i' o11,,iir:abl,
, . tea I.u I l)ij tric.t ,'o,urt, itI
t .,. t th J h of Vsa, ili.,in, :tat'.
1 fI.i r ,e tih :ht:,. 'a u l .. , ,
S. ils. - , " 1 tully utht ritt ig ao
:,,,I C e1 'a the lpre iise,., I hayw
"" l"w r"g- i.i ad taken int,, tie lt*:3
thia a :. seizel y sati writ, and I will
,t ...,, t e se t t p hubli auction, to the
I a to , respnsiblet bidder, at
In t anal high at door of the ('tat
tI, l.r , il Ab ville, Vermilit iP arish,
i i i:i n :,, o4 raniary 28th, 1922,
Baturday hours prev.ribed by
wit hit the e Is's, the f ,,l,.wiitit hi.
m, f,,r jadliiae
si t , it
rihs ,i r a,,er.
.r l t rT ai t if 1'nrt iu .s
I 'h dia ra l;ii 1'i 't· ,-rt
Qittr Sect Woit, la-ot bt 8 II V
r tTI ,t a .y Oiry Sihort. heing
' r ,t al 2,t.:) , , 190,f and if re
, .Tim t Il, I,. "., t', lay
r.,i fr with l9'. ari . rea'"r:
l . U e T47,rt., unde utr ntr No.
i. :1I0 f e Verancelvitv Mea" x u
,Irtr Se't 34Re e at (Msia, ) b, ou iti
ad At ta W before W. ~t.t L: II.
fe sais on rty vcatr , th, 19Iby l7
h arey bl V Voluur fro3m , pr. . cial
.i.x an d c ed efre Rtlal J
:.1 it r i sale t, 1s907, :befl o f re
t: 10p, ge1r eatry Nam iticr -t1i. %
1:e. 7, eaux, by M 'iat of l nt :
:i e..aava befWr. L. Truema, lotary
fo rd. 1907. M ac iI rt, , a'c,i I.
ke 427, nder entry No.
eitaiede; '2h,2t91 of cMvean:xc.
i1':- uf eLapointe (Mby act byf aitl
pased b bugust e t Wh. 11 Trunrltl,
Ntary uIl k 2, pagVolume , iNu :lier
28780 of C of Vermilbon. !s, al..ianaa.
:: ,ile, rer erta. tract of lann
.A situate and An t:he iariHie
l ier ale lna,ad befanr W . 1i
irt by t v Public, ou N, t emberd .
Tri'eIII, a-1' | recorsde ini Book 40.
iaof May 19 el.try Numler 21093 of
e 5, Aorl er's oMeu e,v Parish of
of rill•ve bb i:,re S. Rex l,,.I:Ian,",
, ~ale Pas on March Ql. l.il:;, aa! tI
N,,tarv Publ oo 413 page 3,, aidcr,(
re,.',rred in 2.{203 of convex'ane(...l.
Vel triy N Lapoe inte by act of tana
wll Fn| ,hapelI.J lraoanve. No. (
aassed befolt AUgust 229th. 1916, anti
rnrv Yuhli ok 02, page 26, uNuml,er
re"orded h88780 n all ee:,raier'
o8780 o ° of Verm:!ion. taelniiinmlu. .
B.ee, eertin tract of laua;
'. Aat s tsituated in the Parish
f a Loisisaat, containing
S lteta 1 by ea'ou Qu e tf r
St t B. Garand by ant
h . Rant, Also tpharel J. ()
es ale roa bliar, on t H arrimany
a , seebaao p recordet i arr Book i
f Ua, b Mouton, South be Jo2193 o
ts° b'ty West r's oiee, Parish of
,reng - e-eý p r taat uriad
Vermilna. - ertain tract of Ilan
C. Anen d seitvated in the Parish 1
tyi Laisa, contaiing Eightai
rmilo mere, ~E or lese, tobe
iaeen 'n by levou Qte o Tr- o
ransge 0 adtI ssutb be 144 fi't't
trle, t boaa'ded Nrtn, otv byo
ars. t lr eo randst by WesP by
tahe sa# Oant, .,is, three (sn)
rre. ris " iarrym llarrian, :
h' a. til bfore b lth bRa had J,, .
ri'lamas Wet Public, Io tr 2tiux.
Byet O g 31, and resarei -
f, aunder entry Nunbernt
rcorded ri'crrtder itr,
SOI d;vkLouacl,, ret,-sa.
