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f I n l Yrepd, your grocertrr ý ..
+! -
Youwill like Luzianna
It is ~al coffee. Real
becruse it is Carefilly
seleded,properly roast
ed--and ecause its
goodness sealed in
oEveoy ~ pound F LuzTi
anne is sold in an indi
vidual air-tight tin can
W¼1 coffee
The Reily-Taylor Company
New Orleans
Advertising Rites on Application
EinteredI as Secold Class Matter, April
11, 1912 at the poslotlice at .\rcadia,
La., under the Act of March :, 1879.
S. A. COOK,........Editor and Proprietor
* * , * * * * * * * * *
* Help the DEMOCRAT to be. *
* come a better paper. Write us *
* the news, tell us in person the *
* news, send us the news by a *
* friend, telephone us the news. *
* Cooperation is the watchword *
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* the American public,
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'Th(re hasi (onie toI the lesk of the
l)Democralt's editorl' i copy of "SOUTH)I
EIlX N'HC)(Hl0 W()IIK." the official
organ of the, Louisiana State Board of
Educationl, Louisiaina Teac'hers' Asso
liatilon, aild Lonill na l'Professionilal
Teaheder's League. A feature of special
interest was the leadling article, lunder
the headnlig "Biehvlle 'Parish Schools."
Three pages of the nlagazine were de
vote to the 'lhools of this parish andil
showed photogravures of the Arcadia
Higih' chool, Castor l'nsllidlated
School, Bllack Lake (,ousolihlated
kehil, the new Glibsland High School
building'aud the old elementary build
ing, also the Wilson and St. Duty col
ored school buldiigs. On the frontils
piece or cover of the magazile ap
pears the' likeniess of several prominent
school men of North Louisiana. among
them are Supt. E. H. Fisher. and Presi
dent P. F. White of the Bienville Par.
ish school Board. lOne thing that Is
partleularly noticeable is that tbhe
schools, of Blenrille Parish are taking
their place among the best schools of
the state.
. On vs. Corn
It seems to 'be the history of all oil
Behlds, that the farmers who have
"struek it rich" have practically aban
doned 'their farms, and in many cases
those who are within good leasnig dis
tance of these scenes of oil activity be.
Come so interested in the possiblllty
of getting rich from the sale of leases
e0n their lands, or from royalties wher
the ol, is4 found on' their holdings that
th.ey. neglect to cultivate their farms,
o. ettitivate them in such a half-heart
edi, disinlterested manner as to bring
no rapflts. In many eases the tenants
on f47rs neglect their crops and make
a falllp.e becanie of the lack of supt
port ftom the owner is more interested
ill the posslbllitles of becomig rich
through the flndlng of oil than he is
-'.ui the trising of a crop.
i. a t waste of resources to allow
' '.t- 4 to liedle eveun if one is mak
IjT';, eP  oney than he' can spend
f other sources. 011 wells only
i small spdtee, and the land
;-lt yi$4 Just as much corn or cotton
';iWhet lllead at $10.00 to' $1100.00 an
A'.-ir. igbefore any one had an idea
tl:tt haind this or any other vlicinity
:":a erely floatfig on a sea of oil.
ep . iadrn i other feed stuff will com-i
! a - lar better price per acre thii
ali tia will be derived from oil leas.
e e·s;uhIi ' the unusual happens, and
tome f i tbohe who place too much
SfaIth ln elI possibhltles will 11nd them
S'-4tc, aieasioaig through the little end
:;th thhebora-.unless they keep faith,
-l ttit e hknon'i possibilities of the
It qo hts~a ae ster
vOetith!e whole world today rings
,aitu _.t f resurrection. Begin.
