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Delicious "Fruit Laxative" can't harm
tender little Stomachb, Liver
and Bowels
Look at the tongue, mother! If
coated, your little one's stomach, liver
and bowels need cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't
sleep, eat or act naturally, or is fever
ish, stomach sour, breath bad; has sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a
teaspoonful of "California Syrup of
Figs," and in a few hours all the foul,
constipated waste, undigested fod and
lsonr bile gently moves out of Its little
bowels without griping, and you have
a well, playful child again. Ask your
druggist for a bottle of "California
Syrup of Figs," which contains full
directions for babies, children of all
ages and for grown-ups.
State of Loui.slana, Parish of Bicn
lIE IT KNOWN, That on this day
before me the undersigned Notary Pub-.
lic in and for the Parish of Bienville,
personally came and appeared the part
ies whose names are hereunto sub
scribed who declare that availing then
selves of the provisions of the laws of
this state relative to corporations, they
have formed a corporation under th
name and style andi with the powers
and privileges hereinafter stipulated.
AtTl("ILE I.
The name of this corporation shall
he the Ringgold Oil & Gas Company,
Objects and Purposes
The objects and purposes for which
the corporation in organized Is to drill,
mine and explore for gas. oil and other
minerals, and to develop, store, trans
port, sell and dispose of same; to buy,
sell and lease lands, to acquire hold
and dispose of mineral rights and leas
es; to acquire, construct, maintain and
operate pipe lines and refinerles, and
to conduct a general oil and gas bIusi.
ness and to do any and all thing.,
necessary and incidental to the objects
of this charter.
Capital Stock
The capital stock of this eorporatior
shall be fixed at the sum of Thirti
Thousand Dollars ($130.000.00) divide
Into three thousand shares of the par
value of Ten Dolars ($10.00) per share:
fifty per cent of which capital stock
has been subscribedl for, and more than
fifty per cent of the stock subscribed
has been paid for .)efore the ppblica
tion of these prticles of Incorporation.
The entire stock of this corporation
I shall be Common Stock and there shall
be no Preferred Stock.
The capltal stock of this corporation
may be increased hereafter to Fifty
Thousand Dollars '($50,000.00).
The domicile of this coporation shall
the to the town of Rlnggold, La., wher?
all meetings of the stockholders and
directors must be held, provided, how
ever, with the written consent of all
directors, valid meetings of 'the direc
tore may be held outside the State or
within the State elsewhere than it,
The affairs of this corporation shall
be conducted by ten directors, and the
names of those selected for [email protected] first
year, or until their successors are elect.
ed and qualified, are as follows, Dr.
C. C. Allums, H. P. Wimberly, S. P.
tewart, 0. G. Thomas, H. C. Cook,
. H. Mosley, L. B. Cook, J. B. Martin,
.. Burkhalter and Dr. E. C. Cook,
all residents of Rluggold, Bienvllie Par
lsa. Loulsitna
The executive officers of this corpora.
tion shall be a President, a Vice-Presi.
debt, and a Secretary-Treasurer, who
shall be elected annually by the direc
ton, and the officers for the first year
shall be Dr. C. C. Allums, President;
H. R. Wimberly, Vice-President; 8. P.
Stewart, Secretary-Treasurer.
Corporate Power
The corporate powers of this corpora.
tion are hereby vested in its Board of
Directors, the said board for the first
ensuing year being herein above nam
ed, the majority of. whom shall consti.
tute a quorum for the transaction of
business. The said board shall be elect,
ed annually at the annual meeting ofi
. the stockholders of said corporation,
which sid meeting shall be held on
the first Monday of April of each year
beginning wltb the year 1020, and said
board shall have the authority and
powor to sue and to be sued In the!
nmame of sid corporation afd to ap.
point such officers and agents and to
engage such employees as the business
of this corporation may require and to
flu their compensation, having due re
gard to the nature and character of
their services, and shall further have
tie power to make by.laws not in
consistont with any existing laws of
this State, fixing-an4 altering the man.
aemoent of itg property and regulations
attd government of its affairs, and the
nne, certification and registration of
Its stock, and shall further have power
to nl hd up and dissolve said corpora.
tion in the manner prescribed by law,
a-d shall have all other powers as
ma ha tW. or be permissible under
Act i (it t, GeneralAismbbly of
1411l1i1 a Its s ession of11^
Each share of stoc* In this corpora.
lion asl be entitl,4 to one vote at
ad m of ttK (tkholders to be
east lk person or by proxy, provided
that afl prirole shall be In writing
The 5toctholders shall be notified in
writing ten days p~rir to Mid stock.
holders' meeting by letter addresd to
,thereat their last known pdstoffce ad
drew. f, by notice published in alny
newspapie l the Pariah ofBlenville at
least teo days before said meeting.,
.jO^StockhoDe this corporartoH
-hall ,bt liable or responible fqr f io
(e"utltst eW' faults thereo- In iaa
furte! ,sum thia the unpaid balance
de 6.ubmipuop of the capitl stock,
and aq lnforumlHM lr the organiza.
tl' n have^ <®ctnbtrendering btst
': BofiW^ ppslg ® stock.
e4 Btof the 4capital
*h ln HUM/yWhereof wth parties.
