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L. & N. W. Railway Ordered Sold
Under Certain Conditions
Mr. J. P. Aringer was a visitor to
fIomer ,aunrlay.
Supt. E. II. Fisher was a visitor
here Saturday.
Mrs. J. D. Hol.stun is visiting reln
tires at Clrowville.
Miss Clydr' Kiild spenut Siuinly with
relatives near Areajlin.
Miss Courtney Mlizelle visited rela
tires In Monroe this week.
Mrs. ,. T'. \illis i, enjoyinog a visit
from her mnother. Mrs. Monk.
Mrs. W'. . I ,tw has retnurnd from
a risit to friien s in ll itnville.
Misis Lela Ine Maltddeil spent the
treek-eud with relatives at I:ryceland.
The people of the townl are cordlially
invited to the school buildling one after
S i1
UT it flush up to Prince Albert to produce ore smoke
happiness than you ever before collected P. A's built to
& againstl
Just what a whale of joy Prince Alert to prodeally is you want
chappiness than you ever before colrected ! P. A,'s built to
fit yoýusmokeappetite like kids fit yorhandsl It has th
..jimdandiet avor and coolness and fragrance you ever ran
r , against I
to find out the double-quickest thing you do next. Aqd, put
it down how you could smoke P. A. for hours without
tongue bite or parching. Our exclusive patented process
cuts out bite and parch.
SRealize what it would mean to get set with a joy'us jimmy
pipe or the papers every once and a while. And, puff to
beat the cardsl\ Without a comeback! Why, P. A.ils so
good you feel likl you'd just have to eat that fragrant smoket
. J. .Reynolds Tobacco Company, WindtonSalem, N. C.
Inveast in the
it dc s P.
pp 1o. A p
., . .; , ' .4
.Ri.. J. R: T C n i S
++~ . ,l
+ : ·i · - . ; · .·: ? '" ...
... '-+CQ , · ...· . . - +
noon this week to assist in a general
spring cleaning.
Misses Dale and I.onla Cargill left
last week for a lengthy visit to Alex
Mrs. Claud c'rane, of Shreveport,
was the guest of Mrs. ('lyde Fonts
Mr. and Mrs. Madden spent several
slays last w(,ok with their son and
family at Iheflil.
Miss Myrtle hlonck spelt the week
end in Mit. Lelbanon, with her friend,
Mli,: t;rare Ihe(-se.
lMr. :oI . MS . .\. .llSherlill and
little sui. Joseph, speint iUdIthly with
frienids in I layliesville.
Little Edward Morganl was very sick
last week sufferill fronm llellllllnia,
hut we are glad to s!tate he is now
An Easter service will he held al
the school audlitorlilll Sulday mortn
ing. The offering taken will be for the
Methiodist Orphanage at Ruston, and
the Baptist Orphanage at Lake Charl
Mrs. ('has. Butler and little son, of
Arcadia. were guests of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Browj, for a few
days last week.
The Misses Copeland, of Taylor, who
attend school here, spent the week-end
at their hone antd were aeompanied
by their friends, the little Misses
Blanche Phillips and Margaret Par
Mrs. Paul .loner entertained a jolly
crowd of (hildrlle Saturday afternoon
in honor of the eighth birthday of her
lithle nephdew. .luhn Kidd. Delicious
refre,=:hmelnts were served. aid the lit
1k fotlks spent a very happy time.
'I'll!, State Iailway Board won in the
L. & N. WV. Ry. case in the federal
c urt at Shreveport. Saturday. The
sale of the road was ordered, but the
purchaser would not be given the right
to sell the equipmentt of the road at
his discretion. Quite a numbler of our
citizens were present at this sessionll
of the court.
Mr. Knighton and family have mov
ed here from Minden, and expect 'to
build a pretty new residence. Mr.
IKnighton will soon establllish a nmer
cantile business. We welcomie these
good (itizellns to our town.