i , mRthe ifar Orient It runs, with
datit t# the limits of the Occi
I : eopatlned lroim every church
: the heaiien .like a paean
ShpeproBmise The winter is
Z4atue o has set man again
whI~h stnce time began
: ibefore.hal in the
iwlchi may be 'reid
mvsg as well as
*1 0i. ~ 4atb
',p· ¶
dim void :idl lecoenlll naught, ther
is nlo tesslltiolt of soul ilfluence(. Th'
sullmter come andlltl Its glory p)sses.
the halrvest time of o;ur lives inellsie
the fields are browln al nd barret, andlt
looking over them sadly we grieve
tlhat all of our hopes were not broutgh
to, fruition. When the frosts of age
(cover our hea(ds we someltilles say
with the great soul that voiced Hlis
agony ill i dark hour: "Youth is :
ilunder, umanhood struggle, and old
:ge regret."
Yet we have lived and loved, and
that is within itself a hoor. 'romn
the grIves where were laid our cruci
filed joy, our blameless ofl'erinls to un
toward delstiny, our loved anllld lnoble
idbleails. shall arise a glorified spirit t,
Sguide others down thie rough way to
the phlace( where the "great light"
shine,.. No path of sorrow ill the Vale
of life is virgin to the lalked feet
of our shrinking souls. Wherever
the water is deepest anl!d the shadows
fall darkest, there trod the martyrs
of the ages and Ithough they foundl the
sepulcher at the end of the journey
being dead,. they yet live and speak
with undying utteranllce.
('Christ is risen from the dead' Liol
ages lpassed when it semnedl to the
waiting nations that lHe was yet In
the tomb, Ilind in the sleep of death
had forgotten the world, Toil, stripe
and anguish were the portion of Hi,
people, for the poor are His. Wicked.
ness wore the robe and c(rown and
tilled the earth with sighing. Even
thent there were brave hearts that
looked up through the chlouds and
liberty of thought. faith anll cocllcience
were proclaimed. The cerements of
terror are cast off and lie In the (pen
sepulcher, and with them are the
broken shackles and rendered fetters
A large crowd attended singing Mun
dcay afternoon at the school building.
Mr. T. M. Stewart has returned home
and reports his son doing nicely.
Mrs. G o. Wiggins Elcc.mupatied 1by
her nieces, Iuth Todd and Vera Evans,
spent the week-end with friends In
SMiss Lela Page, of Castor, visited
her cousin, Miss Maude Smith, las
Mr. W. D. Hamner was a business
visitor to Minden Monday.
Mrs. D. L. Reeves and children, of
.Beflin, were guests of her sister, Mrs.
T. W. Evans, Saturday and Sunday.
Xlr. and Mrs. W. P. Graham, of
Ringgold, visited their sister, Mrs. A.
N. Graham, Sunday.
Mr. Carlos Watson, of Haughton, 1
visting relatives here this week.
Mrs. Percy Nix had as her guest
Tuesday, Mrs. Frank l'ructt, of Ring
O -- -
Mr. and Mrs. James Pope spent sev
eral days in Shreveport last week vis
iting relatives and friendls.
Miss Gray of Alberta, Is visiting Miss
Bunath Allums this week.
M~iss ry 31ims left Friday after.
noon' to spend the week.end with her
father, who has been very sick.
Mrs. H. E. Page was a guest in the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs
8. Z. Thomas at Hefln from Tuesday
until Thursday.
Rev. H .E. Pettus and Mr. Willie
Williams attendedl the Layman's Con
vention at Alexandria last week.
Mrs. Caraway, of Dellhi, visited her
sister, Mrs. L. C. Page, a few days
last week. \
Miss Mary Lee Thomas and her sis.
ter Mrs. C, E. i'pchurch, who is here
on a visit, went to Shreveport Friday
to be with their father who is in a
sahitarluam at that place.
Mr.. L. B. .and Miss Minlle Cook,
totorei to Coushatta Monday to at
tendto some local business.
