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nitation an4 Precautions Against
Introduction of Abortion Dis.
ease Are Measures Rec.
Strict sanitation and precaoutions
Inst the introduction of the Inec.
n, from infected lo}alities re the
auares in combat.irg the a bondc.i I
setse of c:ttle rfoooumende: by Dr,
S1. Dalry rdps of (i d h \ra 0 c
-"r gRI.ýt if I or .' 1ý.+. ' . I. , : : .
eoi condut ed in ite i , -
cattle, as well as e::ptrieor3c v,'wi,
ccines, in the form of bacterlns, or
ed abortion germs, etc,, to try to :j
d a preventive that would be effc.
e," says Dr. Dalrymple. "However ri
rding to the most reliable aut;:, t a
u, nothin;: has yet '.e'.n fodu.ic t rh
be cons.Jered a E,,i,;,, ,;tt.);
_y are Mavertired; and u'nt I .. t'
ai has b-en obtni;.d, .-hit- i:
hoped may not be ,r in the futr;:
will have to rely on strict sanli .
for the best resuits; which mu,,t C
evident when it Is stated that t::,
tlon, according to those who hare
estigated the matter most torouy.s
is introd:ced into the anim.dl's s-;t
througl, the mediim of fcod .n.I
er that las been conli.tli: z.d i
Infected dischs.rg.'s fro "he d.
ed cow, or from the aftorblrth o:
rtlon, or both; and also by contact N
the bull that has previoun.-t
ed an Irfocted female.
All affected animals should be Ir,.- M
lately and completely iso:ated.
thorough job of cieamting rp
id be done, so as to leave the stef:
or hoUses, where affected animals
been, as free of any infected ma
l as possible. Everything Inside tM
stable should be flushed with hot the
r in which may be mixed some th
tive germ killer, such as one or i"
other of the coal-tar dips, In solu. tha
of about 5 per cent. Ne
me should be freely used, and moi
laily where drains and ditches tar,
ect with the buildings. ate
ere practicable, the stable or T
ing, after thorough cleansing and flgi
ftcting, should be left vacant, kep
open, for a week or two at least. mat
dple who attend on the affected veal
al! should hbave their duties con. an
etflrdely to them, and should have tary
connection whatever with the itW
y stock, ar
i if help eannot he spared for fail
work alone, they should arrange W
ye sOme old clothes,or ovenrlls, e i
hoes, that they may ase and leave that
* ~feted premiae, and which out I
ultimately be burned up; and of !
should have some disinfectant so.
in which to sterilize, or disin. Pilot
their hands, etc., before leaving, retar
mali that have aborted should ot
their afterbirths removed as soon mt
ble and burned up; and the t t
* (wrpb) and nalnil cratIfied i
* outside of the feltals and that
Swell.as the limbs down to the bee
should be carefully treated
glood disinfeetant or the In.
a 1.2 to 1 per cent of lysol; W,
or the outside, a somewhat ar,:
er solution. war a
Svery important that every pr~ oe,
he taken to Dprevent the intro.
a of the infection from Infected 10w
:o through new importations,
iualarly among pregnant aa*n a
- terey
niter Ribbons and Supplies.-- Menne
leyille Demorat. ,burne
Trade At Homel
The merchant who adverises through his bhone paer Is a sate
Swith whoa to d4 busfnes-tor the man who advertises ha a
to maataln" high stda rd of iles so coprehensive
tit sepe as to mesa ' qualDed satlefactmin" to his eustomers.
Sis se beaus add" to hoest vales, hb aers a smm
Stor alb a e in a live up to tims ret fahL
* ao glad ll the attsiajm of a rea rs to the adver
wieb appaer in ti aplte We sa venth fr the e bf r
sad hupty of sasbh. advertiserr.
J. s. MCONATlnt, dles' sad oGets' Puralshins
J4. L McCLELLAN, eneal Nateris"
JOB. DAWIDOFF,. Dry Goals and sBdy4o.Wmar
SCReEN 3e10O ,;Bid, General OMerhise
a . AULDS, Clsmngha ?t.,at .
scom Gw ceG, y m NOup,, am.. .a. Fu. Oare .
V. & PIP 8 mar, ,A
& A+ CO+%' • -+,, , , . - ,
S' ++A- -p
, ,:fkA
, +: , .. ' + ,. .
S :"+L:++:'+'+*i++++ '......
AT ugh Money Wll Be Ad ed to
Meet April Capital Requre.
uI W nshlaon..-Ptlans for Snanetag
fe railroads ader the federal coM,
trot Until congress approprlat es sif
inst cleat funds for. capital expendituresl
have been a ralged by the war Snales
corporatfon, e rpilroas administra.
tfoa and the individual roads.