Mrs. ('has. W. Hlani.er leaves this
week for Mansfield where she will vis
it her soil, Mr. 1.ordol Ilanlhuer, a11nd
family. and nmake the ne tuaintance of
her little new grand children, the
Mr. Ilronduax. aconpflni(ed by his
daughter. Mrs. C'layton Wellbb, went to
1-loner Monday where he is beiiig
treated by I)r. Gibson. Mr. Brodinax
has Ibee'ii very seriously ill. and his
friends are glad that he is able to
be ou~it again.ll
Save your Hair! Get a small bottle
of Danderine right now-Also
stops itching scalp.
Thin, brittle, colorles and scraggy
hair is mute evidence of a neglected
scalp; of dandruff-that awful scurf.
There is nothing so destructive to
lthe hair as dandruff. It robs the hail
of its lustre, its strength and its very
life; eventually producing a feverish.
]iess and itching of the scalp, which if
not remedied causes the hair roots to
shrink, loosen and die-then the hair
falls out fast. A little Danderine to
night-now--any time-will surely
save your hair.
Get a small bottle of Knowlton's
Danderine from anly drug store. You
surely can have beautiful hair and lots
of it if you will try a little Dan.
derine. Save your hair! Try it.
.---o--- -
Lavelle Fuller spent the week-end
with relatives here.
J. G. ('ole was a business visitor to
Gilhsland Tuesday.
Miss Leona Cole left Thursday to
visit relatives at Dubberly.
Mr. and Mrs. I)ave(, Guice were visi
tors to Brycehland Saturday.
Messrs J. E. and W. N. Stewart. vis
ited relatives at Beulah Saturday.
Mr. Leonard Sims visited relatives
una%!r Gibsalnd Saiturday anid Sunday.
Mrs. Lolnnie Cole visited relatives
near Arcadia and G(ibsland last week.
Mr. Otho Burkhalter, of (Gibsland,
spent the week-end with homtdfolks
Mr. RIuel Conly was the week-end
0 0
o Notary Public o
o Office in o
o J. S. MeConathy's Store o
o Arcadia, La. o
o 0
S Lawyer iand Notary
Surety Bonds
* 01ice on Court House Hill
* Arcaia * * Louisiana*
* 9
-. * * a . . • * * * *
Attorney at Law , *
Areadia, : Louisiana "
* 'Will practlee in all the courts *
* * 9** * * 5***** '
* IV. D. Goff Bertram Barnette ,
* Attorneys at Law *
* Practice in State and
* Federal Courts *
* Olice near Court House '
* Arcadia, Louisiaa *
* J. T. REEVE.8 *
* Attorney at Laa
* Ofllee in Court House *
* Arcadia, La.
, S S C S C • S S * *
Why Not Now?
If you contemplate buying Jewelry of any kind,
you should not put it off. Take advantage of
our well selected stock and buy now.
K o d a k s and Supplies, Pianos and Columbia
Grafonolas and Records.,
Expert Watch Repair Work
V. C. PIPES, Jeweler
p lgWheat GOade and Most Practical
Courses in Buslnew, in 8lorthand and
in ,Englisb. Jest E-qulpii4ua . Un-.,
equaled Facilities. Complete College
Bank. Only SJchool with Actual Store
is" ns and Actual Money, in which students
keep the books and balance cash.
.pesiu1 accomtmodatious tior ladles Personal Instruction.
o mr'epresentatton to mou patrenacW e. Orac,,a th r, ienoi enrutmi,
t Iuug~ zwa gr trulim, ,.i e~ ~ , uw * . &b,
guest of his parenlls ral Ilinggold last 1
3lessrs Otis andll Ford ('ole and sister,
Mary. mot dored to (lislalid Saturdlii y
tl[lll(0 l l1.
Messrs. E. P. ('ole and (. (. (CoI
were iusiness l isitors to l;ibsilai
Mr. and Mrs. Ii. J. ,Jlaimes and fnamily
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. .1. II.