Mr. J. S. Cole was a business visitor
to Blenville Thutaday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Caskey motored
to Lucky, La., Sunday.
Mr. Eliga Williams, and Mr. Ira
Caskey attended the dance at Blen
ville Saturday night.
We wore more than glad to welcome
home another one of our soldier boys,
Mr. Ellga Williams. lie received his
honorable discharge at Camp Shelby,
Many young people enjoyed the dance
Wednesday evening at .Mr. Jim Will
jams. It was given In honor of his
soldier b)rother, Eliga.
Services were held at -the M. P
church Sunday afternoon. Quite a
crowd attended.
Sunday school services weer held at
the Baptist church Sunday.
Another big rain fell in this com
munity Tuesday.
Among those who attended. the con
cert Friday night at Friendship were.
Mr. Frank Streeter and Mr. Lloyd
Miss Lillie and Jack Bott, of Holder,
were the guest of Miss Bill Toms,
Prof. Williams, and Miss Vera Smell
ey, o4 Union, attended church here
Dr. C. C. Crawford, and family, ,of
Bienville, visited(l in the home Mr. J. J.
Crawford Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. R. E. Easley and Miss Barren,
of Friendship, attended the ladies'
meeting here Saturday.
The Red River Association, W. M.
I., met at the Baptist Church Satur
day. Mrs. L. E. Rogers, of (thibsland,
presided, and Mrs. Hartman seived as
secretary. Miss Georgia Barnietet, of
SNew Orleans, was the principal speak-,
er and her precenee aud iil-piratloiial
Saddresses meant much tc the success
I of the meeting.
Mr. John F. Woods, of Friendship,
spent a few hours in iu' midst San.
I day.
Rev. and Mrs. McCain, of Gibsland,
were the guests of Rev. and Mrs. L W. I
Martin Saturday night.
Misseg Eahia Crawford, Vera Began
and Katie 8hively attended the supper
I at Friendship Friday evening.
Our B. Y. P. U. rendered a splendid
program Sunday evening with Mr.
Clyde Butler as leader.
Mr. and Mrs. ,. S. Vernon are the
proud parents of a new baby boy. This
I youngest made his arrival on Friday.
Miss Elmer Smitherman, leaves this
week for Ruston, where she .goes to
enter school.
J. A. Randol, of Gibsland, transact
ed busines here today, (Thursday).
Messrs T. J. Whitley and W. G.
Pullig, of Bryceland, transacted busl
; ness here today, (Thursday), and while
here were visitors at this office, Mr.
Pullig handing us lill renewal to the
Mr. Stow Cathey, of Simsboro, Route
1, was on the streets of Arcadia Fri.
day, doing some trading, and attend
Ing to other business. Mr. Cathey Is
one of our farmers who usually has
something to sell of most anything that
can be raised on a farm, and that Is
1 why he succeeds so well. He becomes
a subscriber to the DEMOCRAT witb.
this issue.
Mr. H. B. dalton, who is in the em
ploy of the V. S. & P. Ry. Co., arrived
Saturday night to visit homefolks. He
- brought with him a fine wild turkey,
t which he killed While out hunting in
Tensas swamps Saturday morning. As
a consequence, a delightful turkey din.
ner was enjoyed by Mr. and Mrs. Dal
ton and their friends.
Save your Hair! Get a small bottle
of Danderine right now-MAbs
stops Itching scalp.
Thin, brittle, colorles and scraggy
hair is mute evidence of a neglected
scalp; of dandruff-that awful scurf;
There is nothing so destructive to
the hair as dandruff. It robs the hair
I of Its lustre, its strength and its very
life; eventually producing a feverish.
ness and itching of the scalp, which if
lnot remedle4 causes the hair roots to
shrink, l~ooeenpand die-then the hair
falls out fast. A little Danderine to
night-now--any time-will surely
save y'our hair.
r Get rsmall bottle of Knowlton's
uderine from any drug store. You
r slan hase beautiful hair and lots
iIt, if you will try a little Dan,
dertne. Save your hair! Try it
nOae^.~u~. H.B Wm
btIy, S t P. Sewart, 0. 0. GTon*t H.