). A e nrtfh tract :of lnni: I
,' , situatedl in thle Pdri.h ot
.islann , aneoa i inag Eiht
aaa'.linIrds (o-3 or les, towent:
aul 80-1 b rtenst Qituated in te
i.t tand rter of Sectioa 7,
TRaaofe ot, meuriCg ElWevt,
uTamd (11) arpeats h arts
yantl o and 4r100 ardehts
es aeseeuted by Veand be 1
.,pcve, Nitary Ptb I
' re ~sta of Augustha, t. I
lic, on I lblle, on the !4, . 1
iand rt's ce, Parish
of . annd er ent ry NU ,
a whole as follows, I
SOdartln r mont oat
I istuate i thse, Nolth b ib
oad Rane OnbWyett,,
S(I) lle, La.t :th i
1:itb r 1901
's Pdie, La.ri
cooaglanlr entry -
Oiav 8igo gavr a
- •
P trish, La.'
Ite, 14'4 1 , I l
Iri r1 1'".1, 1 1 1411 I, 1
fr.',u I t,.. -I':11,
411+ '1. '1 11 :, I I· ·
n'. fr ,i. . .. I .'
'il If 'i 1. :'a ,
I 11· (1( )"·, 4*l*11· ~ 1
4I I'~ t ..44 14 ;. ~.
- 1 . , . , I ' I t , ' I
III, ,-. .'I t II_ v. ", 1..1 411,I '"
I':1 l :11. 1" ' 111 .111
1111, :'. '',
,itr Water W'orksh acud icct.ol: Light·
LaS LiYstcazI II11pko'diJ11eI1cs.
T1w1 i of Abberdc. b'i1 lh.ill-.
Ii'· 'ia!~ 44 441 it.'ari '1 ' ,t ki. a, I t
I~, b.f.Y~r. Tllwrd.c), J.IUIUy tilt! ..tii,
OI IIII te ,111
111,t .1 I ,1 1 li l it 4.1.i.' t' 41, 't i . .., t t l' l .,
.' iC~l I 'rul : : I !1 ll1l," ,. I '. 1,,1 V, I I
by al tceotiild vieci for . I.e 11', ,'per
% .l':1\ : 1,. 1" ii i.'. 11. .E ..1 1 144 '1 , I al
ra y ea1 r1 .111'i1 lo 14911.'1 1111' I.'1 1 1' 1
OtHt' 10 f 1 li. M1ai t :il I." u iil l 11"\ 1 1 n- '"
I li,1 1. Il'' t I r1," vfil 11 r1j. If 11., '
or all Lisds.
J. UAMJIIJ, JiftUL&,ARD, Miayor.
ruwu of AbLbe vllc, Louisiina .
Uke'.kY A. Mk' N'r .'
C'oasuitbig hhtgiaeer,
Ot a (Ie :la1'1 ISa, t ''I .1 I" gftQIIS , Lit
tateo of Louisslnta, Panid 1 .)f Vern"ill
ban, lItj, Judicg il - it s\ Court.-I
No. 7;1.i7
People Bask & TA'Urt Ue.
Qbolma Malrceaux.
/y virthe of a writ 111 1.iuro o1111
8aele tIP Ilslt Tut1 uhf ti thy 111.ulII r(i,l'
LVtrle tCl ttil J ti.icl Iislrict (,'ur1," . i i
8(44.1 for tule Jtlblrh 441 4 O1'14i.41)fl,~n Si'atC
iii &..1u18411 , the tal e ai llr o Il the 1.'ia a
aib1 entiltld lsuit, ully autil.izillg 4.411
4nrlilweriilg lit i 1it t'he j41'4%.icl., I., 1 11411 e
this dayl Il i 'u *t41 1 t.1kcl. 4.11" ,., II ' II ll, '
i.;,; 1011 t'; '1,11 l. .411'1 11 41 . ll 1 e li
jirote II ttI. tI11ll, 4" UI1II( " U 111 i .Ix . f
Sur (1 ,"4 t t l o i 44 A4 l,'l 441 r ct 1 ' .\. l
house, iii.ousj~, '.itcII itltl HzilC( j 41 'IrI.
La., 1- AlJanuaryl 1tSJ 1922.;i~ )w
.i ,ic I clrufioll or1 he Wst IN a.'' ot ·Lil~lltlr
byt u c'rt he ceck for.0,5 1i\rol e i.e
Tlaw 1144 tit l .1144 US iI,5, C 1.;, Lc ii,.
".1 "::l, I. ,.,4V 011r ' .'u 1. ( ' . 1 1,"f .1'. , t;. ;1
p''riiege.41 a.11)114\111" I ..illg ii'er-tl , ;la al
v $1) urt"'t"117 b igI' tau e~t I, t of ll
l~st r a.c, M' ri.,
0 11, '1' 44115 1 t ,1.. '1'1 "'f l't44.'i, .414 1 R Ilg,.:1
ofi ce 'tf It he, ca t 11. .1,1. t,,. 1..