The war Ilnance eorporation will
make direct lDans to the railroads,
Eugene Meyer, Jr., managing director
Lions of the corporation, has annoblced.
ofec The war flnancd corporation al
the ready has begun filing applications
'c .1 for advances from the indivitdal
roads to meet Apri1 rtroaltrments,
;t Meyer said. The railroads are offer.
fr.t as collateral for their own notes,
eortifcates of indebtedness issued to
S- them by the railroad administration.
To date the war tnance oorporaticn,
has loaned $1,90e,ooo00 to the roads.
This sr~m includoes $30,00,000 ad
t ! vanced to the railroad Administrfr
Sto I on,.
1c ,This policy of loaning money to
i railroads Is epressly provided nla the
rt attrer which the . ar .8ance co.r
~ pration operates," Meyer said.
Oaieals of the ccrpra7ten declared
that with certidcasron of the railroe
'imin!stration attached to railroad
Lc'llatoral, these notes of the railroads
could be turned over to private dnan.
Rt cal instittions later, it necessary.
t Eat tfr the prese.nt, it was stated, the
ve Rat inance corporation will hold the T
g curity for the loans.
- Machine Will Land at An7 Designated 1
Point Without the Aid of Human qul
Hands. ne]
Port Worth.-Under automatic con*. a
trol, an airplane capable of carrying wo
at a heavy load, and operated without vi
the aid of human hands, has made a ma
t ip of 100 miles and landed within a un(
r short distance of the point designated $10
' that it set out to reach. Secretary T
Newton D. Baker made this announce. a n
Ld ment in an address here. The secre- T
%s tary came to Port Worth to investt. snit
gate conditions at Camp Bowie. Frs
r The device which has made such a the
dflight possible, and which has been thai
tkept -sret, Baker said, is an auto, ue
martie guide f airplanes and was in. Par
Svented in America. It is de~gned as bull
sam Instrument of war, and the secre
etary in referring to it, deolared that
Sit would add to the horrors of future ci
wars it the league of nations was a the
failure. i
When the armistice was signed Post
the invention was so near completion line
that in an actual test an airship with. CIoU
Sout an ocacupant w u ent on a trip
of more than 100 dles, he said. An
airplane went under the control of a W
pilot without maklin a landin, and he
returned to it point of origin after Ci
locating the distant objective for the t
test. Then was sent out under auto
Smatice control another airplane to land
ad l. Imadl so dlose to that ~oaint
that "had it been a shell it would have
ben considered a good shot,'
Sells War Supplies.
Washingtou.--ai.8t to forelin tor.
emrnment of more thLn $SO0,0o,O00o of
war supplies Is annoaunced by the wanr
department. Most of the material hau
gaone to rance who needs smokeless
powder, acids and copper.
Wahn ton.-Melean bantdits de.
railed and attacked a Taapico*on.
terey railroad train ad inpafred J. p,
Mennett, an Amerian. The bandits
burned part of the traint equipment.
1 _F .
.,R- .,
h TUllIEL UEI CM11111
NCost Estimated at $100,000,000 by
Bomar Law, Who Says Pro.
Ject Is Being Considered.
Id London.-Five years would be re'
quired to complete the proposed tun
nel under the English Channel from
England to France, according to an
authoritative estimate. It is said that
in ordinary times the cost of the work I
g would be about $80,000,000, but in
view of increased cost of labor and
materials, the expense involved would,
under present conditions, be nearly
l $100,000,000.
V The plan would give employment to
a million workmen. 11
The Daily Mail claims to have def- °
inite information that the British and a
French Governments have agreed to
the construction of the tunnel and
that the details are now being disj
cuessed by a special delegation in
Paris, which also is considering the u
buildlng of tunnels under the Bospho."
rus and the Strait of Gibraltar. c
0. 0. P. 'Listening Post.'
Chicago.- Will. Hays, chairman of t;
the Republican national committee, al
is here to establish his "listening W
post" with the purpose of getting a le
line on the political sentiment of the
State to Help Raise Sheep. a
Charleston, W. Va. - The state of I
West Virginia has decided to raise w
sheep, with A. E. Aegen and 8. M.
Croft, of Grove City, Pa., and Charles
ton, and other business men of this
tatt. Pasture has been purchased, pa
Commencement Invitations
We Take Pleasure In Announcing To The Members
Of Each Graduating
that we are prepared to fill their orders for
the very highest class of Printed
or Embossed
All orders should be placed now, or as
early as possible so as to insure
delivery in ample time.