C. Cook, T. H. Moey L. C cok, J;
B. Martin, S. J. 8urk)ialter, B. C.
iC.ook. t
Attest.-E A. Toot, et., and L<
(Ipi) '
- I
Her Improvement Ater Taking Tan
lac, Was Simply Wonderful
"It was certainly a lucky day for
me when I got my first bottle of Tan
lac," said Mrs. John O'Connor, of 338
East Oldham St., Knoxville, Tenn.
"For five or six years," sihe continu
ed, "I had been in a dreadfully run
down and nervous condition, was aw
fully weak and suffered with spells of
dizziness. I had terrible nervous head
aches and my stomach was so weak I
couldn't digest even the lightest kind of
food. I could sleep very little and be
came so despondent that I was afraid
nothing could help me regain my health.
"I wouldn't have believed it if any
.lody had told me any medicine would
cause me to gain eight pounds in ten
,days, but that is exactly what Tanlac
has done for me. Soon after I started
taking it I began to eat better, sleep
like a baby and feel just fine and my
steady improvement has simply been
wonderful.' I have thrown away all
my other medicines and will stick to
Tanlac, for I think it is the finest med.
icine on earth."
.Tanlac is sold in Arcadia by the
City Drug Store and by one reliable
representative in every town.
Iarlln Dispatches Say Delegates Win
Reject Any Elaboration of O0
Peace Plan.
The Hague.-Berlin advicks, sum.
ming up the attitude of toward the
rospective' peace terms, suggest that
German delegates will ret~ee to sign
any settlement which, in their opin.
Iea, goes beyond President Willson's
14 points. This view is shared by the
military elements and politicians of
the right, the greater part of the cen
ter, the half of the Democrats that
favored the unrestricted U.boat war
tare and a majority of the olalists.
The left wia of the Democrats, In.
eluaing Gerlack, Harden and their fel.
lowlng, with the Independents alona,
are ready to sign without further ado.
Sunday's demonstrations in Bedil
against territorial coneasloni eclmi.
nated In'cbeers for Ltudendotf, cheers
for the former kaiser and the wavtig
at the black, white aad red flap.
At a Socialist party conference at
Weimar on Sunday, Premier lohelde.
mann said the Bolshvlst movement il
Hongary was the result of the enteate
pollcy of imperialism, and If Germany
was so deaorallsed aS to allow her
self to be robbed of Dansil and the
8sar distrlet, the time would'be ripe
for Bolshevism.
The Coloane Gasette's Gerran cor
respondent attrlbutes the events in
Hungary to an agreemnt of the e:
treme Bolbevift and National ele.
ments. It is thought possible that If
Bolshevism succeeds in establishnlg
itself in Hungary it will spread to the
Balkans, and possibly blase up agaln
In Poland.
Light Dun Cow, good sized, age4 *
years, black feet, black eas, unmarklr
ed, small horns coming together in
front, full Jersey. Calf light brindle
heifer, 14 months old. Cow raised by
T. J. Hines, Dubberly, La. $5.) for
information leading to her ercovery or
$10 for their return' to Castor, La 1
Wtor,. B. STOVALL,
Castor, La* 5ob8t.pd,
iere is more Catarri in this sectlen
a the coMnnt-ry than a othe diMeses
t to lthnr and to years it was
to be fnxrabl% Doctotsree~fub
e nmedlt, and by costantly fai
dtions and thereig d ont
ts ao r ot urt a bit L' ,ne
Ce', ?oe , Q b )a horeasy t
 tl ( In latenally a
thro thits te n tihetmo
cftle s r0 y aonadri
Si's .
George Creel Givee Out eemt Cer
rspondence of Count Czernln,
Austria's Late Leader-Berlin
Trade Scheme Bloekekd.
New York.-George Creel, former
chairman of the committee on publk
information, has made public a sum
mary of the secret correspondeace #*
Count Csernin, late foreign minister
of Austria-Hungary, which was turned
over to Edgar Sisson at Prague by the
custodian official of the Bohemian goy.
ernment on Jan. 24 last. One of the
most sensational features of the die
closures was that there was a German.
Magyar conspiracy against the Arch.
duke Francis Ferdinand, heir appar
ent to the throne of Austria, who Vas
assassinated at Sarajevo on June 21,
1914, because he was considered s
rival of the thea Emperor William.