141, z4, Aeri's1:1"' tik' o tIIll'ý .f. 4\1 Ku it
C'onifutin Egineeir. 141 ill hI
like1 Abu'if~ (t tile West:v, ' ralt 14f . "1t1
reil1.rill'a Twetlve uh11i. t'. L Ra! N1'
WJ. in, 8,A U, Maror.
411 A. I1·'resb41 cctlrlr~' Not. l' .I1
br hf 1,4t fVes Qt0iric 1"" 1111
31S1..' cre'ho.4 I: tarp"
Tuwu or A 41514 1,1 Ia of louisiaa
Sio'tiff .' tii''. Abbe'. g i ll,' L.4t 11.4 i
1.11.r dii' .1'o iSanllroo 11121. o
AheA A. Mk , iM
1'- t4rjt' Viii~, w'aiih 1(141 P11 ri, 1.14
Now cvlie, La., "ovetnber 3, 11is.
aotice i rbyie that lts willM
tr Dollars Iuidia Berayou ~Ehoicr h~nds,
bthe ofia BaouisianolParishriftVermil
bitn, 17tirudlicia Parish, L. Curt.-t
N.ot . Jan ar 5.a B 2, a l " u t t e . d
Offte, Court kIvus Aie'ileLa
A *r e.'tuluigo elu. Tu iLollht~llg to liner
each m bid.eux
Thse arte ofa weit t ii arS. :ive 1nu
ale tomllare Fi-ePrs o et 8erbal Borrl],"
iwad~tcilt Judria districtd Cy ourt in
sld orth Parisho 11. TVermioa n, eStaer
tji rVis'inta to thee~ any u hi bnlis.,'
andentitled Pariahull Ishoolurzn B.'a
Be.retarŽ ·Trearsurlr.
bate of Lrinigsuiet , eariah (if Verm1n4
t0is, 1ethe Judiciak District C'our.--;
Byr virtue of a writ of $eizre aad
Xale to u smdoto h ooal
.'4evcitcllnrh Jend~les 1)iettlt C'ocrt, in
314( far the Parish f Venoblka, State
.1 LouisItfl8, in'the above aurbered I
sad eurtitled site lle aat~iorisng a·)id
empwertra p'rahai. £ base,
skis Gy usedl USG hbmr Li. U' p
t II ' . I I
1 I ' r r. T. '.
r , 1
Pe ' lt an' !, T.
II,f· , U 1
A1 ,
II 1 il 1 r . .
, . L I :.. '' .r
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II ,'
'ii. 4 i. ·t..
I ~ · -
:1'I,1 " ."; l Il ln ,.. , t e r , , ,rl r " :,
ji' l .r .1 ,' .,." 1' .r ' .r1 ., 1
tt tl l ll f" l " 1 , I", :,. ;- .. , - I I, ,
)l1 ti I i h. '. I . ., i. 1 ii' " " :r, "
.I I Ii, "~
II "l* I'i~i
r 1 t r:''''. ' .· ·1~ .. · ý ~. ",r ,.
ii*Iit ~.
1 :1 ' ' -i ·1 ·· 1.: 11 . 1
rt..- , , .l /i.,' Dur .lidhag 1'; Loar, . Ar'!{ Ltd.
iT..u . Ja1 ..t J. t1. aa.
t Bye irtu t 'r.11. -u
v ttia... i(J:.. "lt ofLI' 11o- . v aii r,.I
j 4 1 , ri ll.v1 (to ti'i . 4 t l. itf ;ii, i 1.i, tIei
J h-In' attl u . . -
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s .e
Stt o ot. , aii.h If ''Ii if
in, it'f Judici l D istrict C t
Nu.l ' N '~ o.7291 lt.o 22heifizI~
rt. Fb vilaBilding B Lolan.t Lan LtdN.
4 F J. Lelant , F t r&.*i
Itr % irtne (If a writ t if Seizure ant~
tit we isu-i Hllt f th - it n. rnl~i
II·. \."' S;.', Il. Vl.rrilon. 11'anig u1')
Willi ^"'ýrll fIll ';th Judi iLl Il (1ri11t ('Hurt, ll.
rIl, Ia awl :l ;*-,-BA gl . r21 f \ irmLE ,; tlL
a , It L f F ti' , .J} ' I$'i i at I F,( l l wid t a w l ir t.'
La.. r:·[T AmazrnidaSith 'rir
le lt, I l',i tirr tifo F iii tlli' iVto tll iff to .