• • ...
ill health for some time became worse
last Tuesday and was carried to Shreve
port in the afternoon and underwent
an (ipaeratioz) early Wednesday morn
iii.. The latest report is that lie is
doing well. ills many friends hope
he will soon be able to be at home
again and that his health will be re
One of the heaviest rains of the
yeas-,Ia fell here last Wednesday.
"r. liy Btittli'wr ;,nd Miss Ne"lic
,,.uit ll were quietly iarried here last
Wei htestday.
Dr. leta A\lluns attenled the medi
mi eonvenltion In Shreveport last
Miss, lnlauy Boddhie spent the week
(elnd with hier sister, Miss Ohl Durbini,
of Ih'yceel:lil, this week.
Mr. Kimble (Xdlinsworth visited Mr.
Ba iley Sunday.
Qilile it crowd of young people en
jº,y'il the afterniioti at Miss Gertrude
Ih;i ey's Sunday and went kodaking.
liiss Ataic Gof', of. Arcadia, spent
the week-end wbith her sister, Miss
Winnie off.
Mr. awlt Mrs. Erget lb !hllh ie aru
visitit:g iitr taother, Mrs. Cook, of Rats
toi. La., this week.
M3ss iF,!tiic `alat is vory ill lnit
has beea for several weeks. Her many
friends hope tha t she will soon re
(,( vi~er.
Correspondnnts will kindly sign their
namens to articles scnt for publication,
as we can not publish same without thl
name of the writer accompanies th:'
merely as a reference, so that should
any question arise as to what authority'
we hhd to, publish such and such an
article or news item, we could refer
the party to the writer. These things
often come up and it is tip to us to pro
tPet ourslves. REMEMBER TO
Mrs. W. S. Rowe, of (libsland. spent
the past week with Dr. and Mrs. I.
Miss l)o'a BurkJ~alter spent Satur
(liy iii Shareveport shopping.
ML'. (George Elezy was the guest of
Miss Joye lBolton, Suidiay.
Mr. Ilardy Bln(.l who has heena work
ing ini Shre~veport has returned home.
Miss Hazel Stahl spent the week-endl
with the Misses Saiyders.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Black are rejoic
ing ov:er ihe ar'rivaal of a elharming lit
tie son. Nal name hans lbeei givenl to
lie yVounge man as yet.
Miss llaz~el (.'rowsoni spent the week.
en1( .with loiief'foks in MIindlen. She
Ivas ae(onipaniied by Miss Bernice Mc
Miss Kathleen ('hiandler, of Lawhon.
spent Saturdiay and Sunday with Mr.1
atad Mrs. II. G;. (hanidler.
Miss E'thel Parker of this; place is
now vtsittfig friendls and relatives in
Mr. d1 Mrs. F. 1. Lee are visiting
relatives lii Keatwood.
Misses h'ai and Leona Farrel were
the week-end guests of Miss Parties
Messrs Fred Cummings and Dewitte
Loe attended the dance in Arcadia
Friday night.J
Miss Ora Hays who is teaching in
Beulah paid her aunt, Mrs. WV. W
Poole a visit Saturday and Sunday.4
An entertalinment was given in the4
home of Mr. and MIrs. F. G. Brunston
Saturday night. A large crowd was
present and a fine time was reported.
MIiss Bessie Miller who is teaching in
Saline visited homefolks Saturday a~nd
Miss Claudia Henry spent the weekc
end with her friend, Miss Vera Smith,
of Saline.
Calomel Is quicksilver and acts like
, dynamite on your
Calomel loses you a day ! Ytau know ~
what ci~lonmel is. It's mercury; qjtick
silver. Calomel Is dangerous. It crash
es into sour bile like dynamite, cramp
ing and sickening you. Calomel attacks
the bones and should never be putp
into your system.
Whienx you feel bilious, sluggish, co'n
stipated and all knocked out and believeC
you need a dose of dangerous calomel1
Just remember that your druggist sells
for a few cents a large bottle of DOd.
son's Liver Tone, ,which Is entirely
vegetable and pleasant to take atid Is a
perfect substitute for calomeL It Is
guaranteed to start your liver Withlout
stirring you up inside, and cn not
salivate. ...