Creel said Sisson accepted the prtv.
liege of using the correspondence In
behalf of the United States govern
ment. Translators and a photog
rapher in the service of the committee
on public Information were set to
work to translate the docqments for
general publipatiog in this country
as the Inal public contribution of the'
committee, according to Creel. He de
clared one copy was to be turned ove
to Secretary of State Lansing thr ue
of the peace conference commission
Investigating <responsibility for the
outbreak of the war, while another
was to be sent to the ceommittee at
Wahlington for release to the press.
He added that Lansing's copy un
doubtedly was in his hands and that
the copy for the press probably was
fa its way to this cotintry.
Hughse May End Strike.
New York.-Settlement of the har
bor strike which has crippled trade
"ere for weeks is indicted, as C. B.
Hughes, arbitrator, has called a 'meet.
Snt of the union leaders to secwre t6e
OffLeil lulletin Ea Cotlnde,
Washingtoem-Roser W. Rabsn, KI.
rector-a neral of information of tlh
epartment of thlabor, wll continue Pi.
Va tely after March 81 semi-weekly
publication of the Official Bulletin1
published bp te committee on pn h
.. .. Chile buiying From U. 8,
Ptrnta Aredas.; Chli.-Ct of nem
European oods w . Af l ort,
ers are placsbl more ordrst with the
United States this easr tHU TT b»
Y tlUiR W SSCOLLiKawm On .
olun S ib4 and Most Practical
Courts in Bulsneas, In Shorthand and
Sin English. Best Equlpients. Un
equaled Facilites. Complete College
Bank.: Only School with Actual Store
"WOanfrM a.M J and Actual Money, In which atudents
keep the books artd balance asl, .
.,Special. commodatlonis for ladles. Pers6nal Instruction.
"No ml presentNtton to secute patronage, Gragmtatos in ntentwrl demans
though th superiq training. *XO 0WU fi 8011, LwN OrWitu, 1W
Why Not Now?
If yo contemplate buying Jewelry of any kind,
. you should not put it off. Take advantage of
our well selected stock and buy now,
I o: ak s .and Supplies, Pianos and Columbia
SGrafonolas and Records.
P E ert Wal Repair Wo
VC, *PIPES,, Jeweler
Is your school out? You ought to
double your present salary before
school opens in the fall. You can earn '
that increased salary not only while 1
school is open, but during the entire!
spring, summer, fall and winter. There
fore, you wil draw twenty-five to fifty
per cent more salary during a year
than you would at the saine rate teach
ing only during the school terms and
spending your savings after school isqi
The door to the world of business is
open. Every where help 1s needed and
excellent pay is offered. Business is
going forward at a rapid rate. There
is an unlimited demand for properly
trained commercial help. Teachers can
qualify for a more agreeable position
with a better salary. The same quali
ties that make a successful teacher will
help you to succeed in business where
the opportunities are greater. The fact
that you are well grounded in English
and Mathematics will make it easy to
fit yourself for the higher salaried posi
tions. Take advantage of this oppor.
tunity by getting our Commercial
Training. In three months you will
be ready to accept one of the many
good positions that await:you.
What you can do in business, you
can do as well in Civil Service Your
nambition to travel to see our great
Capitol, Washington, D. C.. is easily
ichieved. Uncle Sam offers good sal
iries to beginners who are properly
trained. Our graduates are success
ful in this work. Many enter school
with Civil Service in view; many de
'ide upon it after they are in school,
:nd large numbers of our former stu
lents have changed their business
pIositions for Government positions.
Your education and experience will
both be helpful in preparing for the
Civil Service examination that you
must pass to be appointed to a posi
tion as - Bookkeeper, Stenographer,
Typist or Clerk. These examinations
are not difficult for any one who has
Icompleted our Civil Service course.
Both men and women are appointed
and begining! salaries are now $1,000
to $1,200 a year, with permanent Is.
ployment at Washington or in one of
the government offices throughout the
There Is also an increasing demand
for commercial teachers in high schools
and business schools. The position of
Commercial teacher is more pleasant
than work in the grades. The work is
also easier because the students are
older, have fixed purpose in their stud
ies, and the matter of discipline be
comes a minor one. You can earn
more than your present salary with
out entering an entirely new field.
Our large catalogue is free for the
asking. Fill in and mail the follow
Iing blank.
Tyler Commercial College, Tyler, Texas
NAM E ........................... ............. . ............
ADDRESS ........................ :.....................
---- o ---
Mrs. E. Martin, of Fort Towson,
Okla., is visiting her sister, Mrs, W. G.
