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Bogalusa, Aug. 31.--After Lucius TI
McCarter, discharged negro soldier appE
had been trailed by bloodhounds, brow
caught and identified by a white wo- a fa
man as the man who attacked her Clap
Saturday night, a mob of more than to h
a thousand men lynched the negro in Ing
daylight, tied his body to an automo. Arci
bile, dragged it through the principal pow
streets and burned it'in front of the mid
home of the woman here today. stal
The attack took place Saturday A
night. The married woman beat her this
assailant off at her home, seized a gun in t
and fired several shots as he fled. His ed I
shoes, which were left at the house; like
were used to give the bloodhounds the ets
trail. He and six. other negro men vill
were taken in custody in the negro
quarters after the dogs led the au. SL
thorities to the house.
McCarty was later identified by the
woiman as her assailant. Before the I
officers could get the negro to jail a rem
mob overpowered them and shot th wa
prisoner to death. The body was then in
tied behind the automobile and the PT
procession began, with the dead man ine
draging behind in the dirt.
No arrests in connection with the Co
lynchings have been made.-The wi
Shreveport Times. W1
Wahsington, Aug. 81.--Another move de
in the government's campagin to coin
bat the high cost of living was wmide
today by wheat Director Julius H.
Barnes in warning all dealers in wheat
wheat flour and other products delin
quent in taking out federal licenses to
obtain them at once under pain of
prosecution by the department of
e ustice.
License control under the wheat di.
rector is made necessary, Director
Barnes said in a statement today, as
one of the steps in carrying out the
guarantee for the 1i19 wheat crop, and
to prQtect the government against un
due euhandement of its liabilities
thereunder. Another efect, he said,
qf the ilicensig of the handlers of
wheat and, its products would- be to t
preatnt hoarding and profiteerlang in
these comnioditie ;, ad-permit regula
tiou of profits.
One maln bay colt about one year
old and one pawj-nk due ord
94th.. . ngoold.  1
3 The first bale of new croptoton tso Patrol
r appear on the streets of Arc[l was llong ti
brought in Tuesday by JohnaJohison, vic'ed I
a farmer living in the lower edge of gard to
r Claiborne parish. The bale was sold ed on tl
n to M. 0. Collinsworth, one of the lead. taken III
n ing merchants and cotton buyers of yet has
). Arcadia, and brought 30 cents per nation.
L lpound. ~ sample graded strict low haps eo
e middling and pulled even-eighth inch
staple. Mr.. J.1
y As Afar as the Democrat is informed, Dear
,r this is the first new erop eotten bought of the
in in the parish. This bale Was not rain- I have
is ed in th parish however, and we would with th
e; like to be informed as to whfo mark. connect
ie eta the first bale praduced1 in Bien.- Loula
n ville parish . well a.
ro a_ m ent It
SEE -SNATOR 18 want t
he Many of our citizens wit probably done I
a remember the killing of Shator Ei. conduc
hN ward W. Carmaek at Nasb~lle, Tenn.. the car
en in the year 1908. The foll'iqng clip: as the
he ped from a recent daily bO)AIg this l
an incident to mind again: ft
Nashville, Tenn., Aug. * R. J. The
he 'Cooper, a prominent young lawyer Mr. 1
he who killed former Senator Carmiack, the roi
was found dead in a creek hr Delwood the re
Park near Nashville thiN uing. It the U.