Don't take ealo~I!, It makes yOu I
sick thenhex day; it lose you a-day'u
work. Do, ~'g i, ver Tone straightens.
you right up and you feel great. Give
kgwn44o~*t p~
e Mrs. MeCaini, of Danville, is 11ow
with her mother, Mrs. T. May.
Mr. and Mirs. T. W. Davis and little
(daughter. Marie. of. IIniner. were the
e week-elo guests of Rev. It. V. Fill ton'.
Miss ,eva Crawley. of Liberty Iiill
is now visiting her little friend Mi:.
rIM:,r'e Wilson.
MI'. Geo:ge I nlllSOnl of this ph9",,
Ats4 (.tari;edl to Shreveport Friday for
t :'. ,,)'rlatiOil.
MIr. Sam Stahl of Beulah. was in
town! Sunday.
Miss Bettie I,ou 1Harrison. who is
teaching at Pr''e spent the week-en I
wit Iifilh f h ,lks.
31r. G. L,. 111ff made a business tri,
to tiilie 'ie '(Tu 'sday.
Mr. Ilurkie Hayes of Liberty 11il1
spent the week-elnd] with Mr. Hartdy
April 7, riHl bay filly: three yP:ars
,,Ild l"huvy built: bIack lalne izn tail:
geillt, to ride : last "eli o( E 1i ,iidei and
Taylohr roa d :ring eisr. IJbtei' re
woyrd for inforlnation leading Io re
c"; 'very.
11'. C. I'IU'I'ON.
M1iudet lai., Itoute h4. 3-1t-p(1.
Xtite of Llonisaina, Parish of Bllen.
'ersonally app 'earetcd lbefore ) l lltIa
Itluggold, 1lt.. onl April 12thi. 1;119, .1.
M. W'oo1airl. living livet nmiles Si nh
Eif Itinlg.ob l, nid e.strayel I Eioe steer
yearuln ldest'rilbed us follows : Bzel;.
w'ith white feet azd sho\\wing:_ of white,
(ol ead : and white swit%% 1 Ef taill' no
manrks or Inra'wIs: appraised at $7.51)
by tl. 1. Daivis.
Tihe oIwliE'l i 15QlIet.,';('(] II (ollcoi for
Ward. pro)ve IlEI' t) f' ,piy c(lyarg,.s a u
take yearling awy. or ,ýttulii will lie so,,u
at public sdle
MAY 17th, 1919 ,
.1t 3l rs1ilth W lli' id'arts res ldenlee, ir
Ward Fot'r. Bietiviilhe Prish. 1La.
Bt. F". ,\lLM,l,
B. dlistil',' l'Qai(P 11iai'd four.
To Then ' Uiiown mOw ners of Immov
able Property Situated il Mien
ville Parish
By virt tie of the aultllority vested h:
lue by the ('onstitltloll anlld Laws of
tih' S!atte of I,, llshallal. you aore here
by notitied that unless the taxes arc
paid witihi tnll lnays dficer Elate of thi'
l1l 1il., I will seize' 1111,1 offr for . .l1
:lec'rEi dlug tEE law the followintg dlesreil'
Ill Il~l'oerty tn)-wit'
I. E.-iteatsley. S\W 1--4, Sec., 19. Tp. 14.
11. 7. Ta'lxes, inttere(st Ui~ll( pelinilties.
i. L,. Durhlntz|, SW' 1.-4 (If NW' 1-4, Se,.
2-0. Tlp. 1-t. Ri. 7... 'lTaxes, interest untn
1)eliiilties ........................... $ 9.111 -
31. J. l'ilis., E 1-2. (If S\W 1-4. Sec. '-S.
Tp.I). I-t. R'5... Ta'xes,. interest un):
l,'. 3. [.Feri'ls. It) 11(.1e. iii S hul! IV 1-2!