* *
Lawyer and Notary
Surety Bonds
r Ol ou Court House H *
* C
* * A * * * * 0 L Saa
Attorney at law *
Arcadia, : LouiaSm ,*
I Wll practi e lt all the courts *
a r. • , , . , o a ,
* **'* * * * * S S * *
* W. D. (Goff Bertram Barnette *
* - Attorneys at Law
* Practice in State and
* Federal Courts
' Oee near Court House
* Aradtia, Louislana
.* * * . C S * 9, S I
* *
S Attorney at Law
- ' Office in Court House
; . Areadm , La *
* . *
Mrs. Thos J. Murphy gave a dinner
Saturday. Those in attendance were
Meslames J. J. Huckabay, W. J. Bates,
W. G. Stewart. C. E. Martin, G. W.
Bosinger, and Miss Jossie Huckabay.
All reported a nice time.
Mr. and Mrs. Louie Smith spent the
week-end with her sister, Mrs. T. J.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs. J. 0.
Stewart, who has suffered for some
time with pneumonia, is some better.
Mr. T. J. Murphy and J. O. Stewart,
were business visitors to Blenville Mon
W. G. Stewart and Malcolm Stewart
were Lawlion visitors Thursday.
Beesn't hurtl Lift any corn or
callus off with fingers
0 0
r4 I
Don't suffer! A tiny bottle of
Freezone costs but a few cents at any
drug store. Apply a few drops on the
corns, calluses and "hard skin" on bot
tom of feet, then lift them off.
When Freezone removes corns from
the toes or calluses form the bottom
of feet, the skin beneath is left pink
and healthy and never sore, tender or
State of Louisiana, Parish of Blen
By virtue of, and pursuant to an
order from Hon. Fred J. Grace, Regis
ter of the State Land Ofice, dated tht
4th day of March, 1919, and in con
formity with Act No. 55i, of the Actf
of the General Assembly of 1912, I
AT PUBLIC AUCTION at the principal
door of the Court House of the Parish
of Bienville at Arcadia, Louisiana, on
SATURDAY, APRIL 19th, 1919
between the hours of 11 o'clock a. m.
and 4 q'clock p. m., to the last and
highest bidder, the following describ
ed property to-wit:
NW 14 of NW 1-4, Sec. 34, Tp. 16,
R. 8.
Terms of Sale-Cash. For not less
than one hundredandiflfty dollars. "
J. E. CURRIE, Sheriff.
Baton Rouge, La., March 4th, 1919.
Approved: Fred J. Grace,
Register State Land Office.
Commencement Invitations:
We Take Pleasme,.n Announcing pTo The
Of Each Graduating - n
that we are prepared to fill their orders for . to
the very highest class of Frinted 'j o
or Embossed
All orders should be placed now, or as
early as possible so as to insure
delivery in ample time.
Write for Samples :1 t
and Prices. I
. . . '
87 B
. Ti
1 ,
;iiis (I
" .. , . lu llli
s G
State of Louisiana-Parish of Bi
Estrayed before me the undersig
Justice of the Peace. by E. p. P
one dark red Heifer Yearling .
white face; marked c:rop under
in left ear; about 2 years old. J(
the owner comes and proves proi-=
and pays cost, this yearling w'
sold to tho last and hig'het bild
at E. P. Cole's residents near
IA. Appraised by It. L. and4
Cole at $20.00.
This the 4th day (f March,
State of Louisiana, Parish i"
ville. D. E. Brown,. Jr., vs. J
worth. No.............. Third Jud4
trict Court.
Under and by virtue of a .
execution issued out of the abo*'
ed Honorable Court and to IB,
ed, I have seized and will o
sale to the last andt highest if
for cash, with the benefit of a
ment, at the principal front
the Court House in the townt
cadia, Bienville Parish, Louisit
in legal sale hours on
the following described proe
NE 14 of NE 1-4, Sec. 2;5,
it 6.
Seized as the property of
fendant John Alsworth and witf
to satisfy said writ of execat*.
all cost.
This the 6th day of Febr
Receivership of Bryceland M
Company. Incorporated. l
ceivership Docket. Third
District Court, Parish of
State of Louisiana.
Notice is hereby given tbl
Atkins, Receiver, has this
his Quarterly Statement,
Account and Plan of Dis
funds on hand. hi said
and mless opposition be mad
within the time specified bjy
same will be duly homologattl
ed for.
Witness the Honorable J.
nolds, Judge of said Court,
20th day of March. 1919.
Clerk of SaMi
Impounded in Arcadia
about Feb. 17th, one bay
15 hands high; about 7 O -
weighs about 850 or 900"
owner is hereby notified
said mare, prove property
keeper's fees and cost of
meut and take same awae,:
be sold within legal sale "i
in accordance with the
the Stock Law of the
cadia. Sale to be held
the Mayor's office in the
cadia, Bienvllle Parish, JZ
This Feb. 27th, 1919.
J . H. HO
 II

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