Murphy Sundaly. h
Little Mildred Grigshy of Areadia,
is the guest of her grand pareits.
Mr. and Mrs. II, J.1. Jilles.
Mr. Alhert lud rkhalter who is it
1e('ticig school tit ltinggold spentl the
week-end with hoiimefidks here.
.Ir. illnd MIrs. IHorice Satller iiand
faminily were thl guests of MI'. and
31Mrs. J. L. Cole Sunday.
Thliere will lihe services at ('Cypress
Spriings (hu'rh, Saturday and Siil ay"
at :1k) p. mi. Everyone is invited 14o
iMrs. W. (:.'Stewart spent the dlay
witlhi Mrs. Melee. Sunidiay.
Jo1111n F. Snmith spent the week-end
witll relatives at ,llnujestowll.
Mi'. aiId Mrs. W. 1. Stewii'lt went
to lietiville shoppllig Thursday.
Mrs. Jack IIavard and hahly, are
visiting relltives att Alberta this week.
Born to Mr. and lMrs. II. V. Greer on
tlie Ith, ii line blaby girl-their first
Mrs. L. 11. lDavidlson and chilhren
visited Mrs. W. J. iBates Tuesday after
Mr. ailld Mrs. Thies. . J. Murphy anl
children spent the week-eind with her
sister, Mirs. J. 31. Davis, of Hope.
31r. Lee Sainders antil Miss Willie B.
Met raw w'are quietly married on last
Suniday afternoon. 'T'heir many friends
conigrtitulate tlhen anid wish them iI
long and hipipy lift.
the Democrat is only $1.50, and
if you are a farmer, merchant, hanker,
lawyer it will be worth a hundred
times that much to you. Subscribe
The first clear day in May. accord
ing to a statemenUt just issuteil by the
Maniufiacturers' Aircraft Association,
will witness an attempt on the part of
the Navy Department to send one of
its flying boats across the Atlanutic.
Navy experts are so confident that
flying bouts of the NC-1 class are able
to cross the ocean that they are szid
it lie willing to undtertake the trip with
out the l ssi.stanice of any mother ships.
It is undlerstood.l, however, that the
Navy Department will insist that
mother ships shall be employed in order
to avoid any possible disaster.
State elf Louisiana, I'Parish of Bien
BIE IT KNOWN, That on this day
, before me the undiersigned Notary Pub
lie in aiill for the Parish of Bienville,
pierlullu y came and appearedl the part
ies whose names are hereunto sub
scribed who declare that availing them
selves of the provisions of thile laws of
this state relative to corporations, they
have fourmed a corporation under the
nmie andI style aInd with the po)wers
and privileges herelinafter stipulated.
The name of this corporation shaill
be the Ringgold Oi a Gas Company,
Objects and Purposes
The objects and purposes for which
the corporation is organized is to drill,
mine and explore for gas, oil and other
mlinerals, and to develop, store, trans
port, sell and dispose of same; to buy,
sell and lease lands, to acquire hold
and dispose of mineral rights and leas
es; to acquire, construct, maintain and
Soperate pipe linles and refineries, and
to conduct a general oil and gas busi.
ness and to do any anld all things
necessary and incidental to the objects
Iof this charter.
Capital Stoek
SThe capital stock of this corporatton
shall be fixed it the sum o(f Thirty
Thoulsand Dtoio.r.q ($30,01)0.00) divide'
into three thousanl d shares of the pIr
value of 'Tell I))lai's 1$10.00) lper share
fifty pier (elit of wlhicih i'aipital stock
has lbein .ul . seril)icil for. aind mi re I ,haii
fifty per eont oif tihe stio'ck suis('rili'l,
ha s hieenl paid fior I (fu re Itlie l l'a
i ii)li ot Ilu st' arti('ile (,I'i f i('iol'i)il';it ii)i.