,)f SW\ iI- (If SE' 1-1, cut'lby a hlagaol
lin~e ewunin~g fr'oln the S]' 'orne~r ,E
the NW \"ru)ner vf saidt 44) less 1!i
acres in a square ill the SWV of Sititi
44), Sec. 1(i, Tp.t 17. ii. 7... Taxes, int
tterest 411(1 peliaMties.............. $ 5.4t
Ern'iest Kinlg, residen.e 1al1(1 W 1-2
blohck 083, Melont adidit~hii iln tfbs- .
laili~l. Taxes. lllteire.'t hnild pliealtie.s,
............... .............. ............. $lt .25
T[om Tilley, NE. 1-4 of SW\ 1-4. Sec. :-i
Tp). 14, it. 5. Tiaxes, inztet'est 1111(i
p~enalties- .......................... $ 9.11
lienry'\ \\ilsI~n, c'abin and lh~t i WVerk
hlcisr aiil~ltioi, A\r'adlia, lil. 'raxes.
interest anld lpenalties ........$ W.)
UnlknownVl (Owner NO. 1, W 80O aEi'e.s ofI
NW\ 1-4 (If Si' 1-4. See'. 20. TjE. 15, It.
5. Taxes, interest hullI l'ealtl,:S.....
................ ............................... $ .,85
UTnknown Owlier ,No. 2, hiouse mi~d
bloh(k" 150 in (1i~shndl. Taxes, Iui.
terest atii l~ l elialties.. ... .$ 92
This the 10th day of Ap~ril. 19.19.
Sheriff and Ex-)ltic.io Tax C.ollec'tor e
',f JBienvtlie Parish, Louisiana.
Men's Black half Hose at the same
price they sold at when cotton was
sellin selling for 8 cents
--Per pair ...................l~
Men's nice quality, full size,
White Handkerchiefs ........ IC
Ladies 15c quality Handker.
chiefs at---.......................5
Shfrtfus Prints at l0c
peryard ......................
Men's regular size' Silk _
H la n dlk e rc h ie fs a t 2 5.. .. . . .. . . c
Firt class Middy Blopses $1.50
going at--------------............ -_
Men's Work Shop, regular,$4.50
at $3.26
Ci'sPumps, sizes 8 12 to 18
1-, regular $2.60 at $1.7/5 - _
Onq.pund net, Luzianno Coffee at
.... I hs.. .. NlII g li
"Si; acre farlu with about 201) acres
Opi)ll anld cult ivaltioll. There is two
St ,ry re.(lde'nce with 11 roomls, cst
,~,!,); good la l'ge Iilrn o1ll1 live-roolln
r(..the'l'l', lifet tilllt ll0 ses. lThliS
pl'pery, is located just north of the
V. S. and P. raliroad in the town of
ilalhherly, La. For quick sale, this
property is offered for 1.0lt00l. Only
eighlty acres of this land h:as been
ileased, and this lease will be transfer
red to to e purc1ha.ser of this plice.
li) A\cre Farmin with albout 110 acres
ºpoll rind iln ultvatilvt in. There is all
tii'ht 1ooll residlence i golod con((lditionl.
.,0 '("e:S ill p.aslire indl woods. One
tennali house. lhis lproperly is located
two miles solutllnvest of I)ulderly. Lal.
l'For quicik sahle, $..ºl.) per ac're.
'() .\Aes, with lisoult (iO na(res opell
,;ll illi ll ti' S lVti1('II. Thi t rI iiS a foi ul
i t ' ll l It'd t' 1 1'n(' with olle t' o- '(4ll( l tell
ml house. This property is lo('atede
twof miles southws(l of 1)ulbberly. La.
For quick sale, $30.00 per acre.