is reported he had been i.nrdered the ro
Is and thrown in the creek. ]e was a the re
son-in-law of Milton H. Smith, presi of or
dent of the Louisville h Nashville Thu
railroad. tron,
LOat road
ln- Mrs. Joe Batchelor ald son, Exton; stanc
Sto visited relatives in Minden Jaet week. orden
Mrs. J. i. .Wiaberly ts. as her Thi
of guest, her balther, Mr. Clatence Payne. when
of Adams, IA. ports
di The B. . P. U. pent a 7ry pleas- the r
ant evening last Tuensly with Miss train
h Bnah Allums at a ;aitltgy lawn. s, t
the party. Fine soldiering was displayed not t
Sby the many raw recruits. The whole traun
tie program was u ell carried out and gave ftrm
aid everyond an evenini of delightful madE
i' merriment. pOWe
Sof Miss Mary Miml was a visitor in Tl
Sto the home of her sister, Mrs. W. B. Lone
SAllme, from Friday to Sunday. ag
Mr. A. Z. Thomas spet a lew days WOt
last week with friends aad relatives ticul
having recently been dihlhatl fPom of t
the navy. a8 1
Mr, Chalie Giddeni as opeated on e
pe$r Frkais for appeetiti At 6te aet and
Aged riuest -t Ma-s
SIn. Brooks and alo for the reunion oof her I
high ~aiool claq of 1917. Oly 8 wh
1 f* e ofaclass of15 ere abunt. Thsepro
guegn m o. the evalku da t r le t
nature oft -tour , tbi.oeapitOiB ofe
white tle suie trip to Boston I
ery refrieshiaw to weary travelers.
DlSjY  andwlelt e sad " tea were
served at the close of the evening.
i Mr Aee s mal ith, hi4 r her gete
last weekr hc -.two atahtes, fry. to
x of ast and Mrs udisonb,
witl tbdr children, bI
:f.: ermuan Thomas of etlise wa1
the wak-ead guast of Mrs H. I' E
Mr. IL C, Cook retirnmd Friday from
Kansas Oltyf, where he had gone to do
his fall marketing.
Miss Annie Laurie Cook was hbst. &
eas at a party given trthe you~ger
et Motday. Progesa s alphabet 'game
'wastbe plrcipal ordelof the eienli. 0
'ery quiek thought ras diplayed by
those play Refehrsalumnts of iCe
qea sau t e k were seretO to tth
WAing'- aords of 2 it. wIod.
Patrons of the postofilces located
along the L. & N. W. railroad have
voiced numerous complaints with re
Bgard to the poor mail service render
led on that road. The matter has been
.taken up at various times but nothing
1 yet has been done to improve the sit
r nation. The following letter will per
r haps explain the true situation:
I Washington, Aug. 23, 1919.
Mr. J. W. Button, Bear Creek, La.,
,, Dear Jack: In reply to your letter'
t of the 18th instant, I will state that
. I have frequenttly taken up questions
tj with the Railroad Administration here
.. connected with the conduct of the
. Loulsiana & Northwest Railroad, as
well as with the Post Office Depart
ment here in reference to the carrying
of the mails over this road, and I
want to assure you that there is ab
solutely nothing at all which can be
1y done here In connection with either C
d. conducting the running of the road or
a., the carrying of the mails over the road,
p as the Louisiana & Nothwest Railroad
i was never taken over by the National
Railroad Administration.
. The Director General of Railroads,
er Mr. Walker D. Hines, states that as
k the road is the hands of a receiver and
d the receiver is under the control of
It the U. S. Court, that the operation of f
al the road must be through the court by
a the receiver until the road is disposed
i. of or the receivership closed up.
lle This road not being uider the con
trol of the U. 8. Railroad Administra
tion, I do not see why that part of the
road which is located in Louisiana,
w cannot be regulated by the State Rail
road Commission, except in those in
on; stances where it is ecessary for the
'k. orders to come from the U. 8. Court.
her The Postmaster General states that
ne. when the railroad is running the trans- I
portation of the mails is governed by
eas. the ralirtad regulations, so far as the
1lis train schedules are concerned. That
w Is, that the Post Office Depatment does
yod not egulate the time at which the
hole trains will carry mail: but has to con
ave fimor to the train schedules, as they are
tful made by the railroad company, or the
power operating the railroad.
r in The statement which you say Mr.
B. Long made wtih reference to the man
agement of railroads here at Wash
days ingtot, would be correct if that par
tirep ticular railroad was under the control
to of the U. 8. Railroad Administration,
as most of the railroads are; but this,
4 o road being in the hands of a receiver
i and being a short line road, was never
Stake over by -tl:a tional Govetr.
if her I there is any porsulile wa in
y 8 which i ma ,be of . th; Ctr io
pr. ble whrtiOi ate having with the
t t Loulslau & LNorthwest Ballroad, l'wll
4 of be more than glad to render it.
