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The Bienville Democrat. (Arcadia, Bienville Parish, La.) 1912-1980, September 04, 1919, Image 6

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A xhiLbitin the Latest in
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*v : :.: :: :: : Telephoie No. 34
been visit- fe
are with jal
night 8
gher I
and her
Mori- a
am. f
's rela
~".1 t
)ae re
Bi 8n .
x~p~!. ,1
4) -s
4, 4
~~I- .~) 4
I , i·1
4'Y -Ch-~ 1
: i:~.~s4
few additional doses cures completely. I
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Miss Mary Wemple, of Shreveport, ge
was the guest on Suinday of her motlh th
er, Mrs. J. E. Wemple. She wits ac- 1A
companied by her friend, Miss Lois
Buchanan and Mr. Thomas Wemple,
,also of Shreveport. il
14 id
Mr. Lamar Ozley, who has been lh
t studying cotton samplhig in Tyler. to
Texas, for the past month has return- pl
ed home. He studied in view of his lI
position as. secretary of the Arcadia lo
r Bonded Warehouse Co. tl
r Misses Stella and Mary Jones of ri
Jonesboro, were guests last Thursday
I. and Friday of Mrs. Laurg Brown. The
I, former has recently returned home
" from a business course at Soule col
lege, New Orleans andlias had several
' flattering positions offered her.
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Wilson of Shreve
port spent Saturday and Snday with
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. -,
" Dalton, and with,them, spent Sunday
in lRuton,'with Mr. and Mrs. Gordte
Dalton, who.brought them back to
a. eadla in their car.
r- . Bby-lT~tists is a great pain killer.
It relieves pAin adn soreness caused
e by lilmat ; Neralgia, Sprainsm;
or t1, 104.
• Miss Ruth Caldwell of Athens, and '
Miss 'Ines Baker, of Homer, werel
ie, weekend guesta: of Miss Hattie l).
re Caldwell at the home of Mr., and Mrs.
SLeo DgaeL :Ma Hattie D. acuot -an
ý 'i ý hth ValdWei to Athens and
r oturned on 'ednesday.
mb C. J. Brawni (nee Miss -Lncle
May. Daniel) and little daughter, who
have spent the summer in Arkansas
4 Ullnol Yeteluaed to Louisiana last
hfter :a visit to her parents,
drs. W. H. Daniel, they left.
seead :for their home in onlls
rca 1k, bd 1f , P. HlarreI , Misses
on. les $idr, i attce 0. Caldwell and
a Estlher c ai tW of Athens, Mens*e t
Lamar Taylor and Malcolm Currie,
went down to Bear ('reek Sundayt
afternoon to hid Miss Inez Lewis'
good-bye as she leaves in a few days
for DeRidder, where she will teach
The habit (f "putting it off" has
4 caulsedl the, loss of many l!ves. A (lose
of Prickly Ash Bitters at the first sign i
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t. gers should always keep 'a bottle on
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e- bottle. City Drug Cb., Special Agents.
A card from Miss Vera Jones, post
ed at Colorado Springs, gives a faint
idea of the pleasant time her party is
a having: with delightful rooms; visits
Ir. to so many interesting and beautiful
nl- places. They had one disappointment
is however, as they couldhi not visit Yel
ia low Stone Park, it being closed for.
the season. They are expected to ar
of rive at home Tuesday night.
Brooke & Grigsby
Rm 6 Tooke Bldg.. : Phone 60
'i~ mm~mm 1m T
Misses Zudie, Lilla Mae and Charlie whi
T. Btter are .leaving this week to M.is
make their hiome in Monroe, much to oe,
the regret of their .Wany friends. in" Mel
Aradia,: Who will mi~s them sadly;Ythe
but whose best wishe follow thteim to Mh
their new home. MIs Charlle T. wil, rie
6oon leave la 'to i eet' the L. 8. U, the
If your child is pale and sickly, picks ;
at the nose,; tarts hi: the s1ee" and
grindst the tet Wliwhle sleeping, it is' a
su ofr. Wrms: A remedy for [
these paasittes will-'b r found in u
not only .elars Out "the wormus,~(but it ani
rtot health and cheer litess. Sold is
bd loderfn Pha~tracy, Iuc.,Druggslt. of
.Frinds here have received dainty lit. he
J i ao] ea ds anouncihng the arrival of{
I Mary Gretchien"' i the.bhome of Mr.BEi
a nd rs. Itainbolt, of 1.Moroe, ;La.