Write for Samples
' and Prices.
1,. V. . `.
+ ..':'...:.,, .+;r;..:'+.+;..... m,.+ ';I",'+'?,.' •< +,+. ..+' , ,
The Arcadia Boy Scouts presented
0 their first public trial last Friday night
at the high school auditorium. Cases
against members of the local troup
1 are usually confined to the regular
meeting place, but this time a moot
case was gotten up and the Scouts in
vited their friends out to it. The case
was State rs. "Chick" Snatcher, in
- which the said "Chick" was indicted
for snatching two chickens off the roost
t of Mrs. Jackson. A jury was em
k paneled and "Chick," enacted by J. E.
4 Currie, was tried under the Scott laws.
I After a very interesting line of evi
dence was introdlucedl by either side i
and arguments very ably presented by
counsel for the State, Price Aycock and
Roy Taylor, and for the defense by U
counsel King Murphy and Ralph Goff
and the jury found the defendant not e
IJguilty. Mayor B. F. Barnette acted
as judge,
The trial was written and put on e1
under the direction of Aissistant Scout- .
master P. E. Brown, and was a suc
cess in every detail. Mr. Brown just
ly received a great deal of praise for fo
the success of his efforts. The boys
also deserve credit for the manner in
which they executed the plans of their
On Friday night of next week the
Scouts will entertain their friends
again with a murder trial, State vs.
ISergeant Morrison, when a war story of
will form the subject of the plot. pu
o.._... _., de
Are you a subscriber to your parish R
paper? You should be.
The average price of things bought
by farmers in 1918 is estimated to
be about 32 per cent higher than in
1917, albout 97 per cent higher than
in 1914 and 108 per cent higher than
prices of articles bought by farmers
in 1909, says the Department of Agri
Prices of articles which farmers
ehll were only about 14 per cent high.
or in 1918 than in 1917, but about 97
per cent higher than in 1914. That is,
since 1914 the prices of artiles which 1
farmers buy 'and prices of articles
which farmers sell increasedl in about
the same proportion. Farmer's pro.
ducts were the tiist to advance but
other products during the past year
have overtaken the advance of farm
Thus from 1914 to 1917 the advance
of farm products was about 74 per
cent as compared with an advance of
49 per cent for articles farmers buy,
bi but in the past yeai increase of farm u
products was as stated and onlly about
14 per cent for the other rtiles. t
Delicious "Fruit Laxative" can't harm sc
tender little Stomach, Liver ni
and Bowels ar
Look at the tongue, mother! If sc
coated, your little one's stomach, liver
iantl bowels need cleansing at once. tol
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't re,
sleep, eat or act naturally, or is fever- .n
9 Ish, stomach sour, breath ball; has sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a
ed teaspoonful of "California Syrup of hu
ht Figs," and in a few hours all the foul,
'sonstipated. waste, undigested food and
Ssour bile gently moves out of its little
at bowels without griping, and you have
ina well, playful child again. Ask your
e druggist for a bottle of "Califortila
in Syrup of Figs," which contains full
'd directions for babies, children of all
at ages and for grown-ups.
- Mr. and Mrs. A: i. .MacDonald are
he in Shreveport this week.
Miss Johnnle D. McCoy spent Sat.
urday and Sunday at her home here.
Miss Bessie Miller, spent the week.
't end at her homn in Blenville.
Miss Henry, of Biepville, spent sev
eral days last week with her uncle,
Mr. A. H. Enloe,
A very interesting program was gir
en at the school house Friday night
for the benefit of the sciool library.
To Lind 'Wardlow or any other per
son interested:
You are hereby notified that o I
July 6th, 1loS, at the principal front *
dior of the Court House in the town
of Arcadia, Bienville Parish, La., I
purchased at Tax Sale the following
described property, to-wit:
RE 1.2 of NW 1-4, See. 24, Tp. 15,
R. 8.
And the price. for which same was
sold and the amount of taxes and cost
of this notice being $18.98. The deed
is recorded in Book No. 51, on page
258, and was recorded on Oct. 24th,
1918, and the said property was sold
for taxes of 1917.
This the. 3rd day of April, 1919.
... A. COOK, Arcadia, La.
Conducted by Rev. B. C. BELL
The Presbyterian Evangelist
first S lTHURSDAY NIGH, APIL 17th, 1919
Services to be held at the METHODIS 'PROTESTANT CHURCH
at 10 O'clock A. M. and 8:30 P. M.-Daily.