It is- It will always be a real pleasure for
e dif. me to render you any possible servie.
o ton TrulY taf'sincerely, your ftend,
r8 J, T, WATItS.
sStrayed from my plcao Lake aBL I
tenean, nine mile.wes t of Ringgold. on
or atbout Augm; 9th or 10th, two small
black mare..mule.o a n ad the otle
a yas ol4 weinghle about W or 80o
Spounds each. Seven year old muN i
. ilose built' or stoeky add when last
Sseen was wearlng bell fastened with a
Sto rope collar. Joth mules were reached
t and had moderately long switches or
Sht end of tails, Youngest mule's switch
a is slightly bobbed. Any iiformatlio
leading to the recovery of tbes mntes,
or, if ,same be taken up and reported
bt me or to either Bill Daniels at Ring.
e gold or Bill 8hebee at Heflin, Route
to a ~ fder wil receive liberal reward.
D., r. SEEBIEE, Arcadia, La. -
- . Aug28.
Mr. W. A. Cole otf Brcelaud, is the
g* ,otrelatives heri.
Mn. FtYld Aubrey and children are
itsiting reiative at Maupleld.
Mr anid Mrs rT. J. Madden and chibl
daeon Uetlti, were the gasts of Mrs.
New Arrivals
Ladies' Suits, in prices ranging
from $15 to $60
Dresses in Silk Tricolet and
Serges, prices $10 to $50
Coats-the latest-prices rang.
ing from $12.80 to $50
s, Plenty of Goods and reasoneble prices.
/ Come end select your Fall and Winter ods be
f fore the prices advance.
Jos. Dawidoff & Co.
Arcadia, La.
are Nothing contributes more to the comfort and at.
tractiveness of the home than good Furniture, and
our line of Furniture was never more cont plete.
W. We have some attractive Bedroom Suites, Dining.
par- Room and Library Sets, and mnary seperate pieces
ol such as Dressers, Vanity Dressers, Beds, Easy
t Rockers, etc. Prices within the reach of all. Also
ir a good line of Refrigerators.
U'THE 01.' RE 'ABL
this t.ff advacing pric
.he rjUe advantage of our caopacity for bying n
itch large quantities and save money.
!*d "'The Place to Get What You.Want"
S.'Q , L
J. D. Cole and family Saturday and
Messrs. Lonnie Cole and W. J. Stew
art were visitofs to Bryceland Friday.
Messrs. W. M. and J. L. Sims were
buestine visitors to Gibsiand Monday.
Mr. Jim Madden and little son, from
near Hope, were the gestsof ex te da
Mrs. J. G. Cole and family SundiB .
ir. Eereut Cole was a bnstehl "
itor to Bryceland and Arcadia 14y.
MesarsW. J. Stewart and J. F Col.
were business visltors to [email protected]
AMrs. J. D. Cole and little son J, ,.
Jr., are spending a few days with rel.
tives at Heflin.
Messrs. Jbe Crow 'and Itardt Cole
were visitors to homer frim' W9odr -
day until Friday.
Mrs. H. L. Aubrey apd little daugl '
ters, Menyon and Ellie D. are vietals l
Mr. and Mrs. B. 1 M o. M( i . 1W :
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnte Cole, Mbis
Leah James and Messrs. Willie Stewart
and Tommie James, were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. R. . FulFtler at Oak
Grove Saturday and 8itthday.
160 acres, 4 miles east of LIfjb|4
1ill,, I., 0 acres uin cultivation, good
orchard, ine well, of water, 3 spring
branches run through farm the year
round. About 40 acres pine, oak and
beech timber. Would consider some
good mules, cattle and bogs in the deal.
Drilling in eii-alet of this propero
nowP.. Fie 4p r t, vE J. Sims*, 1
M geaniew, oMS. .

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