'T'he (,llh'ti ' sto 'k aif this ,('irilºiralim)li
'I41t11 Ih ('mtuinii SI i.I{ a ndl thtere ,shall
I' no) P1referre('l Sto'.
The .apiltial sto(ck otf laii iorpo)ralt)i1
uniy lhe iic'r','t5 l here:ft er to) lifty
Thotusi aid llt i ars I i($5A.0I).P10 i.
T'he 1 )lolin'eile of this i'ipon)r tion s aliP
lie in the town of ltiii gold, l,:i.. whetn
all t neetinigs. of the st(ieki iers atlt]
lirectoirs iiust hie hell, lr,,viieid, h~iw
everr, with the writteni (,illwilt of atll
ilire'toirs, volid m 'eetiilugs if the dlires'
tiin'r iny lie hehl outsidie w thState of
within the State elsewhere thau it
Tfhir affairs of this i'o)rltirJun s.,,hall
lie e()n(In ted iby ten dlire..tirs, 81n1d the
IllUlWeS of those ,,l(ec('tei fir the first
year, o)r uintil their s.Iiil'('55( ',s ari'e elect
ed aiilnd qlaliledl, are uis filloiws: D r.
C. (C..\lhlws. II. I. W inl)(''ly, ,. P.
Stew\art. (). G. 'Ilhtu~luis, 11. ('. (',,,k.
T. I1. Muhicly. I. It. 4',1, k. ,J. It. Martin.
S. .1. iBurkhalter anil Ir. F. ('. (' oik
all resilents of IthlirgoilI, ltii:nville l'ar
ish, Il,) isi,:|in
The exe.utive o(lic(ers. of this eorl)pra
tion shall Ihe a Presiiheiit,a Vii'e-L'resi
dent, aniiil a Seeretatry-Treasurel'. Who
shall Ibe elected eltllnun y ly Ihle direc
toirs, anld the olieers fii' the first year
shall ihe I)r. 1'. ('. Alnits. P'residentt
I. It. \imnberly, Vii'e-Preshheit" S. P.
Stewart, Secret i ry.Trieasurer.
Corporate Powers
'hecor('lr)porate powers of tlis. i'iiOrla
ticln are herely vestedl in its llhoard of
I)iri',tors, hie said Iboand for th(le first
enisuliig yeiir heing hereiii aitbiove nani
eil, the maji)rity if whoen shall .Iiist i
tilue It quoilrli fi i1' lihe traiisa'ct icl if
Iluslness. The said hoard sihall Ie elhet.
ed ainually fit the anuntal meeting of
tile .s)iekhi hl(ers of said ci!'p 'IiralIi ill,
which said meetin!g, ;4lll ihe hiehl on
the first Monday of April of each year
hiegi(,iung with the year 11,2)=. and said
b oarl shall have the authority aiid
)(ow(t'" to site iidl tii lie seite ill the
name of sail corpora'tion anld toi ap
1poilnt such oftieers antdi ageiits and to
engage su(ch ermpliyees as the biusiniess
of this corporatlonl mly require anld to
fix their (ijll)l)(,saltio,, having due re
gai'l to the niature and c.haraeter of
their services, and shall further have
the power to wake Iiy-laws not in
ciiisistet with aily existing laws of
this state, fixing and altering the man
agemeunt of Its piroelrty atid regulations
and governient of its affairs. and the
name, certification iiiidl registration of
Its stock, and shall further have power
to wiald up and dissolve said corpora
tiOli in the !manler prescribed hy law.
and shall have all other powers as
may lie ianied or Ihe l)ermissilile uider
Act .()7. of the (,enerai Assembly of
Louisiana, at its session of 1914.
Voting Power.
Each share of stock in this corpora
tion shitll le entitled to one vote at
all meetings of the stockholders to lie
east in pe~rsOnl or lby proxy, provided
that all P~roxies shall he in writing:
The stoc.khlholers shall b~e notified in)
writing tell days p~rior to said stock
hohlders' meeting lbg letter a(hldressd to
lihem at their last known postoflice ad
dress, or liy notice p~ulillshedl in any
newspaper in the Parish of Bienville at
least ten days before said m~eeting.