ia, {;aiibollt,. ,who ib r inembberid as So
Miss Toma Wi eld , lia many friends
in her old omaee UIWii who t4t iouisly Al
w it a limPe 9i the; =little lady.
Te first of hi ""I coinptnelnt
t Mrs. Mar lD TheM date of
her birth i A1 1 4th and she weighs j,
l pounds. .
Miss Ldas R yold entertained her ol
SundayIp 'ola: i  "ither friend, hi
lat . evel 't a 'delight- st
Ogsi, a wt.:to I ; . There '
oer a 1 cl4os 'hats" and .5
of c i -lt he iater. Ths I
tIaujo. ~' class i
;" and et i "name a
Sretturn home -tl
h, liour in ,
K" where an in
w as, the guest t
" "1 ' - a' il 1 -at'
i o orleans
outhn 1
A. tf +
r SeiL 16
*K 4? yt I
.S " 4i `b 0
A :y1-"*} td ''.l
If you feel had; if you are 'llmue.
tired and di eouragc'4, without appar
enout rea,11an. you need iPih'kly A:1h Bitd
ter:, the system purilier. It retores
action1 in Ithl torpid liver, ele:lalse'
the stuoiChi, help:, di.gestion0, drive'
out gas and fer:xnte:l matter in ther
bowels, anli' lYbri'lgs lank that flne feel
inug of strength. vim and (.:c, rfluels:;
'which culy men in perfect health en
joy. PIrier $1.25 per bottle. City Drug
Co., Special Agents.
There is much regret and anxiety
felt by the friends of Clyde McC'onathy
on account of his suffering from an at
tack of typhoid f:ver. However, we
t are very glad to state that he has
had no alarming complications, and
he is fortunate in having the atten
Ltions of a skillful nurse, Miss Brook:3,
t of the Highland Suniltarlum, Shreve
port. who is a relative of the family.
r. Miss Brooks hits had cQ~nsiderable ex
perienee, having been in service in
France as a Red Cores nurse.
e: which,. in addition to the honorees, *d0
to Miss Claudia McConathy and Mr. fa'
to Uecil . Atkins, were guests. The rae
lu 'Messrs. Brown were fellow students of 110
. ,;the hostess, Miss Ernestine Currie and off01
to Miss McUouathy. Miss Camille Cur
1, rie was also present, and assfrted in
the courtesies. Prl
$s Additional Personal and Social items toil
id on middle sheet. . ' o
a for
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ods ---- sBcc s
sly AVL PAIaign uaGH ' 8c00o
of All' the high schools in Bienville
g !parish will open Monday, 8ept. 8th:
I All graded sbhpols will opei- Sept. 22.
We have, been informed: that in ;spite
her · of the scarcity.of teachers that a cqrrp
l has'been employQd; for the different
lht- 'c ools in 'thi>,pailsh to!r the comliy
sere year. Everything indicates that ts
anid .chol rwill .haver a most prosperotus
hlr intd seeuia l year. Parents diud pu.e
Ias p3ls selm sto be anxious for the
me schools to -opln and it is expected
ime -that the :timelost last yeai' by reason
in of sleknes and other causes wil, be
in more than made up by the earnet
S of es t achfi and pupils thin
term. '
and SCOOL OR . : UrG O Tesi
hs `A. adia high echool hba tfo li
n º ymear Mr.f ý.t Wagie,
i. Mary Helen Key, `1st
I utle Middleton, Ih
k; Miss Alice Bend, haes
'Mtia M irene PttoAý'. i
5M h grades .Miss la' rabell o w
Ang4t . s -Mis Gladys
$ d::; Jt :eFy Shterard
+ +'B~·~
In this issue of the I)Democrat ap
pacs th lie aniotliceIuenet of D1). T. Whit
ly f.,r .ses'", r.