O1 Acres'. OI acires open and i rul
tivation. iOne foIlur-motl residence. ]is
l iln tei aun.lt of timber 200.0l 0 fiet.
I his propelrty is located a ouWllºne
h:lf miles north of I)ulf erly, Ia.
<10o.0) per acre. Within three miles 41f
this eighty acre traet land is being
leased fi'r .$5.00 per acre. 8i1d is wit hin
five miles of locatihon of :il well.
S0 Acre tir11. 15 acres (pInll and ii
ciitivation, halaleo in Woods; estimlat
r'I lnitunIt of timbter 100,000 feet. 'his
111d is located lil, n ie mi III 1th of I)ulb
;ierly. Lai. ('an he hout,hlJ within tIh
next live dlays fior l - .0 pCer are.
-- --(C'-
W. !). RITCIiE, JR.,
Dubberly, La.
I!iv viirt'ue nof 'll41 in (,conformlity with
I'hi provisions of A.ct No. :0 of the'
,'.tra il,(gislative Sessionl of 19.1.t S,(1al
'D bids( will he r(ctive, at y lt iiy fice
,:1 r Iefire May 6til. 91)111. at twelve
• l, 'k n,,,n, for the leasI (,f the oil.
:,;'t;( ol·dt her mtineral rights i and I
, f'llowing id('criied I ais, sit uantmed
ii the 1'l'rish of itienville Statel of
Louisiana. to-wit :
.111A of Stotionls 1. c)taining il (;1.02
1ores: 2, 2-1..l I llr'i : , :1 '(i1.:1 (.r(,s:
. 6(111).00 lces : . 55-4., a(res: I. 144.76
.1 1't(' : 111, , .10 i('l : ;: "'.\N 2 ,)N21 ('i'Os :
'1 123.-' o n',es :2. :274.1011) es, -11(1
cti('in lt :,'63.100 a re. T. 1If. N. It
1) W.. :La. Aer. lyinig 'ast of the Uih
,lit of the' (hilllel of tIT old hIke Bis
S';u'l 1iluil west of itle ulnildr line
f the tia'eri'li e'dge of tihe li' bed of silii
'Itke IliS lellalli.
E:ilul hill suiihnliilled 11ni:!y Covu'er 0110o,
two, ihr(' seOtill s or 1llo'e (r fthi
ho11010 S n Idvertised.
'tE IIi ;llIIT TO 11EJE '1' ANY III{
(flverniuir itf ihl, State of Louisiana.
'::it;i Rouge, 141., April 5, 1911?.
-41-- ---
,:,itf' Itf L,'tliijiiili, Pli'0,1h (f Blen
vklle. Third Ward.
Esti'li'll blofore 111 the ullersigied
.h oil,' of the Plc~ie 1by Htenry 3Murph,v
,!' lhl( heifer yealrlhig lIhlout 3 years
, 1. t, iiuirked (.iro split uiiider half crop
i: right and swallow fork in left ear.
Appi'iseil by h. R. 1)avidsoli and J.
('. 1ham at $20.00. nilihess' the owner
, lie, iilill lrove05 1i'(op'rty iaiid pays
,,st. this yearlirig will he 0ohld to the
inst alid highest 1Idh1er lit public sail
Saturday the 17 day of May, 1919
•tt lhinry llrphy residents niea'
This the 15th dliy of April. 1919.
I- --- ----------
,('aled lpriposals will lie received lby ]
tiie MlhyoIr llan l0oi1rd (If Aldeirmi.
Arcadia. L,,ouisilnlli. on or before :
p. In.. oil We'hiiisdlly llie 14th of Ma-.,
191), ,mid tilien lubli(,ly opened, for
furiniihlng miaterills, equipmeUii aind
.erwiorks aind Electrie Light Phlnt Im
provenlelats for the 5iihl towvia hi ae
canl'dillee with plans and specilicatioils
on file in the otfice of the Board of
- - - - - ' Y-~-T -v- - -r
here Are Many Reasons
Why Our
Dolly Dimple Flour
"Te Heart of the Grai Plui the Art of the Brain-!"