Liability '
No stockholder in this corporation
shall be liable or responsible for the
contracts or faults thereof In any
funrther suni than the unp~aid balance
dune on subscription of the capital stock,
and 11( inforaalitles in the organ~za.
tloni shall have effect .of rendelrin|g ft~i:
Charter null. or of exposing the stock
holders beyond the amountof their re
spective subscription to the capital
In testimony, whereof the parties
hereto have signed thgs instrument in
thihe lpresetuc of the undersigned ~om
pete nt witnesses on this the 11th day
of March, 1919.
,.Igz/ed--. C. Allures. H. R. WVim
berly, S. P. Stewart, 0. G. Thomas, H.
C. Cook, T. H. Mosley, L. B. Cook, J.
B. Martin, S. J. Burkhalter, E. C.
Attest--E. A. Tooke, Jr., and K. G.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Arcadia, 11a.. March =27, 19i9.
Pursuanlt to a resolution passed by
thle Parish Board oif School Directors
-of the Parish of Bienville, La., at a
meeting held on the 27th (liy of March
1919, 1, P. 1F. White, Preshletit of said
Parish Board of School I)lrectors, here
by give notice that In comnpliance with
said resolution, a special election wIll
be held in Btetnvllle Parish M(chool D~is
trict on the 17 day of Mlay. 1919, for
the purpose of submitting to the pro
perty taxpayd.s, qualified iiuider tile
Constitution and Laws of the State of
Louisiana, to vote at said election the
following proposition, to-wit:
To levy a special tax of five luills
on the dollar on all the Property of the
Bienville Parish School District subject
to state taxation annually for a period
of tea years, for the purpose of giving
additional aid to said public schools.
For the purpose of said special elec
toin the polling places will be; and
the following commissioners and clerks
of election of each polling place hatve
been appointed to serve at this elec
tion, all of whom will serve without
ARCADIA--At regular voting place.
F. W. Pentecost, J. E. Weniph,. W. IL.
White, commissioners; l~ou Daniel,
Brantley, Robert Ualey, T. J. Wimber
i, ' Iln. 6A i ....i___
I .*,, . .
I .v , 'onnli~si,,n":'-' hlauIt PROE
lBE.R ('IlI.:I:K :',Il)OL~
J. L,. lhiiha. P. ; '. 1'ilh,r
('OlHllllli..;i()~'I' :I:. I ýi'li- .
T'\( \ CI IN ('llI'l-'II i. 'I(XL 'L(
/•J ,N I ! LI sl
lhe ry , t o l u m i - -i , , , o. 1 M
t llllll'll( ,,'1,,, t'º1 1:` I 0t ''ý; ný 1'', 1;
11 VO I "It S 'l I \Vuj 10.
( ' u ln i u ;.' . I.. T . flljtjl f oil , ,
4"lIII|Il1III'S. ('( IIlll ii--,,Iýl' i; |qll.\
cl,,rk. of '.
. I." \ S i 'I, ,l. l r. Ill riI
'PA1tt ILI h'H. I I. . It~r1r8 pidh.
dhelly( ~ I'( . hli];, t i (rn; I,"J :
1" lll', r 11 l NI" ,11111 I, , $ . . , l ý(
W'.A. 'I' o ,,
GIMSiN lI . ,I I: 4 'r r 1'i,,
,511 ,. 1 lr . 111) J.