All the Christianpeople of Arcadia are asked to attend and assist in
the song and prayer service.
This campaign will be conducted along sane Gospel lines, no sensa
tionalism, no excitement, no tricks, JUST GOSPEL PREACHING.
It is the purpose of the Presbyterian Church to revive and continu6
their work in this place along with the other great churches.
The Presbyterian Church feels that she has a work to be done here,
and We want to do it. We invite all our friends to co-operate with us in
these meetings for there will be blessings enough for all.
'" Novia in the Tops of the "The Christians' Eldorado"
lulberry Trees"
"Opait God~ d estion lox" "he rower of An Endles life"
"Ak Alter s, hhew Stoes" "The Scarlet Le in the Window"
"T1e ADid Swim" "The Victory of Faith"
A welcome to all-Work for all-and a blessing for all-COME,
in 1 By an overwhelming majority town
an and country joined hands in the elee
an tion held throughout Webster parish
rs Tuesday to vote on the proposition to
*i. lery a special fire mill parish-wide
school tax for the support of the
N schools of the parish. Unofficial re
h. turns Indicate that upwards of 000
i7 vote were cuat, not more than 75 of
s, the number being recorded in the nega
Stive. More' tlhan half the precincts
,1 hohling PlotiIns voted solidly for the
t levy. Minden le1 the way with 92
) rotes solidl:, ftor the mleasure, and was
t followed by I)ubberly, Yellow Pine,
SAntioch, (Gum Springs. Point, Old"
Sliholgaloo Ferry. Evergreren, Unionl
Springs, Haynes', Potters', Oak ;rove, I
Pine Grove, Brus'hwood, Hlurton, Mimns', I
and Blocker's and possibly others. In a
It number of polling places only one or r
two votes were cast against the meas
ure. HIortman and Sarepta were the a
only places to return adverse majori
The voting of this tax means that t]
the numerous school distrlits present
Sly existing will be abolished, and the
parish made the unit, with a uniform D
school term. The plan is to have a tl
nine-months term for all white schools ec
and a five-months term for colored to
The parish school board will meet ut:
!today (Friday), and .promulgate the to
results of the election.-Webster Sig. an
nal, Minden.
The parents of this city would not
hurt their children any if they insist- Ig
e1 upon their regular attendance at la
one of the excellent Sunday schools
that operate every Sunday.
The Ford Sedan is a splendid car
for the farmer because it is good and
comfortable every day in the year.
It has all the utility lof the touring
car with the niceties of the high-class
car. The wife and children enjoy
the refinements and comforts. It is
easy for women to operate, it is al
ways reliable, as well as economical.
Your early order is solicited because
the big Ford Factory is a good ways
from normal production, and with
us, it is first come, first supplied.
Sedan, $775; Coupe, $650; Runabout,
* $500; Touring Car. $525; Truck Chas
sis, $550. These prices f. o. b. De
W. R. FOGLE, Jr.
Ninden, * * * * * Louisiana
Make this beauty lotion for a few cents
,mn and see for yourself
ish What girl or woman hasn't heard of
to lemon juico to remove complexion bleon
de ishes; to whiten the skin and to brio:;
he out the roses, the freshness and the
re- hidden bealty? But lemonl juice alone
00 is acid, therefore irritatimg. and shoult
of be mixed with orchard white this way.
a- Strain through a inel cloth the juice of
Is two fresh lemons into a tottle contain
1 , lug about three ounces of orcharO
)2 white, then shake well and you have
is a whole quarter pint of skin and com
e, plexion lotion at about the cost one
id usually pays for a small jar of ordinar;
ºu cold cream. Be sure to strain tt.;
c, lemon juice so no pulp gets into tl.,
bottle, then this lotion will remala
n pure and fresh for months. When a:,
ir plied daily to the face, neck, arms awl
4- hands it should help to bleach, cleu,
e smoothen and beautify the skin.
I- Any druggist will supply three ounces
of orchard white at very little cost asnd
t the grocer has the lemons.
C Concerning the efforts to make pecr.,
a David Lloyd.-George says: "Can not
I the people wait until we hare flni h
ed our work Instead of always wantin;g
I to judge our Intentions? This confer
ence had to meet and discuss thin-s
under conditions unprecedented in his
tory. All eyes are turned toward ii,
and, what i, more grave, all ears anr i
glued at its keyhole."
The Democrat is only $1.50, :l I
If you are a farmer, merchant, banler,
lawyer it will be worth a hund!r.I
times that much to you, Subscr;i ,

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