. , feel th: .. ... Whiiit!0 is too well
".ni t i, to lee;l anIy il i litlu'tion fronil
h;:e D)i;I1('l iA'', l'avig l'(, horn and
'a:l |near Liberty Hill, In this par
',:h. vlwhere he lowi live;, the Plead of
. ha:.ppy little family. In presenting
he (laims of M.r. Whitley to th;, el c
torate of Blev;'i!.' pa'i:h, we call say
nunhesitatingly that he is regarded by I
all who know him as being a public
pir;pied, enterprising citiiell, who is
c eapable and elficient anll)rthy of Ae
high esteem in which he is held. That il
he has thl best interest of the parish hli
at heart, awl tiit if elected he vwill 11
S:,ee that nil taxable property i- fairly ca
and equitiably ases.e, , no) man who t r
knovws him well doubts;. He prline:;
that as for as it is in hfis power to do. ;
She will see that all taxable property
:;pl)ears on the taii rolls-and that he
will eliminate the the .nfusiou of double
as:ssmlellts-ald that he will always
be found at his post of duty. Although
defeated in the race for Assesor dur
ing the last c;.npalgn. he states. that
he bears no illwill toward anyone be
cause of it, and feels that though he
failed to win the race thefloss was
more than offset by .the .nmany new
frieinds garnedt and confidently looks
forward to a more favorable considera
tion this time. He has completed a
(qurse in bookkeeping and accounting
in Valparalso, Ind., Commercial Col
lege, which fits him for the clerical
duties connected with the assessors of
Sfice, and feels that his practical knowl
k, edge of property values Will compare
Ir. favorably with any other ian in the
erace. Shllould he be elected, there is
of no doubt he will make an exemplary
old officer.
Heartburn after a hearty, meal means
Ineakness in the digestive organs.
Prickly Ash Bitters gives them strength
. tones up the stomach ami purifies the
bowels. It is the remedy that men use
for such disorders, Price $1.25 per bot
of tie. City Drug Co., Special Agents,
er Oil teases
lcy. LAND.
H. J. Giddens
tRinggold, La.
School Books Sold AWING ito the fact that School Books
A are handled at a very small margin
For CASH ONLY profit, made even smaller by the
F or.marked inc'ease in fraight rates, we
find ourselves compelled to ask our cus
tomers to pay CASH for all school books
in the future.
Remember that this drug store is head
quarters for all kinds f schccl recks aud
school supplies, such ~s pencils, pens, ink,
tablets, composition booksrules, erasers
y... ug o pany
, . w, .n i , , , +
$7 -- P:
'ý.:  "' L + .r. . . .5v .i , ,- -+ !
" r .,
-: · 4
All citizens of the state wvho want John M.
Parker for Governor shluld either write or wire
him to this effect, and should attend th "PAR
1 ER FOR GOVER5NOR" mass m eeing atl. the Ath
anaeum, New Orleans, on the night of Thursday,
September 18.
iL _ _ _i; .o _ _ _ .. ..· . - a lkl B5
1/ "--! ~ -~'~----
Otte suiall 1 wu,' colored mule "'cigli
ijug about 7( i(.U:h ponsaoJut -r14ii 1.
h1igh., right ea:ii .1hi t. was Ia abn 111 11}.
11, It. ,Jones, ,,ix adio(s soul Ii of A1r
er is nit :fed Ito cdll awl 1r0\( 1111)1(: I
jv;V le:('vpors fee: ;.t,1 eo~t of this u'~ '
ýULd take muule' away, or same will 11e
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