Is the Best Flour Money Can Buy Re
gardless of Price
First of all, It is the old fashioned "on'est.to-goodness before-the.war highest patent
flour. The Food Admhinistration has lifted all restrictions. If you will buy Dolly Dimple
Flour-in the BLUE sack, you will get the finest NATURAL flour money can buy-in
the RIED sack it is the tinest SELF-RISING flour any amount of money can buy.
In the second place, DOLLY DIMPLE FLOUR costs no more than any other high
grade flour; BESIDES, it is packed in a dust-proof, sanitary Fambric Doll Sack package.
In the third place, it is always uniform. No matter when or where you buy Dolly
DimplaFlour you can absolutely rely on it for the self same results ALL THE TIME!
In the fourth place, it isjnade in the same mill with those wonderfully elegant high
qunality flours--Robin Red Breast and White Dove Flours.
Arkadelphia Milling Company
4 Cution
is always exercised) in
the selection of any.
thing for our drug store,b
also in the care of our
Phone 102 fountain. We carry out
the "Safety First" plan.
to the letter.
Where Cleanliness Reigns "
Supreme -'ý
Modern Pharmacy, J r
J. B. Herring, Pres.
m:o:o e=mm=o-zekso=o:*mT r o:+:oaom
.luil ' ' h Illflis ig builhili . cast a:ll
ga;llvamnized iron pipe iltd littiig.:, valve
allnd h]lydt'ls. oil e , pUlmp]);t' dwt';
well. allo air lift . eyslem. reseIroil
ehrl lvtt d Iank and oil storu ;,i fatilities
' ITh t E lctrh I,ight linprv n 'iemeiln il:
cuhles furniih1ing altern;tors, switch
boil ird::. :trel'tt li:Ilt reg 1u lalr. and uini'
el( il ane i'us I Il{nia t iialIs.
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1. Cottonseed meal cannot be sur
passed for giving the firmness of flesh
and lard demanded by the packers.
2. Cottonseed meal should not con
stitute more than one-fourth of the
ration of hogs.
3. Cottonseed meal should not be
fed more than four or five weeks at
any one period; but after a rest of
three to five weeks. the cottonseed
meal can again be fed for another pe-.
riod of four or five weeks.
4. By all means get a gopd grade
of oottonseed meal, for interior meal
may have a poisonous effect.
5. When fed to hogs on grazing
crops, cottonseed meal may be fed in
larger quantities and for longer pe.
riods than when on dry feed only.
6. Cottonseed meal supplies pro
tein cheaply and is available at all
times and at all places.
7. Cottonseed meal, forming one
fourth or one-fifth of a ration, is a
mo,=t excellent feed for hogs for rthe
last four weeks before slaughtering.
This is especially true or tHogs grazed
or fed on peanuts, soy beans, or other
soft pork-prOducing feeds.
8. Cottonseed meal is a splendid
supplement to corn and rice polish.
9. If cottonseed meal is fed judi
ciously, its efficiency as a feeding
value will become more and more ap.
parent.-J. B. Francioni, Agent in
Swine Husbandry, Extension Division,
Louisiana State University.
yield to the
trating influence
this wonderful linio
When the mu?c!es are sore, r
joints stiff and aching, get a
effect will be surprisingly gratifying. It
penetrates into the seat of the trouble,
giving a feeling of warmth and glow -aM
making the ain and stiffness leko
almost instantl'
The ideal remedy for rheumatism, head
ache, neuralgia, lumbago, cuts, buns,
bruises and sprains-in fact, where there
alboct always be used advantageously.
We and 3:e bcttlis at your drug
store, or if he an't supply, sent
direct from
Plenty of
Farm and Log
and Saddle Hor
on hand.
See me before
Arcadia, La.

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