."I : 101 tt l ' r 0l. IiL .
ll cYeatuxday Jsnarje 14th.e 19ln
Ilak ~ Amnd flI1i*. i'i'r.. i
t9r. I~ -I1libi. t'0Ii411 I~i noF "-ta lie y. 1.1111 11
'Ar~r t~lra' I.TIdt iiI-i" a' c;liil tl~i.'winii·i,il fli
''Itilll "4t tiat 5 ~mlj I~h 1!. 3
ruifl* [)alriel (iniiica~ or as-Iigi~s,I1IiiI Wirot $iv
4 .4thlplh Pcuardrt . tI ..t~l 4.r miti all .f
the Fsildiiign and1 lfllrovl!WiUts tliereosn
Anouther ICtIriri tmrat ijf soi~l '.itiiat'
edJ in tI mi.I 1'u Irii:I and 'stat., i'llrt~lll'
sadL ilg Eight Aerea. an! being b~,untlsd on
abl, the North by- estate 1f Le·i Ric.- ir an
t, Lart algae So~,th by ViF;'r, ~ 'rov'.at u
(ed~ ;-.tgin. k:h.A. II.· *ir'*O~.*I'* "C
er1'oaging to tai. b' "-t;ICe hi J~· Iiao'
Ladc. via or the Nuaei tra-t, t uethbrl wilt
savi.n l of the bjhl~tingu aidc~ 4~'.r;','iir. tr
[email protected] thinr *n qitaat."b..
'q~UAwnth eri ertais hut nt sal .4twat
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I 111 4
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:1 n,
i. \ .Iill
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+.. t ' i' r. 1. 1Al
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h~ f S. I; 'A ..f ýIII !t 11.,i" N. N1 t~l 4
. I :I "1 ~'. t1. rem. I I1. the
i. '_" ;I-, I: \ . \V. .j '"f S. W . ,"I t:. tit"
tI E1ý, al+ t}I..1 ititttt ug Thre-.. Tliouei
taitl !'i1" i lu-mIgrc t llr -l T .I"lit I. Aet,,
fon t or 1e' ' .
Twa 4Is !;t t!t'-a'"t'-s; To 15-dal-o
behateadn; One large dt k; 0 \, . m l3
I\ in;. N. W . , f :: libit r i" '1 i h 4
ie1ýn"" - I:..i an"I hrm g% til
sidE. boarl; Four dinitig room chairug
Tw.o rockig el-hiar.il Onl larlor rock.
Tn o ,-aor t Two jirrltr haTir; Onle pa
ber sofad One small tale; One lars; m
'.iTw-iio trloc ing; chaie ritl;eO spae; rok
heater; Two fieatlher mattresses:; ite
mloss mlintr t re~-i: Four. -b uick muttreis.
S; iE;;;ht teathicr iitIwws; Eight quilts;
fr~, 41t.'e-ts; i itwc!\vi lua' of ate
Ei ir;.it Ial end of if "
irnet cif sut a : 'ie' in,, itl.ld' cffeetti
"", h r.:11 1.'. "lola.1 1411' tile- re-nt estate
a' be sold ti~ *-1 flI ow'ittg it- 1fns aind
*'tIit jt, to- wt: One half ea'h, Liii
hie l ia'at, c on a -re t '.f onte ' ear, fi
f vuii'. tntil ItwoI 1 ).s ,t it ti iptiut of
the jiurvieatt -r or j rr, il, Lr., the ercdjt
-rhieu Visslf s-ri .e- h t'vridcnc I by
I,. l iji Cit~~l Ht)II. r. ttI t' pe
'.IttjA.iOi ''uirtl
l~elto-tg'iid i-- Br * lut . i piv
-I: ,,~ ·~n ii .ii l~Ii Ii iti lc i,. ii''u c in
it -'leY 'J~ma -i-', for e,ic'to
I, ut'nna IC )~~l' "i~I lis.t 11121.l~)':! e
3t~ ti tij' '-V I a;iji in l'ar~ish ~if Veruil
A.gh 0£4~ Let aandr Ws, o
I0rlt ei tt 'i-cr.s' itn atr &ierCn .111
( Ii iiir iir~ i,'.iet. I tatttut Hnc'r euortI
uie lot ii.'- i :i,i.Iu at 'I iuinl~cti,~ SatC
a l.'.l iuitIaIia a rltll ' t~l~tiI i·,u iert-eI
t~11 oitl tH'Ii&-i)t~ rnujLa:.Icu- bin-r atb
I,u u iii iiilru ti:Hii, tu-rueuIoi Parik,
.*t4 cltm .~ ' 'Mat Ie in ralruiwh i de
I 'I ot It~ 'te-,biuu madditier n toa the
i)lglit (14, fetEah ad Wr oeolest, to.
T~~~ th ~.!s~.c uuiu tirs awt .a*
c:..it t cttirceui Sjthte-t inrl ~ thi,
I rlt VnU fet I 5b"IIt u~1 ;u ;
ti- Na. 1)11wcr etlitl;ii iolqt

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