S'I'1 l L" ('I(i)
'l' .ie ,l's :,l ".i -ie ,l( up , plurp,
pSabe(. .1. It. Br~lf,!'ia l . ' eh, ,1
1. IIIIUSI)II. (u I 'e t :. (tu li'*d4 $ c i
ky,. c,.herk. t he (Ii
M. \ O'lllVE T\HOOL wh%.iI
. I1 . hIt. - nllr ' il i4
W. I,. 1C ºl~lamn . I. A. \ . :: ..
l ooth,. (', lUi. i,ý,,i r.5;., ot ('i h ,
Jr., c lerk. t. ,TI
MAIT. E TI II.\N,. IUh rju h ' p Ip:
Iha1'.,I.1 !. .l'l .\1. n, r 'l'rdel a ,'fr.\
,J. I I . , 1h f.'1 t ' . .. i M 1 1 111 ) , n 'l I ,+
.Mcto, c ommui ssion(er s; ,1" k e,"1
1111';\ 1.1.. . . r1il l
-W. V. AndersW. PD. . Set
Earen., coIl n"ulll Al<>i(islo rs; I
con, ,lerk.
- .. 11 \ e. Wo d W ill i, t
Id'll SI1 hOOL4 Ho (.
`alter. , . TI . 1Si Chrry: .. t1l 1,i
W'º u., :. M.e J Ets. ' hI" P
cl\rk. I VI1)111.
"1:. D.. , reg ulrI
SIoil %. 1ºu Stallk -Tom !lilP to
wi-S.unI.IS RottII())lo t 7t e I
Mar.in HTil, T. H. ., , t(
Munrp y. ; c l'sn, erh , Ct.d
clerk. . Ti III
S I I .\I !tili l,, 1t01w iocs; 'hli
Da'vlis, ,Dlai Strote, T o r ' i v
J. 1-I. Piolhle', S. 1". Davis, thie
M1u ldhY, collUmissiolef-i oe
clerk. ,
('. TOR, r ul arl.] ..ltIli
a P Ell , A. D";. Sto trs a(i 'd
comiRvesslASiths, . . ll
IALBER.TA, regular usei
J. IT. Ho (ay, 3.,L HE, lc '!
M(C ,commissioner~s; j )~ t
- lOE ,J . E .E E Schoolt t' s,- I
Reoees, D.A. 1Iitli, Gr, etiot
coimi~s.soner~s; I. H. t.) hE
,IEW RSTAiWN, frontl'1 i
E. .\nc. How ll , It. II . Mt
l-v ,commi.slioners: G . E t
WJlae A[. W . odbro, comd
mais.io lers; .0. Tho i'
RIDG'E SUH11001 lieOI
]ygiis Jr.qohn Wolll 2 !lt!
)commissicueurs:JOil1 ..
W'Xor-. E. indeny a, B rk
fi1'Bterd, commitSio erl; g
M rin.L Easle, J. II.It, AR'
lu ,commiissioners; IV . , I
ret.clerk. ' t.tle
SRDevi, D.aP Stroeter, ~Rk.
fmissioner:; E,. H. Davl, IIEA
hOSE-n Vaye l, J.mb lly |
ShefBell, commisslonerS N[
~.clerk. '-vr
t WARID S FI ele
C ALINE, regular 1' *r.t
hes ommissiloners; C. B.
IBEROWN, regu.lKiar 1111
T. mlhsior, J. L. Hadw[ CI
HOUSE-Dam ' Wae, I
oN.mDissioers, cJiS ~r
EBENETEIO School:, t
JoyFields 3. A. Wat,-,8r1
coImllfssiohI(rS W. HJ. l]
PNEW GRA)1.\H C nH y
Fran EKowll, Il I. 1414A
germissionmhsilers' rank I
Hayla, 3. J. White.n P.
!missioners; W. F. Grlio S
Wiil Jophn Wtoeen0 rr,
clommssoerat ; Tp m II. ii ek
LuIsiRnY appicale , , ce.
NoBticeri, aomlso gi.B .
clocka. in' onl r
tr. of Eienilh'y parl. I .o . i
procnlsoerd h OWh. tl, TAY
It.' E. avs tW. he, b
al set ial d erk ietO u,
Rod Mrc, T91. P tetr, Y
mlptn r:.H. Lol
=,- .,

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